Working with your Shadow
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RE: Working with your Shadow
(01-23-2019, 04:46 AM)OpalE Wrote:  
(01-19-2019, 10:05 AM)Nau7ik Wrote:  The catalyst for these contemplations have been a video game Persona 5.

P5 had, hands down, the most enjoyable background music i've ever had the pleasure of sitting through while playing a video game.  Racked up over twice my play time leaving the MC in his apt. above the diner, doing RL housework with the volume cranked.

I've always been rather impressed with the sheer volume of metaphysical exploration that takes place in Japanese manga, anime, and games.  This game was a shining example.

Maybe it's a side effect of basic meditation techniques being included as part of basic education? (assuming they're still doing that)

I was just thinking the same thing last night! About the difference between Western video games and Japanese. I’m impressed with the depth of metaphysics and philosophy as well with so many of these JRPGs. I love the soundtrack! It’s one of the best. I also have about 15 hours of extra playtime just with the game paused while I’m doing other things lol. I even want to replay this game when I’m finished because I didn’t get a chance to complete all of my confidant rankings, and each confidant is a storyline about how they awaken their hearts and transform themselves. It’s beautiful to behold. Some of the choices that we have to make in the game truly affect the outcome of the story. It’s not shallow either like some of the Western video games. For example, we have the option of naming our accomplices or refusing to name any names during the interrogation. You are rewarded for sticking to your principles. That’s a major aspect of the story, the intention of service to others or service to self.
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