Asking angels to bless water
08-22-2019, 06:01 PM,
Asking angels to bless water
When I get a glass of filtered, alkaline water, I usually ask the angels to bless the water with their love.
Immediately I feel a shift in energy being directed toward the water.
It has to overcome the inertia of the water's energy.
Then it beings to thin out as it becomes "blessed", for lack of a better word.

But what exactly does a blessing do?

When they put their love into the water, how does that actually benefit you?
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08-22-2019, 06:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-22-2019, 06:08 PM by IndigoGeminiWolf.)
RE: Asking angels to bless water
What I think is that the blessed water is more life-affirming.
It can possibly extend one's life when done over time.
It can get stuck energy flowing and help bust through blockages.
It can help restore your body to your perfect energetic template.

I find that your belief in what can happen is what makes it happen.
You are limited by your belief.

Just one swallow of this blessed water and I feel all sorts of shifts going on
within my solar plexus. That's like the chakra that's linked to your physical body I think.

I can't usually feel my root chakra, so I don't know how it's affecting that.
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08-23-2019, 09:29 AM,
RE: Asking angels to bless water
You can bless it yourself! It’s an intention, a charging of love. You can do what L/L did and hold your hand above the water and visualize radiant white light entering into the water and infusing it with Love and Light. Then all you have to do is trust that the blessing occurred. It’s like a purification.

Before I shower I pray to ask that the water be “blessed and charged in Love and Light as I cleanse my body.” Then I say a portion of a psalm which is used for purification: “Cleanse me in Hysop, O Lord, that I may be white (pure) as snow.”

I always feel better after a shower. It’s a purification of the body. Because we pick up heavy vibrations of emotion and feeling and thought. The cleansing of the water can help to facilitate the remove of “psychic dirt”. One can also visualize black/grey substance going down the drain.
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