Archetypes in pair
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Archetypes in pair
I have begun the second portion of the archetypal study where we contemplate and meditate upon pairs of archetypes; their natural compliments.

The first pairing is Matrix and Potentiator of Mind. Male and female. Creative, receptive. Without and within; inner and outer.

[Image: s816972355179336843_p67_i2_w300.jpeg]
[Image: 2-b-of-light_thumb.jpg?w=248&h=414]

An interesting symbol that I noticed with this method is that in the card of the Magician there is a caged bird. The bird is caged within a square/cube, which represents the material illusion. This concept means that the magician is as a caged bird, unable to take flight, without the “activator in Potentiation”. Left by itself, the magician cannot move. It can be said that the magician is working within the material illusion, on space/time.

The High Priestess has a similar concept in her card: she sits upon a rectangular, square block/cube. She is outside of the material illusion (but near at hand, as Ra put it.) The Priestess is similarly blocked in that left by herself she is left waiting, abiding; Veiled and unknown. She is richly fertile (the grapes on her covering) but none of that can bloom, per se, when the creative energy is not seeding (reaching for) the deep mind. Reaching for understanding. She can be said to represent time/space.

Another interesting set of symbols I noticed was that they both work with the “tools of their trade”. This is represented by the four elemental weapons upon the magicians altar. The High Priestess holds a scroll on her lap. It is a scroll of knowledge and understanding. Both of these “sets of tools” enrich one another! Understanding enriched the conscious mind and discipline opens the deep unconscious mind. There is an equal give and take. They beautifully flow into one another. In fact I would say that the picture is incomplete without the interplay of the Magician and Priestess.

An important consideration: who is it that is “reaching”? The Matrix and Potentiator represent aspects, pure archetypes of Mind. It is the Significator who wills the reaching which sets the processes of mind in motion. He is truly the actor and acted upon. It’s also interesting to note that the Significator has for its pair the Choice! I shall get to that pairing in due time.

I want to continuing sharing some of my insights on this thread as I continue on with the study of pairs. I invite all of you to join me in this journey! Feel free to share your observations, contemplations, insights, and understandings so that we may all gain a deeper understanding of the archetypal mind.
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07-04-2019, 01:16 PM,
RE: Archetypes in pair

perhaps this source can aid you in your seeking.....

The Magus (magician) is standing in the
attitude of the will-power about to act; he
is dressed in white, the emblem of purity,
with a circle of gold around his brow, emblem
of eternal light; he holds in the right
hand a scepter tipped with a circle, the emblem
of creative intelligence. He raises
this scepter toward Heaven to indicate his
aspirations to wisdom, science and moral
force. His left hand....
there is nothing,that isn't a part of Me,One Infinite Reality.
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