Pyramids, light prisms, and density/color rays
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Pyramids, light prisms, and density/color rays

I thought this was interesting. Reading the pyramid pages will tell you about how the pyramid was built for light to balance a person's energy,
I think it'd be interesting to experiment with a glass pyramid and meditate on a certain color of your choice. They'd all be useful but for 4th density you could focus on the green light and violet for density 7.

I have a Veracruz amethyst which is clear enough to portray the rainbow. Hexagon shapes also do this in a unique way. Fluorite is also a material used for this it looks like when faceted in to shapes. Reading about this more on the pages describes how this makes a color ray a true undistorted color.

33.5 Questioner: Possibly the use of a prism breaking white light into its spectrum and then screening off all parts of the spectrum except that which you wish to pass through a slit and use would be even better. Would this be true?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
33.19 Questioner: Uh, just a minute. I don’t think that anything I could ask at this time would be brief enough. Just a minute. [Sounds of papers being handled.] Yes, there’s one question. Is there any difference in violet-ray activity or brightness between entities who are at the entrance level to fourth-density positive and negative?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The violet ray of the positive fourth-density will be tinged with the green, blue, indigo triad of energies. This tinge may be seen as a portion of a rainbow or prism, as you know it, the rays being quite distinct.

The violet ray of fourth-density negative has in its aura, shall we say, the tinge of red, orange, yellow, these three rays being muddied rather than distinct.
55.16 Questioner: Why does the King’s Chamber have the various small chambers above it?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

We must address this query more generally in order to explicate your specific question. The positioning of the entity to be healed is such that the life energies, if you will, are in a position to be briefly interrupted or intersected by light. This light then may, by the catalyst of the healer with the crystal, manipulate the aural forces, as you may call the various energy centers, in such a way that if the entity to be healed wills it so, corrections may take place. Then the entity is reprotected by its own, now less distorted, energy field and is able to go its way.

The process by which this is done involves bringing the entity to be healed to an equilibrium. This involves temperature, barometric pressure, and the electrical charged atmosphere. The first two requirements are controlled by the system of chimneys.

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