Interesting thought form experience last night
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Interesting thought form experience last night
Hi Everyone,

I had an interesting experience last night that I thought some might find interesting.

Last night, after a meditation session, I was in the kitchen drinking some water. I felt something pulling me from behind and pushing me at my chest. It wasn't painful or forceful but felt more like a magnetic force pulling/pushing me. I found it interesting at first so I let it do it's thing on me.

At first I was just feeling the force. Then the force was strong enough that if I wanted to maintain my balance (push/pulling on my upper body), I would have to move my legs and feet. So with the pulling/pushing force as the lead, my feet and legs followed.

I started walking backward. The first couple steps were very slow as I was still trying to figure what was happening. As I noticed that I was walking backwards, I let my body relax and observed if I was walking backward because I happened to be walking backward or the pulling/pushing wanted me to walk backwards.

I moved my feet to turn slowly so that I would be turning around facing the direction I was heading. I felt resistance as I turned. I realized that the pulling/pushing wanted me to walk backwards. I was definitely intrigued. So I relaxed my body again and just let the pulling/pushing lead. I walked backward at my normal walking speed towards my apartment door.

As I reached the door with my back facing the door, all of a sudden, I got an impression that I should go out. I felt uneasy about it and was thinking why would I have the impression of wanting to go out at 9:00 pm. Right after my thought, the impression became a voice. "isn't this what your curiosity always wanted? Don't you want to find out what this is about?".

This made me a bit uneasy and I felt little bit of fear. The fear reminded me. It reminded me that of all the insane things that I have ever done in my life, I rarely felt fear so I decided to dispel the fear before I keep going. So, I closed my eyes and breathed to radiate my energy. After a few breathes the uneasy feeling and fear went away and so did the pulling/pushing force.

I was left standing at my apartment door looking out from my fisheye (no one was outside. It was dead quiet). Here is the impression that I got right after I check the fisheye. There was a thought form or consciousness remnant that caused the pulling/pushing. I recently moved to this apartment (3 weeks?). My sister who lived here before me once told me that she felt something in her cloth set staring at her.

This morning as I was typing this. Another thought came to me about the walking backward.
Was the thought form trying to get me to open the door and walk out backwardly and walk back into so that the "thought form" was invited in. According to lore from all over the world, there seems to be a rule where if one invites the thought form in, one would have a far more difficult time to ask them out, eg vampires, witches, Taoist spirits, Buddhist demons and Hindu spirits to name a few.

I am wondering if anyone had any thought, past similar experience or was able to read my energy experience through this post to provide some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

I am mostly curious about it. Well basically my curiosity is asking if I should have kept going and walked out my apartment like the pulling/pushing intended me to even though I did feel peaceful and the space cleared up after I radiated my energy field.

A long story. Thanks for reading.

A sidenote: the meditation session was one of the most blissful ones I had recently. I felt I was dissolving with colourful lights dancing in around me.
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03-25-2020, 01:11 PM,
RE: Interesting thought form experience last night
Scah, if you have some incense sticks at home, why don't you burn some ? I did this any time I moved to a new place.... Wink

Not that this might be negative at all, what is more that meditation was beautiful .. but it is nice to burn some incense anyway !!!
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