Guidelines: The Ra Contact Sessions
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Guidelines: The Ra Contact Sessions
With great enthusiasm, L/L Research launches the new sub-forum “The Ra Contact Sessions: 1 – 106”! In this sub-forum, each session from The Law of One books has its own dedicated thread, totaling 106 threads.

The general Bring4th Forum Guidelines still apply here, of course, with one additional guideline for this sub-forum:

All posting must be on-topic.

What does “on-topic” mean?

It means that if a post is created in the thread for, say, Session 47, that post should be in some direct way about the content in Session 47.
  • Not about what sort of day you are having.
  • Not about the thought you had in response to someone else’s post that is unrelated to the session being discussed.
  • Not about the social dynamics of the people discussing the session.
  • And not a meme you found funny/interesting but that has no bearing on the content of the actual Ra session.
These threads are static, meaning the same 106 threads will be represented in perpetuity. Old threads won’t get buried as time elapses. So, please be extra mindful to be on-topic.

Any posting not on-topic will be subject to swift, albeit polite, removal.

And a big thanks to Tanner (current user account: "Unbound") for proposing this sub-forum!

PS: A tip about using this or any forum really, but especially this one:

Each column in any given forum can be sorted by the category heading at the top. If you look at the light purple row (second one from the top), it contains:

--Last Post

You can click on any one of these and sort the entire sub-forum according to that category. You can toggle between ascending and descending by clicking "[asc]" and "[desc]".

The threads in 1 - 106 sub-forum are not static and fixed in place, actually. This sub-forum just has a default sorting option in the "Thread" column so that all threads initially appear in sequence.

Any member can change this. If you click the "Last Post" option, you can sort the whole thing to find when the most recent post was made to each thread.

The most recent "last post" will be at the top of the column when sorted in ascending order. "[asc]"
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