I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The 102 quote today comes from Chapter Four and the concept of challenges—suicide:


My sister, it is not our intention or our right to stand in judgment over the actions of another entity. For this reason, we would strongly suggest that those present be aware that such an action is, although not positively polarizing in most cases, an acceptable form of death for those who seek a different avenue of progress. We, being of a positive orientation, regard this as a detrimental action in that, as you are aware, it terminates the possibility of attainment before a number of lessons are offered. It also acts in a less than selfless manner upon the lives of others who had chosen to interaction with the now dead individual for the purpose of that individual’s and their own learning. Again, this, as it exerts control and influences the learning progression of others, can be regarded as beneficial to those whose path lies in the direction of negative orientation. However, for those who seek positive polarization we, in the majority of cases, would strongly suggest avoiding this path.[1]

In this quote on suicide, Latwii did not condemn a person for committing suicide because Latwii is of a positive polarity. Latwii could see the overview that reveals how all actions will eventually lead the seeker of truth to their proper destination, if not in this incarnation, then in another incarnation. But Latwii did state quite clearly that suicide would stop the desired lessons that were planned for the present incarnation, and they did not recommend suicide.

As Ra said: “It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has, as catalyst, trauma.”[2] Before the incarnation it can be seen by the seeker that such trauma within the upcoming incarnation could produce a great deal of growth if it could be processed with love and acceptance. However, within the incarnation this overview would not be available, and the seeker may have “bitten off more that it could chew” and decide to end its life rather than submit to more disease, disharmony, or misery of one kind or another.

And, further, Latwii also focused on the devasting effect that suicide has upon the remaining friends and loved ones of the one who commits suicide. The survivors of the suicide of a loved one may feel a much more intense grief at this type of death than one by disease, accident, or old age. They may also feel that there must have been something they could have done to keep the loved one from committing suicide. And it doesn’t matter that such thoughts are usually incorrect. The feeling of loss is just overwhelming to the loved ones left behind.

Carla and I went through this heart-wrenching process when Don Elkins committed suicide on November 7, 1984, after a year of declining mental and physical health. We were with him every step of the way as the mental and emotional dysfunction came about that Ra predicted was possible in the last session that we had with them:

The questioner is one also in the midst of further initiation. During this space/time the possibility for mental/emotional distortion approaching that which causes the entity to become dysfunctional is markèd.[3]

We tried everything that we could think of to help our beloved spiritual companion Don deal with the paranoia and the unique metaphysical components that accompanied his decline, but sadly, Don eventually took his life. If anyone is interested in reading further about our experience with Don’s suicide, I wrote an article on the 34th Anniversary of his passing detailing our shared experience. You can find it by Googling “The 34th Anniversary of the passing of Don Elkins.”

We were fortunate, however, that Carla was able to see Don twice in waking visions after his death. Each time Don assured Carla that all had turned out as was appropriate, but that we would not be able to see how that could be until we, too, passed through death’s door. Even with that assurance, it took Carla six years of therapy with a Jungian therapist before she could be free of her own suicidal feelings that came after Don’s death and feel love for herself and her life once again. In 2000 L/L Research published Carla’s A Wanderer’s Handbook, and she ended the section on Suicide with this passage:

If you are contemplating suicide, I wish to call you back to the forces of your own unfinished life and work, this present reality with all its challenges and pain. Examine this choice with extreme care. Perhaps there is AIDS or cancer or fear of the final stages of a disease. Yet you live; and always, this is for a reason. As you read these words, I encourage you to find ways to open up to love and self-confidence, to faith and hope, to finding your feet and finding self-forgiveness. Come back to life! I do not feel we are through at this banquet until the celestial waiter brings the check! Eat and drink of life’s sweetness in the tiny ways, in stepping outside and smelling the dew on the grass, the rain in the air, the honeysuckle in bloom, or taking the time to imagine them. Renew the springs of your faith, and keep three words as your motto till you are on safe ground again: “Never give up.[4]

In 69.6, Don asked Ra about how the various types of death would affect a person:

Questioner: Do I understand, then, that death, whether it is by natural means or accidental death or suicide, all deaths of this type would create the same after-death condition which would avail an entity to its protection from friends? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We presume you mean to inquire whether in the death experience, no matter what the cause, the negative friends are not able to remove an entity. This is correct largely because the entity without the attachment to the space/time physical complex is far more aware and without the gullibility which is somewhat the hallmark of those who love wholeheartedly.

However, the death, if natural, would undoubtedly be the more harmonious; the death by murder being confused and the entity needing some time/space in which to get its bearings, so to speak; the death by suicide causing the necessity for much healing work and, shall we say, the making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning the lessons set by the higher self.

In their answer to Don’s question Ra said that death by suicide it would be necessary for “much healing work” and also for the “making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning lessons set by the higher self.” Over the years since Don’s passing Carla and I heard from a number of young men who believed that they were the reincarnation of Don Elkins. However, we believe that Don did reincarnate as the child of a couple of our best friends who were also members of our meditation group during the Ra contact. They had just enjoyed making love with each other about thirteen months after Don’s passing, when our friend told her husband that she knew that she was now pregnant, and that it was Don.

We got to know her son from his infancy, and when he was five years old I took him for a ride to our land in northern Kentucky. On the way there he looked at the clouds moving across the blue sky and told me that they were not moving as fast as they looked to be moving. Then he made a fist with his left hand that was to symbolize the Earth and used his opened right hand to symbolize the clouds. He said that part of the seeming speed of the clouds was the result of the Earth turning on its axis, and then he rotated his fist/Earth as he also moved his other hand/cloud in the opposite direction. That sounded a lot like the physics professor side of Don explaining an interesting piece of information, and it was coming from this five-year old child.

Then he went ever further as he observed a jet airplane in the sky. He said that the reason that the jet plane could fly was that there was greater air pressure on the bottom of the wings than on the top of the wings due to the way the wings were constructed. That sounded like the airline pilot that Don was when he flew the Boeing 727 jet for Eastern Airlines for nineteen years. We have kept in contact with him over the years and have been glad to know this very sweet soul who may well be the reincarnation of Don Elkins.

This morning I transplanted the white Angelonia flowers that I bought yesterday around various portions of the Ruins Mound as I felt that white was the only color missing from the Mound. Then I cleaned the filters on the fish pond so that the fountain could shoot higher. My last job for the morning was to blow the dead Sycamore leaves into a pile so I could put them in a garbage can for yard waste pickup tomorrow.

This afternoon we had a staff podcast that focused on our new staff members and gave them a chance to talk about how they found the Law of One, what concepts of the Law of One are most meaningful for them, what other spiritual material has value for them, and what meaningful experiences that they have had so far in the work for L/L Research. Later in the evening we are also due to have our monthly practice channeling circle.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 17

Hope Is Always A Choice

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the divine wholeness of love.

This contact is very weak, as this instrument is very weak. A great deal of the strength or weakness of a person’s essential being hinges upon its desire to be strong. Why would one wish to be weak? Because one is lacking in hope.

Why would one wish to lack in hope? It is not seen that this is open to the process of choice. Yet hope is always a choice. Despair is only one side of the coin which may be turned by the will, at any moment, by anyone, in any circumstance, to hope. Thus we say to you this morning, “Hope! Hope in little things! Hope in grand things! Fill your hearts, your bodies, and your minds with the strength of hope.”

For hope is unending and is that which guides the weary spirit to its place of rest where it may gain strength. And hope shall be turned into joy.

This is part of the grace of the spirit of love that lives amidst each conscious entity. This is part of the comfort that may astound and transform your experience. This is for you! These are not vain words.

You who despair, turn your mind to the power of hope. Gaze upon it as upon a star and affix your intentions upon it with perseverance. And so shall you be made strong, to be the will of the Father.

In love and peace unending do we leave you. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Latwii, May 16, 1982.

[2] The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, 34.14.

[3] The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, 106.12.

[4] Carla Rueckert, A Wanderer’s Handbook, pg. 344.




I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Four and the concept of parenting:


Perhaps to sum up our encouragement of the parent who wishes to know about discipline, we should suggest, number one, that they would live as they would suggest their children to live; number two, that they be honest in their dealings with those souls given into their care, meaning what they say and saying what they mean. And thirdly, when discipline is to be accomplished, allow that discipline to be such a one as may perhaps sting the pride of the young soul in a private way, but not in such a way that others might know that this soul is being disciplined, and that by this much loved parent.

Thus, we move the focus of discipline of children into two areas. Firstly, the arena of the parent, in which the parent is encouraged to think deeply about stressing the spiritual, the just, and the lovely; and second, the arena of the child, in which the child may learn to trust the honesty of the parent and may learn by imitation those things which are to be learned. We know that parents and children and all entities whatever shall fall and clamber up again many times. Mistakes are made upon top of mistakes, yet there is one deep and fathomless thing which binds parent to child, and that is love, for the parent cannot help but love the child, nor can the child help but love the parent. Let this love be communicated. Let this love be celebrated. Never let this love be taken for granted. Love each other, for you are both pilgrims upon the road, parent and child. The parent must do a good deal of guiding, suggesting and, yes, disciplining, for the best road to learn has its limits, its right side and its left side, and beyond that road lie desolate deserts of experience which are not helpful in the sense of learning of love.[1]

In this quote Q’uo gave some very spiritually sound advice for parents to guide their children into the most effective growth of their minds, bodies, and spirits. Q’uo’s first suggestion was that the most effective kind of discipline is that parents live as they would have their children live. This goes beyond the most common and always inadequate “do as I say” dictum. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then behaving as you would wish your child to behave is like a living book to be read and studied continuously by the children.

Q’uo’s second suggestion was that parents use honesty in their communication with their children. Not only should parents behave as they would wish their children to behave, but they should say exactly what they mean—hopefully in a loving manner—and they should mean what they say. I think this asks the parent to be consistent in both their actions and their words when communicating with their children. Again, I believe that the language of love balanced with the clarity of wisdom might be most effective in raising a child.

And Q’uo’s third suggestion was that if it becomes necessary to discipline the child in a way that might “sting the pride of the young soulthat this discipline be done in private and not in the view of others. Keeping such a discipline private ensures the least amount of embarrassment for the child and keeps the child’s attention focused on the discipline and not on being embarrassed by others witnessing the discipline.

In the second paragraph of Q’uo’s thoughts on parenting, Q’uo suggested that parents constantly be guided by the overarching principles of how to keep all communications and behaviors spiritually imbued, fair and honest, and, most of all, full of love. If these qualities can become a natural and continual way of interacting with the child, then the child can learn to trust the parents’ honesty. This trust will, in turn, allow the child to learn by imitating the trusted and loved parents. And when the inevitable mistakes are made by either parent or child, there is the abiding love between parents and children that will become the saving grace of both. The parents who are Players will emphasize their love for their children above any mistake which will allow the child to do the same.

Those of Ra had a few additions to Q’uo’s thoughts regarding the more basic ways of how parents could teach their children.

The appropriate teach/learning device of parent to child is the open-hearted beingness of the parent and the total acceptance of the beingness of the child. This will encompass whatever material the child entity has brought into the life experience in this plane.

There are two things especially important in this relationship other than the basic acceptance of the child by the parent.

Firstly, the experience of whatever means the parent uses to worship and give thanksgiving to the One Infinite Creator should, if possible, be shared with the child entity upon a daily basis, as you would say.

Secondly, the compassion of parent to child may well be tempered by the understanding that the child entity shall learn the biases of service to others or service to self from the parental other-self. This is the reason that some discipline is appropriate in the teach/learning. This does not apply to the activation of any one energy center, for each entity is unique, and each relationship with self and other-self doubly unique. The guidelines given are only general for this reason.[2]

First, Ra recommended that parents should be able to be completely open-hearted in their expression of their beingness to their children. Again, this suggests a concentration on open-hearted love being shared with the child at all times. This should become the language of the parents to the child. Ra also recommended that parents should completely accept the beingness of the child however it is manifested. The beingness of the child reflects those attributes that the child has brought with it into the present incarnation and the pre-incarnative choices that the child has made.

Then Ra suggested that the parents should share with the child the way that the parents “worship and give thanksgiving to the One Infinite Creator”and do this with the child on a daily basis, not just Sunday, but daily. I can only imagine how uplifting and inspiriting this type of sacramental sharing of the spiritual path could become for any child that was able to receive such a gift from its parents every day. It might even help to deflect the type of peer pressure that most kids are subject to from other kids to misbehave and test limits set by parents or teachers.

Ra finished their comments on raising children by suggesting that parents should teach their children the concept of being of service to others or of service to self. It is interesting to me that then Ra said that this type of teaching of the purpose of the life path might be the reason that some discipline would be necessary as part of this learning process. I am assuming that the discipline would be to correct actions that were not of a service-to-others nature for positively-oriented parents. The discipline would add a certain clarity to the teaching of the child what service to others meant and did not mean when put into action.

Q’uo had some additional thoughts to share about the beingness of a child:

First of all, we would suggest that each person see each new child not just as a child of a mother and a father of third density, but as a child of the One Infinite Creator, for in truth, that is the nature of each child and each entity upon this planet. Seeing each child as the Creator, look then to how the Creator within all may be apprehended and taught to this child as a means of daily inspiration and recognition of the Creator that exists in all. Find a manner in which you may share your love of the One Creator with this child upon a regular basis, just as you learn arithmetic and reading in your schooling system, teach them the oneness of all creation, teach them the unconditional love of all creation, teach them the light of truth of all creation, teach them the interrelatedness of all entities within the one creation, and most especially at this time, upon the planet you call Earth. Q’uo, September 14, 2019.

I think that actually keeping in mind that children are also the Creator is a very helpful overview through which to perceive children. Of course they are certainly young Creators, but they contain the same Creator as all entities do, as all of the creation does. When we interact with children I think it is easier to see the Creator within them since children still have more of the loving innocence about them that reflects the love of the Creator back to us. Seeing the Creator in children might be good training for us to see the Creator in everyone we meet in our daily round of activities.

This morning we got a little rain, so I was able to remove watering my flower gardens from my to-do list for today. This is also the day for the primary election for each party to choose which candidates that they want to run for governor, so I went to the nearby Presbyterian Church where we vote here in Anchorage to cast my vote. Then I went over to the City Clerk’s office to apply for a permit to put up our sign for “Diagonal Parking” in front of the pet cemetery during our Homecoming Gathering the last weekend of May. My last stop was Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription, some ice cream, and some paper plates.

This afternoon it was still raining, so I decided to vacuum the three bedrooms in the basement plus the bathroom as friends will be staying in these bedrooms during Homecoming. Then I noticed that the rain had stopped, so I was able to finish the weeding in the Ruins Mound and around the bird feeder area.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 16

Go Abroad In Happiness

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

Be it known that happiness is not necessarily a burden. We say this because we find this instrument, this morning, bemoaning the awkwardness of a happy spirit which does not seem to produce the fruits that an unhappy spirit produces.

The spirit is with each always, not only in times of trouble but also in times of rejoicing. It is the soul’s difficulty that in times of happiness it is far easier to become oblivious to the wants and needs of the spirit within. The spirit within would always be giving. And, indeed, the happy soul is often content to stay at home amidst the accoutrements of living which have produced such contentment.

Therefore, go abroad in happiness, sensitive as always to the winds that blow from the spirit saying, “Come hither! Touch, feel and sense the spirit at work in and through each soul!”

We hope we leave you in a state of readiness; readiness to turn outward to others and inward to God. In that balance lies peace, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Q’uo, January 10, 1988.

[2] The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, 42.20.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Four and the concept of marriage:


The seekers which wish to do spiritual work together, emotional work together, mental work and physical work together, all at once, take for themselves an added burden and an added hope—the hope of fulfilling the covenant. If each of you is a crystalline being attempting to hone, clarify and sharpen that crystal which lies within, so too a relationship which has been stated clearly, spiritually and angelically is a crystal also, and throughout the life experience each of the two in the married pair may do all those things which are given to those who agree to seek together, yet there is also the responsibility for physical, mental and emotional loving, cherishing and honoring. The conditions are more clear, the responsibilities are greater and the end result is a crystalline structure that may become part of the higher self of both in the marriage, not only within the life experience, but in the cosmic or eternal portion of the self, until such time as personhood is no longer. Those who have created the jewel of a promise fulfilled create a light source that, like all other light sources of love in the creation, are available whatever the time, whatever the space.

It is difficult for us to give to this instrument our words, for the nature in truth of metaphysical marriage contains a third party. This is not a thought which this instrument finds easy to channel, however, in any metaphysical covenant there is a third party which overshadows both entities. You may call that being the Creator in whatever face you see. Perhaps we would do best to call it living love.[1]

For the spiritual seeker of truth, and the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life, the marriage covenant not only seeks to help each partner partake in the becoming of one body with the other, but with the One Creator as well, which Q’uo mentioned could also be seen as the concept of love. The marriage is the vehicle for each partner to amplify its search for the Creator within in the form, or energetic expression, of “living love.”This living love is the lens through which each partner attempts to see the other as well as all the various challenges that will present themselves to the couple during the marriage. If each can give over the personal sense of self in some degree and incorporate the living love of the Creator as the milieu in which the marriage functions, then the marriage is established as the first priority for each partner at all times. This is the work of the lifetime for both partners who seek to become Players together.

I would also like to mention that the traditional marriage is not the only way that people can choose to be together. Don and Carla were a good example of an alternative method of devoting themselves to each other. After they had been together for a few months Don was heading out the door to fly a trip for Eastern Air Lines that would last a few days. His hat was on, his coat was in his hands, and one hand was on the door. He turned around and asked Carla if she wanted to get married and “make this legal.” She commented on his body language and said that if he felt the same way when he got back from his trip she would love to get married. When he returned he said that she was wise to give him time to think about getting married because he really didn’t feel that a traditional marriage was right for him and her.

So what they decided to do was their own version of what is called Scottish handfasting. This is an ancient tradition of the Wiccan and Norse cultures where the couple joins hands and have a ribbon or cord tied around their hands. And, yes, this is where the term “tying the knot” comes from. The couple will either tie the ribbon themselves or have someone else do it. They may or may not include rings. There are many variations of how to do this hand fasting ceremony.

Don and Carla developed their own ritual by taking a common broom and laying it on the floor in the hall of their apartment. Then they joined hands and jumped over the broom with the intention that this action would signify that they were married. The purpose for Don and Carla to create their own marriage ceremony was that they knew that they were meant to be together and to do work of a spiritual nature, the first manifestation of this work was to write The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater, a book that seemed to predict a lot of the experiences that they and L/L Research would have in the coming years. In 68.14, Ra elaborated how this book was what amounted to a shared mission:

Questioner: Would you please do so now?

Ra: I am Ra. We confirm the following which is already, shall we say, supposed or hypothesized.

When the commitment was made between two of this group to work for the betterment of the planetary sphere, this commitment activated a possibility/probability vortex of some strength. The experience of generating this volume was unusual in that it was visualized as if watching the moving picture.

Time had become available in its present-moment form. The scenario of the volume went smoothly until the ending of the volume. You could not end the volume, and the ending was not visualized as the entire body of the material but was written or authored.

This is due to the action of free will in all of the creation. However, the volume contains a view of significant events, both symbolically and specifically, which you saw under the influence of the magnetic attraction which was released when the commitment was made and full memory of the dedication of this, what you may call, mission restored.

So Don’s and Carla’s marriage ceremony was a symbol of their commitment to sharing a spiritual journey that would not only benefit them but the larger community of humanity on planet Earth. And so they lived for sixteen years with this form of marriage and service to others relationship until Don passed into larger life on November 7, 1984.

After Don was gone, Carla and I knew that we were going to continue the work of L/L Research as it was our life’s work just as it had been Don’s. From the beginning of our time together, which started in December of 1980, Carla, Don, and I felt that we had work to do together. Ra confirmed that we had been together in other lives as they said in 9.2:

There have been several times when this group worked and dwelt together. The relationships varied. There is balanced karma, as you call it; each thus the teacher of each. The work has involved healing, understanding the uses of the earth energy, and work in aid of civilizations which called, just as your sphere has done, and we have come. This ends the material which we consider harmless.

Since we knew that we would be together for the rest of our lives, or until one of us passed into larger life as well, Carla and I decided to get married because we felt that this was the most powerful way to be together. This was the way that we wanted to show our commitment to being of service to others. However, as time went on we fell head over heels in love with each other and became the love of each other’s lives. We were married for twenty-eight years, until Carla passed into larger life on April 1, 2015.

This morning I took Mr. Mush to the vet to see why there is blood coming out of what we thought was a clogged salivary gland and why his tongue was staying out on the right side of his mouth. The vet couldn’t find the source of the blood but now thinks that Mr. Mush has cancer instead of a clogged salivary gland. So now we are looking at his quality of life. As long as he keeps eating and pooping we can assume his quality of life is good. But that could change at any time. On the way home I bought more flowers at Paul’s Fruit Market to fill in three areas where the existing flowers have stopped blooming.

This afternoon I went outside and finished the weeding of the gardens around the fish pond and then planted the flowers I bought this morning in the Ruins Mound (pentas), in the Wuthering Heights Mound (red salvia) and in the Spirea Garden (blue salvia)

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 15

Sacramental Waiting

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

This instrument gave us our lesson this morning, our words to the world, and our comfort to the nations, by its own experience. For it was heavily beleaguered by entities which were not of the principle of Jesus the Christ. And again and again there were attempts made to open the channel to associates that were not desirable to this instrument.

Finally all was quiet and this instrument prayed, “I am content with the silence if I cannot hear the voice of love.”

Our key word this day is “presence.” Many, many situations seem unendingly to press upon the self with their wrongnesses and incorrectnesses. Nothing can be saved. All must be cast away. And the effort one has put into that situation seems lost.

It is not lost. It is that which empowers the heart to patience; quietness of spirit; trust and faith in the midst of no evidence to support faith. The waiting one does for wisdom is sacramental. The disposing of that which is not desirable is sacramental. Nothing that you do for the love of the Father is ever lost. So wait you in quietness and do not be moved by the small wounds of insignificant discomfort.

We leave you in the peace which does not demand confirmation but accepts silent, sacramental waiting; that peace which the outer world will never know, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Q’uo, June 27, 1987.



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Four and the concept of family:


There is probably no other experience in our lives that gives us more opportunities to be of service to others than do our families. Whether it is our birth family, marriage family, or that family of those we form bonds with as our lives progress through time, we are presented with the chance to not only be of service to others on a daily—and sometimes hourly—basis, but I believe that our birth families provide us with more catalyst for our growth than we will receive from almost any other facet of our lives, and this is very likely because the majority of our pre-incarnative choices are first set into motion in our birth family. Carla was a good example of how such choices may be realized in a manner which might not be the most pleasant or fun. In the following quote (50.4-.5) Ra gave a general outline as to how this played out for Carla:

Questioner: Could you give an example of how an entity sets up a condition for attracting a particular experiential catalyst and how that catalyst then is provided or is learned.

Ra: I am Ra. Such an example may be given.

Questioner: Will you give that?

Ra: I am Ra. We paused to scan this instrument’s consciousness for permission to use its experiential catalyst as example. We may proceed.

This is one instance, and extrapolation may be made to other entities which are aware of the process of evolution. This entity chose, before incarnation, the means whereby catalyst had great probability of being obtained. This entity desired the process of expressing love and light without expecting any return. This instrument programmed also to endeavor to accomplish spiritual work and to comfort itself with companionship in the doing of this work.

Agreements were made prior to incarnation; the first, with the so-called parents and siblings of this entity. This provided the experiential catalyst for the situation of offering radiance of being without expectation of return.”

The giving without expectation of return manifested for Carla as being tasked with a lot of work to do as a child that actually took her childhood away from her because she was such a child prodigy. Her mom and dad felt that she should be given a lot of responsibilities as a child to advance her already very high intelligence. She was baby-sitting at age seven, cooking for the family at age 10, and she was never complimented for her work by her mom or dad. Instead, she was given helpful criticism meant to enhance her ability to do what she was doing.

Meanwhile her mom and dad were playing out their own choices by reacting to having to give up careers as a jazz musician for her dad and for her mom having to give up being a co-host for Dave Garroway on the “Today Show,” that was filmed in Chicago, because their first meeting resulted in Carla’s eventual birth. So there was a tension between them that created a kind of frustration in their dinner table conversations that caused Carla to take shelter in her bedroom when she was alone or with her younger brothers later on and actually be their mom in how she lovingly related to them. Coincidentally, Q’uo shared the overview of this difficult childhood that Carla chose when they said:

Now, in this instrument’s case these relationships which occurred were carefully chosen, not for that which would be considered happy reasons, but precisely because they set up the dynamics in which this particular lesson might be best learned. The incarnational plan therefore has functioned beautifully. However, had this instrument not chosen to engage with that birth family in relationship work and therefore had this instrument never grasped what the lesson was or how to work on it consciously in this relationship, there were repeated instances where this instrument had planned carefully to meet other entities which would have been just as helpful in setting up the dynamics of a relationship of this instrument with an entity who was profoundly worthy of love but who was incapable of giving emotionally in return. Q’uo, May 4, 2003.

So if you want to look at where your various likes and dislikes have come from, it would probably be helpful to look at how your birth family helped you to activate your own pre-incarnative programming of certain kinds of thoughts and behaviors in your life pattern. This is certainly the work of the Player once again.

I would like to share my own experience with my birth family. It is quite a bit different from Carla’s and from most other people’s that I have talked with about how they were raised and the difficulties that they had with their mom, or dad, or brothers, or sisters.

I received total support from my mom and dad. All they wanted was for me to be happy. I think that the basic reason for this was that they were both raised during the Great Depression of the 1930s in America. They were dirt poor and neither one finished high school. Dad had to quit school his sophomore year and get a job in rural Alabama to help support the family. He got a job in a grocery store and continued in that work for the rest of his life, becoming the manager of a little grocery store in Lexington, Nebraska. Mom also had to quit school her sophomore year because her family moved too far away from the nearest school for her to get there by horse and wagon since her family had no automobile on the Great Plains of western Nebraska.

So when mom and dad met each other in Kearney, Nebraska during WWII, mom was working as a waitress in a small restaurant, called The Tasty Tea Room, and dad was a supply Sergeant in the Army. They got married a few months later on January 10th, 1945. They decided to have just one child so that they could give him everything that they never had as kids when they were growing up. Mom worked as bookkeeper in the grocery store that dad managed and also stocked the shelves and ran the cash register, so they were able to rent a small house and pay the bills and provide me with the same kinds of toys that other kids had but which they never had when they were kids.

Starting in junior high school, when baseball was in season in the summer, mom and dad always drove their car for me and some of my fellow athletes to ride in to our away games since there was no bus that all of the athletes could ride in together. They put money aside for me from their earnings at the grocery store so that I could go to college, and they bought me a new car for my freshman year of college so I could drive back and forth from college to home on weekends. It was a 1965 Chevelle Malibu and only cost $2,800 back then. They were very proud of me when I was graduated from college. I was one of the first in their family to do so.

They also were glad when I went into Teacher Corps after college as it was a Master’s Degree program as well as a teaching experience that I got paid for. However, when I moved to the woods of central Kentucky, built a log cabin, and lived off the grid for six and one-half years they were somewhat disappointed because that was how they were raised: with an outhouse and no running water or electricity. They had no real idea of what I was doing or why I was doing it, but they still supported me because they wanted me to be happy. They came to visit me once a year and drove their car up the running creek which was my access road, stayed in a small cabin that I built over my root cellar, and used a little outhouse that I built especially for them.

When I joined Don and Carla and the Ra contact was ongoing they continued to visit me once a year and were somewhat relieved that I was living in a nice house and was working with good people. However, when anyone would ask my mom “What is Jim doing these days?” she would give her best estimation of my situation by saying that I was a typist for an airline pilot. Once again, they had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it. They were just glad that I was happy. I had quite an anomalistic childhood, to say the least, and very simple and loving parents for which I have always been very grateful.

This morning we got a little rain for the first time in over a week, so I was very glad to have to wait to go outside and transplant the two flats of Dahlias in the yellow Marigolds which have been looking a little wilted recently. I also was able to walk around the yard and attach little balls of deer repellant to trees in the area of my dozen or so flower gardens that are scattered around my yard. Then I ran a couple of errands with my first stop at Kroger’s to pick up some coconut water. My last stop was at Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription.

This afternoon I decided to do some weeding since the rain had made the ground soft and easier to weed. I weeded the Ruins Mound, the Astilbe patch, and the Creeping Jenny patch.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 14

What Shall The Day Bring?

I come in the name of Jesus the Christ and greet you in the full consciousness of love.

What shall the day bring? This question lies upon the fearful brow of one who hesitates in the morning to gaze steadily at the day’s offerings.

We encourage each instead to rejoice in what the day brings, whatever it may be. The enjoyment of it is the perfect gift of perfect love. Seize it. Relish it. And, in the best way given, deal with it appropriately.

But know, too, that this, indeed this very moment, is the moment which is given for peace, joy, rejoicing and happiness; this moment and no other. Feel the fullness of the spirit of the living Christ within and open to the splendor of the morning.

We leave you in the bracing wind of spirit and the perfect peace of acceptance, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Four and the concept of personal relationships:

Personal Relationships

In our personal relationships we deal, for the most part, with our individual sense of self—all of our personal eccentricities and unique features that make us who we are. This is our first opportunity to accept ourselves for being a unique and valuable person that seeks to express our sense of self on a one-to-one basis with other unique selves. In 17.30, Don asked Ra how best to serve others, and Ra referred to our unique natures as a portion of their answer:

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known.

There is no one in the infinite creation that is just like any other person. It is helpful to keep this in mind as we are relating to others so that we always recognize this uniqueness and don’t try to fit anyone into a certain kind of category of person that we may have met before. Recognizing everyone’s uniqueness is the first way that we can be of service to others, plus it makes life a lot more interesting to recognize everyone’s unique nature.

The unique nature of each of us is one of the most powerful and intimate avenues for the expression of who we are is in sharing our sexual natures with others who have the potential to become a lover and or a mate. If we and our partner have activated the green-ray chakra, the energy that we create via love-making will be transferred back and forth between us so that we and our partner are revitalized according to our sexual identity and needs. The feminine sexual nature transfers emotional and inspirational energy, and the masculine sexual nature transfers physical energy as these are the energies that each has in abundance. However, until we are able to open our green-ray energy centers in unconditional love it is not possible to transfer any (positive) sexual energies to our partners. Opening our green-ray energy center expands our ability to be of service to others because our open hearts would imbue our service with love which would enhance the service greatly, giving it a positive emotional charge that would carry more weight for us and for those we serve. Q’uo suggested how this kind of relationship can be a service to another:

So we would say that the nature of the quality of companionship that lasts not for a day or for a month or for a year but for eternity is that quality which has been formed in the fire of moving through tremendous amounts of dynamics: sexual, sensual, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and finally into the area of the spiritual, into the area where two hearts can touch and become one, not because they are the same but because they are sparks of the same fire that are sharing with each other the incredible gift of their unique essence so that each is teaching each, each is healing each, and each fulfills the larger desire of each to become a flame of spirit. Q’uo, April 17, 2005.

Another type relationship that offers an energy transfer is that of the teacher and the student. The amount and quality of energy created and transferred is dependent upon the desire of the teacher to serve and the desire of the student to learn. It is also dependent upon the quality of the information that is shared and the ability of the student to comprehend it and use it. Ra always described us as teach/learners or learn/teachers, so whether we are the student or the teacher each of us in this type of relationship is performing a service for the other. The teacher has a chance to share more advanced knowledge with the student that broadens the student’s perspective and ability to utilize that knowledge in future interactions with others. And the student gives the teacher a focus for their desire to give to others the fruit of their accumulated wisdom. Q’uo gave a good synopsis of the student/teacher relationship:

Perhaps we would say that the ideal between teacher and student is a union wherein each shares what each has brought and the other listens in a way that does not distort and together there is the plaiting of one strand of thought with another and another and another in a rope or string of new connections and new facets to the subject that both are focused upon. This is the kind of teaching which gives both new strength and a new awareness and a continuing desire for more. Q’uo, September 3, 1995.

Another energy transfer of is that of the speaker and the listener who are sharing a one-time conversation rather than the continuing experience of the teacher and student that would endure for a greater portion time on a regular basis. Whatever emotions were being expressed would be transferred between each entity so that the moment of transfer could be happy or sad, painful or glad, or any other quality that would be drawn out of the shared experience of both entities. Once again, both the speaker and the listener provide a service to each other as each is able to meet the needs of the other in some respect. All of our interactions with those around us have this quality of being of service by sharing our feelings and our thoughts in some manner that might eventually be useful to all concerned. As we go through life we gather more and more experience which enhances our ability to communicate with others and share the fruits of our life paths. Here Q’uo suggested that it is important to be able to listen carefully in the speaker/listener relationship:

We would at this time emphasize that in your analyzing of your own behavior and your balancing of the various distortions, you pay special attention to your function as a listener. Many are the well-meaning instruments who feel moved to serve and who then err on the side of doing and talking. If you are talking, you cannot listen. If you are doing, often you cannot hear. And in serving others, the function of listening is central. Entities are seldom what you expect. Things that appear simple at first glance may be found to be coming from a bias in that person whom you wish to help which you must listen carefully to [to] comprehend. And only with this level of knowledge achieved can the word or the action be appropriate. Q’uo, April 25, 1983.

Spiritual energy transfers are the work of the adept and are at the heart of all energy transfers. As we are more able to perceive ourselves as the Creator, we are more able to channel the intelligent energy of the indigo ray to utilize in healing, in communication, in purification or protection of a place of working, or in the ability to create changes in consciousness. Since spiritual energy transfers involve the work of the adept I am sure that the green-ray chakra would need to be open for such transfers to occur. In 73.22, Ra spoke of the spiritual energy transfer in this quote:

The spiritual energy transfers are at the heart of all energy transfers as a knowledge of self and other-self as Creator is paramount, and this is spiritual work. The varieties of spiritual energy transfer include those things of which we have spoken this day as we spoke upon the subject of the adept.

And in 73.10, Ra elaborated on the magical nature of the spiritual energy transfer:

Each visualization, regardless of the point of the working, begins with some work within the indigo ray. As you may be aware, the ritual which you have begun is completely working within the indigo ray. This is well for it is the gateway. From this beginning light may be invoked for communication or for healing.

You may note that in the ritual which we offered you to properly begin the Ra workings the first focus is upon the Creator. We would further note a point which is both subtile and of some interest. The upward spiraling light developed in its path by the will, and ultimately reaching an high place of mating with the inward fire of the One Creator, still is only preparation for the work upon the mind/body/spirit which may be done by the adept. There is some crystallization of the energy centers used during each working so that the magician becomes more and more that which it seeks.

More importantly, the time/space mind/body/spirit analog, which is evoked as the magical personality, has its only opportunity to gain rapidly from the experience of the catalytic action available to the third-density space/time mind/body/spirit. Thus the adept is aiding the Creator greatly by offering great catalyst to a greater portion of the creation which is identified as the mind/body/spirit totality of an entity.

One of the most important qualities that Ra mentioned for each mind/body/spirit complex was the uniqueness of each in how catalyst is perceived, the uniqueness of each in how energy centers are configured and balanced, the uniqueness of each as to how the images in the tarot may be interpreted, the uniqueness of each in the perception of intelligent infinity, the uniqueness of each concerning the pre-incarnative choices for this life, and on and on and on. We each are unique beings, and that is why each of us has something unique and special to offer others in our personal relationships. In the deepest sense of our being our uniqueness is one of the greatest services that we can offer any other person. This is the way that the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of life provides the greatest possible service to others throughout the life pattern.

This morning I ran a couple of errands with my first stop being at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought two more flats of Dahlias and two more hanging baskets of flowers to put around the fish pond. Then I stopped in at Walgreens’ to have a prescription refilled.

This afternoon we will have our last public channeling meditation of the season, so I will post this journal entry early.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 13

All Are Loved

I am of the principle of the divine consciousness of love and I greet you in that love.

We find, as we often find in using this instrument, that the instrument so despairs of its own worth in the spiritual sense as a fit conduit for the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ that it is almost impossible for an open channel to be held in a stable manner.

It is unfortunate that the perception of so many pilgrims is that in some way they must earn by worth or works the right to spiritual experiences. Indeed, it is just in the opposite way that the spirit may work. For if an entity is concerned at all with self the concern aids in blocking the free flow of the spirit.

Once the desire for surrender to the spirit is clear within a pilgrim there is far less resistance to the flow of energy which is the hallmark of the spirit. And so we suggest to this and all pilgrims who are concerned that they are not worthy of spiritual gifts that no one is worthy or unworthy. All are loved.

We leave you in the peace of love, which demands and expects nothing but the beautiful essence of each and every spirit, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Four and the concept of living the Choice to serve others:

Chapter Four

Living the Choice to Serve Others

Carla’s goals for Chapter 4: “This chapter looks at how we make service-to-others choices in our personal environment, in our families, in our spiritual groups and in our political groups as well as other groups.”

The thoughts of an entity, its feelings or emotions, and least of all its behavior are the signposts for the teaching/learning of self by self.[1]

As we travel through each day of our lives on this Earth we will come upon a multitude of ways to be of service to others, and some of them may be quite difficult. We will need to be able to navigate our own inner streams of consciousness that flow in many directions into feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are new to us, confusing, and which result in what we may interpret to be imperfect conclusions as to how we should proceed. I believe that the key to making this inner journey fruitful is to open our hearts in unconditional love as much as we can to lovingly accept each person, each thought, each opportunity to serve, and to accept ourselves as well. In this quote Q’uo gives us an overview of what living the Choice to serve others is like:

And so what is the choice, precisely? Although we cannot speak precisely, although the choice is always veiled in mystery, we would point in the direction of the will which is as the verb in a sentence in which the nouns are made of faith, hope, love and charity. What is the right use of will? The one known as Jesus spoke very clearly when it said, “Not my will but Thine.” For you see, the choice truly is to surrender. The choice of the Fool is to leap into mid-air, knowing absolutely nothing about what lies at the bottom of the chasm of unknowing. One chooses either to have complete faith and thus to remain calm in the midst of this sea of confusion which is the Earth world. This is not an obviously good choice. The choice to believe blindly seems quite foolish and may we say that it is foolish. Upon the surface of events such a choice as pure faith shall only rarely be obviously validated by experience and yet the energy that is released when a seeker chooses to live by faith is tremendous. It certainly flies in the face of logic. Logic dictates that one maintain control in order to better serve.

And yet the way of logic is the way of death, for service is a living and vital thing. It blows as does the wind, and to be of service to another is an art. The beginning of this art is the refraining from using the will in eagerness to serve. As you attempt to serve others, always ask the self, as this instrument said earlier to the one known as B, “What is being asked of you?” For it is in response to what is asked that one may serve another. And upon a deeper level, as events impinge upon you, a good question to ask as a touchstone is, “What does the Creator ask of you?” The answer to this can be known only from the heart, only from the intuition, for what the Creator asks is often illogical, often puzzling, even though one feels to do or not to do something. One cannot precisely explain why. But when there is a strong intuition, we recommend and encourage the will to follow that intuition. Q’uo, May 18, 1997.

I think that Q’uo’s suggestion that following our intuition in deciding how to serve others is a very helpful process because I do believe that following our intuition is another way of opening our hearts to the highest and best path that the Creator’s Love can be made manifest in our service to others. It is far better than intellectual analysis that weighs reasons for serving against reasons for not serving in one way or another. I believe the best use of the intellect is in making the decision to follow our intuition and our heart’s source of Love. In 72.7 Ra gave a means by which we can purify our intentions to open our hearts and be of service to others:

The Law of Confusion, or Free Will, is utterly paramount in the workings of the infinite creation. That which is intended has as much intensity of attraction to the polar opposite as the intensity of the intention or desire.

Thus those whose desires are shallow or transitory experience only ephemeral configurations of what might be called the magical circumstance. There is a turning point, a fulcrum which swings as a mind/body/spirit complex tunes its will to service. If this will and desire is for service to others, the corresponding polarity will be activated.

Our process of choosing to be of service to others with an open heart is actually a kind of magical action since we are seeking to change our consciousness into a more focused and purified state of being that we reflect in how we relate to others on a day-to-day basis. To be successful in such an endeavor we need to continually make this choice each day and reflect this choice in how we relate to the people who are a part of our days whether they are friends, neighbors, or strangers. Once again Q’uo describes living the Choice from another angle:

Now, perhaps it is valid to build on the choice that has been made; to rest within its commitment as if it were a cleft in the rock, and, from that point of view, which is the choice to be fearless, to allow all other choices to be those choices that optimize the perceived sense of love. The choice of service to others or service to self that so classically is expressed in the archetypical image of the tarot card of The Lovers seems a simple one. It often seems very clear what is service to self and what is service to others. However, many are those who have found that there are courses in polarity given to them by the school of life which are exceedingly subtle and worthy of study. For those who are attempting not only to choose but to choose with grace and deftness and skill, not the most obvious service to others but the highest, there is a never-ending and very rich palate of choices to be made, options to be considered. And always, ever-new each day; a new and newly mysterious universe to comprehend, behold and give thanks for. Q’uo, January 26, 2003.

So Q’uo suggests that we can refine how we live our Choice to be of service to others according to how the “school of life” gives us a variety of “courses in polarity” that we can interpret to be of the highest or most helpful as time goes on. I believe that as we continue to keep our hearts open with unconditional love for everyone that we meet that the opportunities for being of service will continue to present themselves to us in ways both subtle and obvious, large and small, short-term and long-term, physical and metaphysical. As we continue to deepen our desire to be of service to others more chances to do so will come our way as we become Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life. Q’uo affirmed how our service to others may be enhanced by our open hearts:

This entity, because of his attitude of service to others and his determination to make a difference with his open heart and his loving energy, has fulfilled the requirement of right livelihood, which is to serve the one infinite Creator with, as this instrument would say, singleness of heart. The purity of desire to serve is powerful in metaphysical terms and once this determination to serve the infinite Creator in all that is seen and in all that is sought and in all that is beheld is adopted, the service is established in a way that shall never be true within third density alone. For within third density, thoughts are not things. Thoughts remain in the mind and it is the doing of them that is therefore so impressive and so talked about within the consensus reality that this instrument and those within this circle enjoy. Nevertheless, what lies behind consensus reality is not a world of things. It is a world of thought. Thoughts are the objects of that realm which is entered in what those of Ra would call “time/space,” or the metaphysical or inner realms of existence. Within those realms, we do not believe, my brother, that there is anything which you can do to earn money which would not be considered a right livelihood in terms of your intention to serve the one infinite Creator. Q’uo, August 4, 2004.

So when we open our hearts in unconditional love with the intention to be of service to others Q’uo suggested that we may do so both in the consensus reality and within the metaphysical realms for the Creator is fully present in both realms and gives us the opportunity to be able to live our Choice to be of service to others.

This morning I vacuumed the first floor of the house and then ran some errands with my first stop being at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy another tray of Dahlias to transplant into the orange Marigolds later today with the tray of Dahlias that I bought yesterday. I also bought some hanging flower baskest to hang around my fish pond. My second stop was at Walgreen’s where I bought some Pepsi and ice cream. My last stop was at the vet’s where I picked up some meds for Mr. Mush.

This afternoon I hung the flower baskets around the fish pond and then transplanted the Dahlias into the Orange Marigold garden. Then I put new topsoil down in the geode and fossil display beside the bird bath and replaced the geodes and fossils on the dark topsoil so that now they stand out more vividly.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 12

Whence The Spirit Shall Blow

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ. I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

At the beginning of time the spirit moved upon the face of creation and light shone forth upon the darkened portions of the Earth.

The spirit of the living God is a light which comes from beyond time, a light which encompasses all times and places, a light which may move as it will from past to present, from future to past.

Nothing is closed to the light of love and the spirit of that love moves as it wills. Thus is it ever impossible to know whence the wind of spirit shall blow nor whither it tends. The only prayer of the spirit-filled being is a prayer of surrender. For plans may be made, but the spirit may well overturn the plans of man.

Yet is not the strong action suggested by spirit more desirable than all the ordered series of actions without the spirit of love in the universe?

We leave you in the peace of the mind’s surrender to eternity and the forces of love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, 42.11.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Three and the concept of discipline:


Now, each of you has undoubtedly noted throughout your experience that bits and pieces of this personality shell will fall away, sometimes for clear reasons, sometimes for no apparent reason, at a certain point within the incarnational experience. This instrument has called this the subtraction process, and many have thought of it as the refining fire that tempers the self. One could see the action of catalyst and experience on this personality shell as that of the sculptor who skillfully or awkwardly is attempting to create a new shape out of the block of stone that is the personality shell.

There is a far more vital and authentic being resting within this relatively non-vital shell. Consequently, the spiritual being within the worldly incarnation is as the mine of precious stones which has been overlaid with dirt. It is a wise and protective measure, given the circumstances of incarnation. This mining, then, can be seen as the discipline of the personality. The careful, slow, almost scientific excavation of the authentic self from the jagged edges and roughness of the personality shell is the goal of the worker in consciousness who is attempting the discipline of the personality.[1]

The above statue analogy is inspiring because it gives us the idea of creating something beautiful and intentional out of rough, raw materials. In this process an entity is balanced and refined in order to become the highest and best expression of itself that is possible in the present moment. Whereas self-control involves curbing one’s desires in the moment in order to adhere to one’s values or intensions, the concept of self-discipline involves developing the self so that one’s surface desires and impulses may reflect one’s deepest desire for positive service. 

This is a process that definitely takes discipline upon a daily basis. If we interact with others on any level of our being there will usually be areas of doubt, disharmony, and distortion that will require our processing in a manner that eventually balances our personality. Sometimes these changes in ourselves seem to happen of their own accord, and we find ourselves becoming a new person in the same manner that all the cells in our body are replaced with new cells every seven years or so. In this next quote Q’uo goes into great detail to describe how we all can use the concept of discipline to realize our highest potentials as spiritual seekers of truth:

First you must do your work with your own self, finding your joy, finding your passion. You have chosen faith, you have chosen to believe that there is a reality beyond this illusion. You have done the hardest work. The rest is learning. The rest is the discipline of the personality that began in the chaos of unlearning into which you were born. As we have spoken, each of you has examined the energies, has opened the heart, has begun to feel each other’s presence as seekers, the unity of this group with all who seek, with those such as we who seek to help, and are ourselves seeking further to refine evermore the discipline of the personality. All this must be done before you can begin to discipline your personality. You must first find joy. You must first allow your faith to show forth in a love of life and living. Sometimes you do most, most beautifully at this, at other times there is a woeful lack of work because the self does not feel worthy of such fundamental work, wishing only to serve others. Nay, my friends, prepare the self first for service.

Now we speak of mindfulness itself, a mindfulness of your choice, a mindfulness of your faith that there is indeed within you the passion that created the universe and all that is in it. In meditation roads are built that create a pathway to an immediate experience of this love. This is work done in discipline. When the energy of living within you is good, and the desire to learn is strong, there is only joy in this work. It can also be the most difficult work you can imagine. A great deal depends upon the preparation of your self to be a person of joy and lover of life. Be mindful of who you are. You are love, you are a co-creator with the original Thought of your own experience and your own creation. There is not one creation, there are as many creations as there are perceptors of creation. Each personal truth is absolute. One cannot give to another faith, but only the desire to find that faith and the realization that such a thing is possible.

We come to speak to you as those who have learned mindfulness. We find in this instrument’s mind the phrase “to pray without ceasing.” This is a good phrase to express that which we mean by being mindful. In meditation you tabernacle with the infinite One, you listen to the silence that speaks deeply, without words, and gives the information that will give you the energy, the joy, and the faith to move ahead. Without the meditation it is very difficult to remain in a state of unity with your greater Self, with the Creator within. This is the heart of the discipline of personality.

Each of you has read many, many texts which attempt to aid in the process of accelerating the evolution of mind, body and spirit. The catalyst for the discipline of personality is joyful remembering of who you are. As you remember who you are, more and more of that which you may willfully seem to be, but which you are not, is no longer needed and falls away. The effort is not in pushing away the things of this world, as this instrument would say. The effort is in creating within the self a joyful remembrance of love as the nature of the true self, which creates an atmosphere in which gradually, and in a rhythmic, appropriate time, one after another, those things which are hindrances to joy fall away. Anger is not overcome, it is simply no longer needed to express the passion of the self. Distress, despair, all negative emotion is distorted love. It is passion turned and bent and unrecognizable. But as love is all there is, so with your free will you may create ponderous illusion upon illusion, finding perverse comfort in negative emotion, for it is familiar, and that which is familiar is safe, and that which is unfamiliar is not. When one is mindful one finds oneself slowly able to release the fear that has caused the distortion that has created for the self an armor against that which is perceived as a threat. To one continuously aware of the self as love there are no threats, there is only remembrance of the truth of love. Q’uo, February 25, 1990.

Q’uo suggested that before we begin to exercise discipline in our lives that we need to do some preliminary work that will support our efforts of discipline, and that work is to find our passion for life, our joy of being which would be realized as we are successful in opening our hearts in unconditional love for ourselves and for others. This is the basic work of third density, and if it is the only work we ever do in our lives we will have fulfilled the most important goal of our incarnations, or as Q’uo said: “preparing the self for service.”

The next step Q’uo suggested that we could take to eventually discipline ourselves was to become mindful that we have the Creator within our being that created the universe. Q’uo recommended meditation as the best way for us to discover this primal creative force within ourselves. When we can discover this basic truth, that we have this creative power within us, then we can create our own unique universe of being through which we perceive the world around us. When done on a daily basis through meditation, or what Q’uo referred to as “praying without ceasing”, we then can feel our lives changing through the “listening to the silence” and feeling the joy and faith necessary to move ahead on our spiritual journeys of unity with the One Creator. Q’uo suggested that meditation is the heart of the discipline of the personality.

Through the constant use of the discipline of meditation we are then able to become more aware of who we are, the One Creator, and those qualities of ourselves which have been hindrances to our spiritual evolution such as anger, distress, and despair begin to fall away as we become purified by the truth and power of love that is the true nature of our being.  

When the many changes we create in our being by using discipline are consciously manifested, our personality more and more resembles a balanced being, a jewel with many facets that reveals our open hearts full of unconditional love for our natural selves and for all others around us. We are more and more skillful Players on the Enhanced Game Board of Life who wish to be of service to others above all else.

This morning I used my big mower to cut the grass for the second time this year. Then I ran a few errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some cat food and some bird seed. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought another tray of flowers to supplement the Marigolds in the Moss Garden that are looking a little wilted. My last stop was at the vet’s where I picked up some meds for Bosco.

This afternoon I used my trimmer to trim the grass where the mower could not go this morning. Then I used my backpack blower to blow all the walkways clean.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 11

The Details Of Daily Life

I am of the principality of heaven and of the nature of love. I greet you in that consciousness which is the love of Christ.

We find within this instrument the experience of wrestling with the dark angel of desire. For as the instrument’s brighter angel desires to tend towards the living Christ, yet the busy-bee mind engages wholeheartedly and insistently in wrestling the attention towards smaller and smaller details of the daily life, so that all feeling of continuity and wholeness is lost and the earthen vessel which is the body seems in place for no reason except to attend to a myriad of details.

Yet it is truly said that great treasure may lie within and be reflected from and through just these earthen vessels. And so the struggle is well continued.

Indeed, the simple knowledge that there is an alternative to a life without a unifying spirit enlivens and beautifies the intentions and thus the deeper desires of the pilgrim. The Holy Spirit of the living God wishes never to intrude but to invite the strength of love to enliven the drab details of daily life. And so shall it be done. The struggle shall give way again and again to victory.

We leave you in the peace of the spirit’s continuing struggle to seek the full consciousness of love, for that is only the surface appearance. What one seeks, one shall surely find. Peace to you, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Q’uo, March 19, 2000.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The 102 quote today comes from Chapter Three and the concept of self-control:


The concept of control is one with many layers and uses, both positively and negatively. Most frequently, when used in the Ra contact the concept of control has negative connotations as Ra mentioned in this quote:

11.18 Questioner: Then we have crusaders from Orion coming to this planet for mind control purposes. How do they do this?

Ra: As all, they follow the Law of One observing free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those then upon the planetary sphere act much as do you to disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of their particular understanding of the Law of One, which is service to self. These become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their own free will.

So negatively-oriented entities attempt to increase their personal power at the expense of others and will seek to gather followers of the negative path on Earth to become elite, different, and better than the majority of entities on the planet. Then this elite class of entities uses similar tactics to enslave the rest of the population so that all entities become involved in negative polarization for the benefit of the selves with the most power. This is probably the easiest use of the concept of control to understand in relation to polarization of consciousness.

However, there are also positive uses of the concept of control that might be a little harder to grasp. An example is in this quote from Ra:

52.7 Questioner: Am I correct, then, in assuming that discipline of the personality, knowledge of self, and control, shall I say, in strengthening of the will would be what any fifth-density entity would see as those things of importance?

Ra: I am Ra. In actuality these things are of importance in third through early seventh densities. The only correction in nuance that we would make is your use of the word, control. It is paramount that it be understood that it is not desirable or helpful to the growth of the understanding, may we say, of an entity by itself to control thought processes or impulses except where they may result in actions not consonant with the Law of One.

I believe that Ra is talking about the occasional thoughts of harming another person in some manner that it would be important for the spiritual seeker of truth to bring under its conscious control so that they did not manifest within their third-density experience as Ra said was possible in this quote:

16.56 Questioner: And then if, say, an entity daydreams strongly about battling, let us say, another entity, would this occur?

Ra: I am Ra. In this case the entity’s fantasy concerns the self and other-self; this binds the thought-form to the possibility/probability complex connected with the self which is the creator of this thought-form. This then would increase the possibility/probability of bringing this into third-density occurrence.

If a seeker of truth has such negative thought forms and would like to purge them from their mind, Ra gave the technique of fasting in order to do so:

41.21 Questioner: You mentioned in the last session that fasting was a method of removing unwanted thought-forms. Can you expand on this process and explain a little more about how this works?

Ra: I am Ra. This, as all healing techniques, must be used by a conscious being; that is, a being conscious that the ridding of excess and unwanted material from the body complex is the analogy to the ridding of mind or spirit of excess or unwanted material. Thus the one discipline, or denial, of the unwanted portion as an appropriate part of the self is taken through the tree of mind down through the trunk to subconscious levels where the connection is made. And thus the body, mind, and spirit, then, in unison, express denial of the excess or unwanted spiritual or mental material as part of the entity.

All then falls away, and the entity—while understanding, if you will, and appreciating the nature of the rejected material as part of the greater self, nevertheless, through the action of the will—purifies and refines the mind/body/spirit complex, bringing into manifestation the desired mind complex or spirit complex attitude.

Then there is the larger area of our behavior in general which is not only appropriate to control but in many cases is necessary to be able to control. We need to be able to control our intake of foods, getting exercise, studying areas of spiritual growth and service to others, caring for pets, using our computers and cars to communicate and travel and all of the normal daily round of activities that we engage in that need a controlled expression of energy in order to live a normal life and interact with our friends and family in caring and informative ways.

In my opinion the most important factor in our natural selves using self-control is our intentions. It is “impossible to judge the polarity of an act or an entity.” (93.3) So our intentions are what we have control over, and the intentions of our actions determine their polarity whether in service to others, service to self, or simply random direction of action to achieve the preferred outcome.

The work of the spiritual entity is always upon the self. The seeking of a spiritually-oriented entity is always an inner seeking. It may well be that the processes of seeking bring the seeker into community with those who demonstrate unconditional love, and that is a great gift.

But a part of the godhead principle in actuality needs nothing from the outside. There is no need to reach, there is no need to grasp. All that is needed is already lying within your heart of hearts.

The Confederation talks about acceptance rather than control because, from our point of view, once an entity has come into a full acceptance or awareness of who he is and why he is here, that initial acceptance forms up into vectors: each thought and opinion that occurs within the awareness of being a spiritual entity has a direction to it that is spiritual in nature.[1]

Q’uo advised us that, as we are a part of the Creator and Its creation, we are always focused on some aspect of our spiritual journey of inner seeking and the true nature of our natural self if we are conscious seekers of truth. We are always attempting to be able to monitor or to manage our energy expenditures in ways that make our process of inner seeking and our service to others more effective. It is just a natural way for us who are on the spiritual path to continue to refine our efforts at discovering the deeper and deeper meanings of who we are. In this quote Q’uo goes into more detail about the positive and negative natures of control:

When teaching the child what is appropriate, many are the choices made for the child. When gazing at an adult, it may be seen that these choices have passed from the need for outer control. When an entity has the discipline of the self and the personality is touched and quieted by the surrender to that great original Thought of love which is the nature of the infinite Creator then questions of control become far less necessary, for the more centered, self-knowing, and quiet-hearted an entity, the less fear this entity will have that entities seemingly different from him will in some way harm or hurt him or his sensibilities.

Intolerance, prejudice and the cant of religious rhetoric are based upon fear. The ways in which individuals with fear may see themselves controlling may well be that of love and concern for the other self. Yet, no entity can learn for another, be safe for another, or do another’s work. Suggestions can be made. There is no harm in suggestions. If the expectation is that they will be taken, then the matter must be referred to ethics: is this desired result appropriate? Is this desire appropriate?

Leaning upon one word, love, one may learn a great deal about ethics. In your own way, you aid the infinite creation in its path. Each individual’s consciousness, if it rests in love, is more and more a part of that infinite, eternal, constant creation of the Father. As the whirlwind within the mind and emotions of living calms itself, and spiritual maturity advances, that part of each self that is of the infinite Creator and is an holograph of the infinite creation begins to manifest itself without words. Yet, this manifestation of love, flowing through one in infinite measure, gives to those entities whose discipline has been towards maturity an authority that makes it unnecessary to attempt to control, in most cases. For, as one is more and more the authority over the vagaries of the human self, just so does the heart within that self find itself peaceful and open and, therefore, a shuttle through which the love of the infinite One may flow freely. Q’uo, June 7, 1992.

Every thought, word, and action offer to us a kind of mirror that reveals yet more facets of our natures as the One Creator and more of how the Creator manifests Itself through us. So, the concept of self-acceptance is helpful as we continue to refine our journeys of seeking who we are and why we are here on Earth at this time and how we can use the love and acceptance of ourselves as a means to interact with others in a loving manner that does not attempt any measure of controlling them. Acceptance of ourselves, our very basic natural selves, keeps us from judging ourselves harshly for any seeming failings that we may discover on this journey of inner seeking and of being of service to others. Being able to accept ourselves fully as Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life in such realizations makes our way smoother to achieve the eventual balancing of our distortions and to reach our destination of becoming one with the Creator within us and our other selves as well.

This morning I painted the front ramp with crack sealing paint in a kind of brownish orange color. Then I began painting the deck behind the house and then quit for lunch.

This afternoon I finished painting the deck behind the house and then went down to Paul’s Fruit Market to get some food and some Reiger Begonias to plant under the little arbor behind the Fish Pond. When I got home I transplanted the two Forsythia Bushes I bought yesterday, one on the north side of the back yard and one on the south side of the back yard to fill voids in both areas. Then I transplanted the Reiger Begonias. My next job was to spray these transplants with deer and rabbit repellent. My last job was to vacuum Stanley and get him cleaned up since I am now through transplanting flowers and shrubs in him.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 10

Become Part Of Your Creation

I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the fullness of the blessing of love.

There is so much in a day that goes unnoticed; the beautiful color of the sky and the twitter of birds. Seen from the windows of your transport, the world seems surreal and apart from you.

Let it not be that way this day for you. Enter into the majesty and glory of the creation of the Father. Raise your hands in joy to the sky. Feel the life beneath your feet. Touch the living branches of the beautiful trees. Do these things as a blessing to yourself. For this beauty was made for you, and if your eyes do not appreciate it, it must bloom unseen. Become part of your creation this day. Find the peace and the joy that leaps from every living branch.

We leave you in that peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Q’uo, May 6, 2007.



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Three and the concept of the healthy use of power:

Healthy Use of Power

This instrument has been saying lately that if ever there was a time to be steadfast it is now, and this thought, that you are a nation of priests, that you are a holy people, is along those lines. When you seek, when you learn, you develop a responsibility to share what you know, to live what you know, to express what you know in your daily life. Perhaps it is nothing more than a smile, a positive reaction to a negative situation, a word dropped at the right time, a thought that helps. At a time when it is easy to give negative thought, finding that one positive thought is to work magic.

When people realize their power they become much more effective. And so we would ask each of you to realize the tremendous potential within you. Realize that you are already exerting a great deal of power, so the question becomes, “What is the right use of power?” Where is the love in the situation in front of your eyes? That is the question that brings the most resonance and affords the most magic in terms of being able to effect change. More and more, allow yourself to come into the priesthood that you have so long studied for. Accept the mantle and vow to do your best to run the straight race, to be steadfast with what you believe, to find ways to share those things that only you can share, for they lie within the folds of your personality and they are your gifts to give.

Love one another. That is the heart of priesthood: to love, to bless, to witness to the light. Q’uo, November 4, 2001

Q’uo suggests that as spiritual seekers of truth we have many years of experience in learning how to develop spiritual qualities that are unique to ourselves that we can use in a great variety of ways in being of service to others. We can express these qualities in ways great and small: a smile to a stranger, giving a neighbor a ride to the grocery store, counseling a person who has lost a loved one and is dealing with great grief, giving a friend a place to live while they earn enough money to afford their own apartment, starting a study group that focuses on spiritual information that helps each in the group to progress spiritually, and simply taking advantage of being of service as such opportunities are offered to us in our daily round of activities.

Q’uo went on to say that when we continually seek to use our power in this loving and healthy way we are actually approaching a magical stance like unto a priest who can create positive changes in consciousness for others and for ourselves as the healthy use of power would of necessity require that we open our hearts in unconditional love to flow out to those with whom we interact. I think that we could also see this quality of being a priest as the equivalent of calling upon our higher selves in the magical personality aspect as we continually polarize our consciousness in the positive sense as to how we use our power in service to others. We are all unique in how we may “run the straight race” and use the love that is in the moment to positively affect the lives of others. We must be steadfast in our desire to serve others with joy and devotion to the One which is in all people, and this is how we may give “witness to the Light.”

Q’uo shared another way of looking at the right use of power in our daily lives:

There are also those who are concerned with that called power, which is created in love and in wisdom by the discipline of the personality. When an entity has become very disciplined, the issue then becomes the right use of power. And that may link either into love or into wisdom or into both. So it is difficult to offer one blanket statement as to how incarnations work because there are these three elements upon which it is possible to base the incarnational lessons of a lifetime.

However you set up your life, the idea was for it to spiral, not, as many feel, repeat. Rather, the image would be that of the spiraling staircase that moves upward, and yet, if you gaze up through the staircase from the bottom, you can see that there is that point in the staircase that repeats in each spiral. It is the same place relative to the center of the spiral, yet every time a lesson repeats, you are at a different place in the evolution of your mind, your body and your spirit.

So you are working on your incarnational lesson. You can think of it as an independent study in the School of Life. And yet when it comes around again, you cannot simply say, “Well that’s the same thing,” for you are at a different place in your development. So when it occurs, it is time to take it into consideration as if it were something new.

The benefit of understanding how incarnational lessons work is that when you see an incarnational lesson coming around again, when you see and hear your theme music playing, you do not have to become despairing or discouraged. You can simply say, “Ah, my incarnational theme has come around again. It is time to spend some heartfelt honor, respect and support upon this situation so that I may open this gift I have been given and appreciate it and cooperate with it.”

We are not saying in any way that an illness such as the one known as Y has asked about is easy to take. What we are saying is that even the challenges of an incarnation are gifts to be opened with thanksgiving. Q’uo, November 27, 2010.

Q’uo suggested that the right use of power would include balancing love, or love and wisdom, with the concept of power. These are the three aspects of the magical personality that Ra spoke of and which Q’uo refers to as repeating themes in our evolution of our minds, bodies, and spirits. As each of our incarnations are experienced the lessons, or pre-incarnative choices, bring us the opportunity to use our power in the most effective way to grow more fully into our what we could call our natural selves that see even the most difficult of lessons as being worthy of our time and attention. In this way we may more fully realize our potential to learn from them at each level of our energy body, from the lower energy centers through the higher ones as well.

Carla also had some inspiring thoughts to offer concerning the healthy or right use of power:

That which you are ready to do, you can do. And you can do it so well. You can do it so beautifully. Always trust yourself. Always listen for your own discernment, not the discernment of anybody else. But, every day, start the day by setting an intention, a polarized intention to serve others in your particular way. Everybody is going to make a different prayer. Everybody is going to set a slightly different intention. But the act of setting that intention creates in you a tremendous awakening of your inner power.

And in a way, the right use of power is heavily connected to polarity and to your moving yourself into a polarized position. When you finally realize that you are a powerful, powerful person and that you are actually magic—you are a co-creator, actually; to use Ra’s terms you’re a co-co-creator. That doesn’t matter.

At any rate, the power that you have is awesome and infinite, and when you focus it and when you let loose that focus and you are engaged and you are paying attention and you are there, the world becomes an incredible place. And when you realize that with your power, what you forgive is forgiven, that means you can forgive and it is so. If you judge it is also so for you. So how do you want to set up your universe? How do want your creation to run? You want it to run on love probably. That’s the kind of creation you’d like to live in and you have the power to do that. Carla Rueckert, Homecoming talk, 2010

Carla was always an advocate of the setting of an intention at the beginning of each day as being of paramount importance for the spiritual seeker of truth. This intention to serve others to the best of one’s ability was like creating the foundation of the day upon which the rest of the efforts to serve others would be built. It was the way that we could uniquely activate that inner power that is within each of us.

She went on to say that such intentions to use our unique power was akin to activating the Creator within us and becoming that which is like a “co-co-Creator” with a power that can actually help us to create our own universe of being, of doing, of loving, of giving, and serving the One Creator in each person that we meet in our daily round of activities. What she was really talking about was that the Creator is within us all, and we can activate that nature of our being when we use our power in a healthy and loving manner. This is actually the journey of the spiritual seeker of truth, to see and serve the Creator in all others and within our selves. Each effort that we make to use this power of the Creator in a healthy and loving way becomes another expression of our natural selves moving forward as Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life.

This morning I ran a couple of errands with my first stop being at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some Lantana that I want to plant in with the snapdragons in the front yard that aren’t doing very well. My second stop was at Walgreen’s where I bought some duct tape and some Cascade dish washing detergent. When I got back home I transplanted the Lantana in with the Snapdragons. Then I transplanted the nine Drift Roses that I bought at Thieneman’s yesterday into the two gardens in front of the fish pond.

This afternoon I went to The Home Depot and rented a power sprayer to spray the mildew off of the ramp that leads up to the front porch and also the deck out of the back door. Then I returned the power sprayer and, while I was at The Home Depot I also found two Forsythia Bushes that I can plant in one of the holes in my hedge of Forsythia Bushes, one on the north side of the back yard and one on the south side of the back yard. Then I went to Lowe’s and bought some paint that I can paint the ramp and back deck with tomorrow as it is meant to seal cracks in the wood and create a smooth surface that is easy to walk on.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 9

You Are The Holy One

I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness which is divine love.

Sometimes it may seem that troubles surround you, that your easy path seems hedged in at every turn and filled with boulders difficult to climb over and impossible to remove.

It may seem to you that you are then comfortless. This is not so. The spirit of Jesus the Christ lives in the world this day, this moment, and for you. You are the holy one we have come to comfort. You are the seeking saint we hope to console. You are the doubting spirit we hope to renew.

Share your responsibilities, your troubles and the difficulties of your path in prayer with those of us who love you most dearly. In that sharing there shall be joy amidst hardship and strength amidst weakness.

In joy, in strength and in peace we leave you now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Three and the concept of sexuality:


During the Ra contact Don, Carla, and I were pleasantly surprised to see sexuality discussed in ideal terms, for the most part, reaching even into the realms of high sexual magic. Our familiar Western religions don’t really have a place for sexuality other than to simply realize its necessity or even duty for human beings. It is recognized that it is necessary to have sex to have children, but other than that there seems to be an unspoken agreement to keep any references to sexuality to a minimum.

The following quote from Ra gives us some background as to why sexuality on Earth has often fallen prey to distortions that most people eventually have to deal with in order to make the shared sexual experience more towards that which is sacred.

Questioner: Would the Orion group then be able, shall we say, to impress on entities this orange-ray effect? Or did they— Is this the way that this came about, is what I’m trying to get at. Is this the way these concepts came about on this planet? Because if we go back to the beginning of third density, there must be a primal cause of this.

Ra: I am Ra. The cause of this is not Orion. It is the free choice of your peoples. This is somewhat difficult to explain. We shall attempt.

The sexual energy transfers and blockages are more a manifestation, or example, of that which is more fundamental than the other way about. Therefore, as your peoples became open to the concepts of bellicosity and the greed of ownership, these various distortions then began to filter down through the tree of mind into body complex expressions, the sexual expression being basic to that complex. Thus these sexual energy blockages, though Orion influenced and intensified, are basically the product of the beingness chosen freely by your peoples.[1]

Ra suggested that the concepts of “bellicosity” and the “greed of ownership” had an effect on third-density human beings of filtering down through the “tree of mind into body complex expressions, the sexual expression being basic to that complex.” Since sexuality is basic to our body complexes, and since the body is a creature of the mind,[2] sexual energy blockages developed that seem to have persisted into our present times. In the following question Don asked Ra if this filtering down of bellicosity and greed of ownership could become part of the racial memory and infect the entire population in some way.

Questioner: I just need to know if this then works through the racial memory to infect the entire population in some way. Does that sort of thing happen?

Ra: I am Ra. The racial memory contains all that has been experienced. Thus there is some, shall we say, contamination even of the sexual, this showing mostly in your own culture as the various predispositions to adversary relationships—or, as you call them, marriages—rather than the free giving one to another in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator.[3]

Ra’s answer was that our racial memory had been contaminated by these concepts to the degree that these sexual energy blockages resulted in what Ra called “adversary relationships” that we would call marriages. That is a pretty strong statement and a surprising one as well.

Now the question becomes, “How can people in general, and married couples in particular, work to achieve this free giving one to another in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator?” Q’uo had some enlightening thoughts on this topic in the following quote.

The amount of sheer energy vibrating betwixt earth and the physical vehicle is astounding, yet it cannot be acknowledged and used nearly so well by one who is working upon upper chakras unless that entity has the patience, the humility and the determination to come into contact with that earth, that soil of self, for the sexual identity is as powerful and as completely unique a part of the individual spirit or soul as any other incarnationally expressed energy. This is the energy which creates a healthy plant, a healthy body—the energy that gives a primal “yes” to being. This is, moreover—as are all energies—a sacred, a holy energy, and the sexual intercourse is as the Eucharist of red ray, the holy communion of the body. This union recapitulates the oneness of earth and sky, the oneness of male and female, the oneness of reaching and waiting.[4] Q’uo, April 9, 1995

Q’uo offered any seeker of truth the path back from the blocked sexual energies that came from the concepts of bellicosity and the greed of ownership. They suggested that we could see our sexual experiences in general as “a sacred, a holy energy, and the sexual intercourse is as the Eucharist of red ray, the holy communion of the body.”Our sexual energies can truly be a “yes” to life, to ourselves, to our partners, and to the One Creator. How we relate to our partners sexually doesn’t have to be an adversary relationship, no matter how contaminated our racial minds may historically have been on Earth. Ra’s third-density experience of sexuality on Venus was a good example of seeing sexuality as sacred and holy:

Questioner: Was the concept given to— let me ask— you say it originated there… was this concept devised for a training tool for those inhabiting Venus at that time or was it devised by those of Venus as a training tool for those of Earth?

Ra: I am Ra. The tarot was devised by the third-density population of Venus a great measure of your space/time in your past. As we have noted the third-density experience of those of Venus dealt far more deeply and harmoniously with what you would call relationships with other-selves, sexual energy transfer work, and philosophical or metaphysical research. The product of many, many generations of work upon what we conceived to be the archetypical mind produced the tarot which was used by our peoples as a training aid in developing the magical personality.

Again Q’uo affirms the sacred nature of our sexual experiences in the third density:

Questioner: I have one that follows up on what’s just been discussed. It’s been my personal experience in this life that lovemaking is a magical ritual, like Holy Communion in the Christian church. And that has been supported by more and more feeling through the years until the point now where I realize not just the pleasure of myself or the sensuality of myself but that it is offered as a prayer to the infinite One. I know a lot of people don’t see it that way. I was just wondering, could you comment on that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As you are aware from previous study, there is a path to the one Creator that may be traveled by utilizing that which you may call the high sexual magic or ritual magic where the energy that enters through the root chakra is built and stored until it is allowed to move upwards through the centers of energy and is released through the brow and crown chakra at that culmination which you call the orgasm. And, at this point the energy then moves into the energy web of the planetary sphere to be harmonized with by the realization of the unity of the small self with the great Self which is the one Creator.

As the small self reaches, then, with this experience of ecstasy, the one Creator begins to reach in return in a fashion which allows the harmonic expression of the creative power of the universe to reverberate in the sine wave fashion within the small self which has offered itself and its experience as a means by which the one Creator might be known and glorified. Q’uo, April 21, 1991:

Sexuality is certainly a powerful facet of our natural selves as the sexual energy transfer enhances both the body and its energy body, which is composed of each of the chakras being activated during the orgasm. The sexual energy transfer can be a most sacred way to be of service to our partners and to the one Creator. We are always free to make our own choices as to how we live our lives and how we share love of any kind with our partners as a means of further opening our hearts in unconditional love and becoming Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life.

This morning I went over to Thieneman’s Nursery to buy some small rose bushes for the gardens in front of the fish pond. They are called Drift Roses, and I bought nine to fill in the gaps in the two gardens in front of the fish pond. When I got back home I used my trimmer to trim off the weeds in the Moss Garden and got finished before another half inch of much-needed rain fell.

This afternoon I went outside and planted more hyacinth bean seeds in the cross area, under the tall pyramid. Then I weeded the cross area by hand before going back to my trimmer to weed a number of areas in the back yard and side yard.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 8

The Garden Of The Spirit

I am of the principle of the full consciousness of love.

I am the garden of your heart. I am the fountain of joy. I dwell in the midst of experience and no creature is far from me at any time.

The difficulties of experience may seem like many waters separating the soul from light, separating the thirsty one from wholesome drink. And yet the water of troubles is shallow. And with the feet under one, the soul may stand up into good air and see the fountain of life.

Know that if you are in trouble of any kind today, it is a shallow and unstable trouble, a mere shadow waiting only for the heart to pound with courage and faith, that the feet may be gathered under one and the soul’s body be thrust upright.

For truly it is said that man has never left the Garden of the spirit in any but the most shallow sense. A little round of salvation may seem large. Yet because it is a perfect circle you have never been without it.

We leave you in peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

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