01-08-2019, 08:08 PM,
Quote: Questioner: So more and more second-density entities are making it into third density. Can you give me an example of a second-density entity coming into third density, say, in the recent past?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps the most common occurrence of second-density graduation during third-density cycle is the so-called pet.

The animal which is exposed to the individualizing influences of the bond between animal and third-density entity, this individuation causes a sharp rise in the potential of the second-density entity so that upon the cessation of physical complex the mind/body complex does not return unto the undifferentiated consciousness of that species, if you will.

I wanted to hvae a metaphysical conversation with someone about pets. It's an issue that weighs on my soul some what and I found some interesting references to "pets" while reading the RA material that I have quoted above. There are other quotes and if I had to guess, I would say RA is most definitely a cat person. This is coming from a dog person!

What I wonder is how pets affect us karmically, whether they are on a journey with us or whether they are just hitching a ride for a time? Either way, they're a joy to have.
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01-08-2019, 09:24 PM,
RE: Pets
I don't know about pets, but Dolores Cannon said that kids create karma.
So many people are choosing not to have kids.
I like your name by the way. I am on the path of the moon, and the fox is a spirit animal of mine.
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01-09-2019, 07:47 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-09-2019, 07:59 AM by Fuse.)
RE: Pets
Awesome! Thanks for the great post Moonfox. And I second Indigo's praise of your name. Smile

We have six cats in my home, so I could probably go on and on about this subject for days. I'll try to keep my response reasonably short, but it's quite a tale, so I know I'll fail.

We didn't really intend to have so many cats, though both my wife and I have always been cat people. (We also love dogs, and have many dear dog friends in our extended families, but none that actually live with us.) In the fairly urban neighborhood in which we live, there are a LOT of stray cats, and even many feral ones. When we originally moved into the apartment we live in, I had a cat that has since moved on who REALLY preferred to live outside. He made this free will desire of his known by urinating on everything he could back himself up to...walls, furniture, clothes, books, electronics devices, you name it. After a year or so of this, despite my misgivings, we ultimately granted his very clearly expressed request, lol. He was SO much happier outside, and quickly became a fixture in the neighborhood. He had dozens and dozens of human friends who knew him by name and came by to see him on a regular basis, and he held court on our front porch. He was such a character that I believe he was pretty clearly a third-density harvestable soul. One day he vanished, and I have no idea whether someone decided to give him another shot at being a house cat, or whether he was ready to move on to his third density incarnation. But some part of me knew that he was still happy, wherever he was.

During the several years he lived outside here, we also developed quite a friendship with several of the neighborhood strays and ferals, owing to the food that was always on our porch, which our cat happily shared with his feline friends. One day, we spotted an absolutely ADORABLE little female tabby outside who is one of the cutest cats I've ever seen. She's a tiny little thing, and very wild. At first we thought she might have been a kitten that got out or that someone dumped, but it became clear that she was fully feral, and wouldn't have anything to do with humans, beyond happily accepting the food we provide. (We're not the only ones. There are a LOT of porches in our neighborhood where food is to be found, and all the neighborhood cats make the rounds on a daily basis.) Still, we were pretty concerned for this cute little lady, especially when we saw her going into the storm sewer during a snowstorm, but we couldn't get close enough to try to catch her. Despite our concerns, she was obviously in good shape and flourishing out there, and once she survived that winter, I was less concerned.

Until, that is, she showed up on our porch one day later that spring looking extra fat, when she should have been losing her winter weight.

Realizing she was likely pregnant, we decided to try to trap her, and borrowed a trap from my wife's parents. Lo and behold, I got her within the first hour the trap was out there! I kind of hadn't expected to have such quick success, but knew that if she had the kittens before we got her, there would be no finding them, because we still don't know for sure where her den is. My office was the room in our apartment that we could seal off from the other three cats we had at the time, so we brought the trap in and let her loose. She was...well, a bit unhappy. But the office had lots of good hiding places, and I have a piece of furniture that used to house one of those old console television/record player combos from the sixties. It has some nice, private compartments on either end that are only accessible from the back, and she quickly found them and made herself at home. She was eating food and figured out the litter box immediately, and seemed content enough, so I wasn't too worried.

We were talking about figuring out a vet appointment for her, and trying to work out how to get her back into the trap to take her in. But one afternoon, just two days after we trapped her, I heard a funny little scratching noise coming from her new den, and suddenly knew that it was too late to take her to the vet.

I started video recording on my phone and poked it around the corner so I could see what was going on in there without bothering her too much, and sure enough, BABIES!!! I still have these amazing videos of her staring into the camera, looking a little peeved at the light, but proud, and surrounded by a small litter of brand new kittens happily nursing away.

The next eight weeks were SO fun. She had had four kittens, and they were all very happy and healthy. Not long after their birth, I built a little ramp/porch combo out of cardboard and duct tape, so that there wouldn't be an eight inch drop right outside the new babies' den. I wrapped a towel around it and carefully slid it into place, and wedged a dressing mirror against the wall opposite so that we could look in on them without disturbing them. And boy, did we watch them! It was a delightful time. Mama didn't want us too close, but she had figured out very quickly that we weren't a threat, and was quite tolerant of our presence.

Within a couple weeks, their eyes were open, and the little ones found their reflections in the mirror and started crawling out on the porch to see what was going on. There were three boys and a girl, and they were just the cutest things in the universe. They weren't big enough to really walk, yet, but they could crawl well enough to get around, and they were VERY curious about us. I think they probably got in a bit of trouble with mom, but they started making their way down the ramp to come meet us. There are few things I've experienced in this life that are better than having a fearless three week old kitten come meet you and discover how much fun cuddling with humans can be.

Though we had three other indoor cats, we had decided right away to keep one of the kittens, and knew immediately which one we wanted to keep. He was the most outgoing of the four, with a beautiful tabby coat in shades of black, white, and tan. He loved us immediately, and it was more than mutual. The little girl was all black, and one of my brothers, who had an all black cat already, happily agreed to take her in. She still lives with them, and is their young daughter's best friend, and we love to go visit her when we can. We thought we'd try to keep the other two boys together to go to a good home, and had a friend of a friend interested (and working on her husband).

By the time they were old enough to be on their own, it was clear that mom was unlikely to make it as a house cat. She was just completely feral, and it was beyond our abilities at the time to try and socialize her. She seemed to be done being a mother, wasn't letting them nurse anymore, etc. So we managed to get her back into the trap (THAT was an ordeal), and took her in to be spayed and ear-tipped. (If anyone's not familiar, feral cats that have been fixed usually have a tiny bit of ear-tip that they won't miss cut off to let everyone know they're fixed.) We brought her home from the vet, ready to be released, and actually let her out of the trap inside our apartment, but within a dozen feet of the front door, which was standing open. She came out, looked at me, looked outside, and stopped and thought for a minute. Then, I could see her go "really?" And she went. But before she went, she gave me a look that I can only describe as grateful. She was back to her routine of eating on our porch right away, and her kittens loved to sit in the windows overlooking our porch and talk to her when she comes for dinner and a visit. That continues to this day, coming up on seven years later.

Thank God, the home we were looking at for the other two boys fell through. Because I cannot possibly imagine the last seven years without them, and by the time we knew that it wasn't going to work out, we were hugely relieved. My phone is full of pictures of the three brothers snuggling together in an adorable group, and they still do it.

The three boys brought us up to six, which is a lot of cats. Keeping up with them (and their litter boxes) is a lot of work, but it's one of the opportunities for service-to-others that my life has presented me, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

When I met my wife, a couple years before all of that, she had had two female cats. One day, I found the younger one paralyzed from the waist down. She had a heart condition, and we had to go through the trauma and heartbreak of taking her to the vet so that she could leave the world without pain. It was terrible, but by this point I was beginning to reach a point in my spiritual awakening where I could sense some things from her soul, and the knowledge that she had a purpose to fulfill beyond her current flawed form was something of a comfort. It was weird, somehow, that a household with five cats could feel a bit empty without her. She had been the first one to bond with the boys, and they missed her terribly.

The following spring, though, we were coming home from dinner late one afternoon, and one of the neighborhood strays, a calico named Calico, was sitting on our porch with a new adorable kitten! Calico has a standing relationship with a lovely older gentleman who lives across the street. While she won't let anyone touch her, even him, he built her a ramp up the side of his house and into a window. She lives in his house and comes and goes as she sees fit. Calico is friends with the others strays in the neighborhood, and is something of a cat ambassador. Well, it was clear that Calico had befriended this lovely little girl and was showing her around. Once we showed up, Cali nodded at us, as if to say "see, these folks. They're nice, and they always have food. You'll love them." And she left.

We couldn't get close enough to this ADORABLE kitten to catch her, so we borrowed my in-laws' trap again, and once again, less than an hour later, I heard the trap slam shut outside. We had her!

Once again we quarantined part of the house until we could get this sweet little lady to the vet, and hopefully socialized enough to either find her a new home, or to let her meet our other cats and live with us, if that's what she wanted. But that night, she was crying at being alone in the room, so I went back and made a pallet on the floor so she'd have some company. She still didn't want to be touched, but she seemed comforted enough to quiet down. Eventually I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, she was snuggled up in my armpit, using my chest as a pillow. To this day, she still loves to sleep like that.

But what was fascinating is that it took us no time at all to start seeing parallels between quirks of her personality and behavior, and the beloved kitty we had lost a year prior! By this point, I was far enough along spiritually to be able to ask my higher self about it, and sure enough, I received confirmation that it was our lost lady reincarnated! I was told that she wanted to be here with us for this amazing time in Earth's history, but wanted to have a healthier body for the journey. We were, needless to say, overjoyed. I don't know for sure if she's third-density harvestable yet. I think she, and some of our other kitties, might have some more second-density work they want to do yet. But it's hard to know for sure...with four of them.

The other two, though...well, two of our cats are CLEARLY third-density harvestable. It would be obvious even if I didn't have access to information from my higher self to confirm it.

The outgoing boy with the pretty coat I mentioned is one, and the other is the older female cat my wife had before we met. They. Are. Characters. Let me tell you. Both of them have an excellent grasp of the English language, and will respond to suggestions like "get up in the bed" or "your food is in the kitchen" by going where "directed." I say directed, but you can't really get them to do something they don't agree to do without forcing them, which we try to avoid because we value their young, but quite evident, free will. Indigo makes a great point about kids and karma, and I think the same can be true for pets in some circumstances. However, there are some difficulties in communicating with second density creatures that means you just have to pick them up and show them sometimes in order for them to understand. And the counter argument to the situations potentially creating karma is that they provide tremendous opportunities for service-to-others, opportunities I wouldn't trade for anything in the universe.

But there's more! Our third-density boy, in particular, has a spiritual side! I often work with Pleiadian forces (from my soul family) involved in the Harvest that contact me for brief meditation and energy work missions. I never know exactly what the purpose is, but from time to time I get a request to perform one. More often than not, these requests come, fascinatingly, from my cat friend! He is very vocal by nature anyway (if you met him, you would be rather forcibly reminded of Eric Cartman from South Park. It's...endearing, if occasionally a bit obnoxious, lol.) But when he comes up to me and starts yelling, I have learned that I need to stop and check in with my higher self to see if some lightwork service is being requested of me. More often than not, the answer is yes! I will take up a meditation posture, and the cat will join me for meditation. He usually sits on my lap, or may lay down on the floor nearby, and sits quietly while I undertake the required energy work. Once we're done, he goes on about his business. It's just a fascinating phenomenon.

I guess I better stop there, having, as predicted, failed spectacularly at keeping this short. Wink
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01-09-2019, 09:35 AM,
RE: Pets
Having a pet is truly an honor/responsibility to me. It is an honor to have the responsibility of taking care of my pets. I have three dogs and two cats. I’m definitely a cat person, but I love my dogs too. I often say my cats are angels in the form of cats. Although they can act like devils when they’re outside XD

There can be karma produced from how we interact with our pets. We may even polarize with the investment of a pet. What a great opportunity to unconditionally love our pets! Pets also benefit greatly on their evolutionary path by being our pets, as Ra indicates in the quote. They become discernibly more aware. They become more of an individuated personality.

Pets live in a “Garden of Eden” consciousness. They are totally pure and innocent. They have not yet taken a bite from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil (that’s a mouthful of words). Our pets deserve the love that we shower upon them. Their evolutionary path is about to take them under the veil.
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01-09-2019, 10:05 AM,
RE: Pets
Some mediums can tune into animals and feel as they feel.
A psychic lady who was well experienced in that once felt a dragonfly, and felt true source.
The feeling she said was indescribable. It made her cry.

She said my dog who I love took on some of my own anxiety and feels anxious himself.

Pets take on pain and emotional distress from us.

We don't have to try to heal them of the emotional distress. They deal with it better than we can.
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01-09-2019, 10:25 AM,
RE: Pets
Thank you for all the replies! Yes, my name has stuck with me so I guess I own it now. I don't know if I'm on a specific path because I'm just starting the learning of the material and am going at my own slow pace because there is so much to digest. I have so many questions and the query button on the LOO page has become my best friend. haha

I really enjoyed catching the bit about pets and wanted to see if anyone else had thought of it, sort of as a service to others, but also the negative aspects of pet ownership both for humans and animals. The implications of what Ra says there is rather startling and I think maybe humans need to start taking better responsibility for domesticated animals, not just in how we care for them but as a whole so many of them end up unwanted and in shelters or in other bad situations.

And then on the flip side of that, sometimes pets become a direct danger to people in some cases. These animals that we have bred for specific purposes that are now 2D will eventually become 3D and I wonder if our thought forms regarding how we have steered their species will haunt them or help them as they evolve. I could go on and be a great deal more specific but will leave it this way for now.

I wonder sometimes how sentient my dogs are and I am pretty sure they have some spark of awareness there. These animals aren't just beasts of the forest or field. I don't know how many times I've had a conversation with someone on how humans have changed dogs for example...Wolves are carnivores and so are domestic cats. But dogs can digest starch which neither wolves or cats can do, and not only that but dogs prioritize the smell of humans over any other smell even their own.

Like it or not, I think we have changed them, maybe forever.

I have had cats in the past and loved them deeply. I had a giant furry grey cat upward of 20 lbs and he was almost human. I miss that cat.
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RE: Pets
Growing up I never cared much for pets or animals, never felt right to keep them in close proximity as it felt....unclean? The thought of being licked by a dog makes me shudder and a little bit sick. I wouldn't mind so much these days, I can appreciate to find more intelligence there than most people...
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01-09-2019, 08:26 PM,
RE: Pets
Growing up, I was also not a big fan of pets, I outright disliked cats. I now have precisely one cat. He is very long, a bit on the fat side but that's how I got him from the Humane Society and he's now 13 so that's how he's going to stay. He was in there for 6 months because he didn't "show well" when me, in the peak of my anxiety, had a mouse problem and decided to go look for an anti-social, non-cuddly cat.

Please note the universe has this way of making sure you get the pet you deserve. My cat is an introvert who LOVES ME TO PIECES and also loves other introverts and will happily stay on your lap forever even though he is 16-17 pounds, too long for most laps, but if your lap fits then he sits. My lap, he doesn't fit, so he just sits on my boobs instead. He caught precisely 0 mice but did serve to scare them away so it was no longer a problem. He has shocking emotional comprehension (if I am sick or depressed he does not try to wake me up, only if I'm lazy), we're capable of communicating very well through body language and meowing, so much so that I believe my cat to be quite an individual, very possibly on his last 2D incarnation.

I would not be shocked that Ra is cat people.

Not all those who wander are lost.

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01-19-2019, 11:45 AM,
RE: Pets
Pets do seem to help you on a service to others path...

What does it mean when someone develops an allergy to a cat that lived in a family for 10 years?
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RE: Pets
I had a dog in my teens, his name was Ulysses he was a mix of Irish setter and unknown, very gangly he would put his head on my father’s knee and not move, and my dad whom we never saw cry would have slow tears starting, and Ulysses would stay until my dad stopped having tears. My mum had this sort of very long elegant 6ft2 girl friend who had two beautiful Siamese cats named Pivoine which is peony in English and Opale which is opal, and she nicknamed them Pipi and Popo which in french means pee and potty, we thought that was an awesome way to name two beautiful cats
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