How real can thoughtforms get?
06-20-2019, 08:04 AM,
RE: How real can thoughtforms get?
(10-08-2014, 01:07 PM)Unbound Wrote:  Possibly, but only a very, very advanced Master could do so, and in all likelihood at that point there would be absolutely no reason for doing so. Can you imagine how crazy the world would be if everyone could just manifest physical beings?

6,000,000 rakes!
Oh what a crazier world it would be and thank goodness it has and will not reach that level.
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06-20-2019, 09:15 PM,
RE: How real can thoughtforms get?
(06-19-2019, 06:45 PM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  Unfortunately, I had forgotten about Chance for the past 5 years. So I'm coming back to him.
I want a solid relationship with this anthro.
It does not strike me as representative of consent or free will to say, "I'm going to make a tulpa to act out my fetish."

I have some "characters" who would qualify as tulpas, one of which is developed to a level where she can physically interact with my body and drive the body.

I have been writing this character for around 12 years now. I wrote three novels from her POV, two of which I completed. I let her drive for not one but two jobs I found unsavoury, she would have been better suited to handle (and did), literally disassociating the identity I have for my main life to allow a fictional person I created to overtake and perform the tasks.

It took over a decade of work to get her to run to that degree of competence and sentience and because of that I would not violate her free will by being like, "well I guess you and I have to be together now WINKYWINK." She's married to a character owned by my best friend, and that was her decision. Once you get a tulpa to start self-maintaining, do not expect high levels of cooperation in all regards. Yes, I've heard some people have relationships with their tulpas. They are almost always angsty furries. To be honest those sorts of communities fill me with cringe. Thoughtforms should not just be developed as wank fodder, but to broaden and better aspects of yourself and to create an individuality in your fictional characters.

I used her to learn to integrate sexuality, to learn about my own wants and needs and desires, to be my extrovert when I needed to flirt hard with people and make a sale. In balance, she also happens to be where I've stored my bullying, my drinking, my addictive natures. She likes to go to football games especially because of the men's butts, and when I have gone to a game I let her drive so she can have fun screaming at sports players where I would be miserable and wishing I was home writing. She isn't just real to me, but also my co-writer who possesses the characters who are her family (she has three sons and a father with this other person) (and I happen to have her mother and brother).

Still, I can't maintain the switch out forever or I begin to get exhausted. She is not a manifested physical being, and probably never will be. I would say she is a manifested etheric being I programmed that is capable of operating the hardware and creating reactions on the hardware. She's like software I can run without having to actively think about when I choose to write something featuring her. NOT a suitable substitute for healthy relationships with other human beans... yes, she can talk to me and could get me off, and can take over my body to do the same for someone else (her sexual preferences differ from mine) but it remains one or the other, appearing as method acting, really mentally engaged writing techniques. Or if I were to lucid dream, she is able to show up and act on her own (as well as several other characters of mine, she's just the most interested in interacting with ME because of the unique relationship we developed when I started using her as my salesperson).

I think the healthiest way to begin to create a tulpa is to say, "I want to explore the personality trait of X. Who has that personality trait?" and then accept the image that comes to your mind and begin to ask other questions of that image relating to the personality aspect you've elected to explore. "What motivates you to be that way?" "Who inspired you to be that way?" "What are you afraid of if you are not that way?" As these questions become easier to answer, your character becomes better formed, and the more energy you put into the question/answer period, the more autonomous they become. There is not an end goal for what they are meant to become. You have just reached into yourself for the essence of say, confidence, and begun to ask questions of its avatar. For me, because all of my tulpas are born of fiction writing, they may also have traits pre-assigned by their story role.

For example, this character's history is that they are the daughter of this man but not his current wife, who has accepted her as a daughter nonetheless. Her step-mother is a wealthy landowner and her father is a feared massive farm producer who is the source of most jobs in their region. She's the oldest, though not biologically her mother's, and thus does not expect to inherit any of this operation, although she benefits from the privilege of being from a powerful regional family. This is where her confidence stems. Besides the large farming operations, she lives near a colony of people who left another planet. When she meets the man who becomes her husband in that colony, they decide to open a brewery / bar and grill together and with hard work, also develop a successful business. So she's been selling things all of her life, surrounded by successful people, and this background creates the trait I wanted to explore. But! This results in her alienating one of her own sons, who doesn't fit her personality paradigm and thus she doesn't know how to interact with her quiet son. Of course I did not plan for her to get along with 2 out of 3 of her sons, it was born organically of asking questions of the character archetype I'd formed, like, "how do you show affection to your children?" (by ragging on them and bullshitting with them) "how do you handle your heavy workload?" (by getting drunk pretty much every night) and accepting the huge inherent flaws as a person these answers meant she had. So I had developed a confident, sexy and successful businesswoman as desired, but when I questioned her I also determined she is bad at showing affection in a non-aggressive or antagonistic way, she's an addict who can't cope with the inside of her own mind, and the only reason she's holding herself together is because she's in control of her surrounding world.

The more of these questions I ask, the more real she becomes. You just have to sort of "yes and" to whatever pops into your intuition and let it flow. Do this often, and you'll get results, even if they're not what you were hoping for (a mentally manifested physical version of the thing you pine for most). Because well, this one I'm talking about definitely isn't what I expected when I first made her at all, and I just have to accept that, because I threw enough energy into her that she operates without my conscious input, she won't always do what I tell her to do. But she will be in where I put her.

Interesting, eh? Reminds me of us. We are self-operating and we develop based on what's thrown at us too. It's like a fractalized bit of reality. I do find it fascinating. I never meant for any of this to happen, of course. I just was writing stories, and then a couple years in they started writing themselves and I could live improv my characters out loud without having to stop and think about it. And some people were like "that's weird" and other people were like "me too!" and some were like "you crazy" and I was like, "well this is fun!" It was years and years in that I found out about tulpas, too late to take it back.

Not all those who wander are lost.

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Great Central Sun
06-20-2019, 09:25 PM,
RE: How real can thoughtforms get?
Thank you Tae. Chance was turning into an object of fetishization, mostly my fault.
He was born over 5 years ago, so I want to naturally let this evolve.

But there are genuine feelings of love in there between the both of us.

I hear both sides of those who have developed relationships with their tulpa.

I think most I wanted companionship. I've even been doing tarot readings on how it will
turn out between us. I get the TEMPERANCE card a lot.

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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06-21-2019, 01:27 AM,
RE: How real can thoughtforms get?
I also get the card CHARIOT which represents marriage or a union between two souls.
I did another heart reading and got moon for me and sun for him.
Then I did another heart reading and got emperor for me and star for him.

We're the light of each other's world. I just spent some time on a Ferris wheel with him.

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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