I'll be in amsterdam at some point "relatively" soon.
03-12-2019, 10:54 AM,
I'll be in amsterdam at some point "relatively" soon.
now tentatively haveset 5th month of this year as date I go to amsterdam and consume magic mushrooms.
and complete my god state experiment
which I stated last time on mushrooms where I will attempt to "influence the world in weird magical ways" and try to get responses
i have conclusively proved I have so mmuch power my ego is uncomfortable with it and is struggling to adapt.
the state for example allows me to personally follow my state model as primary to the states opinion.
which to me is outright insane but I understand the mechanism and its purpose for being
that is all.

Copy from a online chat transcript.

I'll be in Amsterdam with an acquintance and have time to be at alone or in groups, friend can also show up if necessary I think, I'll consume magic mushrooms and conclude a trip I started about 3-4 years ago when I decided to try to alter the world in weird magical ways for an outcome to see if my powers are real and they are indeed so in a very manifestable life and death struggle of the world and I will hope that I can now return to more private affairs and tend to my personal life.

So anyway, I can meet you all there if someone shows up. Thats all.

Tentatively 5th of 5th to 10th of 5th or so.
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