I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from March 15, 1987:

How does consciousness group itself? Do we have conscious or spiritual families that we incarnate with? How do these groupings of consciousness express themselves? How do we discover them?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We have greatly enjoyed sharing meditation with you and would speak with you this evening, as it has been our privilege to be called to you. We ask you, as always, to be aware of our fallibility and to realize that we are but fellow pilgrims, reaching a hand back to those a few steps behind us on the trail, and in no wise to be considered without error. We hope we may help, of course, and it is our privilege to be asked to do so.

We talk to you this evening about families, for you have asked what the nature of the spiritual family is and on what pattern we are, as entities, grouped throughout the planetary influence and throughout the infinite creation.

The concept of spiritual family is one which is difficult to address in a clear manner, because the perceived spiritual family or apparent spiritual family is by far more important to any entity within incarnation than the actual spiritual family in the absolute sense.

Therefore, as in many things pertaining to the greater understanding of things pertaining to incarnational experience, the best tools for working upon incarnational experience are forged within the experience, and pragmatism is found to be useful as a tool of thought.

The perceived spiritual family is all-important, for it is through what one is capable of perceiving as spiritually akin to one that one hopes to be able to enlarge one’s understanding of the feelings and experiences which fill the cup of spiritual communion. The pilgrim hopes always to learn more and more about the spiritual nature of all things, and to redefine relationships along more freely flowing and spiritually encompassing lines.

However, it is the rare pilgrim in third density who is perceiving the absolute spiritual family. Indeed, all third-density entities begin with the harvest of second density, the spiritual family of one other entity, and the offspring of that entity. This spiritual family is the instinctual parent of relationships and the archetypical one of your physical vehicle, thus influencing much of the thinking within your species. It is to be greatly appreciated as the rich fount of catalyst it is.

The group question for this session was whether we have spiritual families in the third density, and how do we recognize them. Q’uo began their response by saying that the family that we perceive as our birth family is not our true spiritual family. What third density “pilgrims”experience is the relationships with others that evolve over shared time together with the hope of finding shared spiritual values. I believe that Q’uo may be speaking here of conscious seekers of truth or perhaps wanderers. However, Q’uo went on to say that all third density entities have evolved from the second density beings with the parents producing the offspring and forming the archetypical bodies of our species that now may produce catalyst for growth. In 90.12, Ra revealed the nature of our archetypical bodies:

Questioner: Was there a reason for choosing the forms that have evolved upon this planet and, if so, what was it?

Ra: I am Ra. We are not entirely sure why our Logos and several neighboring Logoi of approximately the same space/time of flowering chose the bipedal, erect form of the second-density apes to invest. It has been our supposition, which we share with you as long as you are aware that this is mere opinion, that our Logos was interested in, shall we say, further intensifying the veiling process by offering to the third-density form the near complete probability for the development of speech taking complete precedence over concept communication or telepathy. We also have the supposition that the so-called opposable thumb was looked upon as an excellent means of intensifying the veiling process so that rather than rediscovering the powers of the mind the third-density entity would, by the form of its physical manifestation, be drawn to the making, holding, and using of physical tools.

And in 13.21, Ra gave the general nature of the expansion of consciousness in this movement from the second density to the third density:

Questioner: Then how does the second density progress to the third?

Ra: I am Ra. The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body complexes, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit.

In much of third density, the true spiritual family is greatly limited due to the perceived spiritual family’s being the biological family. Because the long trail of incarnations forms patterns of association throughout thousands of your years, there began to grow in your species’ present density experience the network of larger spiritual families, and, indeed, society as you know it today is a vast honeycomb of those whose memory, could they but see it, includes each other in vast and interlocking networks.

At this level of networking, the spiritual family is perceived through a feeling rather than through intellectual thought, and one experiences what this instrument would call the feeling of “birds of a feather flock together,” the feeling of comfortable association with those whose thinking seems comfortably fitting with your own. This is a further substantial step in the perceived spiritual family.

Then Q’uo expanded the nature of the spiritual family as the result of a progression through thousands years of networking with entities of like mind who may be forming spiritual families throughout many incarnations. Q’uo also mentioned that the perceiving of entities to be part of this network of spiritual families is something that is discovered through feelings of familiarity rather than by intellectual thought. On August 22, 2004, Q’uo described the nature of these spiritual families that incarnate together:

It is obvious that in the physical illusion each is separate. And yet you have, common to this incarnation, families, not nuclear or physical families alone, but spiritual families, larger groups of entities than you might suspect, who have chosen to come into incarnation to work in tandem with those whom they meet and with whom they seem to feel kinship and affinity and much more than that. With the extended families of each of you, who in many cases share relatives, shall we say, on the unseen planes, you are connected in so many ways which you cannot see but can only feel. So know that, as you look into the eyes of those whom you have not yet touched into in terms of energy, with whom you have not exchanged energy, yet you do not look into the eyes of strangers. For beneath the surface of this seeming separateness of the physicality, you are strongly and powerfully connected by those families from which you came and to which you shall return.

One who perceives these networks of kinship has managed to begin the linking of all the species. Indeed, perhaps it has become obvious by now that we suggest that the spiritual family which may perhaps most come at the start and root of all other concerns for family, is the family of humankind which will attempt in fourth density upon this sphere to form a fourth-density positive social memory complex. Each connection made lovingly and freely, being manifested, draws closer to an entity the realizations of honest kinship which can only be felt by first extending kinship.

The leap of faith, as this instrument has it in her mind, is always necessary, for any transformation of thought is preceded by a desire to know, which precipitates the use of will at some point. Change is painful, and one who seeks to know his spiritual family shall endure the pain of each family member’s miseries, for it is so that all who are conscious of the self suffer.

In suffering, much is learned. In dying, life is gained. In each resurrection, improvement is taking place. Yet, these things are not clear when one sees the hungry, the imprisoned, the sad, the fearful, and the alone. If a pilgrim wishes to know its true spiritual family, walk all the streets, deserts, jungles and battlefields of your sphere, and know that there is no spirit which breathes within physical manifestation that is not your own self—part of you, part of creation, part of the only heaven that is thinkable, the heavenly kingdom of wholeness and completeness, the one infinite jewel of existence.

There is one original Thought, one Creator, and one Creation. When you have become—and you will—a fourth-density social memory complex, you will begin to learn further lessons, lessons that if you only were clear enough, your bodies could teach you now, lessons of your true kinship in unity, not only with every atom of living energy in the infinite creation, but through thought with the one great original Thought, so that more and more consciousness becomes that of the Creator as well as the created.

Now Q’uo expanded the concept of the spiritual family to that of the family of humankind on Earth that is seeking to become a social memory complex. However, the process of becoming a social memory complex is one which involves sharing the suffering of the rest of the members of the spiritual family on Earth. Q’uo said that each of us is everyone else’s other self, and wherever on Earth there is suffering, that is what we all share. And when we all attain the level of a social memory complex we will continue on in expanding the consciousness of our spiritual family as we become the consciousness of the Creator and the creation. In 11.17, Ra described the nature of the social memory complex:

Questioner: At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?

Ra: I am Ra. A mind/body/spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then become[s] known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding/distortions are available to the entities of the society.

Much is ahead, my children. There is truly nothing that is not one with you, and there is no consciousness that you do not share. Yet each within a family is unique and each within the family of your sphere is unique. Many are aware now that it is time to feel the family working more closely together, and you have called this networking. Think of it as reunion as well as work, for in the instinct to network, you may see the instinct that calls all to the family reunion.

Be aware that you did not enter this lifetime to enjoy the comfort of a family alone, but also to gain strength from it, that each may do its work with more love and more peace, that more hearts may be made merry, and more spirits at rest through the radiance of each light worker. In order to keep the self clear enough for what each came to do, we ask each to meditate on a daily basis, if for only a few minutes. That regular opening is all-important, that dependable silence life-giving.

We have enjoyed using this instrument and speaking with you, and we thank you for your energy and attention. We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim. I am known to you as Q’uo.

This morning I set the sprinkler in a couple of areas to water various flowers and bushes. After that I ran some errands with my first stop being the bank where I made a cash withdrawal. The second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some food for myself. The third stop was at the vet’s to pick up some syringes for Bosco. My last stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store where I picked up a prescription for myself and some non-food items.

This afternoon I drove over to southern Indiana to visit my friend, Connie, who has been in the care home for five years as a result of suffering two strokes in 2018. We had a dessert of strawberry ice cream and snickerdoodle cake. Then I read more of Dianne Aprile’s book Things You Don’t Forget. She is still making progress with her right leg which, along with her right hand, was paralyzed by the strokes. She has more movement in her right leg, and we are hopeful that this will continue.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 16

A Home In Each Willing Heart

I am of the principle of the consciousness of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of Christ’s love.

What a blessing it is for the spirit to find ears willing to hear and hearts open to receive the spirit of the Lord! For though the spirit broods over every living thing, fulfilling in every possible way the promise of infinite love and infinite life, yet still many hearts are shut to us. And those who open to us do not linger long ofttimes.

How grateful we are to find a home in each willing heart, to find consciousnesses who wish the gifts of the spirit. Though your lives be busy, may you linger long today at odd moments within the holy ground of your own heart, to know and feel the love and will of God in Jesus Christ and to reach forth an arm filled with the strength of perfect love to bring into manifestation the fruits of that love.

Whether these acts be the act of the mother with the child, the hand of the businessman with a customer, or the hand of a head of state with the fate of a nation, yet are all these acts potentially filled with perfect love.

We leave you in that peace which cannot be explained yet which is more powerful than that peace which is only the absence of violence, the peace of Christ, now and forever.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.