The Seven Degrees of the Self
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The Seven Degrees of the Self
As Ra said, there are seven levels of 3D entities related of consciousness level to the chakra in which the kundalini stabilized. Ra called that "entity color". Here some stretches about:

Quote:In your particular space/time continuum distortion there are seven sub-planes of mind/body/spirit complexes. You will discover the vibrational nature of these seven planes as you pass through your experiential distortions, meeting other-selves of the various levels which correspond to the energy influx centers of the physical vehicle.

Quote:The most important concept to grasp about the energy field is that the lower or negative pole will draw the universal energy into itself from the cosmos. Therefrom it will move upward to be met and reacted to by the positive spiraling energy moving downward from within. The measure of an entity’s level of ray activity is the locus wherein the south pole outer energy has been met by the inner spiraling positive energy.

As an entity grows more polarized this locus will move upwards. This phenomenon has been called by your peoples the kundalini. However, it may better be thought of as the meeting place of cosmic and inner, shall we say, vibratory understanding. To attempt to raise the locus of this meeting without realizing the metaphysical principles of magnetism upon which this depends is to invite great imbalance.

Quote:We have two types of energy. We are attempting then, as entities in any true color of this octave, to move the meeting place of inner and outer natures further and further along or upward along the energy centers. The two methods of approaching this with sensible method are first, the seating within one’s self of those experiences which are attracted to the entity through the south pole. Each experience will need to be observed, experienced, balanced, accepted, and seated within the individual. As the entity grows in self-acceptance and awareness of catalyst the location of the comfortable seating of these experiences will rise to the new true-color entity. The experience, whatever it may be, will be seated in red ray and considered as to its survival content and so forth.

Each experience will be sequentially understood by the growing and seeking mind/body/spirit complex in terms of survival, then in terms of personal identity, then in terms of social relations, then in terms of universal love, then in terms of how the experience may beget free communication, then in terms of how the experience may be linked to universal energies, and finally in terms of the sacramental nature of each experience.

Meanwhile the Creator lies within. In the north pole the crown is already upon the head and the entity is potentially a god. This energy is brought into being by the humble and trusting acceptance of this energy through meditation and contemplation of the self and of the Creator.

Where these energies meet is where the serpent will have achieved its height. When this uncoiled energy approaches universal love and radiant being the entity is in a state whereby the harvestability of the entity comes nigh.

Quote:The green-ray entity is ineffectual in the face of blockage from other-selves. The blue-ray entity is a co-Creator.

So, the entities "have" colors which are the height of kundalini through the chakras. I suppose the most of humans are red-ray due the instincts of red-ray not overcome yet.

Here other sources about the subjetc:


What is it that makes you feel secure? What is it that makes you feel insecure? Your answer to these questions is probably misleading to you, for your feelings of security are created by your emotional programming -- what you are telling yourself inside. The outside conditions of your life do not make you feel either secure or insecure. They only trigger your inside programming. One person may feel secure with practically no money at all. Another may feel insecure with a million dollars in the bank.

The Security Center automatically triggers feelings of fear and anxiety when the outside world does not conform to your security programming. Observe how much of your time is involved in an unpleasant striving to achieve the conditions that you tell yourself you must have to feel secure. The Security Center of Consciousness is very demanding and strongly pulls your consciousness away from the higher Centers.

You will escape being trapped in this first level of consciousness when you begin to understand that your feelings of security or insecurity are due to your emotional programming which you picked up from addicted people before you were mentally and physically mature. You will also notice the impossibility of getting enough of whatever it is that you equate with security. You may be like the rat who is running as fast as he can in a revolving cartwheel cage. There is no way to get there by running faster -- or by achieving more efficiently.

Paradoxically, you would probably be safer if you never again experienced fear in your life -- unless you were actually trapped in a jungle situation faced with the need for immediate fight or flight on a physical level. You will be far safer when consciousness replaces the emotional response of fear. For example, if you wish to cross a busy street, you increase the probability of being hurt if you are afraid of being hit by speeding automobiles. You will be safest if you are simply conscious of the automobiles running back and forth and calmly wait on the curb until there is a break in the traffic. When you perceive this break, without the slightest experience of fear, paranoia, or danger, you calmly and peacefully walk across the street. If you were totally unconscious of what happens when an automobile hits you (as a small child is), fear would be helpful to make you more aware of the overall situation. But once you are old enough to be conscious of the various factors involved in a life situation, a fear response makes you more jumpy and less perceptive, it uses up your energy by making you tense, and it keeps you from enjoying your here and now.

You transcend the security level by developing a deeper and deeper understanding of how your hunger for “security” is all a matter of your emotional programming. It is a trip that you are doing on your own head. Your feelings of insecurity are not a necessary consequence of people, things, and circumstances around you. You will begin to realize that your life right now is what it is. And if you eliminate your addictive models of how things should be, you always have enough to feel good right here and right now.

If you prefer to make changes in your life, you can make them far more effectively when you transcend the addictive programming that makes you feel insecure. When your consciousness begins to operate more and more in the Love Center and Cornucopia Center, your higher consciousness will enable you to flow into situations that offer you far more real security than your lower-consciousness struggle for “security” will ever provide. For real security lies only in the love and flowing that you will discover through higher consciousness. It can never be found in manipulating the world of people and things around you.


A person who is hung up on the Security Center of Consciousness tells himself, “I can be happy if I can just feel secure.” However, once he begins to feel more secure, he finds that this is not quite true. He then feels that if he can arrange the people and things in his life to provide a constantly varied pattern of beautiful sensations, he will be happy.

If you are like many people, sex may be your most sought-after sensation. Your life style may be designed to provide you with sexual sensations. The people you choose to be with, the clothes you buy, the home you live in, and the style of speech, thinking, and action that you have developed will tend to be determined by whatever you calculate will make you appeal to the sexual partners you most desire. This is known as subject-object sex in which you are the subject and treat “others” in your life as sexual objects.

There is nothing wrong with doing this except that you are operating on a level of consciousness that cannot provide happiness. For sex is never enough. You are tuning in to only a small part of yourself -- and even a smaller part of others. They are not responding to you as a whole person and you are not responding to them as a whole person. Behind the exquisite sexual dance, both of you really feel the shallowness of the subject-object relationship. You know something is wrong, even though you don’t know exactly what it is. Because no matter how many terrific sexual orgasms you may have, they are never enough. Even if you could reach sexual climaxes a dozen times a day, life would still seem hollow. For this second level of consciousness can only produce flashes of pleasure and long periods of indifference and boredom.

Sensations, however “groovy,” can never make you happy if you are depending on them for happiness. You become driven, thwarted, sometimes satiated, and not tuned in to the flow of the here and now when you are chasing sensation after sensation. But the same sensations can be totally enjoyed when your consciousness is no longer stuck on the second level. When your consciousness is primarily tuned to the Love Center or the Cornucopia Center, sensations can add to your happiness as a part of the here-and-now flow of your life.

Although sex is the sensation that many people are most heavily addicted to, it is by no means our only addiction on the Second Level. We tell ourselves that we can find happiness through the taste of food, the sounds of music, the experience of a special environment that we regard as our impressive home, the sensations of movies and plays, etc. The search for happiness through sensations keeps us ingeniously busy -- but nothing is ever enough -- until you are enough. When you are enough through higher consciousness, everything can be enjoyed as part of the great drama of your life. Until then, nothing ever quite does it for you, and the enjoyment you seek will tend to elude you as long as you addictively demand it. When you uplevel addictions into preferences, you enjoy it all.

When your consciousness is primarily directed toward providing you with the sensation patterns to which you are addicted, you will have more energy than when it was hung up on the Security Center of Consciousness. You will usually be with more people and you will need to sleep less. An individual who is hunting for sex is definitely generating more energy than a person who is worried about his security. In fact, one who is heavily addicted to the security level will probably have dropped off to sleep during the early part of the evening. Thus the search for happiness through sensations is definitely an improvement over the search for happiness on the Security Center of Consciousness. But wisdom, peace, and serenity are not yet in sight.


The last of the lower Centers of Consciousness (that can never provide you with “enough”) is the Power Center. Most of the people in the world are addicted to these three lower Centers -- the Security Center, the Sensation Center, and the Power Center. The attempt to find happiness through the Power Center is definitely a forward step in growth toward higher consciousness. When you are operating from the Power Center, you will have more energy and you will interact with more people. But these will still be subject-object interactions in which people either cooperate with your power games or threaten them. In this Center, life is a series of competitive moves and countermoves.

What do you strive for on the Third Level of Consciousness? Is it money as a method of wielding power rather than money as a form of security? Is it prestige -- because the more prestige you have, the more you can manipulate people? Do your power addictions keep you preoccupied with external symbols such as a mod car, an attractive home, fashionable clothes, etc? Or have you upleveled the game to internal status symbols -- such as knowledge and lots of hobbies so that others perceive you as an interesting, achieving person? Or perhaps sex has now become a power game whereby you enjoy sex not only for the sensations but also as a challenge to your Power Center. Do you seek the sexual partner who is hardest to attract because of the ego challenge?

Have you ever noticed that the people who are the most successful in the power game are simply living a hollow life with external evidences of worldly success -- but without really winning inside in terms of peace, serenity, and oneness with others? It often happens that the more successful a person becomes on the outside, the less successful he is on the inside. Anxiety, ulcers, and heart disease tend to increase with external “success.”

To the degree that your moment-to-moment consciousness is biased by security, sensations, and power, you are trapped in the lower consciousness folkways of our culture -- and you are not finding enough in life to be happy. You are ready for your next step toward higher consciousness when you deeply realize the utter futility of trying to make it in life using these lower consciousness levels. This does not necessarily mean that you must drastically change your external activities. For what you renounce is your addictive demands and not necessarily the things you are doing. For example, it is not money or sex that causes unhappiness -- it is your addictive demands for money or sex. It is the clanging of the emotion-backed circuits in your biocomputer that keeps you disappointed, frustrated, and suffering if the happenings outside you do not exactly correspond to your inside programs. Thus you do not renounce your worldly activities -- for it’s all here for you to enjoy. You renounce your emotion-backed demands which keep you from enjoying the bountiful life that has always been available around you.

It is easy to see the more obvious power games involving money, political power, status symbols, people bossing each other around, etc. But it is helpful to be aware of the more subtle power games we play. For instance, it is clear that someone talking in a loud voice may be trying to control people, but a power game may also be present when someone talks in an unusually soft voice that makes people be quiet and listen hard if they are to hear. Someone who is constantly ordering people around and who forcefully insists that people accept his or her opinion can be coming from the Power Center. However, someone who is always quiet can be subtly manipulating by his or her “sweet acceptance” and “you-always-know-best” attitude. This type of subtle manipulation makes one put energy into extracting what someone else really wants. This game creates a subject-object type of separateness. We might ask ourselves, “What do I do to get what I want?” “What masks do I wear?” “What part in the drama do I play?”

You have hundreds of things in your head that you are now protecting as a part of your personal boundaries and social position. You will grow in happiness as you gradually realize that all of this stuff is not who you really are. It’s just ego-backed programming that you picked up on your way to where you are now. Your energy will enormously increase and your sleep needs decrease as you give up guarding the various manifestations of your security, sensation, and power addictions.

One of the bonuses of higher consciousness is that when you give it all up, you get it all back. What you give up are your inner addictive demands -- what you get back is more of everything than you need in order to be happy. As you grow into the Fourth Center of Consciousness, you will find that you have all the power you need in your life -- in fact you will have more than you need. For your unconditional acceptance of everyone around you will open doors that you could never have opened when you operated from the Third Center of Consciousness.

When you approach life with power addictions, you will be instantly resisted by the power addictions of other people. Instead of opening themselves to help you get what you want, they close themselves and are automatically antagonistic to your power thrusts which threaten them. As you grow into the higher Centers of Consciousness, you will begin to experience an effectiveness that you could never attain when you were shoving from the Third Center, trying to bulldoze life into giving you what you thought you needed for happiness.

Some of the most dramatic performances of your ego and your rational mind will be triggered at the Power Center of Consciousness. Some methods of consciousness growth treat the ego and rational mind as enemies to be destroyed. In the Living Love Way, we regard the ego and the rational mind as friends that are really there to help us -- but they can be like ignorant friends who hurt us as often as they help us. Helpfulness requires both skill and understanding. Our egos and rational minds are often like the wellmeaning neighbor who sees his friend lying in the street with a broken spine after being hit by a car. When he picks him up to take him to the hospital, the broken spine crushes the spinal nerves so that his friend will never walk again. In trying to help, the neighbor ignorantly damages his friend. Similarly, when our egos and rational minds use lower consciousness programming, they continually keep our lives from working in ways that produce optimal enjoyment.

The Living Love Way does not try to kill your ego or your rational mind. Since they are our friends that would like to help us, we engage them to help us root out our addictions and uplevel them to preferences. We realize that our egos trigger a feeling of uneasiness when the outside world does not fit our addictive models of how it all should be. They also give us a flush of pleasure when the outside world does fit our addictions. In either case, we need our egos to give us the emotional experiences that enable us to become aware of our addictive demands -- and to understand the heavy price that we pay for all of them sooner or later if they are not reprogrammed into preferences.

The goal is not to kill your ego -- but to retire it due to lack of work. If you killed your ego, you might retreat into a schizoid-type shell that would keep you from enjoying the beautiful things life offers you. Your ego has a vital part to play in revealing to you the addictions you have yet to work on. When you reprogram your addictions, your ego will automatically stop triggering negative emotions that interfere with your happiness. So welcome your ego, watch its operation, and use it as a necessary part of you that will give you the experiences you need in order to grow into higher consciousness.


The Fourth Center of Consciousness in the Living Love Way is called the Love Center. Love comes with the unconditional acceptance of everyone and everything around us. And how do we do this? When your consciousness lives in the Love Center, you instantly accept anything that anyone does or anything that happens -- but the acceptance is only on an emotional basis. You’re still entitled to your preferences. A mother will love her child even though he upsets the quart of milk and it smashes on the kitchen floor. She prefers that the quart remain intact. But if it spills, that’s here and now. Why get emotionally upset and bother herself and the baby too?

How do you love everyone unconditionally so that you do not upset yourself -- no matter what he does or says? You can do this only by transcending your security, sensation, and power addictions -- for it is only your emotional programming that disturbs you when the events outside do not conform with the programming that you have conditioned inside of you. As your addictions begin to melt away, you begin to experience everything and everyone around you in a different way. You view them not in terms of how they meet your addictive needs -- for you are losing those “needs” -- you just view them in terms of, “Well, that’s what is -- here and now.” You realize that each individual has the need to be doing exactly what he or she is doing -- here and now. You realize that everyone (including yourself) is creating a world in which one’s addictions are lived out. When you consciously notice the hollowness and suffering that these addictions cause, you achieve insights that help you get free from them.

You are in the Love Center when you accept everything people do as part of their journeys toward awakening. You know that if they are consciously on the path, they will similarly accept your moment-to-moment “stuff” -- for this is what helps them grow, too. And if they are not consciously on the path and become angry, that’s their problem. As your addictions become upleveled to preferences, you begin to find that you can instantly accept what was previously unacceptable emotionally. After all, you really have no choice. Whatever is -- IS!!! That’s where it’s at -- right here and now. You might be able to change the situation one second, one minute, one hour, or one day from now. And by not getting irritated, you will be more effective in realizing your preferences.

As you learn to live more and more in the Love Center of Consciousness, you will begin to find that you are creating a new world in which your consciousness resides. People and conditions are not longer a threat to you -- for no one can threaten your preferences. “Others” can only threaten your addictions. And you’re losing them fast. Soon your mind will create no “others.”

As your addictions are reprogrammed, you will find that your “ego” has less and less to do, and your ego will activate the egos of other people less and less. Thus people begin to experience you as becoming purer as you give your ego less to do. This helps them become purer. Even though they may still be stuck in the lower three Centers, they find that they seldom get in touch with tense feelings when they are with you. They can begin to get a taste of what it is like to live in the more joyous Centers of Consciousness. They may come down when they are not with you, but you will have planted a seed of awakening.

When you live more and more in the Love Center of Consciousness, you will find that your blood circulation will improve -- and your hands and feet may be warmer. Your blood vessels will no longer be tight and restricted so that you feel cold excessively and deeply. Your face and the back of your neck and head will stay especially warm and glowing. Your skin will experience cold but you will not feel cold inside. This is one of the beautiful physiological things that happens as you grow into higher consciousness. This greater openness of your circulatory system also affects your brain and other organs to make them function more effectively. Colds and illness become rare.

As you spend more and more time in the Fourth Center of Consciousness, you will find that you enjoy touching people more and more. Now that you are seldom paranoid you can enjoy the beautiful feelings of warmth and oneness that you can experience when you make contact not only through words, sight, and sound, but also through your touch receptors. As you break through the illusion of duality and separation, you begin to realize that it was only your head that previously kept you from loving people unconditionally. It was not their actions as you had been conditioned to believe

You begin to see with insight the worldly dramas of addictions that people are still playing out on the first three levels of consciousness, and you feel compassion toward those who still are involved in the illusion of separateness. You know that the best way to help them is to work on yourself so that they can perceive (perhaps for the first time in their lives) the experience of unconditional love. They begin to say to themselves, “Wow, here is someone who accepts me all the time -- no matter what I do or say.” Love doesn’t require you to get involved in their “stuff,” as they struggle through life seeking security, sensations, and power. You just accept them because they are there -- because they have a right to be there -- and because where they are is perfect for their growth -- and also yours.

Every experience you have of other people either leaves you peaceful and loving or it makes you aware of the remaining addictions to be reprogrammed. When someone does things that you previously found unacceptable but which you can now emotionally accept, you can say to yourself, “Great! I’m getting on with it. Joe just checked me out and I passed the test of being free of that addiction.” There is nothing wrong with letting your ego give you a little pat on the back because you are living more and more in the Love Center. You use your ego to constantly raise your Center of Consciousness. If Joe does something and you make yourself feel a bit uptight and alienated from him you can say to yourself, “Joe is my teacher, because he is showing me an addiction that I should get rid of.”

In the Fourth Center of Consciousness, you experience “work” as an expression of love and caring. “Work” is no longer performed unconsciously or mechanically with the feeling that one can fully enjoy life again when the job is done. You will increase your growth into higher consciousness by learning to flow energy into meeting the needs of “others” as though they were your own needs. To paraphrase an ancient saying, “When I don’t know who I am, I SERVE everyone around me; when I do know who I am, I AM ONE with everyone around me.”

Selfless service is a beautiful way to get free of the three lower Centers of Consciousness. An ego grasping for security, sensation, and power will always trade or barter energy for something that will best enhance its miragelike lower consciousness situation. When you do only those tasks that are pleasant, unavoidable, or that enhance your security, sensation, and power trip, you let your ego keep you trapped. Selfless service without thought of reward is a characteristic of the Fourth Center of Consciousness.

You are beginning to experience that living in a world of love is always enough. You know that your feelings of isolation, separation, and paranoia are always artificially created by your emotional programming. You realize that although our bodies and minds are different, in the realm of Consciousawareness all of us are the same.

And just as a mother loves her infant no matter what he does, you realize that as you grow into higher consciousness you can love everyone around you -- regardless of what he or she says or does. Even if someone attacks you fiercely through words or even hits you, he is simply playing out his addictions. He is trying to get you to act differently so that his addictions will not trouble him when he interacts with you.

So no matter what happens, you experience everything as love. You finally arrive at the place where nothing that happens in the world around you knocks you out of the Love Center of Consciousness. You can emotionally accept everything. You can always return love no matter what a person does or says. And by doing this, you will be doing the most you can to help others transcend their addictions. If you remain loving even when they try to hurt you, they may begin to find that love place in themselves which they so want to experience -- but which they don’t yet know how to find. Everything is either an effective or ineffective way of creating love, peace, and oneness.

No matter how horrendous your acts may be, you always want to be understood and loved. So does everyone else. So just remember how we are trapped by our addictions. And then you will understand. And then you can unconditionally love everyone as an unfolding being.

Relationships that are held together by “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” lose their spontaneous here-and-now vividness. Love cannot be a programmed addiction held together by fear or pressure. Real love blossoms and remains where there is no addiction -- but instead a vibrant, totally here-and-now involvement. And the optimal future is always generated from the freeflowing, non-expectant present moment.

If you have current obligations, you acknowledge these and follow through with them. For when you begin your journey to higher consciousness, you start from where you are right now. When you ignore or avoid your obligations, you create a “me-them” attitude. This does not create a space for the harmonizing of energies into an “us” consciousness. And as you consciously relate to your obligations, you work them out by working on yourself. In the future you make only those obligations which you can flowingly fulfill within an “us” space.

When you live in the Love Center of Consciousness and are relatively free of addictions, you will find that you can love everyone unconditionally. For it is your involvement that is conditional -- not your love. You have only twentyfour hours in a day, and your time will usually be spent with people who have similar preferences and with whom you enjoy doing things. When the deepest harmonizing of energies takes place between people, they enjoy just being together. It is not necessary to continually keep up a heavy drama of activities -- you can just silently be with each other and totally enjoy being in each other’s space. You may do many things together -- but the doing is never compulsive or contrived. You are able to experience a deep inner peace by simply being in each other’s presence. And you are able to love everyone around you, but you do not necessarily become involved in the dramas of everyone.

When two people love from the Fourth Center of Consciousness, they do not experience the love they have for other people as detracting or threatening the love they share. They are not held together by a jealous, romantic model of love that constitutes an addiction that makes them vulnerable to suffering. They keep their consciousness in a state where they are totally involved -- and yet totally non-addicted. They give each other total freedom and unconditional acceptance. They love and serve each other in a relatively egoless way. Equally for both of them, loving and serving yields the maximum of all the beautiful things that life can offer.

As you experience the peace, harmony, and love that you are creating in your life, you begin to realize that all of the problems in the world will solve themselves when we four billion people on earth live in ways characterized by love and service. You know that every feeling that you have, and every thought and communication you make, can add to the world total of loving energy that can in chain-fashion propagate itself forever.


As you live more and more in the Love Center of Consciousness, you will open yourself to more people and life situations. Instead of shying away from people and situations as you have done in the past, you now realize you have nothing to be afraid of. You will begin to find friendships that you could never have found before. You will discover yourself exploring areas of life that you would never have experienced previously because of your security, sensation, and power addictions. You now experience them in an open, relaxed way -- rather than in a preconceived, judgmental way. You will be 1000% more open to various experiences that are available to you than when you were making choices based on the lower three Centers of Consciousness.

This openness is beginning to let you flow and experience life in an almost miraculous way. Since you are open, most life situations which were a problem to you now find beautiful solutions. Events are seen in terms of results and happenings instead of people’s supposed attitudes toward you. People who have things to teach you (but from whom you closed yourself off) can now come into your life. Since your ego has less and less work to do as the slave of your addictions, you are beginning to experience the whole spectrum of your here and now. Your perception has increased enormously. You now have higher predictability in your thinking. Because you have created a beautiful, peaceful world in which you now live, you are helping everyone around you find the beautiful, peaceful place inside. And you can accept help without feeling that an obligation is created.

You will begin to experience your life as one “miraculous” happening after another. But this transformation could have happened at any time in your life -- because you have created it simply by your constantly increasing openness to people and things around you. You begin to see that the miracle was always there, but it took place in its own court -- because you were too busy hassling yourself with your addictions and trying to manipulate people and things around you. Life is now offering you a Cornucopia or a “Horn of Plenty.”

And the “miracle” of Cornucopia consciousness occurs because of three powerful factors that automatically aid you when you substantially reduce the number of addictions you are guarding :

1. Since addictions waste your energy, you will now have a huge supply of energy to use as you prefer.

2. Since addictions blind you, you will now have clear insight into what you should do or not do in various life situations.

3. Since addictions separate you from others, you will now live in a loving energy field in which people love you and help you.

As you gain insight into the Cornucopia Center of Consciousness, you will begin to feel that you live in a friendly world that will always give you “enough” when you live in the higher Centers of Consciousness. You will also begin to deeply feel that you live in a perfect world. You will not feel it as perfect from the limited point of view of your instant happiness when you have addictive programming. But your world is perfect from the point of view of continually providing you with precisely the life experiences that you need for your overall development as a conscious being.

A paranoid person feels that everybody is trying to keep him from getting what he needs to be happy. The world is a giant conspiracy to hurt him. The Fifth Center of Consciousness represents the opposite of paranoia. In this Center you experience people and situations around you aas part of a generous world that constantly offers you everything you need to be happy.

You will begin to live more and more in the Cornucopia Center when you experience deeper and deeper aspects of your world as a friendly, nurturing place. You feel at home everywhere.

Who could ask for more? And yet there is more as you grow toward the last two Centers of Consciousness.


The way to become free of these chains is to let your consciousness reside in your Conscious-awareness Center. This is a peaceful place that is experienced from deep inside where you just witness your drama in all of the other five Centers. In this Center you do not judge or evaluate in any way. You just witness yourself, “There he is in the unconditional Love Center. He just had a thought that he cannot really be loving when Mary gets mad at him. He’s putting himself down because he cannot yet experience everything as a form of love.”

From the detached Conscious-awareness Center, you just watch yourself performing in all of the other five Centers. You don’t pat yourself on the back or criticize yourself in any way. You blissfully enjoy the show. You impartially witness yourself. You let your drama be anything -- and everything.

You use the Conscious-awareness Center as a meta-center from which you get free from your preoccupation with the preceding five Centers of Consciousness -- for all the five Centers bind you in one way or another by creating a special version of what’s happening. You break through all chains when you experience every moment of your life from that deep, calm place inside you where you observe everything -- and accept everything.

The Conscious-awareness Center gives you a space between you and the surrounding world. From this Center you are no longer vulnerable to ups and downs. At last you are free -- nothing can disturb you or bring you down even though your body and mind may be going through various types of drama. You still have to “chop wood and carry water” regardless of the Center of Consciousness you are on. You will still want to play an active part in the world around you. You will still be learning various things, interacting with people, and doing your part in building a more beautiful world by living a conscious life. But YOU will not be doing it. It will only be your body and mind that are involved in these daily dramas of working, playing, feeling, doing, etc. Your Conscious-awareness will be watching it all as a magic show from a beautiful place deep inside you where everything is peaceful -- all the time. Even if your body and mind go through the manifestations of anger or jealousy, you are aware that you are only playing out one of your addictive roles in your dramatic repertory. For you are just silently witnessing your body and mind picking up the cues and saying your lines as others recite their lines in the daily drama of life.

When you live in the Sixth Center of Consciousness you will experience yourself as an actor on the great stage of life. Each day you act out the lines that are dictated by the programming of your biocomputer. and you know that the cues others pick up and their responses to them are a function of the Centers of Consciousness that they are experiencing at the now moment in their journey toward awakening.

Each of us creates a world that is generated by the Centers of Consciousness that we are using in today’s script of the cosmic play. Central casting has furnished various people who are dressed up as actors for the purpose of helping you in your consciousness growth. But your higher consciousness is out in the “audience” watching your body and mind interact with other bodies and minds on stage. And you view everything you do and say as part of your growth toward freedom from your addictive traps.

Your addictive programs that activate your ego and your rational mind constantly keep you from realizing who you really are. The way to tell “what you think you are” or “who you think you are” is to notice carefully what your ego is guarding. What are the “fronts” or social images that you are now in the process of living out? What things trigger anger, fear, jealousy, or grief? What “somebody” does your rational mind defend? Whatever dance you are now doing and backing up with your ego represents who you now think you are. All of this programming keeps you vulnerable and insecure.

What images do you have of yourself? What kind of impression do you want to make on others? Do you project yourself as an achieving person, a competent person, a “help-poor-me” person, someone that the world takes advantage of, a good mother, a good father, a good businessman or businesswoman, a “drop-out,” one who is versed in various knowledge games, an artistic person, or a real expert in the sex games? Or perhaps your ego is guarding your image of being very perceptive of the foibles of our civilization and definitely above it all. Perhaps you have some hobbies and you guard your image as a guitar player, motorcyclist, surfer, painter, poet, singer, or whatever. Or it may be that you are through with these mundane projections of your self image. Perhaps your ego is now guarding a “pure” you as a climber of the mystical spiritual mountain. Do you get upset when someone points out that your way is not the only way or not the best way for him or her? What are the various games into which your ego is directing your energy and consciousness at this time in your life?

When you clearly see your various activities, games, and personal boundaries as a drama that your ego is now trying to guard and enhance, you will understand who you now think you are . . . But you are not any of this “stuff.” All of this stuff is simply a dance that you are going through to discover the conscious being that you really are. If you were to write a list of all the activities, attributes, personality characteristics, and personal boundaries that your ego is now defending, you will find that many of them were not on the list ten years ago. And if you grow toward higher consciousness, most of them will not be on the list ten years from now. As you increase in consciousness, you see with perspective the way you are busily engaged in a mechanical playing-out of the roles in which you have programmed yourself.

All of these things that your ego is busy defending act as a series of boxes that keep you trapped. Every box suffocates and is your ever-present source of vulnerability on the roller-coaster of pleasure and pain. Most of the addictive models you are now guarding represent patterns of personality that are a function of the time and place where you were born and grew up. If you had been born in a different social group, your ego would be busily engaged in guarding a different set of roles.

The world is here for us to enjoy, but we can totally enjoy it only when we are free from identifying with the roles we play in the drama of life. the only way to continuously enjoy a game of chess or checkers is to avoid taking it so seriously that you get emotionally caught up in either winning or losing. Human beings (with their big rational minds) enjoy solving problems. But we tend to take these problems with such seriousness (perhaps due to our prestige addictions) that we kill the aliveness and fun of our here-and-now life situation. We need a way to discriminate between what we essentially are and the motivational models that generate our behavior.

To get free of our identification with the social games in which we are now trapped, we must clearly see the games for what they are. It can be helpful to experience a book such as Ruth Benedict’s Patterns of Culture. When we see the mores of our tribe from the perspective of comparative anthropology, it helps us liberate ourselves from our cultural traps. When we really see the economic and social folkways of our in-group with insight, how can our egos continue to get away with demanding so much that we really don’t need in order to be happy? How can we take so seriously the many prestige games in which we are now engaged? How can our pride keep us imprisoned in the meaningless “loss or gain” and “fame or shame” games that we previously thought were necessary to make our lives work?

A conscious being does not reject either his individual games or society’s games -- he just plays them as games. If our group says, “Let’s play the game of keeping the sexual parts of our body covered when we walk down Main Street,” it is accepted as a part of the here-and-now games of life. If a conscious being is in a place where the group says, “Here is a beach or a hot springs where nude bathing takes place,” an individual without addictions in this area can also flow with what is here and now. Except where individuals are being harmed, conscious people flow with the activities and feelings of the group. They are magnificently flexible, and they are comfortable with whatever dance the social orchestra may be playing. They are equally comfortable in trying to change the dance -- for they usually find ways to work toward change from an “us” space. Their consciousness, love, insight, and flexibility give us messages that help us spring free from the social rigidities that we thought were “natural.”

So we gradually learn that we are not these personalities that our egos are defending so valiantly. If we are not our personalities, this collection of motivations that we have picked up from our society, just what -- or who -- are we? Many of us identify our selves with our bodies -- this changing structure of bones, muscles, and other organs enclosed by our skin. When our bodies are not well or are transmitting a sensation of pain to our biocomputer, our egos tend to focus attention on the pain so that we identify completely with the pain. As we grow into higher consciousness, we increasingly realize that we are not the bodies we live in. Our bodies are just temples that are the homes of our consciousness.

Once you stop identifying with your various social roles and your body, you will probably say, “Aha! My essence is my rational mind.” For isn’t this the essence of being human? This is the part of your biocomputer that has the ability to use language, to analyze, to calculate, to produce thoughts and images, to sort out sensations, to store them away in memory and to retrieve them, to use symbols, to compare beliefs and assumptions, etc. Didn’t Aristotle define man as a rational animal? But here again, your rational mind is not your essence. Your intellect or rational mind is a magnificent “sixth sense” that can help you in your journey to higher consciousness if you know how to use it properly. Or it can keep you helplessly trapped in the lower three Centers of Consciousness by slavishly cooperating with your ego to form rigid, logical defenses that maintain whatever programming you are now stuck with. So you let this one go too . . .

You are now getting it narrowed down. If you are not your social roles, your body, or your rational mind, just what is left? Are you your senses -- the various gates through which visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and olfactory data are received? Or are you your emotions -- those feeling tones that you expend so much energy in either getting or avoiding? Are you your programming -- the collections of desires, motivations, expectations, and demands on which your ego focuses most of your attention and energy? Or are you your ego -- that “master controller” that is such an absolute dictator when you are trapped in the lower three Centers of Consciousness? Fortunately, the essential you is none of these, either. And so we continue the search for “you.” Could it be that the search for your essence is clouded by your ego-backed programming that wants you to be “somebody”? Does your name, your memory, and your rational mind combine to give you the illusion that you are a specific entity that should make a splash as you pass through the world of people and things?

At this point you may have the feeling, “There’s nothing left of me.” But your essence is something which you may experience to help you grow into higher consciousness. In the Living Love Way, we define your essence as your Conscious-awareness. To understand what we mean by Consciousawareness, look straight ahead of you and notice for a minute the images that are being transmitted through your eyes. Then close your eyes. Do it now before reading on. . .

The visual sensations disappeared -- but your Conscious-awareness remained. Behind all of your thoughts, sensations, and images, your Consciousawareness is always there. Most of the time we keep it smothered under a ceaseless Niagara of words, activities, thoughts, and sensations which keep our minds analyzing, calculating, symbolizing, talking, remembering, futuring, and pasting.

The experiment above demonstrates that your visual field and your Conscious-awareness are not the same. Let’s go further. Close your eyes. Do it now for one minute before reading on. . .

What were you aware of? When you shut off the visual input to your biocomputer, you probably became aware of sounds. But sounds are not your Conscious-awareness. Suppose you go to a completely dark, quiet place. With the visual and sound inputs quiet, you may now begin to tune in to your body on deeper and deeper levels. You can experience bodily sensations that have previously been up-staged by the more dominating happenings of your five senses and the stimulation of your ideas, thoughts, and words. You only experience your essence fully when you have quieted your emotion-backed drama and the torrent of addictive stuff churned out by your rational mind.

In other words, you are the awareness of your consciousness! You might wish to visualize a television screen in the middle of your head where all of your thoughts, images, and emotions are projected. It’s all there in color -- including sights, sounds, words, and thought. It’s all going by on this imaginary television screen in the middle of your head. But you are not the television screen. You are not the images or stuff on the screen. You are that which is conscious of being aware of all of the stuff which is running on the screen. You are simply the watcher of the stuff on the screen. As Ram Dass puts it, “Observe your scene from a quiet corner of your mind in which there is nothing to do but ‘see.’” You are the consciousness that just “sees” what is happening on the screen. Your essence is pure Conscious-awareness.

As the watcher of the screen, you are perfect. The screen may be projecting a horrendous movie that is showing all kinds of pain and suffering -- on the screen. Or the screen may reflect a happy movie that shows a beautiful sunset, a delightful sexual experience, or an enjoyable meal. But the essential you is the pure awareness that just watches the stuff go by on the screen of your life. Behind what you think you are -- YOU ARE!

The essential you is perfect, has always been perfect, and always will be perfect! There is nothing you can do to alter the perfection of the essential you. And this perfection does not need to be guarded with ego. When you realize who or what you really are, your ego can relax and you can really enjoy your life. For nothing poses either a threat or an “absolute necessity” to you any longer. You can truly enjoy being the essential you -- and only then can you totally and continuously enjoy the unfolding drama that your life brings you.

As you begin to experience yourself as the watcher of the drama from the Sixth Center of Consciousness, you no longer labor under the illusion that your intellectual effort, will, and frantic paranoid watchfulness are necessary to keep the world operating properly. Instead you experience the power, the deep peace, and the exquisite beauty of letting your energy harmonize with the energies around you. You realize that by tuning in to the Ocean of loving energy around you, you can have far more security, enjoyable sensations, effectiveness, and love than you ever need in order to live a continuously beautiful life. And as you learn to identify the essential you with your Conscious-awareness (instead of with the social and individual stuff that your ego has backed up in the past) you deeply and continuously enjoy both the drama of your life and the perfect being that you naturally are.


You will observe that your growth towards the highest Centers of Consciousness may fall naturally into three phases:

1. As your consciousness begins to dwell more and more in the Love Center and Cornucopia Center, you will begin to develop a multi-centered perception that will enable you to see all of your thoughts and actions from each of the first five Centers.

2. Continuing this multi-centered awareness, you learn to witness yourself on the detached Conscious-awareness Center (the Sixth Center). At this level, there is no longer a feeling of lower or higher consciousness -- it is all the same from the Conscious-awareness Center. And then,

3. You go behind the Conscious-awareness Center to the selfless, unitive space of the Cosmic Consciousness Center.

The Sixth Center of Consciousness is characterized by being aware of yourself. There is your essence -- your Conscious-awareness -- and there is the daily drama of your body, your senses, and your rational mind. You see all of your drama with insight and perspective. Although this is a peaceful, beautiful Center of Consciousness, there is still duality. There is still a fine line of separation between you and the world.

On the seventh level of consciousness, one is catapulted from self-awareness into pure awareness. In other words, one is no longer witnessing oneself. The body, mind, senses, and Conscious-awareness are not separated. In this Center of Consciousness, one does not experience security, sensations, power, love, and Cornucopia -- one is security, sensations, power, love, and the fullness of life. The highest state of consciousness is attained by reprogramming what is called the “self.” One’s thought activity is calmed. The direction of perception has shifted from subject-object manipulation, through a phase of loving acceptance, to a unity with everything in the environment.

To understand this distinction between experiencing something and being something, consider what happens when you have an intense sexual climax. Up until the time of orgasm, you have been experiencing the sexual sensations such as increasing warmth, pressure, and stimulation of your sexual organs. You are experiencing sex. But at the moment of sexual climax you are no longer the experiencer. You may no longer be conscious of yourself enjoying sexual happenings. During the moments of an intense orgasm, you are the experience. At that moment you may feel a total oneness with your sexual partner -- for there is no longer the experience of you as a separate consciousness.

At the Cosmic Consciousness level, one can function with enormous effectiveness because the screens that limit one’s receptiveness have been eliminated. One is now tuned to the finer nuances of the surrounding world. One is open to the broad spectrum of all of the finer cues that the world has been sending all the time -- but which were previously not picked up by a consciousness occupied by security, sensation, and power on the lower levels, and love, Cornucopia, and witnessing on the intermediate levels.

And now at the end of one’s journey to higher consciousness, one has become a god-like being. One has truly achieved one’s birthright. As a fully conscious being, one is optimally perceptive, optimally wise, and optimally effective. Because one has transcended all personal boundaries, and experiences no separation from anyone or anything in the world, serving “others” is the only thing to do in life. For there are no “others.” Everything is experienced from an “us” space.

Perhaps a word of advice may be helpful here. The Seventh Center is extremely difficult to attain. Out of the four billion people in this world, there may only be about a hundred people who are consistently in that Center. Achieving it usually requires a detached life style and a long period of intense consciousness growth practice. Even preferences must be eliminated to reach this Center. The author of this book generates his experience of life using the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Centers and enjoys life continuously. This does not mean he is a hundred per cent free of addictions, but he often goes many weeks without any separating emotional feelings.

When you have eliminated about ninety-nine percent of your addictive programming, the remaining amount will probably be very subtle and will not interfere with happiness. When you have done the inner work required to get to this level of effectiveness, you know exactly which Pathway or Method to use whenever you experience the beginning of an addictive sequence. Within seconds or minutes you work through whatever security, sensation, or power addiction you are triggering and then you are right back at the Love or Cornucopia Center again. These Centers are totally adequate to enable you to live a happy, fulfilled, wise, effective, and enjoyable life. It is worthwhile knowing about the Cosmic Consciousness Center, but do not let it become another addiction. If you work hard to use the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Centers of Consciousness in processing and interpreting your own energies and the energies of the world around you, you will experience a deep peace and enjoyment within your heart that is wholly enough.

Source: "Handbook to Higher Consciousness" by Ken Keyes Jr
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10-12-2019, 08:49 AM,
RE: The Seven Degrees of the Self
Quote:The Seven Rungs of Jacob’s Ladder

As long as man is still an unconscious creature, his logos-powers operate in him at an unconscious level, automatically and in accordance with the laws of Nature, as in the case of animals. His sexual energy manifests itself within him as a purely animalphysical urge, driving him to rid himself of the unpleasant nervous tension caused by accumulated potency. Accordingly, his state of consciousness is nothing but an animal urge for release. He has no inkling of love, for he is still unable spiritually to experience and manifest his unconscio-us, dormant desire for it. His higher centres are still in a latent condition, his heart is dead. From this apparent death he is awakened by his sexual urge. In a state of physical excitement, stimulated by his sexual energy, he instinctively seeks a partner. Nature deceives him. For sexual excitement serves the sole purpose of procreation, of propagating the vast current of life in order to attain the great goal, the spiritualisztion of the earth.Primitive man is ignorant of all this. He pursues his sexual desires for gratification, Usually, however, the laws of human civilization and general moral codes prevent gratification immediat-ely the sex drive makes itself felt. Whether he likes it or not, he is compelled to postpone fulfilment for some time. Even among the primitive Negro and bushman tribes, the young men who have just reached maturity must restrain their healthy sexuality until the great ceremony. Only then are they initiated into the secrets of sexuality.

Whether in other parts of the world or with the white races of the West, it is a fact that man must first wait with his urge until he event- ually finds an opportunity of gratify his sexual desires, while an animal assailed by sexual desire seeks a suitable partner and usually finds one straight away. Man is required, then, to wait some time. During this waiting period the tension mounts within him and, since it does not find immediate release, this energy tries to discharge itself in another way, through the nerve channels. The unreleased tension builds up and thus man is charged with ever-quickening vibrations and frequencies. If, however, the frequencies of an ener-gy increase, the energy is also no longer what it was previously. Thus the first transformation of sexual energy, however small, has already occurred!

The new tension, increased by accumulation, with its higher frequencies now no longer operates solely on his sexual organs, but also on his higher organs which are able to sustain and manifest the increased frequencies. The drive has the added effect of rousing his intellect, he recks his brains for an idea, a solution. Physical desire wakens his consciousness and thus the first glimmer, however faint, in the dawn of awareness has been achieved. Sooner or later he also finds the chance to release his sexual desire, so he is not required to repress it, and yet, at the same time, the first step in the transformation of sexual energy has been taken. Of course, this does not happen as simply and quickly as appears from this description, and although the effect too varies with each individual, the result is the same.

As has been said already, man can develop certain pathologically nervous, often very dangerous inner states, known in modern psychiatry as ‘repres-sions’. This happens when his higher nerve centres have not yet been activated and he is consequently still unable to transform his sexual energies into creative power, yet leads a continent life. But in the same state of development he restrains his sex drive only for a short period and than gives it free rein, he will not cause repression. In his yet unconscious state he has taken the first steps on the path of transforming sexual energy, quite unintentionally. What compelled him to do so? Unsatisfied sexual energy. We can therefore say that the very sexual energy within us helps to transform – sexual energy. Through the very lack of gratification it has heightened its tension, and by a mental effort has already elevated and expanded the consciousness in some small measure. In this way, whenever a person is unable to fulfil his sexual desires on the first inpulse he climbs the next rung on the ladder of growing consciouness. He ascends step by step till he reaches the stage where he becomes inwardly conscious, not only of his physical desire, but also of his Self. Yet the driving force does not cease to work in him; it urges him on with its ever-recurring, heightened tension, assisting and compelling him to experience by degrees correspondingly higher states of consciousness. Gradually he wil reach the level, where, in state of sexual excitment, he will not feel a purely animal desire to spend himself, but will experience and manifest the first intimation of a human togetherness, even if it is merely in the still primitive form of physical devotion. Even though this may be no more than impassioned possessiveness and subjection, there nevertheless exists a new human relationship between himself and the partner whom he has got to know more closely through sexual intercourse. The first tokens of tenderness, the first symptoms of love appear. Thus his dead heart is in time warmed through and wakened. The purely sexual urge gives way to the desire for fulfilment at higher level, at the second level of manifestation – that of being in love. And since, moreover, he begins to emerge from the nondescript masses as an individual, he is thus also no longer indiscriminately content with any partner, but seeks one more suited to him and to his developing taste. Several lives may pass during the course of this development from an uncouth, unconscious, primitive man to the attainment of this level. Eternity is long enough. . . .

The primitive man, still trapped in the prison of slow, natural development over eons, may start at the third level of consciousness only in some future life. Then he no longer gratifies his sex urge indiscriminately. He becomes more selective and also tries to please his partner. His relationship to the member of the opposite sex changes to a mixture of sexual desire and sense of togetherness coupled with possessiveness, which altough primitive and selfish, is already an inferior form of love. His originally purely sexual urge has turned into amorousness, which ties him to a particular person.

This amorousness is further fanned by the fire of his sexual energy, which through waiting has intensified. On the other hand, his sexual desire is heightened by the hope of winning this one person of his choice.

Such sexual energies, having been raised to a higher level, act with an intensified effect on he higher centres if, in discharging, they encounter obstacles. We could list numerous intances from the history of mankind which prove what ingenious and cunning feats lovers can be made to perform by their frustrated sexual desires if, in spite of all obsatcles, they are determined to win the unattainable partner. Frustrated sexual energy has a very stimulating effect on the higher centres, above all on the intellect. The kindled intellect promises the lovers the highest happiness through gratification of their sexual desires. Thus their amorousness is further enhanced, and for reasons of love, if nothing else, they get married. If a man has attained his goal and married, sexual energy finds its outlet free of restraint. Usually, however, sharpwitted heroes and heroines of love then turn into satisfied, boring philistines, till such time as providence compels them to renewed transformation of energy. The husband – caught in Nature’s trap – begins to think more about his work in order to ensure a better life for his family, if not entirely because of the pleasure work affords him. He seeks to achieve more. In so doing he is impelled to direct more energy into the higher channels, through which he discharges a greater proportion of these creative energies. Thus the average man is compelled by his sexual energy and his amorousness to direct part of his driving force to the intellectual level and to convert it into mental effort. He gradually comes to know the pleasure of creative work, and thus, for the first time, he experiences a kind of self-confidence. His self awareness grows and expands. Time and habit transform his possessiveness and lust for his life-partner, who by this time has become the mother of his children, into a spiritual-human bond, a loving, domestic harmony, an already higher, more selfless form of love.

Thus unconsciously, and without noticing it, he directs his sexual energies increasingly into higher centres, and gradually attains the next, the fourth level in the development of consciousness. He begins to receive and emit ever higher frequencies. These rouse and open still other higher nerve centres; he begins to think even more, and no longer merely about how better to gratify his impulses and how to obtain yet further sensual-sexual pleasures and delights. He also starts taking an interest in higher things. He seeks to give his life more substance, he gradually becomes more individual, he knows that in physical love, too, only an understanding partner with whom he shares a spiritual affinity can give him gratification. He looks for, and expects from his lover a similar way of thinking and similar taste. But his increased demands in love narrow the choice of suitable partners, and thus too his chances of full sexual gratification. The more refined his taste, the less easy his gratification. His frustrated and pent-up sexual energies force his consciousness to climb faster, even higher, and also to perceive higher frequencies. In so doing, he activates the next highest nerve centre. His interest turns to knowledge! Thus he reaches the fourth level and grows into it. He begins to study, to learn, he wishes to unravel the mysteries of the world. His mental horizon widens. His creative powers no longer manifest themselves solely through the body as sexual energy, but as emotional and intellectual powers and as strengthened will-power. He ‘gets on’ in his career, he may hold a leading position, he stands out from the masses. Through carrying a higher vital tension, and becoming conscious at higher frequencies, he also directs higher vibrations into his sexual organs, causing a correspondingly large increase in his physical-sexual potency! The higher his level of consciousness, the higher and more powerful the energies which man is also able to direct to his lower nerve centres and organs, and correspondingly greater the pleasures of sexual union! For this, however, he requires a partner as superior as himself. In his love-life he seeks an understanding, exceptional woman, who is equal, and with whom he can form a close spiritual and intellectual relationship. He already has the experience, and knows that perfect gratification of mind and body and the joy of genuine happiness are only possible with a worthy and equal partner. She must have the ability to follow him into the greatly increased frequencies, and, fired by a passionate yet sublime love, to reciprocate these with her whole being! He is already awareof the vast difference between quantity and quality and also lives accordingly, because he can no longer live in any other way!

It is extremely sad indeed if a person of a higher level of development is capable of expending and imparting very high tensions in loving and yet his partner is unable to follow him. How dreadfully alone such a person feels!

On the shore at low tide one finds countless mussels lying around, which have been washed up by the waves and dried by the sun. As a child I used to try and piece these halves together to make them one again. There were many simple ones, quite smooth and with a smooth, flat rim. Even if two halves did not belong to the same mussel, they were usually a good match and I could close them. Less comon were the mussels which were not flat, but corrugated on the outside and the rim. They were much more beautiful and individualized. I could only put these together properly if the two halves were of the same mussel, only if they belonged together. They did not harmonize with the half of another mussel....

People, too, are like this. The primitive man could find many partners with whom he could share a peaceful life. The husband earns the living, the wife looks after husband and children, together they bear the burdens of life in peace. Habit, their children and the family unite them, but without deep spiritual harmony, for the very reason that they are not yet spiritual, not yet individual. The more spiritual, the more unique and individual a person becomes, the more important it is for him that his marriage-partner matches his level of development in every respect. The more defined a person’s character, the less possible it is for him to live together with a lover who does not suit him, and there can be no peace between the two. The higher a man’s level the more essential it is for him that his partner’s intellectual level, her intelligence, way of thinking , taste, right down to every detail of their love-making, indeed her whole nature, suit him perfectly. Only with this woman can he also have a pleasurable, gratifying sexual encounter, in which both parties experience perfect oneness in body, mind and soul.

Thus man slowly grows into the fifth level. At this level of consciousness he has reached the point where he can manifest his creative powers in the form of sexual, as well as spiritual, mental and intellectual energies, and beyond that, as ever-increasing iron will-power. He radiates his powers, partly already in a purely intellectual, partly in a spiritual and partly in a physical form, in the direction of his current interest, according to his state of consciousness. He has activated his nerve and brain centres which are capable of bearing higher, purely intellectual energies and high tensions. The resistance of his nerves and body has so increased that he can sustain the high intellectual frequencies without detriment, and also manifest them as sexual energy through his body. He is passionate in his love – it emanates from an inner, spiritual harmony. His sexual organs, powerful and resistant from birth, are also correspondingly capable of manifesting high, passionate tensions. He has become creative; all the valves at five levels, from intellectuality to physical manifestations, are open. Only two further brain centres, which will at some time in the future bear and manifest the very highest, divine frequencies, remain in a latent condition.

If a person radiates all his power uniformly, then there has automatically also been a uniform development of his organs of manifestation, and consequently, a supremely intellectual person lives in a beautifully formed, helathy, strong body. This is the level, at which for the first time – if he so whishes – man is able to give up his sexual manifestation without resulting harm, pathological nervousness and other difficulties, because he is able to manifest his power at the higher levels free from restraint. Wherever he turns his interest, that is to say, his consciousness, his high creative power manifests itself through corre-sponding nerve or brain centres and through the suitable organs. He can mani-fest his sexual energy and experience it as love, he can beget children, or, if he turns his interest to the world of ideas, he can manifest supremely intellectual, creative-suggestive thoughts and scatter them as fertile seeds. He has become intuitive and suggestive, his hypnotic-magical abilities unfold and come into play. We have only to remember those great geniuses who were not only sex-ually very potent and experienced passionate love, but also penetrated the whole of mankind with their high, creative ideas born of inspiration. They begot intellectual children with mankind, they created new worlds and altered the course of history, just as they could give a woman happiness with their physi-cal powers and beget children with her.

We know from history that during creative work great geniuses have often abstained from manifestations of love for many months. They expended all their energies in intellectual manifestation; afterwards, however, they again manifested passionate love and devotion with unchanged potency. These men, at the fifth level in the development of consciousness, already experience creative power as state of being. They experience it as pleasure in work, as existence, and their influence is magical-creative in every respect. It does not matter whether such a man manifests his energies as a scholar, politician, statesman, ruler, philosopher, or as a performer, composer, painter, sculptor or author. The impact of his influence is the measure of his greatness. It is of no consequence where and when these men lived and worked – or are living and working at the present time. They are above time and space! Their work shines as divine light over the whole earth at all times, and this light diffiuses its brightness over the world of finiteness and transience. An Aristotle, a Pythagoras, Plato or Plotinus is as much above time and space as a Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant, Shakespeare, Goethe, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens or a Beethoven, Mozart, Bach or a Galileo, Edison, Marconi, Paracelsus, Hahnemann and other titans of this world. They looked into creation, brought down to us and revealed what they had experienced at the higher levels. ‘There is no greater happiness than to approach the Godhead and bring it down to men,’ wrote Beethoven in a latter to the Wegelers. How great his spiritual love that for him the highest happiness was to bring down happiness to men!

Many of these great geniuses experienced physical love and enjoyed it to the full. It is, however, neither necessary nor possible to list here the number of titanic men who have transformed human love in to divine love. I recall for instance Plato – it is after him that we term ideal love ‘Platonic’ – and Dante, who created an image of pure, heavenly love in Beatrice, in his Divine Comedy. We obsereve too that many of these men were deeply religious – without bigotry – and yearned for God. And we know that many of these giants could abstain from manifesting sexual energy over a long period and remain harmo - nious and healthy, free from repression. Beethoven was once asked why he did not marry: ‘How could I write my music if I were to expend my energies in con- jugal life; was his reply.

Man just cannot serve two masters. He must decide whether to direct his creative powers into the higher or the lower centres. Truly great men have never lived licentiously. On the other hand, incarnations of The Rake never have , nor will, become great men. We find this truth very graphically symbo- lized in the biblical account of Samson: Samson possessed incomperable and invincible magical power, which radiated from his higher brain centres, thus from his skull, like a thick mane of hair. This power, which also endowed him with his legendary physical strength, vanished like shaved hair when he directetd his magical-creative powers into the lowest centres and used them up in sexual intercourse with Delilah. At the same time he was ‘blinded’, he lost his spiritual vision and spiritual freedom: he was put in ‘prison’, locked up in himself, and isolated. Because he found the way back to himself in ‘prison’, and retained his energies for himself, he was able to tranform them once more into creative-magical powers which the reactivated higher centres once again emitted. His strength-giving hair began to grow again, grew long, and he once more became capable of superhuman feats and was able to destroy the royal palace – the indentification of consciousness with the realm of matter. In this way he was released from his suffering.

Thus human consciousness gradually raises itself to the sixth step of Jacob’s ladder. At this level we find the prophets, the saints, the great teachers of the West and the great masters and rishis of the Orient. They have become familiar with creative power at each level and obtained complete mastery over it. They know that to expend this divine power in the body would undeniably be a sad loss to those who use vital energy as creative power and are consequen-tly able to know and experience the joys and happiness of the spirit. Sexual desire has fallen away from them like a ripe fruit from a tree. Their sexual organs are as strong and healthy as those of other men, since it is the spirit that builds the body, and the power of the spirit revals itself in a perfect body. Since, however, the body obeys the spirit, the sexual organs work for their own body, providing it with the hormones necessery to maintain its health and strength and keep it supplied with ever-renewed energy. In the bodies of these people sexual potency is in a state of dormancy. The energies which would stimulate these organs to procreation are directed into higher nerve and brain centres and expended in a divine-creative way as spiritual energies. These men give up human-creative activity, they neither write literary works nor compose music for the public, nor do they strive after glory or worldly success; instead, they radiate their creative energy purely as divine-spiritual intelligence, as universal, divine love: This is the highest, most irresistable, all-penatrating power – the power of God. The sole activity of earthly prophets is to show the way to liberation and ressurection to those people who still dwell and suffer in the darkness or semi-twilight, and who are already fighting with all their might to escape from their suffering. These men are the servants of God. Most of them already have a vocation when they come into the world. But there have been, and will be, many others who attain this level only in the course of their lives. There have been, and still are, many such great men among us. In the West we call them saints, mystics, prophets, in the East, great masters, rishis. It is difficult to find them, for in appearance they are no different from other men, and they are recognized and understood only by those who are at the level immediately below their own. Others may worship them because they feel their greatness, but they cannot understand them. Some even hate them be-cause they feel their greatness and imperviousness to all temptation, and therefore feel inferior and insignificant beside them. And yet he who seeks God from the depths of his heart finds these men, for ‘by their fruits ye shall know them...’ (Matt. 7:20).

At the seventh level man has developed his consciousness to such an extent that he is able to control all these forms of energy of creative-divine power from the highest frequencies, and can use them in each form without descending to the lower levels with his consciousness. He experiences life consciously within him, that is to say, in his consciousness he is life itself. In perfect self-recognition, in a divine state of self-awarness, in an absolute state of being, in which not an atom of his being has remained unconscious, he has become consciously indentical, consciously one, with God. He understands, and can himself say what Moses said, because he too spoke face to face with God, that the name of God is: ‘I AM THAT I AM’.

God is eternal being. And if in reality I am – the part of the verb ‘to be’ in the first person – thus, in my consciousness I have become being itself, God.

This is the very highest level of consciousness, at which man and his Creator cease to face each other as separate entities and the human Self becomes one with God in a monistic universal consciousness. Those who have attained this level, we call God-men.
That is why the God-man best known but least understood in the West, says of himself; ‘I and my father are one’ (John 10:30).
God-men live in a state of all-consciousness, of divine consciousness, and all their manifestations spring from this divine consciousness, from God himself. From time to time a God-man is born into this world to show that the attainment of this state of consciousness is within everyone’s grasp. He shows us the path to God, to our heavenly FATHER, who awaits us in our unconscio-us, he shows us the path of the prodigal son, who one day awakes from the state in which he does no more than tend his bestial appetities, and says: ‘I will arise and go to my father...’ (Luke 15.18). And he comes to a decision and sets out on the long path of growing consciousness. He begins the great journey back to paradise, to the once deserted, heavenly home of the loving father, who comes towards him – us – with open arms, takes him – us – in his arms, presses him to his fatherly breast and in the sublime state of divine consciousness becomes one with him – with us.

Source: "Sexual Energy and Yoga" by Elisabeth Haich

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