01-10-2019, 07:00 PM,
I learned something before about chaos from Mike Dooley (from the Secret).

If you leave water to drip from a faucet into a sink, the drops are random.
He says that because of chaos, not even God can predict when the next drop will be.
But the same amount of water will have flowed into the sink after an hour.

It will fill the sink in the same amount of time no matter how many times you repeat.

That is chaos.
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01-10-2019, 07:33 PM,
RE: Chaos
I somewhat disagree with that. Chaos is nothing more than a state of order and the phenomenon you described is dictated by laws. Chaos is a pretty word for an order with variables beyond your comprehension. You could ponder why Infinity is referred to as Intelligent and why distortions are referred to as laws and exist as a hierarchy.

A good example would be human actions. To one, the actions of all may seem like pure chaos, yet it is all intelligent energy expressing itself and would only seem like chaos to an awareness that lacks an understanding of the driving factors of the nexus of each action.

There is no self in the sense of separate individuality, yet there is one prevailing identity.
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