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The Law of One (Ra) transcripts. The transcripts can be viewed by session or category and searched by keyword or phrase.

Policy: The links below do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of L/L Research, nor is their content necessarily endorsed by L/L Research. Further, the information contained within the linked web sites may or may not be congruent with the Confederation philosophy. They are presented here because their content was felt to be of a positive nature. Whether they will be helpful to your own path or not is strictly a matter of your discrimination. Enjoy!

See what others are doing with the Law of One

I Am Infinite Being
Inspired by the study of The Law of One, this website was founded to support healing through embracing catalyst in recognition of the self, by self and its self-healing abilities. This site is about the "I Am", the knowing of self as infinite being of love and light, and the sharing of this with others.
Transcript Library Index
Plenum, the Bring4th username of a dedicated seeker of the Law of One, compiled this index of all L/L Research Transcripts from the Transcript Library available here: He created an index according to what he felt was the key concept of each channeling. It is a subjective index - another seeker would create a different list altogether. But it is nonetheless helpful and interesting!
Archetypes Study Guide
Brandy Rox’s detailed and comprehensive study guide to the Archetypes of the Mind as presented in Book IV of the Law of One material.
Scott Mandelker's Site
This website explores the ageless wisdom of true Self and The Law of One. Recommended books: "Universal Vision" and "From Elsewhere".
Ra Material: Study Guides and Discussion Group

Study Guides: Wanderer's Notes, Spiritual Sexuality, ET Quiz, Chart on Cosmic Plan, ET-Earth History, Healing & Balance (Principles of the One Infinite Creator) Miscellaneous references (includes Spanish links)
Law of One Study Guide
Law of One Study Guide On this page I will be exploring five volumes of material entitled, 'The Law of One, or The Ra Material'.

Law of One Society

We are a loosely structured, non-hierarchical network of individuals from around the world dedicated to understanding, exemplifying and practicing the truth we refer to as the Law of One.
A Law of One Study Group on Facebook
A Law of One study group on Facebook. Not associated with L/L Research.


A Law of One Forum in Chinese
Here is a forum in Mainland China. In this forum, the information of the Law of One is shared. We talk about the chakra system, the archetypical mind, constellations, meditation, and the knowledge of dreams. Welcome to everyone. We may share and communicate with each other.
The Law of One in German
Das Gesetz des Einen
(Please note, the following description contains foreign characters and may not present well on various browsers)
Auf diesem Blog wird die �bersetzung des "Law of One" in Ausz�gen zeitnah im Laufe der Entstehung ver�ffentlicht. Au�erdem finden sich dort viele weitere Informationen �ber das Gesetz des Einen und die M�glichkeit zur Vernetzung.
The Law of One in German
Das Gesetz des Einen Facebook-Seite
Auf unsere Facebook-Seite ver�ffentlichen wir regelm��ig neue Zitate und Ausz�ge aus dem Gesetz des Einen. Dort k�nnen auch Kommentare und Nachrichten hinterlassen werden.
The Law of One in German
Das Gesetz des Einen Twitter-Kanal
Immer auf dem Laufenden bleiben mit unserem Twitter-Kanal.
The Law of One in German
Das Gesetz des Einen Youtube-Kanal
Meditative Videos mit Zitaten aus dem Gesetz des Einen.
Polish Translations
Translation of the Law of One Study Guide and A Wanderer’s Handbook in Polish.
Spanish Translations
Para acceder a la traducción en español de parte de los contenidos de este sitio web, haga clic aquí.
Russian Translations
Serbian Translations

Law of One Related Sites

An Italian translation of this study guide:
L/L Library Chinese Satellite Web Site

A personal website dedicated to translating each Session of the Law of One Books. As well, we select some personally favorite L/L Transcripts, and translate them into Chinese

Chinese Law Of One Web Site
Chinese Law of One Discussion
Dutch Translation
Dutch Translation of some of the Law of One material.
French Translation
French translation of the Law of One at
Stazione Celeste – Italian Translation of The Ra Material and many other Sunday meditations into Italian.


Deep Spring Center
Home of Barbara Brodsky's work with Aaron, Deep Spring Center's primary focus is to speak to the question of how we may live with more wisdom and compassion, with lovingkindness and non-harm to all beings. Their work falls into two categories, meditation and spiritual inquiry. They host teaching and meditation retreats as well.
"Joshiah made contact with us in the summer of the year 2000. He comes to us as a loving friend and offers a clear, comprehensive message on who we are and why we are here. His views on our reality and our future offer hope and anticipation for an amazing new era."
Just Channelings
Channeling Discussion Forum


Both Sides Now
Our aim at Both Sides Now (BSN) is to make a better world through a heady bringing together of spiritual and social concerns.


The Reciprocal System of Theory by Dewey B. Larson Larson's reciprocal system of theory which was discussed in the Ra contact.

UFO STUDIES This website is devoted to the study of the existence of UFOs, UFOlogy and extraterrestrial life, as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military.


Aravinda Loop — Mythic Sci-Fi inspired by the Law of One
Based on the Law of One books, The Epic of Aravinda is a fast-paced science fiction book series like no other. The series begins with the award-nominated novel The Truth Beyond the Sky, now available on Paperback, Kindle, and Audible audiobook. Checkout "Join the Loop" for a free short story and novella!
Christ and Law of One
I have endeavored to live in the constructive tension between the exoteric and the esoteric understandings of Christianity and the Law of One Material. These reflections are from a limited person but one who offers them in love and a desire to serve others. Among the topics covered are: the Trinitarian implications in the Law of One Material, Christ and the Law of One, the Jesus Event (what Ra couldn't see?), Towards a theology of Oneness, Wanderer reflections, Wanderer adventures in trance states, and more. Walk together? offers thousands of free pages of verifiable scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, ascension and the evolution of consciousness. Law Of One - Ra Material, Divine Cosmos, Edgar Cayce, ACIM
Spiritual Research Institute
Helping individuals realize their divine individuality through discovering and sharing spiritually and scientifically balanced insight into the Nature and Mechanism of Life, creating a holistic environment and providing support and encouragement.
Channel Cast TV provides a daily variety of channeled material, with the intent of enhancing and empowering the individual and collective consciousness of Earth.
Pupak Haghigi's Website
Pupak Haghighi is a student of the Law of One, a glass artist and earth healer. Her website is an evolving project, as her life is, too.
Culture of Awareness
The Culture of Awareness is a daily spiritual/alternative news website that features articles, channeled messages, and other material that's intended to uplift, inform and empower. The website's main purpose is to provide material that's spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
New Earth Star Inner Academy
Welcome to the New Earth Star Inner Academy. Prepare to enter a realm of Ascension Consciousness with many ports of call and places to explore in your interior world!
Blue Star Love - From an Amazing Heart of Grace
This website focuses on the published book by Maia Nartoomid, on the spiritual and mystical life of Elvis Aaron Presley. The 486 pages addresses Elvis Presley as a spiritual being who had a life-purpose far beyond entertaining. He used his God-given talent and his desire to share it with people as a means to spread the greater Light within him into the world.
Adventures In Applied Spirituality
A place to share adventures in spiritual development and how it affects our family, professional and spiritual lives. We will learn from each other about applying spiritual and earthly talents to make this a better world.
Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow
We welcome you home, that is we welcome you to the home atmosphere of knowing who you are, and in what large company you are. We welcome you to the mission on Earth. A place to learn more about the self; to connect, to share our stories, to share the tools we've learned, to share our music, art, poetry, sadness, laughter and love. Come, gather with us, whom are of like mind. We encourage submissions.
Hercules Invictus: Olympian Starseeds Initiative
Olympian Starseeds are embodied reflections of Olympus' Light that have chosen to drink the Waters of Forgetfulness and enter the Dream of Mortality to assist in the Great Awakening on Gaia.The Olympian Starseeds Initiative (OSI) provides assistance to incarnate Olympians and establishes Cosmic Olympian Communities. Outreach efforts include Workshops, Field Investigations, Study Groups, Interactive Entertainments, Book GiveAways and Informational Meetings. The Olympian Starseed initiative supports all of humanity's efforts to transcend this world and venture forth into the great beyond, be they metaphysical, mechanical or even imaginal.
Space Wanderers
We are located in Russia. Our main activity is helping seekers and wanderers to get information to share love and friendliness. As of July 2012, there are more than 1000 people in our Russian-speaking group. We usually discuss UFO experiences, dreams, poetry and so on, including Skype sessions once or twice per month filled with laughter and humor.
2012 Spiritual Information
Spirit-guided website.  Information, including The Law of One, about the imminent spiritual awakening and evolution of humanity, the nature of reality and consciousness, galaxy/solar system/earth changes, and prophecies. 
Maya 12-21-2012
A website dedicated to the Harvest of 2012. Features a section for the Law of One material.
A Law of One-based website whose research focus includes positive graduation, densities and harvests, pre-incarnative choices, and metaphysical law.
Tomi’s Finnish Language Blog
A Finnish language blog dedicated to the Law of One material and coming harvest.

From the author: "The purpose of my blog is to introduce the Law of One philosophy to the Finnish seekers. The Law of One material has been relatively unknown in Finland, and I would like to change that. I hope that even one soul gets inspired because of my efforts."
Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
The book, "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" was written by Robert Schwartz and contains ten true stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when together they planned the challenges they would experience in their upcoming lifetimes.
The Messenger - A Guide for Life's Adventure
Developed as a bridge between thoughtful and intelligent writers who are stretching the boundaries of our lives--and those who hunger for such nourishment. Subject matter pertains, but is not limited to: holistic health, ecology, parenting, spiritual and self development and metaphysical tools.
Sri Ramana Maharshi
A website dedicated to one of the world's greatest sages, a pure proponent and embodiment of the Law of One.
Your Divine Inheritance
Site for the ebook, Divine Heritage
Sons of the Law of One
The Sons Of The Law Of One Podcast highlights channeled messages along with material from scientists and others who are unveiling creation.
The Truth Contest
This contest is seeking the answers to the big questions of life, the truth about life and death.  We are on the cutting edge of the search for the truth, the latest and greatest source of the truth about life and death on earth.

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