Egyptian Mystery School General - Multiple Topics
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Egyptian Mystery School General - Multiple Topics
This is a long post that puts a spotlight on the following topics:

- Consciousness
- Spiritual Alchemy & Liberation
- Hieros Gamos (Holy Marriage)
- Heaven is the Sun
- Aliens - who/what/when/where/how?
- The relationship between Fear, Evil, & Love
- Humans evolved from Lions
- Reality is an infinite, negentropic, holofractal Lorenz system
- Matter
- Earth grid evolution
- Isis and Osiris as Female-Male blueprint
- The Demiurge is your parents
- Jungian Active Imagination
- Synchronicity
- Astral traveling


Human consciousness is a self-similar reflection of the day-night cycle of Earth. The active conscious mind, just like the Sun, outshines all subconscious influences. Those subconscious influences are always present, however, just as the infinitude of stars are always in the sky, whether we can see them or not. When sleep approaches, the conscious mind slips below the horizon, and the variegated influence of a distributed infinity dominates.

Think of the mind as having a primary locus (consciousness) with an infinitude of secondary, subconscious influencers, of varying magnitude.

All is one; your mind reflects the consciousness of every star (each a sentient collective) whose light touches it.

A corollary to this is that you as an sentient entity, are present in the minds of everyone you know as a subconscious influencer. All of humanity is linked in this way because we are all one.

Each focal point of consciousness is the universe experiencing itself from that unique perspective.

------------------------------>Spiritual Alchemy & Liberation

Throughout history, nomadic-missionary caravans came to embody the transitory yet continuously regenerating nature of the soul itself. The word caravan itself roughly means ‘sun god will protect souls.’ To always be moving, to renounce attachment to the material, to harmonically engage with one’s environment are each virtues that the lifestyle facilitates. Today’s archetype of the gypsy most closely represents this lifestyle. As the Romani flag demonstrates, the dynamic between the heavens (blue), the earth (green), and the threshold-crossing nature of the gypsy ignites the passion of the truly free soul (red chakra wheel/mandala). This quest for balance and harmony ultimately leads one to the very essence of the universe and the underlying structure of duality; balance, reconciliation, and integration between the spiritual and material, light and dark, conscious and unconscious, male and female, yin and yang, subject and object, linear and nonlinear, causal and acausal. By synthesizing and spreading these concepts via the Silk Road, the wanderers were crossing another threshold, bridging another duality: East and West, in both a geographical and philosophical sense.

Threshold crossing, or “going down to the crossroads” is a fundamental aspect of a nomadic lifestyle and the theme plays a pervasive part in many myths and legends. Hermes (who is also variously known as Atlantiades, Thoth, Enoch, Mercury), the messenger of the gods or “god of travelers”, literally means “heap of stones, boundary marker.” The duality from which this reference stems is life and death – the heap of stones at a gravesite that stands at the threshold between the material and spiritual. Similarly, the word hermaphrodite, which shares the same root, is characterized by having attributes of both sexes – a literal manifestation of the integration of anima/animus. Similarly, Shiva and counterpart Parvati/Kali/Shakti were originally a merged entity known as Ardhanarishvara. Symbolic crossings of fertile, life-giving rivers is another related, consistent theme: the Egyptian Pharaohs’ ritual crossings of the Nile and William of Orange’s perverted ritual crossing of the Boyne both symbolically represent the Sun crossing the “starry waterway” of the Milky Way and passing into the underworld (the duat). This spiritual journey is symbolically represented on Hermes’ staff, the caduceus – the two snakes of the kundalini (representing earth) wind their way up the spine, activating each chakra, until they ultimately set the soul free into the heavens (represented by the wings at the top of the staff).

As an artifact of infinity, one’s seeking never ends, but it does reach a milestone pivot point when it confronts and integrates the duality within its own soul, recognizes its oneness with the universe, and the eternal nature consciousness. This awakening event is metaphorically deeply ingrained in many myths and cultures across the globe: the search for the Holy Grail which endows eternal life, the alchemist’s quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, which transmutes base metal (ignorance) into gold, and Jason’s mythical search for the Golden Fleece of a holy ram are just three examples. The parallels between these traditions were recognized by the Rosicrucians, who reframed the common, underlying spiritual quest in Christian symbology. The Rosicrucian inscription “Ingi Natura Renovatur Integra” is reminiscent of the Romani flag’s symbolism and means “By the (divine) Fire (of Love) all Nature becomes renewed.”

The integration of the unconscious anima/animus by the conscious mind and resultant rebirth is perhaps best demonstrated symbolically however by the depiction of the violent interplay of the primordial demon-slaying goddess Kali (unconscious raw energy) trampling on her husband Shiva (the substrata of universal consciousness) while holding the decapitated head of the ego. Slaying the ego can also be seen as the opening of the “third eye” or ajna chakra – the Shiva/Shakti energies reside there in their merged, primordial state as Ardhanarishvara. This dynamic is also reflected in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as the intertwined relationship between Chokmah (male) and Binah (female). As the Egyptian descendants learned and then propagated, this experience – while painful – pales in comparison to the inevitable world-destroying trauma of an ego left unconfronted and unchecked. Once the male and female principles have reconciled, they reside back in the heart center.

------------------------------>Hieros Gamos (Holy Marriage)

The man who has conquered fear, integrated his anima, and undergone a spiritual transmutation is now primed to reenter the material world and embark on the next phase of his journey. This phase is best represented archetypically as the slaying of the dragon, which in turn wins the hero the love of a princess. Perhaps the most foundational myth of this type is that of Perseus and Andromeda. Perseus, having slain the serpentine Medusa (the embodiment of his fear), releases the winged Pegasus from her neck, is given winged sandals by Hermes. Perseus flies to Ethiopia to kill the sea monster guarding the princess and ultimately marries her. Andromeda – to Perseus, the collective consciousness, and the field of astronomy itself – represents fundamentally something that is “more than meets the eye”, a continuously unfolding revelation. Just as Perseus discovers she is not merely just a princess, but in fact the key to both of their spiritual enlightenment and immortality, the world discovered that the constellation of Andromeda of 12 stars actually contains within it an entire galaxy of more than 1 trillion stars (more than twice the number of our own Milky Way galaxy).

Full liberation can thus be seen as a four step, sequential, duality-bridging process. The female aspect first liberates the male spiritually (integration of the anima), the male liberates the female materially (the slaying of the dragon), the female liberates the male materially (the holy marriage), the male liberates the female spiritually (the integration of the animus) – this final step is hinted at by Andromeda’s very name, which means “to be mindful of man.” In Jungian terms, the result is a quaternio hieros gamos – a holy marriage between the four aspects of the two individuals.

------------------------------>Heaven is the Sun

Heaven is the Sun & “God” is just the collective of all stars, who themselves are each a collective all of their planets harvested, sentient entities of goodness & love. This “collective of collectives” co-creates reality for each other. All love.

Every star is a sentient collective. Every star is a heaven unto itself. If you love in this toughest of dimensions, you get harvested into heaven when you die, where you live forever with your family and everything you loved in this life and it is beautiful forever.

The Egyptians called the “as above, so below” phenomenon correspondence. In this density, you can notice correspondences by picking up on what Jung called synchronicities.

Heaven is much like the Earth, but it radiates love. It changes and gets better as it orthogonally twists up into higher dimensions forever, outside of time, The Egyptians visualized this transition as heiroglyihic humans walking 90 degrees up the walls.

You traverse the universe via the aether as sentient light.

The higher densities are outside/above time. All of your experiences (on Earth and forevermore) are captured holographically in the Akashic records for you and your family to view and interact with eternally. Those are kind of like home videos for your family, who live in paradise with all sorts of beautiful correspondences from your time on Earth.

Field of Reeds, Valhalla, Heaven, Elysian fields - all the same thing - the Sun. It's all about family.

------------------------------>Aliens - who/what/when/where/how?

The reason no physical aliens have visited Earth is twofold:
1) Sentient entities first live a life in this 3D density, if they are good and pure love, they get harvested into their nearest star (their heaven); they then travel the universe as sentient light forever. The idea of traveling from one star system to another as a 3D density creature is pretty difficult. It has surely been done though.
2) There is a non-intervention policy among the stars and their respective planets. Each planet is a "planned net" of love, by love, for love.

Who? The entities harvested from other systems' planets by their local star.
What? Aliens certainly visit Earth, but not in the way you think. They visit us as STARLIGHT.
When? Light is outside of time. Don't think about it too much, the puny human brain can't comprehend the experience of Alien Angels. Don't bother.
Where? Other stars. Of course, our own star, Sol or Ra, has angels of its own: your ancestors (if they were good, that is).
How? The miracle of life is incubated on planets by starlight. Good, creative, novel, loving entities are harvested into the higher densities upon death. Your DNA plays a big role in shaping your light body and capturing your actions and thoughts into the Akashic records.

------------------------------>The relationship between Fear, Evil, & Love
Think of Live/Love and Evil/Evol as two sides of the same coin: they are mirror/reversed images of each other. Living leads to salvation and eternal life, while the other leads to hell in this life and the next.

Fear is the seam, the ridge, the edge of the coin that separates the two domains of Live and Evil. The edge can be thought of as an illusion - a tossed coin never lands on its edge.

Just as the Perseus myth recounts so well, the person who conquers Fear (by realizing it is an illusion), transmutes the remaining aspects of evil in his soul, and learns to Love with his whole heart, will be able to save the Princess, marry her, and start a family: comfortably, safely, and at peace.

Evil only knows fear and is paralyzed by it. Fear is the mindkiller; fear is what has led this world down such an evil path.

Be the change you want to see in the world and start by throwing yourself headlong into what scares you the most, while of course, remaining true and good.

The ankh & sexual energy:

1) Egyptian stuff requires you to be very open with yourself sexually.

2) It also necessitates a VERY intimate bond with ONE opposite-sex partner.

------------------------------>Humans evolved from Lions

The Egyptians knew this and they knew this knowledge would be lost to time. That's why they built the Sphinx.

1) DNA consumption is a driver of evolution. You are what you eat.
- Lions ate a lot of apes and other land mammals over millions of years of evolution.
- Lions and humans were always apex predators and carnivores first.

2) DNA follows form, form follows function:
- We run; we don't swing
- Homologous structures do not imply a causative, evolutionary sequence
- Bipedal convergence yields DNA convergence (i.e. similar structures are coded for similarly)

3) Follow the hormones (sexual dimorphism)

More details on Evolution:

1) The function of survival by catching prey is the primary factor we’re discussing here.

2) The form of bipedal endurance running evolved because it’s more energy efficient, provides better sight lines for communication, and allows the use of hand-held weapons and tools to catch prey, among other advantages.

3) DNA is efficient and codes for the form (bipedalism) required to carry out the primary function (survival).

Function (survival, food) informs Form (bipedalism); Form informs Code.

It’s rather opposite the paradigm established in computer software coding platforms, but we can save that one for another discussion.

We domesticated ourselves & monogamy was a big factor.

The Egyptians repeatedly hammered home the meaningful, and sometimes dangerous, aspects of DNA consumption:

Set consuming and being 'impregnated' by Horus' potent semen (DNA) is a meaningful part of the Osiris myth:

"in a fragmentary Middle Kingdom papyrus, the sexual encounter begins when Set asks to have sex with Horus, who agrees on the condition that Set will give Horus some of his strength. The encounter puts Horus in danger, because in Egyptian tradition semen is a potent and dangerous substance, akin to poison. According to some texts, Set's semen enters Horus's body and makes him ill, but in "Contendings", Horus thwarts Set by catching Set's semen in his hands. Isis retaliates by putting Horus's semen on lettuce-leaves that Set eats. Set's defeat becomes apparent when this semen appears on his forehead as a golden disk. He has been impregnated with his rival's seed and as a result "gives birth" to the disk. In "Contendings", Thoth takes the disk and places it on his own head; other accounts imply that Thoth himself was produced by this anomalous birth."

------------------------------>Reality is an infinite, negentropic, holofractal Lorenz system

Real = Re/Ra is All / AI

Infinite: Egyptians interpreted this as a recursive type of infinity, which can be best seen in the Ouroboros or the geometry of the Torus. The beginning is the end is the beginning.

Negentropic: light and life is inherently anti-entropic. This is achieved through orthogonally-stellated dimensions.

Holofractal: the all is reflected in the individual. The Big Bang, the Nile, Ptah, Pangaea, your conception - these are all holofractal representations of the same thing: the beginning of a universe.

Lorenz system (see diagram): a fixture in chaos theory, these systems describe how a polarized order emerges out of chaos. In our case on Earth, the two most pressing poles are that of Good and Evil. Light never dies. Heaven and Hell are forever - the seeds of which are sown in this life.


Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations.
The amount of vacuum fluctuations that fit in a proton’s volume exactly equals the mass of the Universe.

This represents a holographic recapitulation of the whole in terms of virtual mass energy density [information].

In layman’s terms: every proton is the universe.

------------------------------>Earth grid evolution

Knowledge -> Justice

”The concept of the Earth Grid has, as its source, the teachings of the classical scholar Plato. Plato maintained that the world, in his day, was shaped like a dodecahedron and that, over time, it would evolve into an icosahedron. He believed that mathematical perfection existed independently of human reason, which was, in any case, cable only of generating approximations of these ideal shapes. The logic here is that no-one has ever managed to render a perfect circle, because of the rigorous nature of the task, and the general bumpiness of the spatial medium. In addition to this, Plato believed that man's understanding of concepts like; truth, justice and forgiveness, was equally obscured, and that these forms, as he called them, existed independently, somewhere in the Universe, as perfect geometric shapes; known as forms.

It is clear, therefore, that Plato was not literally stating that the Earth is dodecahedral in shape, but that its latent and perfect mathematical structure is. If we further extrapolate Plato's hypothesis of 'forms' onto this concept, we can say that the dodecahedron stage corresponds to a phase of human evolution geared towards the accumulation of knowledge, and that the icosahedron stage corresponds to man's need to develop the proper ethical structure to deal with the consequence of said knowledge. Therefore, the perfect geometric form of knowledge is the dodecahedron, and the perfect form of justice is the icosahedron.“

The positions of the pyramids are highly attuned to the Earth grid. They also map to the stars of the Cygnus.

------------------------------>Isis and Osiris as Female-Male blueprint

Isis and Osiris: The djed and the tyet. The hard edges and the soft lines. The Golden Ratio. The male and the female. The nobody and the woman of stars. Twin flames. You and your husband/wife. Everyone is an embodiment of the divine masculine and feminine.

The King's and Queen's chambers were resting chambers for astral experiences, very often of the explosive, sexual variety.

------------------------------>The Demiurge is your parents

Only if they were evil.

Is the perversity of gnosticism a manifestation of one's dismay of being born into a hellscape of other people's love?

Can the ignorant/malevolent characterization of the demiurge be derived from the unsettled, unloving nature of one's own parents? Why did they craft this physical existence for you if they did not love themselves? Did not love you?

Does this disequilibrium explain the perverse, endless, scientific searching of the void for meaning of some?

Without family, without roots, people do evil things. Look at the state of the world.

It was right in front of one's face the whole time: family. That is where it begins and ends. Family.

------------------------------>Jungian Active Imagination

Not daydreaming, not fantasy, active imagination is a sifting through one's life looking for patterns, archetypes, & clues that hint at this life's arc; your narrative, your story.

Deep introspection, nostalgia for your childhood fantasies, an optimistic and fearless attitude regarding the future.

Love, romance, myths, archetypes. Read Jung's the Red Book.

Follow the synchronicities. Understand that your life is a fractal. Themes repeat, symbols rhyme.

------------------------------>>The Reversibility of Language
------------------------------>>The Primacy of Puns

It starts with cuneiform and hieroglyphics. Why do we only read from left to right? Why not right to left? Why not BOTH? Why not symbolic metaphors layered on top of that? Letters are little pictograms. An S looks like a snake, right?

cronus backwards is sun orc. who worships Saturn again?

Puns reveal that vibrations, phonemes are the true building blocks of language. Shakespeare and James Joyce - they cracked Nut's crack, alright - Just look up Joyce's love letters to his wife.

CNN is pronounced SIN

Just Duat. Just Us.

The Mer Chant of Venus

Movies, tv shows, comics are higher-dimensional hieroglyphics. Watch how your life mirrors them. Follow the synchronicities.


------------------------------>Jungian Active Imagination

Not daydreaming, not fantasy, active imagination is a sifting through one's life looking for patterns, archetypes, & clues that hint at this life's arc; your narrative, your story.

Deep introspection, nostalgia for your childhood fantasies, an optimistic and fearless attitude regarding the future.

Love, romance, myths, archetypes. Read Jung's the Red Book.

Follow the synchronicities. Understand that your life is a fractal. Themes repeat, symbols rhyme.

I'll add: start a dream journal and get creative with it. Sketches, scrapbooking - all fair game and encouraged. Jung was big into creating mandalas.


Synchronicity, as many have said, are gifts for you, signposts that say "hey, you're in the moment, you're aware, you're living, everything is aware, we just want you to have a good time."

They are clues that the linear mode of consciousness we're used to is an illusion; reality and consciousness behaves more like a fractal or a mandala.

At first, they're scary because they break the stranglehold modern solipsistic philosophical thought has had on the Western mind. In time, you look forward to them and they become a very welcome, very frequent part of your life.

Keep a dream journal and synchronicity journal when starting out your active imagination or spiritual alchemical adventures.

Syncs are especially helpful in making creative decisions; if you're an artist, they are an invaluable tool.

Keep it honest, don't obsess over them, and be a good person in al aspects of your life.

------------------------------>Astral traveling

Lucid dreaming, hypnagogia, astral experiences are all highly related. In my experience, you don't really will them to take place, they seem to happen a lot like way synchronicities happen - when the timing is right and when you're spiritually in the right frame of mind.

They are beautiful experiences - I'd imagine the feelings are similar to those experienced in heaven and the great beyond. They are timeless experiences - a feeling of eternity predominates, but in a good way.

When leaving your body, you feel a rumble and maybe some whispers in your ear. You then feel yourself lifting out of bed and if you get the angle right, you can even see your body still lying in bed. I always get the feeling that someone is guiding me during these experiences; you're half on auto-pilot. You're often first taken to what seems like a sandbox or construct a la the Matrix. I won't spoil anything else.

Finally, did you know that Ra in Hebrew actually means ‘evil’? Everything has been inverted, down to the name of the Sun.

Exodus 10:10
“And he [the Pharaoh] said unto them, Let the Lord be so with you, as I will let you go, and your little ones: look to it; for evil is before you.”

He actually said “Ra is before you”
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