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Violet Evergarden (anime)
Published by Plenum on August 16, 2018 10:42am.  Category: General

this show takes a while to amp up.  Maybe 6 episodes (and the whole season is only 13!).


It seems so standard and playing to the tropes.  Cheap.  Unimaginative.


But then when it takes off ... my god.  It deals with the power of love and mortality.


It earns it's stay.







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On Dipoles
Published by Plenum on August 16, 2018 1:25am.  Category: General

part of a reply I sent to someone.






/ /


>> The positive / service to other in this situation, is to have that opposite Dipole assert itself. My question is what do you mean by assert itself. 


On the positive path (in my understanding of it at least), we still have elements in our consciousness that we are still scared or unsure of. The default response to such things (and one which is understandable, for self-preservation reasons) is to control or deny or back away from.

Even if it is in consciousness (ie, not a physically imminent threat), there are some things we just find too confronting to walk up to, and have a closer look at.

And so by 'assert itself', it is the willingness (and openness) to go where that opposite Dipole is pointing to. To give it respect, patience, and understanding. 

Here - 'acceptance' - is not supporting or endorsing those opposite Dipoles (ie, impatience, lack, frustration, overwhelming anxiety).

Acceptance can have the connotation of condoning something, or just having it in your life, because you can't get rid of it. It's almost like telling someone to 'tolerate it', because it's just the way it is.

No - the deeper acceptance (metaphysically) - is just the give the respect of Existence to something that wants to 'exist'; even if it's only a mental/emotional concept.

It's choosing not to deny Life to something that wants to 'exist'; because everything (and all things) have come from the One Source, fundamentally.

Once you can accord that Respect in consciousness, then that opposite Dipole can go it's own way. Why would it feel the need to assert itself more (or even in physical experience) if it's been acknowledged and respected already? That's all it was ever looking for.

I mean - such an Understanding is truly metaphysical - and points the way to the Infinite and Unbounded (when applied and integrated over multiple multiple existences).

But even being able to comprehend/adapt it to the current moment/incarnation can lead to ongoing life changes.


/ /



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Published by Plenum on August 15, 2018 10:36pm.  Category: General

had a break-and-enter at my apartment yesterday.


Was in my room (around 2pm), and heard these massive crashing sounds from the living room.


I go out, and there's this guy standing halfway in the entrance.  


I asked him: "what are you doing here?" - and he says he's looking for Scotty.  He's high (probably on ice) as all heck.


He then leaves, and I can see that the faceplate (on the lock) is hanging half off.  He's kicked in the front door!  I thought it must been left unlocked, and he was just bashing loudly on the door to get attention.


I report it to the police, and when they arrive, it seems like this guy has gone around to other apartments, and scared people by kicking on their doors as well.


We find out that there's 2 other apartments where he actually kicked the door all the way in, and gained entrance.


/unexpected events


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on the Tarot
Published by Plenum on August 14, 2018 7:25pm.  Category: General

post I made to a thread.




/ /


yeah - those are some good thoughts for sure EP.

Totally agree.

The framework that Ra laid out for the first 22 cards just makes *total sense*.  It got me into the tarot, in the same way that their psychological explanation of the energy centers got me into the chakras.  Before Ra's commentary on these 'systems', I was not at all interested in delving deeper  into these particular traditions - and in some way - there's very little supporting material for the frameworks that Ra laid out.  They just have a different structural understanding of things that is beautifully coherent (at least in my eyes).

So yeah - for sure - definitely work with what they offered.

/ /

this recent excursion of mine (into the minor arcana) is just to see what fruit lies in these other cards that we have.

/ /

thanks for mentioning some of those other decks.  I guess there's hundreds of them out there! 

/ /

re: the Thoth cards ... there's definitely some imbalanced energy underlying some of the artwork and concepts conveyed.  Like the movements aren't 'complete'.  But in terms of providing an alternative take on things, it can definitely trigger some thoughts.  And catalyst being what it is - it can be turned to positive, negative, or unutilised ends.

Cheers for the thoughts!





Four of Swords



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On the minor arcana
Published by Plenum on August 14, 2018 12:23pm.  Category: General

new thread I posted.




/ /


this is quite an interesting (short) answer from Ra on the minor arcana.

Quote:88.22 Questioner: Were the Court Arcana and the Minor Arcana a portion of Ra’s teachings or was this something that came along later?

Ra: I am Ra. 

Those cards of which you speak were the product of the influence of those of Chaldea and Sumer.

I am less interested (actually - not at all) in these cards for Divination, and much more in terms of them representing crystallized aspects of the human psyche.

In the minor arcana, we have 4 'sets':

Cups - the water element
Discs - the earth element
Swords - the air element
Wands - the fire element

And there are 10 cards in each (1-10), plus the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess cards (the court cards).

These formed the basis for the modern card deck used for games and gambling (blackjack, poker, old maid, etc).

Anyone utilised these for self development purposes?




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