I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 93.11-.12:

Questioner: I would like, if possible, an example of the activity we call Catalyst of the Mind in a particular individual undergoing this process. Could Ra give an example of that?

Ra: I am Ra. All that assaults your senses is catalyst. We, in speaking to this support group through this instrument, offer catalyst. The configurations of each in the group of body offer catalyst through comfort/discomfort. In fact all that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is catalyst.

Questioner: Then presently we receive catalyst of the mind as we are aware of Ra’s communication, and we receive catalyst of the body as our body senses all of the inputs to the body, as I understand it. But could Ra then describe catalyst of the spirit, and are we at this time receiving that catalyst also? And if not, could Ra give an example of that?

Ra: I am Ra. Catalyst being processed by the body is catalyst for the body. Catalyst being processed by the mind is catalyst for the mind. Catalyst being processed by the spirit is catalyst for the spirit. An individual mind/body/spirit complex may use any catalyst which comes before its notice—be it through the body and its senses, or through mentation, or through any other more highly developed source—and use this catalyst in its unique way to form an experience unique to it, with its biases.”

Since we are discussing Card Number Three, the Catalyst of the Mind, Don notes that in communicating with Ra we are aware of catalyst of the mind and of the body. But he couldn’t perceive any catalyst of the spirit, so he asks Ra if we are receiving that catalyst too in this communication. Ra’s reply basically says that any catalyst a seeker of truth perceives can be used by the mind, the body, or the spirit depending upon the unique needs of the seeker. During the Ra sessions I would meditate and send energy to Carla and image it flowing from her head downward through all her energy centers. This was the direction from which those of Ra would enter her body to utilize her energy centers, vocal cords, tongue, and lips to communicate with us. So the actual communication was catalyst for my mind, which I enhanced by mental visualizations. In 78.7, Ra suggested that Don and I could do what I had already been doing in this regard:

Questioner: Thank you. In utilizing the energetic displacements of thought-forms energizing the instrument during contact most efficiently, what specifically could we do?

Ra: I am Ra. Each of the support group has an excess of love and light to offer the instrument during the working. Already each sends to the instrument love, light, and thoughts of strength of the physical, mental, and spiritual configurations. These sending are forms. You may refine these sendings until the fullest manifestations of love and light are sent into the energy web of this entity which functions as instrument. Your exact sending is, in order to be most potent, the creature of your own making.

The cramped position of my body as I sat cross-legged on the floor brought catalyst for my body. In 64.20, Don asked Ra a question for me that dealt with this catalyst of the body:

Questioner: In the healing exercises, when you say “examine the sensations of the body,” do you mean those sensations available to the body via the five senses? Or in relation to the natural functions of the body such as touching, loving, sexual sharing, and company? Or are you speaking of something else altogether?

Ra: I am Ra. The questioner may perceive its body complex at this moment. It is experiencing sensations. Most of these sensations, or in this case nearly all of them, are transient and without interest. However, the body is the creature of the mind. Certain sensations carry importance due to the charge or power which is felt by the mind upon the experience of this sensation.

For instance, at this space/time nexus one sensation is carrying a powerful charge and may be examined. This is the sensation of what you call the distortion towards discomfort due to the cramped position of the body complex during this working. In balancing you would then explore this sensation. Why is this sensation powerful? Because it was chosen in order that the entity might be of service to others in energizing this contact.

Each sensation that leaves the aftertaste of meaning upon the mind, that leaves the taste within the memory, shall be examined. These are the sensations of which we speak.

And my images of the energy entering Carla’s crown chakra and traveling through all of her energy centers also provided catalyst of the spirit—as well as my mind as I mentioned earlier–as I was attempting to transfer spiritual energies to her to aid the contact with Ra. In 72.17, Ra mentioned that they also entered Carla’s crown chakra to utilize her as an instrument:

We of Ra approach this instrument in narrow-band contact through violet ray. Others might pierce down through this ray to any energy center. We, for instance, make great use of this instrument’s blue-ray energy center as we are attempting to communicate our distortion-understandings of the Law of One.

This morning I again began in the front yard and used my watering wand and garden hose to water all of the flowers that needed water and then did the same for the side yard and the flower gardens around the fish pond. In the afternoon I watered all of the flowers in the back yard which needed water, and for the most part, in the front, side, and back yard almost all of the flowers needed water. There is a chance for rain tomorrow to go along with the record high temperatures. I am certainly hoping for rain!

Dan D. Lion continues to eat and pee and enjoy our times together outside throughout the day. However, I have just discovered that his sister, Chloe, has stopped eating. Yesterday was the first day that she did not eat any of the three doses of cat lax mixed in with canned cat food. She has always been very good about eating these mixtures. And it finally became clear to me that the reason I have not had to fill either of the two bowls of hard cat food in her room recently is because she is not eating them. So she has not eaten for at least two or three days now.

I took her to the vet to have blood drawn for labs, and the vet let me know that all of her kidney values were the highest that she had ever seen. We have decided that the best course of action now for Chloe is for me to drop her off at the vet’s early in the morning for the next three days and have fluids given her intravenously rather than sub-cutaneously as I do ever other day. The we will draw blood for more labs to see if the high numbers have come down.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 21

Holy Ground Of Your Being

I am of the principle of love and I greet you as the spirit of Jesus the Christ who moves in the world in the present moment.

What, indeed, is holy? And how can we be called the Holy Spirit? Gaze about you as you move through your daily activities. What see you that is holy? What see you that is blessed?

As you gaze outward, you see the blessings of tree and flower, shrub and grass. Yet do you gaze inward to find the holy ground within? As you sit in contemplation of these words, be aware that you are upon the holy ground of your own being, created in holiness, sent forth into this earthly world in holiness, and now suffering and rejoicing in holiness.

Know and feel the divinity of being which lies beneath all imperfection and then know that, by the power of the Holy Spirit that speaks within, each of you may use those hands for holy things, for service to each little one that belongs to the Father.

We leave you in love and peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.