I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from April 12, 1992:

… or any transformation occur in both the metaphysical and physical sense. What steps can we go through to bring about change in our lives, particularly in respect to slowing down and enjoying each experience more fully?

(Carla channeling)

I am of the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We find it to be a great blessing to be called to your group at this time to share our humble opinions with you. And we bless you in return, and share the love of the infinite One with you from all our hearts. We are bathed in a sea of love and light, walking forever supported in a net made of love, a metaphysical net that caresses one in all directions and supports one in whatever modality and vector each desires.

You have asked us about moving quickly through life, rushing through experiences during an incarnational period so quickly that the details of that experience begin to blur and some of that experience is, therefore, lost. As we listen to your chimes that sway and sing in the wind, we are minded to suggest to you that these wind chimes do not have a previous agenda. The wind moves them; they readily yield to the extent of their mass. And when mayhap two pieces of this metal touch, the pleasing sound is emitted for which this instrument was created.

So it is with a human instrument. There are, metaphysically speaking, winds that come sometimes and sometimes are still, that may move from one direction or another, at one speed or another. An incarnational experience is marked by its variety. The wind, whereby experience goes by, is not measured as your clocks measure time, but, metaphysical weather plays about the sea of experience as do ocean winds upon the liner. Certainly, the ship is big enough to withstand gale winds as well as calm and pleasant breezes. But the captain of that ship adjusts his methods of navigation according to the wind, the conditions of the ocean, and the weather in general.

Each of you exists in a frail barque, that physical vehicle which you call your body, and it does move through a physical sea and a metaphysical sea of experience. In sheerly physical terms, the winds of stimulation and the potential for experience are so numerous that they can best be described as infinite. No entity can process the information that comes through the physical senses. There is a thousand, nay, ten thousand times too much information to be processed. And so, a ruthless making of choices ensues. Those bits of information that come in that seem to apply most directly to survival and comfort are recognized and processed first. And the hierarchy of those things which are noticed is individualized and put into place in what you may call your biocomputer very, very early in your incarnational experience.

Metaphysically, each entity also is buffeted about with the mystical winds of metaphysical chance and destiny. There are the strong trade winds of destiny, those that blow from forever; and there are the delightful, seasonal, unpredictable whims of spirit that offer the chance and change that marks the unique experience of being a conscious individual given the gift of free will. Metaphysically speaking, the dance between destiny and free will provides a way of thinking about those whims which affect the spontaneous, expressive self, that meaningful, substantive self to which that question about “hurrying up” has reference, for the blurring of experience through rushing too much is not simply a physical phenomenon, but also a spiritual one.

The group question for this session was: What steps can we go through to bring about change in our lives, particularly in respect to slowing down and enjoying each experience more fully? Q’uo began their reply by using the wind chimes outside of the house as a symbol of how the beautiful music they make is not planned but occurs due to the changing wind, and then they suggested there are metaphysical winds that blow from one direction and another to provide variety in our life pattern. Q’uo went on to say that we all move about in our physical bodies in a physical sea that provides an infinity of experience that cannot be processed because there are too many stimuli to be processed, so we must make choices as to what we will attend to with those necessities of survival and comfort getting our primary focus from our early years. Then Q’uo said that there are also metaphysical winds of chance and destiny with the winds of destiny blowing from infinity and the winds of chance and change that are unpredictable which provide the opportunity of free will to be exercised. Q’uo continued by saying that the dance between destiny and free will is where the potential for “hurrying too much” becomes not only a physical phenomenon but a spiritual one as well. In 36.7, Ra spoke of the balance between destiny and free will, or the known and the unknown as Ra put it:

Thus the higher self is like the map in which the destination is known; the roads are very well known, these roads being designed by intelligent infinity working through intelligent energy. However, the higher self aspect can program only for the lessons and certain predisposing limitations if it wishes. The remainder is completely the free choice of each entity. There is the perfect balance between the known and the unknown.

Let us attempt to gaze at why this may be so. We speak many times of the dynamic between service to others—or the radiation of light in a free and spontaneous manner—and service to self, which consists in control of the self and control over others for the benefit of the self in a magnetic, attractive kind of energy which pulls those things which are needed to it and orders them carefully for the self’s best advantage. We see the way of love expressing radiantly without stint, often foolishly in the eyes of the world, as opposed to that which may seem to be very logical and civil in the same eyes of this same world, the ordering, the controlling of the self for the benefit of the self, and of circumstances and individuals, also for the benefit or convenience of the self.

It is not usual that entities who are rushing through life have any conscious intention of behaving or providing catalyst in a service-to-self or negatively-oriented manner. Indeed, the rationale for moving without rhythm, but simply as quickly as possible, is that of service to others, that the utmost be done, and all of the things that are done are intended to be of service to others.

My friends, the work of disciplining the personality and purifying the emotions is subtle work. The entity which is yourself is not all good, nor is it all negative. The more positively-oriented an entity is, the more quickly it will jump to the conclusion that it is behaving in a negatively-oriented manner, and the more judgmental it will be with the self. Therefore, as we show to you the basic negative polarity of rushing without rhythm, without consciousness of the winds, physically and metaphysically, we also say to you, refrain from any judgment. Do not assume that because you see the negative cast of this attitude you are indeed a negatively-oriented or polarized person.

Under no circumstances should a spiritual student who is seeking the truth attempt to monitor its rate of success or its place within its journey or pilgrimage. What value could such self-judgments have? One looks into and pulls out of the same informational system the question and the answer, for the Creator will not inform any entity of its spiritual score. We may say, as this instrument would put it, that the Creator grades on a curve. It is not yours to know or to be concerned with the relative positivity or negativity of actions or intents. It is yours to desire and to make choices based upon the deepest and truest emotions, biases and opinions which one is capable of finding within the self. And, at this point, we are observing the amount of awareness of the rhythms of life mundane and life eternal which each entity might have.

Now, those who rush through an agenda, crossing things off the list of the day, may well not be very aware of the mundane or metaphysical wind. Thus, they may well cut themselves off from the dance that enlivens the rhythm that blesses and makes spontaneous and joyful the thoughts and the actions of each moment. If one stands ignorant of the wind, gazing only at the compass and saying doggedly, “This I shall do now, then this, one step then another; I shall go north; I shall always go north; I have my compass and I shall go north;” one shall not go long before one runs into a tree, a bus, a child, or some wind of destiny that, if caught, if heard, if felt, could indeed transform the experience—not from the level of the bio-program, but from the level of the meta-program, that deep program within each entity which has to do with the unique patterns of one individual who has a spark of the infinite Creator within, and thus is set upon a lodestar that cannot be seen by the self or any other, but must indeed exist awaiting that moment when the wind of destiny does indeed cross the path.

Perhaps the most characteristic feeling of one who is dogged and determined and unrhythmical is the feeling that one is deadening one’s own experience, numbing one’s own enjoyment, killing one’s own gift of spontaneity. How can one lift one’s feet from the ground and not throw away the compass, but place it amongst other instruments which will read the mundane and metaphysical weather?

Now Q’uo said that there is a dynamic relationship between the service-to-self and service-to-others polarities that is in the use of love to benefit others or the self, and that each of us has both polarities within us that causes the positive entity to move rapidly in its path to attempt to serve others and may occasionally judge itself negatively for doing so. But Q’uo said that we should not judge ourselves negatively because we cannot know whether we are of service to others or to the self. They said that all we can do is to create the desire to make our choices of service from the deepest emotions within us and, thusly, blend our actions between the mundane and the eternal nature of our path. Q’uo went on to say that if we rush through our daily life, we may not become aware of the mundane or the metaphysical wind, and not become aware of the joyful and spontaneous actions within each moment when the wind of destiny may cross our path. On December 13, 1992, Q’uo spoke about the workings of the wind of destiny:

As the end of any lesson approaches, this realization of the flowing nature of learning and destiny is clearer and clearer. Finally, one is somewhat comfortable, and then of course it is time for another lesson to begin. Thus, there is always the discomfort, the angst, but the amount of angst is not necessarily consonant with the amount of change but is rather more nearly consonant with the amount of resistance to or standing athwart of that change because of preconceived ideas about what one’s path of destiny is. It is well to release all expectations beyond a certain point in order for the play of the wind of destiny to aid rather than to seem to hinder.

Perhaps what we may suggest in this amount of time, as you call this measurement, is that one ponder at odd moments how one feels about the rhythms of life, how one feels about missing the dances, how one might feel about the possibility that one is unwittingly behaving in a way that is apparently along the negative polarity and gives others catalyst that is along those lines? For you see, the greatest hindrance to changing oneself is the honest and genuine belief that one is actually fine just as one is, and that there are things about the way one is that are more worthwhile than what would be gained by change.

The consensus reality and cultural values among your people are those dealing with a deep and endless illusion. All judgments made of the effectiveness of action using the rules of the culture—and of the self that has been taught by the culture—shall reflect the values of that culture and shall deal exclusively with illusion. Now, each of you is here because you feel that there is something deeper than this illusory experience, something of another order of being, something which does not fade, which does not die, which has not been born, but which simply is. Stubbornly, as you gaze at the bone-white graves of the centuries of people before you, the ideas that have gone down to dust before yours, oh so stubbornly, you stand in that dust and you ask, what is truth? What is real? What is beautiful? What endures? And praise and thanksgiving well up within you because you know that this question is a question that has more substance than all of life as you know it, regardless of the answer.

So, as you ponder the rushing and imagine the joy of the rhythmic dancing, of the chiming with the wind’s blessing and motion, think of that field of beingness that you know enough about to seek. Think of the mystery of that deeper reality, and of the inadequacy of cultural wisdom to rightly value such things as getting things done. This will not eliminate your ability to perform tasks or to perform them well. But, if such thoughts are mused upon over a period of time, you may discover within yourself a burgeoning attitude which allows, while keeping to the polestar of existence, for the metaphysical and physical windage and weather of the body and of the soul.

What can you do to change that program of rushing? We would not suggest that you do anything; you are already doing too much. What would you not do? We would not suggest that you not do anything either; this is more subtle work. The biases within your consciousness are available to you for self-knowledge. Analyze them. Accept them. And if you feel that they can be better informed, ask yourself to open a little to the possibilities of further work in consciousness, of the self by the self for the self, in order that one may become more and more an instrument that chimes in the wind and less and less a heavy metal object screwed down to consensus reality and dead to the chiming of eternity.

Q’uo said that we should take time to consider how we might unwittingly be acting in a negative way that provides catalyst for others because the real hindrance to changing ourselves is when we think that our behavior is as it should be, and this is the result of our having been raised in the consensus reality that only deals with the endless illusion of the third density. Then they said that we are here to discover deeper truths of what is real, beautiful, and enduring, and we realize that these are the basic questions of life which the simple asking of them causes us to feel like living a life of praise and thanksgiving. They said that as we think about the mystery and deeper reality of our beingness, that will allow us to perform our tasks well without the rushing so that we can work on our self and use our biases within our consciousness to change and become an instrument that chimes in the wind of eternity. On August 25, 1996, Q’uo revealed the mystery of the deeper reality of our beingness:

Let us call upon the deeper reality, that structure within the self that is infinite and eternal. It is this consciousness that is not a part of space and time that chose to move into just this perverse environment, just this materialistic society, just exactly this one and no other. Why? Why feel that it is a prize to achieve an incarnation of such suffering, such distraction and confusion? Sit with this “why” and know that only one answer will suffice, and that answer is love, for love is the beginning and the end and all things in between. Love it was, that one great original Thought of Love, infinite Love, creative, powerful Love that bore Light. Each photon, each particle, if you will, of Light is a pure manifestation of Love and of this Light are builded all the vibrations and nexuses of energy that form the universe and all that is within it.

And into this infinitude of worlds beings of light come, sparks of the heart of the infinite Creator—you and all of the family of humankind. Each of you unique as a snowflake. Each of you infinitely beautiful and valuable. Each of you powerful and able to serve, for you are love. Yes, within this veil of flesh each has distorted these structures and ideas and thoughts of love so that they do not shine like the diamond but are rough. And so within the flesh each feels the frustration of knowing her own imperfection. And this is a treasure, this awareness of the self in its illusory form as imperfect. This treasure is so precious because within this illusion, this seeming imperfection, entities have the greatest chance of choosing to live in love by faith alone, for there will never be any proof that there is a spiritual reality beyond that which can be seen, felt, heard, and tasted.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument, and especially thank this instrument for the care with which it challenged at the beginning of this contact. Some energy was required to purify the portals of contact from our end, and we greatly appreciated the effort taken by this careful and cautious instrument. Such care is that which makes communications such as this possible. We leave this instrument in love and light and would now transfer. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I did my weekly vacuuming of the first floor of the house. Then I pumped enough water out of the fishpond to reveal the patch that I put over a leak about ten years ago. It has started leaking in the last few days, so I ordered a repair kit from the internet and used it to repair the leak.

This afternoon I went outside and dug up another load of moss from the pet cemetery and transplanted it into the Moss Garden.  

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 29

Your Deepest Name Is Christ

I am of the principle of divine and eternal love and I greet you in the most precious name of Jesus the Christ.

You shall, today, meet someone whose name you think you know, and you shall gaze upon the flesh, opaque and mortal, that is the prison of the incarnate soul.

Know as you meet friends, acquaintances or strangers that the name of the body, the personality and the mind which is used to live a life is not truly the deepest name, but that the deepest name of each is Christ.

For each is Christ. Each eye that meets yours is that of God in flesh. All beings are heirs together in eventual realization of Christhood. Jesus the Christ has said, “If you aid any person you are aiding me.” Let pure compassion melt the sight of flesh and mortality, that you may serve the Christ in all and find the peace and freedom of infinite love.

We of the spirit are here for you that, by grace, you may see the better, hear the clearer, and love the more purely.

We leave you in divine love and peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.