I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The Q’uo quote today comes from December 30, 1990:

The question this evening has to do with what may be various stages or steps in the path of seeking. When the first feeling of passion for a path occurs, it seems like the seeking is more active in a worldly sense, and then it either begins to cool or calm down, it mellows with age. Is this due to a passage through the energy centers and differing kinds of expression of this passion then coming forth, is it due to getting tired and having old age set in, or is it due to perhaps natural progression of the stages of seeking? Is there a progression of this kind, where an entity is more on fire to start with and then begins to move more inwardly as the path continues?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Indeed, I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creation. We indeed greet you in all that there is, seen and unseen—love, the creative word, and light, all manifestation. Where can you go that is not built of love and light, that is not of the word, which is Love, the Thought that created all that there is? So we speak to each of you as beings of Love and Light, who create catalyst by misunderstanding Love, because of the manifestations of Light which have been biased by those co-creators which are each and every conscious entity among your peoples. And we greet each of you with absolute love and great blessing, and with gratitude for asking us to share our opinions with you. Let the listener beware; we are not perfectly authoritative, but only those with opinions, such as your own. We ask you to use your discrimination. Never attempt to accept, or believe, or have faith in any concept that is not your own. Those that are your own you shall recognize, for they have been within you, and you are merely relearning them with the conscious mind. If this deep connection is not there, however informed our opinion, it is not your truth, so leave it, and walk your own path.

This day you wish to know what it is about the spiritual path which creates at the beginning ecstasy, excitement, exaltation and a great outpouring of evangelism that does not last. What is it that creates the situation in which the passion, the intensity and the dedication may well become more and more attenuated, less and less strong, in the face of the mundane and horizontally lived incarnational experience? May we say to you that, indeed, there is some of accuracy in the questioner’s suspicion that this is in some part a natural progression. However, the questioner does not take this progression to its completion. Let us speak upon this particular vision.

When one discovers, by whatever means, information that is so inspirational and so relevant to that entity’s growth that it is that which seizes the attention, then is there excitement, glory, joy, optimism and the strength of new knowledge. Were this to be treated appropriately, the passion, the intensity and the dedication which you experience at the beginning should never fade. But you, being of an illusion which uses words, and of natures which crave the companionship of spiritual communication, are often incapable of protecting your realizations with careful, cautious and deeply felt silence, thanksgiving and praise for the realizations that have been the gift at the end of long desert experiences.

We speak not, in this case, of time, but of the subjectively felt length of any experience in which the spirit starves for spiritual food. When it finds that food, its appetite is great, and it wants to feed the five thousand with its loaves and fishes immediately. However, that which has been born in you, though it feels stronger than any previous faith or enthusiasm, is yet a faith-filled and enthusiastic infant.

These are your days of what you call Christ’s mass, in which you kneel, strong, supple and able as each is, before a helpless, dumb, blind infant, placed in the roughest and most animalistic of shelters, the home of the animals. Let us consider this. This story is, in our opinion, an excellent myth, as are many in your cultures. It is filled with, as are many, symbols which offer to the spiritual seeker and student lessons carefully to be considered. You may see the new transformation, the new realizations, as being like the infant in the manger, endlessly beautiful, infinitely loving, and utterly vulnerable. Because of the intensity of the birth of this infant self within—and all are nurturing this spiritual being, which is born in third density, by choice—all feel that they have no problem in expressing such strong feelings, emotions and beliefs to others. How you mistake infant faith. To cast the pearls before the swine is the teacher known as Jesus’ analogy of speaking of one’s own hard learned spiritual lessons to those who have no inclination or request to hear those wise and compassionate words which the spirit has offered to you in this realization, symbolized by the helpless child.

The group question for this session was: Why does the spiritual path begin in such excitement and joy and then, as time goes on, calm down and mellow with age? Q’uo began their answer by saying that the slowing down of the excitement of the spiritual path was, in part, a natural progression, but there was more to it. They said that because we live in an illusion that relies on words to communicate our experiences with companions, many times the seeker does not nurture this new-found exciting spiritual inspiration with the silence of meditation. Q’uo went on to say that this new path is like a helpless baby that we have had born within us, and instead of nurturing it, we speak openly about this infant spiritual path to those who don’t appreciate hearing about it.  On January 16, 2005, Q’uo spoke about beginning the spiritual path:

So we would ask entities who are looking at themselves upon the spiritual path quite simply, “Who are you?” Because this is the essential center of that which draws entities to the path of seeking. They become aware that all of the wisdom that has been acquired since their cradle experiences is not enough to satisfy the craving for identity and meaning. They realize that they are going to have to set off on a journey. It is not a journey in the physical world at all, but it is very definitely a journey, and it very definitely is upon a path that is common to all seekers.

What causes the student, then, to wish so much to share that which is too delicate, too immature, too helpless to be exposed to the harsh winter of intellect and skepticism? Often it is the desire to help. However, though one may be working intensely upon opening the heart as much as possible, it is indeed true that many do this without sufficient respect and time spent in preparing the earthen vessel—that is, your physical vehicle, and the mind, which is your mental vehicle—within this illusion. For all their strength and for all their truth, these realizations must wait for witness until the entity that you are within this relativistic illusion has cleared the pathway, made the rough places plain, brought the high places low, and made straight your own pathway to your heart. The one known as John the Baptist said, “Make straight in the desert a highway for God with us.” Make straight in your hearts the pathway for I AM.

How does one make this pathway straight? Largely by coming to terms with your three so-called lower, but what we would call perhaps fundamental, energies, through which all living light must pass to flow into the heart to give it the power and the strength and the stability it needs in order that it may heal, or communicate, discern wisdom, discern spirits, or any other gift of the open heart, all of which are concerned with loving the Creator and human kind. How can you do this if the heart is open, but the energy moving into it must move through far too small an opening because you have not come to terms with yourself, you have not accepted yourself, you have not accepted your relationships; you have not accepted the primacy of love, unconditional love, over any personal preference whatsoever; you have not done the work of forgiveness, perhaps, or self-forgiveness, acceptance, or more likely, self-acceptance?

In this instrument’s life, for instance, this instrument struggles to like an entity close to her which she chose for the precise reason that she in no way could possibly like this entity. What was the lesson? To love. Not to like, not to prefer, not intellectually to crave, but to love, simply that. In each entity’s life there are these things which cannot be liked, but which can, through the grace of an infinite Creator which is Love, be loved, and in the loving of them floats a continuous prayer like a bell tone that rings throughout space and time and eternity.

So you wish, above all else, not to advertise but to protect this child, while you, to the best of your ability, amend and improve the basic energies of a physical, weak, finite vehicle with finite energies, finite amounts of time and space in which to do the work of a complete incarnation, and to do that right quickly, for in truth, a century of your time is far too short even for you to achieve the first true maturity. So know yourselves as perpetual teenagers, perpetual rebels, perpetual prodigals, far from home, confused, poor in heart, until you are able to realize the richness that lies within this vessel of earth, which noble earthly vessel carries you through an incarnation with its greatest devotion and care.

If your quarrels are with yourself, let them not be that you are ill, or poor, or unhappy, or unfulfilled. These are situations extremely productive of spiritual growth, and cannot be judged within your illusion for their true worth. It is a matter of faith not to rebel against the stringencies that open the heart and cleanse the more basic emotions of love for the self, for life itself, for the relationships that you have with entities and with social groups. Before one word should be spoken, the dedication to the daily clearing of these energy centers needs to be complete, for it is in persistence and patience and an unflagging desire to realize the truth that we have heard, that all densities’ entities may move forward in evolution in the spiritual sense.

There will come a time when you no longer are hampered by obvious encroachments of under activation or over activation or other sorts of blockage of letting light move into the heart. But if those obstacles which you can feel catching you as a fish is hooked, if your own temptations and self-aggrandizements seem to be released, then you are ready to speak, but you will find that once you gain this maturity, relatively speaking, you will find to your surprise that you are no longer an evangelist, that fervid eagerness, great charismatic power of self, and all those things which go into making an entity an excellent evangelist, have been seen by the maturing spiritual youngster within to be useless of true worth, for the spiritually maturing child has begun to learn that it can only work upon itself and be a witness to the nations in and of itself.

We shall pause.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. This instrument wished to show courtesy by allowing entities which are not interested in this material to move through the surrounding domicile. This has been accomplished, so we shall continue, with thanks to the instrument for keeping us from any hint of infringement upon free will.

Then Q’uo said that the one who is new to the spiritual path may wish to share their path with others, but the skepticism of others is too harsh of an environment in which to do so, and it may be too difficult to open the heart in such an effort until the lower three energy centers are cleared enough to let the light of the Creator to shine through the seeker. Q’uo said this clearing would involve being able to accept and forgive the self and any other with whom one is in relationship, which would be orange-ray work. They said that it would also be necessary to share love with social groups, which would be yellow-ray work, and both the orange and yellow-ray work would need to be done daily. [Ra said the red ray was fixed, so it would not need any work.] Then Q’uo said that once this clearing of the lower energy centers had been accomplished that the spiritual seeker would have matured to the point that they would no longer feel any need to be seen as an evangelist and to speak with others about one’s spiritual path, but they would work only upon themselves. On March 25, 1990, Q’uo described the value of work upon the self:

In truth you are simply within the environment of the Creator. You are everywhere; you are everywhen; you are every condition. You can improve your behavior, but it is only persistent and patient work upon the self by the self that enables one to be the athlete of the spirit that shall question again and again if necessary, its readiness to act, to live and to be one through whom love may shine.

Although it is easy to say that you are not alone in this choice, in this constant series of choices and determinations which can only be subjective, the truth within the illusion is quite different. The illusion is designed to confuse you utterly. Not partially, not variably, but completely. Thus, first, in order to have a spiritual life of seeking in service to others, one must recognize one’s nature, not a nature that is dependent upon its place in the geography of the human spirit, but upon its steadfast and unchanging place in the very heart of the Creator.

How then should an entity which has found a personal truth, a personal path from the mundane to eternity, express itself in regard to other people? Two things especially need to be kept in mind. Firstly, the most important witness an entity can offer for the one Creator in glory, in peace and in joy, is the manifestation of the self with conscious encouragement of the self in unspoken and uncontrived witness. We expect those who have achieved this much maturity to have chosen a path, and to be able to speak of that path. But the first gift that one may give is presence, simply practicing the presence of the Creator within the self, and allowing the practice of that presence to shine forth so that those of any kind may sense that peace which is not the world’s, that joy which the world only knows as happiness, the palest shadow of joy, of love, indescribable, but quite clearly observable among those who would gaze at the face of one who truly loves. This is your greatest witness, it is your greatest help to your beloved people and to your planet as a whole, for the planet itself responds to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love. These are metaphysical vibrations as strong in mending the Earth as the pressure of tectonic plates is strong in mending the adjustment of the Earth in catastrophic style.

Secondary witnesses are quite simply those which answer questions which have been asked. When there is a request, there is an opening, a softened spiritual ground, and into this ground it is well that you witness to the extent of your ability as a realized entity, as a user of the language, and as one sensitive to word allergies, if we may put it in that way, which the entities to whom you wish to bear witness may have.

Why, then, does a new path seem to become old? It seems obvious that novelty is a great distorter of perception. If there is love, it blossoms into passion, if there is friendship under adverse conditions, it blossoms into lifelong kinship. Yet, even the greatest of truths, even the most sublime of realizations, must deal day by day with precisely those conditions of incarnation designed to test the personal spiritual awareness of the entity which is consciously working upon gaining spiritual mass or polarity.

Do not dare to seek to have faith unless you wish to have an uncomfortable life, for as the Creator manifests Itself in the wind and fire of Spirit, ever moving, ever changing, ever unpredictable, so too does the Spirit manifest itself in each entity’s life. If you are not always open to that which the Spirit has to offer, this day only, then you shall be working with information which has grown stale, and the day that you do not attempt to act as you have learned is the correct way to act, is the day when you must stop any hope of moving further or bearing witness, that you may go into yourself and review that which you have learned, for there is nothing half-hearted about love, if we may make a poor pun.

Love does not regard circumstance. If you are regarding circumstance, it is time first to set the mundane house in order, and once you have made this plan and are sticking to it, it does not need to be complete, but merely needs to be that which is realized as the stable necessity before one can hope for a stable spiritual life. Just as you cannot draw beautifully upon a stained and dirty drawing table, for then you shall gain the unwanted and random stains of previous paintings not so well informed, so you do not want to paint the picture to the outside world, or even to yourself, if your easel is awry, your palette filled with muddy colors, and your paper stained through from water colors of the past, or your canvas stained through from paintings from the past. Take you then each day the new canvas, the new drawing paper, and begin each day as the beginner that each of us is.

To begin again, to begin again, to begin again—how the human spirit rebels. Yet within the present moment there is only beginning, and there is nothing but the present moment in any spiritual consideration. So look to the loving and acceptance of the higher power which you may call as you wish. Look to your relationship with that Love that created you. Allow within yourself the birth in the manger of your heart of your own spiritual beingness, true, imperishable, consciousness. Guard it, just as the story speaks of this infant’s mother and father fleeing to protect their child. Protect this child as lovingly, and with as much feeling of honor.

Now Q’uo said that the first way that we should express our spiritual path to other people was by practicing the presence of the Creator without words and by radiating self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love as these qualities would aid both those we came in contact with and our Mother Earth as well. Then Q’uo said that a less important way to share our spiritual path was to answer people’s questions in a non-dogmatic way. They went on to say that the spiritual path seems to grow old because each day we may be challenged by our experience to continue to respond to difficulties that the Spirit has to offer us in ways that we have done so many times in the past, and we need to continue to repeat our responses again and again. Q’uo said that there is only the present moment in which we should look to the Love that created us so that we can continually feel the birth of our spiritual beingness, our infinite consciousness, within our hearts. On April 26, 1987, Latwii spoke of the value of the present moment:

I am Latwii, and it is our perception that one helpful way of defining or looking upon that term which we have called patience is that of so fully accepting the present experience in any present moment that one is full of that experience and has little concern for any which may have come before or which may follow it, that the moment is indeed sufficient unto itself, as each moment is a portion of the one Creator, which contains in it the doorway to the fully experienced presence of the one Creator. Thus, to give the proper respect, shall we say, to each moment is to have a kind of love for the Creator that we have called patience. To abide with and to find fullness within any moment is to glorify that portion of the Creator that has revealed unto the seeker for that portion of experience.

When you are ready, the opportunities for service, consonant with your unique gifts, shall be given. But you may retain passion and dedication such as was felt at the beginning only by creating in an artificial manner the novelty of the original experience. It is not, however, a decline that you experience, but rather a cycle. The cycle of your planet and its second-density creatures is perhaps the best analogy to this cycle within the spiritually active pilgrim. New realizations are born in the deep darkness of what seems like a winter of discontent. They are nourished by faith and strengthened by the will to persevere, although the road ahead is blind. Move along that road as guided. When you have been faithful, and achieved a stability that expects no rewards for that faith, but only the joy and peace of living in faith, then there will be in front of your eyes the right usage of your time offered to you.

At that time it is neither an act of false humility or false pride to take upon the cross of humanity that Christ of the gifts that have been given each for each to be stewards, to multiply their gifts, and to maximize their ability to offer love to this dark planet. You may go through the summer of this marvelous experience of the realization that has been nurtured, protected, and finally has found the sun and grown to bloom. Yet still the cycle is not complete, for as flowers wither, and as the trees of deciduous nature lose their leaves, so shall the fall of each cycle of understanding or realization bring with it its own temptations, its own opportunities to move in false directions. Eventually, whether you have learned from this blossoming of the self or not, the harvest time does come, the harvest of that realization is gathered, and another winter of discontent follows.

The cycle moves around, and insofar as a life in faith has been preserved in the individual through the predictable difficulties, just so far may the next realization be more and other and even more helpful than the first, thusly creating a new spiritual self, with new realizations, which then must go through the springtime of nurturing and protection, the summertime of manifestation, beauty, peace, and the words of freedom, faith and healing, and again, the harvest will be complete, and the imperishable spirit that you are, voluntarily and gladly, in a subconscious manner, moves to the next realization, the next spiritual infant, the next learning, the next blooming.

To achieve an ability to maintain stability in good times and in bad as perceived subjectively by the self, it is necessary to gaze at the creation day by day, within the present moment, and without judgment of any kind, except insofar as you are discriminating concerning that which you may take in and that which you may offer to others as service. When this cycle is understood, if we may use that term, the seeker may indeed minimize the heights and the depths…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, we continue through this instrument in love and light. This is not necessarily the correct manner of dealing with anguish and ecstasy, for, indeed, the very sharpness and depth of these emotions offers to the spiritually growing entity the opportunity to gaze at these emotional states with an eye to their purification of those mundane concerns which may be mixed in with imperishable ideals. Do we wish to have the cute and the pretty mixed with the beautiful? Perhaps in the mundane, but certainly not in the imperishable sense, for there is nothing that is relative, in spiritual realization.

One last thing that we would say before we leave this instrument is never to demean, degrade or criticize the self for lacking the conviction, the faith or the strength to meet a situation as one would wish. For the will of the spirit and the faith of the spirit are expressed in the fruits of intention, first of all, and only as the spirit grows stronger from intending, and intending, and intending to show love in difficult circumstances, does the spirit grow strong enough, hardy enough, and full enough of faith to manifest in any nearly accurate way the infinite beauty of spiritual intention.

Let yourself continue as beginner. Let yourself remain infatuated, in love, and shield that passion from a world which has seemingly no positive passion, except in isolated instances at this time. Shield that light until it may grow through you without destroying you, for it is indeed a vibration too great for third-density consciousness. Yet, you who are harvestable potentially have also the ability to hold light and love in manifestation, which is not able to be offered by those who have not worked toward graduation from this density. Never discourage the self or others in a spiritual sense. Support all selves, and speak those pearls that so inflamed and overjoyed your open hearts, by your presence, and upon request, by witness of a verbal kind. In this way may you never lose the novelty of the present moment, for is any present moment like another, and yet, are they not all the present moment?

Here Q’uo said that the original joy of our spiritual path would be renewed when we were able to realize that our experiences are part of a cycle of growth that go through stages of decline as plants do in the winter and then growth in the spring, but that the road is always unknown, and challenges may occur at any time. They said that if we can maintain our faith in our spiritual path that these cycles can produce a new spiritual self from season to season. Q’uo continued by saying that in order to maintain a stability on our spiritual path in good times and bad we need to remain in the present moment without judgment of any kind for the self for having a lack of faith or intention to meet any situation which might come before us. They said that it is our constant setting of our spiritual intentions to meet such challenges that gives our spirit the strength to manifest the infinite beauty of the light that may shine through us. On May 24, 2008, Q’uo spoke of the great value of maintaining our faith through any difficulties:

It is difficult to keep the faith when it is new. It is difficult in the face of one’s personal shortcomings, as perceived by the self, to know that all is well. There is so much temptation to reject the self, or parts of the self, in most entities that it is almost irresistible. Yet, having grasped faith, you hold to it and you know that at the depths of your being, you are good in that biblical sense where man was created, and God saw that it was good, and it was very good.

Faith stabilizes you among the chaos of perceptions. Outer perceptions shall always bring conflict. The truth shall always be elusive. Yet as you have faith in yourself and in the innate goodness of your design, you come through the crisis of not liking aspects of yourself and you find yourself still standing after the storm has passed. The next time there is heavy weather within your heart and mind and soul, you find it easier to maintain faith regardless of the outer picture. And each time thereafter, you find it exponentially easier to remain stable and faithful and serene.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak through this instrument upon this most interesting question, and we thank the questioner. May all who read or hear be blessed. We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We leave this instrument in love and light, and wish to close this communication through the instrument known as Jim. We will now transfer. I am Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and picked up small tree limbs which recent rains and winds had brought down and put them in a garbage can for yard waste pickup later this week.

This afternoon I took Bosco to the vet to have his blood sugars tested as he has been drinking a lot more water in the last week than he usually drinks. The test results should be back by tomorrow afternoon, and then we will see if we  need to increase his insulin dosage.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 12

The Softness Of Love

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the consciousness of divine love.

My children, why do you grieve the spirit of Jesus the Christ? Why must you turn from charity and harden your hearts?

This day we ask that each communication between two children of the infinite and most glorious Creator be full of the softness of love and compassion.

My children, do not harden your hearts in any wise toward any soul for any reason but turn from the hardening effects of the surface of things and gaze deeply into the heart of each circumstance to find infinite love abiding therein.

This is a truth found only in faith. May you, in faith, call upon the spirit of Christ.

We shall be with you in the peace of Christ, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.