I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Five and the concept of living the Choice in the workplace and the service-to-self aspect of earning a living:

Living The Choice in the workplace

Service-to-self aspect of earning a living

When you first think of the topic of the service-to-self aspect of earning a living, you might assume that now we will be talking about how the negatively-oriented person is successful at accumulating great amounts of money and power. However, I believe that such a recounting of how the concepts of separation from and control over others in order to gain money and power are not as interesting or helpful to the spiritual growth of positive seekers of truth as would be an analysis of how each of us will be gaining some rewards for ourselves as we seek to be of service to others. This gain is not what we really are looking for, by the way. It just comes to us because we are all one being—those who serve others and those who are served–and this is the way it works as Ra states in the following quote:

 However, service to others results in service to self, thus preserving and further harmonizing the distortions of those entities seeking intelligent infinity through these disciplines. Ra, 7.15

I am assuming that most people who work to earn a living are hoping to be of service to others because this meets a basic human desire to be helpful. As we were raised as children most of us were helped by others on every step of our growing up from parents, to teachers, to neighbors, to friends, and even to strangers who might have retrieved our hat when the wind blew it off of our heads. I believe that people are intrinsically loving and good, and this basic level of compassion becomes a part of the personality shell of most people.

So when we look at Ra’s quote, this basic level of goodness that I believe exists in most people seems to have its origins in the nature of how the creation works. If we are working to earn a living and seek in some measure to be of service to others, we will not only earn a paycheck that we can use to pay our bills, but in the metaphysical sense there is a kind of gift from the creation/Creator that recognizes that we are all one being. So, when we serve another entity, we are also serving ourselves. In a creation of unity, we are all each other’s other selves. Q’uo had some very inspiring and paradoxical thoughts to share on this topic of how we benefit from serving others:

We ask you now to consider the many times each of you has indeed sacrificed the self seemingly as servant of another when that other was in need. Remember doing all that you could and more, and feel again the peace that comes from knowing that you have done all that you can and that you shall continue and the joy that comes when in any small thing another self turns to you and says, “Truly I have asked you and truly you have served.” And so the fruits of service to others, though challenging to accomplish, are joy and peace that no man can take from you lest you take them from yourself, for you only can undo the work that you have done within yourself. We would admonish you not to judge yourself when you have served to the best of your ability. If you feel you could have done better, remember then, you have done all that you can and be again at peace and allow joy to enter your being.

Spiritual peace is a terrible thing in the parlance of what you might call your culture, the ethos into which you were born, for it is a peace that comes from having exhausted oneself in an effort to serve others and setting again one’s foot on the path, looking again for the next opportunity to serve, wherever it may be. Thus, one is at peace without having a spiritual contentment, shall we say, for you do not have a spiritual resting place in the sense that your body has a domicile. You are on a path. That path will continue and you will be where you were not and you will never be where you are now again. This is not so of those who do not attempt to become servants of others. The inner life for those who sleep is as stable as the outer, and a peace bound up in quiet dreaming is most glamorous and may take up an entire incarnation with no problem whatsoever for those who have not yet found the spark that sets them upon the path.

Spiritual joy can be a frightening thing, for it is a joy which has its roots in a love that is mysterious, for it is the manifestation of a sense of the Creator which is mysterious. You may experience joy, but it is an unknown joy, an unspeakable joy, a happiness which is both silent and creative. In this regard we encourage you to remember that anything at which you look is not only the Creator but is also less than the Creator.

We are fond of paradoxes, are we not? Let us clarify. The Creator is not only each tree, each stone, each bird, and each conscious entity. It is also the mystery that created these things. It is the invisible, the infinite. Why does it say in your holy works that the trees clap their hands and the mountains dance like rams? Does the Creator play so? You may look at it that way, but it is also possible to recognize the signs of worship and praise of a Creator that infuses all with love and joy.

My friends, you are far more complex than trees and hills, and within yourselves you have many, many beings interpenetrating each other, communicating with each other, and forming one whole and conscious hologram of the Creator. And yet there is also that mystery which you seek that is beyond and within your consciousness. As you approach what you call your Independence Day, we ask you to gaze many times at the concept of freedom, for there are many metaphysical systems which indulge in a hedonism that suggests that the Creator shall be used as a panacea to achieve happiness, prosperity, health and all manner of positive and comfortable things. We suggest to you that true happiness is often quite uncomfortable and yet so exhilarating that once having been experienced, it shall be the way you seek to manifest love.

Love one another, my friends. Serve one another. And find your freedom, your joy, and your peace. Q’uo, June 29, 1986.

This morning I took Mr. Mush to the vet because yesterday afternoon I noticed that he could not use his back legs to walk. He had to pull himself along the floor with his front legs. I called the emergency number for my vet, and she said I should bring him in the first thing this morning. After doing some tests on his back legs this morning my vet said that Mr. Mush probably had suffered a stroke. So I decided that it was best for Mr. Mush that he be euthanized and not have to try to live such a difficult life. When I got home I cleaned Mr. Mush’s body with a brush and wrapped him in one of Dana’s blue towels. I took him to the pet cemetery where I had dug a grave and laid his body in the grave. I used a pet burial ceremony that Carla created many years ago and read it aloud. Then I covered his body with dirt and put a large flat stone on top of his grave. I put a smaller, chunkier stone on top of the flat stone and used a clear caulking compound to affix MR. MUSH to the smaller stone. Then I put more clear caulking compound on top of his name so that it can be clearly read for the foreseeable future. I am sure that he is with Dana once again and that they both are very glad to see each other.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 22

The City Of God

We are of the principle of the living Christ and we greet you in the full consciousness of love.

For many days the instrument has felt beleaguered and puzzled. And so we turn the mind of the instrument to patience and waiting. There are times during the life experience—and it is designed in just this way—when the overwhelming nature of experience is such that the conscious mind is pulled away from that great, slow rhythm of the consciousness of love. The mind, then, is receptive not to the city of God but to the city of man.

Yet that high and holy hill exists in the world as well as outside of it. And it is in quietness and peace of mind that this kingdom is to be seen. Yet also is it to be seen in the beauty that informs each and every work of God and of man. The city of God, that glad place where man may tabernacle with his Creator, lies within as well as in the world to come.

May each who frets and worries sink into quietness and peace of mind, thus to discover the Holy City and God’s will.

We speak to you in love and peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.