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The Ra Contact Resource Series - A Concept GuideApril 27, 2020


L/L Research is most happy to announce that on April 22, a star was born. Well, it's slightly smaller than a star, does not generate nuclear fusion, and will not melt your face if you get too close. But like the sunlight, it may hopefully offer some illumination to study of the Law of One and the path of self-realization.


We speak of the inaugural book of The Ra Contact Resource Series - A Concept Guide, published and available as a hardcopy and Kindle here:


And as a free PDF here:


Book bio:


The book did not begin life as a book. It began in January, 2017 as an effort to create a glossary for the then-upcoming Ra Contact books. Austin and Gary split the alphabet in half, Gary taking the terms from Adept - Mars, Austin taking the terms from Meditation - Will.


The goal was to digest everything Ra said about a given term and distill the information down to its essence with a cap of around five sentences. Gary had a hard time coloring within the lines as his research grew, though, and his pen developed a mind of its own.


Seeing what Gary had created, Austin recognized that it was no mere glossary but what he christened a "concept guide." He thus encouraged Gary to keep going.


When it came time that an editor was needed, Gary enlisted the skilled help of Diana Roy before she knew just what she was getting herself into. A year and a half of shared study, discussion, contributing content, challenging content, Diana's merciless hunting of anything that hinted of redundancy, and three intensive editing sweeps through the material later, A Concept Guide took its shape. It then grew some more and received a final round of scrutiny from the eyes of Austin Bridges before it was born.


This book will kick off a new series for L/L Research, the central aim of which will be to offer resources for study of The Ra Contact. The series will be contributed to by multiple authors over the coming years and generations.


Thank you to everyone who played a part in this book's development, including Julie Joy, Aaron Maret, Diana Fisher, Sabine Buchanan, BJ Harden Jones, Joseph Dartez, Ken Wendt, Jim McCarty, Austin Bridges, Diana Roy, and everyone who has ever shared their thoughts about the boundless mystery of the Law of One.


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