Pleasing People is NOT Service to Others
10-07-2019, 03:35 AM,
Pleasing People is NOT Service to Others
In the everyday world, we often think that if we do things to make others happy or if we do what others ask of us, we are STO oriented.  It took me a long time to realize that often you serve others better by not giving them what they want.  Like the Rolling Stones said, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need."  On a similar note, what may serve you best may not be what you want...

What do you think?
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10-07-2019, 03:44 AM,
RE: Pleasing People is NOT Service to Others
Quote:To a mind/body/spirit complex which is starving, the appropriate response is the feeding of the body. You may extrapolate from this.

On the other hand, however, you are correct in your assumption that the green ray response is not as refined as that which has been imbued with wisdom. This wisdom enables the entity to appreciate its contributions to the planetary consciousness by the quality of its being, without regard to activity or behavior which expects results upon visible planes.
The desire to be free is one of the brightest burning flames in the heart of humanity.
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10-07-2019, 04:55 AM,
RE: Pleasing People is NOT Service to Others
This is a subject that has occupied my mind for some time, and which is of great interest to me. I really like what Ra says in response to Don's question as to how to serve the 5th density negative entity:

Quote:67.10 Questioner: We have a paradoxical situation in that in order to fully serve the Creator at this level in the polarized section, you might say, of the Creation, we have requests, from those whom we serve in this density, for Ra’s information. In fact, I just had one by telephone a short while ago. However, we have requests from, in this particular case, another density not to disseminate this information. We have the Creator, in fact, requesting two seemingly opposite activities of this group. It would be very helpful if we could reach a condition of full, total, complete service in such a way that we were by every thought and activity serving the Creator to the very best of our ability. Is it possible for you to solve, or possible for the fifth-density entity who offers its service to solve, the paradox that I have observed?

Ra: I am Ra. It is quite possible.

67.11 Questioner: Then how could we solve this paradox?

Ra: I am Ra. Consider, if you will, that you have no ability not to serve the Creator since all is the Creator. In your individual growth patterns appear the basic third-density choice. Further, there are overlaid memories of the positive polarizations of your home density. Thus your particular orientation is strongly polarized towards service to others and has attained wisdom as well as compassion.

You do not have merely two opposite requests for service. You will find an infinite array of contradictory requests for information or lack of information from this source if you listen carefully to those whose voices you may hear. This is all one voice to which you resonate upon a certain frequency. This frequency determines your choice of service to the One Creator. As it happens this group’s vibratory patterns and those of Ra are compatible and enable us to speak through this instrument with your support. This is a function of free will.

A portion, seemingly, of the Creator rejoices at your choice to question us regarding the evolution of spirit. A seemingly separate portion would wish for multitudinous answers to a great range of queries of a specific nature. Another seemingly separate group of your peoples would wish this correspondence through this instrument to cease, feeling it to be of a negative nature. Upon the many other planes of existence there are those whose every fiber rejoices at your service and those such as the entity of whom you have been speaking which wish only to terminate the life upon the third-density plane of this instrument. All are the Creator. There is one vast panoply of biases and distortions, colors and hues, in an unending pattern. In the case of those with whom you, as entities and as a group, are not in resonance, you wish them love, light, peace, joy, and bid them well. No more than this can you do for your portion of the Creator is as it is and your experience and offering of experience, to be valuable, needs be more and more a perfect representation of who you truly are. Could you, then, serve a negative entity by offering the instrument’s life? It is unlikely that you would find this a true service. Thus you may see in many cases the loving balance being achieved, the love being offered, light being sent, and the service of the service-to-self oriented entity gratefully acknowledged while being rejected as not being useful in your journey at this time. Thus you serve One Creator without paradox.

This is probably the part of the book in which the importance of following one's individual calling and passion is most highlighted. It's impossible to please everyone, no matter what we do, and being true to ourselves and following our passions is sure to bring heavy criticism either from those who have not found their calling, or from those whose callings are opposite to ours. We serve the Creator best by being true to ourselves, like Ra says. For us in the positive polarity, I think it just becomes a question of not using our "calling" as an excuse to not perform acts of service that we could actually very much perform with integrity.

I think the concepts of Service to Self and Service to Others are unnecessarily confusing in this sense. Service to Others is not about being a doormat, it's not about suppressing one's truth, one's calling, one's passion, just to please others superficially. It's so much more than that. And we are not being Service to Self for following our own individual truth and passion even if the entire world tells us that we are wrong. To me, when it comes to polarity, what is truly central is acceptance and control, respectively. That's why I think calling STO the path of Acceptance and STS to path of Control would be much more useful, and bring about less confusion.

Here are some others comments that I really like, this time from Q'uo:

Quote:In general, it is easy to identify when an entity wishes to be pleased. It is easy to identify that which an entity who wishes to be pleased wishes. And it is usually fairly easy to obtain that which is desired. Thusly, we do not feel that we need to speak about pleasing people (...).

To serve someone is a far different matter. Serving someone is not necessarily pleasing the entity. Serving someone is not necessarily doing anything to, with or for an entity. Serving someone is fundamentally the awareness that you and the person you are serving are one entity, united, singular and absolutely equal. Rejoicing in the apparent differences, a servant of the light relates to other selves as “themselves,” knowing that the self and the other-self are a certain kind of entity, citizens of eternity, dwellers beyond time and space, within a universe that is as wide as infinity and as small as the interior of the human heart (...).

Service is bound up in the knowing of this relationship and this nature so that when one who is a servant of the light and of the Godhead principle, shall we say, gazes upon an other self, no matter what that self is asking, the basic service is the connection of unity without judgment of any kind but with absolute faith that this entity is a spiritual entity and is to be honored, loved, respected and treated as a spiritual entity (...).

When service reaches an impasse in a deeply central relationship (...), the possibility of being gratified by a sense of having served becomes distant and rare. For that other-self which is being served is unable to become aware of the nature or the purity of the service. May we say that this in no way etiolates or annuls that service of true love freely given which the one known as T1 offers. This is a service. There is no hesitation in our stating that all who love serve (...).

Quote:The desire to serve another is based upon a concern for the other self, and how best to aid that other self in its thinking or in its actions or in its being. The desire to please another self, however, has its focus upon your own self, and receiving a reward from the other self for actions which have been constructed with the hope of receiving that reward, whether it be the smile, the confirmation, the attention, or in a negative sense, the removal of criticism.

Thus, look to that which is desired from the action to determine whether it is an action that has the other self or the self as its central focus (...).

Indeed, it is a dilemma to be asked to give that which one finds it difficult to give (...).

It is, as you have surmised, better to give what can be given with a cheerful heart than to give all of what was asked, but to include the negative emotions as well. It is often helpful in a situation in which one has been asked to give more than one feels one has to offer, to meditate upon that which limits the giving, in order that one might discover a facet of the being which might benefit from attention. There is much that can be learned by studying limitations and facing them in an honest fashion.

There is no shame in recognizing and admitting limitations. These are the boundaries which at one time served one well, and provided a fuller arena of experience, shall we say, but which at the present moment have the opposite effect in reducing that which may be offered as service. The discovery of these limitations increases the knowledge of the self so that there is possible an expanded view of the self that included the limitation and the beginning work upon the balance of the fundamental nature of the limitation.
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