I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 29, 1989:

The question this evening has to do with the great variety that exists in types of beings, those that are incarnate and who go through the incarnational process, those who are incarnate and perhaps do not go through the incarnate process, those that we might call angels that provide guidance and assistance from the inner planes, other types of beings that perhaps do not individualize themselves, maybe the type that we would call the logos or the godhead that comprises the totality of the octave of experience which we are enjoying, and provides, actually, that octave for us to go through the evolutionary process. We are wondering about these beings that may not incarnate, those that may not partake as we do in the evolutionary process, and how it is that they exist, how it is they function, and how it is they might progress themselves, if indeed it is necessary for them to progress in any fashion.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. May I greet each of you upon this beautiful day, within your blessed circle of seeking, quietness and faith. It is indeed a privilege to share this meditation with you, and to offer those few thoughts which are our opinions, and which may be provocative, challenging or inspiring. We hope to give you tools and resources so that you may accelerate your growth upon the spiritual path, your work, and your love of the one infinite Creator. That is the nature of creation, that is the nature of the Creator, and that is the nature of the biggest portion of the self.

Let us begin by saying that one who has moved in consciousness through work in consciousness and the disciplines of the personality, that one may gradually become more and more open, able to receive, and able to discriminate that which one receives. Therefore, it is extremely wise to so regulate the in-pouring of consciously channeled energy, that it does not move beyond the boundaries of what is known as physiological capability for work in consciousness. Perhaps the gist of what we have to share is that each entity, no matter what the [inaudible], of angelic beings or [inaudible] discarnate entities [inaudible], is responsible for [inaudible], to serve the one infinite Creator in an unique way, for as each soul is different, so is each harmony and conflict special and different, and richer for that.

The question of, so called, discarnate entities, may perhaps be amended to the subject of entities which are not incarnating upon the earth plane at this time. The ones with which you are most familiar are those active and mischievous spirits called poltergeists. It is this kind of phenomenon in which people are most interested, for they are very fond of measuring, [inaudible] and [inaudible] the, so called, scientific method. This approach, that is, one of the observer who is not taking part in the experience, may yield good results for a time, but it is a false entity who moves continuously along this line.

Therefore, some things which we have to say are difficult to hear, but we still say them. For, [inaudible]. This entity has spoken much about the process of the [inaudible]. There is a reason for that and we would like to go into it and find a pattern. [Inaudible].

However, though you are at the mercy [inaudible]. The true nature of [inaudible] is such that the entire metaphysical portion of the universe, that is, the time/space portion is still with an alternate spiritual velocity. Without the [inaudible] which fools entities by appearance, [inaudible] is evident no matter what [inaudible] no matter how high or how close to the light the entity has come, is surrounded by aid and comfort from those entities who [inaudible] wish to help and wait for the call to help.

The only way in which one may be decisive and authoritative in the [inaudible] process is to become aware of the metaphysical and imperishable and whole self again. This entity is whole unto himself. [Inaudible] bringing several people together and it may [inaudible] pre-incarnatively [inaudible] that each entity, whether in a group or alone, has the honor and the duty [inaudible] into the trunk of mind becoming able to be in touch with those painful, carnal, tidal living and desire [inaudible].

Why do you not realize this already? This is an illusion. This is a total illusion. All that you see, hear, smell, taste and touch are illusory [inaudible] has a personality [inaudible] within the incarnation are illusory and ephemeral, and in that persona, it is impossible to realize the true nature of the [inaudible] process. Therefore, we strongly suggest that any [inaudible] to your studies of how to serve others place one’s first priority upon the self and the [inaudible] that self will have faith in and desire for [inaudible].

These questions are not easy. These questions are to be the questions of an entity’s life experience. It is upon one’s deciding the nature of oneself that one entered into service in a way which promotes the gifts that empathy and forgives [inaudible]. This is true throughout the Creation for metaphysical beings, that you must move from the relative to the absolute, from the pragmatic and practical to the ideal in order to cleanse all [inaudible] and make a clear path for the words, the healing or the love of the one infinite Creator.

How does one become a metaphysical being, a magical personality? Perhaps, the first step in this endeavor is the realization that you truly must start from the beginning, that you have the mind of the beginner, that you do not [inaudible]. It is wrong to trample any pride or ambition underfoot, for worldly things will keep one upon the surface of life and stifle the thinking and feeling processes which are the very heart of the resources used for spiritual growth within. In meditation each day one might ask, “Who am I? What is my greatest ideal?” Throughout the day, one does many things and at the end of the day one may [inaudible] over that day’s activities [inaudible]. Then you may decide for yourself those things that you wish could have been done differently, that you may experience forgiveness and redemption through your own self to any other [inaudible] unhappy and, most of all, to the Creator.

To get one’s spiritual feet under one, to be able to stand firmly at spiritual [inaudible], it is necessary to know the self well enough that the self becomes, for the time of the working, an absolute [inaudible] with no relativity, no personality but only the impersonal channeling of the infinite love and light of the one Creator. So, before one seeks to receive information, or to attempt healing or any of the other paths of service, it is well to make peace with oneself, peace [inaudible] but not worldly [peace]. Indeed, we were speaking of the peace of committing oneself totally to spiritual thought. Those who answered this call are no longer sleeping, but are willing and equal partners with the higher self of spirit and the one infinite Creator, weaving a passage through this life which not only teaches the self but reflects much for others that they may also learn from you, as you learn, complete, whole, perfect services to [inaudible] any kind of contact.

The group question for this session was to ask what is the purpose of beings who do not incarnate, and how do they progress in their evolution? Q’uo began their answer by saying that both those who incarnate and those who do not incarnate are responsible for serving the one Creator in a unique way. Then, after a comment or two about poltergeist, Q’uo seemed to speak at length about beings who do incarnate and the nature of their spiritual paths having difficult lessons to learn that reveal more of their whole selves again, and that there are inner guides to aid them. Q’uo said that we need to focus on forgiveness and clear our impurities in order to make a path for the love of the Creator to move through us. On March 21, 2004, Q’uo described the process of becoming our whole self again:

When a situation is upcoming in which the will to serve is known by the person but not which situation needs to be served, it brings forth the second kind of use of will, which is to abnegate one’s own will in favor of the will of the infinite Creator, the guidance system, and the basic incarnational plan that one has had in place for the entire incarnation and in which one does have faith. In this latter situation, it would be folly to force one outcome over another. In that case the will is involved simply in bringing the whole self to a point of surrender so that as the will of the Creator becomes obvious, it may be followed with a complete and full intensity of effort and focus.

Now let us move to more transient material. Although it is without bias, neutral [inaudible] and information we are happy to share, up to a certain point

There are two kinds of service [inaudible]. One servant-ministry is that of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. This instrument is correct in assuming that we could also be called angels. However, it is our function to indicate mystery, to indicate paradox, to stimulate thinking in seeking, searching for the truth.

We abide by the laws of free will and come only when called. We do not have the rights of those upon the inner planes to move into actual activity upon the Earth plane. To our dismay, we made several mistakes in attempting to move into right relationships with incarnate beings in third density by manifesting ourselves among them. The results were egregious and unacceptable to us. We were worshipped. We were over-esteemed. We were thought to be invincible and all-knowing. We still have much to do to uncover that part of light within. Consequently, it was our detection that we were living a lie, even as we taught the truth, by our very beingness and therefore the positivity of the work we were sharing was too much upset and offset by the [inaudible] involved, and in attempting to receive information without the finally settled notion of who you, as an entity, are. These are the questions of philosophy and religion. We are not capable of acting in the way [inaudible] upon the outer planes because we come only when called. We often work with people within their dreaming state or their daydreams. Our touch is subtle and gentle, we hope, and we are limited in what we may do to you, co-creators of the one infinite creation.

Then Q’uo spoke of their basic natures was of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, and some people might call them angels. And they went on to say that at one time they walked upon the Earth in an attempt to be of service to third-density entities but were worshipped, and this caused them great dismay. This is the first time that those of Q’uo have suggested that Ra may be a portion of their group  as the experience which they said that they were involved in sounds a lot like the experience those of Ra had when they walked among the Egyptians 11,000 years ago, and during that time they were seen as gods. This was the basic message Ra gave to us in 6.4:

Questioner: It seems to me that it might be an appropriate time to include a little more historical background of yourself, possibly information having to do with where you came from prior to involvement with planet Earth, if this is possible.

Ra: I am Ra. I am, with the social memory complex of which I am a part, one of those who voyaged outward from another planet within your own solar system, as this entity would call it. The planetary influence was that you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. When we were at the sixth dimension our physical beings were what you would call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. Our physical body complex covering, which you call the integument, had a golden luster.

In this form we decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples at that time were much unlike us in physical appearance, as you might call it. We, thus, did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Thus, our visit was relatively short, for we found ourselves in the hypocritical position of being acclaimed as other than your other-selves. This was the time during which we built the structures in which you show interest.

Those upon the inner planes who have remained behind after incarnation upon your sphere to work with all others who have not yet created their redemption so that each may become more and more aware that there is a universe within that is vaster, more interesting, more challenging, is more informative than that which may be consciously thought and surmised.

There is a difficulty with those upon the inner planes. An inner-plane decision to remain within the vibrations of third density in a discarnate form is a good expression of martyrdom. For this entity, as long as it desires to be an inner planes teacher, may, itself not progress beyond this density and the study of its lessons. However, these entities have much more capacities to speak personally about specific things than those who, shall we say, are from the outer planes existence.


I am Q’uo. We are sorry for the pause but we were asking the instrument to retune. If there could be some chanting at this time, it would be well. I am Q’uo.

[Carla and another sing]

We all come from God and unto God we shall return. We all come from God and unto God we shall return, like a river flowing into the ocean, like a ray of light returning to the sun.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am, again, with this instrument. We appreciate this instrument’s fastidiousness with challenging and its desire to retune when it sensed that there was not a satisfactory degree of [inaudible]. We shall continue.

The inner planes masters, so called, are often extremely wise. They have graduated to the next density. However, they have turned their back upon their own spiritual evolution that they may aid their brothers and sisters who have come after them. It is a truly sacrificial and, shall we say, theodic ministry of spirit. Yet, many are the spirits who have moved through the incarnational experience as the devoted pupil of some teacher or master. Consequently, one who has had this strong and [inaudible] relationship where the teacher basically becomes that which is worshipped, and the Creator worshiped only through that teacher, that you, yourself, begin to accomplish the karmic mind of necessity and that is, it is not balanced to receive constantly from the inner planes as much as it is balanced for entities to move on, continue their own seeking and, at the same time, stretch themselves in abundant service to a hungry world.

We do not suggest that the interior monologues and dialogues which you have within yourself—these also being inner-planes thoughts by nature—may indeed be helpful. It is simply that as one is taught, so one will desire to get, and for those entities to whom worship is offered, these entities have the responsibility of steering, most gently, those entities back upon the path of thinking for the self, examining the self, and being aware of one’s self-worth as an independence of spirit. For you need nothing to make you complete. The Creator, which is love, lives within you in infinite abundance.

Some entities approach the spiritual path as if they were drilling for oil and they do a good deal of harm within their minds, seeking too much too quickly, and unable to assimilate all of it. This constitutes what this instrument would call spiritual constipation. Thus, if you are enjoying a relationship with a discarnate teacher that is of the inner planes and advises one, in addition to speaking of spiritual principles, one is yielding one’s free will to that which is the ephemeral personality of the master that speaks within. This will hinder an entity from becoming fully aware of its nature.

All inner planes entities are those who have incarnated, lived and offered much upon your Earth’s sphere. Many of them are extremely wise, some of them are mischievous, and some, within the lower astral planes, are most disturbing. However, if one learns from a teacher rather than from one’s own heart, one is forever dependent upon that teacher to be without the feet of clay. All entities have the feet of clay, not only in your environment of third density but as one moves on. Of course, that which one does not desire becomes more and more refined in its removal so that where, at first, one took large chunks of the being that did not aid the self and held them upward to the Creator saying, “Take these, these are no longer my personal truths,” then one may get on with the business of paying attention to, blessing, nourishing and loving the self. This is the fundamental heart of service to others.

It is impossible to move fully into the heart energy, that is, fully rather than substantially, but to, in whatever manner is comfortable for each seeker, examining the self, discovering and rediscovering the life, gazing at one’s choices and asking one self, “Why did I choose? Who am I that I would choose this?” In this context, one looks for spiritual coincidence and for the repetition of the kind of situation which has occurred before and is now occurring once more. This is, if substantial, a part of your inner experience, most probably that which you, yourself, set for yourself to study within this life experience. So we would not particularly suggest that one move beyond one’s own angelic [inaudible] for the simple reason that is has slowed the development of those teachers who sacrifice the self and in order to balance what this entity calls karma, each entity who works with guru as Creator must, in turn, be Creator to a student. It is a sacred obligation as the choice is constantly made to adore the teacher. This is much more prevalent in the cultures of Asia. However, because of the “global village” effect of mass-communications media, it remains possible to move through one’s days in extremely good intentions but unknowing of those things which may be [inaudible]. We do not encourage any to seek inner-plane masters unless you, as an entity, wish to spend some time in third-density time/space aiding those who wish to seek from within. If an entity feels comfortable and of service in this regard then we can do no more than encourage the entity to make this sacrifice.

Now Q’uo began to speak more of the inner planes masters as those who have become a kind of martyr in that they will not progress further in their own evolution as they work with students but are more able to speak to their students of more specific practices than those such as Q’uo who are from higher densities. Then Q’uo said that the inner planes masters, having stopped their spiritual movement in order to teach students what they have learned themselves, are engaged in an unbalanced process since it is more natural for a seeker to think for itself and move on to the fourth density and, at the same time, seek to be of service to others and share the love of the Creator that is within them. However, Q’uo said that if one wishes to follow an inner planes master and eventually become the same kind of teacher for their own students that they would support such a choice. On October 8, 1989, Q’uo gave a more detailed description of the nature and function of the inner planes master:

Let us speak about the inner-planes masters, so called. These are entities which have personally evolved to be harvestable to fourth density who have instead chosen to remain discarnate and to turn back and aid those of third density. These entities are creatures of your illusion which have moved to larger life and are able to see, shall we say, the tree of consciousness down to its roots and up to its loftiest branches. They are out of the illusion, but they have not had the experience of the higher densities by working with a social memory complex. It is, shall we say, a choice. There are service-to-others and service-to-self entities within your inner planes. There are very wise ones within your inner planes. They have done very, very difficult work, and they are to be commended. However, they have halted their own learning process, turning back to aid, and knowing only that which has been realized within the incarnation that makes the entity at the time of the physical death able to move into fourth-density light.

Those who move ahead also have an imbalance of karma because they have left those who still were sick, struggling, miserable, wretched, angry and confused. Consequently, there is, at the appropriate time for each entity, this being also unique, there will be the need for those who have gone on and not stayed in the inner planes to move into the inner planes in thought and offer what inspiration, information and general spiritual guidance we may offer. It is our privilege and pleasure to be of the Children of Sorrow for as we move into your vibration we sense the deep horror, sorrow and anguish each feels over all that there is within this illusion which seems un-beautiful, impossible to restore, broken and hopeless. Yet we of the outer planes and those of the inner planes also, will say over and over and over again: all things are as they should be. An entity who is working within the self, with faith in the self, forgiveness for the self, and strength to the self will realize and recognize, increasingly, those lessons of love which are theirs to learn within this particular life experience. One gazes at one’s gifts, whatever they may be, but one does not take these gifts for granted in relation to how one is to use the gifts at hand. It is well to gaze out into the greater community and, in serene and gentle yellow-ray energy, concern oneself with society and culture and all peoples as you are able to meet and know them. Realize that each of you is here at this time either to aid in the harvest as wanderers or to be in the harvest as those of third density reaching graduation for the first time.

We may also remind each who feels his self to be a wanderer that, although, as every entity within Creation, it is whole and perfect, yet if it has ascribed unto itself glory it must balance that within another incarnation. If it has experienced and not balanced any of the deeper feelings it well may be necessary to move back into the life experience and refine, in the fire of third density, the gold from the dross, the light-self from the heavy chemical body.

There are also entities which do not appear in any personal form. These social-memory-complexes wander in their own way, for they keep a vigil. They walk the watchtower. They are of the Logos. They are of the principle of unconditional love. And, by realizing the strength of these connections, it becomes more and more possible for an entity which is steeped in its own iniquity and confusion to become more and more able to recognize its needs, its resources, its gifts, and its path of service. If one is of service to one being, one is of service to the planet. If one is of service reluctantly, the energy shared is not pleasant for it is the cheerful giver, the glad giver which acquires no karmic bond by what it offers for it has no desire for any particular outcome, but only the desire to aid other creator-selves. These entities are such as stars…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…and, indeed, the plenum of space.

Perhaps, in order to simplify and express what is to us the heart of that which is [inaudible] is: there are two kinds of help. There is one help that is of the inner planes in which the entity who has graduated is willing to be the comforter, the redeemer, the savior symbol that the self may reflect self-forgiveness from this mirror. As we said, the drawback is that each of you which does this with a particular teacher incurs karma and must come back to teach that which was learned to balance that dependency with an independence which accepts another’s dependency upon it. We suggest, gently, that each think for the self. Each knows that one is not alone, ever. However, the relationship of teacher and pupil is only helpful if the questions asked to the teacher of the inner planes have to do with spiritual principles. This is seldom what is asked of inner-planes entities or, indeed, of any metaphysical entities. Yet, this is what people desire to know. The inner-planes masters are equipped and capable of working with such entities.

We are those who move from another portion of what you would call space/time. We are those future-selves which the decision you make within this density will cause you to become, either positive or negative. Feel the sunshine and know that love unmanifest, unspoken, unuttered and serene is, indeed, that of the Creator. To see yourself more and more clearly, ask oneself the difficult questions more and more deeply. Crystallize the entity within that you know that in which you have faith and that you have committed yourself to that path to an extremely deep extent so that the life experience has become not secular, not laic, but rather a poem, a paean of praise and thanksgiving and prayer to the one infinite Creator. Those who spend time with teachers, either earthly or discarnate, are apt not to value enough the gifts of the spirit within which moves from the outer planes. We suggest that each of you think carefully and at length until you have come to peace with your own definition of yourself, your faith and your desire.

Then Q’uo said that those who do move on to the fourth density and above will eventually return to the third density to aid those who are in pain and are suffering the illusion of separation. Q’uo was speaking of wanderers who come to help seekers use these difficult experiences to learn more of forgiveness and love for each other. Once again, Q’uo suggested that each entity think for itself as to whether it wished to learn from an inner planes master and then pursue the same path for itself, or whether it wishes to look within its own being to see its true nature that is crystallized so that the life becomes a song of praise to the one infinite Creator. On January 2, 1983, Latwii spoke of the waves of wanderers who have come to Earth to be of service to entities on Earth:

Therefore, as those with the greatest opportunity for harvest incarnate, the calling for the lessons of love and assistance in learning them increases. These callings are answered in many ways. One manner of answer is the incarnation of those known to this group as wanderers in waves or in groups. This began in earnest with the birthing of the concept of freedom which was born at approximately the same time in its intenser form as was this country some two hundred of your years ago. There have been various events which have been prominent in allowing further waves or groups of wanderers to incarnate. The second of what you call world wars was most important in this regard, for the release of that energy known as nuclear was of such a profound nature that a great wave of wanderers incarnated at the cessation of that conflict. These wanderers then begin to reach what your peoples call their maturity during the period you have referred to as the 1960s and this flash of light, shall we say, took many forms, yet was felt around your planet.

Each entity will go through difficult times and prosperous ones, speaking spiritually. We hope that you do not become discouraged at any time because you feel subjectively that you have not created a beautiful, lovely experience. More than us, then, who are not the Creator and do not wish to be worshipped, it is the work within the self in silent meditation that brings the true enlightenment, brings it softly, naturally, quietly, so that one is sure in an instant, whenever that instant may be, that one has found a path for the self that will move one from time into timelessness, from this illusion into that which comes far closer to the reality of All That Is.

Meditate and ask, then listen. The universe is crowded, teeming with populations of various kinds. It is well to be tolerant but, of oneself, we suggest one be somewhat fastidious. Begin to develop the magical personality. Guard one’s reaction and create, instead, affirmative and more positive actions than the natural reaction would be. Eventually, you may tap into that deep self within the self, which is the creative self, very quickly, clearing the energy center with rapidity that is not possible for a long period of time but does, indeed, clear the mind for a period of time necessary to begin the channeling process. This is also true in each entity’s everyday and mundane existence. There is such a thing as faith and this faith is another word for love.

The faith that you seek is not the faith of the world as you know it. For the world has attempted to place everything in a slot, organizing, rationalizing, thinking and opinionating upon the nature of the creation and the Creator. This is not the job you were sent to do, not the work you came to accomplish. You came to be servants, servants of humankind, helpers in the harvest, those who are truly humble, those who truly wish to serve and do not need the reassurance [inaudible]. Set your mind upon that goal and move in the way which seems correct to you but seek always, first, knowledge of yourself, for this is knowledge of the Creator and until you know yourself and have a great and detailed knowledge of how faith and will work in the life, there will not be the peace which passes all understanding. There will only be the difficulties and toil of the spiritual journey. Love, light and merriment come upon those, upon that narrow path, who are able to be merry in their search and pilgrimage for the Father.

May each of you spend time gauging, examining and forgiving the self. In this effort you will have aid, both inner-planes and outer-planes, but as we have said, it is not wise to accept an inner-planes discarnate entity as one’s own teacher unless one wishes also, when one graduates from this density, to suspend further learning for what would seem to be very many of your years. It is thought by us that it is preferable to move on and when one has learned more than third-density, then turn back and offer the hand in aid. And this is true of each upon your sphere. It is not well to move within one’s human personality in service to others. It is well, rather, to know oneself so well that one may deliberately and consciously move in consciousness to the deeper self and with that deeper self console, comfort and forgive all that there is to be comforted or forgiven.

This instrument is telling us very loudly that we have spoken too long, once more.

The question has ramifications that move beyond what we have said this day but we may say that all questions of a non-transient nature, or that bring forth non-transient information, are those upon which one may expand and expostulate for any amount of time, as you know it.

We are of the principle of the spirit of the one infinite Creator and that one original Thought which created all that there is, that being Love. Each of you is whole, perfect and an embodiment of Love. May each open the self, knowing who one is and being a citizen of the universe in total democracy with all other spirits, and move and flow and allow that which is offered for one to occur. It is not necessary to push the experience about, for the most part, but simply to observe and become more and more knowledgeable of the dynamics of the mystery of your own self. For, only when you have done this may you chose your contact by the challenging process. In order to challenge a discarnate entity you, as an entity, must see yourself as light. The sparks of the Father within will eventually illuminate the whole of beingness, making it no longer necessary for a heavy chemical body to experience things within. Thus, those of you who are service-to-others oriented, be of service to yourself first. Ask for the comforter, if you wish. Ask for any help that you wish knowing the obligation placed upon you by inner-planes teachers. Move at your own pace and in your own way but be faithful, my friends. Keep seeking persistently, keep hoping, keep loving until you begin to feel as a wonderfully clear aqueduct for the water of blessedness and aid.

Q’uo concluded their comments by seeming to speak to wanderers and how they may be of service to others by meditating and seeking the purpose of the life, by developing the magical personality, and contacting one’s deeper self to enhance one’s service. Q’uo said these were all tools that could be used to gain more knowledge of the self and its plan for aiding in the harvest of souls on Earth.  They suggested that we remain faithful in seeking to discover more of the mystery of ourselves through contact with our deep minds so that we become a clear channel for the love and assistance of the Father when we seek to be of service to others. On March 11, 2004, Q’uo revealed how discovering more of the mystery of ourselves could help us be of service to others:

And as the searchlight of one’s everyday consciousness becomes charmed and intrigued into attaching itself to the focus of a deep inner search, that spotlight may sharpen and delineate much that upon the surface of things is impossible or certainly improbable to see.

In some cases it is a matter of almost seducing oneself away from the joys of thinking and into a position of utter surrender to that darkness that accepts the mystery of the self and the infinite possibilities of what that self may do if allowed to bloom as the Creator has prepared for you to bloom. Not that there is one destiny for you or one choice that is right. Quite the opposite. There is certainly one destiny in terms of a general incarnational design but it is rather that chances for that design to be fulfilled are bursting at every corner so that there is never an end to the possibility to, as this instrument would say from the old Shaker hymn, “come round right.”

We would leave this instrument at this time, that the one known as Jim may conclude the working. We are apologetic for our garrulous nature, however, the questions asked us are interesting to us and we find many ramifications therein. We do apologize. We have great difficulty gauging your time as it is not that which is [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and I leave this instrument in love and light.

This morning I had an appointment to get a haircut, and after that I ran some errands with my first stop being at Kroeger’s to get some groceries for myself. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to get more food for myself that is not available from Kroger’s. My last stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up a couple of prescriptions and a non-food item. When I got back home I unloaded all my groceries and then went outside to use my backpack blower to begin blowing all of the Ginko Tree leaves into a couple of piles. Since there were so many Ginko Tree leaves the ground was almost pure yellow with these leaves, and I quit after an hour or so and went inside to have lunch.

This afternoon I went back outside and completed blowing the Ginko leaves into a couple of piles and filled seven more garbage cans with them for yard waste pickup this Thursday. There were at least that many more leaves left that will have to remain in the two piles until the garbage cans are emptied this Thursday.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 27

The Tide Of Spirit Within

I am the spirit of living love and I greet you in the full consciousness of that love in Jesus Christ.

The sea seems to flow, calm or stormy, with rhythms of its own. And only the sailor who gazes from the shore sees the water meet the earth. One who stands upon the strand of life sees that the water never rests, moving always in rhythm, utterly sensitive to those forces which cause it to advance upon the land and then retreat into the deeps.

So is the seeker’s soul, walking along that ever-changing tidal point of water and earth, of spiritual and natural man. The boundary is not clear but ever-moving and ever-responsive to those great forces of spirit which move, alike, the waters of deep consciousness and the conscious creature who carries the seed within him.

Listen each day, each hour, to the sound of the tide of spirit within, that you may ever draw sustenance from the water; that you may be unafraid of the deeps within you. For you are that sailor who stands upon the shore and makes the choices of when to wade and when to be immersed in spiritual consciousness.

We wish you peace, the peace of water ever-moving, the creative peace which rests in love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 22, 1989:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We would offer ourselves at this time in the attempt to speak to further queries if there are any remaining on the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

Carla: Well, if nobody else has a query I’ll ask one that’s real marginal, you probably can’t help me, but… in talking about spiritual principles with someone who is traumatized by traditional Christianity, one needs a very different vocabulary than one who is a Christian such as myself would use, and I wondered if there were any way to express what to me is a reality, that is that one does not exist metaphysically until one knows who one is, and can stand firm on that, to the point of death if necessary, in vocabulary that will be neutral, and helpful to one traumatized by religious dogma and doctrine.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that as it is important that one grasp and master these concepts of the knowing of the self to the heart of the being and the expressing of that knowing as a form of tuning and as a form of challenging of spirits, that it is also necessary that when one speak of these activities that one do so in a manner which is of one’s own nature, shall we say. If it is a stumbling block to speak in this manner, then perhaps the words may be written upon the page, after having been brought forth from the heart without censor, and then upon the page to be arranged in a manner that would be acceptable to the [one] which was not able to receive the words in their original form.

There are many ways of describing the, what we would call, basic principles of exercising as an instrument. There are as many ways as there are entities who have accomplished this task. Therefore, we are confident that one which has mastered this task can also redescribe or interpret that experience in a means which is acceptable to another, after having expressed that process as fully and as concisely as possible in the vocabulary and concepts which are natural to the entity, then accomplishing the translation, shall we say.

Carla wanted to know how to use neutral terms to explain, to a person that was traumatized by traditional Christian dogma, that one does not exist metaphysically until they know who they are. Q’uo used the analogy of the tuning and challenging procedures, that an instrument uses before channeling, to let Carla know that she could use these same concepts to help a person discover who they really were spiritually. Q’uo also suggested that Carla speak from her heart either in spoken words or perhaps written as a note that could be helpfully pondered by the traumatized person. On February 4, 2001, Q’uo spoke of the metaphysical identity:

The thoughts that you think, the emotions that you feel, the spiritual experiences that pass through your energetic system are all kinds of thought and they constitute your basic metaphysical identity. Every thought that you think, every thought that you pursue, every thought that you bring to a fruition, creates slight changes in the vibration that is your energy signature. To those of us, and others upon the spirit planes, looking at the metaphysical entities that you are, these vibratory nexi are very evident, and it is as clear to us as day who you are, how you are, whose you are.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

K: I have a question. I’ve been in circumstances a number of times where those who are either not serious seekers, or those who are seekers within what appears to me to be a very narrow path, ask questions about my particular path, and I have often been at a loss as to how to answer them without either infringing on their free will, or seeming to place judgments on their views of life as being right or wrong. There seem to be such differences in viewpoints, and it’s difficult for me to know how to answer the questions. Sometimes I feel that they shouldn’t be answered at all, but again I’m at a loss to know how to do that without giving offense. Do you have any comments or suggestions on this situation?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query. We apologize. The instrument was tickled.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument, who has now added the necessary recording device. When you are in the presence of those who ask of your path, and you wish to answer in a manner that is both accurate and compassionate, it is our suggestion that you first ask yourself how it is you wish to serve this entity or these entities, that you find that desire to speak both clearly and yet with an understanding of the position that is experienced by the questioner.

When you feel a desire to serve, then do not worry about the words that might be used to express that desire. Speak freely, as you serve as a channel from your conscious and subconscious minds concerning that journey upon which you find yourself. If one worries overmuch about the specifics of the question and its response, one may find the mind in a kind of tangle. However, if this worry can be circumvented by focusing upon a desire to serve freely and without judgment, then a clearer path is made to the subconscious portions of the mind which contain the clear and compassionate expression that will suffice as the reply to the query. Thus, one serves as an instrument in these situations that one might share that which has been helpful to the self.

K wanted to know how to answer people’s questions about the nature of her spiritual path. Q’uo simply suggested that K speak freely and without any judgment in answering such questions as this would access both her conscious mind and her subconscious mind in a compassionate way. On February 6, 2000, Q’uo described how we may communicate from the heart:

Many do not seek the wisdom of the heart because of the commitment to the daily round of activities. We would ask each to look therein on a regular basis that one may develop a clear communication, with the heart, the intuition, the portion of the self that still moves in unity with all.

Is there another query, my sister?

K: That was very helpful, thank you. I do have another question also, and that is, can you offer some suggestions on how to differentiate between serving and pleasing?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find in our experience that there is a significant difference in these concepts. The desire to serve another is based upon a concern for the other self, and how best to aid that other self in its thinking or in its actions or in its being. The desire to please another self, however, has its focus upon your own self, and receiving a reward from the other self for actions which have been constructed with the hope of receiving that reward, whether it be the smile, the confirmation, the attention, or in a negative sense, the removal of criticism.

Thus, look to that which is desired from the action to determine whether it is an action that has the other self or the self as its central focus.

Is there another query, my sister?

K: Yes, along the same lines, if the desire is truly to serve the other self, there are still many circumstances in which I find it difficult to determine which course of action would truly be of service, and I find that I do not have the appropriate resources to determine that. That’s the sort of situation that I’m really interested in. How do I decide what course of action to take with a person when there are various ones open to me and I do not know which would be of more service?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. First, we would recommend that one determine what it is the other self desires. This may be accomplished by a simple query. It is the explicitly expressed desire for service from another self that is the clearest indication of how that self might be served, regardless of what one might feel would be the greatest service.

To become the other self is a means whereby one might in imagination as closely as possible approximate the other self and its desires if the other self is not present and able to be queried as to how best to serve that other self. The further one moves from the explicitly expressed desire from another self, the more possible it becomes that one’s offered service will deviate from an actual service. The desire to serve another which motivates action often goes astray when the other self has not requested a service, however, that desire is the fundamental quality that makes it possible to achieve a redress, shall we say, if the original effort has fallen somewhat short.

K asked how she could determine the best way to serve another person. Q’uo said that she could simply ask how the person wishes to be served, or if the person was not physically present she might use her imagination and become the other self that she wishes to serve. On February 3, 1983, Q’uo described a way that one may best serve another person:

If one can know what another needs by hearing those needs from the other, then one may best serve as one has been asked. If one knows not how to serve, one then must follow the heart. The love then that is given may take another form. Begin in love, refine with the wisdom which you discover either through your own discernment or through the lips of the one needing service.

Is there another query, my sister?

K: There are times when the explicit request or desire of another entity is something which I do not feel comfortable in being able to fulfill for one reason or another. At those times my assumption is that my responsibility is to exercise my own judgment as to what I feel that I can honestly give, and yet there are times also when I feel that I should be giving what is asked no matter what, because that is what service is, and that I feel that if I don’t that I’m not being of service. Can you comment on that sort of dilemma?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, it is a dilemma to be asked to give that which one finds it difficult to give. It is, shall we say, less of a gift if there is the taint of resentment given with the service. It is oftentimes better not to offer the service if it is not possible to offer without the feeling of resentment or guilt or other emotions which would confuse or color the gift in a manner that would disrupt the clear communication, shall we say.

It is, as you have surmised, better to give what can be given with a cheerful heart than to give all of what was asked, but to include the negative emotions as well. It is often helpful in a situation in which one has been asked to give more than one feels one has to offer, to meditate upon that which limits the giving, in order that one might discover a facet of the being which might benefit from attention. There is much that can be learned by studying limitations and facing them in an honest fashion.

There is no shame in recognizing and admitting limitations. These are the boundaries which at one time served one well, and provided a fuller arena of experience, shall we say, but which at the present moment have the opposite effect in reducing that which may be offered as service. The discovery of these limitations increases the knowledge of the self so that there is possible an expanded view of the self that included the limitation and the beginning work upon the balance of the fundamental nature of the limitation.

Therefore, we would agree with your original assumption that it is better, in terms of the purity of service, to give what one can in a cheerful fashion, and when one is unable to give fully, to examine carefully that which limits that which is given.

Now K asked what she should do when she didn’t feel comfortable in being of service when she was asked to, and she also wanted to know if there was ever a time when she should attempt to be of service no matter what she felt. Q’uo responded by saying that one should give what one can with a cheerful heart and not attempt to give when there is a doubt about one’s ability to give as one has been asked to give. But Q’uo also said that it would be well to meditate upon one’s limitations and attempt to understand more of the nature of one’s self so that one may eventually expand one’s ability to serve. On January 11, 1998, Q’uo explained how difficulty in being of service may actually call forth service in a more effective way:

To learn regret that one has caused injury, to learn the determination that one shall not do so again, to learn a vast array of possible responses. In this moment one may learn how to give love in a way that is much quicker, intense and efficient than this learning could be accomplished where harmony, oneness and the power of love and light are obvious, and the proper response is given without thought, without effort, and the entire mind/body/spirit of the entity is affected but little. Whereas in the intense moment of third-density confusion the love and light that you find there carries a great deal more value and weight in your total beingness and moves your mind/body/spirit further along the line of evolution than is possible in the same amount of experience within the higher realms of harmony and oneness.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I believe that Q’uo’s response to K’s previous question from January 11, 1998, would also be the appropriate response to K’s next question, so I will insert it at the end of Q’uo’s response.

K: Would the examination of these limitations be with a view to removing the limitation or just to understanding and accepting it?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Either may be the case, in our experience, for in many incarnations there are qualities or characteristics which are placed within the character structure that allow certain services to be offered, certain abilities to be expressed, that when seen from another angle, perspective or point of view may be seen as a limitation to yet another kind of expression. In such an instance it is well to accept that quality or characteristic that has been discovered through careful self analysis and meditation to be a fundamental building block of the incarnation, and to accept such freely, openly and with a joyful heart, realizing that service yet grows from this limitation.

In other cases, it is possible that a limitation is a portion of the being that yet remains to be balanced, and when the balancing occurs that there is a greater or wider perspective that allows a larger amount of service, shall we say, for want of a better phrase, to be offered. Only one’s careful self-analysis and meditation upon the results of such analysis can determine whether certain characteristics must be accepted or might yet yield further growth.

K wanted to know would the examination of these limitation be with a view to removing the limitation or just to understanding and accepting it? Q’uo said that either could be the case and meditation could be used for acceptance of the limitation, and self-analysis and balancing could be used for removing the limitation. On January 11, 1998, Q’uo explained how difficulty in being of service may actually call forth service in a more effective way:

To learn regret that one has caused injury, to learn the determination that one shall not do so again, to learn a vast array of possible responses. In this moment one may learn how to give love in a way that is much quicker, intense and efficient than this learning could be accomplished where harmony, oneness and the power of love and light are obvious, and the proper response is given without thought, without effort, and the entire mind/body/spirit of the entity is affected but little. Whereas in the intense moment of third-density confusion the love and light that you find there carries a great deal more value and weight in your total beingness and moves your mind/body/spirit further along the line of evolution than is possible in the same amount of experience within the higher realms of harmony and oneness.

Is there a further query, my sister?

K: No, that’s very helpful, thanks very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, again, my sister. Is there a query at this time with which we may complete this session?


I am Q’uo, and are most grateful to have been able to speak this evening to this group. We take great joy in joining our vibrations with yours, for we find the queries from this group are not only thoughtful and interesting, but come from the deepest concerns of the hearts of those present in the desire to know more of the self in order that the self might be offered to the self and to the Creator in its many other selves as a sincere honestation to that one Creator.

We are those of Q’uo, and we await your calls in your future times as you reckon the movement of time and space. We shall leave this instrument and this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I went outside and took down the netting on the front of the fish pond and replaced it with new netting as the old netting had become torn in a number of places and was getting harder to work with when I cleaned the filters for the fountain.

This afternoon I went upstairs and used the carpet sweeper on the hall runner rugs and then used my broom and dust pan to clean up the kitty litter in Benny’s room. Then I used the duster to dust the floors in each of the three bedrooms.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 26

Claim Your Good

I am of the principle and spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you with the full consciousness of love.

Today I ask you to take hold of your divine good.

There are many situations which do not appear to hold divine good. Yet appearances can be deceiving.

The cry of the child seems full of misfortune. Yet there is the divine good of the cry answered—the nurturing mother who comes and holds the little one to give it comfort and nourishment.

So, too, be not afraid to speak up, to reach out, to know that your good is before you, to ask for it and if you see it not, to ask again. Many are the times that that good is half-hidden or perhaps completely obscured by other things which may not be of divinity, but petty, inconsequential and of the moment. Those things that are not of divinity to you, pass them by and claim your good.

For that which is divine is there for you, just as that which is not. That which is everyday is also before you. Look always for that which is of divine consciousness. Claim your good. Know divine love. And in all ways that you may be able this day, express the consciousness of love that gave you the faith to look for and claim your divine love and good.

We leave you in this consciousness which cannot be understood but only experienced, the consciousness of the love of Jesus the Christ.

The consciousness of His healing peace be with you, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 22, 1989:

How can people who are interested in pursuing a life’s work and being of service to others and developing their gifts discover what exactly the gifts are that they have, and then, if, say, they have more than one gift, how can people determine what the best way of service is, how to use the gifts or gift that they have in developing themselves, and then in being of service to others?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to share in this circle of meditation and seeking and to see the earnest hearts of those who wish to express their unity of all that there is in the very life that they lead.

We are aware that the illusion is a heavy one, and that missteps are inevitable and frequent. We urge each always to turn again in hope, to try once more, to be undiscouraged by circumstances, but simply to abide in this feeling that fills this dwelling place at this time, the unconditional love of the one infinite Creator.

The third density is not a density in which wisdom plays a great part. It is the folly of men to believe that there is wisdom in third density, and thus one may see the ideal of justice, an ethical, philosophical ideal which does not take into account either the nature of the illusion, the purpose of the illusion, or those entities which have come to self-consciousness within third-density illusion. In any real sense, there is little observable justice, for the plan which each has created before the lifetime often deliberately includes difficult, unfair and painful circumstance, and the more spiritually ambitious an entity is, the more difficult the lessons that that entity came to manifest will be.

We speak this evening to those whose worldly ambitions are a cipher, a nothing. This has been decided. This leaves the mind free, regardless of whether work is done in the mundane world or not, to ponder and contemplate those philosophical and spiritual questions that you may have. This is a great head start that you have over people who are torn between the world and the cosmos, between this life and infinity. Those who have awakened, such as you, to their true desire to be of service to the one infinite Creator by loving each other, are so often in the difficult position of having to adjudge their own service in the absence of any support whatsoever.

This is especially true of the mated relationship, and the raising of children. There is no greater or more sacrificial service than the raising of young souls, attempting to offer to those souls that information which is grist not only for making one’s way in the mundane world, but for becoming aware of eternity, becoming aware that so-called human beings have a context into which they fit. They are not the be-all and the end-all of evolution. Evolution moves steadily on, and the progress, after third density, is all spiritual. Within this density you still need more of the personality in order to deal with the heavy chemical vibrations. More and more you will see yourselves as a spiritual discovery, finding and refining that truth which is within you until you become aware of your nature. Becoming aware of one’s own nature may or may not sound simple. It is not simple in our estimation, unless one has the gift of faith as this instrument does and simply bypasses the intellect, moving instinctively toward intuition and what the instrument calls purified emotion.

For the most part, entities wish to do something which is of true service to the Creator, and it seems logical and right to entities who have observed great spiritual figures of the past and present to wish to be great spiritual figures and to be of service in that way also. One can even seek dramatic, publicized service to others, and within the limitations of mixed contact, since there is ego involved in such hope, such channels are able to do much good to bring many souls to an awareness of the mystery that underlies all that there is.

We always say to each that we do not wish to become a stumbling block, and we wish you to take only that which makes sense to you from what we say. And no matter how inspiring, if confusing, we ask that you release and forget the information, for it is not your personal truth at this time, and there is no need for you to change and struggle and strive. The spiritual path is one of allowing things to occur, for you have planned well.

Each of you would be unable to incarnate at this time upon this particular sphere, were it not possible for each and every entity to graduate either service to self or service to others, third density; that is, each has the opportunity of learning to use a denser and much enhanced cohesion of light. In this atmosphere, as the instrument has often said, thoughts become things. And as you are entering at this time into fourth-density space/time, thoughts are becoming things, over and over again. The negative emotions involved with lifestyles that are not helpful to the entity through anger, through feelings of rejection and so forth, cause much illness, much unhappiness.

It is difficult for the person who comes to this information as a neophyte to imagine that he or she could be of equal service to those who heal or teach or channel, for the latter three are somewhat dramatic. The entity, if positively oriented, is relatively without ego, as you call the need to impress or to control. We would like to extend this idea to form a true picture of spiritual service in third density.

Perhaps the greatest spiritual service you can do is to center and meditate and think upon the Creator, lovingly, gratefully, emotionally, in a purified and inner way, not letting your prayers float to the four corners of the room in which you are so that entities may hear you, but rather stepping into that inner room and listening in silence, waiting for the presence of the infinite One.

The group question for this session was how can a person, who wishes to be of service to others, determine what their gifts are and then how to use them in service to others. Q’uo began their response by saying that in the third density people plan their lives before the incarnation, and this plan often contains the difficult and painful experiences which allow the seeker to become aware of its true nature. They said that if we use our intuition rather than our intellect and allow those experiences to occur which we have planned pre-incarnatively, each of us has the potential to graduate to the fourth density. Then Q’uo recommended that we use meditation to listen in silence to experience the presence of the Creator. On February 6, 2000, Q’uo mentioned how communing with the Creator in meditation can reveal our path of service:

 When one finds that there is the confusion as to the next steps to take upon the journey of seeking it is well to consider the situation in which you find yourself and to utilize the facilities of the conscious mind to their fullest extent so that that which can be known is known to you. Then take the time from your daily round of activities each day, to retire into meditation that those questions that have been asked consciously may sink further into the deeper portions of your mind and that connections may be made with those pre-incarnative choices which have been guiding you in a more or less clear fashion. And simply await the speaking of your own heart, of the Creator which moves inside of you. When you have stilled yourself to a point deep enough and regularly enough—and no one can say when this point is—but when it comes you will know it, then the direction will be made clear to you that you might move in the confidence of the one infinite Creator.

The difficulty for those within your culture is that people identify service to others with certain specific skills, which we would call dramatic skills, such as the vocal channeling and the healing. It is our opinion that each and every entity who has incarnated at this time upon the Earth has a beautiful, loving and right service to perform, planned beforehand, planned in such a way that one may be continuously rocked and buffeted by the winds of change that accompany realization.

This is true whether or not the service is the greatest service of all, that of knowing who you are, and of vibrating in that knowledge consciously, or of non-dramatic service. This is what confuses your people. It is your people’s idea that some services are greater than other services. This is true only insofar as some desires to serve are purer than other desires to serve. It does not matter what is in front of your face. What is in front of your face is your service. If you can allow yourself to flow intuitively in the river of consciousness, you yourself will let yourself know, “Yes, I wish to do this,” “No, I do not wish to do that.”

Therefore, we suggest that in order to find out one’s gifts, one do several things. Firstly, if one is of some substantial age and has had many experiences, it becomes extremely easier to gaze back over the incarnation and see the pattern of lessons to be learned. One kind of lesson will occur again and again and again, until you have mastered and balanced your ability to serve under those conditions. Basically, each entity goes through a lifetime process of accepting the unacceptable, of forgiving the unforgivable, of loving the unlovable, of consoling the inconsolable, of pardoning one in error, even when that error has cost you greatly.

It does not seem to be a service to be a parent, or a breadwinner, or any of the other myriad non-dramatic ways of living possible. What sets the spiritual seeker apart from one who simply lives in the mundane world without questions as to eternity, is that realization of the present moment as eternity, that ideal which says “I can have time spent with the infinite One, I can feel Its love and Its light. These experiences are meaningful to me.” This creates an atmosphere within of trust, so that one may gradually, gradually relax, and allow the rhythm of life, as you have planned it, to overtake you.

It is not well to pray and affirm in the attempt to control the life, because that which is upon the surface of your minds is as the tip of the iceberg, and those things which are deepest within take some time to express themselves through dreams, visions or instant realizations after ten years of work. Some entities move quickly, others more slowly and more surely. All that we suggest to each is that each remain within the integrity of the self, feeling the selfhood of the self, feeling the discrimination and the thought processes of the self, so that as one listens to all of life, whether it be the weather report, a symphony or a channeling such as this one, one is listening with an ear to pray for the lost, to rejoice with the joyful, to give thanks for those who have had blessing, and to console those who are wretched.

Any form of loving one another is that action which expresses what this instrument would call the Christ consciousness, that which is deeply buried within you, that with which you are to some extent acquainted, but perhaps more to the point, of being able to love without stint, to give without thinking, to spend all one’s energy, time, talent and what you call money, with the spiritual life central and in the mind.

It is possible to be of tremendous service while washing your dishes, for as one washes the dishes it is a waking meditation. The gestures are automatic, and it is possible in the meantime to be in a state of light meditation and listening, or in a state of contemplation, or in a state of intercessory prayer, where you are concerned for the health and the well-being of those you love. Thoughts are becoming things; your prayers are heard more than ever.

Then Q’uo said that everyone born on Earth at this time has planned the services that it wished to perform, and that what is in “front of your face” is your service whether it is seemingly great or small. They also said that if we see lessons occurring many times these are our services which we have learned to perform in one way or another whether it is “accepting the unacceptable, of forgiving the unforgivable, of loving the unlovable, of consoling the inconsolable, of pardoning one in error, even when that error has cost you greatly.” Q’uo also said that anything that we do with love is truly a service whether it is washing dishes, meditating, or praying for another. On April 26, 1992, Q’uo described how our desire to be of service is our service:

As you become aware or informed by wisdom, it may be that your service becomes more effective, but until one has the pure heartfelt desire to serve and to offer oneself in service at each opportunity available, wisdom is useless. The desire to serve is that which begins the process in a manner which is, in the overall sense, most effective. That your service may or may not be effective according to your estimation from what you call “hindsight” is relatively unimportant. The important factor is that the desire is generated to serve. This desire is that which you have incarnated to find and to nourish as the seedling which later becomes the great oak.

We find that it is unfortunate that entities who are upon the spiritual path that does not include orthodox religion, tend to wish that they may be of this or that service rather than allowing service to come to them. It will come; it has been planned. It may not seem dramatic or large or important, but the dish washed for the love of the one infinite Creator is a dish washed in a bath of love as well as soap and water, and that love radiates and lightens the consciousness of the planet. This is your greatest service, each of you, and you do it within the unmanifest being with no one to know, no drama, and no announcement of having done so.

You are working upon your evolution, and from third density forward all evolution is spiritual. Thusly, we would back up and look at how one may abide in faith, and have the patience, the persistence, and the faith to wait and do what there comes before the face to do. That, and that alone, for that instant, is all that is needed. It is never known to you when you have truly succeeded and when you have failed, nor is it important, for if you do anything for the love of the one infinite Creator, that radiant thought, however poorly the actions manifest, is a purely positive, loving and caring thought, and will add to the consciousness and the lightness of your sphere.

Entities within your culture are much bemused by gadgetry, much in love with foreign places, ambitious and restless and yearning, and thinking that what they hunger for is better money, a better position, more power, or more clout in some way. This is not the objective of living this particular incarnation in this particular density. You are attempting to drop that of yourself which does not seem to be loving, not in overcoming or repressing it, but by balancing it and understanding it within the self.

This is a difficult thing to do, painful for those with any sensitivity, for as you know, all of creation lies within you. You are all that is. Circumstances may have made it possible for you to move through the incarnation comfortably, or uncomfortable but honestly, or comfortably and dishonestly, or uncomfortable and dishonestly. Yet, within each and every situation, no matter how unpromising, lies that which may be a certain knowledge, a certain determined hope in that which is unseen, that the situation before one’s eyes is exactly what it should be, and, painful or wonderful, is giving you what you need to take in and work with as catalyst at this time.

Each upon this planet at this time had a hand in creating the life pattern. Once one has discovered the lesson that one has set oneself, it becomes easier to see tiny moment after tiny moment, and small detail after small detail take on an aura of the spiritual as one seeks within such situations to find a way to manifest love where there is no love, light where there is no light, and union where there was discord.

We may say, because each is aware, that each is a wanderer who has come to this planet at this time to be of service to those who are attempting to graduate, who are not able to accept the consolations of any organized religion. We do not claim to be a religion, a church, a dogma, or a doctrine. We are those who have had experiences with the Creator, who have grown closer and closer to the Creator, and who expect to have quite a way to go before we are able to dissolve once again in the ocean of unmanifest love. The cycle is as beautiful as the beating of a giant heart, and the fact that anything that one does could not be one’s service is to us improbable. Subjectively, one may feel that one has erred, made mistakes, been thoughtless, and so forth. It is well in those times to continue positive thinking, and move quickly towards a state of forgiveness of the self and of the one with whom there was conflict.

Then Q’uo said that most spiritual seekers want to know what their service is in a specific sense, but that is not necessary as whatever the seeker does, that is done in love, is a service to others and to the Creator. So Q’uo suggested that we simply abide in the faith that our service will come to us, and even though we may never know how well we offered our service, that it is only important that we offered it in love. They went on to say that we all have created our life patterns before this incarnation, and once we have discovered some portion of our lesson we will in some way offer light, love, and unity as our basic service. On March 18, 2017, Q’uo said that our pre-incarnative choices can manifest as our service in this life:

Your pre-incarnative choices have put a certain charge, shall we say, upon various kinds of catalyst that your subconscious mind shall guide to you during your incarnative experience, so that when you see this catalyst coming to you, you will respond in a certain fashion, hopefully, if you are in harmony and unity with your pre-incarnative choices.

Each of you has, perhaps, a handful of these lessons which you wish to learn during your incarnation. As you begin to learn these lessons more and more fully, and process them in the meditative state, so that the meditative state is able to seat the lesson within your being, then you are able to profit from this process, and you have increased your polarization in either service-to-others, or service-to-self, depending upon your choice, and we are sure that those here have chosen service-to-others.

Perhaps the second greatest service upon your planet at this time, or at any time in third density, is the responsibility of parenting young souls who know and seek the truth with childish lilting voices and squeals of laughter. This particular service is looked down upon by most as being the lot of the one who is too lazy to work. We find the concept ludicrous in that children and a home are a great deal of work. There is no boss, there is no judge, there is only the parent attempting to be of service to the young one. And we may say that it is our opinion that the most helpful thing spiritually in the service of raising children, for the children, is either to bring them to any organized religious group for interaction with people of their own age and teachers, or, and this is undoubtedly preferable to many, to create a worship service within the home that is done daily and without comment. Emphasis is not put upon such spiritual discipline; it is picked up by young children as that stress or emphasis which protests too much. Happy are the parents who are settled in peace together and who may sit in meditation or whatever form of spiritual practice is desired, each and every day for a short time. This moves into the child’s subconscious as that which is, and in our opinion this is the truth of that which is—that is, that the Creator is within everything.

It is impossible not to serve if one is loving the Creator while doing the service. At this time your planet is very polarized. Very positive entities gaze upon the havoc created by very negative ones, and negative entities gaze back at those who are polarizing towards the positive and see what this instrument would call “suckers.” We urge each, therefore, to allow those things to happen which happen, and to ponder them and ruminate on them, and even analyze them—if one is of an analytical turn of mind—at the end of each day, that one may remain clear, confident and calm, centered in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We know of no other way to explain to you the difference between your view of service and our view of service than to say that to us there is no lifetime lived that is not potentially a life of service if things within it are done with a love of the one infinite Creator and in the love of the one infinite Creator.

This is not easy medicine for entities to swallow. Wanderers especially are quite certain they have a mission. Indeed, the mission may be an humble one. There are no missions that are not humble. Some seem to be more than humble services because they are dramatic, such as this instrument as she speaks without knowing what word will come next. This is interesting to people, a tightrope act, and therefore dramatic. Will the instrument lose the contact? Will the acrobat fall off the slim, round, slippery wire upon which he is walking between the present moment and eternity?

You are here to bring light to a dark world. It is as simple as that. The purpose for which wanderers incarnated is all one—to love, and to love, and to love, and to love. You will be hurt, broken, humiliated and defeated in the course of a life in faith. It runs directly counter to the culture in which you live to do things for an ideal reason, to focus upon the Creator which is unseen rather than all of the phenomena, all of the gadgetry, all of the amusements that are so delightful upon the surface of life in your density. Be aware that even in those situations you may choose to be of service by moving constantly in an awareness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. But also, and most of all, be aware, we ask each, that non-dramatic service is as vital as dramatic service, just as the mouth of an entity speaks many things, but would not be able to function without each and every other organ of the physical vehicle, which must be kept in some sort of balance in order that one may manifest any gifts whatsoever.

Now Q’uo said that being a parent was one of the most important services that could be offered to the small child. They suggested that some form of daily meditation or worship be created by the parents, and then they would invite the children to participate. Then Q’uo repeated their belief that any act that is done in the love of the Creator is a true service. They said that we are here to bring light to a dark world, and that may be done in ways both great and small. On October 2, 1994, Q’uo said that any act done service of the Creator is a true service:

There are so many gifts, most of them quite unappreciated, such as the mothering, the parenting in general, the chores, the cooking, the cleaning, the driving. Each activity done by the whole self becomes a devotion, and the practicing of the presence of the infinite Creator becomes constant.

We may say that there is one thing that we would not advise in attempting to be of service and find one’s niche, and that is to attempt to control the process. The conscious mind has very little in it compared to the unconscious mind, in which lies the roots of mind and the Creator Itself, covered over and over by distortion, but there, perfect and whole nevertheless: each one’s true nature.

Now, we would suggest to this group, as it is doing somewhat advanced work, that it simply practice the presence as it moves about the daily activities, not berating the self every time one realizes one has not thought about the Creator for hours, but simply turning again and again to its simple ideal, the desire for the love of the infinite Creator, to love each other.

Almost any situation which seems difficult involves a lack or a loss of love. Hearts that are not opened to the love and the light of the infinite Creator can be mean and petty, hurtful and vicious, all in the name of service. Better it is that you do nothing but sit in one place and send love, than be active and confused, and somewhat negative as well as positive by desiring to control what happens to one.

For in the desire to help someone, there needs to be the realization that one must come to a halt within, and admit that one does not know all that there is to know about service to this entity, that one will need inspiration and intuition, so that one may call upon these deep resources of the self, which many call the higher self, the Holy Spirit, guardian angel, or inner planes master. All of these sorts of entities exist, the difference between them is only that of outer plane third density and inner plane third density. Those within the outer plane may come from other planes, those within the inner plane must have at one time been incarnate upon this particular sphere.

Thus, be aware, we ask you, [of] the service that you provide by your very consciousness, by your love of the sunlight and the dappled shades of autumn trees, by your love of the immensity of the universe and its noumenal mystery, by seeing life itself as sanctified, a blessing which oftentimes seems a most uncomfortable and inconvenient blessing.

Now, how shall you reach that point of faith where you refuse to accept that you are not of service and simply continue to be of service? As this instrument has said many times upon its own, due to its own experience with its intelligence, the intellect has almost no help to give a spiritual seeker, for those truths which will be helpful to one will be recognized from within as personal truths.

Thus, we urge each when listening to us, or any other spiritually oriented being speak, to discriminate carefully, not in terms of intellectual right and wrong and so forth, but in terms of the intuitional feeling of recognition or non-recognition of truth. Each has a different path.

This thing that is common to all paths in third density is that you are learning how to love and be loved. This is the foundation of a social memory complex which shall be your next lesson, that is, to see all that there is in each mind—and in each mind is the mind of the murderer, the rapist, the robber, the revolutionary, the despot—and yet accept the self and all others for the nature which has been given them in order that they might make choices with free will.

It is very important that there be negativity and difficult experiences that one may learn the humility of one who allows, observes and then acts, rather than reacts. To take the life into one’s own hands is not to take control of what one wishes by affirmations and prayers unceasing. It is rather to realize that the plan has already been made, the pattern has been set. It is the best pattern you and your higher self could create for you, and all that you need do this time is allow yourself to be upon the path upon which you are, keeping your eyes open, watching your feelings, finding ways to manifest love, the smile upon the street, the kind word to a stranger.

This instrument is asking us to allow this to end, however we wish to make one more point before we leave. The instrument itself was concerned with its many gifts and its lack of desire to use the gifts of creativity in an intellectual or physical manner, such as the music, the dancing, the criticism, and the creative writing. In fact, all of these gifts are being used in the life pattern. It is simply that the gifts are being used to support that one thing with which the channel has been concerned and involved within its entire life experience, that being the living in a poem, the making of a beautiful tapestry of a life as a gift to the one infinite Creator.

To complete their answer regarding how to be of service, Q’uo said that we should not try to control any situation as our means of determining what our service is but to practice the presence of the Creator and call upon those deeper resources of our subconscious mind–the Holy Spirit, angels, and guides–to give us the direction of our service when we are confused about how to serve another person. Q’uo said that if we continue to manifest love in our desire to serve others that is a “gift to the one infinite Creator”. On June 29, 1986, Hatonn had this advice for how we may best find our service:

We suggest to you that true happiness is often quite uncomfortable and yet so exhilarating that once having been experienced, it shall be the way you seek to manifest love. Love one another, my friends. Serve one another. And find your freedom, your joy, and your peace.

We would at this time transfer this contact, thanking the one known as Carla and the one known as Jim. We shall close the session through the one known as Jim. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am Q’uo.

This morning I got the chairs in the living room arranged for our public channeling meditation this afternoon. I also got the house phone and printer unplugged so that the meditation would not be interrupted by a ringing phone.

The channeling meditation began at 1 pm this afternoon with eleven folks in the circle, and it was a very inspirational group with such amazing spiritual stories to share in our round robin. And they were full of great questions for Q’uo which resulted in the channeling lasting for an hour and fourty-five minutes. I look forward to seeing each of the attendees again in future channeling meditations.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 25

Yesterday’s Faith

I am a particle of the love of Christ, the spirit sent forth to enliven the world which lies in darkness. I greet you in the consciousness of that love which is powerful enough to banish night.

Yesterday’s faith is not today’s, nor is hope for tomorrow a substitute for the present consciousness of redemption. If you seek to know the consciousness of love, seek in the here and now, not through memory or through desire for future good. For it is in the present moment that your darkness resides. It is the present darkness over which you have potential power, through the grace of Jesus Christ and through the love of love itself.

Know you not that seeking for light, even in a dark present, can at least crack open the gates of light? And for that slight, illumined crack of light, there is no price valuable enough to purchase so dear a thing! For only a little light, sought for and found, may illuminate all of your present darkness if you can but will it so.

Thus, do not depend upon your faith as if it were a constant thing, for, like food for the body, the nourishment of the soul, being light, must be taken daily, and, indeed, periodically within each day, that you may replenish the light within you which comes from another dimension.

From the dimension of peace, we wish you peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 15, 1989:

Pot luck.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to answer your call this evening. May we say what a joy and blessing it is to us to enter your circle, and to aid in whatever way we may with the spiritual evolution of each, for, indeed, you do us a similar service by allowing us to serve you, for those who serve learn always more than those who receive. The teacher learns more than the student. Therefore, we are most grateful to you for continuing to be able to refine our understanding of compassion and wisdom. We find that we have been given a blank slate, a tabula rasa, this evening. It is good that the instrument is somewhat fatigued, for the sort of monologue which we would have through this instrument would perhaps be, shall we say, objected to if the instrument were less tired, for we shall touch on more than one subject.

We believe that we shall start with the general gaze at the nature of third density. If you could consider an ice that was not cold, but merely a skin over water, that is what your conscious mind is to the ocean of consciousness beneath the limen of consciousness. Those who yet have not asked what their purpose in life, or what their purpose in eternity might be, skate upon that thin covering, thinking that it is life. Indeed, it is a grand illusion, an illusion within an illusion many times. Why are you here? What do you wish for yourself? What is the truth? We have very simple answers, my friends, too simple for your questions, for the truth is so simple that it is difficult to accept. The truth is that there is one great original Thought which created the creation in order that It may know Itself better, and by the use of Free Will moved Love—that is, the One Great Original Thought—into manifestation as Light, and through the use of this substance, shall we say, or radiation, created all that you see outside of your physical eyes, all of it an illusion, and all of it designed to cause entities to make choices. Not simple and easy choices, like what to have for dinner, but the grand, major choice of this density, to serve others, in serving the one Creator, or to serve the self, realizing that the Creator is within.

We are not a service-to-self contact. We only teach service-to-others information. But we feel that we are speaking to a group who would wish only positive information, so we are satisfied that we are universal enough in our scope, but we did wish to mention that there are, indeed, two sides to the story of this particular sphere at this particular time, as each side, the positive and the negative, attempts to polarize itself to the point of being able to form a social memory complex and to make use of the denser and fuller light of fourth density.

This is the work in which each of you is engaged in one way or another. The choices are yours, and ofttimes distinctions are subtle, and difficult to judge accurately. This is acceptable, for within this density the whole idea is that you must work upon faith, that which is blind, as faith moves in many ways in the context of many wills, and no two entities follow the same path as they seek to form a polarity of service to others. But we encourage each at this time to realize that all those things which are outer within this illusion are in themselves illusions, that is, they are fields of energy, rather than the materialized objects which your physical eyes behold.

The nature of everything is consciousness. Thus, to move the focus of attention most well towards the one infinite Creator, it is well first to move the attention from the world of phenomena to the world of paradox and mystery, these two characteristics being the hallmarks of spiritual truth. Although the paradoxes are in later densities blended and unified, the essence of spirituality is an awareness of the absolute polarity of this density, and the dear necessity, the grateful necessity, of choosing and continuing to choose one path to the Creator.

For it is those who choose, those who risk, those who leap blindly in faith, those who will and hope, who move themselves in a most accelerated manner along the path of spiritual evolution. It is not those who seek this phenomenon and then that. This is what we may call the spiritual seeking, and each of the paths examined, it is well to examine. But in the end we ask that you consider very carefully the creation of your own system of faith. We do not ask that you believe in one or another story about the Creator. We ask only that you see yourself as a pilgrim on a very long road, that you see yourself in transit and know that the price that you pay for accelerating along spiritual evolutionary paths is discomfort and pain, because of the nature of the brain as opposed to the nature of consciousness.

The nature of the brain is such that when changes occur the programming of the biocomputer brain must be altered. This is a painful process. The old programs are, somewhat painfully perhaps, removed, and the energy created by that removal is used to form a new personal understanding or truth, and this crystallization of the self, the understanding of the self, its relation to the creation and the Creator, it moves, but it is difficult.

So we warn each seeker that the path is not a comfortable, joy-filled picnic at all times. There are the oasis times, there are the desert times. In terms of the dynamic of human personality it is necessary that these two basic states of consciousness follow each other seriatim, for there are truths to learn from mountaintop experiences, and there are the same sacred truths to learn when deep in the valley of mundane ordinariness.

Now, those who work upon themselves may find it easy to undervalue those who skate along the skin of life. Remember always that the universe is an utter metaphysical democracy, as all entities are portions of the one infinite Creator in its active principle, that is, the Creator is made up partially of its active principle, which is each entity with consciousness, each planetary entity, each sun entity.

There was no group question for this session, so the “potluck” choice was given to those of Q’uo to speak upon whatever subject they felt might be most helpful to those gathered for this public channeling meditation. Q’uo began with a basic description of the nature of third density as being an illusion in which our conscious minds have little information about the true nature of reality being created by the One Great Original Thought of Love, which used its Free Will to create Light, which created all that we can see. Then Q’uo said that this third-density creation exists for the purpose of helping us to make the choice between service to others and service to self, but that this creation is often confusing and difficult to navigate. This requires that we use faith to move through paradoxes and mystery that are basic tenets of the spiritual path of evolution that can, at times, provide the mountaintop experience of joy and also require us to experience the pain that comes with change. On April 26, 2008, Q’uo described the value of paradoxes and mystery:

At each instant of each of your lives upon planet Earth, infinity and eternity are as close to you as your breath; as near as your heartbeat. Each moment upon this seemingly solid earth and its seemingly mundane concerns can open up in an instant to reveal the stunning complexity, paradox and mystery of the infinity of the moment. Land falls away and the waters invite, encourage and attract the seeking heart to escape the island of consensus reality and plunge into the waters of the noumenal, the unknown, and the wondrous.

We would focus upon the crystallization of one’s will and one’s faith. The desires which are within each must be fulfilled before the entity is free to depart this illusion for another, more light-filled illusion to learn further lessons, all further lessons being the refinement of the choice made in this density. Thus, we ask that you be very careful of that which you desire, for you shall get it, and that before you may move on to the next density.

Therefore, a prerequisite to graduation from this density is to have done all those things which you wished to do, and have purified the desire to the point where that which you desire is to know the will of the Creator within. It is very difficult to know that will until one has worked with the self for some time. The process of daily meditation in a listening sense rather than creative visualizations, we feel, is central, for in listening to the silence within, passages are opened from the conscious to the subconscious mind, and voices may come upwards from the roots of the tree of mind and break through the threshold of consciousness and enhance and sustain the life experience.

Now, how should one go about this task and this joy? One may begin in many ways. But once one has settled upon a daily spiritual time, a daily spiritual routine, a daily spiritual practice of the presence of the one infinite Creator, then we suggest that you stop looking up and down the aisles of the supermarket of spiritual values, thoughts and phenomena, and to move into that leap of faith, acting upon that which moves you the most greatly of any inspiration, thoughts and ideals with which you may have come into contact. Then it is persistence and persistence alone that brings the results that you wish, meditation upon meditation upon meditation, not done any fancy way necessarily, done on the run, done when the clock strikes, done when the noon whistle sounds. Centering and calling for the presence of the one Creator, even momentarily, is a steadying and stabilizing experience, a part of the crystallization of a personality.

Now, we are aware that there is interest in crystals in this group this evening. The crystals are a large subject, and we do not wish to instruct you in them, as there are others far more able to speak, within the inner planes of your planet, than we. But let us say this, that without the entity becoming crystallized, the crystals are only rocks. The crystalline nature is that which may hold a metaphysical reality. Now, within the illusion you are not real, you are a personality shell. In order to become real to the self, in order to become conscious of one’s own self-consciousness, one must become conscious of the discipline of the personality, of the choices one is making, of the thoughts one is thinking, for the time is coming, more and more, when thoughts, especially negative things, move into manifestation with ease, there being much fourth-density energy already upon your planet.

The creation is a subjective thing. We have found nothing but illusion, and yet still we seek the one infinite Creator as we refine our path, as we become more rested, more trusting, more joyful, more relaxed and more intent upon a single-minded goal of practicing the presence of the infinite One. We find, as we have said, that we continue to find ourselves in the divine discomfort of learning, in the difficult and sometimes painful cleansing of the self of those idiosyncrasies which are not necessary and perhaps are seen [as] stumbling blocks to a continued, persistent and successful seeking to accelerate the rate of one’s spiritual growth.

That one may so accelerate this growth is so, else we would not be here. However, my friends, we cannot tell you that the work is all joy, all love, all ease and all merriment. When one is dealing with mystery, when one comes up against paradox after paradox, one can be fascinated, but never comfortable, in the ways of those heedless ones who feel that they are but hairless apes which are born and then are no more.

Each of you is a portion of the infinite Creator. Each of you is precisely equal—the murderer, the rapist, the saint, and the fool. For each of you has the entire constellation of possibilities within, and it has been with each a matter of choice after choice after choice as to how to live the life, how to serve the Creator, how to practice the presence of the Creator, and how to serve others, perhaps the most difficult question of all.

Now Q’uo began to talk about our use of will and faith to learn those lessons of third density that will allow us to move into the fourth density. They suggested that we create a spiritual practice of seeking to do the will of the Creator through daily meditations that allow us to move deeply into our subconscious mind where we can experience the presence of the Creator and crystallize our personality. Then Q’uo said that this process of growth can be difficult as we cleanse ourselves of unneeded patterns of behavior as a means of becoming more able to serve the Creator and to serve others as well. On January 11, 1987, Q’uo said that the use of will and faith could be our path to the love of the Creator:

Thusly prepared, the seeker may move through its incarnational experiences empowered by the faith that there is purpose and direction to the life pattern, and that that which comes before the seeker’s notice is appropriate and full of purpose and opportunity to learn and to serve. Thus, no matter what experience might find its way into the incarnational pattern, the seeker thus empowered by faith and the desire to learn and serve may look upon each experience as being yet another opportunity for the Creator to know Itself and to be served and glorified by the seeker that has the will and faith to penetrate the outer appearance of things and to find at their heart the love and the light of the one Creator.

We study this still. We have found that it is foolish of us to attempt to serve others before they request it. We heard you speaking of the individual that is voiced, “Yod-he-vau-heh,” or “Yahweh,” or “Jehovah.” This entity, which was a group entity and a guardian of this planet, a member of the Confederation, was extremely helpful in finalizing our code of ethics as regards this planet, for the plan to create improved, healthy human physical vehicles for souls turned from a plan which was focused upon entities being more able to move more quickly in spiritual growth and in service to others into a disaster where those who were somewhat superior mentally or physically simply became bellicose and worldly, moving away further and further from service to [others].

The quarantine upon your planet was therefore placed after this experience, and we may assure you that the positive entity, whose name was described Yod-he-vau-heh, moves still in this density attempting insofar as it may to correct the damage it has done.

However, it is human nature that in an apparently separate universe—that is, each entity being separate from each—many would feel that the best way to serve others is to become strong in oneself, and this is easily turned by the entity who is not careful into an absorbing self-interest which removes the entity from the mainstream of human suffering and joy.

It is well to be painfully and vulnerably in touch with the dynamics of this illusion, for the choice-making is easier in the face of the facts. The decision to jump into the thin air of faith is made possible only because of an ultimate grasp of the fact that we understand nothing. All ends in mystery, regardless of where you pick up the string of phenomena. The string always leads at last into the mobius ring of eternity. Truth recedes before the seeker like a carrot upon a stick.

If one is not careful one can create one’s own spiritual burnout. We suggest that the meditations be limited to perhaps no more than an hour per day, perhaps no more than a half hour at any one sitting. This is due to the fact that meditation is a very powerful tool, and the rate of change needs to be slow enough that the personality of your consciousness may have time to absorb knowledge and inspiration that it receives and make its choices in a timely and deliberate manner. It is not well to rush or to hurry the spiritual life, for the soul has its leisure, and in the fullness of time are things accomplished. It cannot be known within the illusion which day is the day of jubilee for one entity, and that is not important. To seek the happiness, the contentment, this is not important. To seek the presence of the infinite One, this is a great aid, and we suggest that we do this most gently, most lovingly, opening to the subconscious as a suitor with bouquet and candy, knowing the Spirit to be sweet and precious, the nature of Love.

When you are aware that there is that jewel within, that crystallized entity within, it then becomes the goal to find that center of self, to find who one is, what one wishes, and how one wishes to go about the process of one’s desires. Meditation is always most helpful, as is paying attention to the dreaming, which is a large part of the life of the deeper mind, and can constitute, in one who keeps a record of such things, an auxiliary report, auxiliary, that is, to your experience as perceived on a conscious level, for within the dreams those dynamics which may not be seen upon the surface, those feelings which may not be acknowledged or even known, move across the threshold of consciousness, and in some symbolic way express and manifest themselves. Thus, it is well to work with this material, as indeed perhaps one fourth to one third of one’s time is spent in this method of relaxation of the body complex and restoration of the spiritual complex.

Then Q’uo spoke of waiting until service was requested before offering it, and that meditation be used as a means of discovering the most steadfast and focused way of seeking the presence of the Creator. In this way our means of knowing who we are and what our service is may be manifested in our lives. Q’uo also said that working with our dreams was an effective way of becoming aware of messages from our deeper mind that may point the way of our spiritual path of service that we may express in a conscious fashion. On February 22, 2020, Q’uo suggested a way that we could work with our dreams:

Thus, when you feel the dreams that you speak of, look then to the heart of the dream within the meditative state to see what that dream is really speaking to you about. What does it represent? How literally can you take it? How symbolically should you take it? Use your intuition and your intelligence together to fashion a kind of response that then perhaps may be able to become a query that you ask your higher self in meditation or in dreams to make a response to.

If you are successful in convincing your higher self of the need for this information, then there will be transmitted to you what you may call a download which reveals the steps necessary to take in order to make such dreams come true. If you find, however, that there is some sort of blockage that stops you from realizing these particular dreams, do not be concerned overmuch, in that such blockages may show you a path to the realization of the dream that may present themselves at the appropriate time. Each thing occurs for each seeker at the appropriate time when the seeker is ready, as it appears you are now.

We feel that we have spoken to those things that are most upon the minds of those present, in a general way, and although we could move on and speak of many things, we are aware that each within the group is fatigued, and so we would at this time thank each for its attention to us. We wish each to know that we are your brothers and sisters. We are on the same path. We have moved further along this path and we study the lessons of wisdom. We are those of fifth density, yet still we have, in order to experience that which aids us in accelerating our spiritual growth, a physical vehicle of a kind, which requires nourishment, companionship and the fulfillment of its nature. What is your true nature? Seek this, seek to know it well, for it is the one who knows who he is in no uncertain terms that may move into the world of discarnate entities, and be an equal among equals.

It is most unfortunate that many of your peoples feel that they must be overcome by a greater power. The great power lies within each. It is simply a matter of choosing to seek the highest and best of that power. This is not done in a day; this is sometimes not done in a lifetime, but for all the difficulties of the spiritual path, shall we say, of hard knocks, there is the joy of companionship, the joy of learning, the joy of experiencing immediately the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. These are the oasis times, these are the sweet honey times that sustain one through the next dry and bleak period within the life experience. Back and forth each entity goes, for there is much to be learned from both frames of mind, especially if an entity can begin to focus upon difficult situations as challenges, a kind of game in which one attempts to find the love hidden in the situation at hand. When one once sees and is able to grasp the principle involved in the lesson being learned, either by analysis or intuition, one may then simply will to complete that lesson.

So you see, all phenomena are corollary to the great work of consciousness itself, the disciplining of the human personality, the encouragement of the greater Self within, the encouragement of its being able to speak in many different ways through the subconsciousness to the conscious mind, always this produces the longer view, the more compassionate and wise point of view, for always one begins to see the pettiness of one’s concerns and the overwhelming importance of love.

This instrument requests…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We shall continue, leaving this instrument. We discover that this instrument has tried very hard to get below forty-five minutes, but we have outfoxed her once again. We are most apologetic, we really have not the sense of time that we would need to be able to limit our sessions as to time. We are simply able to limit them by the strength of the group energy, and this normally is that which this instrument would call long-winded. We hope we have not bored you. We hope you realize that all truths are personal. That which is your personal truth you shall recognize. There shall be no struggle, you shall simply say, “Yes, I knew that, I remember that,” and that is your truth, for however long it is your truth. Some truths are larger than others, some are fleeting, none are permanent except unity.

We would now leave this instrument, asking each to continue the daily, faithful, moderate meditation, the centering whenever possible, momentarily within the presence of the one infinite Creator, that the intersection of eternity and present moment may work its magic through you that you may bring eternity into the lives of those about you.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, that this entity may conclude the session this evening. We thank this instrument and the one known as Jim also, both of whom are somewhat fatigued. We are most grateful for the willingness to be open to us, and we thank each for the service it offers us and for the call itself which is a great blessing to us. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We shall at this time transfer to the one known as Jim.

This morning I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow the Ginko Tree leaves in the back yard into a pile, and then I put those leaves into four garbage cans to be picked up by yard waste. Then I ran some errands with my first stop at Feeder’s Supply to buy more bird seed and some treats for Bosco. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself. My third stop was at the vet’s to pick up some meds for Bosco.

This afternoon I vacuumed the first floor of the house and also did a load of laundry.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 24

Trust That Within You

I am the spirit of the living God. I greet you in the full consciousness of the love of Jesus the Christ.

The difficulty which living within the physical shell of the body creates in understanding that the spiritual path is a path of plenty and light is that the outer circumstances of the path of light seem anything but comfortable.

There is truly a narrow path whereby one may maintain contact within the self with the spirit which enlivens all things. It is best not to look for evidence of the spirit’s work within men and within the world but, rather, faithfully to rest in the trust you have in that which is unseen but which has been as a beneficent wind moving across and guiding your voyage of seeking and discovery.

Those attitudes allow one to become aware of the simple joy available to one who is not limited by the definitions of self which the limitations of the body seem to impose. Accept and respect that within you which is moved by the spirit. And listen to the inner voice as to an honored guest.

We leave you in the peace of this process of living by faith, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 8, 1989:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Again, may we remind you that we speak those opinions which we have found useful in our own journey. We do not wish our words to be accepted without discrimination upon your parts. Is there a query with which we may begin?

T: Yes, I have a question, or something I’d like to say. I’d like you to comment on it. I try to get an answer from myself or from within—you said earlier, there usually comes a point where you just feel it’s right, when you know that this is right, and coming to accept this as a valid answer, or a safe answer, or however you want to say it—so therefore I trust it when it just feels right, and I believe I understood you to say earlier that this was the criteria that we should use when judging an answer or getting an answer. Could you comment on that, please?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The image that we give this instrument is that of the garden. This is an interior garden. There awaits in this garden many flowers, shall we say, that have been sown by the seeds of your desire, your interest, and the direction of your seeking. As you seek those answers from within, it is as though you continue to water this garden, and as you seek the specific direction of that inner voice you are accomplishing the same thing as though you were to pluck the flower from that garden.

Thus, by your own desire and your persistence you have tended this garden, and it provides you with those answers which are helpful in your daily round of activities as you call upon the inner garden for the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers whose seeds you have sown. In short, my brother, we affirm the query which you have presented to us.

T asked if he seeks answers from within himself if his feeling of the rightness of the answer is enough for him to accept it as being correct. Q’uo said that his assumption was correct and used the analogy of a garden within T that had many flowers that have been sown by T as he has traveled his spiritual path. Q’uo went on to say that his desire to know how to continue to follow this path was like watering the garden and each seeking provided another flower on his spiritual path. On April 21, 1995, Q’uo said that seeking for answers from within us is a way we can enhance our spiritual growth and also that of others:

We would suggest to each that as you continue your own seeking within in order to untangle those knots of confusion and to balance the distortions from light that you aid this process greatly, and as you witness to this process to those about you in your daily round of activities there is much beneficial effect also given with this simple interchange and interplay of energies between entities.

Is there a further query, my brother?

T: No, thank you, that’s a very nice way of saying it. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

S: Yes, Q’uo. We are sometimes accustomed to distinguish [inaudible] energy between that portion which is manifest and that portion called the Godhead which is not manifest. I understand that we belong to the divinity, each in a unique way. This belonging is experienced by us in manifestation. What I would like to understand, explore, is the respect in which the manifestation of divinity is motivated within the Godhead Itself and to understand the sense in which factors such as emergence of will and desire come into play from within the Godhead.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a large and most interesting field which you have chosen for your query, and for the sake of clarity we shall attempt to be brief rather than to explore in depth this field. Within that entity or quality which you have called the Godhead there exists a desire. That desire is to know the nature of that which you have called the Godhead, to know the nature of that great Self, to know the Source that is unmanifested from which that which is manifested springs, to know the possibilities of that which is manifest, to know if there is any boundary to that which is possible within manifestation, to explore as an adventurer that vast plenum of manifestation.

This desire is that same desire which moves in each particle and portion of the manifested creation and, indeed, moves in a freely chosen and intelligent manner in each entity such as yourself and all within the third-density illusion in which the mind, the body, and the spirit first are joined in this great journey of seeking. Thus, that sense of yearning to know is that quality which one may call the will. Thus, that which has no form or manifestation of any kind has provided the spark of desire, of will, that enlivens and enables that which is manifest, that there might be this great exploration of the nature of all that is, and that each portion of all that is might partake in this journey of seeking.

S wanted to know how “the manifestation of divinity is motivated within the Godhead Itself and to understand the sense in which factors such as emergence of will and desire come into play from within the Godhead” for him. Q’uo began their answer by saying that the Godhead principle, which comes from that which is unmanifest, has a yearning to know Itself, and It exercises this faculty of will through all portions of the creation and in each manifested entity such as S, and each manifested entity also desires to know itself. In 27.8-.9, Ra described how this process works:

Questioner: Now, I understand that the first distortion of intelligent infinity is the distortion of what we call free will. Can you give me a definition of this distortion?

Ra: I am Ra. In this distortion of the Law of One it is recognized that the Creator will know Itself.

Questioner: Then am I correct then in assuming that the Creator will know Itself the Creator, then grants for this knowing the concept of freedom— total freedom of choice in the ways of knowing? Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct.

May we speak further, my brother?

S: There is one point I would like to look at more closely, and this has to do with the way our seeking fits into the experience of the Godhead. From where I stand now there seems to be an ambiguity between an understanding I have that the one infinite Creator has begotten me, and the sense in which I feel a kind of self-origination out of a desire within the Godhead. As I find my way back slowly and through the densities to the Godhead, it is important to find my way back to the specific place of my origin. Is that why one is so scrupulous to attending to one’s biases?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We shall take your phrase, “the place of your origin” not to be a specific location, for, indeed, you are from all places, but to be that frame of mind or attitude of unity from which each portion of the one Creator springs, and, indeed, this is true, my brother, for each entity has begun in total unity as an unpolarized and undifferentiated particle of that one great original Thought of Love which has set all creation in motion. Each entity, therefore, finds its uniqueness in the means by which it is able to refine and define this unity from a perspective born of experience that becomes of necessity unique, for as each portion of the creation that becomes intelligent and self-conscious does so, its experience is at variance to some degree from the experience of any other portion of the creation, for the hallmark of an infinite Creator, my brother, is variety. By the free will choices that are possible to each portion of the creation, there is seen an infinity of possibility for each portion of the creation.

Thus does each entity such as yourself move in a rhythm that partakes of the great heartbeat of the universe, moving outward and outward, gathering experience, turning that experience into the power to serve, to love, to glorify the one Creator, and to continue on the journey, moving then back again to that place of unity from which all this began, having now gained the experience of moving through the cycles of creation. Thus, you are in microcosm the one Creator that has come to know Itself as you are now, and shall come to know Itself as all that is.

S asked about how his seeking fit into the experience of the Godhead, or Creator, in knowing Itself. He was wondering if, in his journey through the densities, he needed to return to his specific place of origin. Q’uo began their response by saying that S’s place of origin was that of coming from a place of “total unity as an unpolarized and undifferentiated particle of that one great original Thought of Love which has set all creation in motion.” Q’uo went on to say that as S moved through the densities of experience he would create a unique identity that could serve and glorify the Creator and he would eventually rejoin the one Creator that has come to know Itself as all that there is. On August 31, 1986, Latwii described how this process of reunification with the Creator is accomplished:

I am Latwii, and indeed this is so, my brother, for each seeker of truth has discovered in one way or another that that which may be seen as the stream of consciousness is without beginning and without end, and moves in many ways throughout all of the one infinite creation. The one creation is held in its place by that one Thought of Love, given birth ageless eons ago by the one Creator, that the one Creator might, through the movement of various portions of Its own Love, come to know Itself in ways not available to It without such division of Itself into the infinite portions and expressions of Love that move throughout this same creation in order that each portion may come to know itself by gaining the experience of evolution in a unique fashion that will, at its culmination, bring the harvest of experience to the one Creator, that all may again know the heart of being as Love, and may continue the process of movement and growth and seeking and gaining the experience that will reveal each portion of the Creator to each portion of the Creator as the one Creator.

Is there a further query, my brother?

S: No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Carla: I have one. In analyzing what I can remember of what I channeled, I was struck mostly by, well, in the past there has been a lot of emphasis on two things: faith and will, will and faith. Now thinking about the guru trip, the trip of inner-planes masters, incarnate or discarnate, and thinking that perhaps although there is much faith, the will is given over to a teacher that is perceived as apart from the self, and that teacher interacts with the student, and the student becomes able to deal with fourth density light, but it has not honed its faith. In other words, it thinks it knows something.

Whereas, the person who walks the road of spiritual principles and, shall we say, the hard school of knocks of life, instead of the ivory tower of talking with an inner-planes master, who has chosen to live the truth rather than study the truth, and because of that the only thing that moves one through experience is faith, and sooner or later it must be grasped by any one hopeful enough to continue to exist.

So, that is why you recommend working things out within your experience without undue attention to any opinion but your own, and that is because faith does not depend on facts or proofs or anything that is known, but faith just is faith that all is well and all is one with the infinite Creator. Could you comment on that? I thought it was kind of an important thought.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall attempt to speak to this point. It is difficult to generalize with accuracy in the manner which you have described, for with any teacher or student there is the likelihood that there will be anomalistic experience, that which deviates from the norm.

There are many teachers of the origin of inner planes that work with specific beliefs as you have noted. There are many students who work either with a teacher or alone who also work diligently upon the nature of beliefs and the power of the mind to affect not only one’s behavior but one’s ability to move along the spiritual path, shall we say. Whether one works with belief and concentrates little upon faith, or whether one works greatly with faith in that which is unseen and little upon belief, there is within your illusion a quality built in, shall we say, in which all efforts shall both fall short of the mark and shall produce some fruit.

The quality that we find most helpful to any student in whatever way the journey has been fashioned by that student, is the tandem, shall we say, use of will and faith. The desire to know, to grow, and to serve must be strong, and there must be the faith that such is possible, and we find that whether one has focused upon belief in certain principles, rituals or concepts, or has focused upon the direct application of faith, it is yet this quality of faith powered by the will, the desire, that is functioning either consciously or subconsciously, for each student has chosen—and in this sense we speak of those who are consciously seeking—to move the self upon the path of seeking to know in a way which implies and requires the exercise of faith in something, whether that something be a set of beliefs, a guru or teacher that personifies certain qualities, or whether it is indeed the faith itself, the faith that all entities share an origin, a journey, and a destination, and the surety that all is indeed well throughout the process of evolution.

Carla asked about the concepts of will and faith and felt that the inner planes masters require that the will of the student be given over to the master whereas Q’uo had recommended that the student exercise its own will as it moved through its life experience with the faith that all would be well, and Carla asked for Q’uo’s comments on her thoughts. Q’uo said that there was a variety of possibilities that applied to both working with an inner planes master and following one’s own will. They said that some seekers might combine these two paths, and there could be instances of both successes and failures on both paths. Then Q’uo said that they felt that the use of will and faith was the crucial element for the seeker whether it was faith in certain rituals or beliefs or faith in the personal spiritual journey that all will be well on that journey. On March 7, 2020, Q’uo explained how faith and will can help us move forward on our spiritual journeys:

The faith that all shall work out fine is that which is the foundation stone upon which each seeker may build the spiritual journey, for there are no mistakes for any spiritual seeker. Each seeker grows and changes according to an individual rhythm of expression of intelligent energy or the light of the One Creator. Each seeker has the opportunity and the ability to accelerate this path or type of movement along the spiritual journey as it becomes more aware of how faith and will can use the moment to grow. Each moment is pregnant with possibilities. Each moment has a variety of layers of opportunity that can be utilized, if the will of the seeker is strong enough to investigate beyond previous investigations.

If the desire, the will, and the faith are utilized by the seeker in a conscious fashion (so that there is the potential for greater growth, and is seen by the seeker to be a potential that resides within its own being), then the seeker can take this faith, this desire, this will, and apply it to any present moment. Then the fruits of the moment may be more evident to the seeker and the seeker will not only be fed physically in a manner which propels the body forward, but can be fed spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in a similar fashion, so that there is food aplenty for each portion of the seeker’s spiritual anatomy, shall we say. Thus, the seeker itself can determine the rate of progress in its own spiritual journey, according to how it applies its desire and its will, encompassed within the larger facility of faith.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

Carla: Well that’s very eloquent, it’s just that I feel rather strongly that the organized religions, if you should take them literally, or take any body of teaching literally, or any spirit guide, following its directions literally impacts the will, and that’s why I was saying that faith seems to have ascendancy over belief in being a good tool, because faith isn’t faith in anything, it’s just faith. If there’s no further comment from you, than that was just—I thought that thinking for yourself and seeking your path did more to improve the strength of the will than the path of accepting that which a teacher has to say without question.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and we would further comment by suggesting that it is indeed the most frequently noted experience that the organized, as you have called them, religions do seem after a period of time to solidify the tenets of the faith or of the belief so that there is a more narrow path that is permissible to walk upon.

However, given this limitation of the hardening of the viewpoint and the narrowing of the viewpoint, there is ever available within each system of beliefs a path which is straight and true for those followers whose faith has remained unblemished and whose ability to awaken compassion within the beingness has ripened, shall we say, and has found a means of manifesting within the daily life.

We would agree that the hardening of the beliefs provides a difficulty for those entities who do not take upon themselves the responsibility of making those discriminations and interpretations and applications of the belief which will allow the awakening of compassion.

May we speak in any further sense, my sister?

Carla: No, I thought that was very enlightening. Thanks a lot.

I am Q’uo, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

R: There is one other small, humble question. I get many sounds, and I wish your comment on these sounds. [Inaudible] before.

I am Q’uo, and we must apologize, my sister, for being shy of information in this regard, for we find that if we were to speak in this way we would be infringing upon a process of inner growth which is in our opinion most beneficially aided by your own efforts. There is a line across which we do not desire to move, and that is the infringement upon an entity’s free will when there is the process of inspiration occurring that is of an inner nature which must be discovered by the student without the teacher, shall we say, giving hints for the homework.

Is there another query, my sister?

R: That was [inaudible]. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Carla: I guess we’re through, Q’uo. Thank you so much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each for allowing our presence this evening. It was a great honor to be able to blend our vibrations with yours and to walk with you upon your journey of seeking, which is indeed the same journey upon which we move as well. We take a delight in being able to give voice to our concepts and hope that we have been able to share some portion of our journey with you that might be of service to you. Again, we request that you apply your own discrimination rigorously upon those words which we have been privileged to share with you this evening.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends.

This morning I removed the screen door in the hall on the first floor that leads upstairs as it is really not needed since there is a second door at the top of the stairs that can keep my feral cat,  Benny, from coming downstairs.

This afternoon I went outside and gave my big mower, Venus, the usual season-ending cleanup since there are only a few leaves left to come down from the Ginko trees in the back yard that I will put into garbage cans instead of mulching them.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 23

Your Vessel Of Dust

I am of the principle of the consciousness of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in divine love.

You have seen yourself as a boat upon the river of life, being blown to and fro by forces which you cannot control. The spirit within you asks you to enlarge your vision, deepen your understanding, and share yourself, not with any frail craft but with the illimitable ocean which is your true nature.

It is the illusion of wood and sail, the illusion of tides and winds which make one feel apart from the nourishing water which supports and upholds life. Think now of this productive image. The wood dissolves. The sails disappear. And that most frail vessel of the physical body is released. At last the seeker becomes one with the sea within which lies wholeness of life.

This is water which the soul breathes. This is wholeness which the body mistakenly denies. Know that you are one with that which feeds, nourishes and sustains your spirit. Know that you are not limited but are only a drop of the sea of consciousness which moves sometimes into a vessel of dust, that it may be fruitful, just as raindrops mold themselves about the dust within the atmosphere and thus fall down to nourish the crops that feed your world.

We leave you flowing freely and endlessly in the peace of the ever-moving water which is the consciousness of love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 8, 1989:

We have a two-pronged question this evening, the first portion being, is there any additional way in which entities of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, such as we contact in our group, can expand their contact with us and their teaching to us? For example, the inner-planes masters frequently take entities to other densities, or to other areas within the inner planes where [there are] experiences that are especially helpful to them. And then, once we have gathered information from whatever source, whether it be from the inner planes, from a guide, from a book, from a channeling, from a friend, or from whomever, how can we further put that information to work in our lives and produce more of the spiritual fruit, and the evolution of mind, body and spirit and the service to others that we have come here to accomplish?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We are very pleased to be speaking through this instrument. We wished this instrument to reach a deeper state of meditation after the instrument was satisfied it had challenged us properly. We feel the instrument is now ready to proceed. We wish you a most happy and blessed evening together. It is our privilege to be called to this circle of seeking. We come in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Our gratitude for your allowing us to share our opinions with you is great. It is you who help us, as any teacher may understand, for we learn, slowly but surely, truly how to understand and have compassion, truly how to temper that compassion with wisdom, by gazing at those who are going through what we may call the fire of decision. Yours is a stressful time, as you would say. It is so for a purpose.

We would now move to the question that has been asked. We of Q’uo are those of what may be called outer plane principles. That is, we have had the experience of working as a social memory complex, and we have chosen as one to move back to a density in which our humble opinions may be of value. That which we may offer is limited by the steel boundaries of free will. We may offer to you principles that are spiritual; we may attempt to contrive resources and tools for you to learn. But that which we do is as you surmised earlier, governed by a counsel which has found no single happening of that which was intended coming from a service-to-others physical appearance. It is always an infringement upon free will.

Consequently, we speak with you as those who love and those who wish to serve, and you serve us as you listen and consider. Please consider always that our opinions are finite. We do not have the knowledge of the one infinite Creator. We are merely a little further along on a path which is as dusty to us as it is to you, and as joyful.

Let us speak about the inner-planes masters, so called. These are entities which have personally evolved to be harvestable to fourth density who have instead chosen to remain discarnate and to turn back and aid those of third density. These entities are creatures of your illusion which have moved to larger life and are able to see, shall we say, the tree of consciousness down to its roots and up to its loftiest branches. They are out of the illusion, but they have not had the experience of the higher densities by working with a social memory complex. It is, shall we say, a choice. There are service-to-others and service-to-self entities within your inner planes. There are very wise ones within your inner planes. They have done very, very difficult work, and they are to be commended. However, they have halted their own learning process, turning back to aid, and knowing only that which has been realized within the incarnation that makes the entity at the time of the physical death able to move into fourth-density light.

We have chosen, shall we say, a path with a broader vision. It may be said, perhaps, that we have chosen to love the Creator more than we love those to whom we speak, whereas the inner-planes masters love their students more than they love themselves, for they are unable to progress while still within the inner planes of third density. They are, however, able to give very, very good advice and to speak to specific matters that on our part would be an infringement of free will.

No, we cannot come among you. That which we know of the service-to-others path is enough to allow us to have concluded that the most effective way to aid humankind in this third-density illusion is to speak to spiritual principles with a long view, a point of view that is far away from yours in time and space, if you wish to use those terms. We look at thousands of years, while inner masters speak to the daily needs of their students.

Each path of seeking among your peoples is acceptable. Those upon the inner planes have done the equivalent of crucifixion. They have not risen; they have not moved on. They have loved their brothers, and have so great a compassion that they stay within discarnate third density, and attempt to be of service to their brothers and sisters. We have chosen to learn to be, knowing that eventually we would be able to be of service by our being, and at this point in our development we have also conceived of the project of speaking with groups such as yours, and this has passed the Council, obviously, or this instrument who challenges so fiercely would not be speaking.

It is acceptable to seek the Creator either through the inner-planes masters, or through those such as ourselves who attempt to offer a cosmology and some tools and resources for entering into that which is infinite and unknown. This instrument would call it the noumenal. It is our feeling that as we seek the Creator and learn more and more within the social memory complex experience, we learn to become able to serve in such a way that we learn; and so our service is our learning, and all that we offer comes back to us a hundred and a thousand-fold.

The apparent difficulty, from the standpoint of an inner-planes entity, is that any kind of physical apparatus, even light bodies, must be maintained. The consciousness must be housed. We are uncomfortable; we have our catalyst; we are attempting to refine our understanding of the ways of wisdom. Learning is always less than comfortable. The inner-planes masters have the realization which they have achieved, and they are very comfortable, for they are only consciousness, and because they once stood upon the same planet as you, they may, through a materialization medium, come to you and speak specifically to you.

There are those who need the daily touch, the intimacy, the ability to converse, of the inner-planes master or guide. A large percentage of your planet’s entities choose this method of seeking. Let us say that the teacher known as Jesus the Christ offered a clearer view, that is, a longer view, of the purpose of the choice-making density, by living a parable, which may be seen to be that which explains that the one who is the greatest is the one who has chosen to be a servant, that the one who is most centered and conscious is the one who moves to the least comfortable position so that others may have the comfort.

You all wish to be service-to-others entities, and, as of this evening, you have chosen to work upon the way itself; not upon the answers, but upon the questions. It is our honest belief, from this point of view, that the questions are far more important than the answers that this instrument prizes. The point of the path of seeking is evolution, and a movement towards unity, not through experiencing the self as the Creator, but in experiencing the Creator through the self. That is, we see in each of you the Creator. We see the patterns of distortions that you have woven about the tapestry of your life so far. We can see the incarnational pattern, the learning of love that you are doing, and the integrity and sincerity and intensity of your intention to seek the truth. This is what makes the call that reaches the tuned ear.

Those who seek from inner-planes masters are often of, shall we say, an entirely different planetary origin, and find the need of inner-planes masters or guides because they are unwilling or unable to work within third density, within the prison of the flesh, within the additional prison of the brain, towards realization within the illusion, towards a penetration of the illusion from within the midst of that illusion. This is interesting to us.

We encourage people to take a long view. It is our honest belief that it is better to continue learning to be, and then, as a side product, being able to serve, than to turn one’s back on one’s own evolution, and sacrifice and martyr oneself within the inner planes in service to beloved students. This is only our opinion. There are very many service-to-others oriented, positively polarized and excellent inner-planes beings, some of which you are aware. We find within this group a very burning desire to move on, to progress in evolution, knowing that service to others will be the natural byproduct of the sacrifice of comfort, the sacrifice of freedom, in the sense of having to have a physical vehicle and a place to be.

You see, my friends, consciousness is not as you feel that it is. It is not the thinking; it is not the doing. The closest we may come to the essence of consciousness is purified emotion. There lies your wisdom. That which inhabits your brain, that which is given you within this illusion, is by and large that given for the making of choices, this being the density of choice. Much as a computer answers a question “yes” or “no,” time and again, to come up with any number of informations, so too does the mind choose what it will perceive, and then arrange that perception according to the distortions of its own biases and understandings.

We suggest that whatever a person has found its path to lead it to at this time, that it is well to follow the heart, the preference, the bias, not to move from one way of seeking, such as inner-planes masters, such as speaking with those of us of the Confederation. It is a free choice, and good information comes from both, if the channel be pure.

There were two basic group questions for this session, and the first one was: Could any social memory complexes of the Confederation interact with us as inner planes masters do by taking us to some of the inner planes of Earth and having experiences there. Q’uo began their answer by saying that their ability to interact with entities on our Earth is limited by their need to respect free will and not interact in person as this has never been approved by the Council of Saturn. However, Q’uo said that the masters of the inner planes are graduates of third density who have chosen, not to go on to fourth density, but to remain within the inner planes to offer experiences to aid the spiritual seeker on its journey of learning. Q’uo said that, as Confederation members, their service to us was to speak to us in words and concepts that reveal a larger point of view to give us tools to work with to help us evolve spiritually. Q’uo recommended that the spiritual seeker follow its heart in deciding which of these types of paths to follow as good information can come from both if the channel is pure. On October 29, 1989, Q’uo gave examples of a number of kinds of inner planes masters who may contact the seeker of truth:

All inner planes entities are those who have incarnated, lived and offered much upon your Earth’s sphere. Many of them are extremely wise, some of them are mischievous, and some, within the lower astral planes, are most disturbing. However, if one learns from a teacher rather than from one’s own heart, one is forever dependent upon that teacher to be without the feet of clay. All entities have the feet of clay, not only in your environment of third density but as one moves on. Of course, that which one does not desire becomes more and more refined in its removal so that where, at first, one took large chunks of the being that did not aid the self and held them upward to the Creator saying, “Take these, these are no longer my personal truths,” then one may get on with the business of paying attention to, blessing, nourishing and loving the self. This is the fundamental heart of service to others.

Now we would tackle the question of how you may be aided more by our beingness. We are parables; we are exemplars. We do not teach, we are the catalyst for teaching. We are the voice of the infinite One, and we speak with vast perspective, compared to your own. Yet we are called to very specific vibrations, such as this group’s. Inner-planes masters are called to individuals. They may be channeled to others, but they are in essence entities which belong to one person alone, or one person which belongs to one entity alone, depending upon the polarization of the contact.

Humankind has for all of written history, this instrument would say, tried to become wise. It has written billions and billions of words in many, many languages. It has thought many thoughts, and proposed many proposals concerning the way things really are. Mankind has struggled to learn, to evolve, to believe in something that is real. There is a difficulty with that. Nothing is real. All that you experience, including your own personality, is illusion, shadow and distortion.

It is our belief that because of our longer point of view we are able to serve you in a way that is different than the inner-planes master, and it is our belief that you are in a position to serve yourself in a way that is different from inner-planes guidance, and that is by the conscious use of spiritual principles in living the very uncomfortable life of one who is attempting, while in, shall we say, marine boot camp, to work twice as hard as the other entities who are grabbing the gusto, the bowling balls, and the beer. Those of you who hear my words and seek to help others are those who have chosen the dusty path, the path of sacrifice, the path of discomfort, of woes and troubles and problems. You have chosen to expose yourself to all that is in whatever form you may experience it, be vulnerable to it, be open to it, and attempt to learn from it, by the conscious use of spiritual principles.

Now, spiritual principles end always in two things: paradox and mystery. Consequently, it is the entity who seeks with a literal mind who seeks the inner-planes masters. It is more often the mystic, the poet, or, shall we say, the wanderer type, who is interested in the abstract principles which theoretically govern a living world of reality. Within your own life, then, you may devalue certain aspects of the brain’s limitations of choice, and realize that beyond the veil of the inner being, if one is careful, and like a lover searches for the self, the heart of the self, and the heart of passion, that one may find, little by little, the self, amidst all the variousness of free will, and may begin by will and intent, consciously to change the polarity, to evolve spiritually, not because there is a guide who may speak to you each day, and tell you what to do, but because you are upon a quest. You are in search of an unfathomable mystery. That mystery is love. You have only one tool at the beginning of that great search, that dusty, infinite walk, and that is your intent, your desire, your seeking. The one known as Jesus the Christ said, “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” This is inestimably true on many, many levels. Be very careful of that for which you desire, as it will come to you. Be sure of your desires; have the purity to know and examine the self.

Thus, we are suggesting to you that what we can do as beings is teach you that it is perhaps, although seemingly a choice of selfishness, [better] to move on and learn more, and not to stay behind in the inner planes and help students. It is better to go on, seeking, asking, being an entity with personality, which means that one has not yet approached the heart of the Creator. It is possible with inner guides masters to experience egolessness, personlessness and nonbeing. It is possible to have great realizations beneath the threshold of the conscious mind, and to allow one’s being to be moved by whatever intuition those realizations produce.

Eventually, each inner-planes master will decide to move on, for the will to evolve is so much a part of the nature of the active principle of the Creator that it cannot be forever denied. The inner-planes ones must take up their staffs at some point, must take upon themselves manifestation and learn more, refine that choice, that understanding, that realization, more and more, until that which is called free will is found to be the desire to serve, that is the free will. When the free will and the desire to serve the one infinite Creator [are one]—this instrument would say the “not my will but Thine” syndrome—then the entity is most prepared to take full advantage of the experience which this dance upon planet Earth at this time offers.

You do not need to be other directed. We give you these words hoping for inspiration and information, but without hope that any will have any particular reaction to our words. We give them to you as opinion. We expect that you will take what is useful to you and forget the rest. This is excellent; this is the way it should be, for those who are conscious teach themselves by the catalyst of gazing into the face of the Creator, in each other, in us, and in the self.

Take the long view, my friends. Find the lightness of heart that this gives you, the balance of opinion, and the thoughtfulness, and eventually, the faith that it offers. [For when there is no reason to anything within the illusion, then it is that that which is mysterious outside of the illusion has the only possibility of being real.] Gaze at that pontificated reality, and realize that that reality, that mystery, is love, an energy indescribable. The infinite intelligence of the one Creator is love, unpotentiated, unpolarized, unaware. It merely loves. The active principle of free will is chosen again and again by the Creator, Who chooses to make a creation and form active principles of Itself that It may learn of Its own nature. We already know the answer: the nature of the Creator is love; the nature of you is love; the nature of your circumstances is love. Whatever they may be, all is as it should be; all offers the catalyst that is required at the present time.

If one may have faith in this, and seek the one infinite Creator which is within the mystery, which is the mystery, and which is the core of the being of the self, then one may find one’s way to a way of living that is beautiful, and makes of marine boot camp a very tidy place, a place of happy laughter and merriment, a place of lightheartedness and peace. For as you learn more and more about service to others, taking the punches, having the troubles, learning from them, and not from an inner guide who tells you what to think, so you become more and more aware of the humbleness of your own nature, and of your desire for servanthood. Servanthood is not as you may think of it. Servanthood is servanthood to the Creator. One may see the face of servanthood in the face of a mother or father, who serves the Creator and nurtures the beings that house those consciousnesses that are unique, just as each of you is unique.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We continue with this instrument. Each of you has a special gift to give. That gift is the gift of the pattern of the self. Consider the snowflake, no two alike. So it is with spirits, as they grow in compassion and wisdom and service to others. Each one has a somewhat different energy nexus, a somewhat different emphasis or area of expertise. Each speaks uniquely to the Creator of itself; each has experiences no other in the infinite creation has had, and has experienced them in the idiosyncratic way of one truly conscious of the self within.

You see, my friends, you are a jailer as well as a prisoner. In most entities the jailer is the stronger of the two entities. And so the entity moves through the life depending on outside help. You do not need to depend on any outside help, my friends. You do not need us, you do not need any teacher. You merely need persistence, determination, and a kind of respect for the self that must be the foundation of seeking. The core of you is the infinite love of the one Creator. You are the Creator within. This is not evident; it is not intended to be. You must seek this beingness within. We can be with you in your meditations; we can strengthen your meditations. We cannot strengthen your persistence, your determination or your seeking. We cannot purify your intent, or widen your point of view. You must leave that to the consciousness that is within you, the purified and ever more purified emotion that comes forward as bliss, ecstasy, passion, intensity and, paradoxically, peace. All these things are within you.

This is where that which is called faith becomes evidently different from that which is called belief, for inner-planes masters are those who have believed certain things, who have certain pathways to follow to graduate from third density. They are legitimate. There is a blindness to them, since the higher densities have been bypassed by the entity’s immediate realization of the one infinite Creator. This may seem to be a great advantage, but it is as if you were only visiting and must go home. The only way to move back to the source, the only way to become unpotentiated love once again, the only way to find and be the Grail, is to walk this dusty path, learning of the self, of the beingness, of compassion and wisdom and balance, in that order, so that one may at last, having experienced much, turn and offer to the Creator the one gift that is most excellent and holy: the self, with all the richness of its learning.

May you see yourself as beautiful, my friends. May you attempt to live beautiful lives. May your laughter be hearty and real. May you delight in each other. May you seek together, may you be persistent and daily. At any time you wish for us to strengthen your meditation, we are welcome to be with you. We will not guide you. We respect you. You will guide yourself. All that you need to know lies within you. When you hear it, and say, “Yes, now I understand,” there is a part of you that would wish to say, “Yes, now I remember.” For that which is personal truth comes to one as a long forgotten memory that has somehow found its way to the surface. We welcome you to the dusty path. We feel it is an authentic option, a way to learn, a way back to the Source, and we are most grateful for your seeking.

In answer to the second question of how seekers could be aided by Q’uo’s beingness, Q’uo said that they are here to share spiritual principles that help us to deal with difficulty and uncertainty in this third density illusion. They do not have the specific thoughts and procedures of the inner planes teachers but help us deal with difficulties, sacrifice, and woes through learning from these problems which then result in paradox and mystery. Q’uo said that we are on an infinite journey to find the mystery of the love of the Creator in a way unique to ourselves and not the specific answers from an inner planes teacher. They said that we will eventually find that everything is love, and we will need to exercise faith that when we find this love within us that we will  be able to offer ourselves to the Creator in helping It to know Itself better and also to polarize our consciousness by learning compassion, wisdom, and balance and eventually become one with the Creator once again. On February 22, 2020, Q’uo described how we may become one with the Creator:

The initiation of the surrendering of the self to the will of the One is that which is carried out with such an intense desire that it is difficult to adequately describe how this is accomplished. It is motivated and initiated by the seeker itself which has desired this union for a great portion of what you would call time, and has through various means of spiritual expression been able to accomplish a kind of replica or preliminary experience of this unity, so that there is a taste of that which is to come.

The initiation itself is that which can happen in the eye blink of a moment, or in prolonged meditation, or in the daily round of activities, for there is no determining the exact timing or characteristics necessary when the desire of the seeker will have built to such a level, both on the unconscious mind and the conscious mind.

This will and desire become balanced by the faith that such a will and desire will be manifested when the faith is as strong as the will and they move together in union. Then there is the blending of these two strands of rope which is used to take the seeker into the highest realms of the fully-experienced presence of the One Infinite Creator in order to be able to do the will of the Creator, having become one with the Creator, and knowing the will because of that unity between the two that is no longer two, but one.

This instrument informs us that we have been much overlong, as we are wont to do, and we apologize, but the question was an interesting one, and we must admit to being fond of interesting questions. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, that he may conclude tonight’s working. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am known to you as Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow all of the leaves in the front and side yards into the leave the leaves area between the fish pond and the pet cemetery. Then I ran some errands with my first stop being Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some food for myself. Then I stopped by Hometown Pizza to pick up a pizza I had ordered. My last stop was Walgreen’s Drug Store where I bought some non-food items.

This afternoon I blew all of the leaves in the back yard into the area behind the garage and mulched them with Venus.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 22

Ask For The Spirit Of Love

I am the spirit of the living God. I greet you in the consciousness of that great name which is love. I am of the vibration of the consciousness of love which comforts this child.

As you perceive, more and more, the depth of lack of glad understanding which you express with regard to the consciousness of love, you may naturally become disheartened. Although it was never intended that difficulties dishearten the seeker, it is necessary, in order to appreciate love’s consciousness, that perceptions be had of the great dynamic between the action of the spirit of love and the substance upon which that action takes place.

For there is much within the consciousness that is experienced by sons of God upon the Earth which is dead to all consciousness of love. And thus the redemption of the action of love upon this consciousness is all the more remarkable.

Remember that those who do not ask for the spirit of love to come upon them shall not experience a substantial amount of grace. For even were spiritual grace to be given by another who prays for you, unless you gladly receive this grace, it shall not endure. Seek always, then, the redemption of that which is dead and do not mourn your iniquity fruitlessly.

May the consciousness of love keep you in peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 1, 1989:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We, at this time, would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to whatever queries may be upon the minds of those gathered this evening. We wish to remind each that we do not wish to be seen as infallible sources of information but, rather, those of your brothers and sisters who have moved to a position from which we may see that which you see in a somewhat clearer light and who wish to share that vision with you if it is of value to you. Is there a query at this time with which we may begin?

Questioner: I have two students, one of which I have never actually taught, far away geographically who are working by themselves upon their channeling. What advice would you give in general to those who are beginning the attempt to be of service by vocal channeling?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We can suggest what you would call the basic information here concerning the necessities for certain parameters that must needs be observed in order to proceed along a path which has the capacity of sharing greatly with others. Yet, because of the great opportunity, there is also the great necessity for taking care that the path be traveled as surely and as carefully as possible.

There is the need for the experienced instrument within the group, for the process of serving as a vocal instrument is one which may be learned with relative speed, as you measure time, but must be refined with the dedication and practice that comes from the student and the presence of the experienced vocal instrument that can discern those instances where there is the need for special attention that might easily escape the novice or the beginner.

There is, of course, the need for the numbering of the group to be that of three or greater in order that there be a natural kind of support and protection provided by the desires of each being melded into a wall, shall we say, of light that serves to unify the seeking being, shall we say, that calls for contact of those, such as are we, that might give information and inspiration through that contact. There is always the need within any new circle of instruments to be able to rely upon the inspiration of an experienced instrument for those times when the difficulties or doubts do arise. Therefore, once again, it is well that such a group contain the experienced instrument.

We would also recommend to any such group that the desire to serve as a vocal instrument be periodically examined and intensified so as to continually place the tuning of each entity within the group at the highest point that is able to be sustained upon a steady level. It is necessary, therefore, to continue to work upon the self in what you might see as a therapeutic manner in order that those energies which may block or distort such contact might be kept within the balance point of awareness, shall we say. It is well to continue to work at least as hard upon the self as it is to work upon the process of learning to become a vocal instrument. This is being sure that the foundation for such work is placed upon the firmest of ground with great attention to its stability in order that any service which might be produced through the vocal channeling might have some hope of longevity and providing a continuing means both of learning and of serving.

We feel these points are a good beginning for the new instrument, and, indeed, are points which any instrument, no matter what the degree of experience, does well to continually consider as a portion of the process of serving as a vocal instrument.

Questioner said that she was working with two students in a different geographic location from hers that were attempting to learn to channel on their own, and she wanted Q’uo’s advice on how they should proceed. Q’uo said that these new students needed the experienced channel in their presence in order to be able to have knowledge of its experience to rely on when any difficulties arose. Q’uo said that three was the minimum number in such a group, and they also recommended that each new instrument continually seek to strengthen its own spiritual path by working upon any blockages in their energy centers. On October 11, 2008, Q’uo gave a more detailed description of how the new instrument may work on its spiritual path most effectively to enhance its ability to serve as an instrument:

We would say that what predisposes one towards being a better channel is gaining clarity within the self concerning the self, so that when you approach learning to channel, for instance, you are aware of why you are here, why you are working on this particular skill and art, and consequently it is much more simple and matter-of-fact.

As to what would predispose one to be a certain kind of channel, that is something that is unique to each person. It is not from the outside in that a person becomes a particular kind of channel—it is from the inside out.

If an entity wants to be a channel for healing but is trying to be a channel for the Confederation, then it simply muddies the waters, shall we say. There are many ways to channel and for each channeling student it is a matter of gaining the experience, through repetition of the work, to begin to identify your particular and unique path of service and then to offer 100% of your intention and your dedication to improving yourself along the lines of your maximum gift.

So, in terms of learning to channel, the interest for each channeling student needs to be that conversation with the self wherein there is a growing knowledge of the self, a growing clarity of the self, and the type of service that this particular entity wishes to give, so that when time comes to work on the channeling circle and be part of the effort to open the self to our humble thoughts, there is nothing competing for your attention, and you are able to relax and open the self and see what happens without worrying about the outcome or giving yourself any judgment as to how you are doing.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Questioner: [No further query.]

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Questioner: Yes. I have asked this question before, but in light of the wonderful information that we have heard tonight—which, for me, is one of the best I’ve ever heard—I feel like I need to ask the question again to see if there is anything that can be added to it, or just to refresh me. When communing with the inner self when attempting to receive guidance to structure your life, or at least to [inaudible] your actions, I suppose, according to what you get from the inside [inaudible] sometimes I run into a very hard problem of differentiating between that which comes from the inner self and that which just comes from the mortal self that exists in the illusion. Could you comment further or reiterate?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As one moves into the meditative state, it is well to prepare for this experience by first contemplating for a short period the reason that one moves into meditation, to prepare for that meditation by structuring the conscious mind in a fashion which serves as the personal tuning, shall we say. One may ask of the self what it is that one seeks, why it is that one seeks, how it is that one seeks. This will begin to place the attention in, shall we say, the proper attitude so that as the meditation is begun the attention will have a certain vector or direction that is not only inward but charged in a specific way. And by this charge, then, the consciousness that has been focused begins to move in a more meaningful fashion through the tree of mind down the branches to the trunk and therefrom to the deepest roots that are accessible to the entity at that time.

How deeply the entity is able to move down the tree of mind determines the degree of, shall we say, distortion or lack thereof, so that whatever information is gained does contain helpful insights, more and more helpful as the entity moves more deeply into or down into the roots of the mind complex. As the entity moves more deeply, the distortion factor is reduced so that those insights that are sought and which are supplied have less of a factor of distortion or of the coloration that is of necessity placed upon information from deeper portions of the self when this information must need travel through the more conscious portions of the mind or that which you might call the personality.

Therefore, it is our suggestion that each insight that is gained be looked at within the meditative state and within the contemplative state after the meditation as that which is helpful and as that which must also be subject to discernment in order that whatever distortion might be present as a natural communicative function of the mind complex might be determined so that the information becomes as purely distilled as is possible.

We suggest that this is not as difficult a process as our lengthy description of it would suggest. There is the recognition of information that strikes to the heart of one’s concerns that comes from the conscious mind as it considers that which has been placed before it. Therefore, we suggest that each piece of information be given careful consideration and be valued as that which has its origin within the deepest and purest parts of the self that touch unto the higher self.

Questioner said that when he was communing with his inner self for guidance as to how to structure his life more effectively, he was sometimes unsure as to whether the information he was getting was from his inner self or from his own mind and wanted to know how to tell the difference. Q’uo began their answer by suggesting that when Questioner was preparing to meditate that he should “ask of the self what it is that one seeks, why it is that one seeks, how it is that one seeks” as this would prepare the conscious mind to move as deeply as possible into the subconscious mind to receive answers to these questions. Q’uo said that the deeper one goes into the tree of mind the information is less distorted by the conscious mind and more helpful to the seeker. In 30.2, Ra described the nature of the tree of mind:

Questioner: Thank you. Would you define mind, body, and spirit separately?

I am Ra. These terms are all simplistic descriptive terms which equal a complex of energy focuses; the body, as you call it, being the material of the density which you experience at a given space/time or time/space; this complex of materials being available for distortions of what you would call physical manifestation.

The mind is a complex which reflects the inpourings of the spirit and the up-pourings of the body complex. It contains what you know as feelings, emotions, and intellectual thoughts in its more conscious complexities. Moving further down the tree of mind we see the intuition, which is of the nature of the mind more in contact, or in tune, with the total beingness complex. Moving down to the roots of mind we find the progression of consciousness which gradually turns from the personal to the racial memory to the cosmic influxes, and thus becomes a direct contactor of that shuttle which we call the spirit complex.

This spirit complex is the channel whereby the inpourings from all of the various universal, planetary, and personal inpourings may be funneled into the roots of consciousness, and whereby consciousness may be funneled to the gateway of intelligent infinity through the balanced intelligent energy of body and mind.

You will see by this series of definitive statements that mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other. Thus we refer to the mind/body/spirit complex rather than attempting to deal with them separately, for the work, shall we say, that you do during your experiences is done through the interaction of these three components, not through any one.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Questioner: [The questioner understands the basic description of the method of entering meditation and describes his daily meditative practice, but wants further suggestions as to what to do when seeking guidance in the middle of activity when there is no time to meditate. Also, how can one judge the validity of guidance received quickly in such situations when there is no time for considered reflection?]

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. In such an instance, one may see the attempt to untangle the confusion by asking for assistance as the sudden and sharp stopping of the conscious mind and by the query itself, seeing the query move as an arrow or a bolt of lightning into the deepest portion of the self so that a response might as quickly be received as what is frequently called among your peoples as the “hunch,” the intuition, the inspiration that is of at moment. This is an effective means of communicating with a deeper portion of the self. The degree of effectiveness is determined in large part by the degree of sincerity of the conscious question. By asking sincerely and desiring sincerely, the subconscious mind gives that which is of the instantaneous nature of insight—a word, a phrase, a concept, a feeling—in some form. It is well to pay attention to that which responds to the sincere query, that which is of the heart, for it is that portion of the self answering which contains that which is sought and communicates this in but an instant.

Questioner wanted to know how to seek guidance when one is in the midst of activity, and how can he know the validity of this type of guidance when there is no time to meditate. He also wanted to know the validity of such guidance in this situation. Q’uo suggested that Questioner visualize the sincere desire to receive this guidance as moving like a bolt of lightning to the deepest part of the subconscious mind,  and then the subconscious mind will respond to this desire as the hunch, inspiration, or intuition. On July 4, 1982, Q’uo described the nature and function of the subconscious mind:

The subconscious mind has the basic purpose of allowing this expansion of perception and increase in the ability to learn by providing the catalysts which provoke, shall we say, new lessons and learnings. The subconscious mind is directly connected to the planetary mind, that is, the mind that contains the total experiences of all entities who inhabit your planet at this time. Beyond this are reaches of the mind which are greater yet. These mind reaches included that known to your peoples as the basic motivating force of the universe, that being the Logos or Love. It is through this connection that each individual upon your planet reproduces the nature of the one infinite Creator, that is, to experience and to grow from experience. Therefore, each entity is connected to the one Creator through the deep reaches of the mind as though the one creation could be seen as a great wheel with each spoke being a portion of yet another entity’s deep mind.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Questioner: [No further questions on this topic.]

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as we have apparently exhausted the queries for this evening, we would take this opportunity to thank those present once again for inviting our presence. We take increasing pleasure in being able to join this group, for we find the desire to explore the self in all its variety with honesty and clarity to be most refreshing, and we rejoice in the opportunity to be a part of your seeking for these gatherings. We again remind each that we would offer only those words and concepts which may have value to you and would ask that you discard those that do not. We would leave this group at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning Gary, Trish, Austin, and I had our first channeling circle in a couple of months. We began with a discussion of some L/L Research business before we got into our round robin. We all channeled portions of Q’uo’s response to the group question of how people who are loving could take positions of opposition to others in many different ways, and how such a person could use discrimination as a means of choosing their way of dealing with others.

This afternoon I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow the leaves behind the house into a pile and then put them into three garbage cans for yard waste pickup.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 21

You Are The First Sons

I greet you in the consciousness of love. I am the principle of Christ’s love in the vibration which comforts this child.

When we spoke to this instrument announcing our presence we said, “I am here, my son,” which puzzled this instrument mightily. She asked if we were aware that we had made an error. Yet we had made no error. For you play roles within the illusion of the mundane world, you souls dwelling, incorruptible, in corruptible flesh. It is necessary for you to experience the positive and the passive sides of purity and action in order that purity may teach action and action, purity. And so all who have sex need to know that their attributes are designed to help each other. You have been made for your fellow man and yet as souls you are sons, not male sexually, but, rather, in the sense of your laws of inheritance, full inheritors, as first sons are, of the Creator of all things, almighty God.

Know your son-ship, whomever you might be, and do not be beguiled by the seeming differences in body, attitude and understanding.

We seek to bring you peace, and yet we know that you shall find your own peace in your own time. We wish for you peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from October 1, 1989:

The question this evening concerns worship. We would like to have some information along the lines of the purpose of worship in a person’s growth, the elements that go into worship, concerning perhaps something along the lines of awe, of thanksgiving, of praise. We are wanting to know something about the means by which one can accomplish worship. Can it be done as simply as meditating and attempting to make a contact with the soul self, the higher self, the Creator, in a feeling of unity? Some people experience worship most profoundly when in the very strict and ritualized setting of the church. That would include singing of sacred music, the taking of Communion, the singing of song, and the listening to an inspirational message. Other people have begun to form their own “churches,” shall we say, and find worship in meditation, in dance, in other types of ritual. So, we would like to have information concerning worship.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose name we come among you as brothers and sisters seeking the light and the love of the infinite One. We were with this instrument prior to the meeting, reading over the instrument’s shoulder, as it were, as the instrument studies the progress of those whom she is teaching. Consequently, we were swift to answer. However, this question strikes at the heart of that which is to be learned upon the Earth plane within third density at this time.

You ask about worship. We find that worship is a daunting word in your society. Worship denotes that which takes place within an acceptable church or temple. Worship is that which is finite. Worship is that which is ritualized, and so forth. In this way, many of those who are unable to deal with the proliferation of doctrine and dogma in settled religions find that they have lost the ability to worship, for they have lost their innocence, shall we say, and no longer believe that the Creator is separate and far apart from Its creation. Each seeker becomes aware subjectively that the Creator is imminent and at all times with each seeking entity. It is the entity’s decision to open the door to Love.

This is a large enough subject that we ponder the most clear way of proceeding. We shall begin with the concepts which are foreign to the culture of which you all are a part. Within those who follow the path of the guru and the chela, the concentration of worship is seen as a continuation of student, teacher and the Creator, all being one. This, however, gives the devotee of the one infinite Creator a living entity to adore, with feet that may be kissed and with hands that may receive garlands of flowers. In this way, the adoration of an entity which is seen is accomplished, and that entity is seen as a representative, or as one with, the infinite One.

There are many distortions within this way of worship involving, of course, the unfinished business of humankind which the most enlightened teacher still has to experience. Thus, the adoration is often less than pure as the entity is less than a pure representative of Love. So, we shall turn to the options available to those wondering whether to worship within a structure made by others, a structure made by the self, or simply in silent communion.

This instrument is a good example of the entity which is a natural mystic. The entity also experiences sensitively through each sense. We find that neither the word sensuous nor sensual has connotations in your language which are spiritual. Yet, the heightening of all the senses is an aid to the keenness and whetting of the appetite for worship of the one infinite Creator. This instrument has simply chosen to ignore those doctrines which it cannot and will never understand. Therefore, the instrument keeps its mind upon a pure emotion, ways of feeling that are private between the self and that greater Self, which is all that there is. Because of this instrument’s persistence in this practice and because of its ability to move through the service discarding that which it does not wish to take in, it has been able to use a system of stimulation of the senses which is intended to evoke strong emotional release.

Prayers and worship are many, many things. They may be praise. They may be thanksgiving. They may be intercession. They may simply be a statement of adoration. Or, indeed, it may be the silent communion tabernacling with the One Who is All, knowing that self is indeed upon holy ground, standing at both the beginning and the ending of the great cycle of creation while it experiences the illusion of the passing of time.

The purpose of the emotions evoked through worship is to so purify and clarify within a seeker the emotions of unconditional love that the entity becomes aware of the Source of unconditional love. When it is realized that the Creator is truly within, and the whole creation also, then it may be seen that it is an internal matter: the small human self through purified emotion opening the gateway to a deeper and deeper awareness of the Christ-self, the Creator-self, that is the core, the reality, the beginning and the ending of each.

One cannot cause oneself to feel emotion. One may behave in such a way as to indicate emotion, but there is the inner knowledge of the depth of that particular emotion. And what the seeker wishes to do is to intensify, by steps which are natural and unforced, one’s emotions of adoration and worship of that great Self which is at the core of all that there is. Many simply go through the motions, hoping that worship will strike from the sky as lightning. However, it is to the persistent, steadfast, daily plodder, the one who walks with slow, firm steps, who accepts the dust and difficulty of the spiritual path of service to others, who is best able to begin the discipline of the personality that leads one to be able to release the personality and the limitations of human understanding, if we may use that term.

The group question for this session concerned worship: what it  is; how it aids the spiritual journey; and how one accomplishes it. Q’uo began their response by saying that both the normal use of worship in churches and the use of the guru are ineffective because normal worship sees a Creator that is far away in heaven, and the guru is often not a totally realized being or servant of Love. So Q’uo used Carla as an example of one who is a pure mystic and uses the sensitivity of each of her senses to evoke a strong emotion of adoration to worship the Creator that is within her and the entire creation as well.  Q’uo said that this type of worship that allows one “to begin the discipline of the personality that leads one to be able to release the personality and the limitations of human understanding.” On July 3, 1989, Q’uo said that becoming unaware of our selfhood aids in our ability to worship the Creator:

Seek to deepen the ability to worship the Creator, to give adoration, praise and thanksgiving to the Creator for all things, including those challenges which have been set up that you may learn what you intended to when you came here. You shall never be rid of your selfhood. It is only possible to be unaware of it. The practice of honesty with the self is the cornerstone of this basically analytical process.

The understanding which each gathers is extremely helpful within this illusion and is intended for instruction that one may learn how better to love. However, all things within the illusion are distorted, not only the general things but the specific things in each entity’s life experience. Each sensibility receives and perceives information in an unique way according to the eccentricities or idiosyncrasies of that entity’s personality. There is a great problem with those who have come to an understanding that the Creator is within. Does one wish to worship the self? One would think, surely not—the self with the clay feet and the foolish mind and the sometimes unsteady heart. Worship is not possible from any entity. Worship is an emotion that flows through the entity.

Now, the beginning of worship is a clear realization that the true self of you is the Creator, that you are love, and that within you is the capability of manifesting or channeling the love and the light of the infinite One though each of you is within a finite illusion and, therefore, are unable of yourselves to generate infinite emotion. Within your culture the attitude toward the teacher is not that of adoration and worship. Within your cultural nexus this would seem to be blasphemy. The next great step, then, in preparing oneself for worship, is to yield up the humanness of the self, gladly, willingly and eagerly, to release oneself from the limitations of making sense, of being rational, of analyzing, thinking, concentrating, pondering and so forth. An emotion is experienced; it is not an experience. It is that which occurs to one.

And why would this occur? Let us gaze at the nature and the face of the Creator. Oh, how many books have been written about the Father/Mother/Creator of all that there is. How many words have been written, how many paths have been taken, to attempt to gain from the self wisdom, knowledge and information that may make one holy, sanctified and blessed. This type of belief that understanding and information will move one forward, to the exclusion of purified emotions, is termed among people “gnosticism,” and is indeed, though not heretical, an ambiguous and unsuccessful road upon which to travel in search of the one infinite Creator.

Now, you see many, many wish to be of service to others. Many feel the need to express love to others. But first there must be two realizations. The first realization is that the Creator loves you with a passion most intense, for you are a portion of the Creator experiencing Itself—love experiencing love. True worship is a response to the unconditional love that lies at the center of the universe and of your being. Within you is infinity and within that infinity, an infinite intelligence. And this principle is one of love and so all that there is, is love.

Yet, you would wish, and we would recommend, that you strive to attain the emotion of worship, for within the process of moving toward worship one first dies to the self. That is, one releases oneself from one’s humanity, one surrenders the self to the greater Self that lies within in complete trust that that which is love may be answered with the most profound and purified love in return.

Now Q’uo said that worship does not come from an entity but is an emotion that flows through an entity. They said that we must release our humanness and surrender the concept of the small self to the greater Self, or Creator, that is within us so that our love and worship of the greater Self may be answered by the Creator’s love for us. On November 4, 1990, Q’uo defined worship:

Worship is that surrender to imperishable and perfect light and love which is the Creator. Worship is a blind thing, a shot felt to be in the dark, having an unknown target. Worship is that gathering of purified emotions which moves the entity from considerations of the milieu of the physical vehicle to considerations of the milieu of the imperishable light being which you have found within yourself as the deepest portion of yourself.

The one known as Jesus was a teacher particularly adapted to offering these teachings. Yet, they were misunderstood, misquoted and, to some extent, lost, for this entity always declared that it was not he who spoke but the Father within, an indication of his own surrender to the infinite One Which lies at the heart of each and everything in creation.

Some entities feel emotions of any kind with far more ease than others. Thus, we ask each entity to move toward worship, allowing itself whatever latitude it needs to work with the distortions of the self, to bypass that which is not held in faith. Worship is not an artifact of belief. Worship is a purified emotion from the self to the Self to the self to the Self to the self. One self may be capitalized; that is the Self within. The other self is your outer shell which is as a shadow dancing upon the wall of reality.

Your physical shells are illusory. Your creation as you perceive it with your senses is illusory. And, indeed, the reason that many mystics are able to continue worshipping within the established church is that they have been able to separate themselves from the judgment of Self versus self and are able to see teachers, such as the one known as Jesus, not as objects of worship and adoration, but as worthy entities leaving a legacy of wisdom and compassion. Because of the times in which this entity offered its ministry, all of the senses were valued, and, thus, each sense was stimulated to align the mind to obedient and complete surrender to that greater Self within. The music, the incense, the taste of body and blood of heaven, the smells and feelings of those buildings which are considered holy and which have been upheld in prayer, occupy the surface consciousness to great extent, thereby making it far more easy for the entity to move deeply into the self and open that inner door which none other shall ever open, to find love waiting, love so profound, so undeniable, so joyful that one cannot help but love, worship and adore in return.

The Creator is, to use your word, holy and sanctified. Each of you is likewise holy and sanctified. But there is, shall we say, the surface illusion to be penetrated. As always, for this we recommend daily meditation and the daily contemplation at day’s end of those things which have moved each so that one is familiar with one’s human self and may find it easier and more safe to put aside, knowing that the surface self shall be resumed at a time when these purified emotions have surged through the spiritual shuttle which moves each into the infinite and eternal reality of the circle of creation.

People do not wish to worship themselves. Yet, as they go to the churches they cannot find a Creator to worship for they cannot accept many things about the experience of the so-called spiritual fellowship. Those entering in the spiritual fellowship are of all stages of development of self-awareness and, therefore, there is great pressure on many within your organized religions to manipulate, to impress upon others the idea one has of oneself, to do things a way which seems correct as opposed to a way which seems not. And that intensive effort which would be given to pure experience within a service is frittered away in, shall we say, church politics and busywork.

If the seeker seeks within the organized religions, let the seeker’s seeking be daily and not dependent upon that which one does for service. For without worship, love and adoration of the one infinite Creator filling one’s soul with inspiration, the services to others will not be of the highest and best that you may obtain in this stable manner. They will be distortions of that expression, distortions which are designed by the surface self and which therefore limit the infinity of the outpouring of the love that is the principle and nature of the Creator and of creation.

To be in worship and adoration is to walk the path of angels. To move from that path to the daily round of activities is a sorry shock for most. Yet, we would suggest that it is the daily grounding of the self in surrender to the great Self within that may bring that eternity, that infinity of love into manifestation through the very being and nature of the entity. There is much sacrifice in this path, but as the teacher known as Jesus said, “I do not come to bring peace, but a sword.” That sword shall refine and refine the choice that each makes to be of service to the infinite Creator. The peace that is found in the service of that infinite Creator is a peace found only in complete surrender.

This is the sticking point for many who do not wish to surrender what seems to them their free will in order to worship that which cannot be seen, that which is intangible and has no objective referent. It seems equally improbable that one would worship another or that one would worship the interior of one’s being. In daily meditation, in listening, and in opening that inner door to that principle of love which meekly stands waiting to enter, is to begin the process of spiritual evolution that results in what this instrument would call “praying without ceasing.” When one is conscious always of the greater Self within, the life becomes effortless and flows naturally as the spring of love wells up infinitely through the entity to the surface entity and then into manifestation to others.

Then Q’uo said that worship was a purified emotion that flowed from us to the Creator and from the Creator back to us. They suggested daily meditation as a means for us to put aside our surface self and to be able to surrender to the Creator deep within us and worship It with love and adoration. They said that this would make our lives “flow effortlessly as the spring of love flows effortlessly through us and then in manifestation to others,” which would be our service to them. On February 19, 1989, Hatonn described how we are here to worship the Creator in a way that is of service to others:

You are here to make choices, and you are here specifically to make one central choice—to honor and worship the Creator within you and you within the Creator by serving others, moving towards unity of self with all others, moving toward peace, concern and passionately held ideals, or controlling others for the good of the self, manipulating those about one and making choices which separate one from the loved ones, from the society.

Emotions are not understood well or given appropriate importance within your illusion, for each prides itself upon its rationality, its practicality, and its common sense. These functions are those given to your biocomputer of your brain and these functions are extremely helpful in making choices, analyzing situations, and moving towards the spiritual by asking questions of this type. However, there will not be enough energy for anyone to sustain a manifestation of service to others unless that entity is feeding itself with the heavenly food of recognition, surrender and worship, and finally, dedication to be true to the enormous love between the greater Self and the expressing self within the illusion.

Each of you sees yourself as a being progressing through the years, growing older, and facing the leaving of the physical vehicle. What will you bring with you? What is your permanent personality? It is the biases that you have gained by dwelling in love, praise, prayer and thanksgiving, in seeking harmony, in seeking peace, in remembering the humility of one laboring under an impenetrable illusion. Know this about yourselves. You are not at all whom you see in the mirror. You are not at all that which expresses in casual carelessness from day-to-day. You are not that which is thoughtless. This is all of the surface. What you shall take with you upon the spiritual level at the time of physical death to the vehicle are those biases which have been created by purified emotion; that is, adoration, worship and unconditional love.

We suggest to those who wish to form…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am again with this instrument and shall continue briefly. For those who wish to enter ever more deeply into the covenant of Love meeting love, we can only suggest that with lighthearted merriment one observe the humor and, shall we say, the oftentimes ridiculous nature of the illusion while maintaining an awareness that at one’s heart one is not foolish, one is not limited, one is of the Creator, one is love. Each day it is necessary to observe the self and begin to cleanse from the self those portions of personality which would keep one straying from the path of surrender to the infinite One. The fact that the infinite One is within means that this is work in consciousness to be done by the self with the Self.

The group meditations are most helpful in this regard and, indeed, it is true of worship in general that the greater the mass of worshipping, faithful souls, the greater the power of love that is experienced, not only by those who worship but, in the planetary sense, of the lightening of consciousness of planet Earth. It is for this reason that we never condemn any sort of religious practice which has as its goal, worship. We are not particularly interested in the specific means of attaining the emotion of worship and adoration. We are interested, and each entity needs be interested, in finding a path by song, by prayer, by whatever ritual required that opens the shell of the passing self, that self, that shell of personality that shall die and be no more, so that it may be broken apart as the egg broken into the dish. It is not the eggshell which those sitting in this circle are interested in; it is that which is within the mystery of that egg, that life, that miracle of birth.

If you are at this time only beginning to work upon the releasing of the surface self to the deeper and infinitely wiser will of the greater Self within, we may say, treat yourself as if you were a precious child, tiny, helpless, an infant which needs to be fed heavenly food. Find a way to feed that appetite through the singing, through the praying, through whatever has meaning for you, and do it persistently and for the love of the infinite One.

Worship, ecstasy, love—these are interchangeable words as regards the nature of the creation and the Creator. Your worship is only an answer to the Creator’s worship of love, for Love worships love in all ways. The illusion is most complex. That which is to be worshipped, the reality behind the illusion, has no concept, no shape, no face. It is a great mystery. It is also a mystery to us. We do not believe we will plumb the depths of this mystery until we are once again without any surface consciousness of personality, so that we have become completely that which is in the core of our being.

This task is wonderful, but also dusty, hot and long. There are difficulties which assail one when one attempts to polarize persistently. There are the stresses of change as the human personality is gradually taken more lightly and less seriously. Above all, we would encourage each to be persistent, to wait, to allow, to expect, to hope that one may feel the presence of that great Self within, that one may feel that one is always standing upon holy ground.

Do not be discouraged. This is not the work of a lifetime. The work of your lifetime is specific lessons which you laid out for yourself and specific services which you wished to perform for the love of the one infinite Creator. Service to others without love has no real beingness metaphysically, and the so-called burnout of many of those who enter the helping professions is due to the limited awareness of the surface self and the lack of depth in seeking the heart of self so that those aids which one may give to others come through the self, not from the self, exhilarating and clarifying the self, not exhausting the self.

Emotions, when purified, are true thoughts. That which you consider thinking is simply that which has been given you in this illusion in order to make choices, and you make them well, my friends. But know this, that love is a steady state. As you tune into that steady state of the Creator’s love, you are so loved. You must needs yearn and hold out the hands of prayer, praise and thanksgiving to the One Who loves you infinitely. And, in time, your return may become infinite and you may, indeed, live the life of praying without ceasing, of seeing holy ground under each footfall, of seeing the face of love in each and every entity regardless of its condition of life.

Q’uo completed their thoughts on what worship is and how to accomplish it by saying that we need to go beyond our rational mind and dedicate ourselves to service to others, and then move deeply within our being to feed ourselves with the heavenly food of worship of the Creator and feeling Its love for us. They said that our worship of the Creator is the worship of a great mystery that cannot be known but, hopefully, can be felt within our being so that we can see love in the face of every being that we meet. On October 17, 1988, Q’uo said how we could accelerate our spiritual journey by moving in harmony with the concept of Love and seeking the mystery of the Creator:

We are those who worship the Creator, and seek to serve the Creator, thus we move as close to infinity in our purity as we are able, and offer to those who wish to hear the one simple message of love. Again and again, we suggest that the nature of the creation is love, unmanifest and manifest, and that by moving more and more in harmony with the original Thought of Love, a seeker of the mystery of the Creator may accelerate his pace upon the journey.

We have been informed by this instrument that we have once again spoken too long and we do apologize. The question asked tonight was, we feel, one of central importance, much misunderstood among your people who equate worship with action, worship with stewardship, with the giving of money and time and talent. These things cannot be done without the eating of spiritual food, and that spiritual food is the knowledge that you and the Father are one, and it is not you who speak, but the Father who speaks through you. In this purified emotional state of worship shall your soul grow in service to others and in love for the one infinite Creator which, when translated into a life experience, means an immense and glorious tapestry of love in relationship within the mystery-clad Self and with all those things both made by humankind and created by the one infinite Creator that move one to emotion: the thanksgiving for beauty, the poignant joy of birth.

We would now at this time resume this contact through the one known as Jim. We are most grateful to have been able to speak through this entity and we do thank it and leave this instrument in love and light. I am Q’uo.

This morning I used my backpack blower to blow the leaves in the front yard into the area between the fish pond and the pet cemetery which I have dedicated to a “Leave the leaves” project where various insects will overwinter and then become food for birds, chipmunks, frogs, and turtles.

This afternoon I exchanged emails regarding various forms of meditation that we may offer on our website in the future, plans for the upcoming public channeling meditation this coming Saturday, setting a date for our yearly L/L Research budget meeting on December 18, and getting the new address from a friend who just moved from Louisville to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 20

Tuning Your Channel With Love

I am of that principle you have called holy, and I greet you in the holy, divine consciousness of the love of Jesus Christ. This instrument always asks us, after challenging us in the name of Jesus Christ, “Am I now tuned to channel?” And many times we ask the instrument to tune just a bit more. Then that which we have to say may flow effortlessly, freely and abundantly, as is the nature of love itself.

Each of you may ask, “Am I ready to channel?” For each of you moves through the day with the potential to channel the spirit of the living God in Christ. Each of you, by turning again and again to love, is tuned by love, hollowed by love and thus made a channel through which light and joy may flow.

We do not ask that you gaze upon the outer world without noticing its many seeming imperfections. We ask only that your strength of faith be enough to turn from the evidence of limited gaze and seek always that consciousness which awaits within. Thus may you become ever stronger as faith begets faith within you.

We leave you within the mighty hand which cradles all things with love. Peace be with you, now and ever. Amen

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from September 17, 1989:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time, if we have not overstayed our welcome, we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there a query at this time?

Questioner: [Inaudible]

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. It is indeed true that for each seeker that attempts to live a conscious life that this entity must begin with what is, whether that be within the self, within other selves or within the environment in which one lives the daily round of activity. This process of accepting that which is, whether it be easy or difficult, is a process of, in one sense, becoming able to appreciate each facet of the Creator that is revealed to you and to build upon this appreciation so that it becomes more natural to give praise and thanksgiving for all one’s experiences. For, within the attitude of praise and thanksgiving, one smoothes the journey, shall we say.

This ability to accept that which is unacceptable is not easily won within your illusion, for there is much that is not as you would have it be. You, each of you, you seek for those qualities of unconditional love, of clearly illuminated wisdom and for the power to be of service to others. It is well to look at those qualities that are unacceptable, wherever they are found, and to see them as some aspect of the self, whether they are obviously of the self, or of other selves, or of your environment.

To look upon that which is unacceptable and upon that which is acceptable as portions of the self, or aspects of some portion of the self, begins to put the focus where it must needs be placed. For the perception which one has in viewing the world, the self and other selves, is a perception which has been constructed internally and, in most cases, on a subconscious level, having origins in pre-incarnative choices so that certain opportunities would be presented to the self according to the way in which the self would see or experience the incarnation.

Thus, when one begins to appreciate one’s experience as being that which is completely internal, one then has the metaphysical feet, shall we say, upon firm ground and may begin to see not only that which is not yet acceptable but begin to see beyond the surface of that which is not acceptable so that there is not so much the reaction, or, shall we say, the knee-jerk reaction against that which is unacceptable, but there is the investigation of those qualities so that one may begin to understand their origins, their nature, their ramifications and their purpose within the being.

As this investigation is continued, it will be noted by the conscientious seeker that there is a certain freeing of the perceptions and the self that occurs when the truer nature of these distortions becomes known. It is well said that if one knows the truth the truth shall set one free. The careful investigation of those qualities which are unacceptable will eventually take one beyond the mere inability to accept certain qualities and will take one to those levels of the self which may be expressing in certain ways in order to attract the attention and allow a movement in the perception, in the consciousness, in a certain way that is indicated by the study of those portions of the self which are seen to be as unacceptable.

This new direction is that movement which has been planned, shall we say, pre-incarnatively and which offers to the entity the opportunity for releasing certain abilities, services and opportunities to grow that would not be possible without the biases and distortions that were first seen as unacceptable. That they are eventually seen is the hope that was born at the time of the incarnation so that these signposts, shall we say, would eventually lead the seeker in a manner which will yield the enhancement, the widening, the enrichment of not only the perceptions but of the small self which moves toward a union with the greater Self.

Questioner’s question was inaudible, but by looking at Q’uo’s answer it seems that the question was how the spiritual seeker can deal with those portions of the self that seem unacceptable. Q’uo began their answer by saying that each seeker needs to be able to accept the nature of the self, the nature of an other self, or the nature of the daily round of activities as facets of the Creator that we should give praise and thanksgiving for. Q’uo said that eventually we would be able to see beyond that which is not acceptable and discover that these qualities are internal and were created subconsciously as pre-incarnative choices which we can use and then release to become more able to seek the union of our small self with the greater Self. On July 16, 1989, Q’uo described the value of being able to accept the unacceptable:

We are building, shall we say, the skyscraper that is based upon the firm foundation you now are laying, the foundation of accepting the unacceptable, of loving the unlovable, of changing the insult into the light touch. You have the control to make these choices at will. Each of you has this within, but how difficult, my friends, it is to call upon it. As always, we move to the suggestion of persistent daily meditation, the listening within, the learning of who you really are, the centering of oneself within the creation, so that no thing is strange and no one a stranger. Nothing threatens, but only challenges.

Try to make your decisions for love with all the passion within your heart, with all the caring in your spirit, for the depth of your commitment to the positive path of service to others in the service of the one infinite Creator will be the measure of the amount of light that you may use and enjoy when this incarnation is at an end.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Questioner: No, and I thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to have been invited to join your circle of seeking this evening, and again we apologize for speaking in a manner which is overly lengthy for most of your entities to appreciate. We so enjoy the opportunity to address those areas of your concern that we give too little thought, we fear, to your comfort, and we shall endeavor to be more brief in your future as you measure time.

At this time we shall again thank each for this joyful opportunity of sharing that which we have found to be helpful in our own journey of seeking and shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I made an errand run with my first stop being at the First Baptist Church to leave a bag of groceries in their food bin outside of the church. My next stop was at PNC Bank to make a cash withdrawal. My third stop was at AutoZone to buy more 50:1 2 cycle engine oil. My last stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself.

This afternoon I went outside and pulled up the last of the dead flowers on the Ruins Mound and the flower garden inside of the Moss Garden. Then I went inside and used the carpet sweeper, broom and dust pan, plus the dust mop to clean the second floor of the house where Benny lives.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 19


I am the principle of divine consciousness and I greet you in the love of Jesus the Christ.

You gaze at the day with eyes askance and skate about upon the surface of your consciousness as though moving your hand across the skin of an orange. Yet deep inside you, you ache with loneliness because you have not sought to live within the depth of the present moment of life. You have not acknowledged your nature.

Peel back, then, that thick skin of happenstance which is the continuum of your day and see your true nature in the seeds of Godhead nestled within the meat of your humanity. For the Creator has made you in His image, and, as you are consciousness, just so this consciousness cannot be anything other than the Creator.

May you search for and touch the seeds of your inner essence this day and each day. Thus shall surface activity resonate with inner meaning. Love and the consciousness of love bless all circumstance.

We leave you in the comfort of joy and the perfect peace of love, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from September 17, 1989:

The question this evening has to do with stress, and the predominance of stress in more and more people’s lives and more and more intensely as our modern round of activities every day seems to include so many things to do, people to see, and hurdles to jump that a lot of people really don’t have too much time to sit and meditate, or to even contemplate the more spiritual aspect of their lives. So, what our question this evening is: How can we, in this type of society that moves so quickly and seems to leave so little time for the contemplative and prayerful and meditative of our lives, how do we manage to cope? How do we deal with our stress?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a pleasure, a privilege, and a blessing for us to share this meditation with you. We cannot thank you enough for calling for our humble opinions at this time.

The subject which you approach is a symptom rather than a basic cause; that is, stress is not free-floating but rather has its roots in the undisciplined personality. Therefore, we shall speak about personality and its discipline as a kind of base of information before we discuss the question of stress, the great difficulty of your culture with its speedy changes and cultural dangers.

It is, indeed, no wonder that entities feel stress, for the very planet upon which you place your feet is at this time under tremendous stress, for it must be birthed into fourth density and therefore the question of stress and how to deal with it is most important, because those of you who seek to be of service to others are primarily seeking first to be of service to the planetary consciousness, to lighten it and to lighten the burden of the Earth as it is birthed into fourth density. It is at this time having a somewhat difficult delivery simply because there is much misplaced strong opinion upon things which cannot have objective reference, and, therefore, cannot be proven or shared from person to person. Without communication possible, one is left with one’s biases and the stress, basically, that you feel is that of non-communication or unclear communication.

The disciplining of the personality has two basic parts. The first part is that intentional effort made upon a daily basis to spend whatever moment one does have remembering, thanking, praising and praying to the one infinite Creator with a feeling of awe, wonderment and mystery, realizing that you are part of that mystery, that the Creator lies within you as well as within all those whom you meet, and all the beautiful plants and animals, and even elements. The human entity is a very vast illusion which makes it appear that each is separate and alone. This in itself is stressful, for to be completely alone is to rely upon the self even when the self would, perhaps, be aided by rest, contemplation or those quiet pleasures of leisure which are denied to so many who labor daily and long in order to provide for those whom they love.

The turning to the Creator within is a massive basic discipline. We have times without number stressed the importance of daily meditation, and we do so now again, noting that meditation can be as swift as the striking of the clock if you have trained your mind at the chiming of the clock to turn to the one infinite Creator in praise and thanksgiving for the good that is in your life. This takes only a moment, but during that moment you rest in eternity and it is a true rest. You cannot move too quickly for the spirit of love to find you and to comfort you. It is in the mental turning within, the mental face, that silent listening, even if only for a moment or two, will center one upon holy ground that can aid each no matter how busy with the daily round that is so stressful.

It is also true of your culture that the pace of leisure has become hectic and rushed also so that the more contemplative leisure activities often have given way to the socialization, the parties, the competition, and those things which, instead of relaxing the entity, add to the level of stress.

So, we would suggest those two things. First, momentary centering whenever possible. You may do it your own way. It does not have to be the striking of a clock. All entities have clocks that strike. It may be a whistle that you may hear that lets people out of a factory. It may be simply that you may remind yourself by looking at the time passing when you glance at your watch or your clock that you are on the Creator’s time as well as the time of this illusion. And this realization of itself becomes your tabernacle and it will rest you. But you must turn within and allow the peace and the quietness and the strength of that which is real—that is, the love and the light of the one infinite Creator—to come deeply home to your heart so that you do not feel any longer alone.

The aloneness is part of the illusion that causes the stress, and that is why we constantly say to each of you, “Love one another,” for those who console, those who pardon, those who listen and comfort, those who give because of the love of giving, may feel the same stress as others, but, as they cast that stressful effort in service to others, so washes back the love and the light that is the reflection of your service.

The group question was how could the spiritual seeker deal with the stress in such a fast-paced world. Q’uo began by saying that this was a symptom of the non-disciplined personality, and before answering how to deal with stress they wanted to make suggestions as to how one might discipline its personality. Q’uo said that our Mother Earth is under a great deal of stress as she is moving into the fourth density and has to deal with the stress-filled vibrations of her population due to continuous disagreements within people concerning many different topics, non of which could be proven, so clear communication was impossible. So Q’uo said that we could be of service to Earth by attempting to lighten the planetary vibrations, and I would guess this might be done by the discipline of sending Mother Earth love and light on a regular basis. Q’uo recommended that we discipline our personality to make daily prayers of praise and thanksgiving to the Creator for the beautiful world that we have to live in and then to seek daily communion with the Creator through meditation and feel the Creator’s love for us and our love for the Creator. On May 10, 1987, Q’uo described a method of disciplining the personality:

Thus, the qualities which you seek to nurture within your being, those of will and faith to persevere in the seeking of love, are those qualities which discipline the personality in a fashion which allows further seeking and further progress upon the journey of seeking. The process is largely unseen, and not dependent upon the outcome for particular effort or group of efforts within an incarnation that are designed by the seeker as its attempt to polarize its consciousness.

The attempt and the intention are those qualities which further enhance the will and faith and thus the polarization of the being, and it is these qualities that one works upon when one seeks to survive the moments and long periods of disillusionment, confusion, frustration and the various trials that test the entity’s dedication to service and to seeking. And these moments of difficulty are seldom appreciated amongst your peoples as being those times during which the greater work is accomplished.

Now we shall speak about stress. In the first place, this illusion was designed to be uncomfortable, stressful, mysterious and confusing. We feel that the illusion is fairly good at providing these qualities. This level of confusion is necessary because each of you is in the process of making a choice of service to others or service to self.

Now, when we speak of service to self we are not speaking of the work in consciousness which must be done if one is able to be of service to others. We are speaking of the service to self that causes entities to manipulate each other, to attempt to change each other, and so forth. Avoid, at all costs, the attempts to improve, change and modify any situation in which you have not been asked, for silence is often the greatest comfort to another rather than reams and reams of good, but irrelevant, advice.

Thus, your service to others who are stressed involves the waiting patiently for the request for information. And when that information is requested, it is well for you to center deeply, to move into the deepest consciousness of which you are capable and with intuition and guidance from within you may then speak those words which are affirmative, not negative, which are stress relievers, because they show to the one you are aiding a longer view, the wider perspective. The lack of perspective, the getting too close to the illusion so that one begins not to see the illusion but its apparent reality, is the greater error which those upon the path of service to others may make, for it pulls one away from one’s central deep beingness.

Now, we are speaking to those who are working consciously to accelerate their spiritual evolution. This message is not for those who are merely toying with the idea of meditating or are not serious in their seeking but rather [are] simply open-minded and interested. That which we have to say moves deeply into the part of the being that is all feeling, which has been so much ignored and so much repressed and denied that it is no wonder that there is a great deal of stress.

We understand why much of the illusion is ignored. In this instrument’s case, for instance, if the instrument were willing to be fully conscious at all times of the physical catalyst having to do with the arthritis which it experiences it would stop this entity from its service to others and would turn the focus towards service to self. Therefore, some stresses are not negative, but positive. If an entity knows why it must be under stress, that in itself relaxes the stress. For instance, this entity knows that it will accept as much difficulty as the day will bring while continuing to attempt to be of service. There is stress involved in this, but it is the stress of one who seeks to serve, and in each case, whether the stress is because of illness or difficulty, because of difficult relationships or because of the simple organic beingness which has become burnt out, as this instrument would say, the stress needs to be approached in a positive and affirmative way.

Let us take a moment to use this instrument’s mind and ears and senses to point out at this time the soft cry of animals which are without the building, the gentle creaks and groans of your habitation as it settles into the cool of the day, shrinking and becoming somewhat different, although that difference cannot be seen by the human eye. We are aware that as you sit in circle each of you finds joy in the seriousness of seeking of each other; each is able to build a trust because that goal is shared.

Therefore, when one feels most full of stress it is the time not so much to ask for help but to be of help, not so much to ask for comfort but to be of comfort to others. For, in dealing with others in a positive and affirmative way, one receives a hundred-fold that love which one has sent forth. Not that one loves in order to receive the bounty of love! This, indeed, is service to self and will not result in comfort. It is the genuine desire to serve and love, understand and console each other that brings peace to each and joy and affirmation to the one which you are serving and to yourself as you see the onus lightening, the yoke becoming easy, the stress level lowering.

Now Q’uo said that our third-density was designed to be stressful because we are here to make the choice to be of service to others, and we do this not by trying to change anyone but by waiting for the request to be of service. Then, when service is requested of us, we move to our deepest consciousness and use our intuition and guidance from within us to give the greater overview picture that reveals the true nature of our being as that of the experiencing of love. On September 13, 1981, Hatonn revealed the true nature of our being is that of love:

There are some items which are available to one who wishes to purchase knowledge. One may learn how to make the illusion work. What one may not purchase, for any price from outside oneself, is the knowledge of why things are as they are, why we are here, and what is the nature of our being.

To look in the mirror is to see an infinitely small part of the creation. This, my friends, is to the best of our knowledge, a creation made entirely of love. As you view yourself, you may see a tiny portion of an infinite love and yet, within that image in the mirror, there lie depths through which you may only see given a great deal of desire, time and discipline, for that which you seek within yourself, that which is the true heart of love, is locked within you like a seed within the earth or a babe in the womb, and it is through quietness, confidence and meditation that you may let this plan germinate, this babe be born. This entity is that part of yourself that is more fully the original Thought of the Creator—the original Thought of Love.

The concept of money, rather than barter, or simply each being able to take what one needs and to give back what one does not, is so far from the pattern in your culture that it is remarkable. Rather than seeing spouses, children, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and strangers as the Creator, one who has not spent a moment upon holy ground lately is liable to view many or all of these entities antagonistically and confrontively. For, each feels that each has the right idea and therefore wishes to be of service by promulgating that right idea. This is a most stressful act. It is much, much kinder in a situation where one in whom you are in relationship with has difficulties, to sympathize and to await the giving of advice until it is asked. Simple sympathy and consolation and the expression of sure forgiveness of both self and other self is that which will lighten the load that each carries.

Now, each carries a load. There are no exceptions to this rule, for you are in an intense density. Many of you have come back to this density to be sure you understand the lessons of love. That is, that love is always given with no expectation of return. For wanderers, who are here to aid in the lightening of the planet upon which you dwell, this is very important.

Realize, each of you, that stress must not get in the way of the light touch, the merry joke, the smile, the grin, the laughter, the good times. That is your true nature. You are all children of the Creator, and the Creator is love and joy, merriment and peace. Therefore, it is a matter of shifting the point of view from gazing at stressful situations and realizing that they are stressful to gazing at the same situation and asking the self confidently, serenely and surely, “What may I do to be part of the good that is occurring upon the planet at this time? What service may I perform?” Many times you find that the only service you have been asked to perform is that service of preparing the personality with the discipline of the free will so that one is not at the beck and call of one’s emotions, that is, the surface emotions of the uninformed and mystery-clad being, but, rather, moves from the deeper source that is the heart and the spirit.

The noise level of your society is stressful. We note that particularly because of the fondness that your culture has for the gadgets: the television, the video games, the armchair watching of others competing like gladiators. The noise beats against the serene and quiet mind and creates a cluttered mental landscape in which one finds it difficult to think clearly because one’s attention is scattered, one eye upon the television, one eye upon one’s empty stomach, another eye upon the consumer world relationship in the past or in the future.

It is well to discipline the personality to avoid this sort of free-floating thinking, worrying and being concerned. The answer to stress is action. For, in action one lets go of the stress because one is doing what one can, and when that is done there is a feeling, perhaps, of sadness that one subjectively feels that one has not been effective. But, metaphysically speaking, the intention to be of service, the effort to be of service, the sharing of the self is most precious and most relieving of stress, both for the giver and for the one to whom it is given.

We ask each of you to give each other the gift of love and peace and laughter and joy. What you cannot do for yourself you can do for others. Allow others to minister unto you as you minister unto them.

There are many, many activities which bombard each of you. The days, far from being relaxed and long, with each entity spending time in the second-density creation of the Father, taking heart, taking consolation from the beauty—indeed, many do not see second-density beauty of tree and flower and butterfly, for the mind is single pointed towards the next chore, the next activity, as if chores and activities were all-important and the heart and soul of yourself were only something that may be tended to in your off-hours. It is difficult discipline to move from that off-center perception of the way things are to the realization that the beginning of a life lived peacefully is the disciplining of the personality so that one sees not confrontive people, not angry people, not disturbed entities, not catastrophes but, rather, love at work.

Love gives entities the chance, again and again, to choose. Yours is the density of the first choice upon which many, many beyonds of your time will refine. Here you are intensely seeking that choice. That which will most get in the way, that which will most discourage one, is one’s own feeling of failure at dealing appropriately with situations. We encourage each to analyze and balance emotions positive and negative so that you are, as much of the time as you can be, aware that you stand not only in time and space but in eternity, not only upon the good earth but upon holy and sacred ground, for the kingdom of the Creator is within each of you. All of your answers are within each of you. You, yourself, will be your teacher.

We may say things to you but unless they come to you as that which is remembered for the first time, that which seems perfectly obvious once it is spoken, it may not be your truth for this moment, and in that case we urge each to forget and pay no attention to those ideas which are unhelpful. We would not be a stumbling block to you and add stress to your stress by giving a long list of things which one must do to relieve stress. It is basically a pulling back of the point of view. The longer the point of view, the clearer the challenges of loving other people without expectation of return become. That is, the simple heart of living a less stressful life, becoming confident of your role within this illusion, this dance which you dance, for a fleeting moment, a parenthesis in eternity. To realize that you are eternal, imperishable and one with the Creator, to affirm that, to give praise for that, to give thanks for your blessings—these are things which take seconds but which may turn the mood completely.

Then Q’uo suggested that we remember that we are all the Creator, and not separate entities who attempt to convince others that we have the right idea as to how they should live their lives. They said that we should be sympathetic to those who suffer stress and remember that we are part of the Creator’s love and joy and to share this with those experiencing stress. Q’uo said that this love gives entities the chance to choose their path of service and to realize that the Kingdom of the Creator is within each of us as are all the answers to the problems that may arise in our lives. On December 13, 1981, Latwii also said that the answers to our problems are the love that is within us:

We are hopeful that the students shall learn their lessons and shall receive the passing grades, for it would indeed be much easier if the students realized that the tests which they are now taking do not need to be taken alone, for the answers are within the hearts of each and it is not, shall we say, cheating to give the answer of love to another.

Now, we have observed that among your peoples it is considered an acceptable hobby, shall we say, to worry, to be concerned, to question the self and to feel insecure. It would be a miracle if this were not so, for you have outstripped your spiritual seeking with the creation of many powerful gadgets. So, you are as if those in grade school, handling the materials that you shall receive many grades hence, and you must always remind yourself that you must turn your mind back from high-flying ideals and concerns to the moment, which is eternity, that present moment which resonates forever. When you are there you will hear the cries for help and you will be able to respond, not out of duty or out of feeling that you should respond, but because you see a soul in anguish and you wish to give comfort. That first soul in anguish is yourself. Therefore, we encourage each to work steadily on the disciplining of the personality so that when negative thought patterns occur they are recognized, discarded and replaced with an attitude of affirmation, love, praise and thanksgiving.

How can one who works from dawn to dusk and then has many responsibilities thereafter follow our suggestions? A radical departure would be to arise a half hour or an hour earlier and to spend that time in meditation and prayer. This is a drastic move which has helped many who were stressed almost beyond the limits of sanity. A great tool and resource for the reducing of stress goes with the larger point of view, and that is the sense of humor. Any illusion has its synergies and their…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We shall continue. And if you gaze at the universe, not with a jaundiced eye, but with the eye of a merry child, one may see the comedy amidst the tragedy that is life as you experience it. The light touch, the sense of humor, is extremely helpful in lightening stress. To laugh is to be within the Kingdom of Heaven. To be in close love and harmony with another is to experience the bliss of that heavenly kingdom. These are things which are from time to time available to each of you. When these blessings surround you, recognize them. And when non-dramatic blessings occur, cultivate the habit of thanksgiving and praise.

You may give thanksgiving for simple things: for a crust of bread, for a roof to keep out sun and rain, heat and cold in their extremes, for clothing to make one comfortable, for the sound of bird cry and the rustle of bush and tree, the gentle pit-patter of rain upon your roof. So many things, my friends, so many things which are blessings which are easily overlooked.

When your mind is occupied with noticing the beauty, the goodness, that which is to be praised, that which requires thanksgiving, one is much too busy to be in stress. One has become of a different mind. And this affirmative mind is not that mind of a “Pollyanna,” but simply a mind that is willing to appreciate light in the darkness.

You live in darkness, but your hope is your light. As you hope to become more and more of service to others, let the hope shine as a beacon before you, drawing you ever onward, reminding you to step back from situations and to find the humor, the pathos, the sympathy, those positive emotions which one may fruitfully share with another.

Then Q’uo suggested that we could deal with the stress in our lives by using meditation to achieve a larger point of view of love, praise, and thanksgiving and share this with those around us. Q’uo also said that a healthy sense of humor was a good way to deal with stress as is simply giving praise and thanksgiving for the gifts of beauty in the nature that surrounds us. They said that such positive responses to our lives can help us to become “of a different mind.” On June 27, 1993, Q’uo revealed the value of sharing praise and thanksgiving:

The reason for offering love, appreciation, a blessing and thanksgiving to the infinite One is that the entity within incarnation is attempting to form its vibratory frequency more and more like that of the vibrational frequency of the one great original Thought, which is Love. The closer the seeker comes to matching that vibratory frequency, the more that entity will be perceived as offering praise and thanksgiving. This is true far beneath any articulation of words or even what you consider thoughts. Rather, it is in the nature of the way creation is built. That is, original Thought expresses in love, thanks, blessing, praise and rejoicing. Thusly, it is not a Creator hungry for praise and thanks that requires homage of its worshippers, but rather it is love, it is reflected in love, and in that infinite reflection lies truth.

An excellent stress reliever in the physiological sense, and that is in terms of removing the chemical imbalances in the brain due to stress, is simple exercise. And we would suggest for each that some program of exercise be followed in order that the physiological components of stress, those chemicals within the brain cells which cause these feelings, are able to be learned away by physical effort. It does not take a terribly long time—this instrument would call the time of exercising, perhaps, one half an hour as being completely adequate to remove the chemical basis of stress from the mind. Now, this only removes that which has already been a catalyst for the individual as stress and has not been used as catalyst, and, therefore, has moved into the body and mind complex and manifests as stress.

You may see yourself as a kind of transmitter, as each of you are instruments, each of you are channeling from within yourself the portion of yourself with which you are in touch. The secret, my friends, is to move ever deeper within the self in gentleness and respect and care that you do not do violence to yourself, but that gradually you are able to move into that consciousness in which stress is unnecessary.

We may say in a practical manner that it is much to be desired that entities choose those means of earning their daily bread, those relationships which are close, which add to one’s peace and bliss and love. The taking of the job which is not desired is a self-destructive action unless one is so convinced that one needs to do just that in order to support one’s dependents that it is worth the sacrifice. In that case the stress level should reduce itself dramatically in that the entity is aware that it is playing a role on the stage of this illusion for which it has not been well cast but it cannot find other parts to play at this moment and so it is doing the best it can with what lies before it.

And that, my friends, is the heart of removing stress from the life: to do that which is in front of you, without worry, without concern, but giving thanks each time one looks out the window and sees the beauty of the creation of the Father, giving thanks for smiles received and given, giving thanks for any beauty perceived. It is a matter of attitude.

We cannot say that you shall not be worn out by laboring at relationships or employments of the self that are not appropriate. And when these things occur, we suggest a very deep internal gaze to find why this challenge has been given you. For, you see, there are no mistakes. What is happening to you is that which is designed by yourself before this incarnation to occur. What you did not design, what you could not design, was the action of your free will in dealing with the experiences of life. Thus, as always, one turns to faith and the will. Faith that what is happening to you, no matter how stressful, is not that which has defeated you but that which has challenged you to deepen and broaden your perspective, to learn the hard lesson that the master known as Jesus the Christ personified by carrying his own cross. This entity said, “If you wish to follow me, pick up your cross.” The entity who said this was not feeling stress. It felt stress only before it had made its final decision.

Thus, we suggest that you work towards that fundamental choice: to do the will of the Creator, your greater self, which you and your greater self have arranged for you. This day and every day a life in faith is a life that glows from within. We cannot protect you, and we do not wish to protect you from the catalyst of your environment. It is intended to be challenging. It is intended to force you to make choices. Knowing what those choices are all about should aid each, and, as always, at any moment that you have leisure, move in consciousness to praise and thanksgiving for your consciousness, for those whom you love, for all the good that is within your life and for all that awaits you in that larger life of your imperishable soul.

You must refrain from seeing the self as victim, and, instead, see the self as student, student of life itself. This illusion was designed for you to study the laws of love and to become one who is radiant and has chosen to give love regardless of what it gets in return. This is your environment. The actions that you take within it are totally of your own free will, but if you have the faith and the will to know deep within yourself that these things that occur that are difficult are truly challenges to the spirit, then it is easier to do the work in consciousness that needs to be done. It is easier to recover a feeling of thanksgiving, a feeling of praise. It becomes easier to realize how incredibly blessed each is that each is experiencing and has consciousness.

Your being is most praiseworthy and worthy of thanksgiving. Because you have been, and are, and will be, you are an exciting portion of a most exciting creation. You carry that creation about within you. Find that part of yourself through constant realization that you stand upon holy ground and are not alone but one with the Creator and those servants of the Creator such as we and many others in your inner planes.

Q’uo completed their answer as to how spiritual seekers could remove stress from their lives by saying that physical exercise of about half an hour per day could remove certain chemicals in the brain that cause stress to manifest in the mind and the body. Q’uo also said that the nature of our work environment and other relationships could provide stress, but this was more likely do pre-incarnative lessons which we should look at as means to grow spiritually. They recommended that we have the faith that all is well and is functioning as was meant to be and that we seek to do the will of the Creator and our higher selves which have given us much work in service to others to do. Q’uo’s final suggestion was that we realize that we are not alone on this journey but are one with the Creator, and we also have many unseen guides and servants on the inner planes of Earth to aid us. On July 12, 1992, Q’uo revealed more about how what happens in our lives is what is meant to be:

We imply that change can be helpful, confusion can be helpful, and do so on purpose. There is a difference between discomfort and injury. The confusion of incarnate life, in general, is massive, and was meant to be so in order to challenge and successfully baffle the intellectual mind, which thinks in black and white, yes and no. The point of this baffling effect is to coax the seeker into opening the heart to the processes of thinking, evaluating and decision-making. Those with unawakened hearts may reason perfectly, yet come to inappropriate or inefficient decisions and conclusions relative to their own deeper desires. The spiritual journey is many things, but is not linear or logical.

We are being told by this instrument that once again we have spoken too long and we do apologize. The instrument is capable of moving very deeply into concentration and is not aware of the time and we are afraid that anything to do with time/space remembering is difficult for us to gauge, as our reality is substantially different from your own. That is, our illusion is more transparent than your own, and, therefore, has less to do with the illusions of space and time.

We admire you, we wish very much to serve you and aid you. You are working harder than you will ever work again. But this is the important choice. This incarnation that you have now is an opportunity to choose once and for all to be a being of love, radiant, giving, sharing and loving. Make that choice and continue to polarize and the stress that you feel will bleed itself away as you find more and more things for which to give thanks, for which to give praise, for which to offer prayers. Do not see yourself entrapped in the illusion. It is an illusion. Look within to the great, vast reaches of the space within you, the space that is exemplified by the night sky. You carry infinity with you. Move into the present moment in thanksgiving and praise and rejoice.

We thank you for listening to us, though we are overlong, and would at this time wish to thank this instrument for being available to us, you for calling us, and would like to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow the leaves in the back yard into the area behind the garage where I then used Venus to mulch the leaves into leaf dust.

This afternoon I went to visit my friend, Connie, who has been in a care home in southern Indiana for the last few years because of suffering two strokes back in 2018. We enjoyed some snickerdoodle cake and strawberry ice cream, and then I continued reading to her from The Things You Don’t Forget by Dianne Aprile. At the end of my visit we did our usual meditation, and I am grateful to have been able to spend some time with Connie who is a beautiful soul who lives a difficult life.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 18

The Face Of God

Greetings in the love of Christ. I am the spirit of the consciousness of love which is Christ’s self, in the vibration which comforts this instrument.

Whatever we would say this day must turn upon the face of God, for we find in this instrument’s mind a focus far from that face. And we question the efficacy of such concentrated efforts at separation from the source of life and health.

Do you burn with shame at your transgressions? Far more did the man known as Jesus burn with shame at the iniquity of His nature, for He was given the perfect consciousness of Christ and all the material of mind and body which belongs to the illusion of the world. What pangs he felt because of His angers, His pride, His sarcasm, His coldness, and His cowardice! Truly He condemned Himself many, many times. For His was the painful knowledge of perfection and the equal awareness of the absolute imperfection of all that partakes of illusion.

Yet if He burned in shame, He burned well for the face of His Creator, His Father, and His source. And so should each be zealous, not for the death that lies in perceived transgression but in the new life which comes from focusing upon the face of the Creator.

The face of the Creator is pure and creative love and in love there is eternal, perfect and unfailing redemption, freedom from the memory of mistakes and an entrance into a new life unbesmirched by any past. Indeed, this is the nature of each moment. One who focuses upon sin denies redemption. And it is needless to do so.

Seek always the face of God. And offer to that face, to that presence, to that consciousness the precious gift of your agony. May you who think yourself sinful be healed of pride, for you are not unique.

May you be healed by the seeking of the face of God.

Peace be with you now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.