I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from June 21, 1987:

On why the question of death and suicide is becoming more prevalent in people’s thoughts, not just considering other people’s death and suicides, but thinking of their own.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator of whom we are all a part. I greet you furthermore in stone and sky and fence and street and city. I greet you in the many details of creation, from the smallest to the greatest. I greet you in the riches of consciousness and of each others’ consciousnesses. It is a great privilege to be called to your meeting for the purpose of talking about why many find thoughts of death and suicide to have happened into their minds in the last few years.

We find that there are two parts to answering this query. One portion is more basic than the other, and it is with that that we will start.

We have used the terms “the way of that which is” to describe the path of the positive polarity and “the path of that which is not” to describe the path of negative polarity. Both paths reach the same Creator. The mind is what is usually considered to the exclusion of any other asset or dynamic of an individual, and yet the body with its complex working arrangements and provisions for various contingencies of survival, constitutes another way of expressing and manifesting the path of that which is and the path of that which is not.

The body is by definition both positive and negative in polarization. Like the path of that which is, it grows, expands and develops. Following the path of that which is not, it seemingly dies. In general, then, you would say that there is a natural progression within the mind complex as the physical vehicle partakes less and less of growth and more and more of gradual self-destruction, that the mind complex would begin receiving as echoes from the body complex thoughts pertaining to the logical end of various minor frailties which begin to be experienced as a living entity increases in age.

As the body complex grows more and more to embrace the path of that which is not—that is, as the body participates more and more in that grand illusion of death and separation—so the mind is affected. Furthermore, as the body ages, so does the mind, and events begin to batter some mind complexes with their intensity. This grows more frequent as body and mind become more tired, worn and the feeling of inadequacy towards the physical situation or the emotional situation deepens.

The group question was why death and suicide are becoming more prevalent these days in people’s thinking for other people and for the self. Q’uo said there were two basic reasons to the answer, and the first reason was that the body manifests both that which is, in the form of health and strength, in its younger years, and that which is not, in its older years, as it declines in health and vigor. Q’uo said that the mind was also affected by the body’s decline into the infirmities of old age and begins its own decline in thoughts and emotions. On September 14, 1980, Latwii described this process:

Questioner: Yeah, there’s one thing. What if somebody is so diseased, you know, the illusion of disease, and they choose, for instance, to self-destruct their own body and pass on. Is there sort of like a punishment, or is the choice being that somebody chooses to leave their body by means of suicide, or is that a way to go that is a safe way, or is that playing games, or can [you] explain suicide and that sort of illusion?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my sister, by saying that of the various illusions and games and roles and learnings which each of your people undertake upon your plane, all are illusion, yet do teach. All are chosen by each of your people for their own unique and personal reason, reasons which vary widely from one to another. That within this range of learnings of illusions, of games which are played upon your stage, some teach one thing and some another. And some teach different lessons to different entities depending upon the reasons which the entities [have that] began that illusion.

That, in general, it may be said that each choice which a person makes is the choice which will teach the perfect lesson for that moment. We would suggest that many stresses, so to speak, are encountered by your people as each plays their chosen role, and that each moment each person has an infinity of choices of how to continue that role. Some become overwhelmed by the heaviness and the burden which they have created in their role, stepping too far into the unknown, so to speak, or taking on too much of a challenge it would seem and thereby respond by the path which is described as suicide.

We find that there is, however, at this time a second dynamic which has accelerated the process of what you would call aging. As mind and body housed together enter with the Earth itself new areas of space and new vibratory patterns of subatomic particles, the conditions upon your sphere are naturally changing, so that the mind is made more powerful than previously to affect the body. Year by year, as we understand your time demarcations, the body becomes less and less able to distinguish between the thoughts in the mind complex and the thoughts, if you may call it that, of the body complex itself. Thus, woes and travails, that would perhaps not come into physical manifestation but would merely be dealt with as situations, are now taking their toll in illness, both emotional or mental and physical.

It is thought patterns that have always been part of the vocabulary of humankind, but year by year these thoughts become more powerful. Thus, more than ever before, we find it is good to stress the precious nature of positive affirmation. When the mind despairs, grieves, feels anger or has resentment, it causes the mind complex a certain amount of difficulty. More than that, as you have experienced with new diseases, it can cause physical illness and death.

In the fourth density you will find that these thoughts are, indeed, of that nature, that is, that that which is thought occurs. Each entity has the power at all times to think into reality a desired result. Indeed, the most general of affirmations having to do with the faith that all will work out well is more medicine than any prescription which can be offered by any druggist. That precious state of mind in which one is at peace and feels full of the life and spirit of the Creator…


We are Q’uo and we apologize for this pause. We shall continue.

The positively oriented frame of mind is to be prized more and more, for it is the most efficient tool for protecting your third-density physical vehicles and insuring a continuing good association between mind, spirit and body. The intensity of events and feelings not only has been increasing, but will continue to increase, until at some point—we would not wish to guess how many decades from now—it will no longer be possible for the third-density physical vehicle to dwell upon planet Earth.

However, it will be unnoticeable to those who live and die in third density, for those now being born among your societal groups have a dual activated body. You will find these new entities far more full of energy than one would think possible. It is an energy to which third-density physical vehicles alone cannot associate very well. It does not give each of you more pep and vigor unless the attempt is made on a regular basis to evolve the frame of mind into that frame of mind which avoids negative thought. This frame of mind, of course, is best pursued in meditation.

Look at that which is your consciousness with a cold eye, in the abstract, and you shall see at the heart a gem, invisible except by faith, and surrounding it the rough shape of the unhewn, unfaceted stone. The crystal qualities are there, but they lie waiting for the skilled hand of the artisan to chip and facet until the heart of the stone has been revealed in all of its polished splendor.

Each of you has some control over this process of crystallization of the personality. It takes a great deal of dedication to correct lifelong habits of negative assertion, and we are aware that although many may see this information and nod, very few will be those that will actually attempt a continuously positive mindset. Moreover, we find that among your peoples the distractions of your culture have become the dumping ground for negatively oriented thought patterns, and that often the ceaseless voice of the media speaks to those who have the choice between distraction and negative imprinting and coming face to face with the intense reality of the moment and forging for the first time a truly positive mindset.

The desire to trust is in everyone. The belief in the possibility of crystallization of the personality, of betterment of the personality, of mastery of the self lies within everyone. The discipline which will bring about a continuous effort towards seeking the positive viewpoint in each and every situation is very difficult to maintain.

Yet we say to you that these things are but trifles of the moment. Much of what you attempt will be attempted in such a way that failure is inevitable for reasons that you cannot see within third-density experience. Yet that which has occurred within the mind will live and will be your new personality as once again you gather yourself together for further experience along the road we all travel, the infinite road to the face of the Creator.

Failure, my children, is completely irrelevant to the value of your attempt. You see, each of you will be claimed by death, or so it will seem. The reason for this is that illusions are just that—illusions. They are created and they have their moment and then they pass. That which is at your center, at your core, is a portion of the infinite Love, the great original Thought which has never come into manifestation and is not manifested within you, but lies rather as the dynamo, the reality that fires and underlies all experience. It has sent out into the creation, for a marvelous merry-go-round of infinite proportions, your spirit in exploration.

And so you explore and report and gather your strength and again explore. And so do we all. The fire that lies within you can never be touched, can never be altered, but can only be eventually found because you have honed the personality until it is brilliant and clear and the properties of the crystal are yours. Then may you carry light as the Creator is Light. You do this now, but in a distorted manner. You ponder now, you suffer now. May we hope that you also heed that side of you which is most in touch with the light and love within, so that you may see the impermanence of all that seems to die.

Then Q’uo began the second portion of their response by saying that our Earth is in a new portion of space where aging is affected by the increased power of the mind to affect the body and the body being unaware of the difference between its thoughts and the difficulties of the mind which are then transferred to the body. So Q’uo recommended positive affirmations by the mind to deal with difficult experiences that are also affected by the increasing vibrations of the fourth density where thoughts are things. They reminded us that we live in an illusion where the distractions of our culture and the mass media gives us distortions and difficulties on a daily basis. Then Q’uo described the Love of the Creator, which has made all of the infinite creation and exists at the core of our being, as an inspiration to each of us to move forward on our spiritual journeys, with our personalities crystallized in a manner that grasps the inability of the death of the body to change our journey to the unity with the Creator. On September 2, 2001, Q’uo gave an overview of our spiritual journeys:

You are standing upon holy ground within the creation of the Father, and you are the womb of stars, the grave of dreams, all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts, all possible processes. Out of all these things you have chosen a certain eccentric pattern of personality and experiencing, a certain set of filters to further confuse the already illusory data of the incarnation. You have set yourself within a situation where you are at once universal and unique. You are living a life and at the same time you are living forever, never stationary and yet unified. This is the key to grasping the nature of the spiritual journey. It is truly a journey because the Creator is never still. The Creator’s nature is extremely strong in freedom. This freedom of will creates a state of cyclical discovery, the desire to know more, the desire to seek. It is your nature because it is the Creator’s nature.  

We find that we have tired the instrument somewhat. It has been some time since this instrument has channeled. We are disappointed, for we had more to give her. However, we feel that it is best left to another time. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

This morning I painted the last set of two windows on the outside of the living room. Tomorrow I will paint the last two windows on the outside of the office, and that will end the window painting. Then I pumped out a quarter of the water in the fish pond and used it to water the gardens around the fish pond. Then I refilled the pond with fresh water, and while that was going on I went inside and had lunch.

This afternoon I ran errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some cat food. Then I stopped at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy food for myself. Then I stopped at the Concept Cleaners to buy more bags for my vacuum cleaner. My last stop was at Walgreen’s where I bought some ice cream and some non-food items.  When I got home I used my trimmer to trim the Astilbe Garden, around the cross, and the Yellow Creeping Jenny in the back yard. Then I trimmed around the Wuthering Heights Mound and the Sun Patiens on the Flower Fall Mound in the front yard to complete the trimming.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 30

Call The Light To You

I am of the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

See yourselves seated, just as you are, taking moments precious to you. For each is busy. So alter your consciousness that the ensuing period of time may be altered by the light which you have called to yourself in these moments.

Picture yourself opening as a flower to the wonderful sunshine of perfect love, being drenched by the freely given dew of strength, quietness and peace. Store this up within your heart, that through your eyes may shine this transcendental love which has the power of touching all those about you with a light which they may not know, but which they yet recognize as that which lifts the spirits, heals the mind’s pain, and cheers the emotions.

Allow that light to be stored within you more and more, that you may become an active spirit, a practicing and moving force for love, not by direct action, necessarily, but merely by the glow within the eye, the smile upon the lips, and the words spoken from a simple and cheerful peace.

We leave you in that peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 17, 1987:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again through this instrument in love and in light. We would at this time like to open this gathering to any further queries which those present may have to offer for our opinions and thoughts. May we speak to any query at this time?

J: Yes. From tonight’s session I understood that in order to increase our own personal electricity and magnetism, we can meditate upon a single image, and that image should be electrifying and evocative in nature. My question is, what would be—once this is done to the point where one does increase his electricity—what is the manifestation of that? What does the individual experience?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. The focus of the desire upon an ideal or image which has emotional value and spiritual potential, shall we say, for the seeker is effective within the seeker’s experience. When the focus has been as sharply drawn as is possible for the seeker to accomplish with the combination of inner images and intensified desire along the chosen path, the manifestation of such a focus of intentions is what you may call the vitality of the life experience. Some have given it the name élan vital or the joy of living which the greater influx of directed love, prana or energy has provided to the seeker as a result of the seeker’s forming a channel or circuit for this influx of love and its creative power.

Thus, each moment is seen with new eyes and felt with new sensation, and the vitality of creation is made more available to the seeker who has been able to focus its being in a manner which resonates in harmony with those potentials within each succeeding energy center or chakra of each seeker.

J asked if he took Q’uo’s advice–as channeled earlier in this session–and meditated on an inspiring image to increase his personal electricity and magnetism, what would the outcome be. Q’uo replied by saying that this type of a visualization created a channel within the being so that more of the Creator’s love or prana would be accessed and increase his love of life or elan vital in each moment of its life experience. On March 5, 2011, Q’uo shared the fruits of being able to live this kind of inspiring life:

This is perhaps a central theme about which to be excited, my brother. The opportunity is there in every day of the remainder of your incarnation. Pay it forward to serve others with such style, affection, humor and elan vital that you infect others with the desire to share that light and that love, so that they begin radiating, they begin serving, and they infect others in turn. Visualize the love and the light of the infinite One becoming pandemic in this newer Planet Earth so that, instead of a poor harvest or a small harvest, you are able to affect a large part of the population of Planet Earth.

May we speak further, my brother?

J: The process of the raising of the kundalini from the base chakra to the crown, is this an electrical process?

I am Q’uo, and though we find that it would be incorrect to describe this process as merely an electrical process, it is a process that contains the qualities of the movement of energy in a fashion which is similar to the movement of electricity through various circuits.

The south or magnetic pole of the seeker at the base of the spine and soles of the feet draws into the auric field of the seeker the catalyst or unprocessed experience which the seeker shall work upon according to its unique configuration of energy center blockages and clear circuit pathways. Thus, each seeker will perceive the daily round of activities in a manner which is congruent with this configuration of energy centers and will find its focus of attention drawn to the level or frequency of vibration that is appropriate for its current learning.

As succeeding energy centers or circuit areas within the energy centers of the seeker are opened and balanced to a minimal degree through a great portion of time and experience, the prana or love of the Creator will move further and further up the, as you have called it, path of the kundalini until there is the mating with the guiding light or Polaris of the self, where the seeker is already at one with the creation, so that an experience of conscious unity with the creation becomes available to the seeker. This completing of the circuit of the series of energy centers has been described by many of your peoples using various terminology, the enlightenment, the contact with intelligent infinity, the nirvana, as some call it.

Thus, the seeker may be seen as a configuration of circuits or series of lessons and balances to achieve, with each day offering further opportunity to move the flow of love further along the inner pathways that will eventually culminate in the bringing into harmonic resonance each portion of the seeker’s being.

J asked if the raising of the kundalini to the crown of the head was an electrical experience. Q’uo said that the kundalini experience was not specifically an electrical experience, but that it did involve the prana or love/light of the Creator moving into the seeker’s aura from the soles of the feet and base chakra to be worked upon over a long period of the lifetime so that there was a relative degree of balance in the chakras or energy centers. Then it was possible that in the higher energy centers there would be the mating with the Polaris of the self and the experience of contact with intelligent infinity or enlightenment would occur. Ra described this experience in 49.6:

Each experience will be sequentially understood by the growing and seeking mind/body/spirit complex in terms of survival, then in terms of personal identity, then in terms of social relations, then in terms of universal love, then in terms of how the experience may beget free communication, then in terms of how the experience may be linked to universal energies, and finally in terms of the sacramental nature of each experience.

Meanwhile the Creator lies within. In the north pole the crown is already upon the head and the entity is potentially a god. This energy is brought into being by the humble and trusting acceptance of this energy through meditation and contemplation of the self and of the Creator.

Where these energies meet is where the serpent will have achieved its height. When this uncoiled energy approaches universal love and radiant being the entity is in a state whereby the harvestability of the entity comes nigh.

May we speak further, my brother?

J: Would it be possible to expedite this process of the raising of the kundalini by the use of electrodes at, let’s say, the base and the crown chakras with a small amount of current induced between those two poles? I’ll leave my question at that.

I am Q’uo, and though the physical vehicle may be enhanced in its ability to transmit various forms of electrical current, we find that any specific technique of a mechanical nature which lacks the metaphysical principle of the processing of catalyst as the primary means by which the mind, body and spirit are prepared in unison for the increased flow of prana or love energy is a technique which invites some degree of imbalance within the entity’s total being and is that which would therefore be less than efficacious in the overall progress of the entity’s mind, body and spirit complexes.

May we speak further, my brother?

J: The Atlanteans, we know, used crystals in many ways, and I wonder if they had the same understanding or use of, or let me say, the technology that we possess today of electricity, or was their technology more based on the use of crystals and galvanic materials?

I am Q’uo, and as we distill and translate the capabilities of this civilization of which you speak, we find that there was much of the present technological abilities with the addition of various others which were also utilized in a fashion which was distorted toward the manipulation of things, peoples and events for specific purposes rather than the utilization of the available technologies for the enhancement of the evolutionary goals of each citizen. Therefore, the direction of technological advance and movement within this society was that which turned toward the negative pole more than was able to be sustained in a manifested sense by this culture and those about it which eventually resulted in the down-sinking of this culture as a result of the separation of entities culminating in the condition that you call war.

J asked if the Atlanteans used any form of electricity, crystals, or galvanic forces to enhance their own evolution. Q’uo said that the Atlanteans used technologies like our own that were used for the manipulation of people and events rather than for the welfare of all, and this resulted in warfare which destroyed the Atlantean civilization. In 10.15, Ra gave information about how the Atlanteans used their technology:

The Atlantean race was a very conglomerate social complex which began to form approximately three one oh oh oh, thirty-one thousand [31,000] years in the past of your space/time continuum illusion. It was a slow growing and very agrarian society until approximately one five oh oh oh, fifteen thousand [15,000] of your years ago. It reached quickly a high technological understanding which caused it to be able to use intelligent infinity in a less informative manner. We may add that they used intelligent energy as well, manipulating greatly the natural influxes of the indigo or pineal ray from divine or infinite energy. Thus, they were able to create life forms. This they began to do instead of healing and perfecting their own mind/body/spirit complexes, turning their distortions towards what you may call the negative.

Approximately eleven thousand [11,000] of your years ago, the first of the, what you call, wars, caused approximately forty percent of this population to leave the density by means of disintegration of the body. The second and most devastating of the conflicts occurred approximately one oh eight two one, ten thousand eight hundred twenty-one [10,821] years in the past according to your illusion. This created an earth-changing configuration and the large part of Atlantis was no more, having been inundated. Three of the positively oriented of the Atlantean groups left this geographical locus before that devastation, placing themselves in the mountain areas of what you call Tibet, what you call Peru, and what you call Turkey.

May we speak further, my brother?

J: No, thank you. That’s all the questions I have.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

H: Yeah. Did Edgar Cayce use electricity in any of his healing processes?

I am Q’uo, and as we attempt to scan the contributions of this particular entity, we find that the allusions to the use of the quality which you call electricity is most general in some locations within this body of work and does not partake of the specifically applied use of the power of the electrical current.

May we speak further, my brother?

H: Not on that. I don’t think there’s anything else. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Carla: I have two short questions. First of all, is there a unified field theory that can be discovered in third density, or is it going to have to wait to fourth density? Is it this metaphysical aspect that’s causing us all to be unable to figure it out?

I am Q’uo, and we find that the conceptualizations which are necessary to grasp the nature of the various forces which are considered primary within your illusion are conceptualizations which must be the result of removing various portions of the veil of mystery which is so great a portion of your fabric of illusion. There are many who have discovered significant portions of the concepts that will yield the eventual unification of the various theories of the source and motivational power of energy. However, this final goal is that which draws many within your illusion forward in their seeking, and the mere seeking is that which is most helpful in the resolving of the mysteries of your very being.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No, thank you, I appreciate that. The other question is just, I suspect that you’d rather deal with this as a general question, but I didn’t know for sure. And I wondered, is it correct that you would prefer to treat as a general question advice on someone about to be married. I wouldn’t mind hearing what you have to say on the subject.

I am Q’uo, and we find that it is possible to speak in any fashion which is desired…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument, and greet each in love and in light. We would ask, my sister, if you wish us to speak briefly upon this topic or would wish to have the topic as a general query at another time?

Carla: If you are willing to treat it as a general query, I would prefer that. Actually, I’d prefer to hear it at length, this is—you know. So we’ll wait until next week on it. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to have had offered to us those concerns in your journey of seeking which you have so joyfully shared with us this evening. We cannot express in words the gratitude that we feel for being allowed to share our humble thoughts with you upon those topics which are of concern in your thinking and in your being. We look forward to each such gathering with this group, and would at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I painted another set of two windows on the outside of the living room, and then I came in the house and vacuumed the first floor.

This afternoon I used my trimmer to weed the Moss Garden, the Ruins Mound, and the gardens around the fish pond.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 29

This Holy Day

I am the spirit of the living God and I greet you in the full consciousness which is the love of Jesus the Christ.

See before you now an holy day!

Hold your hands before you and know that if you dwell within the spirit of love these hands may be instruments of love to do divine work in a divine world.

Gaze at your feet, holy feet which may carry you to no place which is not holy.

Sense the pounding of your heart and the movement of blood in the veins. This is an holy body in and of itself and more and more full of self-awareness of love as the mind and heart love and dedicate this body to the principle of love.

Ask the mind and heart to love and dedicate this body to the principle of love. You do not know what you might manifest within this day and night to come.

You do not know what troubles shall arise which seem so persuasively to point to things that are not blessed. Yet within each abuse of body, mind and spirit there lies that soul, that infinite intelligence which is masked to the human eye but which is never absent from the spiritual picture of your day.

Know, and know in a deep and final way, that all things tend to good; that all disharmony tends towards love; that all despair tends towards hope, and all loss tends towards inner realization. And embrace each and every aspect of your experience in the firm faith of Christ, seemingly crucified, forever alive.

We leave you in Christ’s own peace, now and always.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 17, 1987:

From J, having to do with the nature of electricity. We use electricity, but nobody really knows what it is, the engineers or the scientists, and J was wondering if there might be a better description, perhaps even in metaphysical terms, as to the nature of electricity, what it is and how it really works.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We rejoice at the joining of our vibrations and thank you for calling us to your meeting this evening. You wish to know something about electricity. Indeed, many among your peoples would wish to understand this power and force in order that it might be exploited, yet all have firsthand experience of the nature of electricity, for that which is called electricity is one manifestation of the love of the one infinite Creator. One might perhaps think of it as electrical desire.

We find it difficult to speak forthrightly through this instrument, for the concepts which we place within the instrument’s head have no objective referent within her experience. However, we do wish and feel we are able to say through this instrument that there is no electricity that is free of the bias which is the companion of electricity, that being magnetic effect, for, in truth, electricity is a part of the way the Creator has drawn forth the created universe from that which was not articulate at the beginning of this creation.

The experience which most among your peoples enjoy in its appropriate time which is electrical in nature is the experience of your physical orgasm. That creative act is that which not only puts forth material which may become viable for a physical vehicle, but also puts it forth in a biased manner so that there is an electrical combination as well as a physical merging of the male and female cells. Thus, each infant has at the very beginning of its life that which is known as electricity to thank for the viability of the physical vehicle.

The galvanizing effect of your electricity is well known among your peoples, yet perhaps there has been within the mind and spirit the experience of the galvanizing electrical effect of some entity’s concepts and words, some entity’s deeds which provoke one to an electrical feeling of excitement, reverence or awe.

Metaphysically speaking, that which is creative is that which has electricity. That which is creative is that which shapes. That which is creative is that which empowers.

There is an alignment of love in such a way that love is bonded in passion to light, thus causing sense to form of that which was before made of no consciousness. The secret of electricity lies in its generative and creative possibilities, and, indeed, although this instrument is not aware of any information of this kind, we believe we can impress upon this instrument that there is a large body of material and research done by scientists for many of your years upon the fascinating effects of love aligning light, that is, electricity, and its effects upon living organisms.

The group question was what is electricity, in metaphysical terms, and how does it work? Q’uo began their answer by saying that electricity was a product of the way the Creator manifested the created universe out of that which was uncreated. Then Q’uo gave a kind of analogy of how electricity works via the orgasm when portions of the male and female join together to create a baby. Q’uo also said that electricity had a very close relationship with light and love. They also said that “the secret of electricity lies in its creative and generative possibilities.” In 41.5, Ra said that sixth-density entities actually create the light of the sun through sexual reproduction of a fusion nature that could well be considered a kind of enhanced electricity:

Questioner: In your last statement did you mean that the sixth-density entities are actually creating the manifestation of the sun in their density? Could you explain what you meant by that?

Ra: I am Ra. In this density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body. Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love.

In your future it is possible that the increased understanding of electricity and magnetism as being love and light shall bring about a culture in which electricity may be used in simple and subtle ways to aid in the prevention of the development of diseases which are in some way egregious in the balance of one or another polarity. Electricity then will be measured in terms of its shaping ability—that is, its electromagnetic ability and its field effect instead of merely in terms of the force of charge or the amount of it.

However, it is not necessary for those who seek to uncover the face of mystery to wait for the scientific acumen to reach that which is intuitively known already among many of your peoples. It is quite possible to work with the meditative time in such a way as to include within the meditation a fairly intensive period of tuning the mind and spirit more and more keenly upon one galvanizing image. Meditation upon this image with fixed intensity will bring about a heightened and changed mental attitude. It is a difficult practice and one which sometimes may be slow in producing results, however, it is quite rewarding for those who seek the inner electricity which some have called ritual magic.

The steady visualization of an electrifying image in order to evoke its wondrous energies is the purpose of many positively oriented magical rituals. The steady visualization may be of any object, however we suggest that the visualization object be an object which is, indeed, electrifying and exciting, evocative of all that is best and highest in the life experience thus far. The meditation is held in visualization of one image until the mind becomes fatigued. This shall occur at first very quickly, but the student will find that practice does increase the concentrated power and thus the metaphysical electrical effect of the…

Q’uo continued by saying that at some point it will be realized that electricity and magnetism are the equivalent of love and light. Q’uo also said that electricity could be used for healing and at that time: “Electricity then will be measured in terms of its shaping ability—that is, its electromagnetic ability and its field effect instead of merely in terms of the force of charge or the amount of it.” Then Q’uo said that meditation could be used to focus on an electrifying image that could be used in the fashion of ritual magic that could eventually cause positive changes in consciousness as Ra mentioned was possible in 73.10:

Questioner: In invoking the alerted light then, it would seem to me that the visualization of the invocation would be dependent upon what the use was to be of the light. The use could be for healing, could be for communication, or it could be for the general awareness, you might say, of the creation and the Creator. Would you please speak on this process and my correctness in making this assumption?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall offer some thoughts though it is doubtful that we may exhaust this subject. Each visualization, regardless of the point of the working, begins with some work within the indigo ray. As you may be aware, the ritual which you have begun is completely working within the indigo ray. This is well for it is the gateway. From this beginning light may be invoked for communication or for healing.

You may note that in the ritual which we offered you to properly begin the Ra workings the first focus is upon the Creator. We would further note a point which is both subtile and of some interest. The upward spiraling light developed in its path by the will, and ultimately reaching an high place of mating with the inward fire of the One Creator, still is only preparation for the work upon the mind/body/spirit which may be done by the adept. There is some crystallization of the energy centers used during each working so that the magician becomes more and more that which it seeks.

More importantly, the time/space mind/body/spirit analog, which is evoked as the magical personality, has its only opportunity to gain rapidly from the experience of the catalytic action available to the third-density space/time mind/body/spirit. Thus the adept is aiding the Creator greatly by offering great catalyst to a greater portion of the creation which is identified as the mind/body/spirit totality of an entity.


I am Q’uo, and I greet you once again in love and light. We are sorry, but this instrument was feeling out of its depth, and we lost contact with it as it was analyzing. You see, there is no such thing as too much experience. To finish the sentence of the image.


We are attempting merely to reestablish the contact, and thank you for your patience. We are sorry that we do not have an instrument with a larger vocabulary, however, we have found that in some ways those with no preconceived ideas of the nature of a thing often make clearer channels to the extent of their vocabulary than those who feel they understand a phenomenon and merely wish to improve that understanding.

Perhaps what we would like to offer before we leave this instrument is the encouragement to view the self as a person possessed of the fire and brilliance of electricity, for each seeker has a consciousness, and that consciousness is of Love, Love unmanifest and unpolarized and Love electrified by desire. Each entity is incredibly powerful, making and remaking the creation each and every day of the life experience. Whatever this day has been, it is what you have made it. Whatever this night brings to you is brought to you as a favor to yourself by yourself. All is desire and the fulfillment of desire, and the more that that desire is carefully considered and single-heartedly placed, the more that the life experience will be heartfelt, single-minded, glad and productive.

When a seeker views the self as one which is acted upon by circumstance, one then sees the self lying down before the electricity of experience and having that experience burned into self. We suggest that the human desire has the strongest and highest electricity, metaphysically speaking, which is available upon the planet Earth in the third density at this time. Thus, the will, the heart, and the soul of humankind is far more powerful than any problem, any disease, or any natural phenomenon. Exceptions will be made in natural phenomena by appeal to a higher electricity, a higher creativity, a higher understanding of love.

May your meditations be full of the Creator which is Love, and as you muse and contemplate upon the great mystery of the one great original Thought which is the Creator, may you become more and more imbued with the sense that electrically and creatively you shall happen to your environment and to those circumstances which greet you. Let you be the actor which decides what part to play, not one which hurriedly makes entrances and exits without ever quite learning the lines. See yourself as powerful in love and light.

So Q’uo completed their discussion of electricity and its power being fully within us as is the mystery of the Love of the Creator, the actor which decides our parts in the great play of our lives much as Ra said in 104.26:

We leave you in appreciation of the circumstances of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm. We are also players upon a stage. The stage changes. The acts ring down. The lights come up once again. And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the One Infinite Creator. All is well. Nothing is lost. Go forth rejoicing in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the One Infinite Creator. I am Ra. Adonai.

We thank you for allowing us to work with this instrument with this query, and would at this time transfer to the other instrument in order that any questions which you may have may be answered. We would at this time transfer. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I was aware that it had been raining a good deal of the night and early morning, and when I went outside to check the rain gauge I was thrilled to see that we got one and three-quarters of an inch of rain. That is such a blessing because prior to this rain we had only gotten half an inch of rain for the whole month of September. Our channeling group also had a practice channeling this morning, and the group question was the relationship between suffering and surrender. I was very pleased with the channeling of Q’uo’s answer through each of our three instruments.

This afternoon I went outside and painted another set of two windows in the living room.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 28

Go Forth Rejoicing And Glad

I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

It is the wish of the principle of unconditional and creative love that each particle of the Creator’s love, each of your cells, go forth into the world rejoicing and glad.

Whatever your troubles, whatever your sorrows this day, we ask you to treat them as gently as honored guests. For each of those beautiful and less beautiful things that you may meet is something which may catch you, as a twig along the river; as that which may snag your attention and curl you into the outwardly blinded and inwardly gazing position of the fetus.

Let not your troubles bend you over or bring you to the dust, but rather stand in faith and enjoy each small and great blessing that you may find before you this day, offering praise and thanksgiving with a strong heart. Thus may the Father’s light shine in your world.

We leave you in peace, now and ever.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 10, 1987:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to respond to those queries which those present may have for us. We remind each that we offer but our opinions and wish to appear not as an authority, but as brothers and sisters who seek as you seek on the same journey of seeking. May we begin, then, with a query?

Questioner: Yes, I have a question. Recently I read some literature concerning crystals and their properties and their value, and I’ve also read things in the past that said the opposite of what I have recently read. One is positive and the other one is negative. Could you comment on the use of crystals to a person who is seeking what value they have maybe in helping a person to polarize their—I guess, their direction of seeking? Anything you could say about crystals would be appreciated.

I am Q’uo, and we find that there is much that can be said upon this topic, and it is our desire to speak in those areas which might be of most use in this instance. Any aid of the nature of the crystal that an entity employs in its journey of seeking may be valuable in that seeking according to the desire and purity of desire for polarization that the entity contains within its heart of being as it utilizes the crystal or any other gadget, shall we say, for it is the crystallization of the self or the personality of the self which is the process of evolution for each seeker.

As the seeker is able to regularize the thoughts, desires, actions and words that proceed from its being, and to focus these energies in a manner that partakes of service to others toward a positive polarity, the entity is making of itself, and more specifically the energy centers or chakras of the metaphysical self, a kind of crystal that accepts the white light of the one Creator and refracts it in a balanced fashion so that each energy center lends its distinctive coloration of vibration and yields again the white light.

If an entity wishes to accelerate the process of evolution, the process of utilizing catalyst in the daily round of activities, and gleaning from that catalyst the bias in consciousness towards service, then the entity may seek to share that quality of polarization with others by means of the healing that is possible in the use of the crystal. This healing is a process which is first used upon the self as the entity gathers the experience of its journey and allows the fruit of this experience to move through its being, to enter into the crystal and resonate in harmony with it and become amplified by this harmonic resonance and move to an other self that is in need of the kind of balancing of energy centers which your peoples term healing.

As the crystal is utilized for the enhancing, the balancing, or the healing of the energy centers of self or other self, it must, however, be understood that there is the attendant responsibility to utilize the increased energy patterns or intensified patterns in a manner congruent with the chosen polarity, for, indeed, the enhanced experience carries the responsibility to be utilized in a manner that is as pure an offering of love to the one Creator as the seeker is able to make.

The Questioner wanted to know how to utilize crystals to travel the spiritual path. Q’uo suggested that the use of the crystal in the positive sense is based upon the very heart of the purity of the desire of an entity to be of service to others. They suggested if an entity is able to utilize its catalyst in an efficient manner then its energy centers can become crystalized in a manner that could be seen as a healing which would allow one to charge the crystal and offer the service of healing to others. On May 14, 1989, Q’uo described various ways a crystal might be used to enhance the spiritual journey:

However, it might be summarized by suggesting that the crystal, through its facets in construction and the inner properties of geometry and geography, intensifying both the instreamings of intelligent energy from the creation and the vibrational harmonics of the entity that seeks to utilize the crystal in any consciously directed fashion. The crystal then may be utilized to aid the deepening of one’s meditative state by desiring that this outcome be produced and by placing the self within a structure of a crystalline nature, such as the framework of a teepee, for example, which would funnel the intelligent energy of the Creator in a fashion that could deepen the meditative state of an entity which has placed itself in the middle of such a structure.

The smaller and more commonly used crystal gems may be utilized by one who seeks to be of service as that which you call the healer, for when the crystal has been chosen according to those qualities which are known to be a part of each gemstone, the appropriately selected crystal may be charged or enhanced by the desire of the one serving as healer in order that the interruption of the energy pattern of the one to be healed might be achieved. This interruption of the energy pattern would allow for another configuration, loosely known to your peoples as health, to be chosen according to the newer mental understanding of the one to be healed, realizing that it has learned what was necessary from the previous configuration of mind that produced the diseases, shall we say, within the mind/body/spirit complex.

May we speak further, my brother?

Questioner: No, thank you. That was very good.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Carla: So what you’re saying about the lesson of working hard for a goal and the goal not being accomplished is—you’re saying that it is if that trying has crystallized or regularized that person’s metaphysical personality, then the real goal of creating a better crystallized personality is being done, and therefore the real goal is being accomplished, and it just looks like the goal is not being accomplished. Is that right?

I am Q’uo, and we find that you have in general summarized that which we have attempted to offer this evening in response to the query offered us…

Carla: But sometimes people succeed wildly, or at least adequately. I mean, not everyone has goals that they haven’t achieved. So, are the people who are actually seemingly successful less so?

I am Q’uo, and we have not yet finished the response, and would at this time attempt to cover the additional information that you have requested. It is our observation that the peoples of your planet have so succeeded in placing about the mind complex those veils which shield it from far-seeing and becoming aware of the deeper patterns of experience that are realized in each incarnation and the work done in each incarnation, that the efforts of any one seeker in the metaphysical sense are largely unknown to that seeker, for what you seek within your illusion is the quality known as love or compassion and the expression of that compassion or attitude of compassion within the consciousness in such a focused fashion that one polarizes the being so that it is more and more able to accept increased love and light energy from the one Creator, and proceed therefore upon the path of evolution.

The polarization prepares the personality that it might be able to accept the increased energy of vibration in a stable manner without disintegration. The ability to discern the precise manner by which this process is accomplished is a lesson which lies beyond that which you now attempt to learn, and is described by many as that known as wisdom. Those of your peoples within third density who seek the lessons of love do well to gain even a small portion of that lesson, and do not yet reach the quality or lesson of wisdom which allows the clear perception of the white light in its movement throughout all of creation.

Thus, the qualities which you seek to nurture within your being, those of will and faith to persevere in the seeking of love, are those qualities which discipline the personality in a fashion which allows further seeking and further progress upon the journey of seeking. The process is largely unseen, and not dependent upon the outcome for particular effort or group of efforts within an incarnation that are designed by the seeker as its attempt to polarize in consciousness.

The attempt and the intention are those qualities which further enhance the will and faith and thus the polarization of the being, and it is these qualities that one works upon when one seeks to survive the moments and long periods of disillusionment, confusion, frustration and the various trials that test the entity’s dedication to service and to seeking. And these moments of difficulty are seldom appreciated amongst your peoples as being those times during which the greater work is accomplished.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue.

It is often those times of the seeming accomplishment of a goal which one has long sought that seekers look to as a sign of work well done. However, we would suggest that there is little possibility of entities within your illusion ever being able to see with eyes clear enough to know when work has truly been accomplished, and it is those times of difficulty in general which are most valuable to the seeker of truth. Truly, there is no means by which one cannot serve and seek to be of more service, yet it is far better to continue the effort of seeking with great perseverance and without the necessity of counting the return that is most valuable to the seeker within your illusion, for the fruits of your seeking are metaphysical in nature and escape, for the most part, detection by those within your illusion.

So Carla asked if it was possible that a person working hard to accomplish a spiritual goal and not succeeding in doing so could be the way that the person’s metaphysical personality had actually been crystallized and the goal met after all. Q’uo said that she was basically correct as in our third-density illusion the veil of forgetting keeps us from seeing the real fruit of our spiritual efforts. Q’uo went on to say that in the third density we are attempting to learn the ways of love and positively polarize our consciousness, and we are not aware of our success at being able to channel this love of the Creator because this would require the quality of wisdom which we do not have access to in the third density as it is a fifth density quality. So Q’uo said that we need to exercise our will and faith that the disciplining of our personality will allow further progress in achieving our intentions of polarizing our consciousness in service to others. In 42.12, Ra described how we can strengthen our will and faith:

There is but one technique for this growing, or nurturing, of will and faith, and that is the focusing of the attention. The attention span of those you call children is considered short. The spiritual attention span of most of your peoples is that of the child. Thus it is a matter of wishing to become able to collect one’s attention and hold it upon the desired programming.

This, when continued, strengthens the will. The entire activity can only occur when there exists faith that an outcome of this discipline is possible.

In 42.13, Ra was more specific in how to increase the attention span:

Questioner: Can you mention some exercises for helping to increase the attention span?

Ra: I am Ra. Such exercises are common among the many mystical traditions of your entities. The visualization of a shape and color which is of personal inspirational quality to the meditator is the heart of what you would call the religious aspects of this sort of visualization.

The visualization of simple shapes and colors which have no innate inspirational quality to the entity form the basis for what you may call your magical traditions.

Whether you image the rose or the circle is not important. However, it is suggested that one or the other path towards visualization be chosen in order to exercise this faculty. This is due to the careful arrangement of shapes and colors which have been described as visualizations by those steeped in the magical tradition.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: I’d like to take the opportunity to ask one more question, with apologies to everyone else for the hogging the questions, because I have a stake in this myself. [Name] is not the only one who keeps thinking that surely there is an outcome that has not been achieved, and I’m learning a lot tonight too. Two years ago I lost a very, very dear friend, my beloved companion Don Elkins, and it was very sad the way it happened. My mind has been full of the sadness of it ever since. And even as I come up to such a joyous occasion as my wedding, and even as I’m involved in very, very happy preparations, yet still the sad parts haunt me. And it’s as though I were Don, thinking Don’s thoughts during the time that he was suffering, and so I still suffer. Even though I’m sure he himself has gone on, yet I still suffer with him in those last days and minutes of his life when he really felt alone and there was nothing I could do about it.

And I just wonder, is there an intrinsic value to this suffering that I go through? I know that a lot of the work that I’ve done in the last year is the result of some of the deepest suffering that I went through in which I discovered a lot about my own personality and how to be a powerful personality. Should I just rejoice in this continued suffering, and assume that there is an intrinsic value in it? Is there an intrinsic value to suffering? Or being unfulfilled—let’s make it more general.

I am Q’uo, and again, my sister, we remind you that the true nature of your experience is that which is hidden for the most part from your ability to sense or perceive. Indeed, there is value in suffering. Have you not produced a fruit from the suffering? Can this not nourish others? In the larger sense, the Creator is able through your suffering to be glorified as the suffering is borne with a joyous heart, for it is the expression, then, of the discovery of love where one would not expect to find such.

It is not often or expected that each seeker will find even a small measure of love in a conscious fashion within any portion of the life experience which is devoted to suffering. Yet, it is true that within each such moment exists the one Creator, whole and perfect, full of joy and balanced in love and light. As the seeker who suffers discovers more of that joy in the moments of suffering, thus does the seeker remove yet another veil that covers the greater view from inner and outer eyes.

Now Carla said that she had suffered a great deal in the two years since the loss of her beloved companion, Don Elkins. She realized she had a stronger personality as a result of dealing with his loss and asked Q’uo if this might indicate that there was an intrinsic value to suffering in general. On January 10, 1991, Q’uo described how suffering may be chosen to enhance the spiritual journey:

Thus, the role of suffering in each seeker’s life may, in actuality, be chosen by the seeker. It may be catalyst on which the attention is focused and therefrom much understanding and much growth may take place. It may be ignored or avoided as much as possible, but we would suggest to you that, as a seeker, this would not be the most desirable course of action if progress on the path is what is desired.

Many among your peoples have gone to great lengths to provide certain types of suffering for themselves in their life in order that attention may be brought to the life, to areas that need examination, to provide a focus that will eventually lead the conscious mind through the illusion. For this is the first thing desired by each entity as it enters this [inaudible] incarnation, that the illusion be pierced. The realization occurs that this indeed is illusion.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No, Q’uo. I thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Questioner: Q’uo, concerning the crystal, does the crystal have any value to—does it have any extra special value unto itself, if it is just left where it is or if it is just, not utilized, just as a crystal? What value over and above anything else does a crystal have?

I am Q’uo, and we see that there are many ways in which we may respond to this query. We see the query focuses primarily upon value determined by use, or in a more general sense, the value of the thing in itself. Indeed, the creation known as a crystal has value, as does any portion of the one Creation, and has more particular value as a regularized portion of light which may in an harmonic fashion intensify the movement of light. Thus, the crystal is that which offers a passageway for light of a metaphysical nature to move and to offer itself in service to other portions of the one creation by enhancing the beingness of the vicinity in which the crystal resides. This quality is like unto the faucet which in your domiciles offers the nourishment to those in thirst and need of refreshment

May we speak further, my sister?

Questioner: Thank you. That did answer it.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Carla: We’d just like to thank you very much for being here tonight.

I am Q’uo, and we find that for the moment we have exhausted those queries which have been presented to us with joy and sincerity, and we thank each for these gifts of your love. We have enjoyed this opportunity to share with you our journey of seeking, and we look forward, as you would say, to those times within your future gatherings that we may so join this group again. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I am Nona. I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We have been called to this group this evening to offer our healing sounds and we thank this group for requesting healing. We are not much used to words, and so will take leave [of] you except for our song. We are those of Nona.

[Carla channels a healing melody from Nona.]

This morning I went outside and began painting the bricks around the two windows where the bird feeder hangs and can be seen from the living room. I finished just before lunch.

This afternoon I had technicians rewiring the three closets in the three bedrooms upstairs so that when you walk in the closet the lights go on via motion sensors. I wasn’t able to do any more work on painting the bricks around the living room windows as I was needed from time to time to discuss some of that work plus finding out why it would be a lot of work to get the second porch light rewired so that it works.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 27

The Touch Of The Spirit Of Love

Greetings. I am the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ in the vibration which comforts this instrument.

When you experience for the first time the touch of the spirit of love, you are as a bride who goes to her marriage bed, becoming a new being, one in flesh and spirit with the beloved.

Although a virgin may be irresponsible, yet a wise householder has the passive responsibility of being an instrument through which new life may be channeled. There is also the active responsibility of a discriminating stewardship of all those gifts which are held in trust from the Father and which should be used to the glory and celebration of the consciousness of love.

My peace I leave with you.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 10, 1987:

The question, of a general nature, is what lesson is to be learned when goals seem unattainable after a great deal of effort has been expended?

 (Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to us to be asked to share this meditation with you, and we would pause with you for a few moments of silent meditation so that we may truly become one with you and flow in harmony and in rhythm with your thoughts and your needs at this time. We shall pause. We are Q’uo.


We are again with this instrument. We are Q’uo, and again we greet you in the love and the light of the One Who Is All. Your query is concerned with what your peoples call ambition, an ambition to succeed, an ambition to fulfill the potential. It is based upon an interesting supposition among your people, namely that something smaller than the life experience of the life itself is that which is called the work.

The difficulty in recognizing one’s true work seems to stem from that distorted value which your peoples place upon that tool of power which your peoples call the money. It is assumed that that which is done in exchange for money is that which is the work, and it is assumed that, therefore, even when one is not receiving money for something, one may still be in a training period for some time, but after a certain time it is assumed that the work itself shall begin. Such is the distortion which money has created by its distortion among your peoples.

It is our opinion—and we stress that it is opinion only and is not an irreducible truth—that the only work which may be called “The Work” of any entity is that work done in consciousness during an incarnational period which has a net result as judged by the self after the incarnation of polarizing the entity more and more strongly towards service to the Creator and to others. Thus, life is the work, and work is the life.

This may rearrange the thinking upon the query of this evening, which is, “What is the possible reason for such extended effort and then no expected outcome?”

The emphasis upon the outcome is that which has been distorted by your money system. If it is seen that one’s own life is a gift which is going to be created by the self by life’s end within this density, then it may be seen that whether one had an expected or an unexpected outcome for training, that the actual work lay not in results, but in attitudes and biases which have been gained during the training, and that this process would go on regardless of the outer circumstances changing by apparent success or apparent failure.

The group question was what is the lesson to be learned when a great deal of effort has been expended and the goals have not been attained. Q’uo began their answer by saying that many people view the work of the life to be that which is smaller than the life itself, and the fact that we all live in an illusion in which money plays a major role, and the work is seen as that which is done for money. Q’uo suggested that the true work of any seeker is the work done in consciousness over the period of the life so that the life is the work, and the work is the life. So whether any outcome is expected or unexpected it is not the results that may be measured that are important but the attitudes and biases in consciousness that have been gained. On December 19, 1993, Q’uo described how our work in consciousness is accomplished:

However, the portion of the personhood, shall we say, which is conscious is like that of the iceberg. The conscious self is often tempted to think of itself as it sees itself in the mirror as the whole self. However, most of that which makes a seeker that particular and unique seeker lies forever hidden, and as an entity continues to do work in consciousness, great magnitudes of change are seen below the threshold of consciousness and rainbows of colors detail this marvelous melodrama of evolving selfhood, while above the threshold of consciousness the changes are muted and the desire to see these changes, be it ever so keen, must make itself comfortable working largely with the palest and dimmest of hues compared to the richness of color in the time/space portions of consciousness which lie below the veil.

Let us back up a bit and speak in a deeper way, as you know we are fond of doing, my children. You know that each of you is a perfection unique and amazing to the Creator, just as the Creator is unique and amazing, mysterious and wonderful to each of you.

You know that as you gaze upon each other, you gaze upon the face of great mystery. And yet, somehow each entity manages to stop the ears and blind the eyes of the miracle of each moment in order that it may function in what is seemingly the here and now of a hustle-bustle life experience.

How blessed it feels to kick off the shoes of the workaday world, to tuck a metaphorical piece of grass between the teeth and gaze into the metaphorical open sky for daydreaming. How very, very good it feels to unwind and relax, to let one’s mind drift. My children, it is not only pleasant—it is life itself to that entity which dwells within, which is learning the true lessons and doing the true work of the incarnation.

We are speaking here of meditation and of those states of mind associated with meditation which may seem to be a waste of time to the civilized mind. We find this word in the instrument’s vocabulary has many connotations, and we wish them all to be recognized, for civilization is also an artificiality, and all of those notions and belief systems which arise from the cultural medium which you enjoy can be a deadening and numbing influence upon those who are not aware that at some point it is necessary to remove oneself from the grip of civilization in order that the creature which dwells within in illimitable light might move about, breathe the fresh air of unconstructed thought, and go deeper and deeper into that portion of mind which is nourished by light and love and contemplation and which gives as fruit of this kindness from the conscious mind a harvest to the conscious mind of health and right knowledge. The aid which meditation may yield to an entity is equal to that entity’s desire for that aid.

Then Q’uo said that they wanted to explore more deeply the nature of each human being as an amazing portion of a mysterious and magnificent Creator which is seldom recognized within our third-density illusion. Q’uo recommended that relaxing into contemplation and then into meditation is a necessary practice for the spiritual seeker to engage in in order to extract the self from the hectic and disassociated pace of the workaday world and move into the deeper realms of the deep mind where light and love connect us to right knowledge of our true nature. On April 29, 1984, Latwii described our nature as the Creator:

It is as though you are each a pilgrim and together you are a band of pilgrims, and long have you journeyed on this road, the road to the one Creator. Yet, you are the Creator, and each moment you experience the experience of the Creator. But you have forgotten this in this life, and in order to intensify your experience as the one Creator, you are as children, make up certain games, join certain groups, to, shall we say, pass the time as you journey. You are so successful in passing the time that often you forget that you journey.

Remember, my brother, you are a pilgrim. Seek your deepest goal. See the Creator within those with whom you journey. Your viewpoints will widen. Each experience of difficulty will widen that viewpoint.

There is no desire which is not fulfilled, and when one feels that one has worked for a long period of time and yet the goal has not been accomplished, it is often interesting to go back and reexamine the deep desires of the heart and mind. It may be that there is a far, far deeper desire for the deeper learning which is brought about when one has a long-standing and seeming failure. This consciousness of clay feet and imperfection causes a kind of unhappy tension which is called suffering, and this suffering creates a frame of mind in which the deeper senses become more and more sensitive and begin to make choices.

We question each who has an unfilled dream whether in the suffering which has gone into disappointment there has not been a great deal learned which could never have been learned in the face of continued contentment and happiness.

The strength of desire is the measure of the result of desire, for the universe is completely rhythmical and responds to that which is asked. There is a spontaneous simultaneity about existence, and in that still point, as one of your poets has called it, it is truly where the dance is. When one finally rests in meditation after great suffering and hoping and seeking, one may finally get a glimpse of what has been learned by the deep self.

To those to whom that glimpse has been given, no suffering ever seems so hard again, for those are the ones fortunate enough to grasp the deep reality, which is that in terms of the deeper desire of the heart they have not been unsuccessful at all, but instead successful beyond their dreams.

You see, my children, the movement in development of personality is from the surface of things, deeper and deeper into them, until finally the seeking and the sought become one; one thing, so that you are not meditating, but finally you are the meditation, and this meditation is your perfect poem, your arrangement of your consciousness, and you know in an instant that this consciousness is the gift which you shall give to the Creator, and so no longer can you feel unsuccessful.

Now Q’uo said that when we have labored for a great deal of time with no obvious success at learning our spiritual lessons that we might want to consider that there could be deeper lessons that we are learning through the suffering that we are experiencing. Q’uo said that the great desire that propels such a long-term journey will produce fruits because that is the way that the universe responds to intense seeking. Eventually, it may well be that as we continue to seek the deepest desires of our hearts in meditation that we become that which we seek. We become the mediation, and this is the gift that we give to the Creator as a way that It might know Itself. On February 13, 1988, Q’uo reminded us that we do have gifts to give the Creator:

 It is difficult sometimes for one who is suffering to see the beauty within the self, to realize that the self by itself without action is the true gift to the Creator and the true reason for this experience you call living.

Then Q’uo gave a summary of their message for this session.

We are aware that the moments when one accepts the self as the Creator must be few and far between for those of you who dwell in third density, for it is the function of your physical illusion to fool you quite efficiently. If you do not suffer in some way, if you are not made uncomfortable by circumstance, shall you seek at all? We found in our studies that our third-density experience was not as vivid as the experience which you have upon your planet. This is due to the fact that our Logos, as we find this instrument to use the word, did not choose quite so vivid an archetypical expression of the one infinite Creator.

You, in the planetary sphere you enjoy, have an especially excellent illusion. How then are you to embrace yourself and the consciousness within you in the midst of an illusion which delivers to your consciousness a distorted and incomplete report of the self? Again, we suggest meditation, that in the still moments of meditation, you might come upon yourself, and, not looking directly, still recognize that self as both self and a greater Self. And in the greater Self’s persona, perhaps you shall catch a glimpse of the glory that lies within you.

The development of faith and will is in large part a development of the will to seek and the faith to keep on seeking. A persistent, sustained seeking throughout an incarnation, regardless of any results that appear within the incarnation, is in our opinion the very best gift which can be created by you. You are creating a life, and you shall not be done in that great career until your last breath has left the physical vehicle and you yourself move from space/time into the time/space of metaphysical life, that greater life which you hunger for while caught within the clumsy prison of the physical vehicle. You shall be light and free. You shall be full of light and full of freedom. Yet, here and now, within the prison of the earthly body, is your great chance to be faithful to your own consciousness.

So seek, my children, seek always, and know that while it is well to move according to the tides of circumstance, it is far more deeply helpful to have an inner life which is completely independent of outer circumstance, a life in which meditation and contemplation are both that which is desired and among the fruits of that desire. If you are not enjoying your meditations, may we suggest that you vary the conditions under which these meditations occur. And do not refrain from meditating because of a difficult patch, for in any difficulty, yet to remain faithful to the seeking is a very helpful thing for one who wishes to polarize more and more towards service to the Creator and others. The development of that will which under the velvet offers the strength is much recommended.

We find that there are queries within the group this evening, and we would like to answer as many of them as we may. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, We are those of Q’uo. We thank this instrument and would now transfer.

This morning I continued painting the windows on the deck and was able to get all but two done. Then I made an errand run to Feeder’s Supply to pick up some bird seed. My next stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to pick up some food for myself. The last stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up a couple of prescriptions and some non-food items.

This afternoon I continued painting the last two windows on the back deck, and I am glad that they are done as they don’t begin until about four feet off the ground, above the foundation, and then they are about 10 feet tall. So there is a lot of ladder work that makes the painting more of a challenge.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 26

May Your Soul Be Tempered

I am of the spirit of Jesus Christ and I greet you in the fullness of divine love.

The unconditional nature of love is not fully understood by those who wish each other a pleasant day, a happy day, a good day. For to one full of the spirit of love, each day is, first, that which is dipped in fire and held to the rising sun, a tempered sword of unity so that all things are one, the seemingly good, the seemingly difficult situations alike, blending into love, turning into chances for renewal and growth.

May your soul be so tempered in the grace of Jesus Christ that the spirit may speak through you this day, regardless of the circumstances of your existence, to a world hungry for the love of Christ.

In the peace of Christ we leave you, now and ever. Amen

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 3, 1987:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument in love and in light. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in answering of further queries which those present may offer to us. We thank you for each, and we seek to speak that which has been our harvest of experiencing. Is there a query at this time to which we may speak?

Carla: I guess my only question is that the wisest man I ever knew, Don Elkins, always said that happiness was not an objective, and that basically if something felt good it was bad for you, and if something felt bad it was good for you, and you should never react to anything, but just be the creator of your own actions which is, I would say, widely at variance with what you’re describing. I like your idea better. Could you address the possible problem, say, with the “Hundred-and-Eighty Degree Rule,” as Don always called it?

I am Q’uo, and we speak to this query in order to offer the possibility for consideration that there is great difference between what one may become aware of through the intuitional faculties and what one may think with the intellectual is an appropriate course of action. It is possible for one to become aware of the speaking of the intuition, the small voice that speaks in stillness within the heart of being, through the exercise of meditation which has been primed, shall we say, with the intense contemplative and intellectual analyzing of possibilities. This priming or opening of a path through the intuition, when accomplished, will in its season of appropriate time allow the communication from the deeper levels of the mind to the conscious mind. This response is that which seeks to fulfill the desires of the seeker of truth in a manner which is appropriate for the seeker according to the plan that it has laid out for itself prior to the incarnational experience.

It is oftentimes the case that the seeker will hesitate upon first becoming aware of the speaking of the intuition, and will doubt that which has been given, and will, indeed, [attempt] to construct in a mental fashion an appropriate, in its own mind, a permutation of this speaking of intuition, and satisfy itself that it is following the dictates of the deeper self in so doing. We hasten to add that in the greater picture of one’s incarnational patterns, those movements of mind, body and spirit which seem at some point to be inappropriate or incorrect, are in the larger sense often quite valuable in the overall fulfilling of the preincarnative plan. However, we realize that those present wish for the ability to, shall we say, zero in on the heart of the process and make each step count as much as possible.

Thus, although we might agree that when one thinks upon a certain path and desires it through the thinking, that it is oftentimes necessary for the action which results from such thinking to continue to be refined until the heart of the matter is obtained, and is oftentimes obtained in a fashion that is distinctly different than the thoughts of the seeker, the pure and undiluted feeling direction of the intuition is that which needs the acquiescence and obedience of the seeker in order that that still, small voice may be heard ever more clearly and ever more frequently within the life of the seeker of truth, for it is that which speaks from the heart of the being, and offers a clue as to the means whereby the seeker in its thoughts and actions may strike closer to that heart.

Carla was asking whether Don Elkin’s 180 degree rule, which said that what you think is good for you is bad for you and what you think is bad for you is good for you, was correct or whether what she had just channeled from Q’uo, which was following one’s intuition was the most helpful way to live, was a better idea. Q’uo replied that the intellectual thoughts and contemplation about how to find the proper path of seeking and behaving was a good beginning as to how one might open a path to the intuition. However, Q’uo suggested that meditation might then be the better way to gain access to the deeper mind and the plan for the incarnation made by the seeker.  Then Q’uo said that often the seeker will doubt the message of the intuition and act in a way that is contrary to that message. This type of action may be taken until it has been refined through practice to move closer to the heart of the message of that still, small voice within the seeker. So this could be considered a movement from the mind to the heart of the seeker. On May 3, 1998, Q’uo described this movement from the head to the heart:

There is slim value for being within your culture, and we feel that this is a key disadvantage when it comes to that journey from head to heart. For the head is the place where things get done. The heart is the place where things get cherished and cared for. For the head there are choices of a right and a wrong, a movement to the right or a movement to the left. For the heart there is, rather, the flowing of things. Into the heart time and space themselves flow, for each of you is a citizen of eternity, and you are taking part in time during your incarnation in order to learn and to serve.

Now, how can you work to neutralize the result of a lifetime of learning? For this is what occurs as the culture nurtures the young mind and helps it to grow into a mature ability to cope with that which is within the illusion. It cannot be done with the head. To attempt with the mind to move the center of being from mind to heart is to hire a rustler to protect the cattle.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: Just a couple of little things. I believe that were I to ask how to get to the heart, how to get to the still, small voice, the intuitive mind, I would be given a discussion of meditation. Is this correct?

I am Q’uo, and it has been said that if one seeks, that one shall find, and if one knocks upon the door, the door shall be opened. In meditation it is truly the case that within such hallowed inner ground one may seek and knock and ask in a manner which is more purified than the daily waking consciousness, yet also within this daily waking consciousness may one chant as a silent mantra the desire to seek, to know and to have the inner doors opened.

Then Carla asked if the way to the still, small voice, the heart, or intuition within was through meditation. Q’uo agreed and used the analogy of knocking upon the inner doors and that would cause them to be opened. On February 7, 1993, Q’uo elaborated on this principle:

So, firstly, you have surrendered to the still, small voice in order to receive a clarified picture of your situation. Secondly, you have turned to the intelligence and deeper intuitional faculties of the mind and heart and have actively applied the self to envisioning the benefits of each option, spiritually or metaphysically speaking. This ends the mid-part of your work.

The third portion is to move back into the contemplative or meditational phase of mind energy and again allow this still, small voice its place. Its place is always with you, in you, and of you. You are not exterior to your situation. You offered this situation to yourself. Now you have received it.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: But is that not a beseeching, a dunning of the Creator along the lines of T wondering whether it were acceptable to control, control, control and try to get, say a new girlfriend in the life? You’re saying, control, control, control and desire the fruits of meditation, right? I’m having trouble with the paradox.

I am Q’uo, and we would agree that the line is quite fine which separates that desire which has a certain outcome from that desire which seeks only that which is appropriate. We recommend that desire be harnessed in a fashion which provides the seeker with the opportunity to offer the self completely and without hesitation to that which is appropriate rather than designating that which the seeker feels might be appropriate or helpful. Thus, the desire does not have a goal or idol, shall we say fashioned, of the mind of man.

Then Carla asked if using meditation in this manner might not actually be a way of attempting to control a situation in order to gain the fruits of meditation. Q’uo said that the use of meditation is not to gain what you desire but to do that which is appropriate. On March 19, 1995, Q’uo described how to use meditation to determine what is appropriate as the next step upon the spiritual path:

We recommend that when the seeker feels any kind of confusion as to whether there is temptation or opportunity upon its path that it look as clearly as it can with the conscious mind at that which stands before it. Then, within the meditative state, look again with the deeper, intuitive, feeling mind and ask again if this is what is appropriate as the next step upon the journey.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No, that pretty well says it all. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and again we rejoice at the sounds of the springtime shower that are evident to us through this instrument’s ears, for we see and feel those sensations available to us through such instruments as the further examples of the all-compassionate nature of the one Creator which gives in all seasons those qualities of sustenance that will enliven and nourish the spark of consciousness that resides in each portion of the creation, that each spark may in its season grow, ripen, bloom and bear fruit, and provide to those portions of the creation about it the beauty and interrelationship that weaves a pattern of unity, binding all creatures and creations in one Thought of Love.

We have greatly enjoyed beyond all possible expression through words the opportunity of joining this group this evening, of sharing our humble words with those who seek the nature of the life that each lives and offers as glorification to the one Creator. We look forward to joining this group in its future gatherings. For the nonce, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Nona. I [inaudible]. (Intoning) Omm…

[Tape ends.]

This morning I set the sprinkler in the last three locations in the fish pond area, Wuthering Heights, and the Flower Mound that were not watered yesterday. Then I began the painting of the areas around the windows on the back deck of the house.

This afternoon I continued painting the windows that surround the living room.  My last job of the afternoon was to blow the leaves under the Tulip Popular tree outside of the living room window into a pile so that I could put them into garbage cans for yard waste pickup this Thursday.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 24

Laughter And Quiet

Greetings in the love of Jesus the Christ. I am the spirit of the consciousness of Christ in the vibration which comforts this instrument.

We noted the surprise which this child showed when we joked at the challenge she offered to us. This is no cause for surprise. Jesus’ love is based upon a consciousness in which ecstasy is the steady-state experience and laughter as natural as breathing.

Do you distract yourself so that you cannot feel this joy? Quiet yourself, then, until the tides of ease and laughter inundate you and offer blessing in your experience.

Peace be with you.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from May 3, 1987:

Along the lines of when does one realize when the conscious attempts to affect one’s progress or evolution, a relationship with another, has gone far enough in the way of trying to control it? And when does one begin to surrender to the flow or the rightness of the moment or simply be that which one has been seeking?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We nearly swoon with the light, as we perceive the springtime freshness through this instrument’s senses. The third-density physical vehicle is, indeed, one which affords an enormous amount of various sensations to occur simultaneously and the vernal shower is a most heady experience for us.

We join your meditation at your call and thank you with deep appreciation for the privilege of speaking with you upon the subject which has been requested, that being the choice between control and lack of control, desire and lack of desire. We hope that each realizes that our thoughts are not infallible. If anything which we say seems to present any stumbling block, please forget our words immediately, for we wish only to aid, not confuse the seeker who seeks after a mystery greater than words and beyond all telling.

Many is the time that you upon your planet have gazed upon the cycle of the seasons and have observed the ritualistic rhythm of cadenced seasons passing, the bloom that springs to life on time, and the leaf that withers in its autumnal turn. To the tree, the decision of whether to control or to release control is not in any significant degree a meaningful question, for nearly all trees, being of second density, have that relationship with the Father which precludes thought, thought being necessary only to offer one information upon which to base choices.

Thus, the tree seems wildly to gyrate from fullness, through dying, to stark skeletal nudity, and then once again to new life when warm weather coaxes buds from the dead leave’s stumps. Each season brings its own reality which suggests to the eye and ear of the seeker that this reality shall go on forever—this is the way things are. So one thinks in the heat of summer or in the cold of winter. So one is led to think by the slowness of one’s dance through the river of time. Things last forever, and then they are gone. This is the way in which time is perceived. This is the way in which change is perceived.

You who ask these questions are not second-density creatures, but those with a consciousness which offers a co-creatorship to each. Each of you is, with the Creator, the co-creator of its own experience and destiny, and unlike those of second density, each of you seeks such information in order to make many, many choices.

There is an enormous storehouse of information which cannot ever be known in the proper sense of that word. It cannot be scientifically or objectively known. Yet this source of information is extremely helpful in the making of decisions. It is a source of information used extensively and almost to the exclusion of any other source by those in beginning fourth density. It is that portion of the mind found in the subconscious, according to your terminology, and described in various ways by those among your people who understand the great well of knowledge which intuition may offer. The intuitive faculties, the heart, this instrument would say the gut, the stomach of the mind, that which feels rather than thinks, is, when shallow and prurient feelings are removed from the mix, an extremely useful and helpful faculty for the making of choices.

The third-density person, then, is caught betwixt the utter creatureliness of second density, in which thought, for the most part, is simply impossible in any self-conscious sense, and the fastidious and conscious use of the intuition which informs those of fourth density, having lost the veil which lies between conscious and subconscious minds. A third-density entity seeks—or decides not to seek—very much in the dark.

Now that we have nicely described and delineated the predicament of third-density humankind, perhaps we can say a few helpful things about the rhythmical use of intuition.

The basic job description, shall we say, of the third-density seeker is to observe and, if possible, to draw conclusions, to act upon those conclusions, to record in the mind and heart the results of the actions from those conclusions in such a way that gradually certain biases shall be built up within the heart and mind that shall last. So it is in every season of the life, and human seasons do not follow the year only, but many, many cycles, seasons and times that are unique to it, to it alone. Thus, the world may be experiencing summer, but you on the other hand may be experiencing the deepest winter or the first blush of spring.

Thus, a modest and diffident, yet absolute, independence from any other source of feeling needs to be a portion of that identity which is yours, not to defend to the death, for that is unnecessary, but to respect and to make other people aware of, if that becomes necessary. The observation of the self begins with the simple observing of the feeling tones so that one may discover what season one is in, what time of day. Is this a morning for you? Is this the dark of the night? There are many, many seasons and times, and the subjective time which you experience is the stuff of your universe.

You then examine what is happening, hour by hour, minute by minute, and certainly day by day. Observation of this kind at first bewilders and then, after a few months of care, one can begin to see a pattern, an ebb and flow, one begins to see the true signs of seasons and of seasons’ change when that does occur. The basic responsibility of third-density humankind is to observe this process and gradually to become aware enough of the preferred reactions to the various spontaneous seasons that one may illuminate and elucidate and then soften the blow of the difficult wintry times and then that one may celebrate and share those seasons which are prosperous, blooming and bursting with fruit.

There is always a balance in spiritual excellence, not a leaning in one direction to the exclusion of another, but the balancing of the polar opposites which are both excellence, but which apart from each other do not create or sustain the consciousness of love. We could say to you, “Allow the flow of events to control you always,” and be giving excellent advice, and just as well could we say, “Use more discipline and meditate more during each day.” Both of these things are true in their season, and when the urge comes upon you to meditate more, to use more discipline and so forth, we suggest that by all means you follow your own intuition.

Yet, if more than one circumstance seems to be echoing to you, saying to you or indicating to you that there is too much discipline and control in the life, listen to that intuition.

The basic question here is a question of the trust which you have in the Creator and in yourself as a part of the Creator, which knows more than any outside source, including us, what is needed at the present moment. If you are ever to see life in third density as a unified and meaningful experience, you will see it as a creation of ultimate subtlety and yet startling simplicity in which, borne upon the water of the spirit, the frail barks of humankind sail about, some with rudders, some without, in search of many grails, many islands, many native homes. Some wish to go away from everything; some wish to go to the heart of everything. And to each, his or her own journey.

We use as an example the one known as T, who reports the “coincidence” of the numbers of entities who are sick in the same way, all known to him in a short period of time. This is a cluster of events which alerts the intuitive self which lies mostly within the subconscious that a message is coming through. What is that message? We would not learn for that student by teaching, but may say simply that when an entity is holding on to a consciousness of lack, a consciousness of “I wish I could have done more,” then just that long will the opportunity to feel that feeling be made available.

Every thought is in one form or another a desire. It is almost impossible not to desire. Thus, attempt first to observe clearly the thought patterns, the seasons of the life, and the harbingers of change, so that you may celebrate when the season is at its height and ameliorate any uncomfortable circumstance when the day is short and the winter night of the soul is long.

The group question was how do we as seekers of truth know when our spiritual journey has become an attempt to control it, and when do we surrender to the rightness of the moment or simply become that which we seek. Q’uo began their response by noting that the trees of second density have seasons of growth and sleep that are the same from year to year, but that we of third density are able to become co-Creators of our life experience and destiny as time moves on. We seek a great storehouse of information which may be found in the subconscious mind and is known as intuition and is not a product of thought but of the heart, the feelings, and is most helpful in making decisions. And when we feel we are exercising too much discipline and control on our spiritual journey we should look to our intuition as to how to proceed. On April 25, 1983, Latwii gave a description of how the intuition may inform the intellect:

The general concept is that the intuition shall feed the intellect. For the intuition is connected to that portion of the mind that is unconscious, and is quite infinite in the resources which it contains. It contains the food for thought, shall we say. The intellect then takes this food and arranges this food and arranges it in what you may call a logical fashion, logical perhaps only for a certain entity, yet uses it as a food and expresses certain directions, tendencies and actions according to the arrangement. If the intellect is not fed, then it must operate on, shall we say, an empty stomach. As you are aware, this often hinders the efficiency of any entity’s operation.

Therefore it is most helpful to blend the use of that known as intuition or more distortedly, illogic, with the use of that which is intellectual, or more distortedly, logical.

We are through with that question, and would only pause now to say how very much we have enjoyed the vibrations of the group. It is truly a blessing for us to be here and we [in] return bless each of you and thank you through this instrument. We would now transfer. I am Q’uo.

This morning, and a good part of the afternoon as well, Anna and I enjoyed viewing the interview that Gary did with Carla and me in August of 2014. Gary did such a great job putting together an outline of questions that allowed Carla and I to share our personal experiences with Don during the days of the Ra contact that came together much like the facets of a diamond. This interview eventually was published as the book Tilting At Windmills, and in the near future will be available as a video as well.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 24

Laughter And Quiet

Greetings in the love of Jesus the Christ. I am the spirit of the consciousness of Christ in the vibration which comforts this instrument.

We noted the surprise which this child showed when we joked at the challenge she offered to us. This is no cause for surprise. Jesus’ love is based upon a consciousness in which ecstasy is the steady-state experience and laughter as natural as breathing.

Do you distract yourself so that you cannot feel this joy? Quiet yourself, then, until the tides of ease and laughter inundate you and offer blessing in your experience.

Peace be with you.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from April 12, 1987:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We are honored at this time to have the opportunity to ask if there may be further queries to which we may respond. Is there a query at this time?

Carla: I have one that I didn’t want to ask as a group question, but I’ve been wondering about because of M’s objections to marriage. Is there something intrinsically negative in a marriage contract? And if so, is it possible to transform the energy into positive energy?

I am Q’uo, and we look upon this query as one which reflects the attitude of the culture in which you find yourselves pursuing your evolution. It is within the confines of the gathering of goods and affections and promises in which one who desires to enter a mated relationship will bring the conditioning which it has learned, and in the mated relationship will continue to pursue the gathering of obligations and collecting to the self of that which is considered valuable or desirable.

We find that within your culture there is the basic gathering instinct that has been somewhat distorted, so that the giving unto another freely and joyfully is not that which is naturally exercised. Thus, there is within many cultures of your planetary sphere the desire to better the self, with secondary concern for others. This basic desire is that which is worked upon by all who seek to move the self along the path of evolution, for it is the turning outward of the focus of the attention that allows an entity to widen the point of view to the degree necessary for embarking upon a service-to-others path in an harvestable fashion.

Thus, if it can be held uppermost within the mind that to give of the self in each situation which is shared with the mate, and others as well, this basic condition which focuses upon the self may become transmuted so that the radiance of the self becomes apparent.

Carla was considering the objections that M had to marriage, so she asked Q’uo if there was something intrinsically negative about marriage that we should be concerned about and, if so, could it be transformed into a positive energy. Q’uo said that it is the nature of the culture that one lives within that affects one’s attitude toward the mated relationship. They went on to say that in this third density many cultures focus value on gaining possessions, affection, and promises, and this takes away from the true value of the mated relationship and the desire to give freely to the mate and to others. Q’uo suggested that the conscious seeker can transmute this tendency by widening the point of view and seeking to be of service to the mate and others in a harvestable fashion. On August 29, 2001, Q’uo described the ideal type of mated relationship:

The mated relationship is a specific kind of service, an experience of mutual desire for seeking the one Creator, for serving the one Creator, and for sharing the life pattern out of which seeking and service are born. Thusly, you may consider the words which we have spoken concerning the occupation and its service as being applicable to the mated relationship as well.

There is the need to love and to be loved which is as normal and natural a function of the human being as is the sleeping, the eating, the breathing, and the moving about within your illusion.

The experience of being of service with the mate is one which has a great deal of joy and direction in that each in the mated relationship feels a kind of wholeness which is not present outside the mated relationship when one is alone.

Although it is quite possible for each entity to be of great service and to seek with great purity in a solitary fashion, the yoke of such honor/duty/experience is more easily borne when shared.

In opening oneself to such a relationship there is the need to become truly open, to prepare the self for change and to be willing to accept the changing currents and depths of the river of life. For once there is an expectation to which one holds strictly or dearly, then that expectation can become an obstacle to this opening of the self to that which the potential mated relationship brings to the self.

Thusly, it is well, when considering the possibilities of the mated relationship, to truly examine the heart’s desires. For when allowed to express truly, these desires may move far past the boundaries of mental contemplation. Thusly, the romantic involvement within your illusion has oftentimes been seen to originate in the stars, shall we say, so that forces outside of the self are given the opportunity to move the self as the wind and the weather move a sailboat upon your sea.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No, I’ll study that when I get the transcript back, thank you. But I have another question on another topic. It was just a follow up to the channeling before. As I was listening to myself channel, I kept waiting for the part where it got to what the person did for his own personal spiritual evolvement. Everything that was said was about service to others and being and meditating so that you could be there so that you’d smile and people would remember and they would come to you when they were disturbed by signs of the end of the age. But you never said anything about how to move ahead in your personal evolvement. Did you mean to assume that if you were serving others, you would…

[Tape ends.]

This morning I got the chairs set up in the living room for our public channeling meditation this afternoon. Then I ran some errands with my first stop being at the bank to withdraw some cash. My second stop was at Paul’s to buy some food for myself. My third stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up a couple of prescriptions along with a little more food for me.

This afternoon we had a public channeling meditation, and it was a lot of fun talking to some really interesting folks who are also walking the path of the conscious seeker of truth. They asked some very good questions, and Q’uo’s answers were quite inspiring as well.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 23

It Is Your Dance

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

Let your spirits rise! Let your laughter sound forth! For there is a great victory in realizing that, truly, you are improvising upon the stage that is so seriously called life. You are an artist, a comedian, a tragedian, a philosopher, and a fool. You are any part you wish to play. It is your improvisation; it is your dance; it is your day and your life.

Take nothing to be troublesome, but gaze at it as though it were in a play. How shall you amuse yourself, beautify that which is not beautiful, or glorify that which is mundane in the situation you see? To you come the improvisational opportunities to change the atmosphere, the tone and the very plot of your improvisational life.

Because that play is so dear to you, you hold it too close and see it not well. Back away in love, in total engagement, with the attempt to be the best, the finest, and, hopefully my friends, the one with deep, strong humor.

To see life too seriously is to miss the comedy and the merriment, to feel that joy may not be appropriate although it always is. And as you have this point of view, so shall you radiate it, for it is the point of view of the living Christ: total compassion, total unity, and merry, merry laughter.

See the comedy on your stage and make it graceful, dancing through it with the skill of those born of light and love.

We leave you in the peace of Jesus the Christ, both now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from April 12, 1987:

From L and A: As the harvest approaches, and the difficult times that come with this harvest occur, how can each person be of service to others and proceed along the personal evolutionary path?

(Carla channeling)

 [I am Q’uo.] I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and I greet each of you who are, in miniature, perfect creations of the perfect Creator. I greet you in mystery and illusion, in love and light, in seeking and in faith.

It is a great privilege to be with you this evening, and we would not wish to allow the opportunity to go by to greet the one known as L, and to offer our love and blessing within this entity’s vibratory patterns. It is indeed a great pleasure to share meditation with each, and with the entity as a group. We ask that each word that we say be taken as what it is, the concepts of seekers upon a path, offered through an instrument, nothing more. These are our opinions; we are no ultimate source. We thank you for allowing us to be of service to you, and yet the greatest service that you may do for the Creator, for us, or for yourself is carefully to discriminate. Thus, if that which we say does not ring true, we ask that it be dropped from the mind, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block to any.

The question that you have asked this night is perhaps one of the central questions which faces what this instrument would call the pilgrim in his progress. We shall answer [this] question in two parts. Firstly we would address the concept of illusion and reality.

Each of you awakens and sleeps. The activity during the waking hours is considered reality, whereas the occurrences dimly remembered which occur within dreams is considered illusion, interesting perhaps, but not a true history of actual events within the inner being. Yet it is difficult from a metaphysical standpoint to decide which experience might be the richer, except by saying that one could not exist without the other, for both are the portions of a greater illusion which enfolds and encompasses you and the world about you.

Because the entire planetary sphere dwells within one local illusion which is regular in its habitual rules of physics, it is assumed that that which is perceived by some sense means constitutes reality. Within this model of the world, then, you allow yourself to be less real than the world about you, for although you are a part of the world, that which is without is greater than that which is within.

You, then, are the illusion, seeking to react appropriately to the various realities and circumstances of physical existence within third density upon your planetary sphere. The moods, the irritations, and all the frustrations of dealing with what is termed reality keep the pilgrim constantly off balance, constantly seeking the center point once again, constantly searching with one timid toe for the true fulcrum of beingness. We must admit that your illusion is difficult indeed to pierce. As one gazes upon the night sky, and upon all the things that have been discovered thus far by your peoples, and they are but a fraction, of course, of that which shall be discovered, it seems impossible that such a seemingly limitless and regular universe should be anything but reality.

Let us take you back to the third grade, as this instrument would call it, within the school. The world was small; there was a desk, crayons, a teacher, a few friends, home, entertainment and bedtime stories. The soul within was young and growing. You are that soul now—young and still growing. Growth does not lie in reacting to the circumstances about one, but rather in becoming more real than the illusion which you see all about you.

And why are you more real than any other part of an illusion which includes you? My children, there is such a thing as consciousness, because consciousness is that of the original Thought of Love, the Logos which created all that there is. This Logos dwells within, and subjectively speaks to consciousness. Through consciousness it speaks to the illusion, but without the pilgrim’s becoming aware of the need to remain unattached to the illusions of circumstance, it is very difficult to become an actor, a dramatist and a critic, rather than one in the audience which reacts, laughing and crying as the scenes pass, the actors play their parts, and the flat, painted scenery slides up and down.

The source of reality must lie within the self, because reality is subjective—as consciousness is subjective. You are the Creator, knowing Itself. You are also a pilgrim on the way to seeking the face of that Creator. Yet, where do you seek? Do you not seek within? Where is buried the life within you that is unaltered, the consciousness that is infinite, the spirit that is eternal, but within your own heart and mind?

Thus, the greatest service which a pilgrim can perform at any time is to be, that is, to be a conscious being, an actor, seeing circumstance as illusion, but illusion rich in spiritual possibility. It is one of the clichés, shall we say, of your culture, “There but for fortune, go I.” There are needs which may be met, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, in almost any situation, if the observer is patient enough and careful enough in precise observation. Certain things, such as starvation, are easier to spot. Far less easy to spot are those spiritual possibilities which arise from personal discomfort of one form or another.

Yet to live within an illusion is to experience discomfort. We might observe that many of your peoples react to circumstances in an inappropriate way. For example, this instrument has what she calls a canker sore on her tongue. It is sore, and we are aware of certain nerve endings which are activated when this instrument moves its vocal apparatus. Many of your peoples would avoid speaking because of the canker sore. We do not mean this literally, but as a parable. There is in almost any helpful spiritual activity, discomfort. It is the discernment of one who retains and maintains the consciousness of the love of the one infinite Creator that is able to adjudge correctly what possibilities lie spiritually within circumstances.

L and A asked Q’uo how the spiritual seeker could be of service to others at this time of harvest, and also how could the seeker move along their own spiritual path. Q’uo began with the first question by discussing the nature of illusion and the nature of reality. Q’uo said that whether we are awake or dreaming we are part of the illusion of this third density planet. As we move through our daily round of activities we are attempting to become more real than the illusion around us in order to grow and learn from it. We do this in the spiritual sense by seeking consciousness, the face of the Creator which lies within us and become a conscious being that recognizes opportunities all around us to be of service to others. On July 5, 1981, Hatonn said that seeking the Creator within is our work of third density:

My sister, we would answer you by saying that to seek the love of the infinite Creator in each moment of your life is the greatest service and the greatest learning that can be accomplished upon your plane, for it is the lesson of this dimension to discover the love of the Creator within all that is experienced within the self, within the life, within the family, within the community, within each activity, each experience and there is, shall we say, an infinite amount of time to discover this love.

We would now move on to the second portion of the question.

We are aware that each is concerned, as well as hopeful, about the coming of a new age, the arrival of fourth density, and the beginning of a new spiritual climate of love and understanding. May we say that the probabilities are that in the last decade of third density within your planetary sphere there shall be some discomfort from one source or another. Yet the greatest discomfort of all shall be the agony of those who, not knowing where the source of being is, have not sought it, and, more, thirst for that which they know not but would have.

It is in those times that entities will remember the one who smiled and exhibited the lively grace of peace and joy. Simple lovingness is perhaps the greatest gift which man can give to man or God. It is appropriate for the beginning of fourth density that those entities which wish to be of help in the harvest allow the natural formation of communities and groups in order that the source of consciousness may be sought by a group which then encourages each other, thus beginning, just beginning, the establishment of group mind. It is not to be expected that in third-density physical vehicles entities will achieve other than momentarily the consciousness of total oneness.

However, the feelings which many among your peoples have of forming close alliances with a few and being in communication with many, these impulses are good. They speak to a reality which has its source in the perfect nature of the unfoldment of creation, which is ongoing. It may seem at times as if every entity was a seeker, and the world, which you know, is populated far too thickly with various believers in mutually contradictory things. Nevertheless, all of these entities are too few. We do not yet feel that there is a decisive strength of consciousness in a group sense. Thus, we encourage those who are drawn to groups to be aware of the possibilities and advantages of spiritual work together, for encouragement is very helpful to the faltering wayfarer. This is especially true because the single greatest source of centering, learning and transformation is that which is the hardest for your peoples, the stilling of the physical body, the mind, and the heart in order that the seeking will may open the door to the one infinite Creator in meditation. It is most important that this be done as regularly as possible.

Your monasteries are built for just such purpose, yet you will notice that they are walled, and do not permit the entrance of strangers for the most part, but rather live a self-contained life, praying and offering in service to the Creator. Some of you have been called to such a solitary and worshipful existence. However, it is well that each consider what he or she may feel encouraged within to attempt or accomplish, for not all who are, shall we say, spiritually oriented as most, would wish to manifest as such, but would rather instead manifest without the identity, the authority, and the respect that is given to those who are considered to be more devout. Many are called to be parents, homemakers, mechanics, factory workers and all the other careers, professions and jobs, all the ways to sustain life with your money and to enrich life with love. There is no circumstance which is better or best for the furthering of service to others at this time. You must listen, each to his own subjective consciousness, with discrimination and with care, but also, in the end, with trust and faith.

Thus, we say, in order to best work as harvesters in the valley of the shadow of death, it is best to behave, within limits, as you would if there were no valley, no shadow, and no death, for all these are illusions, and only beingness actually exists. You contain that beingness, your eyes, your mouth and your hands manifest it to others. Every look, smile, word and touch conveys to those about you that consciousness which lies within, and through all the illusion, within illusion, within illusion which passes for conversation amongst your peoples, the thread of consciousness sings its true song betwixt each two people.

And in the sensitive one, the one who is ready to be harvested, that shall be the gift that shall have infinite meaning, that shall be too dear for any price. Thus, meditate, find the center, and be who you are. The rest shall occur one moment at a time.

May you look upon all things spiritually, which is to say, without prejudice and with humor, for if consciousness delights in one thing, it is itself. May you enjoy and rejoice in your consciousness. May you throw open the door to gladness and creation. May you live in the present moment and be, before, during and after each thing that you do.

You will notice we said nothing whatsoever about survival. There is much material in this entity’s mind upon that subject, and we find that it colors the question within the questioner’s minds also. Thus, in closing, we would briefly address this.

We ask that you realize that there is no such thing as survival, for the entire incarnation is an illusion. You are at this moment deeply, deeply asleep, and attempting to sleep-walk, that in your somnambulation you may struggle in the darkness to see a chair for a chair, and not a bear, a mirror for a mirror, and not a flame.

Then Q’uo addressed the question of how the seeker could best pursue the path of personal evolution. Q’uo began their answer by suggesting that living the loving life was the basic lesson of the third density, and such a life path could be aided by joining together with others of like mind and heart and begin to form what would hopefully be the beginning of a group mind. Q’uo said that monasteries are an expression of this type of seeking but are available to very few people. However, Q’uo also suggested that any type of job or career can offer the seeker a means by which to be of service to others. Q’uo said that meditation and finding one’s center in the Creator, seeing all things in a spiritual light, and living in the present moment is the most helpful way to pursue one’s evolution in the third density illusion. On March 25, 1989, Latwii spoke of how we may accomplish this:

Do you wish to live a life of love and faith? Then take heart. Take courage and do it, persistently, one day at a time, and one day you shall die and you shall experience that which you have prepared yourself for.

May you all move into fourth density positive. May you all find so much love for the Creator and for yourself that you can love others even more than you love yourself and see in them the infinite One.

May your hearts be light. We would leave this instrument in order that we may transfer to the one known as Jim. We thank each for sharing with us this energy. We are known to you as Q’uo.

This morning I began painting on the north side of my house and was able to paint the bricks around my bedroom window, around my bathroom window, and the two windows in the kitchen.

This afternoon I was able to begin the painting of the area on the north side of the back deck. Then I came inside and vacuumed the first floor of the house. My last work for the day was to wash a load of laundry.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 22

Senses Are Illusions

I greet you in the love of Jesus the Christ. I am of the consciousness of Christ in the vibration which comforts this child.

It is well, in the face of difficulty, that you seek to perceive that your senses are illusions which regard illusions. For then consciousness is not squandered on that which cannot offer the love of Christ. How much better and productive to use that unsquandered energy to regard that which underlies all illusion: the consciousness of love, which is Christ consciousness.

Peace be with you.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from April 5, 1987:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light. We are pleased to have been able to utilize the instrument of the one known as Carla this evening, and thank her for offering herself with a whole heart and a firm determination to be of whatever service possible. The offering of the self in service was an illustration of the query which the instrument placed before us this evening, and the process by which it determined to serve is a process towards which it may turn in its future deliberations upon this topic.

At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves for the answering of those queries which may yet remain this evening. Again we remind you that we are but fallible seekers and observers of the mystery of creation, and ask that you consider our words as those of brothers and sisters upon the same journey of seeking. Is there a query at this time?

Carla: I’d like to know if the time has passed—now that I really know that Don is dead and gone, I know there’s not going to be a Ra contact—is it all right now for me to begin taking answers, you know, questions and answers? I don’t want you to overstep free will, but I thought you might be able to tell me. I only wish to serve.

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query and your desire to serve, my sister. It is also our desire to be of service in our response, and for this reason we find some difficulty in speaking with the precision that is possible. We may, however, comment upon some general principles that may have application in this instance.

The difficulty in your serving as an instrument which offers itself in the channeling of the queries and responses to them in a session such as this session has been, in your previous experience, not recommended because of not specifically the contact that you enjoyed with those known as Ra, but the attention which that contact had drawn from entities of a more negative polarity whose desire was to gather that light unto themselves, and your own abilities, which for the most part in the area of vocal channeling meditation and the deeper levels of meditation that lead unto trance, were primarily unknown to your conscious mind, and, therefore, not under your conscious direction.

Therefore, the potential difficulty brought about by this combination of events was such that the format of the question and answer session was likely to trigger within subconscious areas of your own mind complex responses which would then move one’s consciousness to the level whereby the process became automatic and out of the conscious control. Thus, the conscious ability to affect this process is that which is of primary concern in this regard, and takes precedence over the possibility of resuming the contact with those known as Ra.

Carla asked Q’uo if, since Don was gone and there was no contact with those of Ra, could she now participate in channeling answers to individual questions from the members of the meditation group rather than just group questions determined before the session began. Q’uo said that it was the light of the Ra contact information which attracted negative entities that wanted to take that light for themselves. When this was combined with Carla’s lack of conscious knowledge as to how she went into trance there could be a problem with the question and answer format that could subconsciously trigger her ability to go into trance. Of course, this could also result in her leaving her body and being led into negative time/space by our negative friend. In 69.18, Ra suggested that Carla not participate in the question and answer format:

Questioner: This instrument performs services on Sunday night channeling other members of the Confederation. We are reluctant to continue this because of the possibility of her slipping into trance and being offered the services of the negatively polarized adept. Are there any safeguards to create a situation where she cannot go into trance other than at a protected working such as this one?

Ra: I am Ra. There are three. Firstly, the instrument must needs improve the disciplined subconscious taboo against requesting Ra. This would involve daily conscious and serious thought. The second safeguard is the refraining from the opening of the instrument to questions and answers for the present. The third is quite gross in its appearance but suffices to keep the instrument in its physical complex. The hand may be held.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No. I’m just disappointed because Jim’s had to do it for so long all by himself. Besides, I enjoyed channeling answers. I enjoy Latwii. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

T: I have a question. It concerns my impending move to the country. I have a feeling that there is a reason below, under the surface, of why I’m moving to the country, other than just the apparent reason that I want to live in the woods, which is true. And I say, I know there’s another reason, and I have an idea what it is, and why I’m doing it at this time. But I’m just wondering if you could comment and shed any light on the reason why I may be moving to the country now, apparently by myself, by myself to a great degree anyway. Can you help me on this?

I am Q’uo, and we find in this instance that there is a desire to know that which is known, which we find [is] the basic quality of the third-density experience, that each moves in a pattern or rhythm and seeks the melody which directs the feet, when, indeed, it is the movement in harmony with just this melody that represents the overall life pattern.

We look now at this particular situation, and may suggest that the thoughtful seeker which has remained faithful to its seeking will oftimes find the need to intensify this seeking in a manner which partakes more of purity both within and without the self. Thus, the surroundings of the natural environment of your planet are those which offer a nourishment to the thoughtful seeker which those things made of man are felt to omit. Thus, the natural environment calls to one which seeks the nature of its experience, its creation, and its movement through this creation. We find that this desire is one which is shared by many seekers such as yourself, but which must many times become manifest in a less direct fashion than is possible at this time for you, for your manifestation has an identity with the desire that will provide the purity that you seek.

May we speak further, my brother?

T was preparing to move to the woods and felt there was a reason for this move that went beyond just loving the woods, so he asked Q’uo if they could comment on that reason. Q’uo responded by saying T did know the underlying reason for this move and it was in harmony with his desire to be within the natural environment so that he might intensify the nature of his journey through the creation. In 80.11-.12, Ra described this kind of more intensive desire to follow the spiritual path:

Questioner: Could I say, then, that implicit in the process of becoming adept is the possible partial polarization towards service to self because simply the adept becomes disassociated with many of his kind or like in the particular density which he inhabits?

Ra: I am Ra. This is likely to occur. The apparent happening is disassociation whether the truth is service to self and thus true disassociation from other-selves or service to others and thus true association with the heart of all other-selves and disassociation only from the illusory husks which prevent the adept from correctly perceiving the self and other-self as one.

Questioner: Then you say that this effect of disassociation on the service-to-others adept is a stumbling block or slowing process in reaching that goal which he aspires to? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. This disassociation from the miasma of illusion and misrepresentation of each and every distortion is a quite necessary portion of an adept’s path. It may be seen by others to be unfortunate.

T: No, that’s very good. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Carla: I have a small side question. I have been for the last six months or so thinking more about camping out on the ground. Now, a woman who has arthritis and an inability to [inaudible] sounds like a really bad risk for sleeping out, but I think, or at least I feel, that contact with the ground would really literally earth me more, and make me healthier and less scared. I wonder if you could comment on this concept?

I am Q’uo, and again we find a line beyond which we must not move in order that our response not infringe upon your own free will. We may suggest that the concept of grounding one’s being within the third-density illusion by the exposing of the self to second-density environment is one which is sound. The means of implementing such in your case, my sister, is that which will take the careful consideration, for as you are aware, the damper environments for a prolonged period of your time are those which tend to aggravate the arthritic condition and the accompanying pain. If care is taken to provide the insulation of the arthritic joints, the experience of the grounding is one which, with the proper intention, may provide the enhancing of the grounding potential and the attitude of health as well.

Carla was planning to camp out on the ground in order to earth her body and increase her health, but she was concerned that it might make her arthritis worse and simply wanted Q’uo’s comments. Q’uo agreed she might be able to achieve a healthier body by grounding it when camping out, but then suggested that she would need to provide insulation between her body and the ground to avoid the dampness that could aggravate her arthritis. I assume that the dampness could come from the dew that sometimes forms on the ground over the period of the night. On April 12, 2008, Q’uo mentioned another way that Carla used to ground herself:

There are many other ways of grounding the self. This instrument does this through gardening, which puts her hands physically on the earth, and by a mental practice of feeling down into the earth beneath her chair. It is far away from her chair physically, but the energy of the earth is immediately there if she focuses upon it. Again, it is a matter of focus. It is possible that the simple act of remembering to ground yourself down from wherever you are sitting or standing when you work will aid you in becoming more fully incarnate within your body and therefore making you feel more relaxed, confident and self-assured. For you truly do belong to your Mother, the Earth. You are a child of the Earth And your physical body is greatly helped by this embracing of earth-energy.

May we speak further, my sister?

Carla: No, thank you, not right now. Oh, I just remembered what I wanted to ask. Does it have to be bare feet on earth, or sleeping bag, or can it be cot or an air mattress on the earth and shoes on the ground? Would that still ground me, or do I need to get naked in some way, just get on the earth? The reason I’m asking is because L was offering me his truck bed which has, of course, the mattress, but it has nothing in contact with the ground. That was the point.

I am Q’uo. The concept of the insulation of the arthritic joints from the cool and damp contact for a prolonged period is one which needs the careful compromise with the actual contact that is most efficient in providing the grounding effect. The insulation, as you may surmise, inhibits the grounding effect, yet allows the arthritic joints cohabitation with the second-density environment. Thus, it will be a product of your own creation which will allow you to determine your own limits and movement toward them.

We apologize again for the abstract nature of our response, for the…

Carla: I’m sure it’ll be very helpful for [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we find that we have shared the extent of the queries which have found their fore in this evening, and for each we rejoice and offer our gratitude in return, for the concerns of the seeker are those which have the brilliance of intention and dedication to seeking which is a joy to behold and to share. We look forward to our presence with this group in your future gatherings, and we would at this time take our leave of this group, rejoicing in the love and in the light with each. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

This morning I went to Baptist Hospital for a reclast infusion which is the third year for this process. It is designed to take the calcium in my blood stream and put it back into those areas of my body which have osteoporosis and osteopenia. When I got home I used the garden hose and watering wand to water the flowers along the parking area in front of the house as well as the impatiens and hydrangea in the front yard. Then I watered the forsythia along the north and south borders of my property as well as the flowers in my refuse garden.

This afternoon I was joined by a couple of friends, and we went around the block from where I live now to Whet Your Palette where we had a chance to create some original art. We also had a great time talking about what was happening in our lives and the great variety of experiences that we had in our earlier lives that became a part of who we are today.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 21

The Quiet Inner Room

I am the spirit of the love of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness which is that of love.

You have awakened to this day already consumed with the cares and challenges which the time ahead bring to you.

We ask you to move with the spirit now into that place of perception, that quiet inner room, where the naked silence speaks volumes to the listing ear.

Release all but the contemplation of love and instantly love will begin to bathe you in strength and in the protection of light.

Feel the bubbling joy of that consciousness which is wholly one with love and know that you are one with that consciousness.

Then move forward into the cares of the day, following each concern to its proper conclusion, watching the powers of communication between peoples stutter and fail, viewing the enormous seeming disharmony of the outer world.

Yet do all this while keeping in remembrance that consciousness which is the ground of being. Keep this in mind. Hold this in the heart and there is no confusion, no trouble, no chiding, no impatience that cannot be transformed into opportunity by love, that perfect love which flows through the seeking disciple.

Know you that the love of Jesus the Christ is alive and allembracing and ever available to one who asks.

We leave you in the peace of the love of the Christ, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer for the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.