Monica's amazing thankyou
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RE: Monica's amazing thankyou
(03-05-2013, 05:34 AM)Anchor Wrote:  I was listening to the podcast dated 23rd Feb 2013 (link) from the blog talk radio when just as Carla was talking about healing her inner child and the Raggedy Anne doll: At around 32m08s Monica said this and it was so profound I wanted to transcribe it and post it because its just so good and so right on.

Carla, I need to tell you something.

I’m speaking to the little girl Carla at various ages and all the little Carlas all throughout your life and the adult Carla and all the various adult Carlas throughout your entire life, this is going to a thousand different personalities at different points in time:-

Carla, you did a fantastic job, and I am speaking from the heart and I am speaking on behalf of probably thousands and thousands of people who have benefited from the work that you did and the phenomenal work that came forth because of your willingness to be of service.

You did a phenomenally, awesome, fantastic, fabulous, perfect, beautiful job - in being who you are and being in service and channeling, not only channeling the Law of One, the highest spiritual teaching in the land – that alone, my God, your life has had a profound impact on thousands and thousands of people, that alone has been huge; but not only that, but the service that you have continued to give since then and are doing right now, right this very minute, even with all the physical issues you are dealing with – to do this service, to do this radio show and to offer yourself yet again – that is just huge. I mean, anybody else, after channeling the Law of One, they could just go and retire, I mean you could have done that and that would have been fine.

I’m gonna tell you right now, on behalf of all these people, we love you and we thank you because you have done something so beautiful and you have given us something that we treasure and its because of you, yes Jim and Don as well thank you for your contribution - but right now, I’m directing this at you Carla, and you are beautiful, and you did great and the things you did as a child must have been wonderful too because it brought you to who you are today – so thank you, you did great.


Monica, I am so glad you did that. Yes Carla, its all true. Monica was speaking for many and I certainly would add my name to that list.

The effect on me when I heard it was interesting. I felt I could sense the energy exchange of love across time and space, and inside I am cheering - YAY MONICA - WELL SAID, so very well said. Happy and tears at the same time.

Thanks Monica for saying what needed to be said, and when it needed saying.

My apologies to all those on a train into Sydney central this morning, who witnessed some odd looking guy with iPod scrabbling around in his rucksack for tissues, while splashing some huge tears on the floor.

Anchor, you should join us at Homecoming if you are able.
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