The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
02-11-2018, 10:43 AM,
The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
I've been reading one of Charles Eisenstein's earlier books over the past month, and have been struck by how well it diagnoses the ills and flaws of the current scientific paradigm.

I was having dinner at an Indian restaurant tonight, and was reading the text on the kindle app on my tablet.

The following page struck me as being the pivotal point in making a choice for spirituality, and a subjective creation.

I think it captures well the kind of 'crisis' that I faced after leaving high school, and realising that there were more things out there than our current social paradigm gave due credence for.  In other words, there was 'phenomena' that was well accounted for, and documented, and yet it was regarded as being foolish and imaginary by the mainstream worldview.  These things were openly mocked, in other words (think of David Icke, etc).

Anyway, eventually the mass of data that is unaccounted for has to start weighing on one.

There are respectable researchers who put their lives on the line.

So this extract below (from the book) describes the situation that individuals have to face, in their own time.

1) is all this phenomena a hoax, a delusion, a means of undermining one's sanity?

2) or is there a more subjective element at play, where you are open to the stories that people offer about their experiences, and it's not just dismissed out of hand.  OBE's, UFO's, holistic medicine, kundalini, chakras, alternative history (Graham Handcock, etc).

[Image: RPDkIN9h.jpg]


ps. Charles makes his book online for free, as well as having an audiobook version, but I bought the kindle version for the sake of convenience Smile
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02-11-2018, 11:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-11-2018, 12:08 PM by Diana.)
RE: The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
I find his two choices simplistic. These aren't the only ways in which to view abnormal or paranormal phenomena. There are countless other possibilities.

Could the world have imagined the planet as a sphere rather than flat before that was introduced as a concept? My point is that whatever scenarios we may come up with as explanations for phenomena are inherently constricted by our own current paradigms. One might find better ways in which to explore reality in the theoretical world of String Theory or the curious observations of the subatomic realm, where the implications are beyond the current paradigm.

However, I like your #2 scenario where open-mindedness is presented. But I'm not sure I would go so far as to categorize it as subjective, because that is an assumption, or limiting factor. For all we know, the nature of reality, beyond 3D and linear time, makes perfect logical sense once we are able to perceive it. Imagine a tesseract (4D cube), where 8 cubes seem to be inside of each other. The implication is that perfectly common connections in a 4D realm may seem paranormal in the 3D realm. In this 3D realm, where time is linear, we may think we are prophetic in predicting an event, whereas seen from the 4D perspective, where time is not linear, one may simply be seeing the larger view of what is; in other words, we may be able to see the "future" state of something because reality there includes past, present, and future.

[edit] I didn't intend to sound confrontational in this post. Smile
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11-12-2018, 02:28 AM,
RE: The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
good vibes
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11-12-2018, 06:03 PM,
RE: The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
I remember reading  years ago in one of the Conversations with God's books, whatever we think of them,  this really interesting image on linear time, and it goes well with Einstein stating that if we leave Earth and go fast enough and far enough and come back, we will land earlier than we left as time is curved..  So in the excerpt in that book, to the question ' how do I envision my incarnations with reference to time " the answer was " Visualize a pole, seeing it from one of its extremities,  then on that pole have been stuck a hundred of post-its, each one representing one of your incarnations.  You see them happening all of them at once."  
I remember feeling in my stomach that sensation of vertiginous understanding of linear time for like a minute,  but because I am a little daft it left me soon   Wink  Big Grin
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11-13-2018, 12:33 AM,
RE: The Choice for Subjective Experience [Ascent of Humanity]
I might be gullible, or I might be so dead on point that its too frighteningly deep for peep-hole to fathom.

I see what I saw, I feel what I felt. Being able to replicate/channel sensory encryption through past/future must be some kind of refinable hyper-dimensional ability we inherit, being of one.

Question is, when I master that distortion, will it be defined as teleportation, or a sort of sacred wandering? To penetrate without piercing, to dissolve undivided.

So what I have to say to humans who refuse to accept my truth, (wherever it is if it actually exists);

If I truly have been lost in the deluge, then show me this ark you speak of.

Just being positive/alkaline fails to fulfill me. Harnessing negative/acid has proven powerful, but dangerous. Although I feel disclaimers are unnecessary.

I see myself crossing the line into self-righteousness. I beseech you, am I not without borders?

I admit that last part was hella deluded, [just look at the backwards (I am) and the double negative in that last sentence] but the logic is pure.
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