Bring4th Forum Guidelines
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Bring4th Forum Guidelines
Bring4th Guidelines

Thank you for joining the Bring4th Forums!

The purpose of our forum is to provide you and many seekers like you a safe meeting place conducive to conversation regarding the fascinating and inexhaustible field of spiritual evolution. And not just spiritual evolution in general, but spiritual evolution as understood through the eyes of the Law of One material, the Confederation philosophy, and the work of L/L Research.

In the digital world of the internet, these forums represent a sacred meeting place, a holy temple where people from a wide range of backgrounds, temperaments, and orientations converge to share themselves on the common ground of service to others, of love, light, unity, and joy. In order to better facilitate and safeguard this incredible and rare environment, we have established some guidelines whose spirit and letter we respectfully request you honor during your interactions in these forums.

To read an articulation of the spirit and principles upon which this community is built, please click here.

1) The Cornerstone
The key governing principle of the entire Bring4th community, and all L/L Research social media venues, is the request that all members treat others with respect, especially when disagreeing. The participant may disagree to the bone with an idea without personally attacking the author.

Though not every possible viewpoint has a place here, ours is a culture of tolerance that works to accept others as they are, and, in the event of disharmony, works firstly to find where the imbalance is within the self before seeking it out in the other.

Participants are asked to keep the thought in the forefront of their minds at all times that each on this forum is the Creator.  We are all here to expand our knowledge, deepen our understanding, and support one another. We can do this by embodying values of respect, compassion, empathy, goodwill, loving-kindness, and all energies of the open heart that by reflect our divinity and true nature to each other. We are one being, and our work here should be oriented not toward separation, but unity.

2) Service to Others
L/L Research and the Bring4th Forums are designed to facilitate, enhance, and encourage the increase of the positive polarity. This is reflected in the Guidelines and the Bring4th Principles.

Polarity—service to others (STO) and service to self (STS)—plays a strong and frequent part in forum discussion. This is as it should be, for not only is the concept of polarity a central thread in the Law of One philosophy, but it is also at the heart of our experience of third density, aka: our everyday lives. It is a discussion that should be continually revisited in the life of the spiritual seeker. Members do not necessarily need to subscribe to the framework of polarity in this sense, but it should be understood that these concepts will be central to any discussion within a community which gathers to discuss this material.

While this leaves plenty of space to discuss and examine the negative polarity, we ask that members assume that all who are participating on the forums are either consciously polarizing positively, or are, at least, not polarizing negatively. While any one of us may engage in behavior that carries aspects of the service-to-self path, and while some members make certain claims about their own polarity, in nearly eight years of maintaining a community, we have yet to see an actual member consciously polarizing service to self on the forums.

3) On Topic
The question of one's personal journey in integrating the Law of One teachings is of central interest and importance for this group, thus leading to practically limitless areas for personal sharing and participation in a safe atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. For this reason we ask that members of the forums keep their posts on topic.

What does “on topic” mean? That your thread be in alignment with the intended purpose of the forum or sub-forum, that your posting be in alignment with the intended purpose of the thread, and that the bulk of your discussion on the Bring4th forums happens through the lens of the L/L Research material.

4) Focus & Source Material
The metaphysical, new age, and alternative online forums on the net are diverse, popular, and numerous. In order to have worthwhile discussion that is beneficial to those who are interested in the material of L/L Research, we must restrict our focus to topics that relate to our core mission. The forums do attempt to accommodate a wide range of interest, but our principle aim is upon the philosophy articulated in the Law of One material, and the general work of L/L Research.

Members are expected to have read at least a certain amount of the Confederation philosophy, and to be here to share their experiences and discuss their thoughts on that basis. To get yourself better acquainted with the primary source material, please visit L/L Research’s online Library at

5) Negative Philosophies
Ours is a forum dedicated to the exploration, promotion, and living of the service-to-others polarity as defined in the Law of One material. This does not mean that discussions about the service-to-self polarity are prohibited, only that promotion of philosophies and information which:

*exhibit elements of deception and manipulative thinking
*generate fear
*reject or discourage universal love
*encourage or promote control of self or others

are considered to be not in alignment with the principles of spiritual evolution espoused by Confederation sources and are thus subject to moderation and/or removal.

6) Self-Promotion
Members who selfishly use the forum’s common resources without regard for its members' shared interests may be moderated or banned. This includes those who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings.

*Please note: It is acceptable to recommend and/or promote a product or service within certain limits in The Corkboard, a forum designed specifically for this purpose. Please refer to The Corkboard's posted guidelines.

7) Impermissible Speech
Discussions that promote or endorse racial / sexual / national intolerance, hate speech, politically subversive acts or planning, will not be tolerated.

8) Topics of Sexuality
Sexuality and our sexual natures represent very important, foundational, and profound portions of our evolutionary experience, yet this topic is one which can easily, perhaps even inadvertently, be abused and used to create more rather than less distortion. If such topics of concern are relevant to your post, participants are asked to be as sensitive as possible to all forum members, exercise their highest discernment, and use respectful terminology.

At all times please attempt to discuss, share, and examine this category of information—whether anecdotal or abstract—with the aim of understanding it in terms of spiritual evolution, polarity, self-knowing, and self-accepting. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your post crosses this ambiguous line, we ask that you err on the side of caution and dial your post down, or refrain altogether from publishing your post.

9) Pornography
Discussions that involve pornography or profanity are strongly discouraged. Such topics can be discussed tastefully, but doing so can be a very tricky and delicate matter. In the same spirit as the guideline above, we ask that participants be as sensitive as possible to every forum member, exercise their highest discernment, and soften the language where possible. When in doubt, leave it out!

10) Drugs
Many if not all of us have had—or know someone who has had—experience with drugs. We have likely seen at first hand both the joys and the sorrows of drugs: the memorable moments of communing in the open heart with others; the destruction of self and/or others caused or exacerbated by drugs; and, at its best, the spiritual insight and understanding that variably result from non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by chemical substances.

We ask that the following guidelines be honored when speaking about drugs:
a) That the means of creating, obtaining, or distributing any illegal substance (whether it “should” be illegal or not) be left completely off of the public discussion table.

b) That any and all discussion of drug use be placed within the larger context of spiritual evolution. For better or worse, how does a particular drug, or drugs in general, affect your spiritual evolution? What role have drugs played in the spiritual evolution of humankind? What part did your positive and/or negative experiences with drugs have in your own spiritual evolution?

c) That use of illegal drugs never be promoted to other members as a means for evolving, healing, growing, improving, etc. Members may report of their own experiences, but are not permitted to suggest to any other member that such experiences may be replicated. It will always remain to the reader’s discrimination whether any particular drug is worthy of further consideration. No one is ever to be persuaded, swayed, won over, or influenced to change their own perspective on drugs through any means other than the sharing of one’s own perspective with no motive save to share the experience.

Notably, in the dozen or so instances where the Confederation has been questioned in channeling sessions at L/L Research through the years, their answer has always been that there are unintended negative consequences that may accompany the use of drugs. They suggest progressing naturally.

11) Pharmaceuticals
We are aware that some seekers who find this community have had experience with psychiatric medications. Such medication has been beneficial in many cases in addressing the needs of those individuals. We ask that members be sensitive to the variant needs of all body complexes and respectful of current diagnoses. Please do not to dissuade other members from their current psychiatric treatments.

The Confederation has expressed the importance of remembering that allopathic healers are, indeed, healers. We encourage an open discussion of all experiences in the context of spirituality, but ask that a certain sensitivity be added when speaking about someone else's experiences with taking psychiatric medication. It is possible to share your personal experience with such treatments without directly discouraging another member from their own treatments.

12) Spamming
Spamming is strictly forbidden, and members who abuse the trust of the forum by spamming will be immediately banned, and their Internet Service Provider contacted regarding the nature of the abuse. Using email addresses acquired on the forum to spam members privately is also forbidden.

Further, embedding a commercial link into your signature is prohibited. If you are interested in promoting and sharing a product or service, please visit the Corkboard section of the Forums where members may recommend, request, or advertise a product or service.

13) Multiple Accounts
Owning multiple accounts is prohibited. Any Bring4th member who creates more than one account—whether the views expressed from each account are in agreement or disagreement with one another, or whether, even, the other accounts are used for posting—will be subject to immediate account deletion, and potentially banning.

14) Sharing Links
When sharing a link to a webpage (including to something within, please either:

a) provide a short description of the page in your own words, or:

b) provide an excerpt of the material (one to three paragraphs) along with the link.
Doing this rather than posting a "blind link" prevents confusion and saves time for readers.

Likewise, when posting material not your own to the forums, limit the amount of text posted to one to three paragraphs along with a link to the material, if possible. This avoids readers having to scroll through massively long posts.

15) Thread Title
It is helpful for the title of a thread to accurately convey what is intended to be discussed within the course of the thread. This limits confusion and makes for easier reference. Therefore, we suggest and request that you please attempt to make the thread title as descriptive of the content as possible.

For example, if you wish to discuss, say, the effects of mating dances on spiritual evolution in tribal societies, please don’t title your thread, “Hey what do you guys think of this?”, or, “I read this yesterday, pretty interesting stuff.”

Instead try, “Mating Dances in Tribal Societies.”
Moderators may actively rename threads if the subject does not match the content.

16) Forum Clutter
When replying to a thread and quoting previous posts, please quote only the pertinent text. Many are the single-line replies that include a wall of text from previous posts. This is not respectful to the limited time that members and non-members alike have for reading the forums.

17) ID Theft
Revealing your identity is not a required for participation on Bring4th. However, intentionally misrepresenting your identity in order to manipulate or deceive is prohibited and may result in an immediate ban. (Please, do not pretend to be somebody else.)

18) Conclusion
These guidelines are intended to help members participate on the forum with the least possible degree of difficulty. They cannot define or measure each and every situation. The moderators will do their utmost to interpret and apply these guidelines to the unique situations that arise.

This forum is private and participation constitutes implied acceptance of the guidelines and the website owner’s ability to enforce them.

Feel free to contact the moderators and site owners with questions and concerns.

Please grab a chair and make yourself at home!

[Do you have any ideas for refining the guidelines? Please send them our way using the Contact Us page.]
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Directory of Bring4th Staff

---------------Community Stewardship Circle-----------------------

Aion: A highly committed dilettante of the arcane and mundane arts, pursuing both nothing and everything because, hey, it's all One anyways.

Diana: Fringe dweller. Claims to know nothing but has endless fun speculating about the nature of existence. She haunts, rather than explicates.

Flofrog: A really silly painter, but totally in love with her little Ra material.

Louisabell: Student of mystery, solver of problems, systems thinker, and mother of one, navigates ambiguity in the balance between the known and the unknown, but is mostly just a nerd.

Patrick: Spiritual scientist, programmer and not exactly sure how he landed on this planet, but he's enjoying the ride.

Spaced: Player of games, part-time mystic and know-nothing-know-it-all.


Bring4th_Steve – Webmaster of L/L Research. Best person you've never met. Tells good stories with pipe, robe, slippers, and fireplace. *If you need something of Steve, please contact Austin or Steppingfeet (Gary).

---------------L/L Directors---------------------------------------------

Austin – Co-Director of L/L Research, can help with questions pertaining to L/L Research, the forums, or the next octave. Favorite band: Queen. Favorite distortion: the first one.

Steppingfeet – Co-Director of L/L Research, can help with all L/L Research-related questions. The mystic in him calls him to silence as his feet call him to the national parks in his love of natural beauty and need for nature on the grand scale. Also has consumed life in quest for unlimited cache of peanut butter rumored to exist deep in the mountains.

---------------Somewhat Sentient Life-------------------------------

Bring4th_Stewardship – Impersonal Website Steward account, it is the portal through which energies from other dimensions move into our own. Also used by the stewardship circle for moderator purposes.

Bring4th_Admin – Impersonal Website Admin account, it is a social memory complex consisting of every great mind who ever lived. Also used for Bring4th superstructure and announcements.


Bring4th_Jim – rock and president of L/L Research, Carla's husband, and scribe for the Ra Contact. Does not physically age, believed to be seven hundred years old.

Bring4th_Carlalisbeth – co-founder of, primary channel for, and the inspirational heart at the center of L/L Research. Indomitable spirit which cannot be stolen to negative time/space. Carla passed away in April, 2015.

Click here to send a message to one or all of the staff members.
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