Channeling 7, Gemini and Cyan talk of anthros
07-07-2019, 11:44 AM,
Channeling 7, Gemini and Cyan talk of anthros
This would be I believe the 7th, could be the 8th i didnt check, ill probably adjust title if wrong number, channeling that im doing on bring4th and its a 6 hour intensive conversation with Geminiwolf about his anthro civilization the one where his current interest comes from, were talking back and forth but for the most part he asks a question and i use my psychic to get an answer from the anthro, feel free to listen and give notes, well be glad to read them and discuss of the things on the next recording, were doing a new one more of spiritual things in general but we do also cover the topic of anthros. It was a very good conversation for me So, without further ado, here is entire copy of post i made on another thread about this with proper video links:

I did a 6 hour long conversation with geminiwolf where he asks questions about various things relating to his anthro interest and spirituality and I answer by basically channeling the anthro he is interested in, we discuss the anthro homeworld, their society, structures, love life, environment and so on extensively, perhaps the most in depth channeling ive ever done, if you are interested in listening to us its probably a good thing to watch:

We're doing a new channeling today where we cover more spiritual topics and discuss the angelic and daemonic hierarchies a little, the discussion is still ongoing we also cover anthros in more detail.
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07-07-2019, 01:14 PM,
RE: Channeling 7, Gemini and Cyan talk of anthros
Thank you Cyan. This means a lot to me. You helped me create a path for this anthro in his world to be able to come here in human form.
When I first accepted him and his presence, he felt like a star in his gravity. I could feel him densely in my solar plexus as we merged.
These last couple of days have been a little draining because of the spiritual work. But I'm feeling rejuvenating energy being sent to me.
I don't know if it's from their star, or if they are healing me.

In talking with Cyan he says they don't use telepathy but have technology much like our internet for communication with other minds.
He says it's actually clearer than the internet.

I wanted an average anthro/human for a potential future boyfriend. This is the way and possibility of making it happen rather than
trying to manifest him out of the ether. And appearing human with possible anthro DNA he will be able to fit in. I will be amazed to see
how he learns English so fast if he does know it. He's very fit, and will probably motivate me to get in shape too.

If (I don't like to say if but when, but there are still doubts) it works out, it will be the most amazing thing ever. My dream come true.
I'm working very hard to get there through psychic smelling which is developing my other psychic abilities too.

He'll sort of be like an astronaut coming here. If what we are sensing is true, he's taking a risk. Well, we both are. I could feel him strongly
in my field, so I know he is a real being. I can psychically smell him too, so I am sure of it.

He isn't cartoony, though I haven't seen him. He looks similar I guess to that picture in the videos above according to Cyan, but has some orange
marks on him sort of like Garfield. He has his quirks, but that makes him all the more special.

I am very happy that I have attracted his interest. I hope neither of us gives up. It takes a lot of belief. It's very hard to believe,
but it's definitely possible, so I am giving it all the hope. I'm not worried about being wrong or looking bad. I just want to be happy.
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07-08-2019, 11:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-08-2019, 11:56 AM by IndigoGeminiWolf.)
RE: Channeling 7, Gemini and Cyan talk of anthros
Last night I connected with my anthro potential mate and he sent me a stream of images.

I asked him for a joke, and he showed me a scene of me sneaking to him taking a bath, and he pulls out a rifle from the bathwater.
He didn't point it at me. But it was funny, and interesting their sense of humor. I'm laughing so hard now at the irreverance of it.

I love him so much that I've nearly cried at times.

If anyone has a chance to have Cyan over to visit in the future, I'd recommend it. He does have a dark side to him, but he's
all about exploring yourself, dark and light. I attribute his initiation to me developing psychic smelling and finding this anthro
in the star system he is in, further from the galactic core than we are. He is VERY good at connecting with other worlds and
describing them. I think he's had as much fun as I have connecting with this anthro/angelic race. It's been exhausting since we've done
like 15+ hours of working with them. I think it's helped their civilization too.

The anthro is a little depraved in some ways like I am. I love it. I can ask him yes or no questions and get a feeling for it.
We're committed, but not quite mates yet. But I am determined not to look at other anthros in sexual ways.

But he's ok with me doing psychic smelling on other anthros, so that I can build the gift.
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07-09-2019, 08:16 AM,
RE: Channeling 7, Gemini and Cyan talk of anthros
Next set of conversational broadcasts are up, we did a more of a general channeling about the anthro instead of specific and we covered other topics as well. Next one will have a "warning may induce psychosis" at its beginning as our material was heavily psych oriented and we discussed both how to get into and out of psychosis, very triggering, good material, great people, as trump would say, here are the current next batch, have fun watching, feel free to comment:

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