Archetype Forum Introduction and Table of Contents
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Archetype Forum Introduction and Table of Contents
Archetype Forum Introduction

Bring4th Introduction

Welcome to our study of the Archetypical Mind of the local sub-Logos we lovingly call "the Sun". In Book IV of the Law of One Material, Don and Ra begin a deep, yet incomplete exploration of this "blueprint" of our 3D experience. This blueprint goes by a number of different titles in esoteric circles, but they are most commonly known as: the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life, and the 10 planets plus the 12 signs in astrology. Each of these systems provides a different angle on the Archetypes. The angle that Don and Ra used was the Tarot.

While each may have her own reasons for seeking to view this blueprint in a conscious and hopefully relatively undistorted way, it is this seeking which we all share. Our effort here is therefore to both collectively and individually seek not only to bridge the myriad gaps which Don and Ra left in describing this blueprint, but also to assist each other in approaching a vision of the Archetypical Mind which does not rely on any outside source.

Ra's Introduction

What the Archetypal Mind is:

Ra: "The archetypical mind, when penetrated lucidly, is a blueprint of the builded structure of all energy expenditures and all seeking, without distortion. This, as a resource within the deep mind, is of great potential aid to the adept."
Session 91.38

Who Will Find This Study Useful:

Ra: "We are aware that this particular line of querying; that is, the nature and architecture of the archetypical mind, has caused the questioner to attempt, to its own mind unsuccessfully, to determine the relative importance of these concepts. We cannot learn/teach for any, nor would we take this opportunity from the questioner. However, we shall comment.

The adept has already worked much, not only within the red, orange, yellow, and green energy centers, but already in the opening of blue and indigo. Up through this point the archetypes function as the great base or plinth of a builded structure or statue keeping the mind complex viable, level, and available as a resource whenever it may be evoked. There is a point at which the adept takes up its work. This is the point at which a clear and conscious consideration of the archetypical mind is useful.
Session 90.29

A Reminder About the Context of Study:

Ra: "We wish not to form that which may be considered by any mind/body/spirit complex to be a complete and infallible series of images. There is a substantial point to be made in this regard. We have been, with the questioner’s aid, investigating the concept complexes of the great architecture of the archetypical mind. To more clearly grasp the nature, the process, and the purpose of archetypes, Ra provided a series of concept complexes. In no way whatsoever should we, as humble messengers of the One Infinite Creator, wish to place before the consideration of any mind/body/spirit complex which seeks its evolution the palest tint of the idea that these images are anything but a resource for working in the area of the development of the faith and the will.

To put this into perspective we must gaze then at the stunning mystery of the One Infinite Creator. The archetypical mind does not resolve any paradox or bring all into unity. This is not the property of any resource which is of the third density. Therefore, may we ask the student to look up from inward working and behold the glory, the might, the majesty, the mystery, and the peace of oneness. Let no consideration of bird or beast, darkness or light, shape or shadow keep any which seeks from the central consideration of unity.

We are not messengers of the complex. We bring the message of unity. In this perspective only may we affirm the value to the seeker of adepthood of the grasping, articulating, and use of this resource of the deep mind exemplified by the concept complexes of the archetypes.
Session 97.9

Method of Study

Ra's Synopsis:

Ra: “The concept complexes which together are intended to represent the architecture of a significant and rich portion of the mind are intended to be studied as individual concept complexes as Matrix, Potentiator, etc., in viewing mind/body/spirit connections and in pairs with some concentration upon the polarity of the male and the female.
Session 89.19

Ra's Three-Part Course of Study:

Ra: “(1) Our first stage [in acquainting initiates with the archetypes] was the presentation of the images, one after the other, in the following order: one, eight, fifteen; two, nine, sixteen; three, ten, seventeen; four, eleven, eighteen; five, twelve, nineteen; six, thirteen, twenty; seven, fourteen, twenty-one; twenty-two. In this way the fundamental relationships between mind, body, and spirit could begin to be discovered, for as one sees, for instance, the Matrix of the Mind in comparison to the Matrices of Body and Spirit one may draw certain tentative conclusions.

(2) When, at length, the student had mastered these visualizations and had considered each of the seven classifications of archetype, looking at the relationships between mind, body, and spirit, we then suggested consideration of archetypes in pairs: one and two; three and four; five; six and seven. You may continue in this form for the body and spirit archetypes. You will note that the consideration of the Significator was left unpaired, for the Significator shall be paired with Archetype Twenty-Two.

(3) At the end of this line of inquiry the student was beginning to grasp more and more deeply the qualities and resonances of each archetype. At this point, using various other aids to spiritual evolution, we encouraged the initiate to learn to become each archetype and, most importantly, to know as best as possible within your illusion when the adoption of the archetype’s persona would be spiritually or metaphysically helpful.

As you can see, much work was done creatively by each initiate. We have no dogma to offer. Each perceives that which is needful and helpful to the self.

Session 88.24

The above quotations are often taken as fundamental guiding principles as to how this study can most efficiently proceed, but Ra also tells us that each must come to know the Archetypical Mind from her own unique perspective. So in this forum, we seek to walk the careful balance between the shared structure of the concept complexes within the Archetypical Mind and the unique vision that each of us brings to these concept complexes. For though it is the same Archetypical Mind which we all share, each of us has a different way of touching upon and ultimately becoming these twenty-two archetypes.

External Study Materials

Before listing the Table of Contents proper, there are three resources external to which any student of Ra's vision of the archetypes will find useful:

The "Tarot" category on, collects all statements from Ra which are in direct response to a question about the Archetypes.

Brandy Rox's .pdf workbook organizes the card images from Book IV according to Ra's suggested course of study.

This webpage is a very convenient visual aid which collects the Archetype drawings from Book IV all in one place. I often look at my deck in this very same configuration.

Posting Guidelines

This topic has and deserves its own thread, which can be found here. Because these guidelines delineate the method and design of this sub-forum, it is strongly recommended that you read the guidelines if you have not yet done so.

But there is one matter which is more appropriate to this thread: You will notice that this Table of Contents has numerous different categories for posting. This is not a strict list to the exclusion of all other topics (observe the "Truly Miscellaneous" category at the end); however, it is recommended that if your thread does fall into one of these categories, try to keep this in mind when providing both title and content. If you believe that a category should be added to this Table of Contents, or if you have any other concern relating to the archetypes sub-forum, just give a ring to me (JustLikeYou) via PM. I'll fix ya right up.

Archetype Forum Table of Contents

The purpose of this Table of Contents is to collect and collate the threads in this forum such that information on any particular topic is easily accessible. Threads will be listed in their appropriate category first by title and then by author.

For those not familiar with some of the terminology, the first twenty-one archetypes are classified into seven groups: Matrix, Potentiator, Catalyst, Experience, Significator, Transformation, and Great Way. The same archetypes are also divided into three Cycles: Mind, Body and Spirit. Different people use different terms for this 3x7 division of the Archetypes, but these will be the terms used in this particular thread. The remaining archetype, The Choice, does not fall into any category and is to be seen as a "unifying archetype".

I. Introductory Study

A. Introductions to the Archetypal Mind (where to begin, its function, our interaction with it, its nature, etc.)

An Introduction to the Tarot as taught by Ra (Bring4th_Plenum)
Why Study the Archetypical Mind? (brief FAQ) (Bring4th_Plenum)
Homework (Basic) (Technarch)
Accepting the Archetypes (Bring4th_Plenum)
Dancing with the Archetypes (Bring4th_Plenum)
An Analogy for the Archetypes (abstrktion)
Study of Emotions through the Archetypes (abstrktion)
Resources for Studying Ra's Understanding of the Archetypal Mind (Bring4th_Plenum)
Wherein Lies the Power of the Archetypes? (xise)
Practical uses of the archetypes (Matt1)
Doing the work (Lyok0)

B. The Twenty-Two Archetypes as a Whole (definitions, titles, interrelationships, etc.)

A Football Analogy for the Archetypes (3DSunset)
Categories of Archetypes (abstrktion)
The Seven Categories of Archetypal Mind (Bring4th_Plenum)
A possible look at the archetypes (kainous)
Simple Archetypes: Renamed archetypes for easier understanding (Adonai One)
Archetype Classifications Defined (JustLikeYou)
Structure of the Archetypes (jivatman)
The Archetypal Mind: Polarities and Paths (AdonaiOne)
My [AWESOME][and messy!] evaluation of the Tarot-Archetypes! (Misha)
The Movement from the Experience into the Significator (Bring4th_Plenum)
Intro to the Archetypes (Bring4th_Jade)
My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes (xise)

II. Dedicated Archetype Threads

Random Archetype Insights (Bring4th_Plenum)
{This thread is for any quick-hit you may have on an Archetype which you don't think is significant enough for a whole thread. Any Archetype and any connection between Archetypes is welcome here.}

A. Individual Archetypes

1. Matrix of the Mind
The Matrix of the Mind (dandan)
The Matrix of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Magician: Matrix of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)

2. Potentiator of the Mind
An Assortment of High Priestess Images (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Potentiator of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The High Priestess: Potentiator of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)

3. Catalyst of the Mind
The Catalyst of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Empress: The Catalyst of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)

4. Experience of the Mind
The Experience of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Emperor: Experience of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)
Ramification of the Experience (Henosis)

5. Significator of the Mind
The Significator of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Hierophant: Significator of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)

6. Transformation of the Mind
Wobbledy Wobble Transformation of the Mind (3D Monkey)
The Transformation of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Lovers: Transformation of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)
Courting the Maiden (Bring4th_Jade)
Transformation of the Mind - Lovers (unity100)

7. Great Way of the Mind
What do you think this means? (anagogy)
The Great Way of the Mind (JustLikeYou)
The Chariot: Great Way of the Mind (Bring4th_Jade)

8. Matrix of the Body
The Matrix of the Body (JustLikeYou)

9. Potentiator of the Body
The Potentiator of the Body (JustLikeYou)

10. Catalyst of the Body
catalyst of body (Matt1)
The Catalyst of the Body (JustLikeYou)

11. Experience of the Body
The Experience of the Body (JustLikeYou)

12. Significator of the Body
The Significator of the Body (Bring4th_Plenum)
Inherent Worthiness of the Body (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Significator of the Body (JustLikeYou)

13. Transformation of the Body
The Transformation of the Body (Bring4th_Plenum)
Death, and the release of held Thought Forms (Bring4th_Plenum)
Making Relics of the Past (Bring4th_Plenum)
Perfecting the Body: The Transformation (Hototo)
The Transformation of the Body (JustLikeYou)

14. Great Way of the Body
The Great Way of the Body (Bring4th_Plenum)
That which makes experience flow (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Great Way of the Body (JustLikeYou)

15. Matrix of the Spirit
The Matrix of the Spirit (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Matrix of the Spirit (JustLikeYou)

16. Potentiator of the Spirit
The Potentiator of the Spirit (sos)
The Potentiator of the Spirit (JustLikeYou)

17. Catalyst of the Spirit
The Catalyst of the Spirit (Spaced)
The Star (Matt1)

18. Experience of the Spirit
The Moon is Love (Adonai One)
The Experience of the Spirit (JustLikeYou)

19. Significator of the Spirit
The Solar Self (significator of the spirit) (Bring4th_Plenum)
STO and STS in the Significator of the Spirit (ricdaw)
The Significator of the Spirit (JustLikeYou)

20. Transformation of the Spirit
Transformation of the Spirit; the Judgement (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Transformation of the Spirit (JustLikeYou)

21. Great Way of the Spirit
The Animals on the Great Way of the Spirit (Adonai One)
Great Way of the Spirit (Nau7ik)

22. The Choice
The Choice (Tenet Nosce)
The Choice (Ankh)
The Choice (dandan)
Is the Choice Once Chosen Final? (anagogy)
Can the Choice Be Absolute (i.e. 100% pure)? (Melissa)

B. Archetypes as Pairs

The Male/Female Principles in the Archetypes (Bring4th_Plenum)
comparing the matrix and potentiators in operation (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Transformation and Great Way of the Mind as a Mated Pair (JustLikeYou)
Significator and the Choice as Pair (Ankh)
The Enchanting of the Wheel (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Darkness and the Illumination (Bring4th_Plenum)
Catalyst and Experience of Body (Nau7ik)
Archetypes in pair (Nau7ik)

C. Archetypes by Classification

1. Matrices
The Three Matrix Cards (Bring4th_Plenum)

2. Potentiators
Deliberate Use of the Potentiators (Bring4th_Plenum)

3. Catalysts
The Three Catalyst Cards (Bring4th_Plenum)

4. Experiences
The Three Experience Cards (Bring4th_Plenum)

5. Significators
Significator Talk (3DMonkey)

6. Transformations
The Three Transformation Cards (Bring4th_Plenum)

7. Great Ways
The Great Way and the Tao (Icaro)
Interrelationships of the Great Ways (JustLikeYou)

D. Archetypes by Cycle

1. Mind
The Great Chain of Mind (Bring4th_Plenum)
A Purposefully Unsophisticated Naming of the Archetypes of the Mind (xise)
The Sphere of Power (Bring4th_Plenum)

2. Body
The Body as a Means of Action (Bring4th_Plenum)

3. Spirit
The Great Sequence of Light (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Star, The Moon, and The Sun in relation to the positive adept (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Function of the Spirit Archetypes (Bring4th_Plenum)
A Guide to Polarization: 15-21 (The_Tired_Philosopher)
Trying to better grasp spirit. (Taralie Peterdaughter)

E. Archetypes Otherwise Compared

Imagery Link Between Choice and Spirit Archetypes (spero)
The Movement from the Experience into the Significator (Bring4th_Plenum)

III. Miscellaneous

The Speculation Thread (JustLikeYou)
{This thread is for all your contempletive needs concerning matters not directly related to this present third density archetypal mind. If you want to reflect on what it's like to be a Logos or to live in a different archetypal system, this is the best place for it.}

The Minor Arcana Thread (JustLikeYou)

A. Question Threads (questions seeking answers)

Seeking Definitions: Matrix, Potentiator, & Significator (Rama)
Must/needs become complex (Bring4th_Austin)
The Nature of Archetypes (turtledude23)
the chariot (julieannepalmer)
The proximity of the space/time of the Great Way's environment to time/space (anagogy)
mapping the archetypes onto astrology (Bring4th_Plenum)
if the spirit is a shuttle, how can it be complex? (βαθμιαίος)
Archetype Creation Order, LOO typo? (jivatman)
Why the Moon? (Spaced)
Question About the Male/Female Polarities in the Matrix and Potentiator of the Body (a network team from China)
Thinking Outside the Archetypes (IndigoGeminiWolf)
Other Resources for Archetype Study
3D vs 4D archetypes (IndigoGeminiWolf)
What is the point of archetypes? (Glow)
If the spirit is a shuttle, how can it be complex? (βαθμιαίος)
Questions about a Passage re: Matrix of the Mind (Moonfox)
Question on the order in the listing of mind, body, and spirit (Majana Silvo)

B. Tree of Life and Astrology in Relation to the Archetypes

Qabala and the Law of One (Matt1)
Archetype and Astrology (3DMonkey)
mapping the archetypes onto astrology (plenum)

C. Decks (and anything that concerns them)

Tarot 22, compliled into one table (yshurik)
The Brotherhood of Light Tarot Deck (plenum)
out-of-order cards in the modern decks (Bring4th_Plenum)

D. Comparison with Other Systems of Archetype (e.g. Jungian archetypes)

The Wounded Healer Archetype (Confused)

F. Non-LoO Tarot Resources

Zain's Brotherhood of Light Tarot Book (Icaro)
The Tarot of Thoth (Shin'Ar)
{A unique synthetic explication of all 22 Archetypes}
The Fool's Errand (Technarch)
{A video game designed to teach the Tarot}
Jordan Peterson on the Archetypes (Nicholas)

G. History of the Tarot

Tarot's origin - any evidence? (greyWiz)

H. Truly Miscellaneous

Archetypes in Movies (Wander)
Book IV Study Group (Bring4th_Monica)
Archetype and Symbolism (Gemini Wolf)
Comparing the Archetypical Mind with the Higher Self (Bring4th_Plenum)
The Lord of the Rings: One of the great archetypal journeys (Bring4th_Plenum)
Archetypal Revelation (Henosis)

IV. External LoO-based Archetype resources


A Fool's Phenomenology (jeremy6d)
An Archetype Workbook (JustLikeYou)

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