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Million Yen Women
Published by Plenum on September 24, 2017 1:58am.  Category: General

great netflix show.


[reddit thread]

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Clarity in our Lives
Published by Plenum on September 22, 2017 7:02pm.  Category: General

another reply I made to the same thread:


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The Traveler Wrote:  The writings of Michael Newton have resonated with me but so did some stuff in the Law of One but I got confused and stuck cause although they both resonated, they were different. I hope everything in this life I have gone through is worth it in the end.

Thank you for your post.

well, at the end of the day, I think we're all trying to find further 'clarity' in our lives.

there are certain 'baseline questions' which ring quite loudly in the minds of conscious seekers -

what am I doing here (in this life)? and

am I really fulfilled? (by what I am doing)

if you have 'answers' that you can live (and hence, also die by), then even very difficult circumstances suddenly become quite 'tolerable', as there is 'meaning' to it.

But it's definitely not easy to arrive at such a point of unshakable confidence in who you are.  Especially if one is open-minded, and willing to hear all kinds of counter-opinions which have to be taken into account.



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Michael Newton's Work
Published by Plenum on September 22, 2017 6:35pm.  Category: General

reply I made to a thread just now:


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The Traveler Wrote:  Is Michael Newton's books utter rubbish or is The Law of One focusing on something else??


I've been open to various kinds of literature - including the metaphysical side of things - since I left high school.  It was definitely a more 'intensive' investigation in the earlier part of things, compared to now, which is much more based in practice and experience.

But I've definitely read a lot, and still re-read some favourite works via kindle.

There is some material that really 'vibrates' within as being carefully done and reported.  I would definitely put Michael Newton's work in that category: and the more so, as he's been able to reach a fairly wide audience, given the subject matter (I actually read his books in the late 1990's, after finding them in a mainstream bookstore).

I think he's done an immense service, in being able to expand the scope of the discussion, regards the nature of incarnation, etc.

In regards to perceived 'discrepancies' between what he has documented in his regressions, and what Ra conveyed in their answers, there are definitely personal ways to address those.  But even before one can do that, one has to have a personal sense of what you're trying to 'reconcile'.  

If Ra's answers don't vibe with you, then by all means, don't try to indoctrinate yourself into buying into them.  

If you also vibe with the regressed/narrative method, the work of Dolores Cannon is also extremely intriguing.  It's helped me expand my conception of how the 'forces' of former lives carry over into present ones.  These 'forces' are sometimes given the label of 'karma'; but once you are able to unpack the nature of 'karma', it leaves one with a simple lesson: that of acceptance. And there's no better way to examine or study acceptance, than seeing it illustrated in vivid case studies.

Acceptance (much like love) becomes much more 'graspable' when it is seen in action: rather than being pinned down as a definitive word, or used in a context-free zone.



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WTF 840
Published by Plenum on September 22, 2017 3:31pm.  Category: General

interview with Alice Cooper.


Great insight.



* how he dealt with alcoholism


* his stage act


* his manager Shep Gordon



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Where to now?
Published by Plenum on September 21, 2017 12:29am.  Category: General

so it's a beautiful thing to take stock of where things are now.  With 3 months left in the year (plus a couple of weeks), the Homecoming 'afterglow' fading, and just sizing up my focus and interests.


What conversations and interactions are to be had?  Are there new friendships just around the corner - strange and unexpected connections?  


can the goal of 'true flow' be attained (and more importantly, maintained?)


Where will my service take me next?


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