I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from February 24, 1991:

How important is the knowledge of the self for a channel and for the contact? This is knowledge in the metaphysical sense, the knowledge of the essence of the self by which a channel may offer a challenge to any discarnate entity, and why, when such a challenge is offered, cannot a discarnate entity lie about who it is when it is thusly challenged. How does its knowledge of itself keep it from lying?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. How tender is the mercy that allows us to come to you! How blessed the event of our joining! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our views with you and hope they may be helpful, for that is our service and your service to us is to ask for the teacher, who is still learning. We experience each of you as colleagues, and the deepest blessing of all perhaps is the beauty we experience in sharing the vibrations of each of you and the group as a whole.

It is as a teacher, although one prone always to error, that we address the question of the importance to a channel of its knowledge of itself. Any person that experiences contact and channels it in an outward form that may be perused by others is responsible to the effect that information has upon those beings about it. Thusly, one who channels incomplete or outright false information does so in a situation that sets up for that entity an honor and responsibility to that body of teaching. Such an entity is responsible firstly for living the life promulgated by the information as being the most spiritually evolved. Further, if one is teaching, whether one can or cannot see that student which is also that colleague, one is still responsible to the results of the catalyst to others that has been offered.

Consequently, it is, while literally unnecessary, spiritually efficacious to have gained sufficient knowledge of the self to be able to be responsible stewards of the gift of channeling. It is sometimes felt, especially as many of your peoples are engaged in combat, that words, as this instrument’s old time rhyme says, “cannot hurt one,” whereas bullets and other destructive weapons can hurt one. This is indeed so. Within the relativistic illusion which you occupy, the round sphere upon which you live and abide seems to be one in which there are few true examples of the connective tissue between words and consequences. Certainly, words do not drill a hole in the body. However, metaphysically speaking, they do indeed carry a tremendous weight. Depending upon how listeners are able to have access to the information, whether a teacher is considered a spiritual teacher, an academic teacher or any other kind of teacher, the teacher’s awareness that it is expressing itself with authority may be understood. How, then, can one become responsible stewards of a gift, such as channeling?

As always, the answer lies within the self. Each of you, each of us, and indeed all of creation which is conscious of the self is imbued in a vast ocean of overlapping and various illusions, some of which are brighter than others. In order to be able to find words that are evocative of the truth, the channel is most well prepared who has deeply considered the nature of the self, for the depth of the channeling, in its most appropriate configuration, is equal to the depth of spiritual solidity within the channel.

Let us give you an example. Say that an entity discovers itself able to heal but not able to continue the healing. The entity whom the one who channels healing wished to help has been given the illusion of health, but it finds it must return to that fountain of health that exists within the healer. Insofar as this is so, the healer has become negatively oriented in that it is causing dependency in the illusion that one entity intrinsically knows more than another. Far better that the healer first ride the horse of ego, experience self-importance and generate sufficient hubris to create nemesis, surrender to that force which has given this gift.

In just the same way, if one who channels does so from even the dearest and sweetest hearts, but is not able to ground that channeling in self-knowledge, that entity will be unable to refrain from responding to any and all questions that are asked without discrimination. This is due to the fact that when personal and freedom-robbing questions are asked of one such as we who are merely messengers and not planetary entities, we become, in the inept channeler’s mind, the same identity, subjectively, to the channel, but quite a different energy altogether in terms of the metaphysical qualities of the entity which is calling itself by the same name as did the positively oriented entity which it first contacted through this gift.

Thusly, the instrument takes it upon itself to claim that it is psychic. It does not shrink at prophecy or dream interpretation or information about Earth changes or any other of the myriad of phenomena which assaults any channel. In the same way as with the healer, the clumsy and inexpert use of this gift creates learners which are dependent upon the teacher, and increasingly so as time goes on. Thusly, instead of the channeler being able to aid those about it, it may well become, through infringement of the free will of the questing entity, a negative, controlling, authoritarian voice.

We do not come among your people in thought to be authorities, to give worldly advice or to contemplate out of the vast range of possibilities and probabilities events, situations and processes that are beyond the scope of a free will outer planes entity. Thusly, we may say that in our opinion it is extremely important that one who wishes to use the gift of discernment of spirits learn first to discern the nature of the self. Any channel which is not so grounded in self-knowledge is open to offering misinformation and thus creating far more folly than aid to humankind upon your globe.

The group question for this session was: “What is the value of the one serving as a channel to have metaphysical knowledge of itself, and what is it about this knowledge that aids in the challenging of negative entities that can keep them from lying?” Q’uo began their response by saying that spiritually-oriented knowledge of the self is an important ingredient for one serving as a channel. They said that the reason spiritual knowledge of the self is important for the channel is that, without such knowledge, it may channel information that is psychically impressive but not in fact accurate, and this information could mislead those who hear or read the channel’s words and even cause them to become dependent upon the channel itself in a negative way of being controlled. So, in order to avoid this situation, Q’uo said that the channel must have a knowledge of the nature of itself to use in discerning the polarity of any spirit that would wish to channel through it. On December 10, 1995, Q’uo described a way one might obtain knowledge of the self:

Yes, there is also another side to be considered in this issue. And that is that the Creator has placed humankind within the paradox that affects the deep personality, and that is that the self sees the process of learning about the self as one of delving into and clarifying what the self really thinks and feels, thereby adding unto the beingness a higher degree of self-knowledge, while at the same time the Creator has so arranged the processes of learning so that the path to self-knowledge is actually the path of turning the gaze beyond the self and being able to allow the falling away of self. And in spiritual terms this losing of self is also a positive and wise effort to enjoy.

It is not logical that the way to self-knowledge is the allowing of that which may fall away. Yet that entity who knows itself most deeply is the entity who has given much of the personality away.

We have materialized and attempted to work within your peoples face to face, and we have found that not one single experiment of this kind has added to the richness and the depth of third density experience. Indeed, the reverse is true, for there are, in the majority of entities in third-density, enormous desires to be secure, to be safe, to be invulnerable. Thusly, before a spiritual teacher may lead others beyond the illusions of time and space, that entity must first reckon with eternity within itself. Certainly, most entities have a vaguely ethical code by which it leads the little life of one incarnation, but this can be related to true spirituality as impulsivity created—we correct this instrument—compared to well thought out suggestions grounded in the best ideation, analysis, creativity and intuition of which that instrument is capable.

How, then, does one work upon knowing the self? Firstly, we would say that one does not work upon the self by the use of outward authority. For instance, this instrument is a devout Christian. However, this instrument also does not see Christianity as an authority, or, indeed, even the one known as Jesus. But rather, it sees the realized human entity living a life that is an exemplar for all peoples who are able to respond to this particular narrative of a life lived and lost in joy, love and charity. The instrument does not give authority to any but the Creator. Nor does it give it to itself, for it has done the great work to the point where it realizes that it is merely a steward harboring, abetting and polishing those gifts which are its own unique gifts.

One of an infinite array of paths is the correct path for each individual spirit. No two entities are able to come to self-knowledge in the same way. However, there are things with which one may begin to learn about the self. Simple observation of behavior is a good beginning. Allow the observer within the self to become stronger without hindering the spontaneous choices created by the catalyst of the present moment. You may observe yourself being angry and throwing an object against the wall to hear the satisfying sound of breakage. However, one is also observing just how the object is tossed, just precisely the feelings within and the expression upon another’s face. If an entity finds it difficult to observe the self and act spontaneously, it is well—and this is for the most part tending towards a truth for the majority of entities—to refrain from analysis until the day has darkened into the sweet evening dusk, the work of the day is over and one is ready to lay the head upon the pillow and surrender to sleep. Then one is able to go over the behavior, the responses, the thoughts, the actions and inactions that were the harvest of that day.

It is well, in order to use a deeper source of information about the self, to work with the dreaming. There are no two who dream in the same symbology. Many generalizations are true in the majority of cases, but there are no images within dreams that are precisely and archetypically the same for any two entities. Consequently, when studying the dreams, as in studying behavior, it is well to allow a large portion of your time, which this instrument calls years, in order that this process may bear fruit.

There are other means of working upon knowledge of the self. One passive but extremely helpful way is meditation. Now, meditation has been greatly misunderstood among your peoples. It is thought that one is to make one’s intelligence a blank tablet, a “tabula rasa.” One is supposed to find silence within. Only then in that silence is the meditation considered successful. This is not our understanding of the helpful value of meditation. The intention of those who meditate is that they may be open to spiritual grace—not knowledge, for there is no such absolute within third density—but grace. Thusly, whatever thoughts come into the mind, even if they pelter one, moment by moment by moment, it is the resistance to this listening to the voices within that cannot be stilled that creates a poor meditation.

If one is simply mindful, and notes without emotion or condemnation each thought that moves through, allowing it to arise, allowing it to dissolve, then meditation has done that which it was intended for. It has allowed the entity to step back from the trees and see the forest. It has removed the tension of judgment and consideration and allowed a time that is truly free, a time in which the observer may simply watch thoughts arise and dissolve. Not turning them away, not holding onto them. One may plan an entire menu, a shopping list or any other thought whatsoever during meditation if it is observed without that feeling of necessity to solidify the intelligence of the mind around the shopping list or the menu.

Let this thought about meditation sink deeply within each, for when one judges oneself for having a poor meditation, one has just stripped oneself of the saving help which is available to the meditator. The key of meditation is a silent, accepting and nonjudgmental observer, not that “thing in itself” [ding an sicht]. Never judge, calibrate or measure in any way the spiritual work that you do. Firstly, that which is done out of fear—the fear of not being worthy or any other fear—is liable to catastrophe. It is far, far better to have what is subjectively called a bad meditation and find the self being able to accept the bad meditator.

Now Q’uo said that we can begin to know ourselves by letting what they called the “observer within” observe ourselves as we are spontaneously moving through our day with various thoughts and actions that we can analyze at the end of the day to determine more of the reason for the thoughts and actions. Q’uo suggested that meditation is another way to get to know more about ourselves through our opening to spiritual grace that looks at the thoughts that arise in meditation and then lets them fall away. Q’uo said that if we can allow these thoughts to arise and fall without any emotion or condemnation of ourselves we have learned more about our self. On May 19, 1985, L/Leema spoke of how we can learn more about ourselves in meditation:

Without the meditation, the various concepts and ideas with which one comes into association in the conscious seeking, there are no roots formed and no lasting connections to such concepts, and the entity then must reacquaint itself with that which is consciously sought in order to provide the opportunity once again for meditation to do its work. Meditation is as the watering of the plant which has been set in fertile ground. The plant must be good; it must be strong; it must be consciously formed and analyzed; it must be placed within the fertile ground, and the intuition must then serve as the analog to the fertile ground and connect through meditation the concept with the inner being or heart of one’s being. This is the watering and the nourishing of the plant that was consciously formed. Thus, in meditation one is as the gardener, plucking those weeds and leaving the flowers and the fruit that shall form the harvest.

Self-knowledge can also be called self-acceptance. Self-acceptance can also be called self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness can also be called self-redemption. Within you lies all these things. Not because you are a wise and powerful being, but because the self is one with the Creator. Would you suggest to the Creator that It may be having a bad day? Would you berate the Creator for having roses grow from gravel? It is not likely that one who is not hit by outward catastrophe would find reasons to blame the Creator for that which is occurring to one. Thusly, as the realization begins to dawn through immediate experience that the Creator is truly within, that all lore and love flow through rather than from the self, the entity who wishes to channel is more and more able to invest in that tenuous quality called faith or trust.

Faith is quite important to any entity and to any channel. How can one then encourage faith? When the groundwork has been laid in knowledge of the self by observation of behavior, observation of the subjects and hints of dreams, and aware of the aid given in meditation, one is then beginning upon a long, long journey. As one walks upon the journey, observing the self, observing the dreaming self, and investing in meditation, one begins to collect to itself a floating sea or ocean of catalyst that is not necessarily chosen to solidify about the heart of the self. Just as thinking about food or seeing it in pictures can make one hungry, so entities are endlessly suggestible, and as they open themselves more and more to the resonances of the present moment the catalyst which occurs from that point ceases to become feared and begins to become appreciated.

Since the third density is rife with duality and confusion, if not downright chaos, on the part of the entities of humankind which dwell upon its surface, it is only to one who is doing the inner work that there ever appears even the thought of finding a positive choice in a seemingly impossible situation. Yet, that is what each incarnated to do, that is, to find positive choices where none seem to exist, to love the unlovable, to console the inconsolable, to accept the unacceptable and to allow its grip upon the consciousness to loosen little by little, until finally one’s heart does not find it necessary to hold the armor of the past and the future over the vulnerable and naked self.

This instrument has said recently that history is relevant. This is quite true. All that happened before this present moment has been harvested and lies whole, intact and progressively healed within the deep mind. One who begins to know the self begins to lose fear, for gradually one becomes aware that if one believes not in the Creator, then one is liable to believe virtually anything, and one is then truly adrift in an abyss of unpolarized feelings and thoughts.

Another tool for inner work is the gazing at the kingdom of the Creator which is visible. All the beauties and balances and rhythms of life as you perceive it can be seen to be endlessly and over-generously beautiful. The more sensitive one is to the vast numbers of miracles which occur with regularity in blooming, in fruit and in harvest, the more one is able to perceive a love that created balance, harmony and rhythm. If the Creator created that which you can observe, then what has the Creator created in you? Would the Creator depart from Its basic nature in Its creation of anything? We think not. We find, rather, that the Creator has given to us a creative power and the freedom to make choices. The Creator has infinite faith in each entity, for It allows each entity complete freedom to believe, doubt or disbelieve any and all qualities and absolutes, all of which are invisible and unreachable by the measurement of your scientists.

Each pilgrim is on its own walk, but it certainly does behoove those who are going to have to be responsible for that which they have uttered or done, first, to know the abilities of the self so that one does not overstep those abilities, and, instead of being a voice of truth, becoming a voice of confusion. We would, however, broaden the scope of this answer to include all beings, for the essence of polarization in the positive sense…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…experience the leaping into the abyss of unknowing to find that there is a rainbow bridge that faith creates. Once that bridge has been crossed the first time it stands slender, frail, but there. It has been erected. And each time the spirit moves to that bridge, to eternity, and crosses it, it becomes more and more aware that it is a citizen of eternity. We do not encourage, in those who are doing inner work, complete retreat from the world unless that be a specific and heartfelt calling. For, you see, each entity comes to this incarnation with gifts, and until the entity knows the self well enough to appreciate the gifts that have been given and to dedicate themselves to the right use of those gifts, such a person shall be forever unsure, forever dithering, dallying, sitting upon the fence, as this instrument would say.

We urge each to find the path that comforts him the most, to move off the fence and into the green and growing life that expresses itself within your nature as the grass, but which, in a metaphysical sense, is the healthful, healing and supportive ground upon which right knowledge stands firm and may be shared. We ask you to understand that whenever we use terms like knowledge or understanding that we are approximating that which is possible within third-density experience.

To know the self is to know the universe. An entity which does not know itself sees many things and believes them. An entity which starts upon the path of spiritual seeking finds one after another landmark disappearing. It realizes that it does not know anything, that it cannot depend upon its five senses or upon logical thought in order to make skillful choices within third density.

Perhaps the goal of knowing the self in the end is to find that one does not know and cannot understand, except within that great open and radiant energy which is called the heart. It is from heart wisdom that channeling springs, and it is well, when working at that level or any other within third density, to bring to the occasion the tools and resources of spiritual self-knowledge. Who are you? Who am I? Take this question which has been asked so often and ask yourself that question many times a day. In this way you shall discover just how scattered your identity may be and just how much you need to discover the true roots of your consciousness and being.

Now Q’uo said that each person who serves as a channel should have the faith that the Creator is within it so that the love of the Creator may flow through it rather than from it. Q’uo suggested that the one seeking to be a channel should do the inner work that will allow it to find positive uses of the catalyst that it experiences constantly in the third-density illusion, and this will open its heart to the Creator within it. Then Q’uo said that another tool for doing this inner work is to observe the beauty, balance, and harmony of the natural environment about one that the Creator has made, and then realize that these qualities have also been created by the Creator to exist in each entity. Q’uo continued by saying that the Creator has given each of us the ability to make choices and to choose the path that we walk so that eventually we utilize our faith that will allow our spirit to cross the rainbow bridge to know the self as a citizen of eternity with many gifts that it dedicates to using in a positive way. Q’uo completed their answer by saying that the self can only be known in the open and radiant energy of the wisdom of the heart as this is where true channeling originates. On May 26, 1991, Hatonn described the experience of the wisdom of the heart:

An entity with an open heart is likely to speak the truth in a desire to express the compassion of one who does not care whether or not this speaking will gain any advantage, but cares only to offer the entity with which the difficulty is experienced the chance for the healing that is possible only through sincere honesty and fearless communication. The open heart is the ultimate optimist. That is the wisdom of the heart. The heart does not lose hope, even if the end is not in sight and not known. The open heart gives every entity in every situation the benefit of all possible ways of gazing in compassion at that entity, be it the self or the other self. The open heart is not a compromiser, for it does not try to get anything for itself. It is ready to move into adaptation; it is ready to change if that seems wise. It is ready for anything, and since anything often happens, it is the skillful heart that is the open heart.

May the Creator become apparent to each of you. May clarity light your path and may you never judge yourself as you strive to learn, to love and to bear the fruit of your gift’s bounteous tree. We apologize for speaking overlong, as usual, and we would at this time transfer with thanks to this instrument, to the one known as Jim, that this instrument may of its own gifts move towards the ending of a session which we have greatly enjoyed and are still enjoying. We are those of Q’uo. We would now transfer.

This morning I ran a couple of errands with my first stop being at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some fruit for myself. My second stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up a couple of prescriptions.

This afternoon I read a number of the Channelings from the Holy Spirit from A Book of Days, that I thought were particularly inspiring, so that I could choose one to have Austin post on our website. I try to get a new channeling every six weeks or so to serve as an inspiration on their spiritual journeys.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 20

Illumined From Within

I greet you in the perfect love of Jesus the Christ. I am of the principle of that love and am as the wind which blows the pollen of lively faith and strength to those who seek in quiet surety the boons which the consciousness of love may offer.

The spirit of love has many faces. One beautiful face is the face of serenity and peacefulness, of mist upon mountaintop and cloud upon valley. In the luminescent fog of spiritual seeking, few things are clear but all is shot through and illuminated from within.

May you trust in the internal source of light which is the spirit and move always in confidence, knowing that that face of the Creator, though silent, lies always with you and speaks in silence at dusk and dawn, noon and midnight.

We leave you in peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then I got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from February 22, 1991:

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you, my friends, in the love and light of the Infinite Creator. It is our great pleasure to be with you and to experience with you the quiet and peace of your surroundings on this morning. We thank you for this opportunity and privilege to share with you, and for the opportunity to be of service in working with the local channels of your group.

You wish information this morning on being and doing. These concepts represent the passive and active principles of nature itself. They are manifested most initially in the concepts you know of as “love and light”; love being the primary state of beingness of the infinite Creator and light being manifestation thereof. We see these basic principles extrapolated in all of the creation around you. In many cases it may be difficult to differentiate between the two. For example: the entity which you call your sun is, in its very nature, a body which emanates light and heat. It is difficult to tell how much of this is the being aspect of the sun body and how much is the doing; how much, shall we say, is passive radiation and how much is active. In most cases, however, it is easier to differentiate between the two, or at least seemingly so.

We have spoken to you before regarding the nature of service and the types of service which, in our humble opinion, we deem to be most important. The most important and effective service, as you know and as we have spoken about previously, is simply the radiance of being. That is the emanation from the self of the Creator, which is in all. As you also know, your peoples, especially in your Western societies, are very often not able to appreciate this, for the societal conditioning from birth has been oriented toward the doing, the accumulation of tangible results of work done in the life. Your Eastern societies are much more able to understand this concept, it being indigenous to the various wisdom teachings which permeate these cultures. There is a certain amount of integration that is taking place among your peoples in these days. As those from your Western cultures feeling the imbalance of the teachings they have been exposed to, have searched out the ideas in the Eastern cultures. Conversely the technologies of the Western cultures have been introduced into the Eastern societies as well. These exposures may not all be deemed to be beneficial; however, they do serve to effect more of a balance in the differing types of energies.

The balance between being and doing is that which must be sought for each individual seeker. This will differ from entity to entity and from time to time. Those who have been overbalanced in the direction of doing may well need, in the balancing process, to go through great periods of time in which it may seem there is no doing, but only being. This may be very difficult for those entities involved, as the value systems that have been evolved in the society have placed the measure of the value of the self on those things that have been accomplished.

The topic for this practice channeling session was being and doing which Q’uo described as the passive and active portion of nature itself which are manifested as love and light. They described love as the nature of the Creator which manifested as the light of the created universe. Q’uo used the sun as an example both of the being which created light and also as its manifestation of light. Then Q’uo said that the most important service that we could offer was our being which is an emanation of the Creator within us, but most of our culture is focused on doing and accumulating the tangible results of working for a living. Q’uo also mentioned how some of the Eastern countries had a better grasp of being as their indigenous cultures were examples of this, and some people in our Western cultures had become familiar with this concept of being. On September 23, 1990, Q’uo gave a basic definition of being and doing:

I am Q’uo, and we feel that we have a grasp of your query, my sister. You have two desires: to be, without adornment; and to be helpful, to others. One concerns, it would seem, only the self. The other concerns, it would seem, only others. It is true that your nature is of that kind which seeks to give where there is need, and seeks little in return, if anything is sought, for such actions. On one level of understanding, it could be said that a choice must be made: for one desire to be fulfilled and the other to be dropped.

However, rather than dwell upon this more shallow interpretation of your question, we would suggest that what you seek in the heart of your being is how to be in the presence of the one Creator in all your life experience. This, of course, is a product of the attitude, the motivation, the initial impulse for all that occurs in your life pattern.

Thus, we do not see the query as one which needs to make a choice between being and doing, but that which seeks an attitude of being filled with the presence of the one Creator, so that the moment is sufficient unto itself, and that as you exist in that moment that is ever-present, that which is appropriate for you to be or do will present itself to you without question. This attitude is that gift of grace which all seekers seek and revere, yet achieve not so much by ritual, by action, by prayer, or by any activity. It is rather that which is born in its own time through the persistent exercise of desire to know the truth.

Ultimately, we feel that being is all that there is. The doing is all a part of whatever illusion each is operating within at any given time. This is not to suggest that the doing is not worthwhile.

Indeed, the doing may be the primary means whereby each entity works out his path of service. As in all else, the determination of the value of the doing lies in the intent. However, even with the highest of intentions for the doingness to be of service, the deep self will know the balances necessary for himself and, if it deems it necessary that the balance be moved from the doing toward the being, it will effect this change. In this process we would suggest that it is most helpful to attempt to proceed in the process of knowledge of the self, that the wisdom of the deep self may be felt, trusted and rested within. This may be a very difficult process for those among your peoples who are oriented toward the doing, especially as many of these also have strong biases towards being in control of the self and of the various situations which are encountered.

It may be felt that by being, rather than doing, one is losing any control one has had over the self and of the life. This may be a very frightening thing for many. And indeed learning to know and rely on the deep wisdom of the self, rather than the conscious decision making processes in which entities of your Western culture have been trained, is also frightening for many.

Lastly we would suggest that each entity keep uppermost in his consciousness the knowledge and assurance of aid that is available to each at any time. These resources are both within and without you. Each is in a process of discovering both types of resources for each, and there are more yet to be discovered. You need not go through these process alone and unaided.

Q’uo continued by saying that being is all that there is, and that doing is a part of whatever illusion one is operating within to learn its lessons of service. They said that in order to know what lessons of service are meant to be learned that it is well to access the knowledge of the deep self to determine how one should balance the being with the doing rather than depend upon one’s conscious mind to make this decision. Q’uo also said that this inner aid to discovering this balance could be added to by sources outside of ourselves as well, and I would imagine that they are speaking of guides. On December 12, 1993, Q’uo spoke of the nature of balancing being and doing:

And if your desire is to balance being and doing, then you shall surely notice, again and again, that you wish to be given more tools and resources to aid you in combating and working with the self as it is perceived by the self to be acting out of balance.

So those things which concern or worry, like this repetition, are not in our opinion negative, but rather merely indicative of where the energy is within each of you in the circle. Please consider how long this spiritual journey is, and how infinitely fine the distinctions and the enlightenments become as the spirit progresses through the densities to gaze at the long view. Not only are you attempting within incarnation to balance the being and the doing, the resting and the acting, but there are millions and millions of your years ahead in which you shall only tighten and magnify the scope of that which you observe, looking always not at what has been gained, but at what there is to do. These lessons, shall we call them, go on forever, until time itself becomes meaningless and spiritual gravity takes over.

We feel that these words are sufficient for a beginning upon this topic, which is one of great breadth and depth, and would be happy to answer further questions at another time, as you measure. We thank this group once again, for the opportunity to speak and thank this instrument for its conscientiousness in focusing upon a contact.

We would transfer at this time to the one known as Jim. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again, in love and in light. At this time we would ask if we may speak to any query, which may be of service. Is there a query at this time?


I am Q’uo, we can confirm your supposition, with an addition to it. The entities so gathered have offered themselves as, what you might call, a spectrum of contacts which would allow the one known as K to open herself to that vibrational frequency which was most in harmony with her current vibration of frequency at this time, thus giving her the opportunity to partake in a contact which would be more easily maintained for a significant portion of your time, in order that the exercising of her instrument might be accomplished with the greatest facility. It is also true that the one known as K would, in this selection of contacts, have the opportunity to discriminate between the entities; and, we are pleased to observe and report that one known as K was able to discern and offer itself as instrument to the vibration that is our own and, at this time, according to the harmonics developed between her and our group, was the contact most easily initiated and maintained.

Is there another query, my sister?


I am Q’uo and we are grateful to you, as well, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, we thank each present for partaking in this session of working, for it is the means by which we are able to offer our service to you and to others of your peoples who would have interest in this work. We always give great praise and thanksgiving for the opportunity to join this group, whether our thoughts are voiced or whether there is the simple enjoyment of our conditioning and deepening of meditation vibrations.

We are those of Q’uo, we leave each in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I went outside and picked up small tree limbs that had been blown down by recent winds and put them in a garbage can to be picked up by yard waste this Thursday.

This afternoon I went to my PCP for my yearly physical. In general, my lab report was good, but my blood pressure was high enough that she suggested that I take two lisinopril per day instead of two. Plus, my hemoglobin was high enough to put me in the range of pre-diabetic, so I need to concentrate on eating more protein and less carbohydrates. She also said that recent studies have shown that people who have had the Covid vaccinations are more likely to become diabetic.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 19

Stop, Rest And Listen

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

Stop, rest and listen. Let these be the watchwords of your busy day.

Into this day there shall come those sounds which distract the senses, for the world of the city makes powerful noise with its engines and business. And those who dwell in pastures, plains and mountain farmlands may hear too the distracting noises of nature, that noisy, joyful mistress of the Creator’s manifestation of love and service upon your planet.

Let not these sounds disturb and distract without using this energy to return and to remember love. May each distraction then become a prayer and each disharmony, harmony, by the realignment of the ear to inner silence.

For the peace of Jesus the Christ is not found without effort; without the turning of the will; without the remembering of the heart. Let these be your works when noise disturbs and clamor seems to overwhelm the senses. For you are strong within and, within, you tabernacle with the silence.

We leave you in joy and peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from January 31, 1991:

The question for our intensive meditation is: Discuss the male and female relationship—why each of us is born with a desire for a committed love relationship with another person, yet why it is so difficult to obtain.

(Carla channeling)

Greetings to each of you this evening in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator of All. We are pleased, as always, to be asked to join this group for the purpose this evening of the exercising of the instrument. As you know, it is our service to work with you and you offer a service to us in allowing us this opportunity. For this, we thank you.

We would, as always, ask each to use the faculties of discrimination to the fullest extent to which they have been developed, in listening to our words this evening and at any other time. Indeed, we urge that this be the approach to all the information encountered by the seeker, as each is responsible only for the self, for the thoughts and words and deeds that proceed from the self and create the world about each. There is no other entity who knows you and your path, no other entity who is capable of judging what is appropriate for you. So you must each do it for yourselves and for no other.

You wish information this evening on what many view as the most central core relationship known to your peoples. We would agree that the relationship between man and woman is important in many ways, but we do not agree that it has the most central importance. The relationship of central importance is that of the self with the self. Information has been given on this and each is urged to consider this relationship first of all and to request additional information at a later time if so desired.

The next most important relationship is that of the self with the Creator, or in a sense, with all that there is. This, also, is a topic for discussion at another time if so desired.

After these two centrally important relationships have been worked with and balanced to some extent, then and only then is each individual ready to consider a relationship of importance in the sense of a committed life partnership relationship between a man and a woman.

Some of the advantages of this type of relationship for the seeker have been related previously. It has been said to this group before that a relationship between male and female is most advantageous in the polarization process and in the seeking process in general. Firstly, because the energy generated by two seeking together far surpasses that of each one’s own; and secondly, because of the complimentary natures of the male and the female. For these reasons, this relationship is deemed to be most efficient in terms of the usefulness to the seeker. This is not to say that this is the only possibility available. It is certainly the most common type of partnership among your peoples. There are other partnerships that may be extremely successful, of between members of the same sex or between groups of more than two. However, in larger numbers, while the energy generated will be greater and if properly focused will be extremely effective in the polarization seeking processes, with greater numbers it is much more difficult to maintain the degree of harmony necessary for such focusing. Therefore, the partnership between one man and one woman is most often chosen, not because it has any particular moral preeminence, shall we say, over any other type of relationship; but because, in many senses, it is the simplest, even with all its many complexities.

The group question for this practice channeling session was:  Discuss the male and female relationship—why each of us is born with a desire for a committed love relationship with another person, yet why it is so difficult to obtain. Q’uo began their reply by saying that even more important than the male and female relationship was the relationship of the self with the self and also the relationship of the self with the Creator, and these two relationships should be balanced in some degree before the male and female relationship is pursued. Then Q’uo spoke of the advantage of the lifetime partnership of the male and female as that which allows each to aid the other in the polarization process because of the greater energies that are available by two seeking together and the complimentary energies of the male and the female. Q’uo said that other relationships of the same sex could also work in the same manner, and that a group of more than two might also be possible although it would be harder to maintain the harmony of larger groups. On November 8, 1992, Q’uo spoke of the nature of the male and female relationship:

Now, how can male and female, which have such complex powers over each other, find a way to be fearless in a relationship and therefore begin not only to be able to express the self in its conscious way, but also to begin a more inner balance? We might suggest above all other things any exercise between male and female in which the strengths of each are together used. The male which has been able, for instance, to express an idea in such a way that it is heard because it has listened to those with more intuition speaking about how to approach the matter in communication, has given respect to the female intuition. Likewise, and we realize these are simplistic examples, the female which is able to ask a stronger, more powerful male to aid in some situation, not needing to defend against that difference but being willing to accept it enthusiastically, awakens that portion of the self which is deeply male.

The desire that most among your people feel for this type of relationship has its basis in the realization of the deep self that all are one. It is, therefore, a striving for unification. In this relation, you are aware primarily of separation rather than unity. The grossness of the physical bodies makes this unavoidably apparent to you in your lives and daily activities. Thus, the sexual union between male and female may be seen to be the greatest attempt that may be made to overcome this most obvious of barriers; and, as such, is also a symbolic permeating of them. The illusion of separateness evidences itself only in the other levels of the ways each views itself as a mind/body/spirit complex on whatever level of awareness each has, as being separate from an other such mind/body/spirit complex. [Inaudible].

The fact that each person’s thoughts and feelings are not obvious to others except on a fairly surface level, and to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the intent to which such are broadcast and the receptibility of those perceived as such, also serves to perpetuate the illusion of separateness. This barrier, as you are aware, gradually is permeated as the social memory complex forms, and the thoughts of one are available to all as are the resources of all to all.

There are many efforts among your peoples at this time to attempt to share more of the self with others, and again, this is taking place on many levels. The giving of the self merely to another or to many others in the sexual energy sharing is one means by which this is attempted. The progress of your peoples in a technological sense of developing communication networks over your planet’s surface is another way in which this is attempted. And in the sharing of self with self, as it takes place on an individual basis, is the most common means whereby this is accomplished. There are those among your peoples wherein the process of opening the self to another self seems natural and is fairly easy. For others, it is extremely difficult. There are many reasons for this. There are many wanderers on your planet at this time who know quite well this sense of unity and openness they shared elsewhere and have an innate sense of the appropriateness of this, and, therefore, attempt to manifest it in their lives. Likewise, there are many of third density on this planet who, in reaching toward fourth density characteristics, are becoming aware of this trend, shall we say, also in making the same attempt. These attempts are greeted sometimes with open arms and sometimes with hostility and violence, as there are still many, many of your people who are not open to this openness, shall we say. As each seeker attempts to know the self to a greater extent and to make connections with other selves, each must be aware of the possibilities of infringement in this area.

All these attempts at greater communication stem from that underlying awareness of the oneness of all, which is an [inaudible] for the committed relationship between male and female.

The strong attraction or compulsion that they feel for such a relationship stems from this awareness and also from the magnetic connection possible between male and female as being complimentary energies. The difficulties with this type of relationship are many. The causes stem from sources within the self and within their society’s training process of each. The problems in this type of relationship or any other will stem from expectations which are held by the self which are not being met. Each, in feeling the strong attraction toward those types of relationships, will develop certain biases which are molded by the society to which each belongs; that is, the views of family, friends and culture. The expectations one has are deeply rooted so that one may not even be consciously aware of their existence. However, if at any time a difficulty arises, upon its examination there will always be found an expectation of some sort that is not being met. This is not to suggest that one should have no expectations, it is merely an analysis of how things work, shall we say. And that, therefore, to be aware of the expectations one has in a given situation, is the first step in dealing with whatever difficulties may arise. Once one is aware of one’s expectations, this may be worked with and perhaps adjusted if found to be unsatisfactory.

The great difficulties with the committed relationship between the male and female, we would suggest, therefore, are due to the sometimes extremely stringent expectations placed upon such a relationship by the individual and the culture which the individual functions within. We would urge each to consider these factors and the question at a later time if additional or more specific information is desired. We feel that these thoughts are sufficient for a beginning of ponderance at this time.

Now Q’uo said that the desire for a mated relationship stems from the deep self that is aware that all are one and are seeking unity, but in the relationship of the mates their separate nature is enhanced by the obviously separate nature of their bodies. So the sexual union is the most natural means by which the overcoming of this seeming separation is experienced. Q’uo went on to say that the various types of communication networks around the planet are another means of joining together. Then Q’uo said that many Wanderers and third-density spiritual seekers were aware of the unity of all, and they were manifesting this in how they lived their lives. However, Q’uo suggested that there were problems that could be experienced in this type of relationship as subconscious expectations of the mated pair that are created by the society may not always be met, so Q’uo suggested that each in the mated relationship should become aware of these expectations and adjust them if they are not acceptable. On November 17, 1985, Latwii described how removing one’s expectations will aid our spiritual journey:

The gentleness with which one treats the self is a great aid in any situation in which one might find the self moving and experiencing. If the situation is difficult or mysterious and confusing, it is with the gentleness that one may view the self in refusing to demand that the self master the new situation quickly or at any set pace. If you give yourself the freedom to experience without expectations of structuring the experience so that a certain outcome results, then you provide yourself with the support that will allow you to move through a greater portion of your own being and it, in its own time, as you call for it, will reveal itself to you. All portions of one’s experience teach and contain the treasures of the One. Confusion, mystery and even an emptiness call for certain fruits, and of these fruits you shall taste at the time that is appropriate.

We transfer at this time to the one known as Jim. This instrument was to take the offer, shall we say, and to continue with the contact we have made. We leave this instrument now in the love and the light and transfer to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. We would ask if there may be any queries at this time to which we may speak.

Questioner: [Inaudible]

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We also have observed that this particular session of working has been free of attempts of intrusion by those of negative polarization, and can only surmise that the continued strong desire of this group to seek and to provide itself with those aids to protection that it has learned to use have made this group [inaudible] of lesser interest to those of negative polarization, for if these entities are not able in some degree to control the proceedings of such a working, this lack of ability to control tends to depolarize and reduce the metaphysical power of such entities. Thus, they find the need for retreat and for the regathering of their polarity while keeping, shall we say, an eye on this group for any possible target of opportunity that might present itself and offer an easier entrance into the circle or any entity within it.

The question was, apparently, why this channeling group had not felt the presence of negative entities recently. Q’uo responded by saying that the efforts of the group to seek and provide means of protection by their strong desire to be of service did not provide any opportunity for the negative entity’s being able to cause problems for the group. Q’uo said that the inability of the negative entity to find any targets of opportunity would depolarize it since it could not control the group. In 85.4, Ra spoke of how this depolarization of negative entities worked:

Questioner: What is the nature of this crisis?

Ra: I am Ra. The nature of this crisis is the determination of the relative polarity of your companion and yourselves. You are in the position of being in the third-density illusion and consequently having the conscious collective magical ability of the neophyte, whereas your companion is most adept. However, the faculties of will and faith and the calling to the light have been used by this group to the exclusion of any significant depolarization from the service-to-others path.

If your companion can possibly depolarize this group it must do so and that quickly, for in this unsuccessful attempt at exploring the wisdom of separation it is encountering some depolarization. This shall continue. Therefore, the efforts of your companion are pronounced at this space/time and time/space nexus.

Is there another query, my sister?

Questioner: [Inaudible]

I am Q’uo, and we would agree that the conflict of which you speak is one situation which has attracted a great deal of interest of those of the negative polarization. For at such a time and in such a situation, entities of negative polarity may find a great many opportunities to enhance their own power by the manipulation of those energies which are already strongly biased in the direction of control and manipulation. However, those entities which have stationed themselves with this group in previous times are utilizing not only that means but others as well to regain the polarity that has been lost by the inability to control, in any sufficient degree, the workings of this group. If there were, present within this circle, an opening that allowed negative entry, this would be attempted, no matter what other conditions prevailed upon the surface of your planet, for negatively-oriented entities are quite willing and able to undertake more than one task, if you will, in any of your diurnal periods and would find it easy to participate in the depolarization of your group if this was possible, as well as utilizing any other avenues for the increasing of the negative polarity.

The question seems to have referred to a war that was happening in some other countries, and Questioner wondered if this would be a way negative entities could utilize their psychic attacks in those wars and maybe upon this group as well. Q’uo agreed that wars give negative entities more opportunities to manipulate and control others, but there would have to be an opening of a negative nature created by this group for the negative entities to be able provide psychic greetings to it. In 57.3, Ra confirmed this:

The Orion group cannot interfere directly but only through pre-existing distortions of mind/body/spirit complexes. [Which we discovered would have to be disharmonious choices that we made.]

Is there any further query, my sister?

Questioner: [Inaudible]

I am Q’uo. And we are also grateful for this blessing, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Questioner: [Inaudible]

I am Q’uo. And it appears that we have exhausted not only the instrument, but the queries for the nonce. We do not speak of this instrument. We are very happy to have been able to speak through the one known as K, and are aware that our exercising of this instrument may be somewhat wearing upon it as it is already quite fatigued. But we hope that the instrument will take heart and feel the joy of being exercised and working in a manner which continues to impress us with its dedication and its meticulous attention to detail.

The one known as K is working quite efficiently as an instrument, and we do not feel it is any longer appropriate to describe her as a new instrument. This one is gaining experience [inaudible].

I don’t know why Q’uo made these comments about how they were able to speak through K since this transcript does not show any channeling from her in this practice channeling session. She definitely channeled in other practice channeling sessions but not in this one.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

This morning I did my weekly cleaning of the upstairs beginning with using the carpet sweeper to clean the hall runner carpet. Then I used my broom and dust pan to sweep up the kitty litter on the floor in Benny’s room. Then I used the dust mop to dust in all three rooms and the hall.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 18

The Hardy And Careless Lover

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

What protection have you from the events and circumstances of this day? Do you indeed need protection? Must umbrellas keep you from the rain of internal weather? Must you indeed armor yourself so that you never shiver, so that you are never cold or miserable? Are these estates indeed to be so avoided?

Perhaps it is better to see oneself as a hardy and careless lover of all conditions of life and take no thought for the umbrella, the warm coat, and all the armor of emotion.

It is often said, “Fear not, for I am with you.” We are of the principle of Jesus the Christ. And when this entity said, “Fear not,” He did not suggest that you would not be rained upon or shiver from the cold but only that you would not be alone or overwhelmed by experience.

Stride forth, then, into the world, recognizing its difficulties and affirming them in peace.

We leave you in that peace which does indeed pass all understanding, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from January 27, 1991:

The question this afternoon has to do with fear and the various ways in which it expresses in our being. We have various ways of experiencing fear. Some of them have to do with relationships with others; we curtail certain thoughts, feelings or actions hoping that we won’t excite the response from another person that will cause that fear in us to be realized, or we don’t curtail the action and we express violently, angrily and become fearful of the emotion itself, also, fearful that it might have repercussions, causing a disease such as cancer that would be a way to point out the distortion so that we would work on it. We have, of course, the concept of love, in which we feel and believe that love can overcome fear, can heal wounds, but how does one put love to work in one’s life and make the balance again come into being? How do we overcome, or is there an overcoming? How do we work with fear, and how do we bring love to bear upon the situation?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We greet this instrument in the name of Jesus the Christ. We thank this instrument, as always, for the care with which it prepares for contact, for it creates the secure contact, both for us and for the channel. May we express our appreciation and gladness at this opportunity to blend with your vibrations. The beauty of your seeking is beyond telling, and the continuing growth in harmony within each in the group and within the group is also a pleasure to see growing. We are much in appreciation of this circle, and would address the question that it has put to us at this time.

Fear is an experience in which an entity perceives itself as helpless, and therefore a victim for those who are powerful. The infant is born into a fearful environment. Whereas within the womb the infant has warmth and secure cradling, a constant supply of food and liquid, and the reassuring heartbeat and enfoldinq maternal love of the entity which carries it, it suddenly experiences exposure, wetness, coldness, pain, stricture, and vastness, enormous, unbelievable vastness. Against the cold, the damp, the vulnerability, and the lack of easily perceived love, the infant has no power or control. It is helpless. And so the life experience of an incarnate entity begins, rooted completely and solidly in fear.

To this original bias are added the many, many ways in which larger entities may create perceptions of helplessness in their dealings with smaller entities. When a larger entity disapproves, corrects or simply says no, the smaller entity has no power of appeal past its ability to use the language. Even if it does use the language it is not likely to be heard, or if heard, grasped with any degree of respect. So, the entity experiences throughout the years of being small and human, more and more reasons and occasions upon which fear has been perceived. During these same years perceptions of love have also been received. In some cases, either the young entity perceives all that the parents do as beautiful and loving, or the parents are actually creating a supportive, loving and helpful environment in which the child perceives again the heartbeat of love that moved from the mother so easily to the heartbeat of the child in the womb. However, it is most likely that entities will have chosen situations within the childhood that will specifically sharpen and make keen some of the primal fears with which the entity began the incarnation. If fear is not a mistake, then it must have been planned. The plan of learning in third density is the plan of creating opportunities for entities to make choices. These choices need to be made freely and without duress.

In the mature years of life, when the basic elements of physical security have been established, when there is food, clothing and protection, then it is that the entity’s mind is free to consider how better to experience the incarnation than it may experience it at the present moment, and the first notions that entities tend to bring to the mind’s eye as undesirable are those emotions which cluster about those things which are feared by the entity. These are perceived as personal, difficult and uncomfortable. Perhaps the key in finding a larger viewpoint of how to gaze at fear is to move backwards and see that the nature of the self being infinite, it cannot consist in finite matters. The fear is not finite. It is spiritual material, or catalyst. But the fear becomes a catalyst seriously taken when that which is its object is accepted as a real object.

In other words, if one were aware that one were viewing a three dimensional movie, and then one saw the car coming at one, one would scream, but with delight mixed with the fear, for one would be aware that this was a special effect, an illusion created by technological and advanced methods. However, if instead this same vehicle rushes towards the entity within the illusion which is called the incarnational life, this auto is perceived not as illusory, but as real and dangerous, and the illusory physical vehicle instinctively jumps out of the way. No thought need be taken, for the instinctual physical vehicle moves on fear, away from discomfort, far more than it moves toward truth or beauty, dignity or grace, in existence. It asks only that it not be hurt, and that it be fed and maintained. This is the portion of the self that fears. It fears because it does not perceive itself as an illusion.

The group question for this session was: How do we work with fear, and how do we bring love to bear upon the situation? Q’uo began their response by saying that fear is the feeling of one being helpless and at the mercy of those who are powerful, and they used the analogy of the infant that is totally safe and supported within its mother’s womb, and then when it is born it feels pain, coldness, and the great vastness of space around it which instills fear in it. Q’uo continued by saying that as the infant grows in the first few years of its life there is still the feeling of fear that can develop because it is small, and those about it are larger and can create fear in the child by correcting it, disapproving, or just saying no. Q’uo said that the child can also feel the love of the parents as it grows in years, but there is still that quality of fear that it began with and which could have been chosen before the incarnation began in order to help it make choices.  Then Q’uo said that as we age and have the comforts of food, clothing, and shelter we may seek to discover how to experience a better life in the present moment by examining the things that are feared so that they can be used as spiritual catalyst.  Q’uo said that it is necessary to realize that our physical bodies can help create fear when their instinct for survival is activated, and we may also feel that fear when we don’t understand that our bodies are part of the illusion. So they said that we should be focusing on truth, beauty, or grace as the actual reality of our being. On October 19, 2003, Q’uo revealed a way of working with fear:

We do not say, “Put aside all fear.” We would not do that to entities that might feel undefended and naked and vulnerable beyond their ability to enjoy creation and existence. We are aware that for some it is powerful even to take part of the armor away, to lighten it, to shorten it, to leave it off for small periods of time. Have the feeling when working with fear of “a little is a lot,” because it is so difficult to judge the self, and it is so seldom accurate when attempted that we would suggest, rather, focusing simply upon the process, upon giving it a good try and upon being extraordinarily good to yourself no matter what the perceived outcome.

Let us gaze at this statement. Do each of you perceive yourselves as an illusion? Or do you feel that you yourself are real, dwelling within an illusion? It is our opinion that in a very important way each in third density is, indeed, an illusion. The portion of the intellect that identifies itself and its consciousness with the continuation of the physical vehicle not only acts within the illusion but is, in its very nature, an illusion. For the goal of consciousness is not to preserve the incarnational experience beyond its natural length, and the length natural to any incarnation seems quite arbitrary to the entity which continues until it does not. There are, however, rhythms, and a natural death, no mater how violent or quick, is that which is a part of the function of the illusory vehicle within the illusion which it has been made to enjoy and from which it has learned.

So you may see all of these fears that you experience as illusion perceiving illusion. What is yourself? Is it an ounce of this, or a cup of that? Can you locate yourself? Is there a point about which your consciousness is fixed? Not within the illusion, my friends. Not within the illusion. It is part of the illusion that you perceive yourself as a fixed self about which radiates the entire universe. You are, however, not fixed. You are not fixed. You are not fixed within the body which you inhabit. You are not fixed within the choices you have made in the past. And you are not fixed in your perceptions of your own nature. Your own nature, in fact, is infinite and therefore cannot be in any way fixed. You do not have the need for mass. Your nature is that of light. Light is created by one thing only—love. Because of free will you experience various things, and because of the perceptive web of your physical vehicle, because of the way this vehicle’s mind takes in data and prioritizes it, the untutored soul will pay first attention to those which it fears, but only in order to avoid them. Now, if you do not have a fixed self, you are not a target. Fear is always of some thing, and you are imperishable light. What do you have to do with things?

Turn then, in blind faith, when you fear, and look at what you fear the most, as long as you may. It is no shame to be unable to do it very well. It is, however, to be hoped that the practice would continue, and continue, and continue, for in each seed of fear that your infanthoods and childhoods have sown, there are collateral and dependent sub-fears which radiate out from the solidification given to this point of fear. When one examines the object of the fear one will find that which is of love, made of light; a situation, a creature, a concept, whatever is feared, which has been created by the infinite One, by logoi, sub-logoi, and most probably largely solidified and made fearsome by the sub-sub-logos which is yourself.

Turn and look at the object of fear. Define what it is you fear. Much of the fear of things is that they are making you feel helpless and powerless. Look at these feelings. Look at the object of these feelings. Leave the feelings completely and gaze steadily at the object. See it. Perceive it. In and of itself it does not stimulate emotion. It simply is. The fear is an entity which is a kind of quality. Only by choice can it be attached to any object. It is a modifier of objects as your adjectives are modifiers of words. As nouns are distorted by their qualifying elements, adjectives, adverbs, dependent clauses, so is your consciousness disturbed by fear, when it has been attached to an object. Detach it from the object, and you may see that it is not your fear. It is not anyone else’s fear. It is a quality known as fear which modifies the opinion of an entity who chooses to perceive through the lens of fear some certain object. Remove the fear; gaze at the object. You cannot own fear. You can only borrow it from the stockpile of possible qualities. Like all negative and positive emotional sets, it is not personal. It is not yours. It is not anyone’s. It is a potential quality of feeling and thought.

Now Q’uo said that we are part of the illusion of third density as our intellect identifies itself and its consciousness with our bodies which are a part of the illusion, and the death of our physical body is part of its function within the illusion to help us learn our lessons. Q’uo went on to say that the fears that we experience are the product of our being an illusion which is experiencing an illusion whereas our true nature is infinite. They said that we are light that was created by love, but the way that our minds perceive experience, as untutored souls, we first become aware of those things that we fear in order to avoid them, but if we are imperishable beings, what is there for us to fear? They said that if we look at what we fear, we are looking at that which is also made of the love and light of the infinite One, so Q’uo said that we should detach fear from whatever object that we have connected it to because it is simply a teaching tool that we have used for learning certain lessons of feelings and thoughts. On March 12, 1990, Laitos said that we all are imperishable beings:

It is always, even in the most extreme circumstance, true that there are choices to be made, and the more consciously they are made the more rapid shall be the acceleration of each entity’s spiritual evolution. The work of realizing the self that lies hidden as a gem of infinite worth within the clay of manifestation cannot be seen by the self or by another until it is realized and valued by the self.

You are each imperishable beings of light, heirs of grace and glory, an infinitely important and necessary portion of the one great Thought which created all there is, that being divine Love. That is the crystal that is within you—Love. Not love as humans would understand it to be, not the weak and watered love of kindness and courtesy, not even the love of personal passion and romance, but the Love of such immense power that it generated the infinite creation in balance and in perfection.

This seems to be without you: the perfection, the balance, the divine Love. You are projecting into an illusion that has been created with your own cooperation so that you may move forward one step at a time, one small step at a time. You began as unmanifest love. You were joined with free will and flung outward to become prodigal sons and daughters of Love itself. You are information givers, for all that you experience is that which the Creator experiences and knows of Itself. You cannot make any errors, for in each action the Creator learns of Itself. You can, however, make choices about that which you wish to learn.

Now, let us turn and ask ourselves why this fear is necessary spiritually. Each is aware of the nature of third density. It is a density of opposites. Where there is love, there is fear. Other terms for love and other terms for fear exist. Where there is good, there is evil. Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is hope, there is despair. Where there is compassion, there is bigotry, prejudice. Where there is life-saving grace, there is life-killing brutality. The spiritual entity must face the fact that it always has a choice. It does not feel, seem, appear or look to the senses as though in many cases one had options. Examine any situation which seems without possible options for the feeling tones of fear, whether they be angry fear, frustrated fear, terrified fear, or the fairly purely perceived fear of helplessness and powerlessness. Lack of control is the basis for reaching out and pulling into the life experience this quality of fear. It is a simple choice. When fear is felt, and after it is recognized that the self is not fixed, and it does not have to fix fear to any object, it then is aware that it may proceed further, and gaze at the object of fear to find a positivity or affirmative quality which may be seen to be that which love offers in that same object of attention. You cannot blink when you gaze at the object which is causing you fear, because it is up to you to choose how you shall respect this object. Shall you respect it by fearing it, by bowing before it, by accommodating yourself to it regardless of the cost? Or shall you relate to this in love, offering it the respect of compassion, and, in many cases, the appreciation of, and respect for, opportunities that may seem very, very challenging?

It is not an easy process to balance the fear within the life pattern. At all times, the body which you enjoy will have its instinctual life to live. There are things of which it is appropriate to be afraid, unless one wishes to end an incarnation. These things are learned, enter into the automatic portion of the mind’s clear memory, and before the mind can even think, that memory which is almost muscular moves one out of innumerable situations in which life, limb or some other quality would either be terminated or made very uncomfortable.

This is an acceptable portion of the instinctual, red ray energy, and not to be confused with fears which have an object which does not, in and of itself, cause all who observe it to be afraid. When an entity chooses to dwell in love and to accept all that is given without fear, the degree or quality of love which it is possible to perceive is greatly enhanced.

Like any other portion of a life in faith it is not the first determination alone to look at a fear which delivers one from fear, for fear may be attached to any number of objects. Consequently, it is to be expected in the life experience of one working spiritually that the evolving self will repeatedly experience a fear of something, and always the situation must be gazed at apart from the fear. It must be seen that fear, like love, is not something one can own, but is an energy, or a quality, or a vibration, which is allowed by the entity to move through the being of the entity and to radiate a certain kind of vibration.

The vibrations of negative emotion are most uncomfortable, especially to that portion of the self that is attempting to become more loving. But one cannot move from fear to love and expect love to overcome anything. This is a misunderstanding of the suggestion that love does cast out fear that is found in your holy works. Love is not aggressive. Love does not cast out. Anger may cast out, but that is not clear, openhearted love, but rather a blocked, and incorrectly or inexpertly expressed love, even if the one to whom you refer is known to you as Jesus, as the entity is recorded to have thrown over tables upon which lay money made by priests, not for the glory of the Creator, but for the betterment of the priests’ pockets. It must be understood that this entity was capable of error. This entity acted out of a kind of fear called anger. It is a kind of moral or ethical feeling common to those with ideals when dealing with that which your peoples call politics.

Fear, and the expression of fear, can be balanced by looking at the object of the fear, and then allowing love to teach, from within, in its own time, amidst confusion and darkness, how to see that same object affirmatively. Thusly, love casts out fear when love is invoked as a quality which will modify the noun of that object. Fear is no noun; fear is not a thing. The self which fears is not a thing, but an experiencer of illusion. Learning spiritually involves moving beyond that illusion in blind faith, and invoking a higher truth, higher than can be comprehended by the mind within the illusion. One must trust one’s heart for spiritual wisdom, for it is not within the mind. The mind overcomes, the heart loves, and when the heart is actively loving an object, fear does not have room to modify that same object, unless the love is not complete. And when one sees oneself in mixed feelings, one must once again face the object, for it is that catalyst to which you may choose your response. You may choose creatively, you may choose positively. You have these options at all times.

Before we leave this instrument we would like to express that it is understandable in the extreme that this concept is difficult to put into practice in the third-density life experience. It is the calling into action of higher truths, of non-word modifiers to word-type objects. You invoke a concept to modify a word. You invoke infinity to modify finity. The subtleties of this process are many, many layered. As you unearth one layer of a circle of fear within personality, you are not finished, for you will find a deeper layer, and a deeper, and a deeper, until finally you find yourself in the womb being forced out, and learning what it is to feel abandoned, helpless, and above all, completely alone. That is fear, and you are no longer helpless.

Now Q’uo said that fear was necessary in the third density because this is the density of many, many opposites, some portion of each which may be seen as negative or that which instills fear in the seeker. They suggested that our response to such continuing fearful experiences was to give respect to the fear by finding a way to love it. Then Q’uo said that there are threats to the body that are deserving of fear in order to avoid pain and suffering of the body, but for those qualities within one’s being that do not generate fear from everyone it is helpful for the seeker to respond with love so that its ability to love is greatly enhanced. Q’uo said that this process is accomplished by looking at the object of fear and then allowing it to teach us how to respond to it by invoking the higher principle of love from our hearts as a spiritual choice of positive polarity. They said that this was moving beyond the illusion in blind faith, and we always have this capacity to choose creatively and positively as we deal with the many layers of fear that we face on our spiritual paths. On June 6, 1993, Q’uo described the nature of blind faith:

Much of what seekers do in blind faith is seek and seek outwardly, reaching and reaching, yet learning more and more about the heart of the self, for the creation reflects that self, and those circumstances which are so obviously happening outside the self within the illusion are, in fact, reflecting part of the nature of the inner self.

Behold your own visions and all sense impressions not only as outer events, but also as a grand system of mirrors reflecting your own inner nature, for all that seems outer, all that seems divergent, all that seems to have this and that quality in and of itself, is that within the illusion which is positioned in a way that shall teach the seeker of his inner nature.

We thank this instrument, and would now transfer. We are known to you as Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light, and we would offer ourselves at this time to any who may have a query for us. Is there a query to which we may speak?

Carla: Not for me, thank you.

K: I’m going to have to look at that, and may have some questions at a later time. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, each of you, once again, for offering us this opportunity to speak to you and to offer that which we have found in our own experience to be helpful on the topic of fear. It is a topic which each of your entities has a close relationship to because of the very basic nature of those animal selves which we find you have been discussing somewhat within your own personal correspondence and thinking. It is a subject which can cause one consternation and confusion. We hope that we have been able to place it within a perspective so that you may observe it without undue distress.

We shall leave this group at this time, looking, as you say, forward, to that opportunity that we may have again in your future to join you actively. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I made an errand run with my first stop at Feeder’s Supply to buy some cat food. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself. My third stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up an prescription.

This afternoon I drove over to southern Indiana to visit Connie in the Providence Care Home. I brought along my usual treats of strawberry ice cream and snickerdoodle cake. Then I read her more of Dianne Aprile’s book The Things We Don’t Forget. We followed that with our closing meditation. It was especially good to see Connie today because I wasn’t able to see her last month due to her having Covid.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 17

Unexpected Messengers Of Love

I am the spirit of love and I greet you in the consciousness of Christ.

It is given to us to come down like rain upon the thirsty souls of those who seek to winnow light from darkness and spread the darkness in the nether regions, exalting light to shine forth across the great sky of planetary consciousness.

The powerful light-focusing abilities of the spirit are not predictable, for the spirit of love has within It whisperings of love’s wisdom which often turn the impulses of those overshadowed by love in ways which may seem devious. Yet it is love’s way to employ the seemingly crooked path from time to time in order that love may break through in an entirely new place and in a completely new way. The serpent in Eden was a messenger of love.

We leave you in peace, both now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from January 20, 1991:

The question this afternoon is a continuation of last week’s question concerning the harmony that is possible to be generated within a mated relationship, the problems that we have in experiencing disharmony, even though we attempt very much to be clear in communication and compassionate in communication. We are wondering this week if there is some relationship between the various portions of our characters or personalities. We find that there are different aspects of ourselves that have different ways of expressing, and that are perhaps even contradictory from time to time. Is there some way that we can gain a greater understanding about increasing the harmony in a relationship by integrating or becoming more aware of those various portions of ourselves that seem at times to be at odds with themselves?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. I am Q’uo, of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, and I thank you most humbly for calling us to your circle of seeking, and for giving us the opportunity to talk upon this subject. Indeed, it would be well for all third-density peoples to examine well not only the answers to questions such as this, but the questions themselves, for the seeds of truth lie not within answers, but within questions, and it is the more skillful spiritual student who pays attention to the questions that his incarnational experience generates.

How, indeed, to live in harmony with the self or with another? That is a dilemma for those of your density, locked outside of the knowledge of others’ true resonances, and seeing only that tip of the iceberg which is behavior. How can entities choose most wisely, especially when they require of themselves a choice which must be made, often before the entity is aware of its deeper desires? Consequently, many mates and many behaviors are chosen because of shallow and petty reasons, reasons which will not endure, truths that will not hold.

Let us again begin within the self. What is it that causes an entity to feel that it is self-contradictory? Indeed, it is a fact that entities are self-contradictory. This is a part of the illusion that may be taken as truth for the purposes of learning. Like all other portions of the illusion, there is no permanent or lasting truth connected with this personality that you experience as yourself. Indeed, you have simply taken on a personality, a solidity, an incarnation, in order that your consciousness may experience this very illusion of separatehood. Not only are you within your physical vehicles apparently separate from all other solidified entities, but within yourself you are apparently solidified into various portions, or voices, or personalities within the self which are responding to various stimuli.

Let us use a created example. Let us say that a seeker has a father, a mother, a brother and a sister, and perhaps one other relative which has affected interaction with the seeker at very young ages. There is within the capability of absolutely every behavior possible. That is true not of those who are seemingly evil in their behavior or negative any less than it is true of those who are seemingly very positive in their behavior. Behavior is simply a way of responding in a situation in which it is not safe to be. Consequently, the personalities that do not seem to be congruent as one integrated self are most often those voices that spoke when you were helpless in the years of your incarnation before you gained any maturity or strength. These voices were powerful; you were not.

The voices, however, were not often, in some cases, kind. The voice of the father, perhaps challenging in one way, perhaps refusing to consider any point of view but the father’s own. The mother’s voice, perhaps a particular mother was cowed before the authority of the mate, and did not choose to stand with a child, even if the child might be in some sense correct, if the mate, the father of the child, wished to exercise negative authority. Perhaps the brother, the sister, the aunt, put one in a bullying position, or only bullied the seeker. There are many, many hurts that to a mature and independent entity are only scratches, but before the infant has created for itself a nexus of experience full enough that it attempts to control its environment, it has been compromised into fear by the voices that it hears that have power over it, and so the seeker develops behavior.

It is a role directly at odds with being, because it mimics being, often perfectly. One can behave, although one is under great stress if one does, for all of the entire waking hours of its day. One can choose never to be simply as one is, and instead one may simply respond to each situation with the appropriate voice, the appropriate behavior. This is a life lived in primary fear. The fear is reasonable for the small child. The same fear can be employed by the self as a learning tool if the self is able to decide for itself that its choices will no longer include those drawn from the soil of fear.

Each entity to whom we speak is what you call adult. Within the adult there lies the universe, and this creates in you great treasure, but it cannot be known to you except insofar as you release fear and the behaviors that it brings into being. When, for instance, an entity who has been terrorized by a parent finds itself in a position where it must make a decision, a hard decision with which it must live, it experiences the fear of that voice saying “You, you small child, could not possibly have the wisdom to make the correct choice.”

The group question for this session was a continuation of the previous week’s question which was: Is there some way that we can gain a greater understanding about increasing the harmony in a relationship by integrating or becoming more aware of those various portions of ourselves that seem at times to be at odds with themselves?” Q’uo began their response by saying that in the third density it is difficult to determine what the inner nature of people is because all we see is the behavior that is like the tip of an iceberg. They continued by saying that each of us perceives the fact that we are self-contradictory because this seeming separation of various facets of our being is the way all people function in the third density: as separate from our own selves and from others as well. Then Q’uo gave an example of how we become self-contradictory by saying that when we were children we were surrounded by our parents and siblings who may have treated us in certain controlling modes of behavior as they were interacting with us, and that programmed us in ways that were also self-contradictory and which created fear in us that stayed with us as we became adults.  So Q’uo said that because of these voices of our childhood we continued to behave in self-contradictory ways that were in direct opposition to the fact that we contain the universe of the Creator within us. On June 6, 1990, Q’uo spoke of how we can eventually grow from the self-contradictory feelings that we have within us:

We would suggest that as the seeker moves through the illusion day-by-day, and repeatedly goes through the practice of worry, of noting the worry, and of turning to communicate this concern in an organized way to infinite intelligence, there is the self-contradictory need both to release the free will to circumstance and to enter into that worrisome situation in imagination, to turn and face that about which the seeker is worried. Again, this turning and facing of catalyst does not bring about simply an answer to prayer, but rather, it acts as a teaching aid, if you will, opening more and more the seeker’s heart, enlarging the scope of the seeker’s identity to itself, and bringing about more and more in the thinking patterns of the seeker an awareness of the self as a universal Self.

Let us reexamine this voice, this portion of the personality that you think is your own voice, but in fact is not. That voice speaks fear, but what have you to fear? Shall you be wrong? Mistakes occur. Out of that wrongness, no matter what it is, a desirable and beneficial result will take place, for in the mistakes that are seen in men’s eyes are the happenstances of spiritual evolution as seen in the eyes of a living spirit of love. What is feared? Being wrong, being foolish.

Let us put this in perspective. Do you fear that the wrong decision shall cause your physical death? That is unlikely, and yet perhaps that can be taken as the worst possible outcome. Gaze at that outcome. Do you fear entering larger life? Do you fear leaving behind the pain and the heaviness of third-density illusion and entering into a creation more filled with light, feeling and knowledge? My friends, this is an interesting thing to fear, indeed. Yet, this is the worst that can happen to you.

Let us recall to your minds the basic purpose of third-density incarnation. You are here to make choices. It is imperative that you make choices. If the choices that you make are unskillful, that is acceptable to the infinite Creator. The process of making choices creates in the seeker more and more skill at the process of making choices. Like any other process, choice making improves with practice. If one is able eventually to claim and name all of the portions of the personality, one is then able simply to say, “I know not how these portions of myself fit together, and I lay that before love itself, for I know not what to do, yet love knows that which is the very best for me, and I will allow that love to lead me, and I shall follow.”

We are aware that this seems in some ways very glib, because the tearing and rending of the self, as one develops in maturity, is certainly most painful, and almost impossible to understand while it is going on. It is necessary only to understand that all things within the self, though contradictory, confused, and to whatever extent unenlightened, are acceptable, beloved, and supported by the one infinite Creator, and by that spirit of love that moves with you and is your companion at all times. There is no way that you can move away from love, except by ignoring it because of fear. You see, to the Creator, you are never guilty, you are never unaccepted. To the Creator, you are always in a paradise, but each of you is in an illusion which decries the apparent inaccuracy of our previous statement, and it is only by faith that you may feel that love, that acceptance, that forgiveness, and that support. It is only by faith that you may continue standing when you feel that life has cut you off at the knees. It is only by faith that you can stay alive when you feel that your life is not worth the living.

Feelings of despair are normal portions of the experience of humankind in third density. There is no negative feeling, passive or active, of which you are not fully capable, given the appropriate circumstances. It is vitally important that you are able to see that, scattered as you may be in this illusion, there is within you a center, a core that is the very treasure of all that there is. Within you is a spark of love that whether you wish it or not, unifies you, not within the illusion, for there you must struggle to learn, but within that underlying reality of your spiritual self.

Now Q’uo spoke about this voice that we hear from our childhood that causes fear within us. They asked us what it is that we fear? What is the worst outcome? Even if it is physical death we will return back in the creation of light and understanding. Then Q’uo reminded us that we are here in the third density to make choices, and even if our choices are not the best to begin with, we can still learn from them and get better at making them as time goes on, so we don’t have to fear poor choices at any time. They continued by saying that whenever we don’t know what to do, we can simply let love lead us in the most appropriate way for us to go. They said that no matter how confused and painful our experiences, all are acceptable to the Creator and to the spirit of love that is our companion, and it is only by faith that we can realize that the spark of love within us unifies us with our spiritual self. On August 10, 1980, Latwii described the spiritual self:

Lastly, we come to the wellspring of spiritual growth, and that is, of course, the spiritual self which is your connection to your primary and true personality. Stimulate that connection with regularity, and though you may not hear what the silence speaks, the connection having been made will bear fruit. You may consider your spiritual self as a great protector, for once you align yourself with it, it will shade you, feed you, and supply you with your needs.

Let us gaze one last time at the struggle of the self with self. Which portions of yourself do you like? Which portions do you not like? You may write these things down about yourself, or you may trick your conscious mind by attempting to write down those things which you like and dislike about an entity whom you truly, seriously, have arguments with, or dislike. When you write down those things which you are willing to give to that entity that are of goodness, and when you write down those entity’s faults with which you are so in a struggle, you will discover that you have written about yourself. This is a useful exercise for learning how each entity within the illusion of third density distorts the love and the light that moves through the universe in a way unique to itself.

It is well to trust that all the personalities within have made their own quite lucid unification. It is equally clear that an entity cannot express at the same time all of that which it feels, thinks and is concerned about in a situation. There you have a window into the process of making choices. Come to know the voices that speak within, not so that you may silence them, necessarily, but so that you may recreate a list of priorities in which those voices and the behaviors that they have caused are of a far lower priority than the self-forgiven, accepted and loved in the present moment. Claim this self, for this is who you are. There is no you but you. You are unique, a child of love who has made choices. Whatever you have done to this point, know that this is a new moment, as is each moment, and that all choices are equally open to you at all times. Yes, you must bear the consequences of the choices. One of the beauties of this density in terms of its being an excellent environment for learning is that entities are indeed held responsible for their choices. This enables the spiritually growing self to be aware of the importance of making choices.

Now, let us look at the kind of choice that you wish to make, whether it is for yourself or for another. First of all, if the Creator loves and accepts and forgives, is there a significant rationale for refusing to accept to love and forgive either yourself or another entity for behaving or being in a certain way? Here is another question. Can you see in the behavior of yourself or another the consciousness that lies beyond, beneath, above and around that behavior? Have you any clue as to the nature of that entity’s unique being? Remember that this is a place for positive action. Positive action in third density is not simply in the arena of the body, but in the arena of the mind. If you find yourself judging, belittling, demeaning or engaging in other negative interactions with yourself or portions of yourself, or with the behavior of others, take a breath, stop, rock back on your mental or emotional heels, and ask yourself if you are appreciating and respecting the freedom and the beingness of yourself or another, for it matters not whether you are dealing with yourself or another. Respect for consciousness suggests that you and others are equally worthy of respect, care, attention, service, and above all, love.

Another question that is fruitful to consider is whether you expect an outcome from yourself or another. To ask of yourself this and this and this outcome is, in the way of making plans, simply a sensible process. If the plans that have been made are not possible to fulfill, then it is the wise seeker who does not waste time bemoaning the undesired outcome of some action or thought. Any action or thought done in order to please or palliate or expedite or control situations is also behavior that will likely engender the harsh edges of other entities’ personalities, for when one acts through fear and attempts to control the environment of one’s incarnation, one is also controlling other entities. Usually, there is rationalization given to the controlling of other entities for their own happiness. However, to the one being controlled, any control whatsoever feels like interference, and consequently the fear within that entity comes alive and moves to defend the perimeter of that personality.

Relax the mind now, and see all solidity fly away. You are not solid entities; that is an illusion. You are not your behavior; that is part of the illusion. You are yourself and your choices and the deep biases that they bring. If you attempt to define yourself in permanent terms while in this illusion as anything but a student who is attempting to learn the lessons of this classroom, you have moved into an area which will be confusing and debilitating.

Now Q’uo suggested that we make a list of the portions of ourselves that we like and don’t like, and then make another list of the traits of someone else that we like and don’t like and realize that both lists describe us, and this is how we distort the universal love and light in our own way. Then Q’uo suggested that we become aware of these voices and seek to discover the ones that we have forgiven ourselves for in the present moment and claim this self as our true self, an entity of love which has made choices for which we are responsible and which reflect the nature of our spiritual growth. They said that it is well to respect all of our choices and those of others as well, for we all are free to be who we are and are worthy of each other’s care, attention, and love. Then Q’uo said that we should give without expectation of return because if we expected a return we would be controlling people in a negative way. Q’uo completed their response by saying that we are not our behavior, but we are our choices and the bias towards love that our choices have created. On July 16, 1989, Q’uo described the nature and value of our choices:

The choices which one makes for harmony, union, love and an increase in joy, and, above all, the choice of the light over the dark thing to say or do, the more you become ready and able to see through the illusion, if only dimly, and choose not to suffer, but to be confident of the self to be humble before all and before the Creator, and yet to know at the heart of oneself is the Creator.

This is your birthright; this is your nature; this is your destiny. What you are building now is the cornerstone of that structure of personality, that disciplined character, which shall be reformed and refined and refined again, until compassion and wisdom have blended as one, and all that is possible to be learned by each unique entity within the creation has been learned. Needless to say, the process is infinite.

It is also, we feel, a great blessing. For we find it a blessing to be conscious, to be able to make our choices. We are building, shall we say, the skyscraper that is based upon the firm foundation you now are laying, the foundation of accepting the unacceptable, of loving the unlovable, of changing the insult into the light touch. You have the control to make these choices at will. Each of you has this within, but how difficult, my friends, it is to call upon it. As always, we move to the suggestion of persistent daily meditation, the listening within, the learning of who you really are, the centering of oneself within the creation, so that no thing is strange and no one a stranger. Nothing threatens, but only challenges.

Try to make your decisions for love with all the passion within your heart, with all the caring in your spirit, for the depth of your commitment to the positive path of service to others in the service of the one infinite Creator will be the measure of the amount of light that you may use and enjoy when this incarnation is at an end. We realize each of you wishes to be able to use the love and the light of the fourth density. We assure you the challenges and the problems do not stop simply because the choice has been made. It is a long, long process of refinement of the knowledge that one has gained, of the biases that one has earned.

At this time, because of the sleepiness within the circle, we would choose to conserve this instrument’s energy and simply ask if there are any questions that we might answer before we leave this group this evening. Is there a question at this time?


I am known to you as those of Q’uo. We are most pleased at being able to speak with you further upon this interesting subject. There is no immediate end to the number of ways to address this subject, and we are happy to speak more upon various aspects of it as you gaze upon this material and are able to ask further questions, if that is what you would desire. We are most pleased to speak further at another working.

In hopes that you may truly love yourselves and one another with confidence and faith, we leave you in the kingdom of eternity that this basic attitude delivers you into. We thank you for the beauty of your vibrations and for the peace of your seeking. In its persistence and depth there is a beauty not often seen among your people, and we are humble before third-density pilgrims such as you who struggle and weep and survive to hope and have faith and love tomorrow. Move that tomorrow, my friends, into the present moment, and never let it go, and you shall be one, and all shall be well. And when you cannot do this, forgive yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself, for these are the tools with which you learn to love all that there is.

We bid you adonai. We are known to you as those of the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

This morning I did my usual Friday vacuuming of the first floor of the house.

This afternoon I decided to wash the windows on the east side of the of house as you go out the back door. I washed them on the inside with Windex and used a squeegee and rage to wipe them clean.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 15

The Kingdom Of Words

I am the spirit of the consciousness of love and I greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ.

There is a difficulty in the way in which we make ourselves known through this instrument. That difficulty extends to any who values too highly the citizens of the kingdom of words, for words do not equal understanding, nor is any number of words enough to grant the seeker entry to the kingdom of heaven.

When the spirit of Christ moves purely, It moves without concept and is, rather, the clean, clear wind of Logos, a Thought which remains unmanifest regardless of how many manifestations may shape themselves through free will from the living light furnished by love.

Depend not upon words and, even more, depend not upon created words from within your own being, for there are many ways in which the seeker after truth may build houses which seem to hold truth, houses of words and concepts which rise high yet fall as would cards when the wind of the spirit blows across the construction of your Earthly life.

Seek first the attitude change which comes from the contact with the spirit of love.

We wish you sublime and lasting peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from January 13, 1991:

The question this evening has to do with the situation in which Carla and I are experiencing difficulty in maintaining our normal harmony in spite of our very intense efforts at trying to communicate clearly. We know we have been targets of psychic greetings in the past, but we aren’t aware of making openings for these greetings at this time. What is the quality, in general, in mated relationships, that Ra described as adversary in nature, and how can people become aware enough of these factors to create a harmonious relationship?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege to be called to your group at this time to speak upon the adversarial relationship between mates. First, however, we would note, for your interest and [inaudible], the absolute beauty of a great portion of your planetary sphere’s inhabitants’ prayers as they rise from the mundane events which cause them into planes of intercession, healing, forgiveness, and enlightenment.

My brothers and sisters, we cannot stop your wars, nor would the Creator. These are energies within you which have not yet been balanced. That balancing is a portion of your learning. There is a correspondingly drastic amount of negative energy upon the Earth plane at this time which is only inevitable since the harvest grows nigh, and, indeed, has begun occurring on an individual basis, as those who are capable, upon leaving their incarnations, choose to take the walk of light and discover the density of their next abiding and learning place.

Your beauty is transcendent, your prayers heartfelt, and given every support by those of positive orientation, whatever the nature and manifestation of your consciousness and personality. So, although events look hopelessly muddled upon a mundane level, there is great polarization taking place, both for those positively oriented and those upon what many have not yet determined as the negative path. Many are moving along this path at this time who will, predictably, reverse the nature of that polarity when the difference between imagined carnage and real carnage is made clear by some personal experience.

We ask you to look at these days not with trepidation and not with fear, but with enormous compassion. There will be, regardless of future events, great grieving and suffering among all peoples. We do not know what will occur in the future. It is always in the hands of free entities to choose the destiny of a people. Some of these free entities are imprisoned within their minds by concepts neither positive nor negative. This is a great confusion upon the mundane level. We ask you to move beyond it, and to be a portion of the ceaseless cry of prayer and supplication that rises so beautifully, so deeply, so richly at this time from your planetary surface, rises to the infinite One in glory and beauty. Know that your prayers are heard. Know that you are not forgotten.

The question for this session was adversarial relations in general and specifically how Carla and I were dealing difficulties that we were having in our relationship. Q’uo began their response by sharing an overview of adversary relationships where many people were offering prayers to heal the wounds of disharmony on our planet, and that neither Q’uo nor the Creator would seek to stop wars as they would need to be balanced as a portion of the learning of the people involved in the wars. They went on to say that this is the means of the polarization of the positive and negative paths, and Q’uo suggested that we look upon the negative energy in motion with compassion and with the hope that those who have not chosen a path might be able to do so. They suggested that we continue to pray for those in need as the One Creator hears these prayers. In 38.8-.10 Ra spoke of the entities from the Sirius star that needed to balance their meditation with the concept of bellicosity which suggests that we all have to deal with the war-like nature in our being as well:

Questioner: I was wondering if that particular social memory complex from the Sirius star evolved from trees?

Ra: I am Ra. This approaches correctness. Those second-density vegetation forms which graduated into third density upon this planet bearing the name of Dog were close to the tree as you know it.

Questioner: I was also wondering then if, since action of a bellicose nature is impossible as far as I understand for vegetation, would not they have the advantage as they move into third density from second as to not carrying a racial memory of a bellicose nature and therefore develop a more harmonious society and accelerate their evolution in this nature? Is this true?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. However, to become balanced and begin to polarize properly it is then necessary to investigate movements of all kinds, especially bellicosity.

Questioner: I am assuming, then, that their investigations of bellicosity were primarily the type that they extracted from Hickson’s memory rather than warfare among themselves? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Entities of this heritage would find it nearly impossible to fight. Indeed, their studies of movements of all kinds is their form of meditation due to the fact that their activity is upon the level of what you would call meditation and thus must be balanced, just as your entities need constant moments of meditation to balance your activities.

We move now to a more personal, intimate point of view with regard to that within third-density entities which contributes not only to war and the possibilities thereof, but also to what is called an adversarial relationship, whether it is between friends, family members, enemies or mates. Let us gaze for a moment at the basic truths to which we will be contrasting experience within the illusion.

The most basic truth is that all that there is, is created of one Creator, and of one material. Love has chosen to move into being through the use of light. When we greet you in love and light, we greet you as all that there is in all that there is, hoping to imply the spiritual reality that all are one. The most you may experience normally within third density is harmony. You are not just harmonious entities, you are One. You are truly each other. As you love others, you love yourself.

Our second background proposition to you is our opinion that the mated relationship, indeed, any close relationship, seems especially biased against the possibility of doing great spiritual work because inevitably neither entity in such a relationship is at one with itself. Thusly, all relationships, to the extent that the disharmony in one and the disharmony in the other can be multiplied, will result in a certain strength of collision. The more discordant the vibrations of each, the greater the impact of the collision.

We speak in metaphysical terms, but the motion of emotion, and its vector, are both important concepts to consider when examining disharmony between two mates. The energy that is being experienced subjectively has a certain intensity depending upon the degree and the kind of disharmony in the entity. The vector of that energy, which is of a negative nature, is a free choice also, and may be pointed inward towards the self, or outward towards others, or it may be ignored because of guilt or other reasons, repressed, and thereby become a fixed and unmoving solidity of disharmony.

Thusly, no matter how subjectively miserable it makes a spiritually oriented entity to speak disharmoniously, it is at all times far more appropriate for service to others entities to move any expressions of emotion whatsoever into clear and honest expression than to keep it within the self that it may putrefy and sicken the self in one way or another, because the energy of that disharmony must express itself. If it is not expressed as catalyst by the mind and the emotions, it shall move into the body complex and create disharmony within the second density manifested entity which is the temple or tabernacle within which your consciousness meets the infinite Creator during this incarnational experience.

Then Q’uo spoke of the general nature of each person is as a portion of the love and light of the Creator, and that we are all portions of each other, so as we love others we love our self as well. Q’uo continued by saying that both entities in any mated relationship are not at one with themselves so this disharmony in each one will increase in the experience of both in the relationship. Q’uo suggested that this inner disharmony be spoken of clearly and honestly by the mates so that its catalyst might be used to restore harmony rather than not speaking of it and risk having it move into the body as a kind of disease. In 61.7, Ra described this process:

Questioner: Second question: could you give an example of how feelings affect portions of the body and the sensations of the body?

Ra: I am Ra. It is nearly impossible to speak generally of these mechanisms, for each entity of proper seniority has its own programming. Of the less aware entities we may say that the connection will often seem random as the higher self continues producing catalyst until a bias occurs. In each programmed individual the sensitivities are far more active and, as we have said, that catalyst not used fully by the mind and spirit is given to the body.

From this beginning, you may perhaps see that we shall start not with two entities, but with one, for the source of disharmony is fear, fear of one kind or another. When there is disharmony it is well first to move within the self and ask the self to look at the expression that was disharmonious, not the other’s expression, but the expression of the self. Examine it not for excellence—you are not a judge—but examine it to discover the underlying fear.

We may use an example. A common negative emotion which creates disharmony between entities is jealousy. As this is specifically not the situation of the precise couple asking the question, we feel this is a better and more general concept to work with using this instrument, for the instrument must be to some degree protected against the temptation to offer the specific advice regarding the self while in this altered state of consciousness.

Why would a woman or man in third density experience jealousy? The experience of jealousy is linked to the fear of loss, which creates anger, which creates guilt, which creates a host of echoing and re-echoing discordant emotions within the self. Let us look at the entity who has attracted this negative emotion. Let us say that this entity is innocent. Why is this entity experiencing the adversarial negative emotion? Largely, the innocent entity who is experiencing jealousy is experiencing the fear of being utterly misunderstood and misjudged. It is angry because it does not like to be kept in a cage, and the emotion of jealousy in an active phase is the making of a very small prison for an entity.

If the entity is guilty of that action because of which the mate is jealous, that entity is also fearful. What is it afraid of? Perhaps it is afraid of losing that which has been comfortable, useful and kindly in its life experience, the settled home, the children, the family experience, and this fear creates anger and frustration and the feeling of being alone. Indeed, the feeling of being alone, bereft, stranded, abandoned and forgotten is at the heart of the great majority of the day-to-day fears which create in entities an adversarial inner relationship between the portion of the self that is devoted to unity, peace and concord, and the part of the self that is devoted to protecting its boundaries, enlarging its fortune, creating greater comfort or happiness, however petty or great.

Thusly, in those who are of one piece, those who have developed a personality that is seamless, they are not open to the experience of adversarial relationships, because in themselves they have no adversary. All of themselves is focused in one direction. May we say that this entity is seldom found among your people, but that it is very frequently an hoped for ideal. The unity of the self is in little [i.e. in miniature] the unity of the creation. Peace within any relationship betwixt two people involves the illusion of war because the progress of any one person in third density includes the experience of hard won wars. There is almost always a significant amount of friction in at least one substantive area of the personality in which part of the self feels one way, part another, and instead of being content to allow that balance to go forward until it has resolved itself, entities push and probe and pull at themselves emotionally and analytically, attempting a sort of Band-Aid treatment of that which is as deep as the Grand Canyon.

It is the wounded entity that is truly at war. All other expressions of disharmony come from this adversary relation of self to self. It is, therefore, never intelligent to work upon another without regard to the self, for there is no right and wrong, there is only disharmony. We do not say this to include acts of needless or unprovoked violence of a random kind. We say this to express the opinion that entities need, when faced with disharmony, to turn not outward, but inward, for within the self are the seeds of all negative as well as all positive expressions of mind, thought, emotion or action.

How does one go about this? As always, the daily meditation, perhaps at the beginning, perhaps at the end, perhaps both times, in the amount of time needed by the individual, is the daily bread that enables all of the spiritual work which you wish to do, for your energy to do this work comes not only as the gift of the infinite Creator in the very creation of the self, in the way the physical vehicle is able to internalize the infinite energy of the infinite One, it is also a matter of focusing that energy, of experiencing from intelligent infinity, by this calling for love and light, that immediate presence that is the fruit of faith.

Now Q’uo suggested that the way for those in a mated relationship to deal with disharmony is for each to look within the self to find what is their source of fear because fear is usually the cause of disharmony. They said that the fear could be fear of loss of the family, the home, children, and that anger, guilt, and frustration could also develop as a product of these fears. Q’uo continued by saying that “the feeling of being alone, bereft, stranded, abandoned and forgotten is at the heart of the great majority of the day-to-day fears which create in entities an adversarial inner relationship between the portion of the self that is devoted to unity, peace, and concord.” Then Q’uo said that in the third density it is common for a person to feel that it is at war, not just with others, but within itself as one part of itself often wants to go in one direction while another part wants to go in a different direction which is like an adversary relationship with the self. So Q’uo suggested that when one feels disharmony it is well to turn inward to find those seeds of negativity as well as the positive thoughts of mind, emotion, and action. They also recommended using daily meditation as a way to do this. On September 4, 1980, Hatonn shared the fruits of being able to turn inward to find positive experiences:

Seeking, my friends, is the nature of life. Seeking is the major awareness. Seeking is all that there is. Seeking occurs in the physical plane when the individual becomes aware of himself and his nature. It is normal at this point for the individual to seek an answer to the riddle of life.

Through this seeking, he then begins to know himself. The seeking then must turn inward and analyze each thought and the foundation for that thought, each action and the foundation for that action, each response the individual gives for an exterior catalytic action.

Through this process of seeking self-knowledge, the individual is able to create a self that is more aware of the true nature of the creation in which he finds himself. This is the process of growth on your physical plane.

Now that each is aware that each is responsible for the self, we would offer our opinions concerning the mated relationship, its—to us—quite obvious advantages, and its—to you—quite obvious disadvantages. The great advantage and the great opportunity for disadvantage in the mated relationship is one and the same thing. Entities without the intention of going through difficult times as well as good are excellent mirrors for a time. But insofar as honest discussion and expression of disapproval and so forth is repressed, the relationship will remain distant, and it is the very intimacy of relationship that makes it both extraordinarily worthwhile spiritually, and often extraordinarily difficult.

When an entity perceives the true kinship and potential unity of the mated relationship, especially, it seems wonderful. To some few, who either do not have the wit to be disturbed, or the wisdom not to be disturbed, there is no particular down side. This is true of perhaps a handful of entities upon your planet at this time, compared to the vast normalcy of friction and subjectively experienced pain from intimacy. However, the discussion of instruments within this circle recently produced an image which we may use to good effect. That is the image of the cocoon. When entities choose the mated relationship, they are temporarily, in a romantically oriented marriage, not quite well. They are ill, they are ill with too much giving. Because of the tremendous attraction that brings people together romantically, mates often begin with extremely unhuman concepts of the capabilities of third-density entities, including themselves. All that has been said has been delightful, company has been enjoyed, and even though it may be spoken intellectually that this has been a Sunday relationship and is now going seven days a week, the impact of this upon the psyche cannot be gauged.

Think of the image of the cocoon in winter. From the outside it looks protective, smooth and comforting. Upon the inside every available space is crammed with life and food, consciousness and catalyst. In a mated relationship two entities agree before the infinite Creator and in its presence to live as one entity serving the infinite Creator. This is a magical and profound promise, a covenant. Each of the mates has expressed its co-Creatorship, and a new entity for use within your illusion has been born. It is difficult to remember that there are not two, but either one or three entities in that cocoon. There are those who would express oneness by saying that as each portion of the creation is the Creator, there is only one entity in this womb that produces so much beauty. Just as legitimate is the opinion that there are three, the self, the mate and love itself, the one infinite Creator, Who has become the bridge between the self and the mate, enabling two singular entities to harmonize, strengthen the strong points, release the weaker points in terms of harmony, and create an entity, that together with a full heart and merry laughter, may continue long and without the burnout of being solitary which afflicts many of your peoples, in polarization of the service-to-others aspect which is so very profoundly the great mover and shaker spiritually for one who seeks the acceleration of the pace of spiritual evolution.

Now, if an entity is unable to deal with the concept of being in a cocoon, and being crowded, then there is that within the self which may not have the most rapid growth in the ability to deal with the petty disagreements which excellent and truly loving entities still always seem to offer. This is as it should be. How could you learn if you did not have catalyst? The placing of two entities this closely together is that created by the Creator as an opportunity for two to do intensive, accelerated work which neither could do by the self. It is an invitation to a series of seemingly disastrous misunderstandings and a seemingly endless chain of negative emotion and pain.

Within the illusion, this is what change and transformation feel like. It does not feel good to release the portions of the self that are not able to come into harmony with portions of the other self. This does not mean that entities need to change in order the be active and powerful co-Creators of beautiful, service-filled lives. It simply means that each entity has its lessons to learn, and although it can learn them through the random catalyst of strangers, acquaintances and the indifferent friends and family, yet the more intimacy that is in any relationship, the more the opportunities for disagreement, debate, confusion, hurt, guilt and many other seemingly negative experiences which may, by the free choice of an entity who is spiritually aware, be perceived as opportunities for service, for learning and for growth.

To become truly intimate is to release the self from its strictures, for true intimacy, within the illusion of third density, is found only by guess and by hunch. One may do work upon one’s own consciousness and one’s own personality to attempt to eradicate pettiness, meanness, the irritability, the friction. But just as you cannot deny any degree of the 360 degrees of the third-density personality, so you cannot get rid of any of those degrees within this illusion.

Consequently, in all but the most—we shall use this instrument’s word—saintly, there are the variations in behavior which predict with great probability continuing disharmony, as normally innocent entities—that is, innocent of malice—discover themselves misunderstood, disturbed, distraught or upset by the actions not only within the self, but some action, speech or thought which the mate has had.

Here Q’uo begins to describe the basic nature of the mated relationship as being that which begins in mutually expressed harmony and the expectations that it will continue without any difficulties to disturb the romantic nature of the marriage. When the couple is married they becomes as one being that is moving into the joy of union together and also with the Creator for the remainder of their lives. However, Q’uo said that the mated relationship is actually a chance for each mate to accelerate their growth through transformation and change as they process the catalyst of disagreements and confusions in a manner which neither could do without the other. On July 23, 1989, Q’uo described the nature of transformation and change:

But in order to avoid becoming a pawn in someone else’s game you must grasp the dimensions of the understanding that is being asked of you, and then to the best of your ability attempt to learn and to manifest that new understanding, to undergo the pain of transformation and change, and to use the energy of that pain for a building of a new and higher truth for yourself.

There are few who examine the life minutely, moment by moment each day. Most entities are content to be intro—we correct this instrument—introspective from time to time only. It is well to never focus upon oneself to the extent that one is oblivious of other’s needs, but it is also most important for each of you, my children, that you respect yourself, that you move within your consciousness as on holy ground, for all of creation, all of love, dwells within the infinity of your deep mind.

Now, you are in a cocoon and you are facing each other. By this cocoon of mating with commitment until death the entity agrees to accept the conditions of intimacy. How can one become nonadversarial? The first step, needless to say, lies completely within the self. Look through the life experience in any way deemed appropriate, with an eye to discovering recurring themes of discontent, recurring triggers for fear and the often extremely biased and difficult to understand actions of those who fear. As the entity known as Aaron has said, do not gaze at the situation, as it is a symptom of fear; gaze instead at the fear until you grasp what you fear, and with what method you wish to welcome love and allow fear to go its way.

This is an ongoing process which must be done by the self of its own free will. A mate can suggest, but it can never do the work of another. Often the more advanced within third density entities are, the more difficult the hands they deal themselves within a life experience, for they wish, knowing the value of third-density decision making, to have the opportunity to make unifying music, harmonious solutions to scratchy, discordant, relationships.

Once the self has done all the work that it can at one particular time in scratching the surface of this area of fear, do not feel that it is arranged, fixed or repaired, for the levels of emotion which come to the surface in an intimate relationship through a process of many years are those that move deeper and deeper into the self that is below the door sill or threshold of consciousness.

Now, some are within this cocoon. Most of those within this cocoon do not know its nature, or the reason for the discomfort. It is not simply the closeness to another entity. It is the mirroring effect brought to a state of honesty not possible to be offered by those who are not privy to the especially private moments, be they happy or sad, which occur between two people alone. Indeed, this is true of every relationship in which the self is committed in some degree. Close friends of whatever kind may also do work together, but they must be willing to be repeatedly uncomfortable.

After one has done all the work that is possible within the self at a particular time, it is temporarily a friendlier mirror, a kinder reflection, to the mate. However, each of you is not intended to find it easy to be of a positive polarity at all times. There are various, and often subjectively confusing cycles of energy within the mind, within the body, within the emotions and within the spirit. The combinations, in their endless variance, of the particular energies at a given moment will cause the most stable and unified entity to behave in seemingly various ways. Although there is a general tenor of character and personality in the kind of events, there is no aforeset series of actions, beliefs, thoughts and beingness upon which one may count, not for anyone, not at any of your times. Each entity is free, within that cocoon, but free. If it does not wish to become a butterfly it may leave the cocoon, and be pupa and larva and so forth once again, eating and growing and preparing.

Q’uo continued speaking about how we can become non-adversarial by looking at what is causing fear within us and then how we wish to welcome love and let fear disappear. Then Q’uo said that in an intimate relationship this is an ongoing process that will allow us to access deeper levels of our consciousness as we utilize the mirroring effect in the most honest of ways that are part of the intimate moments that we share with our mates. Q’uo went on to say that this is the way that we can experience periods of kinder feelings for each other, but there will be those times of subjectively confusing experiences within our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spirits or any combination of these that will surface again in our mated relationship. On July 28, 1985, Q’uo described how the mirroring effect works in the mated relationship:

These male and female qualities, then, being expressed within this mated relationship allow the mirroring effect to occur with greater intensity and frequency. This mirroring effect is the effect that occurs when one sees within another self those characteristics that are loved and accepted and those that are not loved and not accepted. In truth, these are the characteristics of the self which are loved or not loved, and are those characteristics which outline the lessons and services that the entity has designed into the life pattern from the preincarnational state.

The intensity and frequency of this mirroring effect, then, is due to the natural attractions and interactions that are set in motion by the basic positive and negative forces of creation moving within the mated couple. That the relationship is one which is seen as a life-long relationship insures that the mirroring effect will be produced on a frequent basis. The frequency aids in the intensification of the opportunity to see the self within another and to work upon the self as one works upon the relationship with the other self.

The state you call marriage is that cocooned, protected state in which two entities vow to enhance their service to others by joining together, and to enhance each other’s personal polarity, creation and creation of service to others, each for the other. It is an absolute ideal which flies in the face of the illusion. It is a claiming of eternity where before there was a passage of time betwixt physical birth and physical death.

Now, there are many who do not experience this in the marriage ceremony or in the marriage. This does not mean it is not real. It means that it has been unnoticed, unvalued and unused. Those who asked this question wish to use the cocoon in which they have placed themselves for the purpose of supporting each other, and supporting an enhanced collaboration for the service of humankind. When the relationship, because of outer or inner circumstances, may change, then there is outward as well as inward pressure placed upon the close knit intimacy that has gone before. Each entity, then, is experiencing two separate kinds of catalyst: the catalyst from within, the catalyst from without.

The catalyst from within comes as two entities discover their helplessness. It is not usual for entities which are not in a stressful position to experience helplessness. It is the nature of each entity’s instinctual mind to protect the self. Thus, one goes from protecting the self from one’s own negative 180 degrees, to protecting the self from the negative 180 degrees of an intimate other self. This protection is done, as always, through the fear of annihilation. Entities so close must, at last, it is thought, blow apart because they cannot breathe.

We suggest to you that this image of the cocoon is that of a cocoon without substance except for light. It is indeed a place for transformation. It is indeed a place where every ounce of humility and humbleness and peacefulness and compassion for the self and for the mate will be endlessly useful. But at heart, the only answer to fear is love itself, whether it is expressed in faith, in expressions of hope, or in a simple, inarticulate embrace, indeed, expressed in any way whatsoever that is understandable by the two within the cocoon.

This is the key to moving into harmonious mirroring once again, to remember that you are truly inharmonious not with the other, but with the self, and that the other has been a mirror to you, a painful, honest and rather irritated mirror. This does not mean it is necessary to placate the mirror. It is necessary only to give thanks for that mirror that is causing you, seemingly, such pain, for it enables you to grapple with spiritual principles and issues of which the self has not been aware.

It is very difficult for a well working spiritually oriented mated couple to be blind-sided and surprised by the difficulties of mundane life, for in that mated relationship which is sturdy, the structure has been built with love, with creative love. That cannot be defined, but we may say that romance is not a deep portion of the relationship that achieves oneness, but rather love itself, and the shared work of creating a stable and unified home of love. That is the beauty of the successful, continuingly agonizing, but continuingly hoping and thankful cocooned mated couple. Two people seeking together, trusting themselves, trusting each other, and trusting in love.

Hope, trust, charity, love; these are only words. The reality lies deep in your hearts. Move, you poor in heart, into the richness of the heart visited by infinity, and see butterflies dancing amidst a metaphysical field of infinitely beautiful flowers. This is a gift you are paying for that will not be delivered within the incarnational experience for longer than moments at a time. You see the struggle, you see living in a sardine can, living in a cocoon. We see the maturation of a thing of surpassing spiritual power, delicacy and beauty.

We thank you for this extremely interesting question, and feel that it is especially interesting as so many among your people are dealing first with the war that is outside, and perhaps only then becoming honest enough to see the planes of Megiddo within the heart of every third-density entity. Yes, you struggle, and may we encourage you to struggle, wrestle, fight or relax, and rest and observe, completely depending upon each entity’s personality and needs. It is indeed greatly worth the doing, and is in fact the beginning of the learning process that creates the social memory complex. It begins with you and yourself. Come into harmony with that precocious, maddening self. Forgive it, love it, accept it, and you shall be prepared to work at your lessons of love as mates.

We wish all mates strength and courage and persistence, for love is far more than you think it, and each mated entity is the beginning of love made visible, even in third density. Lose not your interest in psychic greeting, but with these thoughts observe for yourself those opportunities created by a lack of humbleness as regards the nature of the self.

Q’uo continued by saying that marriage is a covenant between two mates to help each other on their journey of serving others, and on this journey they will experience catalyst both from within themselves and from without. They said that this catalyst comes from protecting the self from its own negative fears, and the catalyst from without comes from protecting the self from fears from the mate’s seeming negativity. Then Q’uo said that the answer to fear is love that could be expressed in many different ways, but it is the mirroring effect which reveals that it is the self that one is inharmonious with, and we should be grateful to know this. Q’uo said that as the mated couple continues to grow through the processing of painful change that their relationship becomes more stable as it has been built with creative love that transcends romantic love because both have been seeking together, trusting themselves, trusting each other, and trusting in love. They completed their thoughts on the mated relationship by saying that we should “come into harmony with that precocious, maddening self. Forgive it, love it, accept it, and you shall be prepared to work at your lessons of love as mates.” On November 26, 1989, Q’uo spoke of the value of forgiving the self:

All that is, is within you, the bad, as you would call negative emotions and ideas, and the good, as you would call positive emotions and ideas. But the source of your worth is that which makes the universe One, and yourself a citizen as important as any, as worthy as any. You are a part of the infinite Creator; you are worthwhile, necessary and beloved. May you love yourself enough to move the imperfections out of the way of your service, and never ever hold a grudge against the self, but to forgive the self, to intend a newness which is less imperfect in the ways of doing things.

We apologize for speaking overlong once again. Indeed, we have never been more surprised to find the time pass. We feel this instrument is moving more and more away from awareness of time. It is not giving us data because it does not have it. Although this is acceptable to us, if there is a desire for a shorter format, we might suggest some outer stimulus, for without this instrument’s awareness of the passage of time, we have none. We would appreciate your aid if you wish us to speak more economically. Let us know not when the time to speak is through, but when, perhaps, there are five or ten of your minutes before the desired end, and we shall do our best to comply. We leave this matter in your hands and in your free choice, for we are always willing to speak as much as you would desire.

We would like to close this instrument through the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument in love and light and in joy that we have been able to offer our opinions to you. We do hope most humbly that some of what we say may be helpful, and, as always, ask each to take only those things which are helpful, abandoning the rest as truths not for them. I am known to you as Q’uo, and I transfer at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. If we have not overworn our welcome, we would ask if we might be of further service by tending to any queries that you may have at this time. Is there a query with which we may begin?

Carla: [Inaudible. Essentially, Carla said she would have to review and digest the material given and then would probably have questions at a later time.]

I am Q’uo. Then we are satisfied that we have served to the fullest extent possible at this time, and we are very, very grateful to have been able to share that which we have shared with you. We find that these gatherings are delicate in their tuning and powerful in their desires to know more of that truth which shines equally upon all. We thank you for offering your queries, your desires, and your selves to these circles of seeking. We are thrilled at the light that is generated here, and we shall take our leave of this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, adonai.

This morning I ran some errands with my first stop being at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some food for myself. My second stop was at the vet’s to pick up some meds for Bosco. My last stop was at my dentist where I had an appointment to see how the steroid ointment is working on two sores that I have in my gums above the teeth. The dentist suggested that I continue with the steroid ointment for another week, as it seems that both sores are healing, and then I will return for another appointment at the end of that week.

This afternoon I used a pair of scissors to cut away the dead leaves from the six Aloe Vera plants that live on the shelves just before going out of the back door of the house. Then I discovered that the roots were not doing well either, and I cut them back to where they were alive and repotted them. After I got all of the six plants pruned and repotted I looked up how much to water aloe vera plants, and I discovered that I have been over-watering them and need to cut back to once a month in the winter and twice a month in the summer.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 15

The Kingdom Of Words

I am the spirit of the consciousness of love and I greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ.

There is a difficulty in the way in which we make ourselves known through this instrument. That difficulty extends to any who values too highly the citizens of the kingdom of words, for words do not equal understanding, nor is any number of words enough to grant the seeker entry to the kingdom of heaven.

When the spirit of Christ moves purely, It moves without concept and is, rather, the clean, clear wind of Logos, a Thought which remains unmanifest regardless of how many manifestations may shape themselves through free will from the living light furnished by love.

Depend not upon words and, even more, depend not upon created words from within your own being, for there are many ways in which the seeker after truth may build houses which seem to hold truth, houses of words and concepts which rise high yet fall as would cards when the wind of the spirit blows across the construction of your Earthly life.

Seek first the attitude change which comes from the contact with the spirit of love.

We wish you sublime and lasting peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from January 6, 1991:

The question this evening concerns the nature of the mind/body/spirit complex; in particular, what is the specific nature of the spirit complex, how does that relate to what we know of as the soul, how can that knowledge help us in our learning about ourselves and in being able to be more of service?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most blessed to be able to share this experience with you, and blessed even further that we may possibly be of service to you in your seeking, as our seeking at this time, as you would say, is all focused upon that which we learn by attempting to be of service to you. Thus, you are offering us a great gift by your questions, for this is our means of service and learning at this time. We too are upon a path to the infinite One, and we too are yet finite and unimpeccable. We are mistake makers, we are opinion givers; we are not and can never be completely accurate, for accuracy lies not in words. We can only offer you an estimation in your language of concepts which we have come to grasp. We thank you for this opportunity, but request that each use the discrimination of its own wisdom. That which is yours you shall recognize and remember as if you had heard it before, but only now remembered it. That which is not yours, leave; perhaps you will one day return, and it will then be your truth, but under no circumstances allow a puzzle of ours to become a stumbling block to you.

We begin now with your question upon the nature of the spirit complex and its relation to the entity you have called soul. We would begin by asking each to move in consciousness from the cerebral patterns of intellectual knowledge into the open heart and the wisdom that lies therein, for that wisdom is deeper, though conceptual and illogical rather than the ideation and ratiocination of the conscious mind, for much of the question which you ask is best answered by the wisdom of the heart rather than by strictly logical means.

As we depart now and then from logic in our attempts to express concepts not within your vocabulary, we ask you to suspend notice of our illogic, and await the sum, for only in sum can substance be seen. We thank you for allowing us the freedom of this process, for the question you have asked is less than easily answered in purely cerebral terms.

Each of you is an entity. Let this be basic and imprinted. Each of you is an unique consciousness. You are unique because of the choices that you have made. It is your choices which define you, your biases which express your nature. It is not in the clarity of your Creator-self that you exist in terms of the solution, but as an unique portion of infinite consciousness which has been mated with free will in order that you may go through the choosing process again and again, creating, enhancing and altering your biases and distortions. What could we offer to any, clear and lucid enough to be a perfect and empty instrument that could all be filled with the treasure of the infinite Creator? Nothing. We offer words to you because both we and you are learning, and yet do not know, but we are persistent, as are you. This free will moves firstly by chance, and in terms of your time/space continuum, this occurs for a long period. In the density which you now enjoy comes a very critical period in which the unique and distorted entity that you are must choose blindly, in the deep of midnight, how to follow the light.

Thusly, all discussion of the entity which is you as a purely metaphysical entity must in some way be wrapped in mystery, for it is not important to know the nature of the soul, or the true entity, during an incarnation. It is, in fact, baggage, for you are not here to practice discarnate skills. Each of you is here to be affected by an environment you know to be an illusion. Yet, why would you choose to be in an illusion which is so often challenging, unless that which is truly your self is aware of the great value of not knowing, and having to choose in faith, blindly?

Therefore, seat yourselves, and your knowledge of yourselves, firstly as one who respects the incarnation, one who values the illusion, for this illusion is a tremendous opportunity for you to know more and more clearly the nature of your self. Yet, this can never be a measurable or quantitative knowledge, for you, as what you would call a soul, are incalculable, inevitable, inestimable and eternal. Yet should we speak to you as imperishable beings of light? We think not, what good would that do you? You could not hear the words of light; you could not value concepts that have no words. We would become those who spoke in tongues, not your own; perhaps an exquisite experience, but not an information-filled one.


We are those of Q’uo. We greet you again in love and light. This instrument must sometimes pause to take liquid, and we apologize for this delay.

The group question for this session was what is the spirit; how does it relate to the soul; and how do they help us to be of service to others? Q’uo began their reply by recommending that each person listen, not with the intellectual capacity of the mind, but to move within their hearts to receive a deeper kind of wisdom in which we are unique and distorted entities, and it is the unique choices that we make that define us. They went on to say that each of us is here to make a choice to follow the light within the darkness of the third-density illusion, and as metaphysical beings we are full of the mystery of the creation as we make that choice. Then Q’uo said that this is a difficult illusion that allows us to know ourselves as a soul that they were unable to define because we are incalculable, inevitable, and eternal. On February 5, 1995, Q’uo described some of the mystery of creation:

You are many things which you are not aware of, for you are indeed all things. This is the great mystery of creation. We worship with you this mystery, my brother, and can only shed a limited amount of light upon this topic, for the Creator which has set all energy into motion and has pleased Itself by giving fields of energy which are called entities free will to choose the manner of their being and the way in which they express this being as a manifestation of that being.

Now that we have thoroughly rattled your cages, and made you see the quiddity of your selves and your incarnation, and underscored this illusion’s value to you, we may be free to speak upon your question, for we feel that we have de-emphasized it appropriately.

As we said, you begin and end in mystery. However, within the illusion we may say some things about the relations between the mind, the body and the spirit. In terms of learning, within the illusion, the primary, or first learner of which most entities are aware is the mind complex. This is a portion of the self within the illusion. It is a type of computer which functions quite simply by answering “yes” or “no” to each stimulus which is received. Each entity answers “no” to the reception of perhaps 99% of all that is offered. The self chooses endlessly what it will perceive, and from those choices follow all the conscious choices. Thusly it is firstly up to the mind to determine what it wishes to perceive, for the instrument known as the mind is programmed only for survival. And, just as the small animal which is one of your pets moves in relation to our energy in fear, so do each of you instinctually move either in fear or in the active fear called aggression against those things which are deemed a threat. Fear moves all entities until they are delivered by that leap of blind faith into an awareness of love. This is always the basic choice: to fear, or to love. Choices made in fear separate; choices made in love unite.

The mind, in and of itself, instinctually cannot move into the area of choice with any realization. It will, left to itself, continue any patterns that have been begun in the early days of the incarnation of that entity. Thusly, the unawakened life path is one of distraction, avoidance and aggression. By these means, the mind controls the environment, and considers itself safe. Fears, and lack of fear, move into the body complex, if there is no intervention either by dealing mentally with outside catalyst or invoking faith. Thusly, the body slowly sickens and dies, because the nature of the illusion is that of steady loss.

However, into this closed and incomplete consciousness moves the voice of that which may be called the spirit complex, although indeed the spirit complex itself is a gateway, or opening, or channel, which is able to transmit into the deep mind, through itself, higher principles and ideals that do not have to do with the illusion, but are, in fact, fixed. Like yourselves, certain principles are imperishable. Thusly, the simplest way, perhaps, to express the nature of the spirit complex is that used by the one known as Ra, the spirit complex as a shuttle, a means of taking the thread through woof and warp to create the tapestry of solidified beingness as experienced subjectively by each entity, each weaver, of the tapestry of an incarnation.

How can one access the spirit? One desires. All entities desire. This is the process of choosing. But what an entity desires is as various as the four winds until faith is invoked by will. We do not speak of beliefs, for beliefs limit, define and solidify into illusory distortions the imperishable truths of which they are the sons and daughters. There are many, many entities among those of your people making this choice at this time who are comfortable in not thinking, in unthinkingness. They wish the structure told to them that they may learn it by rote, and spend their time in devotion.

Mistakenly, however, because of the nature of the mind complex, it is felt that one particular story about the Creator is the story about the Creator, and all others are not acceptable stories about the Creator. This is incorrect. However, each story appeals to those of a certain temperament. This entity has a temperament which finds the story of Jesus the Christ most helpful. Thus, it has become this entity’s way to objectify the shuttle of spirit, and to open within the heart and within the consciousness the gateway to Intelligent Infinity.

There are other stories, many and various. We ask not that the spiritual seeker choose any particular one. We do ask that the seeker choose, and, having chosen, never look back. It may take as long as you wish in the incarnation to make that choice, but when the choice is clear, it is very well to move upon that path with the greatest intensity and devotion possible, for what you wish to do as a unique consciousness, or soul, is to become more and more powerful in the metaphysical sense. Until you have done the work of spirit involved in discovering the imperishable part of yourself, until you have made and dedicated the choice of how to love the infinite Creator, the self, and all other entities, polarization cannot begin in any settled form which may deliver one more reliably into a denser light, and a more skillful use of that light in being and in manifestation, but most importantly in being.

The mind will endlessly inform one; the body endlessly informs one; and the spirit lies fallow. To request an end to incoming data seems a simple enough thing to do. This is the nature of meditation, the nature of contemplation, to remove oneself from the stage of manifestation that one may rest and seek its own self within. Learning is done in silence, especially silence potentiated with pain. Thusly, as this instrument has said this evening, pain is to be recognized and respected for the great ally to learning that it is.

You may deliver yourself into suffering if you wish, and say that you suffer in order to learn. This is a distortion which is subjectively true to many. You may also say that you maximize your opportunities to learn in order to learn. This is another way of saying precisely the same thing. Thusly, you may have pain, greeted like the sister or brother that it truly is. Welcome it with respect into your life, treat it as an honored guest, and be free of any suffering, or you may choose first one and then the other, as you desire.

The spirit, however, will only inform the intelligence when asked. Thusly, each entity has its time of the first and fundamental realization that is appropriate for its rhythm of beingness, and when that time comes, the heart is opened, the body quiet, and the shuttle is suddenly full of an effulgent light, an all-embracing love, and the entity, struck, is never the same again. This is a natural awakening, but it is all that is natural about awakening. Through the illusion is allowed that first impulse of spirit, but all choices after that first experience, which may be repeated from time to time, are the specific free choice of the entity. No learning comes without desire and persistence.

Now Q’uo said that they wanted to speak about the relationship between the mind, the body, and the spirit, and they said that the mind was a “yes” and “no” type of computer that decided what it would perceive as a function of its nature of insuring survival. Q’uo continued by saying that this type of perception would generate the response of fear within the entity unless it was able at some point to blindly leap into the concept of love, but that most unawakened entities would remain in the state of separation brought about by fear. Then they said that choices made in love unite one with others, and those made in fear tend to separate one from others to the point of the body eventually sickens and dies due to the nature of the illusion to be steady loss. Q’uo went on to say that the spirit complex was a gateway to imperishable principles which it could communicate to the deep mind that solidified nature of one’s being. Then Q’uo said that the spirit may be accessed by exercising faith and will to make the choice to love the self, all other selves, and the Creator Itself which would then allow one to experience a denser light within one’s being. Q’uo said that the spirit would only inform our intelligence when we asked it to do so, and we would be doing this when we choose to open our hearts. Then we would experience a natural awakening of an effulgent light and an all-embracing love, and we would never be the same again. On December 17, 2000, Q’uo described how opening our hearts is an important part of our spiritual journey:

Whatever the catalyst may be in any incarnation in the third density, the ability to utilize the catalyst depends in large degree upon the ability to open the heart and to accept that which seems to be unacceptable, to give love where it would not seem to be welcome, indeed to be the fool in the desire to open the heart and freely share that which you call unconditional love. If one can remember that there is love in each moment, that each form of catalyst offers the opportunity to either express that love or to receive that love, or to utilize a combination of the two, then each season of catalyst may be seen to be complete and to be seen to offer these endless opportunities for the sharing of love.

Now let us turn from consideration of the spirit complex to the consideration of the soul. The term mind/body/spirit complex is an approximation of description of the nature of the entity without distortion, that is, distorted only in the balanced manner that lies behind illusory distortions. The entity which you are, which you may call the soul, is first, last and always to be understood as consciousness itself, and as love.

Let us consider the phrase “I am, in love, with you.” Consciousness is “I am.” To define it beyond that is to distort it. The nature of this consciousness, this “I am,” is love, and the nature of all other entities in your density, and in any density, is love, manifesting through rotations of light. Thusly, all may say at all times, in any relationship whatsoever, “I am, in love, with you.” Let us pause and experience together the “I am” of us all.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. May we thank you for the privilege of enjoying the beauty and the harmony of your unified vibration. To be allowed the privilege of this experience is very humbling to us, and we thank you, in deep gratitude, for your beauty.

This entity that you are is subjectively experienced by yourself through illusion, while the integrity of your beingness is always preserved in mystery. You cannot analyze a mystery that has no answer. Thus, we move in a circle, coming again to our first point. To analyze an unique entity is to do the impossible, for both that which we call Love, or Logos, or the Creator, which is a portion of you, and the portion of you that is unique, are mysteries, now and forever. It is a matter of allowing that mystery to be a mystery. That is most helpful within the incarnational experience. It is acceptable to be unknown to the self in a final way if one realizes that that is the situation and will be the situation until the allowing of consciousness becomes such that one no longer desires to know about consciousness, but only to be consciousness. At that point, which we have not yet reached, there is the returning to the infinite One, and the creation moves from creation to creation, as entities are sent out and then return, that manifestation may blaze in its appropriateness within the infinity of intelligence.

You are all things. The soul is the universe, and the universe, the soul. All that is within you is in fact outside you, and all that is outside you is in fact within you. All things can be known, and all things cannot be known. You are a living incarnation of paradox and mystery. Does this challenge you? We think not, for we think that each within this group has become aware that there are infinite concepts which cannot be expressed within your illusion.

Indeed, as we speak through this instrument this instrument’s main asset besides its purity is its craft, for we offer concepts to the conscious channel, which must needs then be given words. And how should we describe by words that which is the soul, except to say that the soul in manifestation is a bonding of love and free will, and process through the densities is choice, upon choice, upon choice, as free will is first paramount, and all other things but the individual will seen as threats, or potential threats, this moving on until the process of evolution of mind, body and spirit, brings each entity to the realization, hard won or won easily, depending upon the incarnation, that the will of the self, in its deepest sense, is the will of the one infinite Creator, and this will often does not make sense.

Consequently, the more realized the consciousness within the illusion, the more it may seem that one is a servant with a master; yet, you are the master as well as the servant. All is truly illusion. You experience this objectification of the master as you need solidity. Eventually you shall not need to be solid, or three dimensional, in the way that you now see dimensionality and solidity of form. You will be free of needing to solidify pain, pleasure, or any experience. And at that point, you are then free to open the heart, to do work in consciousness, and to share that work with others as the gift has been given to you.

What is the soul? The soul is you. The soul is the Creator and the created, an infinite unity, given objectification through the use of illusion. May each of you value both the self in its soul nature, its endlessness, its mystery and its paradox, and the incarnational drama which offers to you endless opportunity for learning the great lessons of compassion which may deliver you into a more realized observation of yourself.

What have you judged today? Each judgment has pulled you away from your soul. Unlike discrimination, which is a subjective matter of saying “This is mine, but this is not,” a judgment is a matter of “This is correct, and this is not.” To judge yourself for yourself is to do your work; to judge others for the self is to be a critic. And how shall the critic grasp the nature of the play if it is only an observer? Nay, you do not wish to be a critic; you do not wish, though you may think so, to be clever, and intelligent, and intellectual. You need simply to straighten up the household of your mind, and when it is tidy, to move into the heart. Through love, open the heart, so that without fear you may greet yourself.

Oh, beings of love, we greet each other in you, and you, in us. We are consciousness; we are soul; we are one. The rest is illusion. May you love each other, and in loving and serving each other, learn the lessons of divinity, for as you love, without judgment, without let or stint, so shall you learn your nature. We salute you, souls, all, our own selves, and we encourage you to respect, use and enjoy the opportunities that will so quickly flee before you. No one, after leaving the incarnation, is ever truly satisfied that it has chewed it all up and used it well. Therefore, may you burn with desire to do this deep work. May you learn your oddities and your gifts, and may you then maximize them through the opportunities that are given to you moment by moment by moment, remembering always that it is how you perceive the chaos about you that you begin.

Now Q’uo moved into a discussion of the soul and said that the mind/body/spirit complex could be seen as a general description of the soul, but it was more accurate to say that the soul is consciousness, or love, itself. Then Q’uo expanded on this concept by saying that the self we experience in this incarnation is subjective in nature, but the true nature of our being is that of mystery, and that mystery is that we all are a part of Love, of the Logos, of the Creator. Q’uo went on to say that we would never fully know ourselves as we move through this octave of experience until we became one with the Creator as the creation moves from creation to creation infinitely. They said that “You are all things. The soul is the universe, and the universe, the soul. All that is within you is in fact outside you, and all that is outside you is in fact within you. All things can be known, and all things cannot be known. You are a living incarnation of paradox and mystery.” Q’uo went on to say that the soul in its third-density manifestation was the bonding of love and free will that would be expressed by choices that we make through all of the densities of this octave. They said that our incarnational soul gave us the opportunity to learn our lessons of compassion in the third density that would reflect more of our true nature as being the Creator and the created, and that we should refrain from judging ourselves so that we can learn to love ourselves and open our hearts in love to others. On December 17, 1995, Q’uo described the nature of the soul:

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, but aware of no sure means of describing the nature of the soul with words that can be understood, for the nature of each soul is the essence of each soul, is the essence of the one Creator, and this essence at its heart is mystery. There is energy. There is intelligence. There is infinity. There is unity. All these are a portion of this soul essence.

We thank you for having given us this chance to speak upon this interesting subject, and would at this time ask if there are any questions that we may attempt to answer. Is there a question at this time? I am Q’uo.

M: I have a question. In the opening message you said that accuracy is not in words. Where is accuracy? Where does accuracy lie in understanding our relation to the infinite Creator and service to others?

I am Q’uo. My brother, within the bounds of your subjective experience at this time, accuracy lies in the open and loving heart.

May we speak further?

M: That is sufficient, thank you.

I am Q’uo. We thank you, my brother, and we extend our love to you. Is there another question at this time?

M: I greet you again in love and light. I was wondering, in the higher densities, is there also illusion?

I am Q’uo. There is indeed illusion in all densities before that of the density of foreverness and return. Each density has its proper and appropriate portion in your learning experience, and you shall, although you experience them all simultaneously, by the use of illusion, have the ability to experience each lesson in its own appropriate area, which you understand as space and time, but which in reality is a field without space and time.

May we answer you further, my brother?

M: Do you have a knowingness of a sense of what is forever and beyond? Can you show that at this time?

Q’uo: I am Q’uo. You wish to achieve an intellectual grasp of that which is not an intellectual concept. Therefore, let us pose to you that which is interesting to us, and that is that each of you is capable of asking questions that it cannot answer. From where comes this ability? It is not within the computer of your mind. Where, then, comes this hunger for that which obviously has no place in a relativistic creation? That is all that you can see. Why should you ask for more? Do you not see that the very thing that you are asking is in its very impulse its own answer? We would speak further if you do not see this. Do you see this, my brother?

M: You may elucidate more.

I am Q’uo, and we would be happy to do so. The concept of infinity is impossible. Consider this concept. You must go to the end of all finity, and then move onward. Yet, as you imagine moving onward, you are imagining a finite concept, which by definition has its own end. Consequently, the closest that the intellectual mind can come to a realization of infinity is a series of finities. This is not infinity. Each of you is forever, yet the realization of this foreverness, when complete, ends all need of any illusion whatsoever, and the individuality, which is more and more refined through the densities for many millions of your years in reckoning, increases the individuality of each, and it increases the unity of all, for each entity must make its own unique reckoning with unity, so that harmony and unity may become one, and as you are a chord, yet also you are one tone, and in that tone lies the concept and the actuality of imperishability, or eternity.

In fact, the nature of infinity is specifically the present moment realized for the first time in its many overtones, undertones, harmonics and depth. The resonant present moment is infinity, and is the home of the self. Now and always, we greet you in love and in light, because you are love, and you experience yourself in these as do we, through different arrangements of manifestations of light which express themselves as fields which solidify sufficiently to create manifestation, helpful and intelligible, through the apparatus used by those of a particular density for learning.

Thusly, we speak to you in words, our teacher speaks to us in concepts. Yet these are the illusions that we need, each at this subjectively perceived time, in order to carry on with our evolution. We believe that it is well, if one wishes, to increase the pace or degree of acceleration of one’s evolution in mind, body and spirit. We believe that in the third density, the foundation of the spiritual evolution is made.

M asked Q’uo what was forever and beyond, and then Q’uo gave a response which M asked Q’uo to expand upon. Q’uo responded to the first question by saying that M was expecting an intellectual response to a question that was not intellectually oriented, and then Q’uo asked where the ability to ask questions that have no answer comes from as it is not of the mind, and his question was its own answer. When M asked Q’uo to elucidate more, Q’uo said that each of us is forever and the realization of this foreverness is union with all and the end of all illusion and increases the individuality of each and their unity with all. Then they said that the nature of infinity is the present moment and is the home of the self, which they said that they were describing to us in words, but that their teachers spoke to them in concepts. Q’uo finished their response by saying that these words and concepts were necessary for them and for us to accelerate spiritual evolution, and that it is the third density where the foundation of spiritual evolution is made. On May 20, 1990, Q’uo described the nature of infinity:

It is forever frustrating to entities who are not in this frame of reference that such results seem only paradoxical and cannot be useful within the illusion. There is, however, the great peace of beginning to grasp timelessness, spacelessness, true simultaneity of all that there is, the nature of infinity, and those many, many mysteries that leave the intellect stuck in paradox after paradox after paradox. To some that shift shall always be an irritation, to others, a challenge, and to others, a wonderful and beguiling poem, a hint that there is more to come, and that each seeker of truth shall one day be more than it is at this point.

May we answer you further, my brother?

M: Thank you.

I am Q’uo: Again, my brother, we thank you. We feel that you are somewhat overwhelmed with data, and we apologize, but the questions that you ask are very mindful, and when one is truly mindful, one rapidly runs out of good ways to express truth, for as words are in manifestation, just so, they lack truth, and become relative.

The special entity that you are will take these words and perceive them subjectively. We cannot do more than attempt to map out the topography of the concept which you seek. Thusly, as you speak with entities such as we, it is well to accept the re-examination of material from time to time for various levels of information which may be of interest at one particular time or another.

Is there another question at this time?

H: I would like to ask you a question. You mentioned earlier that it’s not the particular beliefs or tradition, religious tradition, that one follows, but it is important that he chooses one, and then sticks with it, with his whole heart,

Now, some traditions are—some people, some students prefer one tradition than other, and it seemed to me that after reading this Ra book, that you’re offering another tradition, at least as far as the concepts of this universe go, of the creation, the densities, and I was wondering, are they all correct? Is neither correct, or does it make a difference?

I am Q’uo, and we believe that we are aware of your questions. First of all, as you surmise, there is a paradox in that all traditions are correct, in all of their many confusing ways. That is to say, that the nature of the illusion is helpful, so that, in order to transcend experience, one must enter freely into experience. The way to realization of the nature of the soul and the nature of the Creator is through the illusion, not around it in any way. It is when moving through experiences that are appropriately valued and respected that one may begin to transcend them, and to achieve an immediate awareness of the presence of love, that is, the one infinite Creator.

Thusly, if you wish to move from shadow to light, it is well first to realize that the search shall be in shadow, and that you shall be in the shadow more and more, in pain more and more, as you continue to learn, to evolve and to grow. You are in pain because of the subjective nature of experience. It is painful to reprogram your computer, but as you go through especially traumatic experiences, or as you go through nontraumatic experiences in attentiveness, you begin to have the motivation to use each opportunity for learning amidst all the shadows.

May we elucidate further, my brother?

H: Please.

I am Q’uo. Will you direct us, please?


I am Q’uo. Let us rephrase that so that we may direct you to direct us. We wish to know the area of your confusion, as precisely as you may state it, that we go over ground no more than once. If we have been completely confusing, restate your question. We thank you.

H: [Inaudible] quite at a loss [inaudible] direction.

I am Q’uo, and we are one with you, my brother. Let us begin upon an intellectual state, and stay there for a brief period. An entity within the illusion is trapped and imprisoned until the entity realizes the transparency of the illusion. Each path, or way, to transcending relativity and achieving an experience of eternity, is just that, a means of ordering and discriminating amongst the choices of what to perceive and how to perceive it. The entity moves into the distortions of one particular path, and by thinking along that pathway expressed by an entity or entities, which may all be called that of Christed consciousness, the entity within the relativistic illusion, which you are experiencing, may become immediately aware of that which transcends the illusion in a final way, that is, the experience of the Creator as immediate.

When the experience of the one infinite Creator has been collected, reaped and gathered, blessed, thanked and honored, then a portion of the self is aware, in a way that it cannot express in words, of the nature of love, of the Creator, and of the self. Then, this immediate, ineffable experience, which is not learning, but the result of learning, may be broken, opened, as infinite as it is, and offered as love within the illusion, to the illusion itself, to those one meets within the illusion, and to the self.

What the paths are for is to deliver the relativistic self over to the worshipful and open and faithful heart. When that state has been achieved, even momentarily, by the seeking entity, the experience of unity with the infinite Creator is had and stored and remembered. It is at that point that all paths become one, just as all manifestations of Christed consciousness tell different stories, but in their essence are all one.

H asked Q’uo if it mattered what religious or spiritual tradition one followed as long as they followed it with a whole heart, and then they asked Q’uo to elucidate on their first answer. In their first answer Q’uo said that all traditions were correct, and one should experience them fully in order to transcend them and find the love of the Creator. Q’uo said that it was important to learn in the shadow times of experiencing pain that would help one to grow into the light. Then, when H asked Q’uo to elucidate upon their answer, Q’uo said that each entity within the illusion is trapped by the illusion until it experiences the transparency of the illusion. They said this could be done by following a certain religion or path so that it may become aware of the transparency of the illusion by experiencing unity with the Creator. Then the entity will experience the nature of love, of the self, and of the Creator in a way that words cannot describe, and it will then be able to offer love within the illusion, to the illusion itself, to those one meets within the illusion, and to the self. Q’uo completed their answer by saying that each religion can aid one in using this love to become one with the Creator so that all tell a different story, but in their essence all are one. On April 21, 2002, Q’uo spoke of the value of each religion in aiding one to become one with the Creator:

Perhaps we would say that there is a secret to coming into the open heart once again. The secret is buried in each religion and we encourage each to play with and sense into the various religious and mythical systems to find those images and icons of the Creator that pierce your heart. For this particular instrument that image is of Jesus Christ. Whatever your image of unconditional and sacrificial love, the secret is to know in the deepest part of your soul that who you really are is the Creator, so that moving into the open heart is a matter of coming home. There is a home within your heart that this instrument would call the sanctuary or the sanctum sanctorum, the holy of holies, the inner temple of self. You might consider it a room that is locked against casual visitors, even yourself. The key that unlocks this door is silence. There is the momentary stopping of the voice within, the coming into the silence of sacredness and, once there within the heart, you are in a tabernacle with the Creator. And you may sit and rest and even, as this instrument often does, picture the self crawling into the lap of the Creator and resting against that comfortable, strong breast. For the Creator has a very deep and infinite love for you and is waiting for you in every moment of every day, hoping and rejoicing when you do come home.

May we answer you further, my brother?

H: I am quite satisfied. Thank you Q’uo.

I am Q’uo: We thank you very much, my brother, especially for having the patience and honesty to direct us.

Is there another question at this time?

H: May I ask if the Vedic concept of the creation of this universe, and its controlling directors, known as demigods, can fit with the system of the Logos and the different densities and the entities within those densities that are described in the Ra material?

I am Q’uo. We find this instrument not to have the energy stored to respond in full to this query, and would suggest that this query be entered at the beginning of a working, in order that it may be given due consideration, for, indeed, this is a large subject.

May we ask for a final query at this time?

M: I have one question. If this is too lengthy, perhaps later we can ask at another time. Is it always necessary to ask spirit, the spirit complex, for directions, in order for the intelligence to receive it, or can the intelligence simply be receptive or open to what the spirit has to say, or the direction that needs to come from spirit?

I am Q’uo, and we shall attempt to answer this query. The questioner comes to the question and becomes the question. The spirit is not the kind of complex that is grasped within illusion. The spirit is, indeed, imperishable. It functions not as an information-giver, but as a water pipe. Information is delivered through the spirit complex into the conceptual portion of the mind, and in the depth of the mind it is allowed to take root, because of the desire of the student to know. And insofar as the entity desires and continues to desire with the most patient and full concern the answer to each present moment, so this opening of the shuttle of spirit may be encouraged.

It is also greatly encouraged through the loss of the ego in meditation, chanting, contemplation, creativity and other manner of losing the small and relative self in experiencing those echoes of imperishabilty which lie within each entity.

May we answer you further, my brother?

M: No, that is fine, thank you.

We thank you. I am known to you as Q’uo, and we hope that we have not only confused you, but also opened a few new thoughts to your consideration. May you be blessed with help and aid. May you allow the blessing of that help and that aid, which is always available if you may allow the help. It is often help in disguise, but if you acknowledge it, it will make itself known to you. That is the nature of spiritual evolution. You will evolve as quickly and as painlessly as you allow yourself. The secret is the attention. Pay attention, each moment. Extend the meditative self until it encompasses each moment, and then in each moment that which is yours will come to you, and will make itself known clearly. We speak of that which is beyond the normal evolutionary pattern, but we speak in a way which we hope draws you onward in hunger and thirst for that which cannot perish, that which you are.

We leave you in that which you are, in the love, the light, the peace and the joy, of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I practiced reading another guided meditation created by our webmaster, Daniel Shields, and it is the World Peace Meditation that deals with resolving the war in Ukraine. I would like to practice reading this guided meditation a few times before I record it in our recording studio in the basement.

This afternoon I was on a zoom meet with Erez Batat in Jerusalem and the group of friends that he has been studying the Ra Contact information with. They were just beginning to celebrate their 100th meeting, and he wanted me to join them for a while and answer a few questions before they began their study session.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 14

The Power Of Love

I come upon this instrument as the principle of Jesus the Christ. I greet you in the divine love of perfect consciousness and peace.

How strong are your hands, how able your minds, and how you glory in your energies and your abilities! Remove your attention from these things for but a moment and find yourself prostrate before the power of love.

This is a day among your people devoted to love. And each chooses to give love to others. In your prostration, realize the true nature of love, which has not to do with ability or strength or any manner of human usefulness. But rest all your confidence in the infinite compassion and love which is the true nature of that love you so desire to give and receive.

Feel that love and compassion pour through you. Abandon yourself to it and become an instrument of it. And as you receive this consolation, so the face of the earth may be renewed.

We leave you in the infinite power, peace and love of Jesus the Christ, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from December 30, 1990:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. At this time we are privileged to offer ourselves in the capacity of speaking to any queries which may be offered to us. Is there a query to which we may speak at this time?

Carla: Could you offer us specific techniques for the maintaining of the beginner’s mind?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my sister. The beginner’s mind is one which is full of the excitation of new discovery. The beginner’s mind is one which is full of the desire to share what has been discovered with others, for it is that which is bright, shining, novel and inspirational to that entity’s life. It is often difficult for those who have long been upon the path to remain excited about this journey, for the nature of this journey is one of sacrifice. There is a price for each effort and learning and service commensurate with the purity and intensity of learning and service. Many such rounds of learning, of spending time within the desert, of climbing of the high peak within the inner mind, and of tripping and falling upon the path as one continues to persevere, to have faith, wear down much of this excitation within the seeker. To regain some portion of that excitation it is well for the seeker to place itself in these situations, to find within itself new thoughts on those subjects which it thought it had settled.

To read, to view, to converse with new sources of information is one means by which any entity may refresh those opinions which have settled, and the excitation which has settled with them. In such a way does one not only add information and experience and opportunity to the life pattern, but one may also find that there is the opportunity to refine, even to reconstruct, that which seems to have been settled within the being, for it is a danger, shall we say, or a temptation for each seeker who has traveled for some time upon the spiritual path, to feel that there are settled areas that need no further examination.

There are, it is certainly true, certain principles which are cornerstones for any seeker, and upon which the seeker shall place the structure of its mythology, shall we say. However, there are an infinite array of possibilities in the perceiving of these principles, and for the seeker to assume that that manner in which it has perceived is set, and in no need of examination, is the first step in the calcification of opinion, which when allowed to proceed from one assumption and lesson to another, may harden those interpretations of truth which, in order to have any hope of approximating truth must be open to further elimination, for if there is one principle that may be depended upon to have sway within your third-density illusion, that principle is the variety of possibility within an infinite creation, that any truth which may be apprehended in a certain manner may also be apprehended in many other ways as well.

It is well, therefore, for the seeker to shake itself up from time to time, to perhaps engage in a game in which all that seems to have been known, gathered through much searching in the past, be for a moment, perhaps a day, or a week, thrown out, so that the seeker must begin anew. Now, we are not saying that what has been gathered through a long process of seeking should be discarded completely. Perhaps for only a moment, it will be well for the seeker to look with new eyes for those answers to the riddles of its life. It may be that the seeker shall return to those principles and means of seeing, interpreting principles, that it has long held, but to journey from them for even a short period of your time, and to look for a new perception, a new mode of apprehending, is an exercise which shall refresh the seeker in its gathering of information, in its processing of this information and in its formation of new relationships, and the seeking of these relationships within the appropriate energy center.

By such a process of reevaluation may the seeker then discover that there is a continued thrill and excitation that comes from this seeking process. The gathering of information, the gathering of experience, and the increased variety in all of this, adds to the excitation that may propel the seeker to more closely strike to the heart of the incarnation and its purpose within this illusion.

Carla asked if Q’uo could share some techniques that a spiritual seeker could use to maintain the beginner’s mind. Q’uo began their reply by saying that the beginner’s mind reflects the excitement which the seeker feels in sharing its inspirational discoveries with others, but after the seeker has been on the path for a great length of time it will have experienced such a great variety of difficulties and joys that it is likely to become worn out by the sacrifice that it has made on its journey. So Q’uo recommended that the seeker look for new sources of information that could present it with a different way of looking at what it might consider lessons already learned. In order to avoid the setting in stone of the previous lessons, Q’uo said that the seeker must remember that change is a part of learning and that there are a variety of ways at looking at one’s spiritual journey, and when one can do this, it is like finding a new path and the excitement of the beginner again. On December 16, 1990, Q’uo described the value of the beginner’s mind:

The spiritual path begins with trusting yourself. Resources that are useful to the beginning mind—and as we say, all need the beginner’s mind in order to continue to learn and not to become self-satisfied—include various ways of communicating with the self. The most efficient of these, after meditation in silence, is the keeping of a journal, whether it be the dream journal, or the essay journal, or any kind of remembering journal where various difficulties are examined and ruminated about. All of these journals are helpful in opening a voice to you.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: [Inaudible] Jesus offered the Creator’s words, “Peace I give you, my peace I leave with you, not as the world gives, give I unto you”, [inaudible] a writer in writing of that passage, wrote “The peace of God, it is no peace, but strife closed in the sod, but brethren let us pray for but one thing, the marvelous peace of God.”

It seems to me that mundane peace is a symptom of that which is no longer changeable, [inaudible]. Is it too large a question to ask about spiritual peace? Should it be kept for a Sunday main topic, or in it a matter fairly short to answer the question, what is the Creator’s peace?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The topic of which you speak is one which would be well to reserve for a time during which it may be explored with the intensity and perseverance that it deserves, for this is a topic which has been little considered among those of your peoples, and it is one which is well to be considered by each entity who would seek the love and the light of the one Creator.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: No, my brother, I would like to thank you [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

K: I have no questions at this time.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each of those present for inviting us to join you in your circle of seeking. It is a great honor for us to do so and we are filled with joy at each opportunity. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I went to my Primary Care Physician’s office for my yearly fasting labs. The results should be back tomorrow, so I asked the receptionist to fax me a copy so I would know what my doctor will be talking about when I see her in a week for my physical examination.

This afternoon I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow leaves from various portions of the yard into the leave-the-leaves project between the fish pond and the pet cemetery.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 13

Love Overwhelms All Details

I who greet you in the full consciousness of love am of the principle of Jesus the Christ.

It is the wish of love that each of you should partake abundantly in the waters of blessed life and happiness. Yet perfect happiness is like strong wine, excellent to some and too strong for others. For the happiness of the peaceful and love-filled spirit is one rounded with sorrows and other shadows, yet shot through with the gleam of recognized love.

Thusly, even if one gazes at a battlefield or at any seeming disaster, one still has the opportunity to call upon the spirit of love. For in Christ’s name even a blood-strewn battlefield may contain the shape of peace and love. The nature of spiritual consciousness is such that love overwhelms all details and by its warming hues makes glad the hearts of those who gaze upon bleak things. Let your happiness, therefore, lie within the spirit of love and the consciousness of Jesus the Christ.

We leave you in true peace, that peace which cannot be disturbed by misfortune. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The Q’uo quote today comes from December 30, 1990:

The question this evening has to do with what may be various stages or steps in the path of seeking. When the first feeling of passion for a path occurs, it seems like the seeking is more active in a worldly sense, and then it either begins to cool or calm down, it mellows with age. Is this due to a passage through the energy centers and differing kinds of expression of this passion then coming forth, is it due to getting tired and having old age set in, or is it due to perhaps natural progression of the stages of seeking? Is there a progression of this kind, where an entity is more on fire to start with and then begins to move more inwardly as the path continues?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Indeed, I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creation. We indeed greet you in all that there is, seen and unseen—love, the creative word, and light, all manifestation. Where can you go that is not built of love and light, that is not of the word, which is Love, the Thought that created all that there is? So we speak to each of you as beings of Love and Light, who create catalyst by misunderstanding Love, because of the manifestations of Light which have been biased by those co-creators which are each and every conscious entity among your peoples. And we greet each of you with absolute love and great blessing, and with gratitude for asking us to share our opinions with you. Let the listener beware; we are not perfectly authoritative, but only those with opinions, such as your own. We ask you to use your discrimination. Never attempt to accept, or believe, or have faith in any concept that is not your own. Those that are your own you shall recognize, for they have been within you, and you are merely relearning them with the conscious mind. If this deep connection is not there, however informed our opinion, it is not your truth, so leave it, and walk your own path.

This day you wish to know what it is about the spiritual path which creates at the beginning ecstasy, excitement, exaltation and a great outpouring of evangelism that does not last. What is it that creates the situation in which the passion, the intensity and the dedication may well become more and more attenuated, less and less strong, in the face of the mundane and horizontally lived incarnational experience? May we say to you that, indeed, there is some of accuracy in the questioner’s suspicion that this is in some part a natural progression. However, the questioner does not take this progression to its completion. Let us speak upon this particular vision.

When one discovers, by whatever means, information that is so inspirational and so relevant to that entity’s growth that it is that which seizes the attention, then is there excitement, glory, joy, optimism and the strength of new knowledge. Were this to be treated appropriately, the passion, the intensity and the dedication which you experience at the beginning should never fade. But you, being of an illusion which uses words, and of natures which crave the companionship of spiritual communication, are often incapable of protecting your realizations with careful, cautious and deeply felt silence, thanksgiving and praise for the realizations that have been the gift at the end of long desert experiences.

We speak not, in this case, of time, but of the subjectively felt length of any experience in which the spirit starves for spiritual food. When it finds that food, its appetite is great, and it wants to feed the five thousand with its loaves and fishes immediately. However, that which has been born in you, though it feels stronger than any previous faith or enthusiasm, is yet a faith-filled and enthusiastic infant.

These are your days of what you call Christ’s mass, in which you kneel, strong, supple and able as each is, before a helpless, dumb, blind infant, placed in the roughest and most animalistic of shelters, the home of the animals. Let us consider this. This story is, in our opinion, an excellent myth, as are many in your cultures. It is filled with, as are many, symbols which offer to the spiritual seeker and student lessons carefully to be considered. You may see the new transformation, the new realizations, as being like the infant in the manger, endlessly beautiful, infinitely loving, and utterly vulnerable. Because of the intensity of the birth of this infant self within—and all are nurturing this spiritual being, which is born in third density, by choice—all feel that they have no problem in expressing such strong feelings, emotions and beliefs to others. How you mistake infant faith. To cast the pearls before the swine is the teacher known as Jesus’ analogy of speaking of one’s own hard learned spiritual lessons to those who have no inclination or request to hear those wise and compassionate words which the spirit has offered to you in this realization, symbolized by the helpless child.

The group question for this session was: Why does the spiritual path begin in such excitement and joy and then, as time goes on, calm down and mellow with age? Q’uo began their answer by saying that the slowing down of the excitement of the spiritual path was, in part, a natural progression, but there was more to it. They said that because we live in an illusion that relies on words to communicate our experiences with companions, many times the seeker does not nurture this new-found exciting spiritual inspiration with the silence of meditation. Q’uo went on to say that this new path is like a helpless baby that we have had born within us, and instead of nurturing it, we speak openly about this infant spiritual path to those who don’t appreciate hearing about it.  On January 16, 2005, Q’uo spoke about beginning the spiritual path:

So we would ask entities who are looking at themselves upon the spiritual path quite simply, “Who are you?” Because this is the essential center of that which draws entities to the path of seeking. They become aware that all of the wisdom that has been acquired since their cradle experiences is not enough to satisfy the craving for identity and meaning. They realize that they are going to have to set off on a journey. It is not a journey in the physical world at all, but it is very definitely a journey, and it very definitely is upon a path that is common to all seekers.

What causes the student, then, to wish so much to share that which is too delicate, too immature, too helpless to be exposed to the harsh winter of intellect and skepticism? Often it is the desire to help. However, though one may be working intensely upon opening the heart as much as possible, it is indeed true that many do this without sufficient respect and time spent in preparing the earthen vessel—that is, your physical vehicle, and the mind, which is your mental vehicle—within this illusion. For all their strength and for all their truth, these realizations must wait for witness until the entity that you are within this relativistic illusion has cleared the pathway, made the rough places plain, brought the high places low, and made straight your own pathway to your heart. The one known as John the Baptist said, “Make straight in the desert a highway for God with us.” Make straight in your hearts the pathway for I AM.

How does one make this pathway straight? Largely by coming to terms with your three so-called lower, but what we would call perhaps fundamental, energies, through which all living light must pass to flow into the heart to give it the power and the strength and the stability it needs in order that it may heal, or communicate, discern wisdom, discern spirits, or any other gift of the open heart, all of which are concerned with loving the Creator and human kind. How can you do this if the heart is open, but the energy moving into it must move through far too small an opening because you have not come to terms with yourself, you have not accepted yourself, you have not accepted your relationships; you have not accepted the primacy of love, unconditional love, over any personal preference whatsoever; you have not done the work of forgiveness, perhaps, or self-forgiveness, acceptance, or more likely, self-acceptance?

In this instrument’s life, for instance, this instrument struggles to like an entity close to her which she chose for the precise reason that she in no way could possibly like this entity. What was the lesson? To love. Not to like, not to prefer, not intellectually to crave, but to love, simply that. In each entity’s life there are these things which cannot be liked, but which can, through the grace of an infinite Creator which is Love, be loved, and in the loving of them floats a continuous prayer like a bell tone that rings throughout space and time and eternity.

So you wish, above all else, not to advertise but to protect this child, while you, to the best of your ability, amend and improve the basic energies of a physical, weak, finite vehicle with finite energies, finite amounts of time and space in which to do the work of a complete incarnation, and to do that right quickly, for in truth, a century of your time is far too short even for you to achieve the first true maturity. So know yourselves as perpetual teenagers, perpetual rebels, perpetual prodigals, far from home, confused, poor in heart, until you are able to realize the richness that lies within this vessel of earth, which noble earthly vessel carries you through an incarnation with its greatest devotion and care.

If your quarrels are with yourself, let them not be that you are ill, or poor, or unhappy, or unfulfilled. These are situations extremely productive of spiritual growth, and cannot be judged within your illusion for their true worth. It is a matter of faith not to rebel against the stringencies that open the heart and cleanse the more basic emotions of love for the self, for life itself, for the relationships that you have with entities and with social groups. Before one word should be spoken, the dedication to the daily clearing of these energy centers needs to be complete, for it is in persistence and patience and an unflagging desire to realize the truth that we have heard, that all densities’ entities may move forward in evolution in the spiritual sense.

There will come a time when you no longer are hampered by obvious encroachments of under activation or over activation or other sorts of blockage of letting light move into the heart. But if those obstacles which you can feel catching you as a fish is hooked, if your own temptations and self-aggrandizements seem to be released, then you are ready to speak, but you will find that once you gain this maturity, relatively speaking, you will find to your surprise that you are no longer an evangelist, that fervid eagerness, great charismatic power of self, and all those things which go into making an entity an excellent evangelist, have been seen by the maturing spiritual youngster within to be useless of true worth, for the spiritually maturing child has begun to learn that it can only work upon itself and be a witness to the nations in and of itself.

We shall pause.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. This instrument wished to show courtesy by allowing entities which are not interested in this material to move through the surrounding domicile. This has been accomplished, so we shall continue, with thanks to the instrument for keeping us from any hint of infringement upon free will.

Then Q’uo said that the one who is new to the spiritual path may wish to share their path with others, but the skepticism of others is too harsh of an environment in which to do so, and it may be too difficult to open the heart in such an effort until the lower three energy centers are cleared enough to let the light of the Creator to shine through the seeker. Q’uo said this clearing would involve being able to accept and forgive the self and any other with whom one is in relationship, which would be orange-ray work. They said that it would also be necessary to share love with social groups, which would be yellow-ray work, and both the orange and yellow-ray work would need to be done daily. [Ra said the red ray was fixed, so it would not need any work.] Then Q’uo said that once this clearing of the lower energy centers had been accomplished that the spiritual seeker would have matured to the point that they would no longer feel any need to be seen as an evangelist and to speak with others about one’s spiritual path, but they would work only upon themselves. On March 25, 1990, Q’uo described the value of work upon the self:

In truth you are simply within the environment of the Creator. You are everywhere; you are everywhen; you are every condition. You can improve your behavior, but it is only persistent and patient work upon the self by the self that enables one to be the athlete of the spirit that shall question again and again if necessary, its readiness to act, to live and to be one through whom love may shine.

Although it is easy to say that you are not alone in this choice, in this constant series of choices and determinations which can only be subjective, the truth within the illusion is quite different. The illusion is designed to confuse you utterly. Not partially, not variably, but completely. Thus, first, in order to have a spiritual life of seeking in service to others, one must recognize one’s nature, not a nature that is dependent upon its place in the geography of the human spirit, but upon its steadfast and unchanging place in the very heart of the Creator.

How then should an entity which has found a personal truth, a personal path from the mundane to eternity, express itself in regard to other people? Two things especially need to be kept in mind. Firstly, the most important witness an entity can offer for the one Creator in glory, in peace and in joy, is the manifestation of the self with conscious encouragement of the self in unspoken and uncontrived witness. We expect those who have achieved this much maturity to have chosen a path, and to be able to speak of that path. But the first gift that one may give is presence, simply practicing the presence of the Creator within the self, and allowing the practice of that presence to shine forth so that those of any kind may sense that peace which is not the world’s, that joy which the world only knows as happiness, the palest shadow of joy, of love, indescribable, but quite clearly observable among those who would gaze at the face of one who truly loves. This is your greatest witness, it is your greatest help to your beloved people and to your planet as a whole, for the planet itself responds to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love. These are metaphysical vibrations as strong in mending the Earth as the pressure of tectonic plates is strong in mending the adjustment of the Earth in catastrophic style.

Secondary witnesses are quite simply those which answer questions which have been asked. When there is a request, there is an opening, a softened spiritual ground, and into this ground it is well that you witness to the extent of your ability as a realized entity, as a user of the language, and as one sensitive to word allergies, if we may put it in that way, which the entities to whom you wish to bear witness may have.

Why, then, does a new path seem to become old? It seems obvious that novelty is a great distorter of perception. If there is love, it blossoms into passion, if there is friendship under adverse conditions, it blossoms into lifelong kinship. Yet, even the greatest of truths, even the most sublime of realizations, must deal day by day with precisely those conditions of incarnation designed to test the personal spiritual awareness of the entity which is consciously working upon gaining spiritual mass or polarity.

Do not dare to seek to have faith unless you wish to have an uncomfortable life, for as the Creator manifests Itself in the wind and fire of Spirit, ever moving, ever changing, ever unpredictable, so too does the Spirit manifest itself in each entity’s life. If you are not always open to that which the Spirit has to offer, this day only, then you shall be working with information which has grown stale, and the day that you do not attempt to act as you have learned is the correct way to act, is the day when you must stop any hope of moving further or bearing witness, that you may go into yourself and review that which you have learned, for there is nothing half-hearted about love, if we may make a poor pun.

Love does not regard circumstance. If you are regarding circumstance, it is time first to set the mundane house in order, and once you have made this plan and are sticking to it, it does not need to be complete, but merely needs to be that which is realized as the stable necessity before one can hope for a stable spiritual life. Just as you cannot draw beautifully upon a stained and dirty drawing table, for then you shall gain the unwanted and random stains of previous paintings not so well informed, so you do not want to paint the picture to the outside world, or even to yourself, if your easel is awry, your palette filled with muddy colors, and your paper stained through from water colors of the past, or your canvas stained through from paintings from the past. Take you then each day the new canvas, the new drawing paper, and begin each day as the beginner that each of us is.

To begin again, to begin again, to begin again—how the human spirit rebels. Yet within the present moment there is only beginning, and there is nothing but the present moment in any spiritual consideration. So look to the loving and acceptance of the higher power which you may call as you wish. Look to your relationship with that Love that created you. Allow within yourself the birth in the manger of your heart of your own spiritual beingness, true, imperishable, consciousness. Guard it, just as the story speaks of this infant’s mother and father fleeing to protect their child. Protect this child as lovingly, and with as much feeling of honor.

Now Q’uo said that the first way that we should express our spiritual path to other people was by practicing the presence of the Creator without words and by radiating self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love as these qualities would aid both those we came in contact with and our Mother Earth as well. Then Q’uo said that a less important way to share our spiritual path was to answer people’s questions in a non-dogmatic way. They went on to say that the spiritual path seems to grow old because each day we may be challenged by our experience to continue to respond to difficulties that the Spirit has to offer us in ways that we have done so many times in the past, and we need to continue to repeat our responses again and again. Q’uo said that there is only the present moment in which we should look to the Love that created us so that we can continually feel the birth of our spiritual beingness, our infinite consciousness, within our hearts. On April 26, 1987, Latwii spoke of the value of the present moment:

I am Latwii, and it is our perception that one helpful way of defining or looking upon that term which we have called patience is that of so fully accepting the present experience in any present moment that one is full of that experience and has little concern for any which may have come before or which may follow it, that the moment is indeed sufficient unto itself, as each moment is a portion of the one Creator, which contains in it the doorway to the fully experienced presence of the one Creator. Thus, to give the proper respect, shall we say, to each moment is to have a kind of love for the Creator that we have called patience. To abide with and to find fullness within any moment is to glorify that portion of the Creator that has revealed unto the seeker for that portion of experience.

When you are ready, the opportunities for service, consonant with your unique gifts, shall be given. But you may retain passion and dedication such as was felt at the beginning only by creating in an artificial manner the novelty of the original experience. It is not, however, a decline that you experience, but rather a cycle. The cycle of your planet and its second-density creatures is perhaps the best analogy to this cycle within the spiritually active pilgrim. New realizations are born in the deep darkness of what seems like a winter of discontent. They are nourished by faith and strengthened by the will to persevere, although the road ahead is blind. Move along that road as guided. When you have been faithful, and achieved a stability that expects no rewards for that faith, but only the joy and peace of living in faith, then there will be in front of your eyes the right usage of your time offered to you.

At that time it is neither an act of false humility or false pride to take upon the cross of humanity that Christ of the gifts that have been given each for each to be stewards, to multiply their gifts, and to maximize their ability to offer love to this dark planet. You may go through the summer of this marvelous experience of the realization that has been nurtured, protected, and finally has found the sun and grown to bloom. Yet still the cycle is not complete, for as flowers wither, and as the trees of deciduous nature lose their leaves, so shall the fall of each cycle of understanding or realization bring with it its own temptations, its own opportunities to move in false directions. Eventually, whether you have learned from this blossoming of the self or not, the harvest time does come, the harvest of that realization is gathered, and another winter of discontent follows.

The cycle moves around, and insofar as a life in faith has been preserved in the individual through the predictable difficulties, just so far may the next realization be more and other and even more helpful than the first, thusly creating a new spiritual self, with new realizations, which then must go through the springtime of nurturing and protection, the summertime of manifestation, beauty, peace, and the words of freedom, faith and healing, and again, the harvest will be complete, and the imperishable spirit that you are, voluntarily and gladly, in a subconscious manner, moves to the next realization, the next spiritual infant, the next learning, the next blooming.

To achieve an ability to maintain stability in good times and in bad as perceived subjectively by the self, it is necessary to gaze at the creation day by day, within the present moment, and without judgment of any kind, except insofar as you are discriminating concerning that which you may take in and that which you may offer to others as service. When this cycle is understood, if we may use that term, the seeker may indeed minimize the heights and the depths…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, we continue through this instrument in love and light. This is not necessarily the correct manner of dealing with anguish and ecstasy, for, indeed, the very sharpness and depth of these emotions offers to the spiritually growing entity the opportunity to gaze at these emotional states with an eye to their purification of those mundane concerns which may be mixed in with imperishable ideals. Do we wish to have the cute and the pretty mixed with the beautiful? Perhaps in the mundane, but certainly not in the imperishable sense, for there is nothing that is relative, in spiritual realization.

One last thing that we would say before we leave this instrument is never to demean, degrade or criticize the self for lacking the conviction, the faith or the strength to meet a situation as one would wish. For the will of the spirit and the faith of the spirit are expressed in the fruits of intention, first of all, and only as the spirit grows stronger from intending, and intending, and intending to show love in difficult circumstances, does the spirit grow strong enough, hardy enough, and full enough of faith to manifest in any nearly accurate way the infinite beauty of spiritual intention.

Let yourself continue as beginner. Let yourself remain infatuated, in love, and shield that passion from a world which has seemingly no positive passion, except in isolated instances at this time. Shield that light until it may grow through you without destroying you, for it is indeed a vibration too great for third-density consciousness. Yet, you who are harvestable potentially have also the ability to hold light and love in manifestation, which is not able to be offered by those who have not worked toward graduation from this density. Never discourage the self or others in a spiritual sense. Support all selves, and speak those pearls that so inflamed and overjoyed your open hearts, by your presence, and upon request, by witness of a verbal kind. In this way may you never lose the novelty of the present moment, for is any present moment like another, and yet, are they not all the present moment?

Here Q’uo said that the original joy of our spiritual path would be renewed when we were able to realize that our experiences are part of a cycle of growth that go through stages of decline as plants do in the winter and then growth in the spring, but that the road is always unknown, and challenges may occur at any time. They said that if we can maintain our faith in our spiritual path that these cycles can produce a new spiritual self from season to season. Q’uo continued by saying that in order to maintain a stability on our spiritual path in good times and bad we need to remain in the present moment without judgment of any kind for the self for having a lack of faith or intention to meet any situation which might come before us. They said that it is our constant setting of our spiritual intentions to meet such challenges that gives our spirit the strength to manifest the infinite beauty of the light that may shine through us. On May 24, 2008, Q’uo spoke of the great value of maintaining our faith through any difficulties:

It is difficult to keep the faith when it is new. It is difficult in the face of one’s personal shortcomings, as perceived by the self, to know that all is well. There is so much temptation to reject the self, or parts of the self, in most entities that it is almost irresistible. Yet, having grasped faith, you hold to it and you know that at the depths of your being, you are good in that biblical sense where man was created, and God saw that it was good, and it was very good.

Faith stabilizes you among the chaos of perceptions. Outer perceptions shall always bring conflict. The truth shall always be elusive. Yet as you have faith in yourself and in the innate goodness of your design, you come through the crisis of not liking aspects of yourself and you find yourself still standing after the storm has passed. The next time there is heavy weather within your heart and mind and soul, you find it easier to maintain faith regardless of the outer picture. And each time thereafter, you find it exponentially easier to remain stable and faithful and serene.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak through this instrument upon this most interesting question, and we thank the questioner. May all who read or hear be blessed. We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We leave this instrument in love and light, and wish to close this communication through the instrument known as Jim. We will now transfer. I am Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and picked up small tree limbs which recent rains and winds had brought down and put them in a garbage can for yard waste pickup later this week.

This afternoon I took Bosco to the vet to have his blood sugars tested as he has been drinking a lot more water in the last week than he usually drinks. The test results should be back by tomorrow afternoon, and then we will see if we  need to increase his insulin dosage.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 12

The Softness Of Love

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the consciousness of divine love.

My children, why do you grieve the spirit of Jesus the Christ? Why must you turn from charity and harden your hearts?

This day we ask that each communication between two children of the infinite and most glorious Creator be full of the softness of love and compassion.

My children, do not harden your hearts in any wise toward any soul for any reason but turn from the hardening effects of the surface of things and gaze deeply into the heart of each circumstance to find infinite love abiding therein.

This is a truth found only in faith. May you, in faith, call upon the spirit of Christ.

We shall be with you in the peace of Christ, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from December 16, 1990:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our honor to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any query which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. We would remind each that that which we offer is freely given, and is that which is our opinion, harvested from many experiences, but we do not wish any word that we have to offer to be taken overly much, shall we say, if any word does not ring of truth, and we ask that you set it aside without a second thought, keeping only those that seem useful to you in your journey at this time. Is there a query with which we may begin?

Carla: I noticed that you didn’t say anything about humor, and it would be something that probably [inaudible] person would say to [inaudible] person. [Inaudible] sense of humor is one of the most important [inaudible]. Could you speak to that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. That which your peoples call the sense of humor is, indeed, most helpful to any entity, no matter the position upon the path, or the placement within the life pattern. We see that which you call the sense of humor as being a sense of proportion where an entity is able to gain enough experience within the life that one may see a broader view. One stands upon a somewhat more elevated position, building experience upon experience, until that which you call wisdom is begun.

There is much in every entity’s life pattern and daily round of activities which lends itself to humor, nothing so much as the entity itself as it attempts to make a sense of and to form a cohesion from many disparate parts of the life which seem not to be held together well at all. There are innumerable instances in every entity’s life during which the entity will find itself playing the complete fool. This, in your mundane way of seeing things, often lends to the feeling of insecurity, doubt and wondering if there will ever be a time where the entity will have control of itself and be able to do that which it wishes, when it wishes, and in the manner it wishes. We would utilize your sense of humor at moments such as this, if we were in your position, in order that we might be reminded that each of us contains those elements which are less than ideal, but are completely acceptable as portions of a personality that one attempts to discipline as one would the wayward child, in order that the lessons set before one might be learned with more efficiency.

However, when those portions of the self, or activities of the self, seem to go awry, it is more nourishing to the small entity that always resides within, much as the child in each entity, to reinforce the concept of wholeness and acceptability, for the divisions and definitions of acceptable or unacceptable behaviors are man-made, and it is always a whole and acceptable entity that places any foot upon the path, whether that foot is solidly placed or not.

Thus, we highly recommend the utilization of your humor, that you may gain a degree of mirth from your foibles, and those of your fellow seekers as well, for in some sense each of you is always exactly where you need to be at each moment, and in another sense each of you is dancing a dance which you do not understand, and which has steps that may puzzle, trip and fell you. Yet it is all a dance of one piece, and in this dance you move as the whirling dervish, the child which is set upon the careful exploration, the kitten which tumbles with its sibling across the floor, bursts out of the room and runs smack into the radiator, this is all a part of your dance, this is all a part of your learning, and you are whole and acceptable beings that partake in it.

Carla seemed to be asking Q’uo how a sense of humor would be helpful to the spiritual seeker. Q’uo agreed that a sense of humor was helpful to the spiritual seeker as it gave it a larger point of view, or a sense of proportion, that the seeker could use to see and accept itself for seeming failures that it experienced at various times on the spiritual path. Then Q’uo made the analogy of a sense of humor was like our spiritual journey being similar to an intricate dance, and because we don’t always know the steps we are likely to take a tumble from time to time that may give our inner child a giggle. On January 12, 1997, Q’uo spoke of the value of a sense of humor for the seeker:

I am Q’uo, and at this time would thank each of you for offering us the inspiration of the incarnation that each of you lives, for to live within the seeming darkness of your illusion is a valiant undertaking, and we are aware of the difficulties within this illusion. Do try, with all your might, to take the self more lightly every now and then, if only as an exercise. Perhaps, as with meditation, you will find that there is a value in so doing and will wish to engage in this activity upon a daily basis. We do not mean to suggest that there is not much that can be learned and that there is not much of value in the learning. However, we do suggest that the earnest seeker needs a rest and deserves compassion from itself, and will find the learning is much easier to accomplish with the light touch, with the sense of humor that sees a sense of proportion in the life pattern of the self and in the greater pattern of events and entities about it. For all are individualized portions of the one infinite Creator. You do not deal with anyone else, ever, within the incarnation. It is only the Creator and you. Speak kindly and lovingly to each Creator that you see, including the one in the mirror.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: No, my brother, [inaudible], thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

L: I have a question about free will. Sometimes it seems like there are outside forces encouraging us in a certain direction, and I wondered if that’s just imagination or projection of a pattern where there is none or [inaudible]. I mean, is that ethically really free will, or is it some kind of guidance [inaudible] ever happens?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that the answer to this particular question is one which partakes both of yes and of no. In the incarnation, there is always that which you call free will. No matter what force one may become aware of that tends to exert itself and bend your will to its, you as a free entity always have the choice as to how you will respond. In some instances it may be that you will respond in a manner that is congruent with the demand of another, however, this has been your choice. In another sense, there are patterns of experience which you yourself have placed within this incarnation that have the purpose of guiding you along a certain way, perhaps with a certain attitude, or predisposition. There are those that you call guides, or angelic presences, that are unseen, yet whose hands move within your daily pattern, guiding and protecting as is possible to do, this with your permission, and with your request before the incarnation began.

Thus, within the incarnation you see the meeting and the blending of that which you might call determinism, and that which you might call complete free will. Though you have certain biases and choices that you have made before the incarnation, though there are unseen entities, and entities perhaps more visible, that exert an influence upon you during the incarnation, yet at each point within the incarnation you are free to choose how you will respond to these movements, these guidelines, these energies of effect. You, in fact, may choose to ignore, may choose to accept in some degree, that which is offered, may choose to refuse. Yet always are you free to choose.

L asked if there really was free will when she was aware of outside forces that had a certain influence upon her thoughts and behaviors. Q’uo responded by saying that we always have free will even when outside influences are present because we can decide how to respond to these influences. They also said that sometimes we pre-incarnatively choose certain experiences to become a path that we follow for a period of time. Q’uo also said that guides and angelic presences may aid us as we have requested before our incarnations. They said that in each situation we are always free to choose our response. On April 29, 1984, Latwii spoke about free will and predestination:

I am Latwii, and we will assume that you ask why, and shall respond by suggesting that the incarnation is the point at which free will and what you might call predetermination meet. Each entity has the complete free will to follow whatever path it chooses to follow. Yet, each entity is also programmed by its own choice by pre-incarnational predispositions, shall we say, so that there are those currents of energy which the entity moves upon, but anytime the entity may change the course, change the means of travel, and, indeed, change the travel completely.

Is there a further query, my sister?

L: Yes, how—are these always positive guides, or if not how can we determine if they are or not?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The guides, as many have called them, or teachers, or angelic presences, that have been with you for not just this incarnation but for many, are always of a positive orientation. If you are ever aware of any influence that does not seem positive in its nature, you may offer to that influence a challenge that asks it the question that you have answered well for yourself, and it is well for each seeker to know the answer to the question of what it would live for and what it would die for, what is the essence of its being, what is it that gives it the energy, the ideas and the inspiration to continue in each day of its seeking.

When you know this you know something very important about yourself, and it is this knowledge that you may use and offer as a challenge to any entity that you doubt, asking that entity if it comes in the name of that for which you live and that for which you would die, if necessary. Thus, you may be sure that you will be able to banish from your presence any entity that seems of a negative nature, and who would influence you in a manner which you would not wish to be influenced. In this way do you exercise your free will in its most basic and profound sense.

Is there a further query, my sister?

L: What if it doesn’t exactly seem like an entity but more like a sort of a trend, I mean, an influence that’s not exactly an entity?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We cannot speak with certainly in a case such as this, but we may suggest that when a seeker feels that which you call a trend that seems to be of a negative nature, and that seems to bring one under its influence so that one behaves, or is guided, in manners that are deleterious to the entity’s well being, that it would be helpful for the entity to evaluate choices that it itself has made at previous points within the incarnational pattern, perhaps moving back as far as the earliest remembered days of the childhood, to see if there might be some programming, some accepted belief that the child welcomed into its being, in all innocence, from a respected other self, and which has become the foundation for those later behaviors which have gathered a kind of momentum, shall we say, and which at some point within the incarnation then begin to seem as if it was of an other source, or outside of the self, and moves the self according to its own design, rather than being a seed which has been sown by the seeker at an early time and which now is full grown within the pattern of the life.

Is there a further query, my sister?

L: Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there another question at this time?

Carla: Well, if no one else is going to ask a question I have a question that’s been [inaudible]. Is it infringing upon any free will to ask why the archangels were [inaudible] in my [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that in this instance there has been a certain kind of rejoicing on the part of more than one entity in this group that there has been the opportunity for the seeking which has brought a kind of resolution within each entity’s pattern of learning. This resolution has created a kind of light which serves as a most effective carrier wave upon which we may infuse our signal. Light created by this group at this particular session of working has provided a great deal of radiance and joy for all those who partake in this session. We may not speak directly to any of these realizations that have occurred, but to each for which this has occurred the realization shall become more and more clearly known.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: No, thank you. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we would take this opportunity to thank each present for inviting our presence to your session of working and your journey of seeking on this afternoon. It is through such opportunities as this that we are able to provide a service which we cherish greatly. Few are our opportunities to give words to those sendings of love and light which we have for your planet and each entity upon it. In this particular season we find that there is a great deal more radiance that your populations are generating, and it is an honor to partake in this season with you and in this particular seeking. We thank you. We shall take our leave at this time from this instrument and from this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I took Gloria, my Arrowhead Vine, outside to see if I could bring her back to her normal state of having many vines and leaves since over the last few months she has lost all of her leaves and many of her vines. I have been told this could have been caused by the fertilizer that I have used on her for over 30 years creating salt in the soil around her roots. So I went up to The Home Depot to get a smaller pot and tray, and when I got home I took her out of her pot and scraped all of the soil away from her roots, took the dead roots out, and then put Gloria in her new pot and added garden soil and some potting soil. Then I put her back into her usual place in the corner of the living room and gave her a good watering.

This afternoon I ran some errands with my first stop was at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some bird seed and cat food. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some food for myself.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 11

Blaze A Trail Of Love

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of perfect love.

This day lies before you, a verdant pasture, a flowering field. Though pathways there are through the wildwood and meadow, yet you may choose your own way and be the first to beat a new trail if those that lie before you do not lead whither you would wish.

There is always more possibility in a situation viewed from the standpoint of love than in a situation viewed from the condition of humankind. Look up at the golden sun that lights the morning pasture of your day and realize that its perfection lies with you and your perfection with it.

The spirit enlivens, enhances and offers each choice that shall be deemed good and necessary by you. May you walk without fear but with the comfort of our companionship into the creative and exciting land wherein each footstep blazes a trail of love.

The peace of Jesus the Christ I leave with you, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.