Archetype Sub-Forum Posting Guidelines
07-08-2014, 02:29 PM,
Archetype Sub-Forum Posting Guidelines
All general Bring4th posting guidelines apply. In addition to the general guidelines, the following guidelines apply:

Creating new threads:

1. Title
  • Keep it simple.
    e.g.: “When I compare the Matrix and Potentiator for a long time with really strong focus, the results are incredible. I called my mom, she agreed.” Should read: “Comparing the Matrix and Potentiator”.
  • Include the name(s) of the archetype(s) or group(s) of archetypes addressed therein.

2. Content
  • Focus on the Ra Material.
    Threads concerning the history of the Tarot, specific decks, and perspectives on the Tarot which are neither inspired by Ra nor consonant with Ra's teachings do have a proper place within this forum, but only on the periphery. We do not want to discourage discussion of these peripheral subjects, but the purpose of this sub-forum is to focus on Ra's unique take on these 22 archetypes. Therefore, be very mindful not to proliferate new threads on these subjects.
  • Avoid clutter.
    Only post a new thread if there is sufficient original thought to warrant it. General principle: if what you have to say can be posted in an existing thread without derailing the conversation, then do so. We recommend perusing the Table of Contents before creating a new thread just to be sure.
  • Limit your personal non-Ra philosophies and speculations to a single thread.
    Although this guideline follows from the two above, it bears emphasizing: if you want to speculate on the Tarot or on the archetypes in ways which have no direct bearing on the archetypes as taught by Ra in Book IV of The Law of One, you may do so in one thread. Deviation from this guideline may result in thread merging and a courteous reminder via private message. We reserve the right to perform noogies in the event of failure to comply. (See noogie.).
  • Original posts should be clarified and elucidated as much as possible.
    Avoid starting a new thread with a one-liner absent explanation. We want to understand you, so help us out. Include a doodle, a lucid description, an intuitive free-association with an analysis, whatever helps you get your point across.
  • Do not be afraid to post a new thread if it meets the above criteria.
    On the flip side of this coin, we want to encourage personal perspectives on the archetypes which do relate back to Ra's teachings. The purpose of this forum is to explore the particular system of archetypes taught by Ra.

Posting within existing threads:
  • Post on topic.
    “On topic” is defined and established by the original post with which the thread began. If you want to post something tangential to the original post, either start a new thread or find a more appropriate one. If you want to post something personal, use private messaging. We would like to keep this forum pruned so that it can be a useful tool to future students of the archetypes, rather than a chat room whose logs are too chaotic and lengthy for anyone to consider reading.
  • Try to explain yourself.
    While an original post which starts a thread does warrant a higher degree of clarity and explanation than any other post within a thread, it is still important to do your best to make yourself understood.
  • Be charitable toward other perspectives.
    Respect is a prerequisite for charity when interpreting others. But a fruitful community study of the archetypes needs more than respect: it needs synergy, for Ra tells us that “those of like mind which together seek will far more surely find” (83.17). This subject, more than any other in the Ra Material, is susceptible to a wide variety of interpretations. Because we are all students here, we are also all the teachers of each other. Look for jewels and nuggets of insight in the words of others, no matter how much their words may be at variance with your unique perspective. Remember that a charitable attitude is one that first cultivates respect and then an open minded and gracious attitude that assumes the competence of others. Of course, no one will be censored for failing to understand another seeker, but if it is evident that respect is absent, moderator intervention is likely.
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