I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from the Prologue and the section on how Carla chose to live the Choice in her life:

How Carla Chose to Live the Choice in Her Life

From two to five years of age, Carla had profound mystical experiences. As a toddler she wore glasses that she would hang from the Venetian blinds next to her crib at naptime. One day, before falling asleep, she noticed a ray of sunlight that passed between the blinds and through the lens of her glasses. She suddenly found that she was able to slide out of her body on the sun beam, and was transported to a place that she would call her “Magic Garden.”

In this place, Carla watched a rose vine twining around her arm. She “saw” music in the air. Then she found herself surrounded by forest, face to face with Jesus. He looked as though he had walked a long way. His feet and sandals were dusty, his hair somewhat dirty and disheveled. Jesus never spoke a word, but when Carla looked into his eyes, she reported that she knew the meaning of unconditional love.

These experiences happened frequently when Carla took her naps, until the age of five when she told her Mom and Dad about them. They laughed and told her that she must have been dreaming because such things could not happen to a little girl. From that moment on, Carla never saw her Magic Garden again, but she was a follower of Jesus for the rest of her life. These experiences of leaving her body to go the Magic Garden were the first expression of this gift that Carla would eventually use in the Ra contact when she would leave her body, and then Ra could use it from the inner planes of Earth to answer Don’s questions.

Another pivotal moment for Carla came at the age of twelve. Due to her experience with Jesus in her early years she had wanted to be of service to others with all of her heart. Since she was something of a child prodigy, her mother and father thought that the best way to foster her high intelligence was to give her constructive criticism rather than compliments. Ra would later describe the incarnational lesson that this type of catalyst facilitated as a means of giving “without expectation of return”:

“Agreements were made prior to incarnation; the first, with the so-called parents and siblings of this entity. This provided the experiential catalyst for the situation of offering radiance of being without expectation of return.”[1]

By the time she was twelve, Carla had had so much of this constructive criticism that she felt that there was no way that she would ever be able to fulfill her life’s desire to be of service to others. So she prayed to die. Six months later her kidneys failed, leading to a near-death experience[AB1] . Once again, she found herself in a wooded setting, walking along a trail and up a hill. Beyond the hill she could see the very top of a temple, where she knew that her spiritual family was waiting for her.

Before she could get to the temple a voice came out of the air and told her that it was not her time to leave. She was told that she had chosen a difficult life and that, if she wanted to, she could divide it into two lives to make it easier to provide the service that she wanted so much to provide. That meant that she would have to go through another childhood. But Carla had had enough difficulty in her present childhood and didn’t want to have to go through another one. More importantly, knowing now beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was, in fact, of service to others, and that there she had more good work to do, she said that she would go back to her present life and seek that service. And so, she did.

Questioner: You are saying that the instrument itself then created the kidney problem at that time?

Ra: I am Ra. The instrument’s desire to leave this density lowered the defenses of an already predisposed weak body complex, and an allergic reaction was so intensified as to cause the complications which distorted the body complex towards unviability.

The will of the instrument, when it found that there was, indeed, work to be done in service, was again the guiding factor, or complex of vibratory patterns, which kept the body complex from surrendering to dissolution of the ties which cause the vitality of life.[2]

Thank goodness for Carla’s will to serve!

As a young adult, Carla really followed her heart in ways that brought all kinds of adventure, including some difficult catalyst. Though she would eventually complete her undergraduate studies in English Literature at the University of Louisville and would go on earn a Master’s Degree in Library Service, Carla dropped out of college for a period of time, wishing to experience the challenges of giving and receiving love in “the real world,” so to speak. During that time, she actually worked in a sleazy bar, and earned the respect of patrons and coworkers alike by listening to their troubles, offering heartfelt counseling, and entertaining them with a cappella songs when the house band would break between sets.

She had a lovely singing voice, and her first marriage was to a man who wished to marry her only so that they could take a job as the opening act for the famous American folk music group Peter, Paul, and Mary[AB2] ;  he viewed traveling and living together without being married as being as “immoral.” (He eventually changed his mind about going on tour before they even began.)

Though Carla herself said, “my motivation for marriage was not love but ambition,” she chose to keep her promise to her husband despite his many affairs. [AB3] It was a difficult time during which Carla navigated the catalyst offered by this situation and made every effort to open her heart and give love without any expectation of return. As it turned out, her husband eventually asked for a divorce in 1968, under one condition: that she would return to Louisville, KY, and “be with her people.” Carla obliged—though she did not heed his mother’s encouragement to “take his credit card and run up as much of a bill as you want!”[AB4] 

[J5] [AB6] [G7] 

It was a difficult time during which Carla navigated the catalyst offered by this situation and made every effort to open her heart and give love without any expectation of return. In the midst of his final affair, he chose to move to Vancouver, British Columbia, to evade the Vietnam War draft, and his mistress had come along. To add insult to injury, when he was unable to find a job, he asked Carla to move to Vancouver to support them.

Carla believed in the notion that one’s marriage vows really were “for better or for worse.” To this end, she left Louisville to be near her husband and to attempt to honor those vows. She took a wonderful job as Head Librarian at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, where she had thirteen employees to supervise.

And then, out of the blue, her husband asked for a divorce and insisted that Carla return to her hometown “to be with her people.” Coming to terms with the situation, Carla obliged. Though she left her cherished job reluctantly, she soon found herself relieved to be back in Louisville, no longer bound to an unhealthy relationship.

Eventually Carla rejoined Don’s weekly meditation group. The two grew closer, and the day after her divorce was final, Don moved into her apartment near downtown Louisville. All these rocky years had led her back home to Don, but this time Carla was sure of where she belonged.

Within a couple of weeks of their living together Don and Carla began to write their first book, The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater. It was a magical experience in that they saw the characters and plot develop in their minds as they sat together on the couch, Carla’s head on Don’s lap as he held a tape recorder in his hand to record the plot and characters.

As they would one day realize, this book was prophetic regarding many people that Don and Carla would meet and various activities that they would be involved in throughout their sixteen years together. Ra later confirmed this during the contact:

“When the commitment was made between two of this group to work for the betterment of the planetary sphere, this commitment activated a possibility/probability vortex of some strength. The experience of generating this volume was unusual in that it was visualized as if watching the moving picture.

Time had become available in its present-moment form. The scenario of the volume went smoothly until the ending of the volume. You could not end the volume, and the ending was not visualized as the entire body of the material but was written or authored.

This is due to the action of free will in all of the creation. However, the volume contains a view of significant events, both symbolically and specifically, which you saw under the influence of the magnetic attraction which was released when the commitment was made and full memory of the dedication of this, what you may call, mission restored.”[3]

By 1974, most of the fellows from Don’s meditation and channeling experiment had graduated college and left the group in order to get married or get jobs. It was at this time that Don asked Carla if she would be willing to learn how to channel so that the experiment to receive better and better spiritually-oriented information through channeling could continue. She agreed and received channeling instruction from Hatonn via Don’s channeling[G8] . (Hatonn [G9] was the fourth-density planetary mind that had begun channeling to Don’s experimental group in 1962. These channelings eventually attracted a number of folks to join in Sunday night meditations, which then became another service of L/L Research. Later, Carla would channel another planetary mind by the name of Latwii that was of fifth-density origin.)

Carla would also travel with Don as he flew a small plane around the country to investigate UFO abductions. In 1977 they self-published Secrets of the UFO, and in 1980 they published a cassette tape of recorded messages from supposed extraterrestrials called Messages From the UFO.  Those were some of the highlights of Don and Carla’s work in the twelve years that they were together before I joined them in December of 1980.

Throughout her early life, Carla had to experience many roles—student, stage performer, devoted wife, and career librarian—in order to heed each desire and call to service, answering always to the heart of her being. Her passionate heart and her faith in humanity led her on all kinds of adventures. Some were difficult and disappointing, but, in each case, she applied herself to seeing love in those around her, and to viewing these experiences as precious opportunities to grow and to become more loving by the day. In 96.2, Ra affirmed Carla’s desire to always be of service to others:

This entity has an habitual attitude which is singular; that is, when there is some necessity for action the entity is accustomed to analyzing the catalyst in terms of service and determining a course.

The early challenges she faced, combined with the choices she made to love with abandon and keep going wherever her heart led her, eventually led Carla to Don. She was able, in love and faith, to embark with him upon an unusual journey, living more and more into her mystical nature, and venturing into the unknown. This would lead not only to the Ra contact and to our partnership, but to a lifetime of living and sharing the Law of One.

This afternoon I went outside and began weeding the Moss Garden since the weather was finally warm enough to do so. Those little tufts of weeds that look like grass had grown since the last time that I weeded the Moss Garden, and I was able to finish half the job, and I hope to finish the job tomorrow.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 16

The First Item On The Agenda

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

Stand upon the rocky crag and gaze out over the broad land of this precious day. You have the long view now. Perhaps you have an agenda, a list, a plan for the day. But have you placed first the divine order of love in action?

Love in action creates a system of natural laws. Any person with an agenda which does not recognize first the source of inspiration which makes all things beautiful is going to experience a day less blessed, less full of love, and less inspired.

As you set your agenda, let your first item be to seek first the natural order of the divine Father, for this allows the inspiration, the breath of the soul, to make vital that inner self which knows so much more than the agenda-maker who sat upon the bare rock of a morning and only gazed at his agenda and not at the divine beauty of the larger view and the natural order.

Let peace flow through your veins as heavenly blood. Let inspiration be your heavenly bread. And let your day be blessed with inspiration and peace, as you know that you are doing the Father’s will for you today.

We leave you in that love and peace, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

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