Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
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Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
I thought this was very unique and also sort of funny in the sense that even I have never heard of anything like it in such a direct sense.

So Seth is a channeled entity by Jane Roberts but the entity Seth sometimes states that although he is non-physical he still has tasks to attend to as a part of a greater reality with even more entities and there are a multitude of "creator" spirits [the best way I can term it]

Seth was once a human and knew Jane Roberts through many lifetimes because he was attracted to her. He became entirely non-physical at a point and in his reality there are entities who never knew what it was to be physical at all that are above him.

Reading this I picture playing the Sims. But [Seth#2] playing a character [Seth] playing the Sims [Human]

Seth #2 communicates through Seth #1 through Jane[a.k.a. ruburt]:
We form the reality that you know. We have spoken to you since the beginning of your time. We have inspired and helped those of your prophets who have looked to us. There is no need to worry about your friend (Ruburt). We want you to realize that there is more than your human reality. We want you to realize that there is consciousness without form, that there is consciousness with will and vitality that comes to you from beyond even those places that your Seth knows. We want you to realize that though it is hard for us to communicate, we spoke with your race before your race learned language. We gave you mental images and upon these images you learned to form the world that you know. We gave you the pattern by which your physical selves are formed. We gave you the pattern by which you learned to form your physical reality. We gave you the patterns intricate, involved and blessed from which you form the reality of each physical thing you know. The most minute cell within your brain has been made from the patterns of consciousness which we have given you. We gave you the pattern upon which you formed your entire physical universe and the comprehension that exists within each cell, the knowledge that each cell has, the desire for organization was given by us. The entire webwork was initiated by us. We taught you to form the reality that you know.

The entire post and similar ones are on this blog ://

"Ruburt" is the practical Whole Self universe of Jane's experience that Seth refers to Jane as.
In this complete reality she becomes a blonde man.
see "Portrait of Rubert & Joseph"

Seth is referred to once in a question in the Law of One and on multiple transcripts in L/L Research related mostly to Q'uo.

I am wondering lately about why Law of One became so much more popular than Seth. Seth has more sophisticated ideas in my opinion than Law of One, but it is older so I wonder why Law of One has many more thousands of views on YouTube for example. It isn't exactly easy to read Law of One without reading each QA multiple times to get a real understanding of it. I think people relate more to Law of One as individuals and the society idea of it. There are other older channels from that timespan from 1960-80s but I think if I had to say the two I've heard mentioned the most it'd be Seth and Law of One with possibly messages from Michael which I only read about recently.

Law of One was published online. I for example learned of it through people posting it in their signatures in other forums. Seth books I don't know if there is a free text page but theres tons of audio on YouTube. It's crazy to me how it doesn't sound as old as it is. excerpt

This whole idea makes me relate to this made-up game about playing a videogame of someone playing a video game.

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RE: Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
I wouldn't say that Law of One has become more popular than the Seth channeling, personally. In my experience more people I've met have been familiar with or heard of Seth and very few are aware of the Ra Material. I actually haven't met anyone else who has read Messages From Michael.

I think Alice Bailey and Theosophy has dominated much of the field of channeling after Edgar Cayce. A lot of the "Ascended Master" stuff comes from those.

However, I would say the most 'popular' is actually Kryon, who spoke at the UN through the 90's. Obviously a later time period. Funny enough, perhaps not so well-known nowadays.

Interestingly, he started channeling Kryon in 1989, a being whom claimed to be part of the same 'family' as Michael.
I was also born in 1989, my middle name is Michael, and well, I'll just leave the curiosity at that.

Oh I would also mention the St. Germain channelings by Guy Ballard have been very influential, being one of the core 'Ascended Master' ones. Although weirdly there's a split between New Age and Theosophy with each kind of having their own idea of the "Ascended Masters" and I think this convolution has lead to immense confusion between the two.
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RE: Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
I think if you go on YouTube and look at Lawofone and then Seth you'll see that there are videos in Law of One that have nearly a half million views which aren't even a year old while the Seth videos have been on for like a decade or more and have just as many.

I think older people know about Seth. I assume Law of One is popular among younger people.

This is interesting to me because they both mention the concept of group consciousnesses/social memory complexes. Imagine if people that study these texts are the current embodiment a past social memory complex. The Seth complex, the Egyptian complex.

So considering this together, I see that older people with spiritual consciousness are more connected to Seth and the younger people relate more to Law of One. I could be wrong but the thing is that Reddit and YouTube along with other forums I used to visit which I imagine were mostly the current younger generation spread Law of One around. Reddit has a much more popular Lawofone reddit and a nearly dead Seth reddit.

I don't use reddit, I detest the stake/ownership of a good part of the site by the Chinese Communist government. Yet from reviewing the Seth subreddits and a Seth forum slower than this one, it's obvious Law of One is much more popular among the 20-30 year old crowd.

When I see large groups of people in a spiritual/conscious community of people I pause and look at people's "aura" to see who has the most pronounced energy. I also look at the gender ratio and age group. Seth people are often much older from videos I've seen online. Younger people don't know of Jane Roberts for the most part.

Women also often dominate the gender ratio. If something is about psychic anything you're not likely going to find a lot of middle aged guys who care about it unless it's a part of an older era. Those books were popular back then but other than a handful of unknown people no one is adding to it and according to the authors Seth only existed with Jane and Robert as a pair. It seems like Seth is popular among older people from the previous decades when it was first published.

Maybe they're wiser lol.

Edit: I have heard of Kryon but never looked in to it.

In a video on Kevin Moore's youtube channel there are 2 recent interviews with guys alive today who were in the E.S.P. classes hosted by Jane Roberts, and one of them Seth called "The Poet" said that there are channeled American texts from the 1800s but their language is so different from ours that they have no crowd that cares to discuss the vast majority of them but the Poet did mention one he thought had real info in it. It's a long interview but interesting. The second video on Moore's channel with bald guy is great and all, but seemed overly emphatic about it. He described how no system of psychology or religion he's ever encountered is as sophisticated as the one Jane Roberts wrote in her 40 or so books.

It's unique to me how the Roberts books seem like they could have been written either today or 10 years ago and the language is so intelligent that it doesn't seem dated compared to a lot of 60s books.
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05-25-2020, 01:57 AM,
RE: Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
I read Jane Roberts when I was about 19-20 and I am 30 now, so maybe I am a bit of an unusual occultist that way.

It's true that I learned of the Law of One from younger people, although those I have met within the physical community tend to be more in the 30+ range.

I think that the reason a lot of people, especially younger folk, came in to contact with the Ra Material is because of the prominence of conspiracies surrounding the illuminati and the Hidden Hand material. A lot of people have ended up on this site after reading that.

In my experience the people who are doing really serious channeling usually aren't pursuing publicity, often not even publishing.
The desire to be free is one of the brightest burning flames in the heart of humanity.
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05-25-2020, 02:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-25-2020, 02:29 AM by Navaratna.)
RE: Channeling Seth at times led to Seth channeling a second entity above him
I imagine how many places that people do know about these entities and yet they saw the Spanish conquest/literal American witch hunts for example and for 500 years straight they learned to shut the Hell up or be purged in one way or another by the churches/government. I've never heard of hidden hand I'll look in to it.

The legends in Honduras of the Mesoamerican gods fleeing to temples/ruins hidden in the jungles around Mosquitia are really intriguing to me. There are tales of those spirits residing around Ciudad Blanca when the Spanish conquest defaced the Templo mayor in Tenochtitlan as center of the occult.

We know these ruins are there, they have been scanned with LIDAR. There have been expeditions and books written about it the City of the Monkey God. It's one of the largest preserved sections of wilderness in the region and considering how nuts Honduras is, it might be a lifetime until anyone can safely excavate any of these places if they aren't killed by the leishmaniasis from the sandflies, or venomsnakes/mosquitos, and most of all the insanely violent people that make Honduras the country with the highest global homicide rate per capita.
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