Harmonia Macrocosmica
01-19-2018, 06:08 PM,
Harmonia Macrocosmica
Hello all,

Just yesterday I stumbled upon a collection of art called Harmonia Macrocosmica, I found it when reading the Wikipedia page for “Heliocentrism”...

The historical consensus seems this is a “star atlas” created in the 1600s by a Dutch cartographer. It seems to consist of 29 copper plates which depict various opinions of what the cosmos looks like , as well as other things like energy fields etc around earth.

I am reminded of the Book of Mormon due to the copper plates. Supposedly the actual creator of the art is a mystery in most cases ...

What is most interesting to me so far is the artwork depicted around each plate. It is so incredibly detailed....people’s faces are displaying such accurate depiction of emotions that it looks to me like the artist(s) were trying to offer some sort of commentary on the actual concept being presented.

For example, on the center of one plate is a depiction of the cosmos and underneath it on each side is a youth and an old man... one youth seems to be telling the one old man that the world is CLEARLY a sphere based on evidence. The other child seems to be showing the other old man that he’s being told the world is a sphere, but he wants to understand the old man’s idea of a flat model.

Much of the other art is similar, and there are also depictions of angels above having similar interactions (and also heads with wings)

The thing I am most curious about is in many of the images there is a character (or sometimes more than one) holding what appears to be an antenna of some kind.... does anyone here know at all what this could be referring to? It looks like a red antenna with six ends to it , almost looks similar to a “ring stone” symbol of the Baha’i faith ... incidentally I have that symbol tattooed on my body... at one time earlier in my spiritual seeking I identified quite strongly with its concept. My mind is running like crazy wondering if it has the same meaning to the creator of these plates.

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