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Published by Plenum on October 16, 2018 12:08am.  Category: General

from the latin:


a - 'not'

noxious - 'harmful'.




related words: innocent, obnoxious.






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Published by Plenum on October 15, 2018 9:28pm.  Category: General

awesome pictures of Jade from this website here:


[Healing Crystals]




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On Substances
Published by Plenum on October 15, 2018 6:04pm.  Category: General

Agua had a great post here:




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I didnt check the links for lack of time, sorry...
I assume we are talking about psychoactive drugs,right?

Various substances:
I would recommend staying away from all chemical stuff with the exception of lsd and mdma.
Those two exceptions are sacred substances in my opinion (and experience) and i am convinced they have been brought to earth as tools for spiritual growth.
For all the rest of chemical drugs, i would simply recommend staying away!

Marijuana, cactus, iboga, ayahuasca and salvia are plant teachers that should be used (preferably by the initiated) as such, as sacred tools for spiritual growth!
With a lot of precautions however!

use and abuse
some people are simply using drugs for recreational purposes. In my opinion this is drug abuse.
Its everybody's free choice.
However, for non-seekers, it is just an addiction, it will often harm your health in the long run, but mostly its will harm your emotional and social life.
For the spiritual seeker it can be a huge obstacle, like every addiction, and it is a good idea to heal the roots of the addiction and clear the emotional "garbage" the drugs cover up.

Marijuana - if you have psychotic or schizophrenic tendencies or major emotional problems, i recommend staying away from it! It can easily trigger stuff that has been buried for a good reason!

while many would consider it not THAT strong, there are many concentrates out there.
These have the potential to throw you right into trauma wiithin 30seconds.
It happened to me, thank god i was prepared.
If you are not prepared, chances are you end up as a psychic wreck for many years.
I recommend staying away from that unless you are very very experienced!

Mushrooms, cactus,iboga and ayahuasca
Those are very strong substances!!
They have the potential to completely deactivate your control and defemse mechanisms (psychic mechanisms). 
This can be desireable for a very experienced seeker, because it can give you access to the divine, an access that would take decades of spiritual development normally.
On the other hand, it can give you access to your deepest trauma!
This can also be desireable, if you actively seek it for healing purposes.
HOWEVER, i very strongly recommend NOT using these substances unless you definetely fill the following criteria:
- you should have much experience with healing work, working through devastating emotional states should be within your capacity and you should have practice in this
-you should have developed a good amount of presence, especially in challenging situations
-you should have a (practical, not theoretical) good understanding of what the ego is and how it feels to let an ego aspect die
-you should know what trauma is. not in tjeory, you should have experienced or ratjer reexperienced it to at least a degree

If you fill these criteria, then it could be a good tool for accelerating your growth.
If you dont fill these, you're in for some major trouble!
You can be lucky and have a few nice trips that arent too much of a challenge, you could also end up right in your worst imagineable nightmare, and believe me, in that case you're subject to lifelong medication and wont probably get your feet back on the ground any time soon!

Whatever you try for whatever reason, never do it alone! Always have someone trustworthy with you!

Implications for society
well, one side is, i think its reasonable to not give everybody access to every substance for the reasons mentioned above.
So some sort of control is not the worst idea!

However i would favour those substances being available for people who work with it in a therapeutic, spiritual or healing setting.
It just wont happen any time soon i guess...

On the other side, people who want to experiment will always find a source for that stuff,and you will never be able to control it.

The war on drugs
the "war" on drugs is complete bullshit in my opinion.
First, its very much deliberate.
Some drugs are allowed,like tonacco and alcohol, others,like cannabis not.
Asnd criminalizing cannabis for example is really ridiculous.
It doesnt help anybody, you need a lot of capacity concerning courts and police, and so on...
just ridiculous and i guess nobody here would seriously Smile





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Published by Plenum on October 14, 2018 9:08pm.  Category: General

hopefully these will arrive quite soon (before the end of the week).




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XT Verso.



Federate Olive



a Kathmandu fan!!


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Published by Plenum on October 14, 2018 9:02pm.  Category: General

IndigoGeminiWolf had a great post here.




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Letter to your home density self


If you were to write to your future home density self, and they could look back to this moment as you write, what would you say?

I wrote this. Maybe it will help others think about such things.

To my future self in my home density,

Right now, I am behind the veil. I don't have a larger perspective, so I don't know if you can remember exactly how it was for me. My biggest catalyst in life is with my mom, but I am doing much better in the loving department. Learning to love was one of my biggest lessons. Well, that and compassion for those “weaker” than me. Though they are not weaker ultimately. I worked so hard to help Ra out in this life, and I do not know currently if it makes a difference. I have only heard the voice of my spirit guide once. At least I think it was him. Or whoever it was at the time. May have been my guardian angel telling me “I wouldn't” when I was about to make a bad choice.

I have a mild bliss. Probably not as much as you experience all the time, but it's enough for me to enjoy meditation. I still get upheaval during meditation though, which can make it uncomfortable. Still, I strive to sit through it, and allow these sensations to fade. It makes my forearms tired writing this. Probably something you do not face. In all, things aren't that difficult for me. But I worry about my finances in the future, like I won't have my disability past 2020 maybe. I'll see then whether I quality for longer term.

I am hoping to heal my schizophrenia though study of shamanism. If I can, I probably will need to work again. But the work can be in healing others. I only hope that either that or disability can support me.

I wonder about you, at this point in time. If you are outside of time or not. If you can experience this life as I do now. If you can know my troubles. Where I need to grow. And how tired I get sometimes. I have started to think about you more, because you are the apex of what I will become. You must have life so easy. But it must be a little frustrating how spiritual growth is so slow for you because of the ease of life and limited if any catalyst.

Catalyst has increased it seems since I started seeking, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Maybe you wish you had the catalyst that I do. I don't feel I am growing spiritually much at all, because of the veil. I cannot see my vibration. I feel energy, but every day my chakras feel like balloons. The unending pressure gets tiring. I wonder if you constantly feel energy, and it so does it always feel pleasant?

Please send angels to help with my distortions. I want to return to my home density in a higher vibration than when I left. Help guide me when I seem lost. This life has been a challenge so far. It's getting easier I think. But it's been easy in some ways. I'm remembering my dreams a bit more. They are positive for the most part.

I will try to think of you in my meditations. I think mostly of my own spiritual growth, and how I can do so by helping others. My mom needs my help the most. So I give it to her. I think when this life is over I will smile. Maybe I'll glow with the light of a billion suns, as someone once remarked. I just thought I'd write a note to you at present time. I hope you can get it as I am writing it, and just remember what it was like. I'm not complaining. I just imagine it must be much easier for you. You nearly touch Infinity. Something I'm not sure if I'll do in this life. But I'm trying.




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