Book of Carl S.
11-13-2009, 02:57 AM,
Book of Carl S.
A few weeks ago I saw the channeling on the show Beyound that struck a nerve in me. I've never been a fan of religions but liked to believe in the idea of something. I found info on the Law of One and after reading it I was inspired to do my own translation of it as it pertains to me. This is a work in progress and personal. I decided to make a visual aid's handbook to help me with my ideas. I used a 60 page sketch pad and created 45 pages in about 2 days starting on Nov. 1st so far. I'll fill out the last 15 after further creative thinking. Here are some of the more visually entertaining pages. You can see the rest at my website Thanks and enjoy!

[Image: Ra_Cover_Art_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2001-02_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2003-04_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2005-06_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2007-08_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2009-10_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2011-12_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2013-14_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2015-16_Small.jpg]
[Image: Ra%20Pages%2039-40_Small.jpg]

Wanderer - One of Ra
Carl S.
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11-13-2009, 03:21 AM,
RE: Book of Carl S.
Fantastic ! Smile The first picture is surely wonderful, your graphical representations are both humorous and great information.
We must promptly rename STS to Pew pew service!
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11-13-2009, 12:43 PM,
RE: Book of Carl S.

Also you've clearly got the hand of an artist... When you draw spirals, they're spirals... (When I draw them they're french fries.)
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11-13-2009, 10:31 PM,
RE: Book of Carl S.
Thanks for the kind words!
-ayadew actually that first picture was created by my good friend who has always been a fan of the eye of Ra and Anibus? (The dog like god guardian of the dead?). I'm a visual guy so have a hard time remembering names, dates and such. Not saying I can't draw that well it was just already drawn and seemed perfect for what I needed!

As a matter of fact all my close friends are talented artists. Every one of them can draw better then me by hand but I think I got them beat on spontaneous creativity.

Ali Quadir - Thanks for the spirals comment. I've been drawing a lot of spirals lately and find that it's easy to get lost in them plus they look really cool when done well. There is a lot of power in them too I suspect.

This is all fun and new to me and I feel it's important that I make the things I am figuring out to be visually easy on the eyes. Seeing is believing and hopefully I can generate some very cool visuals. These are just the beginning as I am not the most fluent in pen and paper artwork though I really enjoy the hands on, don't mess up, create on the spot way of working. That's what impresses people the most and people need to be impressed. People need to see. Or they may never believe.

Again thanks and there is a lot of work for me to do so hopefully I can get it done quickly. All this positive thinking has gotten my energy levels up and making art is my kind of work.
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11-15-2009, 03:02 AM,
RE: Book of Carl S.
That's intriguing and I agree it would be interesting to see your concepts expressed with 3D animation.

On David Wilcock's site he mentions that he is looking to assemble an animation team for his forthcoming movie project. scroll down to "Now that you've seen the video..." Would you like to participate in something like that?

I imagine you might also like

It's been a few years since I visited Seattle. Is the viaduct picture current? I thought I read that it was going to be torn down.
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11-16-2009, 09:18 PM,
RE: Book of Carl S.
This is AWESOME! I've never been able to properly record all my thoughts pertaining to awakening, LOO, etc. You've done a bang up job! I love your pictures. I would buy a copy of that thing. :-)
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