Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
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Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
This is a Closed thread where accouncements will be made regards the Chatroom Meditations that have become a regular participatory activity in the last few months.

All comments/discussion/and thoughts about these Chatroom Meditations can take place in the Companion Discussion Thread.
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11-06-2015, 08:25 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
The Chatroom Meditations were an informal, spontaneous activity that I initiated a few months ago.  Over time, it was seen that a regular, weekly, organised gathering would be beneficial for seekers wishing to share and contribute in this way.  

Because the members here are scattered all around the Globe, it was difficult to find a time and day that could somehow be accomodating to as many as possible.  After a little juggling, a time was settled on.  That is: every Saturday, at 10AM, EST (East Coast time, USA).

Everything is co-ordinated and referenced to this time, which I will just call New York time for the sake of convenience.   In each weekly Scheduling Announcement, I will make a few notes regards a couple of relevant cities, and the local time there, but otherwise, it's best to check on a weekly basis as to your relative time-zone in relation to New York.

The World Clock has everything you need to know, regards the time-offset to New York time.

/ /

Consistent Logistics

The Meditation each week has a different theme, which will be elaborated on in the weekly announcement.  The Meditation iteself takes place in Chatroom 2, which you can get to here:

We gather on the hour, and then have ten minutes to meet-and-greet (and catch up).  At ten minutes past, we then start the Meditation, away from screen and keyboard, and go for 7 minutes.  We will then regather after this energetic occurence, and compare notes.  This is usually the most interesting and fun part Smile

The whole event is wrapped up in about 25 minutes, and has proven to be a regular pick-me-up and energetic boost for those who have joined in.  Group energetic work is definitely a wonderful thing for those who have never experienced it before!

No technique is required.  For positive seekers, we automatically align and calibrate via the open-heart frequencies.  Similiar to how Ra referenced that higher energetic transfers are made available to anyone seeking on a heart-based level of above.  They were speaking in a specific context there, but I believe the notion can be generalised, when any deliberate attempt is made to overlap, in a positive sense.
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11-06-2015, 09:12 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Organic Farmers

Date: 7 November, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2AM Sydney (on following day)
Location: Chatroom 2

Theme: I've recently started ordering a weekly organic produce delivery. There is a juicing box (with carrots, apples, lemons, beets etc), and also a Vege box, which is the staple of my cooked meals.  I've also been using organic grains and beans for over a year now, although I have dabbled in that area a bit previous.  But I like cooking things from scratch, and having a direct sense of continuity with the food.

Obviously, this is only made possible by those who are farming by non-conventional methods.  Which sounds a bit strange to say, because maybe Organically-Grown was the conventional method before the 20th Century had it's agricultural revolution with synthetic fertilizers and agrochemicals.  That is not to say that this Revolution was not useful; it allowed humanity to expand and populate in proliferous ways.  But the aftereffects of the Agricultural Revolution are starting to be widely undeniable.

So is there a different way?  Yes, although it does cost more.  Those who want to farm Organically (and be certified that way) do offer an Alternative.  And there are the businesses in the middle which mediate the farmer and the final consumer (read: me and you).  So there are people engaged in this economy.

Let's just thank those who have chosen to make a deliberate life choice to make their business in Organically Grown agriculture.  This is grains, fruits, veges, olives, the whole gamut.  

We can vote with our money, and that is concrete.  And we can also offer an energetic and inspirational support for all those gathered in this kind of business/enterprise.  I know that they have my thanks; even though I do not meet the farmers directly, or know them personally.

So if this theme interests you, we'll gather in Chatroom 2.  Check your local times!!

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RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Stars

Date: 14 November, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 (The Lounge)

Theme: Astrology is not something I know a lot of.  But I do know that is has an influence.  Even on the most basic level of personality makeup, the Sun Sign offers so much information about how we as incarnate entities are using specific traits and aspects to process our experience in a very slanted way.  No one, except the very advanced and those who have popped the Veil, are really seeing reality as it is.  It is a highly filtered and processed experience for each individual being.

Astrology is one of those big goggles which slants and focuses our view on Experience.  A Capricorn sees and approaches things differently than say, a Cancer sign would.  Even someone who gives it a moments cursory open-minded investigation can see for themselves that there are extremely distinct personality profiles which can be traced back to the Sun Sign.  But true astrology is much more complex and multifaceted.  It has the 12 Houses, and we are a complex mix of influences.  Ra confirms as much:

Ra Wrote:The value of that which you call astrology is significant when used by those initiated entities which understand, if you will pardon the misnomer, the sometimes intricate considerations of the Law of Confusion. As each planetary influence enters the energy web of your sphere those upon the sphere are moved much as the moon which moves about your sphere moves the waters upon your deeps. Your own nature is water in that you as mind/body/spirit complexes are easily impressed and moved. Indeed, this is the very fiber and nature of your journey and vigil in this density: to not only be moved but to instruct yourself as to the preferred manner of your movement in mind, body, and spirit.

and later on in the same answer:

Ra Wrote:Therefore, as each entity enters the planetary energy web each entity experiences two major planetary influxes, that of the conception, which has to do with the physical, yellow-ray manifestation of the incarnation, and that of the moment you call birth when the breath is first drawn into the body complex of chemical yellow ray. Thus those who know the stars and their configurations and influences are able to see a rather broadly drawn map of the country through which an entity has traveled, is traveling, or may be expected to travel, be it upon the physical, the mental, or the spiritual level. Such an entity will have developed abilities of the initiate which are normally known among your peoples as psychic or paranormal.

For this Meditation, the theme is to acknowledge and appreciate these Influences on our Beingness.  In a way, to thank the Stars for shaping us, and allowing us to have a unique (and variegated) experience.  For the Creator to be able to experience a unique Slant on things.  And to use that Uniqueness and share it with others, so that the Infinite Wonder of the Creator can be seen in manifested form.

We'll gather on the hour as usual, and begin at ten minutes past.  Meditation will proceed for 7 minutes; with comparison afterwards.

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RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Entity known as 'Jesus'.

Date: 21 Nov, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 (the Lounge)

Theme: Given the many, many claimed 'sources' about the true nature of Jesus' life, one can be left feeling confused.  There are the official 4 Gospels, and then tidbits in the New Testament which claim to relate the story of Jesus.  Going outside of that, we have secular souces such as Barbara Thiering's 'Jesus the Man', who claims that everything was a code (in numbers and symbols).  We also have occult sources like John Marco Allegro, who claim that Jesus was a Mushroom, and never actually existed as a human being.  One can investigate channeled sources, and have accounts from Billy Meier (Pleiadian source) and Dolores Cannon (Jesus and the Essenes).

One can be left very confused by such an array and barrage of differing accounts.  Perhaps that is the point.  To obfuscate and confuse.

Here, on the forums, most of us have given an implicit trust to the source that we know of as Ra.  There are many things in the Ra Communications which can be put to the personal test.  Claims were made about the energy centres (testable), about the Archetypes (personally testable), the nature of balancing (practical and testable), and exercises about 'seeing the Creator' (again, practical and testable).  One can try to confirm the validity of the information that was offered.

Ra also answered questions about our planet's history.  These are claims that cannot be authenticated directly.  But if one is willing to go with their interpretation, then they do offer some simple and direct bits of information.  All subject to discernment, and a willingness to believe and accept on each individual's part.  If it doesn't ring true for you, then by all means, just move on to another interpretation/source that you find of more personal value and validity.  But, as for Ra's thoughts on the entity known as Jesus, and what they offered by coming to this planet:

Jesus was a Wanderer from the Positive Confederation

Quote:17.11 Questioner: Yes. What I meant to say was can you tell me if Jesus of Nazareth came from the Confederation before incarnation here?

Ra: I am Ra. The one known to you as Jesus of Nazareth did not have a name. This entity was a member of fourth density of the highest level of that sub-octave.

This entity was desirous of entering this planetary sphere in order to share the love vibration in as pure a manner as possible. Thus, this entity received permission to perform this mission.

This entity was then a Wanderer of no name, of Confederation origins, of fourth density, representing the fourth-density understanding of the vibration of understanding or love.

Jesus had a group that gathered around him

Quote:73.16 Questioner: The one known as Jesus accumulated twelve disciples. What was his purpose in having these disciples with him?

Ra: I am Ra. What is the purpose of teach/learning if there be no learn/teachers? Those drawn to this entity were accepted by this entity without regard for any outcome. This entity accepted the honor/duty placed upon it by its nature and its sense that to speak was its mission.

Jesus was able to Integrate all experiences; and thus penetrated this 3d Illusion

Ra Wrote:When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and teach/learn what it had felt during the preceding years to be of an worthwhile nature.

The entity was absolved karmically of the destruction of an other-self when it was in its last portion of lifetime and spoke upon what you would call a cross saying, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.

/ /

so for those who are open to this Entity, and what they represented and shared, this Meditation will be gratitude for the example of the life/vibration of Jesus, as best represented by the information we have from Ra.

We'll gather on the hour; and go for 7 minutes, once the meet-and-greet has taken place (ten minutes).

All the best,

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RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Theme: Thanking this Planet for being our Learning Centre for this Incarnation

Date: 28 Nov
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Topic: Whether Wanderer or not, Earth native or not, early 4d graduate or not, this Planet happens to be our current home for this Incarnation.  So it doesn't matter where one has come from, all that really matters is where one currently is.  And that is GPS Location: Planet Earth.

Many have come here to serve:

Quote:12.26 Questioner: Thank you. Well, you spoke of Wanderers. Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid.

These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

That's ok, these entities have come to serve in this Illusion.  But it is still their 'home' for this lifetime.

Even so-called '3d natives' are rarely from a totally earth-bound origination.  Planet Earth has served as a 'recycling centre' for many souls, whose 3rd density has passed beyond physical experience, and so they came here to complete their understandings/journey:

Quote:10.6 Questioner: Then our present race is formed of a few who originally came from Maldek and quite a few who came from Mars. Are there entities here from other places?

Ra: I am Ra. There are entities experiencing your time/space continuum who have originated from many, many places, as you would call them, in the creation, for when there is a cycle change, those who must repeat then find a planetary sphere appropriate for this repetition.

It is somewhat unusual for a planetary mind/body/spirit complex to contain those from many, many, various loci, but this explains much, for, you see, you are experiencing the third-dimensional occurrence with a large number of those who must repeat the cycle. The orientation, thus, has been difficult to unify even with the aid of many of your teach/learners.

and so there are many souls who Earth was not where they were originally from.  And yet, this is now their home, at least for the current incarnation and current lesson.

Meditation: I offer Gratitude and Acceptance to this Planet for being my current Home.  It is here as the crucible for my Current Lessons and Current Experience, and it is supportive in that manner.  It is allowing me to experience something that I desired to experience.

This Planet is where I truly am.
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12-03-2015, 05:46 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Veil

Date: Sat, 5 December
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 (the Lounge)

Topic: The Veil seems to be the defining characteristic of our particular 3rd Density Experience.  Some Logoi (the inner ones, closer to the Galactic Centre) were not aware of such a possibility.  Our Logos, however, chose to implement it as part of the framework of this particular system.

The Veil lends itself to much Confusion, as the 'obviousness' of our connection to the One Infinite is obscured.  It then becomes a deliberate choice as to whether we try to seek out this One Infinite either through the love of others, or the love of the self.  It becomes a choice of Interpretation of our possible experience.

In terms of 'vividness':

Quote:76.18 Questioner: I didn’t understand what you meant by “seen to you as being quite vivid.” What do you mean?

Ra: I am Ra. This creation is somewhat more condensed by its Logos than some other Logoi have chosen. Thus each experience of the Creator by the Creator in this system of distortions is, relatively speaking, more bright or, as we said, vivid.

Don later queried about this 'vividness', and the answer was that sometimes we can get caught up in the 'storm' of experience, rather than seeing what is behind the storm:

Quote:93.6 Questioner: I might make the analogy, then, in that when a polarization in the atmosphere occurs to create thunderstorms, lightning, and much activity, this more vivid experience could be likened to the polarization in consciousness which creates the more vivid experience. Would this be appropriate?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a shallowness to this analogy in that one entity’s attention might be focused upon a storm for the duration of the storm. However, the storm producing conditions are not constant whereas the polarizing conditions are constant. Given this disclaimer, we may agree with your analogy.

All in all, the Veil seems to offer greater opportunities for the entity looking for such things.

Meditation: Even though it has caused much difficulty, we choose to thank the Veil for the opportunities that it implictly offers.  I choose to witness the opportunities, rather than being thwarted by the confusion of the 3d experience.  Thank you.

[Image: 0CzMJaj.jpg]

The High Priestess: that which lies beyond the Veil
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12-11-2015, 09:48 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Photon

Date: 12 December, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: the photon is basically the root constituent of 'Light'.  This photon, and it's increasing frequency, is part of the transitioning process of Earth from a 3rd density planet to a 4th density planet.   This has been underway since the 1930's or so.

Increased Frequency

Quote:40.9 Questioner: Has the vibration of the basic, of the photon, of all our particles increased in frequency already?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. It is this influence which has begun to cause thoughts to become things. As an example you may observe the thoughts of anger becoming those cells of the physical bodily complex going out of control to become what you call the cancer.

When it Started Increasing in Frequency

question was asked in 1981.  Answer from Ra was 45 years earlier.  So about 1935.

Quote:40.10 Questioner: What, assuming that we are, our vibration— I am assuming this vibration started increasing about between twenty and thirty years ago. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The first harbingers of this were approximately forty-five of your years ago, the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty-year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it.

These Energies would continue Vibrating more Intensely into 2011

Quote:the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty-year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it.

question was answered in March 1981, plus 40 years, gives 2011

/ /

so basically the photon that we are experiencing (the light that the Earth is bathed in) is of a 4th density frequency.  

Meditation: I thank for the Photon and the Light for the opportunities that it offers.  There are different qualitative experiences that are available now, as compared to 100 years ago, as a direct result of this photonic increase in frequency.  The Earth is bathed in this Light, and it is the mechanism by which many changes are, and have been initiated.  I value the Opportunity.
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12-16-2015, 05:50 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Second Distortion

Date: 19 December, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (next day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

As we know, the First Distortion is Free Will.  After that, the Second Distortion that we know of as 'Love/Logos/Creativity' found it's expression.

Here is how Ra described it:

Quote:15.21 Questioner: Well, in yesterday’s material you stated “we offer the Law of One, the solving of paradoxes.” You also mentioned earlier that the first paradox, or the first distortion I meant, was the distortion of free will. Could you tell me if there’s a sequence? Is there a first, second, third, fourth distortion of the Law of One?

Ra: I am Ra. Only up to a very short point. After this point, the many-ness of distortions are equal one to another.

The first distortion, free will, finds focus.

This is the second distortion known to you as Logos, the Creative Principle or Love. This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light.

From these three distortions come many, many hierarchies of distortions, each having its own paradoxes to be synthesized, no one being more important than another.

This 'Love' has the effect of manifesting intelligent energy from intelligent infinity.  It is the thing which brings the actual 'Creation' into beingness from the Formless.

Quote:27.12 Questioner: I would like for you to define love in the sense— in its sense as the second distortion.

Ra: I am Ra. This must be defined against the background of intelligent infinity or unity or the One Creator with the primal distortion of free will.

The term Love then may be seen as the focus, the choice of attack, the type of energy of an extremely, shall we say, high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the potential of intelligent infinity in just such and such a way.

This then may be seen to be an object rather than an activity by some of your peoples, and the principle of this extremely strong energy focus being worshiped as the Creator instead of unity or oneness from which all Loves emanate.

This 'Love' is different from 4th density and the 4th chakra.  It's a more generalised version, although the same word is being used in different contexts.  This 'Love' has the ability to direct 'Light', which is the third distortion (following free will and love, as the first and second distortions of the Law of One).

Quote:27.13 Questioner: Is Love— is there a manifestation of love that we could call vibration?

Ra: I am Ra. Again we reach semantic difficulties. The vibration or density of love or understanding is not a term used in the same sense as
the second distortion, Love;

the distortion Love being the great activator and primal co-Creator of various creations using intelligent infinity;

the vibration love being that density in which those who have learned to do an activity called “loving” without significant distortion, then seek the ways of light or wisdom. Thus in vibratory sense love comes into light in the sense of the activity of unity in its free will. Love uses light and has the power to direct light in its distortions. Thus vibratory complexes recapitulate in reverse the creation in its unity, thus showing the rhythm or flow of the great heartbeat, if you will use this analogy.

/ /

and so we have here in these few choice quotes a description of a very high-level-functioning Principle in the scheme of Creation.  It goes right to the core of our multifacted and multilayered Creation in fact.  It is Love which moves things, and sets things in motion.  It is the 'thing' which sets the stage in which all beings and all entities play out their patterns and seeking.

Meditation: Love is the great Mover, and the Great Creative principle.  It is the 'logos' at the very centre of our Universe.  It is the 'thing' that set the Universe into motion.  We choose to acknowledge and appreciate this Prime Mover.  Through it, the infinite variety of the Creator itself can be seen in manifested forms.  Thank you.
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12-25-2015, 08:16 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Enchantress

Date: 26 December, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (next day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme:  The Enchantress is one of the Archetype Cards.  This is it:

[Image: dotNGTz.jpg]

The Enchantress represents the position of the 'Experience of the Body'.  It's ok if you are not too familiar with the Archetypes that Ra offered - they are part of every 3d mind/consciousness in our solar system, and is a legacy and birthright of our Sun.

This particular Archetype represents (to me), an interaction and involvement with the physical nature of our experience.  It very much has yellow ray overtones, just looking at the image.  The use of the hands, getting up close and personal with what is normally a 'fearsome' animal (the Lion).  But here, done without fear, and without trepidation.  In more traditional circles, this card is called 'Strength'; and made the more stronger by it being a female figure being represented.

Here 'strength' is not brute force; but inner fortitude and will.  But not an imposing will - an expression of will through the means of self-radiance - as is best seen through the gentle outpouring through the woman's hands.

It is a healing-type interaction that the Enchantress offers.  She does not beguile or mislead; but offers a directness in strong expression.

While Wanderers do lend a 'passive radiation' effect:

Quote:There are fourth- and sixth-density Wanderers whose ability to serve as, shall we say, passive radiators or broadcasters of love and love/light are immense. There are many others whose talents brought into this density are quite varied.

it is, however, incumbent on us to get hands-on in expressing that love, and interacting with the society and the people around us.  Not to convince them of anything at all.  But just to share our inner beingness through our interactions, to demonstrate the loving touch.  That may be physical; it may be the loving touch in the words that we use.  But it's the quality and type of interaction that we get behind.

Meditation: I thank this Archetype for the kind of message that it encodes.  I understand it in my own unique way, and choose to embody it's nature.  I am sharing this space with my fellow friends today (the other Meditators), and we call upon it's vibration in a group setting.  Thank you.
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01-02-2016, 06:03 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Higher Self

Date: 2 January, 2016
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: The Higher Self is part of each of us.  It is us.  As a being of 6th Density vibrations, it is on the same plane as Ra - and so whatever insights, understandings, clarity, and perceptions that we think Ra was able to share with us through the Ra Material, we also, have this as an inbuilt legacy.  It is not outside or beyond us.  It is already there - albeit somewhat cloaked and inaccessible most of the time consciously.

We can invoke the Higher Self - which is something which benefits us as a being in 3rd density incarnated experience - and also the Higher Self, as it shortens the 'gap' between the two states of 'us'.

Ra Wrote:When the magical personality is properly and efficaciously invoked the self has invoked its Higher Self.

Thus a bridge betwixt space/time and time/space is made and the sixth-density magical personality experiences directly the third-density catalyst for the duration of the working.

It is most central to deliberately take off the magical personality after the working in order that the Higher Self resume its appropriate configuration as analog to the space/time mind/body/spirit

Meditation: I thank the Higher Self for it's presence and guidance.  It represents benevolence and positive interest in the highest sense, and presents the most evolved and developed aspect of the self, as an individuated consciousness.  I thank it for it's assistance.  Namaste
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01-07-2016, 11:40 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Blue Ray

Date: 9 January, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: We are all familiar with the love/wisdom dichotomy.  And it's importance in balancing for a 6d Wanderer.  Well, we may or may not be 6d Wanderers, we may or may not be Wanderers at all.  But we all happen to be seekers, and it's an area of interest nonetheless.

In my mind, the blue ray (when effectively utilized) is more integrative and holistic than just the heart centre alone.  This is just saying that (as an analogue) 5th density is more dense than 4th density.  It's more encompassing; not better or superior, just more integrative.

And so when the 5th chakra is working in combination with the 4th, there is a greater synthesis and service than just the heart alone.

Here's a few (highly selective) quotes on blue-ray function/activity:

Quote:The green-ray entity is ineffectual in the face of blockage from other-selves.

The blue-ray entity is a co-Creator.

A blue-ray entity understands more of the 'background' of a given situation.  They are informed by a certain wisdom of how things have played out in similiar situations.  Therefore - instead of just serving because a need is perceived, they can serve in a more creative fashion.  They can route around solidified belief patterns, and present a viewpoint that is creative, without attacking the others' position.  They can re-formulate and re-present a new viewpoint, one that allows the other self to perceive a possible reconfiguration of ideas and the difficult situation.  It is healing through words, music, and the arts.

This is a longer quote:

Quote:The first giving beyond green ray is the giving of acceptance or freedom, thus allowing the recipient of blue-ray energy transfer the opportunity for a feeling of being accepted, thus freeing that other-self to express itself to the giver of this ray.

It will be noted that once green-ray energy transfer has been achieved by two mind/body/spirits in mating, the further rays are available without both entities having the necessity to progress equally.

Thus a blue-ray vibrating entity or indigo-ray vibrating entity whose other ray vibrations are clear may share that energy with the green-ray other-self, thus acting as catalyst for the continued learn/teaching of the other-self.

Until an other-self reaches green ray, such energy transfers through the rays is not possible.

Ra was speaking about sexual energy transfers; but my belief is that all types of authentic interactions - even via a bulletin board/forum - represent an intermingling of energies.  The amount of 'closeness' available is dependent on the amount of green-ray openness that is present.  As Ra references, if the other-self is not vibrating at green, then they can't benefit from these kinds of transfers/assistance/help.

Meditation: I may be blue-ray activated.  I may not be.  But regardless, I want to thank it's presence.  I also acknowledge it's possibility, if it is not currently in use.

I can see the value and importance of this particular ray in the larger scheme of things.

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01-14-2016, 10:45 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking Positive Magnification

Date: 16 January, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (next day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: does life give us back, what we put into it?  Do we really reap what we sow?  I believe that it does.

My feeling is that if we put $5 bucks into a positively oriented effort, we will eventually get $100 return on it.  And this is not an appeal to self-gain, or to seeing incredible results.  This is more about saying that when we desire/intend positive things, it is not just us wanting those things.  There are also a gazillion other entities (some incarnate, others in spirit clothing), who are wanting the exact same things.  What we want, they want, and so we are tuning into a greater current of manifestation/beingness when we turn our minds to those things.

I believe that Ra described this effect as the 'Law of Squares'.

This does not mean that we want something, that things materialize, like a magic invisible 3d-Printer above our heads spitting out a Porsche 911 Speedster.  This isn't material gain.  This is more about consciousness/intention alignment, which then leads to circumstances and situations where we can feel greater connection.  Opportunities themselves will find us.

But when we do align to positive thoughts - acceptance, love, charity, benevolence, genuine attempts to assist if they are genuinely called for - then there are other forces and beings at play more encompassing than us.  There is a Magnification Effect in play.  We may not know how, but most of us have experienced the results.

Ra offered:

Quote:The call begins with one.

This call is equal to infinity and is not, as you would say, counted. It is the cornerstone.

The second call is added. The third call empowers or doubles the second, and so forth, each additional caller doubling or granting power to all the preceding call.

Thus, the call of many of your peoples is many, many-powered and overwhelmingly heard to the infinite reaches of the One Creation.

/ /

Meditation: I acknowledge the full power of my Consciousness and the Thoughts I choose to Empower.  At this point, right now, I am with others that wish to affirm a Positive Calling.  It is magnified, so that all those aligning to Positivity may also tune in.  We represent a Collective Calling.  This call reaches out to all those who desire the same thing.
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01-20-2016, 06:50 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Earth's Rocks

Date: 23 January, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the lounge

Theme: just a simple and straight-forward one this week.  Thanking the Earth's rocks.  Which (I guess) would include all her minerals and gems, and pretty things like this:

[Image: TZx0Lmw.jpg]

And crystals too!

Ra Wrote:To go through the various crystals to be used would be exhaustive to this instrument, although you may ask us if you wish in another session.

The delicacy, shall we say, of the choosing of the crystal is very critical and, in truth, a crystalline structure such as a diamond or ruby can be used by a purified channel who is filled with the love/light of One in almost any application.

We'll start at 10 past the hour, and go for 7 solid (pardon the pun) minutes.

The Earth's Rocks it is!!
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01-29-2016, 07:15 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Planetary Mind

Date: 30 January, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: well, what the heck is this planetary mind thingy?  Well, from Ra, it is described as one of the roots of mind, something that is accessible to each consciousness, but for a 3rd density being, is usually hidden behind the Veil.  More specifically, the planetary mind is essentially a holding ground for thoughts that have been empowered with some kind of charge or differentiation; as opposed to just a collection of all and random thoughts that every human being has ever thought.

Let's go by Ra's description, which may reveal more:

Quote:91.6 Questioner: What is the origin of the planetary or racial mind?

Ra: I am Ra. This racial or planetary mind is, for this Logos, a repository of biases remembered by the mind/body/spirit complexes which have enjoyed the experience of this planetary influence.

and, to go deeper, this 'Planetary Mind' is essentially equivalent to what we know of as the Akashic Records; that is, it's a collective memory of what every human being has accumulated in terms of significant thought.

Quote:91.7 Questioner: Now, some entities on this planet evolved through second density into third and some were transferred from other planets to re-cycle in third density here. Did the ones who were transferred here to re-cycle in third density add to the planetary or racial mind?

Ra: I am Ra. Not only did each race add to the planetary mind but also each race possesses a racial mind. Thus we made this distinction in discussing this portion of mind. This portion of mind is formed in the series of seemingly non-simultaneous experiences which are chosen in freedom of will by the mind/body/spirit complexes of the planetary influence. Therefore, although this Akashic, planetary, or racial mind is indeed a root of mind it may be seen in sharp differentiation from the deeper roots of mind which are not a function of altering memory, if you will.

Some people, like Edgar Cayce, developed the ability to access this Planetary Mind in trance, and was then able to pull out accurate information and helpful solutions to individual problems.  He did that by penetrating the Veil, in going through indigo ray.  The 'great gateway' as this is often referred to.

It's my supposition that when this 'planetary mind' is made explicit in higher densities (4th, 5th, and 6th), then that becomes the basis and means for forming a collective consciousness.  If everyone has ongoing access to the 'planetary facebook', and can check out what Alice is doing right now, or Bob - then things can be willingly co-ordinated in adhoc terms.  In 3rd density, unless one has a society where everyone is an adept, and accessing this planetary mind, then it can't really be termed a social memory complex.  It's only when everyone in the society is participating, that you get the full 'collective mind' phenomena.  

But regardless, the planetary mind is a resource that has 'bleedthrough'.  Sometimes we have intutions or deep knowings that we know didn't come from physical data, or rational analysis.  We drew upon some well of information, and we just know it's accurate.  In those cases, the source may have been from the planetary mind, it responding to some seeking or desire that we had.

/ /

we'll gather on the Hour, and the Meditation itself will start at 10 minutes past.  We'll go for a solid 7 minutes, before comparing notes on what we experienced.  See you then!!

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02-03-2016, 09:47 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Council of Saturn

Date: 6 February, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Topic: i don't know too much about the Council of Saturn; only the information that Ra relayed in response to Don's questions.

So, I'll just quote some relevant parts, and leave it at that Smile


Quote:6.8 Questioner: Where is this Council located?

Ra: This Council is located in the octave, or eight[h] dimension, of the planet Saturn, taking its place in an area which you understand in third-dimensional terms as the rings.


Quote:7.9 Questioner: I have a question here, I believe, about that Council from Jim. Who are the members, and how does the Council function?

Ra: I am Ra. The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important because there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.

In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine. That is the Session Council. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called the Guardians.

The Council operates by means of, what you would call, telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease. When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action. This includes: One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation; Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.

These are the prominent duties of the Council. They are, if in any doubt, able to contact the twenty-four who then offer consensus/judgment/thinking to the Council. The Council then may reconsider any question.

Also Known As?

Quote:7.10 Questioner: Is the Council of Nine the same nine that was mentioned in this book? [Questioner gestures to Uri.]

Ra: I am Ra. The Council of Nine has been retained in semi-undistorted form by two main sources, that known in your naming, as Mark and that known in your naming as Henry. In one case, the channel became the scribe. In the other, the channel was not the scribe. However, without the aid of the scribe, the energy would not have come to the channel.

/ /

we'll gather on the Hour in Chatroom 2, and have some meet-and-greet.  The Meditation itself will start at ten past the Hour, and go for 7 minutes.

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RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking Yellow Ray

Date: 13 February, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: Yellow ray is the social ray, the ray of relationships.  It can range from the close and personal (family relations), to the more large and extensive - if one is engaged in politics and higher level organizational work.  Nevertheless, the motivation for a clear yellow ray is that we somehow wish to collaborate and co-operate to achieve ends that are beyond the efforts of a single individual alone.

A couple of relevant quotes:

Quote:102.11 Questioner: Now, is there— the two areas then that the instrument can look to for curing this problem… I understand that the yellow-ray blockage problem has completely repaired, shall I say. If this is not correct, could you make suggestions on that, please?

Ra: I am Ra. Each entity must, in order to completely unblock yellow ray, love all which are in relationship to it, with hope only of the other-selves’ joy, peace, and comfort.

and that humanitarian, organist, and all round 'good guy', Albert Schweitzer:

Quote:The one known as Albert, who went into a strange and, to it, a barbaric society in order that it might heal. This entity was able to mobilize great amounts of energy and what you call money. This entity spent much green-ray energy both as a healer and as a lover of your instrument known as the organ.

This entity’s yellow ray was bright and crystallized by the efforts needed to procure the funds to promulgate its efforts. However, the green and blue rays were of a toweringly brilliant nature as well. The higher levels, as you may call them, being activated, the lower, as you may call them, energy points remain, in a balanced being, quite, quite bright.

A positive yellow ray is able to work with society; rather than oppose it and control it.  On a smaller scale, we can work with all the people in our lives; rather than trying to control them with whatever kind of power we happen to have.

/ /

see you on the Hour!
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02-19-2016, 09:25 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Balance Archetype

Date: 20 February, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: This particular archetype (the 'Balance') is also known as the 'Matrix of the Body'.  It is a clearly feminine archetype, and those who happen to be of this gender have a closer affinity to the energies and vibrations that this particular centering point offers.

An Image, first of all:

[Image: St0rFKe.jpg]

she seems to have a pretty sweet ride, and there's lots of symbols going on in that image.  It's a very active place.  

This is what Ra offered, in terms of general comprehension of this archetype:

Quote:The Matrix of the Body may be seen to be a reflection in opposites of the mind; that is, unrestricted motion.

The Potentiator of the Body then is that which, being informed, regulates activity.

So the essence of this card is 'unrestricted motion'.

Both this card, and the next one (the Potentiator of the Body') I have a lesser grasp of, compared to the other 20 Archetypes.  So I'll draw upon some words of JustLikeYou for further referencing.  This is from this page here:

He calls the Balance Archetype the 'Wild One', and a good reference point is this Game of Thrones character.

[Image: DpLXE09.jpg]

and here are some of his thoughts on this Archetype:

JustLikeYou Wrote:The Archetype I’ve named the “Wild One” is usually known as the Wild Woman. I chose against the term “woman” as part of her name in an effort to distinguish between feminine (i.e. Archetypal) and female (i.e. incarnate human being). The Wild One is a living manifestation or symbol of Mother Nature. Her mind and body ebb and flow with the natural cycles, her tenderness and ire both traceable to nature’s complicated rhythms. She views herself simply; in fact, she spends very little time in reflection as the mind is not especially interesting to her. The Wild One walks barefoot into the forest while the birds and beasts cluster around her as if she were a blooming flower or a nourishing pond.

The Wild One has a youthfulness of appearance that comes from her complete conformity to the cycles within her. She does not fight herself, nor does she expect anything of herself. To her, living and moving gives the utmost pleasure all on its own without any need for quest or excursion. The Wild One is famously sexual and sensual, the two almost indistinguishable to her. The nymphs of Greek lore, who were personified instances of the Wild One, were known for their sensuality—but not for their romanticism. The Wild One has within her none of the romance and fantasy of the Débutante or the Bride. She is bored by Stories. To her, every motion and every touch is an adventure which renders the mind and its imaginings almost superfluous.

The Wild One moves according to cycles, but those cycles are governed by laws. Although she may not have any interest in the mind, she is nevertheless bound by the rule of the metaphysical where natural laws exist and exert their force. Researchers observe this link between the two of them and find even greater beauty in the Wild One for her utter adherence to these laws. The Wild One is an instrument for the expression of the mathematical elegance in the complex pathways of energy fields and matter forming the totality of our physical world. Her grace comes from a wisdom beyond her own awareness, each movement, if studied, revealing symmetry, efficiency, ecology, and poise. None of these concepts are interesting to her, though, because she simply goes where impulse leads.

The Wild One, though graceful and balanced, is also utterly unrestrained—as her name suggests. Her fluid inner world can awaken with either passion or fury if the circumstances are right. She will ruthlessly hurt or maim anyone who upsets the balance of her cyclic dance, just as she will astonish those who are unfamiliar with her carnal sensuality. If nothing else, the Wild One is unapologetic.
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02-26-2016, 08:18 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking Our Pets

Date: 27 February, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: we may or may not have pets currently.  That's ok.  If we don't have pets, we can use the general concept, and tune into the group work that way.

But there's no doubt; if there is genuine concern and love, our pets can benefit from our interaction just as much as we benefit from their presence and affection.

The process of investment, can work on individual, as well as group levels:

Quote:14.1 Questioner: Going back over this morning’s work, [inaudible]. You said the second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through higher second-density forms invested by third-density beings. Could you explain what you mean by this?

Ra: I am Ra. Much as you would put on a vestment, so do your third-density beings invest or clothe some second-density beings with self-awareness. This is often done through the opportunity of what you call pets.

It has also been done by various other means of investiture. These include many so-called religious practice complexes which personify and send love to various natural second-density beings in their group form.

So we can thank our pets (personally) in this meditation.  Maybe in another one, we will strive to invest in the various group forms of say horses, or turtles, or owls Big Grin

/ /

we'll gather on the Hour, and then spend about ten minutes meeting and greeting.  Then the Meditation itself will proceed for 7 strong minutes.  Gather yee your birds, cats, and dogs for this process!!

[Image: 291C8qm.jpg]
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03-04-2016, 02:44 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking Our Guides

Date: 5 March, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: by Guides, I mean our Spirit Guides.  We all have them, and they've all nudged us at some point in our incarnation.  Just think about it - these  entities whose sole purpose is our welfare and keeping us on track for our life goals.  That's their job!  We've all seen parents with young kids, and how much attention and care they provide.  The kids need the help.  And us, in incarnation, with a limited perspective, can also benefit from our Guides.

I don't have much of a clue as to my Guides.  I've been given information as to their names, etc, but I only really gave it any attention for about a month.  After that, I just went back to doing my own thing.  But I'm sure (whoever they are), they're still there, observing 24/7.  Not creepy at all!!

But thank you, whoever you are, my Guides.

Quote:54.3 Questioner: Would you please do that?

Ra: I am Ra. As we have noted, each mind/body/spirit complex has several guides available to it. The persona of two of these guides is the polarity of male and female. The third is androgynous and represents a more unified conceptualization faculty.

The guide speaking as sound vibration complex, Angelica, was the female polarized persona. The message may not be fully explicated due to the Law of Confusion. We may suggest that in order to progress, a state of some dissatisfaction will be present, thus giving the entity the stimulus for further seeking. This dissatisfaction, nervousness, or angst, if you will, is not of itself useful. Thus its use is indirect.

The Meditation: I thank my Guides, whoever they are.  Your assistance is appreciated.  Namaste.
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03-11-2016, 11:33 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Magical Personality

Date: 12 March, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 2am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: the magical personality is distinguished from the incarnate personality.  It is through the magical personality that deeper work on the self is able to be accomplished.  One could think of the magical personality as a particular tuned-state of consciousness.

There are 3 prominent qualities worth paying attention to, in dealing with the magical personality.  Love, Wisdom, Power.

Quote:75.32 Questioner: The three aspects of the magical personality are stated to be power, love, and wisdom. Is this correct and are these the only primary aspects of the magical personality?

Ra: I am Ra. The three aspects of the magical personality, power, love, and wisdom, are so called in order that attention be paid to each aspect in developing the basic tool of the adept; that is, its self. It is by no means a personality of three aspects. It is a being of unity, being of sixth density and equivalent to what you call your higher self and, at the same time, is a personality enormously rich in variety of experience and subtlety of emotion.

The three aspects are given that the neophyte not abuse the tools of its trade but rather approach those tools balanced in the center of love and wisdom and thus seeking power in order to serve.

[Image: B60MiWu.jpg?2]
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03-19-2016, 06:49 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Green Ray Sphere

Date: 19 March, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 2PM London, 1am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: Fourth Density is in and around us.  But it can be hard to grasp on a concrete level.  What we can have trust in, is that according to our source in Ra, it exists on some level.

It may be more in time/space, in terms of actualisation, but is slowly becoming more 'solid' in terms of physicality.  

Our physical vehicles may not be able to grasp the full 'extent' of 4th density vibrations (we don't have the 4th density chakras to 'tune into' the rays of 4d), but just like a 3rd density body can interact with 1d rocks and 2d animals and plants, a 3d body can also interact with 4d structures; it's just that we don't have the 'means' to think like a 4d entity.

So we can benefit from 4d 'vibes', just like we can interact (and benefit) from 1d and 2d.  It doesn't matter that we don't have a full 4d body to think like a full 4d entity (just like a 2d animal doesn't have the 3d chakras to think like a 3d entity; doesn't mean they can't interact with us).

So the 4d sphere is in and around us ... in some form.  And we are benefiting from it.  In some way ... that we may not be able to fully appreciate Smile

Quote:63.25 Questioner: Then at some time in the future the fourth-density sphere will be fully activated. What is the difference between full activation and partial activation for this sphere?

Ra: I am Ra. At this time the cosmic influxes are conducive to true-color green core particles being formed and material of this nature thus being formed. However, there is a mixture of the yellow-ray and green-ray environments at this time necessitating the birthing of transitional mind/body/spirit complex types of energy distortions. At full activation of the true-color green density of love the planetary sphere will be solid and inhabitable upon its own and the birthing that takes place will have been transformed through the process of time, shall we say, to the appropriate type of vehicle to appreciate in full the fourth-density planetary environment. At this nexus the green-ray environment exists to a far greater extent in time/space than in space/time.

Meditation: I thank and appreciate the unique vibrational situation that the Earth is currently in.  It offers unique characteristics and opportunities, and even though I may not be able to grasp them in a concrete way, we all know that something true and profound is in transformation.  I thank the 4d sphere for it's ongoing influence.

/ /

note the changed times for citizens outside the USA!!
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03-24-2016, 07:46 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking Jesus' Mission

Date: 26 March, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 2PM London, 1am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Topic: we all have a life plan.  Sometimes, in our darkest moments, we may feel that things are pointless, and that there is no direction or purpose to our beingness.  And yet, with enough faith, one can believe that we have chosen our lives for distinct purposes.  There is learning encoded into the very structure of this particular body, this particular personality, these exact circumstances.  When we can flow with them - even in this midst of difficulty - a sense of alignment becomes perceptible.

And so, on this weekend, we can look back at the life of Jesus, and his particular 'mission'.  According to Ra, it was utterly fulfilled, and here we are, 2000 years later, still remembering it.  Even as distorted as we have the story from conventional sources, it still resonates.

Here is Ra's ostensibly clearer perspective:

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. This is a thoughtful query. Let us use as exemplar the one known as Jehoshua.

This entity incarnated with the plan of martyrdom. There is no wisdom in this plan but rather understanding and compassion extended to its fullest perfection. The one known as Jehoshua would have been less than fully understanding of its course had it chosen to follow its will at any space/time during its teachings.

Several times, as you call this measure, this entity had the possibility of moving towards the martyr’s place which was, for that martyr, Jerusalem. Yet in meditation this entity stated, time and again, “It is not yet the hour.”

The entity could also have, when the hour came, walked another path. Its incarnation would then have been prolonged but the path for which it incarnated somewhat confused.

Thusly, one may observe the greatest amount of understanding, of which this entity was indeed capable, taking place as the entity in meditation felt and knew that the hour had come for that to be fulfilled which was its incarnation.

So the greatest 'surrender' is to our life course and our life plan.  Not imposing a 'will' on choices already previously made.  If we truly stay on course, life becomes little more than experiencing a rollercoaster that we ourselves preordained; there is less of doubt, and more of fulfillment, even though it may seem 'passive' on the outside; we are truly doing what we came here to do.

So Jesus fulfilled his choice.  It was a particular choice, and a particular message.  We can thank his example.  Not just for the specifics, of the sharing of compassion; but also for the surrender and acknowledgement of the plan made beforehand, and not trying to override it for selfish reasons.

We made our life choices and planning with much Greater Intelligence than we have available to us during the incarnation.  It takes faith and trust to give ourselves over to those choices.

Heart   Heart   Angel
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04-01-2016, 02:40 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Bring4th Forums

Date: 2 April, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 1am Sydney (following day)
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: a simple one this week.  And been a while since we've tuned into the Forum zeitgeist.

Fact is, the membership is constantly changing.  Some periods have been singled out as being 'golden' or 'silver', and it's always the current situation that is seen as being barren, and deprived of genius.  And yet, that would be devaluing the kind of activity being present.  Whenever positive entities are present - and I have no doubt that the Law of One speaks strongly to positives, and draws them together into this incubator environment - then all manner of opportunities are available.  For learning, for sharing, for fun even.  It just takes the open and awake eyes to perceive and appreciate.

This was Ra speaking of the doubling effect:

Ra Wrote:Secondly, we would note that effect which we have learned to call the doubling effect. Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.

Ra was speaking of those in close relationship, but I believe still is in effect when the intentions are pure enough.  

Ra Wrote:The various unmanifested activities of the self were found to be productive in some degree of penetration of the veil. In general, we may say that by far the most vivid and even extravagant opportunities for the piercing of the veil are a result of the interaction of polarized entities.

so hey, this is a golden space.  It deserves some valuation Smile

Heart  Heart
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04-03-2016, 10:26 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Fool Archetype

Date: 9 April, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: The Fool Archetype has come up recently in discussions, and so it would seem timely to concentrate on it, and perhaps get a clearer distillation of what it's all about.

It's Card 0 in traditional systems, but can also be positioned as Card 22 in Ra's delineation.

[Image: rcTzthF.jpg]

The awesome dude/dudette ready for his journey!  (sorry - chatroom meditation inside joke.  Those who 'know', will know the reference Tongue)

Here was a snippet of Ra's cogitation on the matter:

67.30 Wrote:... Each seeker will experience each archetype in the characteristics within the complex of the archetype which are most important to it.

An example of this would be the observation of the questioner that the Fool is described in such and such a way. One great aspect of this archetype is the aspect of faith, the walking into space without regard for what is to come next. This is, of course, foolish but is part of the characteristic of the spiritual neophyte.

That this aspect was not seen may be pondered by the questioner. ...

catch ya in the Chatroom next Saturday!

ps, all Daylight Savings times are caught up (as far as I'm aware, and so the current times should hold for the next 6 months.).

All the best,

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04-16-2016, 04:35 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking our Teachers

Date: 16 April, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: the term 'teacher' can have a somewhat negative connotation; due to the forced experiences that we have in our own schooling system.  It is not something that is arrived at by free will - kids are shunted into situations which may not be entirely appropriate for them.

And then the curriculum is standardized, and the end results are 'computerized'.  The student is seen as nothing more than a head to be filled with curriculum.

So it's understandable that the teacher-student connection is something that is not associated with something of value.

And then, of course, we have all these self-appointed prophets and masters: who have something to tell the world, even though the world didn't ask.

And yet, true teaching happens because one seeks, and the universe responds.  Even Ra, at their stage of development, seeks, and thus learns from others.

Quote:81.16 Questioner: Ra states that it has knowledge of only this octave, but it seems that Ra has complete knowledge of this octave.

Can you tell me why this is?

Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, we do not have complete knowledge of this octave. There are portions of the seventh density which, although described to us by our teachers, remain mysterious. Secondly, we have experienced a great deal of the available refining catalyst of this octave, and our teachers have worked with us most carefully that we may be one with all, that in turn our eventual returning to the great allness of creation shall be complete.

And so teaching happens because of a kind of magnetic attraction.  It is the student which 'manifests' the presence and opportunity of the teacher.  The 'teacher' just happens to be the one who happens to have a bit more experience at that particular juncture in space/time.

And so in the relative blindness of 3rd density (the Veil being that 'blind'), a lot of opportunity for 'Calling' is available.  And a lot of opportunity for teaching service from the higher densities is enabled.  For both paths.

As seekers, we are enabling these teaching opportunities.  Both from other 3d entities, and all others.  And we've benefited immensely from the interactions.

So let's just take a moment to tune into that sense of gratitude for all the teachers that have found their ways into our lives at various opportunities.  I'm sure there have been very fond experiences of having the 'light' of truth and awareness being made more apparent.

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04-20-2016, 09:54 AM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Bonded Pair

Date: 23 April, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: this topic has come up in the forums lately, but, more importantly, one of our own members in on the threshold of their own wedding.  So this Meditation is to celebrate the nature of 'bonded pairing' in general, as well as the more specific, for those who are currently in such a relationship (and to support those who are seeking such a pair bonding at present).

I'll let Ra speak to the inherent potentials in such committed pairing:

86.20 Wrote:From this point it was far more likely that higher energy transfers would be sought by this mated pair of mind/body/spirit complexes, thus allowing the Creator to know Itself with great beauty, solemnity, and wonder. Intelligent infinity having been reached by this sacramental use of this function of the body, each mind/body/spirit complex of the mated pair gained greatly in polarization and in ability to serve.

Ahh, such wonder!

With Love,

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04-26-2016, 01:16 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the 21st Archetype

Date: 30 April, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: happy 21st Birthday!!  Oh wait.  Wrong situation.  

Ok, we were talking about the 21st Archetype.  Gotcha.

Well, let's lay it out there, for all to see.  Here's the Card:

[Image: 1mbQ5l4.jpg]

and here's some Thoughts from Mr Ra:

Supposedly it represents contact with that glorious 'Intelligent Infinity', as well as seeing some of it's consequent reflections in the manifested nature of 'intelligent energy'.

Ra Dude Wrote:80.21 Questioner: Then I would guess that the twenty-first archetype would represent the contact with intelligent infinity. Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, although one may also see the reflection of this contact, as well, as the contact with intelligent energy which is the Universe or, as you have called it somewhat provincially, the World.

uh huh.  <nods head>

Thanks Ra-man.

Then Don asked the relevant followup:

Quote:80.22 Questioner: Then by this contact also with intelligent energy can you give me an example of what this would be for both, for the contact with intelligent infinity and intelligent energy? Could you give me an example of what type of experience this would result in, if that’s at all possible?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last query of this working of full length. We have discussed the possibilities of contact with intelligent energy, for this energy is the energy of the Logos, and thus it is the energy which heals, builds, removes, destroys, and transforms all other-selves as well as the self.

The contact with intelligent infinity is most likely to produce an unspeakable joy in the entity experiencing such contact.

<nods head again>.  Uh huh.  That sounds pretty neat.  Where can I get some of this intelligent energy dosh?
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05-06-2016, 04:19 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the White Magician

Date: 7 May, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: The topic of 'visualization" came up this week in the forums; and this particular method is something used by the so-called 'White Magician' in their efforts at affecting the planetary mind.

In this particular Meditation, we are not attempting to duplicate their efoorts, but rather just acknowledge the activity, and offer thanks that there are individuals who have dedicated themselves to such a task; doing work that is unrecognised, but undoubtedly has manifest effects.

We ourselves may contribute unwittingly to such positive activities ourselves through these regular chatroom Gatherings!

But this is what Ra had to say on such individuals:

49.8 Wrote:When this ability has become crystallized in an adept the adept may then do polarizing in consciousness without external action which can affect the planetary consciousness. This is the reason for existence of the so-called White Magician. Only those wishing to pursue the conscious raising of planetary vibration will find visualization to be a particularly satisfying type of meditation.

and further:

Quote:50.9 Questioner: Can you tell me how the adept, then, after being able to hold the image for several minutes, what he does then to affect planetary consciousness or increase positive polarity? I still don’t quite understand about this.

Ra: I am Ra. When the positive adept touches intelligent infinity from within, this is the most powerful of connections for it is the connection of the whole mind/body/spirit complex microcosm with the macrocosm. This connection enables the, shall we say, green-ray true color in time/space to manifest in your time/space. In green ray thoughts are beings. In your illusion this is normally not so.

The adepts then become living channels for love and light and are able to channel this radiance directly into the planetary web of energy nexi. The ritual will always end by the grounding of this energy in praise and thanksgiving and the release of this energy into the planetary whole.

/ /

and perhaps our favourite White Magician Tongue

[Image: 7KyIMi3.jpg]

see you there!
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05-12-2016, 09:45 PM,
RE: Chatroom Meditation: Scheduling
Thanking the Power of Forgiveness

Date: 14 May, Saturday
Time: 10AM EST, 3PM London, 11:59pm Sydney
Location: Chatroom 2 - the Lounge

Theme: Forgiveness, when fully comprehended and understood, enables one to put a brake on the motion of karma.  Karma is just that thing which results from acting on the perception of separation, and making an action that fully reinforces a belief in separate beings: that what one does to another, does not really apply to oneself.  So acting on separation, one experiences separation.  And that separation is experienced in many numerous, and quite often poetic, ways.

We all have this 'tool' or means of reparation available to us.  If we come to the sincere conclusion that it was 'our act' which set something in motion; it may also cease by a reversal of that act.  That is, perceiving the joined nature of self, rather than the separate nature of self.

My own personal use of forgiveness is not in the phrase: "I forgive you" or "I forgive myself".  Rather it's phrased as: "I forgive us".

But everyone approaches it differently Smile

As ever, a relevant Ra quote:

Quote:34.5 Questioner: If an entity develops what is called a karma in an incarnation, is there then programming that sometimes occurs so that he will experience catalyst that will enable him to get to a point of forgiveness thereby alleviating the karma?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, in general, correct. However, both self and any involved other-self may, at any time through the process of understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness, ameliorate these patterns. This is true at any point in an incarnative pattern. Thus one who has set in motion an action may forgive itself and never again make that error. This also brakes or stops what you call karma.


Heart  Angel
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