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RE: Healing and time space
(10-26-2017, 02:24 PM)GentleWanderer Wrote:  Is it necessarily required to go into time space in order to heal a distortion which originated from a past event ? Or can healing take place without having made modification to the past event ( or how the past event is recorded in the mind) ?

Our spirit is forged in catalyst from the past and you wouldn't want to erase the path upon which learning is engravened.

Look to your body as an analogy, if you like. Scars can be ugly, sure, but if you look to what scar tissue is, in reality, we can see that it is actually just tissue that has healed from flesh once cleaved, and come back even stronger than it was before. From that vantage point, it might be seen as beautiful in its own way. Your body doesn't need to go back in time and undo the course of events that caused its learning, and your mind doesn't either.

It all happens in the present.

Just as bodily healing requires rest, time, and cleanliness, your mind does also, but of an inner variety.

Just as the body has natural mechanisms for healing if it not interrupted in its processes, the mind does also. Surrender to the wisdom of these natural processes, and listen to the still voice within. All is well.

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.
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