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**NOTE: The seeker connector map is offline at the moment. Will get it up and running as soon as some fixes are made! Sorry for the inconvenience.**



"Do you know of any other seekers in my area?"

This is the recurring question we receive from those who write L/L Research. The average Law of One fan has a great passion and love for the material, but has few (if any) others with whom to share study and conversation.

Thusly we have launched an interactive map of the world to facilitate the connecting of Law of One seekers. Using an online service called ZeeMaps, you can locate other seekers in your area, send them a message if they left their email address, and/or PM through Bring4th if they used their Bring4th username to see if they would like to connect with you for discussion, meditation, or water polo.


When you create a pin for yourself, you will be able to include this information:


  • Name (Whatever you want the pin to be named. Can be real name or nickname.)

  • Location (we suggest listing only your city and state. Street address will not be visible in text form but the pin will appear at the address.)

  • Color of Pin (you know you want to rock pink out)

  • Bring4th username. It is highly suggested that you enter this field in so that you may be contacted by other Bring4th members using the PM system of the website.

  • Email address if you want to be contacted outside of the website. (NOTE: Your email address will be visible if you enter it.)

  • Your message to be displayed with your pin

  • A photo, audio clip, and/or YouTube clip! (no automated dancing babies, please)


When you click "Submit" at the time you are finished creating your profile, you will be given a link. KEEP THIS LINK IN YOUR RECORDS. This link provides you the only means to edit your pin and information at a later date.

IF YOU LOSE YOUR LINK: Should you lose the link, we are unfortunately no lonager able to retrieve your link for you. (It is a function of a paid membership.) The best we can do is to delete your pin if you write with a request from the email address linked to that pin. You can then start over and create a new pin. Please send us a message at http://www.bring4th.org/contactus/.


Unfortunately, users of the map have no way to leave a message on your pin itself. If you have not made your email address available, there is no way that you can be contacted, which is why we ask that you use add your Bring4th username so that someone looking to connect with you can do so through Bring4th's PM (Private Messaging) system. 


**Please note that multiple pins for the same city will be grouped into one. Click on any given pin a couple of times. If there are more pins in that location, each click will bring up the next pin.


Please feel free to add a pin to our map. There may be a Law of One reader in your hometown!


PS: The ads are not ours. It's what we get with the free service.


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