2024 update: With the closure of the Bring4th forums, the Bring4th usernames on this map's pins are no longer a means of contacting others. Within the year we plan on updating this map to have a lot more functionality and migrating it to the Library site.

If you have an old pin but no longer have your edit link, please reach out to us from the email address you used when creating your pin and we can retrieve your edit link so that you can update your contact info.

Do you know of any other seekers in my area?
This is the recurring question we receive from those who write L/L Research. Law of One readers tend to have a significant passion and love for the material, but they have few (if any) others with whom to share study and conversation.

Toward this end we have an interactive map of the world to facilitate the connecting of Law of One seekers. You can locate others in your area and send them a message (if they included their email address) to see if they would like to connect with you for discussion, meditation, or shared study.


Creating a pin

Click on that blue cross over the white circle. You will then be able to include this information:

  • Name (Real name or nickname.)

  • Location (we suggest listing only your city and state. Street address will not be visible in text form but the pin will appear at the address.)

  • Color of Pin (you know you want to rock pink out)

  • Email address Users of the map have no way to leave a message on your pin itself. Contact happens only via email. (We hope to offer better means of contact in the near future.)

  • Your message to be displayed with your pin

  • A photo, audio clip, and/or YouTube clip!


Link to your pin
When you click "Submit" at the time you are finished creating your profile, you will be given a link. KEEP THIS LINK IN YOUR RECORDS. This link provides you the only means to edit your pin and information at a later date.

If you lose your link
Should you lose the link, we can recover it for you if you write with a request from the email address linked to that pin. You can then start over and create a new pin. Please send us a message at


Please feel free to add a pin to our map. There may be a Law of One reader in your hometown!



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