Question regarding your soul group
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Question regarding your soul group
Okay from what I have read, the goal basically is to continue your incarnations with your "clan". Now who exactly is in my group because it sure isn't my parents. They don't care, know, or wanna know about any of this so I would think they are not part of my group being how far apart we are on reality and truth.

A best friend or 2 I have would be much more compatible in my opinion. Could there be others I have not met yet? What is your opinion about soul groups? I forgot what RA said about them. Thanks!
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01-21-2018, 10:51 AM,
RE: Question regarding your soul group
If you were born to these parents, then it was planned by all of you. In addition to being part of a soul group, there may be karmic ties that need to play out. I'm in a similar situation to you and it's for that very reason.

I recommend that, while in a quiet place (meditating), bring your parents into your awareness, one at a time, and notice what emotions come up. Notice, without judgment, any negative thoughts or feelings toward them or yourself. If there aren't any, you can skip the rest of this message because it doesn't apply.

The negative reactions you may notice are echoes of the karmic burdens you are carrying related to them. Again, let go of any self-judgment, realizing that these are simply parts of your emotional-energy body which need healing.

Then, focus on each feeling separately, and hold it with love until it dissipates, which heals the karmic tie.
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