STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
05-23-2019, 01:19 PM,
RE: STO is automatic, STS requires the choice?
(05-16-2019, 04:33 PM)Cyan Wrote:  No, im not interested in blocking the heart, to me my STS seems more higher density and involves the heart, i think the more appropriate action would be to guard the heart, perhaps along the lines of spacemarine priest saying that "A open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded." instead of actively seeking to refuse it. The way I see it I feel more inclination towards a political action than spiritual action and when you think of humanity in the 4th density positive what would be serve but other planets, to me this seems folly and the best service would be to our own memory complex and to add contact with others to it slowly over time instead of seeking to serve other complexes, it seems like such service to others would be much more difficult than service to self as it would entail a completely different level of understanding of the needs of others than would be naturally forthcoming for understanding of the needs of selves, the service to others would always entail saying that their desires to serve themselves are "misguided" and we must seek to serve their "higher self" which wants what we know it wants and not what the person wants, that to me seems highly evil and not just STS.

I think it would be more natural to run a service to self oriented 4th density society that slowly builds itself rather than one of the STOs that would be hard pressed to be of true service, though this seems more like the attitude of a 5th density STO than an STS but somehow I feel a call to the STS side, perhaps my services could be better used there. Either way, if I do end up polarizing self and some of you land in the same density I think we could help each other quite well.

A battery has both polarities, one is positive it serves a purpose and one is negative and it serves a purpose. Not that one side of the battery is the "outed one". You just have to choose is all. The negative path chooses to work hard to be negative and must do all that it can to enslave another, to hate another, to separate from all others and operate as a single entity. The positive polarity loves others, serves others, is one with all there is, and wants others to feel freedom in every area of their being and helps them to find their freedoms. Both will require a certain amount of work. If you are wondering who you are and what your heart's desire is, ask yourself and watch how you are when dealing with other selves and the creation taht is about you.
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