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L/L Research offers material it has gathered for free on, along with providing the community oriented web site for free. However, we do have expenses! If you have found our work helpful, please consider offering a donation to help us cover the cost of our basic operating expenses.


We thank so many of you who have been kind to us over the years, allowing us to continue being of service as an organization. We thank you in advance if you can help us financially.


If interested, you can also donate via check or money order by sending a letter to:


L/L Research
P.O. Box 5195
Louisville, Kentucky 40255-0195


L/L Research has a steady stream of projects whose needs exceed the capacity of those of us in-house. If you would like to lend us your time and talent—or if you have a proposal of your own in mind—please contact us at Thank you for anything you are able to offer!



A small online retailer called Amazon (maybe you've heard of them) offers a program for non-profits which allows customers to connect their account with a specific organization, then donating a small percentage of that customer's purchase directly to that non-profit. You can connect you account to L/L Research's (registered on Amazon as Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories Inc) by clicking on the following link:


Thanking Donors and Volunteers


Each year we post a list of all those who have contributed to this collaborative effort of love and light, whether by financial or volunteer donation. Following are the past four years:








A million thank you's to all who help us serve love and light in this world.

L/L Research Donors and Volunteers Appreciation List

2017 Donor List
2017 Volunteer List

L/L Research!