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Carla's EulogyApril 20, 2015

Seventeen days after Carla left her body, a small portion of the many people who loved Carla gathered to say goodbye through the funeral service ceremony at her beloved Episcopalian church. Though in the solemnity of the ceremony there were tones of sorrow among we who will not have the pleasure of another conversation with Carla in this lifetime, it was nevertheless a moment of great beauty, celebration, and ultimately joy. We honored our dear friend and companion, and through the sounds of choir music selected in advance by Carla, we honored the Creator, blessing the soul who we called Carla as she moves onto her next great adventure.


Jim's beautiful reflection on the moment and the text of the eulogy he delivered are available here:


Thank you to everyone who sent support in the way of emails, cards, blog replies, forum posts, facebook responses, flowers, donations, and in the silent support of love. Each giving meant so much to us and will be kept close to our hearts for the remainder of our days.


It was quite amazing to witness people all over this planet express in unison how Carla's life and work affected, informed, illuminated, and even awakened their own desire to seek the truth, often profoundly so. We who remain at L/L Research feel likewise.


From the small moments in the day-to-day living, to the patterns that become visible in the great arc of her arduous incarnational journey, Carla was and will continue to be an exemplar of unconditional love to us. Her physical presence is no longer available to our senses, but the Creator's original light that radiated so effortlessly from her will burn brightly through our own hearts, encouraging us to get out of our thick heads and into the infinite space of the heart where Carla met every soul she encountered.


Special though she was, we're all bozos on the bus, she would say. We are honored to have had the opportunity to ride alongside Carla for a time, fellow bozos and travelers.


Our Brazilian friend and volunteer, Edgard D., wrote it best his tribute to Carla:


We that keep existing in, and experiencing the third density have the duty/honor of moving on with the work that she helped to perpetuate, a work that transcends creed, race, geography, time and space - a work that has only one demand: that we seek Truth inside ourselves, and that asks that we materialize this Truth the best way we can, building our own personal myth along the path, aiding in our own awakening and, by example, aiding those around us in their own awakening.


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