Logos completion and individuality
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Logos completion and individuality
Quote:"Each entity is only superficially that which blooms and dies. In the deeper sense there is no end to beingness."

"The seventh-density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates mass and compacts into the One Creator once again."

"This octave density of which we have spoken is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself. In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion." (Ra)

What is Logos completion? What happens to Logos? Is this:
a) the ultimate death of each entity of this octave,
b) some kind of resting state in unity or
c) does the journey continue?
Grace to you and peace from God our Father.
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