Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean/Emerald Tablet of Hermes
08-19-2019, 11:49 AM,
Lightbulb  Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean/Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Hi and hello! Good day to all of you. I hope this post finds you all well. Glory be to the creator!

I'm writing this post mostly for myself, to get my own thoughts straight, but wanted to share them with you all as you all are my little online metaphysical family. Please chime in and tell me your thoughts on things. And don't be afraid to call it as you see it.

So, I came across the "tablets" and the "tablet" at about the same time and I'm in the process of reading them and I'm enjoying them quite a bit.

I love the way that the "tablets" are written. It reminds me of Milton and the word choice and rhythems in the lines and stanzas are pleasing to my ear. I find his descriptions of things quite beautiful. I'm very well read and I appreciate lyrical sentences.

As for the content, it's really "out of this world" and that's one reason why people are skeptical of the Tablets being genuine. Other people have said it's a hoax, that it's someone LARPing. Which could be, but if so I am impressed by their "game." I don't know if it's real. That is a leap of faith either some are willing to take (or perhaps at least suspension of disbelief) to read through the text. I actually recommend having it read to you. It's free on youtube, just search "tablets of thoth" and there are several readings of it.

Moving further into the content of tablets, I feel echoes of them in the bible. I am a non-practicing Christian and when I read the tablets I heard many similarities to the advice given in the bible. But not in the exact same language and not with the self-same intent.

One particular aspect of the content that I want to discuss is the Dweller of the Halls of Amenti and why I think that persona has similarities to Ra. There are many descriptions of the Dweller by Thoth that nearly line up perfectly with how Ra describes himself. According to Thoth, the Children of Light who were not of this world saw mankind's enslavement at forces from beyond. The Children of light then sent two and thirty physical bodies to earth. When Thoth meets the Dweller in person, he describes him as flashing light and fire.

Thoth says that the Dweller carved out places under the earth and within those places he further created pockets of time and space and those pockets became the Halls of Life and Death, or otherwise known as the Halls of Amenti. It is at this place the dweller replenished its life force and also communed "with those higher" who I correlate to the galactic counsel.

Ra says in his discourse with Jim and Carla that he has never left us, meaning earth, meaning our people, since he came here to enlighten us. If he is the Dweller that Thoth talks about then we know that he is credited for destroying Atlanti. The Atlanteans built a time travelling, space bending machine, and because it violated the very laws of the planet they nearly destroyed us all. To save the planet and mindkind, the Dweller redirected the earth force (gravity) by using the Logos and the space bending machines of the Atlanteans were destroyed. The destruction of the machines destroyed the islands and caused a great flood across the land and everything was covered except for the highest temples.

The path to the Dweller was destroyed and currently the Dweller remains in the Halls of Amenti.

Thoth says he thinks often about the destruction of Atlantis because civilization fell so low after the flood from its "higher stars."

It's so interesting how it corresponds with events in the bible and other places if it is indeed a true account.
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