The Ra Material and Urantia
05-03-2020, 11:28 PM,
The Ra Material and Urantia
Hello everyone, I was reading The Law of One and stumbled upon this quote:
14.30 Questioner: The Urantia Book, which I haven’t read. Who gave that?
Ra: I am Ra. This was given by a series of discarnate entities of your own Earth planes, the so-called inner planes. This material is not passed by the Council.

So I have a couple of questions and hope that someone can help me.

Is The Urantia Book not real or did Ra mean something else by this?
Also, what are the inner planes?

It seems that RA acknowledged that it was still distributed by discarnate beings, thus he acknowledged it to be from an otherworldly source.
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Shocked  RE: The Ra Material and Urantia
I would interpret that comment as originating from human spirits or Earth spirits. Not planetary ones. It wouldn't surprise me, the idea of necromancy has always interested me and I can think of some Middle Eastern sects and definitely Mesoamerican cultures that venerate the graves of family members. Over generations, doing all kinds of magical stuff around them. For centuries maybe thousands of years in some places kept hidden or sacred.

It wouldn't surprise me if over time people developed direct contact and wanted to hide the tombs of relatives so didn't reveal the sources. People don't talk about these things so openly. What reason is there to? I remember trying to read about the graves of Biblical figures and often times religious authorities hated that people would visit these places even though some still remain. Picture a religion like Confucianism where people return to clan graveyards over hundreds of years and are spoken to about the knowledge all the ancestors had over centuries.

I don't remember hearing about Urantia but I'll look in to it. But skimming through the page I see it mentioning 7 universes and the number 10.

"The book describes that at the center of the cosmos is the stationary Isle of Paradise—the dwelling place of God—with Paradise being surrounded by "Havona," an eternal universe containing a billion perfect worlds, around which seven incomplete and evolutionary "superuniverses" circle.[71][72]

The word "universe" in the book is used to denote a number of different scales of organization. A "superuniverse" is roughly the size of a galaxy or group of galaxies, and the seven superuniverses along with Paradise-Havona are together designated as the "grand universe." A "local universe" is a portion of a superuniverse, with 100,000 local universes being in each superuniverse.[71] Beyond the seven superuniverses, uninhabited "outer space levels" are described. The term "master universe" refers to what in modern usage would be the total universe—all existing matter and space taken as a whole.

Urantia is said to be located in a remote local universe named "Nebadon," which itself is part of superuniverse number seven, "Orvonton." The physical size of a local universe is not directly stated, but each is said to have up to 10 million inhabited worlds.[71]"

Which seems alright, but I'll truly be impressed when someone can show me another religion/mystic text which shows 14 dimensions of reality like listed here
Ending with 14 Vayala, which seems to corresponds to the Sikh Kara [bangle symbolizing an infinitely cyclic universe with no beginning or end]

Maybe the number 10 and it's multiples that appears in their text corresponds to Hamsa which has really gotten my attention lately as Hamsa hand is also a Mideast religious symbol but it is the 10th Chakra
2 excerpts:

There are ten stages of "inner nada" which are heard successively as sounds; first "chini", then "chini-chini", third a bell, fourth a "conch" or Shankha (Sea shell), fifth of a "tantiri" (lute, string instrument), sixth like clapping, seventh of a flute, eighth is the music of a "bheri" (a drum), ninth of "mridangam" (with double sides, kettle drum), and tenth like a "thunder" (sound of lightning).[21][22] Ayyangar describes these "inner nada" states to have Tantric meaning, and its explanation is whispered in the right ear of the seeker

"One must avoid the first nine, states the text, and seek the tenth music because it relates to Hamsa. It is in tenth state where the yogi realizes Brahman, his Atman and Brahman become one,[24] the duality vanishes.[25] The yogi then shines, his doubts destroyed, his desires vanish, calmness, enlightenment, bliss becomes him.[24]"

Atman is individual soul, Brahman is soul of the universe.

instead of only the whole number 7 or 10, if they become timetables they become relevant numbers. for example the number 49, 7x7 is significant in Tibetan Buddhism as days of a soul entering a human, and in the Bible as the 7 churches/ 7angels with 7 trumpets .
8 and multiples of 8 is meaningful for DNA/Lunation but I see the number 7 and 10 in sections of Urantia so I'll stick with that.

This number also turns out to be significant in the Torah

49 is the 49th octave of the electromagnetic spectrum [7 colors we see]

On an unrelated note, this is something that has my attention which has proven real world implications.

I noticed in this guys books he showed a connection to Hathor that I made even before I noticed an excerpt from his book about Edgar Cayce in Egypt. Hathor is seen on the 81st glyph of some Egyptian temple/pyramid art he divides it in to 79a 79b 79c but without that b c it would be glyph 79 80 81

He describes 2038 as a significant year. These guys are very intelligent people.
It turns out 2038 is also going to be a big headache unless humans really rush to try and fix the computer programs of every device that is using 32 bit programming. And it might not be easy--at all.

we're going to experience a more severe Y2K bug on a massive scale. This is a fact. He makes no mention of this in what he discovered in the pyramids. I am watching the hour long presentation right now, but this is a fact of time encoding software, not prophecy. Who knows what will happen with millions of vehicles suddenly shutting down globally. Old computing devices of all kinds. It is going to be a while, but makes me think. There's equipment I bet that is used in hospitals that is decades old for example. Or imagine farming vehicles in poorer countries becoming nonfunctional suddenly.
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RE: The Ra Material and Urantia
(05-03-2020, 11:28 PM)Möbius Wrote:  Is The Urantia Book not real or did Ra mean something else by this?

Well, Ra meant that was passed by entities that inhabited the inner planes of the Earth. Personally, I found some distortions in the Urantia Book, such as the statement that astrology is just superstition. Another problem is the naming of many beings and places that we have no way of knowing if they are real. They also talk about Lucifer as an archangel. Ra implies that Lucifer is a Logos.

(05-03-2020, 11:28 PM)Möbius Wrote:  Also, what are the inner planes?

It is the time / space portion of the Earth. The invisible / metaphysical dimensions of our planet, such as the astral plane, the mental plane, etc.
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RE: The Ra Material and Urantia
I had forgotten. The book also says that there is no reincarnation. That is, it is not something that I would waste time reading.
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