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Do higher density beings get free thought? - Great Central Sun - 02-14-2020

I've read that whatever a higher density being thinks of manifests.

Is this every time?

Can say a 6th density being think of anything without it actually manifesting?

How do they have dark thoughts for instance or think about the "bad" in the Universe
without it manifesting?

Do they get freedom of thought?

RE: Do higher density beings get free thought? - flofrog - 02-14-2020

Gem I have like an idea that whatever they think, they could manifest but they perhaps do not see the necessity of it ?

I am reading right now Michael Newton's book the Journey of Souls and it is really interesting that with one of his clients who is doing a regression incarnation, so is being hypnotized, as he is asking questions about the world of spirits, where she goes between incarnations, she says that very advanced souls are sometimes visiting for a few seconds  the places of instruction where as a less advanced soul, she is studying,  but very advanced souls all have great humbleness.  Really interesting,  so I have like a feeling that 6th density entities are like us, just wanting to grow and study more...   lol

RE: Do higher density beings get free thought? - unity100 - 02-14-2020

"Being free" is merely selecting a state of being from the potential states of being, and its only possible when you are looking from a narrow perspective. The states of being, of course, include places of being since being somewhere also is encompassed by the state of being.

When one's perspective approaches infinity towards end of octave, every possibility is already encompassed. There is no 'different state' of being possible anymore, since every state is already encompassed and expressed. Since there remains no potential of 'free will' as could be manifested in this octave, and there remains no need of it anyway.

And as such, the entity leaves this octave behind and merges with infinity for an infinite amount of time, only to manifest in another octave.

And yet, from an infinite perspective, the entity already manifest in all infinite octaves at the same 'time' anyway, so it starts and ends in mystery, again...