Is This a Permission Slip?
11-01-2019, 07:27 PM,
Is This a Permission Slip?
I just started meditating visualizing I'm in the circle with a million anthros, all meditating for world peace.
Because I feel like I belong, and I may be connecting to a reality where there are a million anthros doing just that
is it a permission slip for me instead of just holding world peace all by myself?

If we want to connect to a million beings that are meditating for what you desire to achieve,
does it happen on some level? Does it enhance our own meditations?

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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11-02-2019, 09:25 AM,
RE: Is This a Permission Slip?
Every second of every day you are connected to the infinite nature of the universe, even when you are doing a poop or brushing your teeth you are the creator. When I realised this I understood that meditation isn't a necessity, but I realised that whatever helps you become more loving is important, if this is meditation then great. You are the centre of this infinite nature, you have the power to choose where in this infinity you place your attention. The more love you hold inside of yourself the more love you will see around yourself.

Things are infinite and every possibility exists, yet there seems to be a true nature to reality, go outside and you see trees and grass, not flying pigs. I have heard people talk about the nature of existence as a river, the river flows through it's course and always finds it's way to the sea, yet within the river the water can arrange itself in a infinite number of different currents, whirlpools and ripples.

For me I realised that whilst meditating for things like world peace it's important to keep in touch with the personal spiritual journey and be the epicentre for this love that I hope to bring into the world, this for me encouraged grounding and helped me see the definitive actions I could take to improve the close relationships I had. I started meditating on how I could heal these relationships and heal the people closest to me. Now I see a pattern of how people will be attracted into my life to recieve the love that I have to offer and I trust in the Law of Attraction to bring them to me.

Each individual is a microcosm of the entire universe, each individual is the creator, see this in them and by loving them you are loving and healing the entire universe.
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