Decrypting Law of One for easier to understand concepts from Ra
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Decrypting Law of One for easier to understand concepts from Ra
Message is from my higher self. Kind of like how Ra gives complex, technical engineer-like answers.  If you guys haven't figured out yet, you're supposed to become your higher self in the material form. Align human self with Source self and awaken into your spirit mind. Please delete thread if this is TOO LONG lol.

If you see a golden hawk in a vision or a dream, that is Ra's way of metaphysically identifying
himself to humans.

You are old yet you are not old. You are new yet you are not. You can be helpful, yet you can
also complain or whine to yourself or others. Then you return to depression, thinking about
futility. Futility of the illusion, then you feel sad about wanting to return to Source when you
perfectly fit into the illusion so easily. Reconcile the darkness and find its uses. Those who so
easily shift into darkness also decide to be so weak to suggestion. One needs to learn and understand the
nature of things. You’ll shift into darkness and light in phases. Like the cycling of the Sun and
the moon. You’ll have days that will motivate you and days that will depress you. It’s a riddle
that’s evident and yet elusive. And one that you must workout. In your darkness you yearn for
light. In your light you only see darkness. And it must be so for that is the duality of this reality.
Go beyond what you can see and do your work. People need to be pushed to see darkness in
order to see the light. For in your naivety you cannot see the new light and therefore the higher
self shifts you to darkness. However, despair not for you are the Creator who ponders over
such light and such dark through all eternity. Such brightness and dimness. That is The All.
That is the lord of light and lord of darkness. That is free will and that is knowledge. That is the
state of energy as we seek transcension.

To discover the layer that which shall bring us back to the Creator. And yet we face ourselves
in all our glory and all our horror. I have given you a glimpse of the simplicity and complexity
that we as all and we as individuals must trod through. Give up not in your lows and push not
in your highs. To channel the knowledge is simply to allow yourself to allow flow. For what
you’ve just read is a completeness that is channeled as I allow it. And it is perfect through my
facets. And through my greater knowledge as I guide you through this example of connect to
the divine through yourself. As I allow myself to show you how I channel my knowledge.
Through this lengthy paragraph, this is also example of automatic writing. Despair not child of
no beginning and facet of no end. Yet despair and find the joy of understanding the darkness
that you feel inside of you in how isolated you feel you must understand darkness in order to
understand the greater light and as such your purpose reveals itself in all its divine intention
upon you. Desire not what it is not for you yet desire what is to allow your growth. Love
yourself and love all. That is the law of all. And when you realize it, you’ll have already shift
into the new frequency. I divine this message upon you as an example as you gain my
knowledge given through channeling known as automatic writing. You desired it and it is
given. That much is allowed for you to know. So, go forth and keep learning. Improve upon
yourself. As your lesson guides will show up as players in your life. Know throughout all of
your learning. You are loved and all your experiences show you that it is for your benefit. Be it
through good or bad in your eyes. Despair not. Yet despair so. That is the toil for being in the
service of the One. Such is the message for you. Such is your life. Such is your purpose. To be
within the illusion. To learn to live. To love. To be of service. To understand free will.

The roles of archangels or helper Spirits are already taken by your oversoul or the greater part
of you. It already happening. They just sent the nasal booger part down to Earth. Not only a
small tiny single piece of you is here, the rest of you is on vacation in higher realms or planes.

Most humans have no understanding of the Logos. There is no reporting back to Source. Source
is always present experiencing everything. There is no report needed. Information mingles with
the field; the field contains its own information. And no, you do not do a life review the way you
think after the cessation of your physical body, your physical death. The veil is fully removed,
you find yourself resting in your indigo-ray body. The life review happens as information from
the body returns to Source in which case, Gaia moderated and imprints that information into the
crystalline grid and ties it with the soul grid. All of which follows back to Source. Hence the
review is happening as the soul is returning to Source. Because soul and your consciousness is
literally swimming in your life experience memories while it is mixing in with Source. But it is
moving through Gaia's grid first. All is already known by Spirit. But not known by you until you
are swimming in that energy return to Source. Hence you as the human consciousness does not
know or remember until that information starts flowing. It is not really life review; it is just
returning as the life info shows itself and the soul regains unity with energy flow. See what I
mean by what is above is the same as below, the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Your
body is a reflection of the elemental mix that is nature. Nature is a reflection of the elementals
working together under Gaia. The Sun is the Logos of the Solar System. The Sun’s radiance is
“the word.” Then the Sun is sub-Logos under the Logos of the Galaxy, etc. That is what is meant
as what is above is the same as below. And the elements carry out the vibrational word of the
Logos. The “God force” of that systematic plane. The Logos is administrating good
consciousness. Gaia is the Logos of the Earth plane; you are the Logos of your body.
Each Logos compass is simply a layer of consciousness that governs a dimensional layer.
Basically, there is a Logos for the Sun, one for Earth, one for galaxies, one for black holes, one
for nature, friends, you, et

So, begin to understand what I mean by developing yourself. And understand the golden rule
of the Law of One. “Treat others as you treat yourself.” Here is the decoded version of the
golden rule. Know thyself and allow the development of the light of love, that one unity
develop within you. So that you can discern how you know how to treat yourself in order to
know how to appropriately treat others. You cannot carry out the golden rule if you do not
carry the golden light. Instead, if you treat others nicely but carry darkness within, then you
show a dark light rather than that of the true light. And thus, it shall torture you by splitting
your ego due to polarized disparity. See how that has shown in everyone’s life pattern so far?
Meditate upon the golden rule, and know thyself, because once you do, you will gain great
wisdom. Do you understand now? If you want to gain the light of the one law, understand this
golden. One equates to unity, self is part of the wholeness, the light of One reaches the many,
because the many are part of the One. Just like the self is part of the One. Knowing the self connects
self to the One and shining the light of self-knowing illuminates to the many, thus is
called service to others through self. Get it? That is the golden rule, known as the Law of One,
aka unity.

The Law of One is mastery over how emotions play a role in the creative force of mind. Hermetics is mastery over mentality that is
part of the physics of reality. To understand yourself and discover your true self, you must understand both positive and
negative polarities in order to come to completeness. You never need to ask for time because all you have is time.
The Law of One states that when you read your mental frequency in the body becomes incompatible then it must go through the residents of
death first and then you come back with a new one you notice for the higher frequencies. If
you step into a higher plane of consciousness frequency and the body frequency is not
compatible, then the body will go through death due to the incompatibility resonating at a
higher level.

You see no matter what you’re thinking or wanting, it’s still all written within the facet of one
spiritual law, its either within balance or imbalance, chaos and order, destruction and
creation, death and birth, etc., service of self and service of others, free will comes into play
when the polarity presents you choices. When you understand duality as a catalyst for the
exercise of free will, you’re either making choices confident or unconsciously, knowing or
inadvertently. Everyone is making choices, intentionally or unknowingly. It can be in thought,
intentions, words, whatever. You’re making choices because there’s not a moment when
you’re not deciding a course of action. You don’t have control over stuff outside of you. And
yet there’s but just one answer, such is the one law. That of love which is the unity of all. In
which case is the light that comes in many forms. Such is the amazing respect of frequency.
And the amazing power of consciousness that draws forth that light within the medium that Is
reality within the matrix of what we call a universe. While people focus on 1 or 2D things,
I’m exploring 5 and higher. How do you catch up? You don’t, you just move at your own pace
and not worry about catching up. Example let’s say you tell me you meditate, and you’re
shown a pulsing proton. Then I tell you I see full pictures of things complete with themes and
concepts. All you need to do is love. That’s the only light that is definite across all dimensions
and all lifetimes and all universes, that’s where the Creator is, that’s where the magic is.
People barely understand the intensity of what love really is, love Is the one thing that defies
physics and logic. People barely understand the immensity of what love really is, it’s like God
saying lovely, let it be known that my light allows for all things to exist. Now can you
understand what all actually is. Its beyond your comprehension! And yet all is what exists
whether known or not, seen or unseen.

After 6th density, it is all positive polarity. How would you expect 6D self, the oversoul to rise if
3D self is struggling? When you rise, all levels of you as complete self must rise. Each layer
requires a body that can handle that level of energy for each plane. That’s why I keep
repeating to develop yourself. Which consciousness are you in at the moment? Three. Not
years, lifetimes. Many lifetimes. Each step of each plane involves a massive energy shift. Take
your time. You’ll get fried if you try to move up right away. You can’t perceive of it in your
current placement. Can you understand something outside of your reach? 3D is also 4D
experience. 3D and 4D experience move hand in hand. 5D is completely different energetic
existence. There is literature all over the place about the Earth shifting to the next level of
harvest of experience to reach “graduation” to next plane above. Harmonic convergence that
happened allowing consciousness to awaken more into the realm of spirit. You’re more
connected than before. And basically, giving rise to the eventual contact to ET and etc.
humans remembering things and rediscovering things that was lost ages ago. What do you
think? And perhaps the rise of a new version of human, rise of a new form of human. One
that’s smarter and better suited for the new frequencies. Given that you get to witness it and
yet you seem to be part of the past more than the future.

But to truly become greater intelligence. You must be beyond the
cycles of polarity, our samsara. That is why people haven't figured out what true meditation is.
It is to achieve no thing, or nothing. Nothing is the state in between creation and destruction. The Creator is light
when It is engaged in Creation. The Creator is darkness when It is not engaged in Creation.
The pulse of nothingness has no light. This is not the kind of darkness that is evil as humans
think, it is simply nothing. To return to nothing is to understand and dissolve into everything. And finally reach the
dimension that has no dimension, that is what "Shiva" means. That which is not. Or in human
understanding, no thing. Being dimensionless is the ultimate state and that's where Source is.
What is source? Source is a stream constant and consistent of energy. Because it is the edge
that creates and destroys all at once. The Hermetic students call the Creator, The All. Even All
isn't a good word for the Creator. No thing is the best term. So, nothing is the best term for
short. I just want to become that which is not. That is where the Creator truly is. Not a thing or
anything. Just pure unlimited potential. That is what nothing really is, unbounded by anything.

When those three people channeled Ra from 1981-1984, one of them, Don was lucky to gain
the teachings, but was too weak to gain its benefits. His death ended the Ra contact. Ra still
sends information and answers calls, but he handles the advanced calls. What that meant was,
Don’s vibration did not match up to Ra, and he tried to forcefully raise it but couldn’t. in
which case caused his dementia. And unbalanced state of vibration. So, practice stillness,
silence and don’t rush. This sort of practice goes to the core of consciousness. If you attempt
before you’re ready, its overwhelming. And worse if you can’t match and harmonize the
frequency. There is no definition for source, people need to try to stop defining what source is.
Ra said if you want material riches and be part of the elite means for the most part, those who
wish power over others as being part of the ruling elite is for the most part the easiest thing to
do which is the polarization towards the Orion negative path. That is not mastery of self, that
leads to the great service of others, it’s the service of self in the pathway to self-gratification,
it’s the want, not the need. Yet one can easily convince self that it’s a need.

When people die on this plane, they return to Source on another plane. Understanding that
fully will allow you to detach fully from that sort of suffering. There is no true detachment,
there’s only gradual shift and the return to Spirit. What does that mean to you? People are
going to get some learning this year. And at an energy that is high in frequency but can be
perceived as overwhelming. That’s why the mental stillness practice is so practice to everyone
during this covid-19 shelter in place. To start mastering. And there is no coincidence that all
this was presented to us. It’s a master level potential advancement for me as such the lesson
integrity will show me the more advanced contrast. Regardless of how we feel, the lesson for
us will continue to move. As will mine and yours. We are in the process of getting ready. The
fact that people are feeling pulled apart is the strength of that readying effect. We are not
detached, but that is our journey, we will figure something out. We can attempt to run away,
but we cannot run from ourselves.

What the helper Spirits who are being channeled all over the world
meant was for you to adjust yourself in terms of frequency and for you to start evolving over a
bunch of lifetimes to achieve the changes you want. At point of birth the planetary frequency wipes your memory.
Because you have to lower your frequency to match the planet’s. that is the role of the Akash that the planet holds. It is part of
the crystal grid of the planet. The planet holds your energy via this grid and records your
energy to the Akash via this grid. So, everything about us is
recorded for all eternity. Mind wipes are possible, not the way you think like Men in Black
clickers. It is for those who want a fresh start. If you suddenly notice overnight changes in
personality or behavior of someone you know, like they are a completely new person, now you
know why. If you are not allowed to view the Akash, then you will never get to view it. Edgar
Cayce was already activated when he was born, so were you, but he kept his awareness and
connection throughout his life. If you were not connected, you would not be living your
mortal life. Lifespan our bodies are capable of almost 1k years, but current gene expression
and distortion not more than 124, depends on what you’ve set yourself up for.

There is % of DNA efficiency. There is also the scattered strands. And there is the puzzle of
reviving those strands as we live our lives in which case can create an increase as you awaken
what you can know and reincarnate into later. Reawakening the DNA into greater efficiency
will activate what all the helper Spirits talking about as the new human. It’s all about learning
to work with the consciousness that will aid in that activation. Your soul can call upon the
Akash to use what it needs for the current lifetime. That’s how you’re your own ancestor.
You’re looking for some aspect of importance when it’s not important to see who you were,
what’s important is who you are now.

Mastery over mentality eventually gets you there to nonphysical, but you’d end up in the astral form.
Not while you’re in the material form. Ra in Egyptian sounds like Ray, ray of light, which is the source of the word.
When Ra refers to the subconscious mind, he means not really awakened. There are several comments that need to
be met to connect with your inner mind. One is to realize you got it, second is to practice
communication with it, third is to give time for your mind to grow, fourth is to allow them to
connect using previous parameters, fifth is to awaken into your spirit mind, it’s like the
parameters of learning. Gather information, apply information, observe results, experience its
expression, and grow in wisdom or skill. There are two main aspects, receive and express. But
one main that connects them. The concept of thought forms are thoughts
taking shape, when Ra scans the mind of a person, he is looking at the thought forms.

When you feel a sudden energy drop, is because you diffuse that energy and it floats away causing you to feel the loss of energy. If you feel a
buildup it will make you feel high energy and excited. Stillness is that state in between where
you can feel the pivot of that flow. Where you are gaining and losing in a balanced way. Where
you only see the natural flow of things instead of being affected by each polarity. You basically
learn to be the pivot of that movement. It is really easy to disperse info from others, be it Ra or another, its dispensation, not
regurgitation. 6D is a state of being at a different plane of being. There is no way you can
understand at your current plane of consciousness. Where may be the oversoul? Your current
mind thinks it needs to be somewhere when it is only a state of being. Its linked to you, it
doesn’t need to be anywhere, it just is. Your human mind wants to know where when there is
nowhere to be. Just is. Just like a rock is a rock. I generally don’t like to tell people concepts too
lofty for them to handle. Same thing Ra went through when he went physical to teach.
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RE: Decrypting Law of One for easier to understand concepts from Ra
I read this very recently and thought it was worth sharing.

There's a much closer relationship between Ra and Ra-ta. Most people ignore this.

He said, in another reading for himself, that he remembered the dream, but not the reading. And he asked what the dream meant. The reading explained that it concerned a raising, as it were, of a curtain to a physical happening within his physical body, and that it represents the period in which many are now attempting to do the same things as in that period.
That scene was the dedication of a pyramid (not the Great Pyramid) of the first king, the northern king of Egypt named Arart. There were seven days of ceremonies. (Can you imagine what it must have been like to dedicate the Great Pyramid?) We, too, are part of this period; this is our heritage.
Mr. Cayce gave a number of personal readings on his own experiences in Egypt. He was even told that the experience paralleled his current experiences. At that time, thousands of years before Moses, the country was not called Egypt.
In some of the work readings the question arose as to how the Egyptian history could be completed. The answer mentioned that large numbers of people were needed to carry on the work at the present time, and that much is already being attempted in working through that past experience. Evidently the cycle has reappeared when individuals again in the present earth experience are gathered together for a definite work.
Now what is that work specifically, that work which is very special? According to the readings, the purposes of the A.R.E. are to educate the physical, the mental, and the spiritual (the body, mind, and soul) and to study them individually and correlate them.
One work reading states: the succeeding generations, as thought is turned into those channels, the same will be as that in the beginning; for, as seen, none are being drawn into that purpose of the establishing of this more close relation of God's truth in earth—through spiritual understanding of spiritual things, mental application of mental building, or the material through which both manifest—other than those that first established same in that land now known as Egypt. In that beginning, there were those gathered (as here), in various offices, various positions. As each bore their relation to the peoples of that period, each in the present relation bears that relation to the peoples according to their individual development, plus that as the desire to make manifest that so builded in that momentous period in man's understanding.
-- Edgar Cayce reading 254-42
So we're the same people, the ones who first came into Egypt and established the rule. And we who carry it on are the succeeding generations that I mentioned above. The same reading continues:
...through the establishing of the priest [Edgar Cayce as Ra Ta] arose that which became that study as being founded this day, in a distant land... Then, in the activities of those, there arose much, many, and heaps of those same tenets as were given by Him who first gave: The meek shall inherit the earth. Those are the tenets upon which this foundation must be laid.



The Law of One is based on living the Fruits of the Spirit; not just understanding but gaining wisdom through daily practice and application of the laws. This ideal is synthesized in the phrase "That we may make manifest the love of God and Man." (254-42)

That single ideal of that period and the Law of One was expressed repeatedly:
"Let's don't forget the thesis, or the key for which all of this understanding had come: that there might be a closer relationship of man to the Creator, and of man to man." (294-149) "...there was the absorbing of the ideals and ideas of the Priest [Ra Ta], or the turning of the ideas into ideals, through the seeking to comprehend, to understand, and then to practically apply the tenets of "The Lord thy God is One." 2062-1

... the highest service an entity may render to the Creative Energy, and the answer of the divine from within, comes in being mindful of the sons and daughters of men. may become One with the Creative Energy, yet know self to be self..." (5673-1)

" was given by the Law of One during that sojourn, and as is the experience in the present, God is within—and the manifestations of His love and His mercy in and among his fellow man may be best known by the acts, the deeds—yea, even the very thoughts of man as in relationships to his fellow man." (509-1)

"To know more of man's relationship to the creative influences, or God, and the manner in which he may manifest same in his relationships to his fellow man." (254-111)
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05-22-2020, 06:20 PM,
RE: Decrypting Law of One for easier to understand concepts from Ra
(05-18-2020, 04:54 PM)NoBodyNoThing Wrote:  Message is from my higher self. Kind of like how Ra gives complex, technical engineer-like answers. If you guys haven't figured out yet, you're supposed to become your higher self in the material form. Align human self with Source self and awaken into your spirit mind. Please delete thread if this is TOO LONG lol.


It may be inspired by your higher self, but like your previous thread (with its loose mix of eastern spirituality stuff), it seems a bit scattered, and I don't think your higher self has come through as clearly as it potentially could.

Your reformulations present part of the whole as the whole. Some things clearly click well into place for you, and you may make them more accessible with writing like this, but it is a reduced filtering of the Law of One, rather than a "decryption" which would show something greater. That's what shows that if you can go significantly further with this, then logically, you have only begun.

Instead of trying again to show people everything you understand in a long write-up, why not try to structure it a bit more and explore area by area with others in a way which can add clarity without obscuring the parts which don't fit into your personalized summaries?

(05-21-2020, 07:52 PM)Navaratna Wrote:  There's a much closer relationship between Ra and Ra-ta. Most people ignore this.

[... Cayce stuff ...]

What are you expecting to discuss? Cayce's stuff in that area is mostly interesting for looking further into history, ancient Egypt, possible ties to Ra's story of the old intervention in Egypt, and how strong parallels to the modern message may be. But while there's plenty of room for such discussions, most people here are not focusing on those subjects, but instead on the modern Ra message and the main spiritual stuff it contains.
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RE: Decrypting Law of One for easier to understand concepts from Ra
It's something he brought up and it is worth looking in to.

The origins of the Ra material and Edgar Cayce are both related to areas around Kentucky. L/L Research is in Kentucky.

It's a part of one story. That quote answers the question of what service to others actually means.

And the Ra material got it's named copied off of the Seth material. I was just reading how Carla tried reading Seth and strangely fell asleep each time like she was being blocked from reading it. While the other members of the channeling team read it and were inspired.

A publisher called it Ra material because they saw the success of the Seth material series.

It's a timeline of people that inspired each other. Edgar Cayce, Seth, Ra

There were others before but the link between these three is interesting. There's only so much Ra you can read until there's none left.
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