My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
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My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
So I've been more ready to understand the archetypes lately, and have spent some time examing the Mind and Spirit Archetypes. I've found them useful to examine as a sequence. They do seem to be blueprints for "significant" realizations in the learning/understanding process of yourself in this reality. I've spent more time thinking about the mind archetypes than spirit, but here are my summarized notes (the spirit summaries draw heavily from JustLikeYou's work on the archetypes; many thanks):

Matrix of the Mind: Desire; Conscious and Unconscious Examination of Desire
Potentiator of the Mind: Conscious and Unconscious Decision/Will to Create
Catalyst of the Mind: Acknowledgement of Mental Turbulence (attracted by desire->will to create exploration)
Experience of the Mind: Accepting Personal Mental Responsibility For Mental Turbulence
Significator of the Mind: Pinpointing Internal Energy Center Imbalances Creating Mental Turbulence
Transformation of the Mind: Transforming and Healing Imbalances; Personal Change
Great Way of the Mind: Understanding the Overall Mind-Archetypal Evolution Process and being able to recognize it when and where it occurs

Matrix of the Spirit: Freedom vs. Imprisonment; Spiritual vs. Nonspiritual Outlook in General or in a Specific Area of Life
Potentiator of the Spirit: The Jolting Realization of the Spiritual Nature of the Situation
Catalyst of the Spirit: Faith of one's polarity path despite catalyst; that things will work out in a general way 
Experience of the Spirit: Discernment: Path of Evolution versus Path of Imbalances masquerading as Path of Evolution [This one can be a hard]
Significator of the Spirit: Recognition of the small self - the individual - as the channel for the Creator/universal-you's learning/exploration process
Transformation of the Spirit: Fully accepting the small self's role as the channel for Creator's learning/exploration process
Great Way of the Spirit: Fully understanding the archetypal spirit and surrendering to the flow of the Creator's seeking through spirit

Some comments.

Regarding the Mind Archetypes: 
  • Significator of the Mind Skipping: So many people are focused on awareness of some inner imbalance (say pessimistic thinking). Awareness is properly Experience of the Mind. But then they often jump to "think happy thoughts", which is attempting to skip the Significator of the Mind - skipping steps of identifying the core beliefs that create the pessimistic thinking, and trying to go to the outcome of the Transformation of the Mind. Doesn't work well.
  • Suppression & Catalyst of the Mind: Some non-spiritual people get stuck before Catalyst of the Mind, refusing to accept that something is emotionally affecting them, and suppress those emotions. 
  • Externalization & Experience of the Mind: Others accept they feel mental turbulence, but external the problem and don't get to Experience of the Mind.
With respect to Spirit Archetypes: 
  • Denial/Imprisonment & Matrix of the Spirit: Many, including myself, often try to divvy up significant problems in our lives as spiritual versus non-spiritual (having trouble finding a satisfying career - that's nonspiritual stuff - get it done!). When in fact longstanding problems in our life situations often have both mind and spirit archetypes. I think many get stuck at the Matrix of the Spirit when we think some big issue is not a spiritual issue but a 'real life nonspiritual issue'. We keep ourselves imprisoned.
  • Confusion & Experience of the Spirit: A lot of people have trouble with discernment of egoic imbalanced paths versus polarizing paths. The fact that when you're on the path of your chosen polarity, situations arise that seem opposite of what you're trying to manifest (hence black dog w/ the white pyramid), make discernment very tricky. I think it's why a lot of people who try spirituality out get confused and give it up. Discernment's really hard.
Just a few thoughts. I do like examining the pictorial details of each archetype, but I personally find understanding the sequence as a useful top-down technique to help me understand the big picture (and the descriptions above are based on the pictures, but without an extended description of them). In any case, I hope to continue to learn about these archetypes over the next weeks and months and years.

STO is about universal love and therefore includes the self. All is acceptable. All. Every single thing. 
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10-16-2017, 12:49 AM,
RE: My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
I've been wondering what the Achetypes even are, as I just found the Law of One.
I have bookmarked this post. Thank you so much Smile
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10-16-2017, 04:57 PM,
RE: My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
I think that all our thoughts exist within the archetypes. It is like rails that our thoughts are fixed to, and we cannot think or act outside of an archetype.

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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10-17-2017, 01:28 AM,
RE: My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
hey xise, some nice thoughts there.   Appreciated.

I hear you when you say the big picture approach is quite helpful.

I've found it quite useful to study things in pairs and triplets; as per Ra's recommendation.

The triplets in the sense of all 3 Matrices at once, or all 3 Significators (etc etc).  Then you can better understand what a 'matrix' is in the first place, as well as getting the contrast in seeing how a matrix of the mind differs from a matrix of the body, etc.

And then the natural pairings: of the Catalyst with Experience, and Transformation with the Great Way (plus the other inner pairings).

So you can see the synergy of how one card works with another, which sharpens and accentuates the possible understandings of each separate card.

So I'm sure you already know that; but it's always been a good reminder when I sort of get 'stuck' on a particular card.


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07-27-2018, 11:39 PM,
RE: My 2017 Understanding of the Archetypes
This seems like a really powerful list, I was wondering how you came up with it? Did you get all this from the ra channelings?
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